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Tay is Not Off

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“Papii!” Gun called, clinging to his best friend’s arm. “You’re going to see Tay with me later, right?”

He stumbled as Off shifted away and grunted in annoyance.

“Sure.” Off glanced briefly over before focusing on his phone.

Gun pouted before he decided to wrap his arms around Off’s shoulders and kiss his neck, “Thank you, I can’t wait to see Tay.”

Off only complained and wiggled out of Gun’s grip.

They’d been best friends for almost 7 years. Despite his cold actions, Off never left Gun’s side. Gun was sure that somewhere along the line Off would discover Gun’s crush, and then he’d disappear forever, but Gun would treasure their friendship as long as he had it.

He frowned, leaving Off alone and call Tay.

“Hi Gun, did Off agree to join us?”

“Yup! But he pushed me away again when I tried to kiss him.” Gun sighed, “I thought he’d get used to it eventually, but if it makes him uncomfortable maybe I should stop… still it's hard to resist, especially when Papii is being sweet.”

Tay laughed, “Why don’t you just kiss me instead, that way you won’t make Off… ‘uncomfortable’ as you say.”

Initially, Gun cringed. Why would he want to kiss Tay? But if it was for Off, he could do it.


Off took back every moment he missed Tay the second Gun pressed a kiss to Tay’s neck. What was that about? Gun never went around kissing strangers… not that Tay was a stranger, but he didn’t deserve something as special as Gun’s kisses. The only person Gun should kiss was…

“What the hell are you two doing,” Off took one of Gun’s hands and tugged him away from Tay. “You can’t just kiss anyone.”

Gun frowned up at him, “You don’t like it right? So I’m going to kiss Tay instead.”

“But it’s Tay,” Off huffed.

“What’s wrong with Tay?” Gun crossed his arms.

“He’s not me!” Off glared at them.

Tay smirked, “Think about what you just said.”

Off felt his cheeks heat up, “Wait I didn’t mean--”

“Papii, do you want Gun to kiss only you?” Gun interrupted, and the expression on his face made Off’s heart race. There was so much affection there, a culmination of all the time they spent growing together. Maybe he really did want Gun to kiss him.

Before he could think of a response, Gun was already on the tips of his toes, kissing his neck. His heart rate increased as he felt Gun retreating. Before he could stop himself, he was pulling him back in, cupping his face as he briefly pressed their lips together.

“Don’t kiss anyone else, I’m the only one you need to kiss, okay?” Off whispered.

“Papii!” Gun looked shocked. “Does this mean Papii likes me?”

Off nodded, a little stilted, still coming to terms with everything.

“I can’t believe my plan worked!” Tay exclaimed, “You two owe me now! I want to be the best man at the wedding!”