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[AU]: Tommy was trying to be revived, but Dream spelled wrong / there is a glitch in the server.  Instead of revived, Tommy goes to super heroes AU where he doesn’t give a fuck about them but still tangled into them (Vigilantes, Tubbo and Ranboo | Heroes, SBI | Villains, Dream Team).  He still has his Minecraft abilities, and he just.. “Lol, yeah that’s my power” even though it’s normal for everyone in his world, ahaha.  So he’s OP in that world but didn’t want to do anything about it.  He’s just a civilian, that didn’t care about death.




Tommy: TommyInnit (duh) / TommyInnit Beloved-Underscore (fake names pog)

Tubbo: Tubbo Underscore / Bee

Ranboo: Ranboo Beloved / Ender

Wilbur: Wilbur Soot Watson / Siren

Techno: Technoblade Watson / Blood God

Phil: Phil Watson / Angel of Death (or Philza)

Dream: DreamWasTaken /  XD

Sapnap: Sapnap Halo (ah yes, Badboyhalo’s kid) / Pandas (the public named him and now he can’t change it)

George: GeorgeNotFound / 404


[A scene]: Tommy used his ‘healing’ powers.


Tommy tensed as he looked at the wound, he was from a different world where blood didn’t exist, and he is thankful for that, because holy fuck, that’s a scary looking!


“I heard you have healing abilities? Please help him” Pandas pleaded, pride be dammed if his friends is dying.


He slightly raised an eyebrow, he doesn’t have healing abilities actually, he was just using a healing potion, oh! He also give the Blood God a gapple, and he said it’s his ability to escape questions, so it’s half of his fault (or maybe fully). 


He hummed, “Right, I’ll be right back” he said, quickly going to his chests in his bedroom.  Shuffling around until he found it, a gapple.


His healing potions are dangerously low, thankfully, or somehow, the seeds in the gapple can regrow.  So the tree in the background basically shining gold, thank God it was closed with the walls or people will take them, he very much loved gapples as much as he loved Tubbo, you can imagine that.


“Golden coloured apple?” Pandas raised an eyebrow, he didn’t do anything though.


Tommy just hummed, paying no attention to the villain beside him.  He literally shoved the gapple into 404’s mouth, forcing him to eat it.


Slowly, the wound closed, Pandas watching it with awe.


“So you like, turned things to gold and the thing will heal people?” He asked, glancing at the blonde.


Tommy shrugged, “Dunno how it works, but I can use gapples”.


“Gapples, got it”.


“Anyway, 404 looks good now, he still need rests.  Anything else?”.


“… It’s enough, thanks kid”


“Not a kid”




Tommy watched as Pandas slowly carried 404.  Careful not to do something that can hurt him in any way.


[Meetings]: How Tommy met the others.


  • He was held hostage by XD.
  • Tommy healed 404 with Pandas watching him.
  • 404 and Pandas take an injured XD into his apartment, now XD was sorry for ruining his day at the hostage situation.
  • He worked as an assistant in the SBI tower, of course he does.
  • He was walking down the street alone, Ender happened to be there, so being the good vigilante he is, he escorted Tommy home.
  • Ender was injured in some alley and founded by Tommy a few days after the ‘escorted’ thing.
  • Tommy be like, “Oh hey you’re that guy!” and now he healed Ender.
  • Bee was stressed because Ender was injured and hasn’t go back so he tracked his friend (husband?) and met Tommy. A recipe for instant besties, really.

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A high school/college AU where Tommy and Ranboo had relatives that were seniors.  So, Tommy had a big brother named Theo/Thomas/etc, that looks like him.  While Ranboo had a cousin named Ender/Mark/etc, and they both almost similar (I’ll use Theo and Ender for this one).

So Tommy and Ranboo was confused as Theo and Ender a few times.  And so you know, Theo and Ender was basically glued to each other.


So people was shocked by kind Theo thinking it was Tommy, and met sassy Ender who they thought was Ranboo.  It’ll be fun :D


Also! You can maybe ship Theo and Ender?? I mean they’re both not really Tommy and Ranboo? DON’T ATTACK ME! But they’re characters that have OSMP Tommy and Ranboo’s personality (but a bit OOC) and they’re both 19 in this.  So.. Idk, just saying— don’t get the wrong idea :(


I mean— if they’re boyfriends then you can make the plot or the reactions more.. colourful.


This is mainly about Ranboo, Tommy, Theo, and Ender.  But you can add more characters to make it more, you know, college and high school-y.


Tommy was the same grade, he’s just got to kindergarten earlier by 1 year, like me :D.



  • TommyInnit / 15
  • Ranboo Underscore / 16 (Or Ranboo Beloved if want to add Tubbo)
  • TheoInnit / 19
  • Ender Underscore / 19 (again, or Ender Beloved, his father is the big brother of Ranboo’s father).
  • Tubbo Underscore / 29 (Ender’s dad, and Ranboo’s father’s big brother. And don’t need to add a father figure for Ender if you want high school Tubbo.  Just added this for like, “How’s my favourite sassy son Ender?” “I’m your only son Father” “WHA- ENDER?! THAT’S NOT RANBOO?!”).
  • Phil Watson / 17 (the one who found a pissed Ender, poor guy :v)
  • Technoblade Watson / 16 (The ¾ SBI are brothers, and was with Phil btw)
  • Wilbur Watson / 16 (Techno’s twin, finds soft spoken Theo, get spooked—).
  • Tubbo Underscore (high school) / 16 (was talking to Ranboo then Ender just walks in and then “Boo did you see Theo anywhere?” “He was in the cafeteria, why?” “He doesn’t pay attention to me earlier” “…. I see” “… Okay why the fuck there’s two Ranboos—"
  • Alexis Quackity / 16 (Was chilling until a spooked Wilbur came into his class and then comfort him, the class then ships them, why ship when they’re already dating? NOT A REALLY IMPORTANT CHARACTER TBH, LOL).
  • Toby (Or Tobias) Smith (or something, basically OSMP!Tubbo) / 19 (a side character, Ender’s rival? Theo’s friend, lol).


[A Scene]: Tommy Knows A Senior, Woah.


It was almost like a normal lunch, with grade 1 Juniors like Tommy, Ranboo, (+Tubbo), Wilbur, and Techno, and with a grade 2 Juniors like Phil.  They were chatting, like usual.  What was different, is that someone decided to tap Tommy’s shoulder and ask something.


“Yo, Toms” Wilbur eyes slightly narrowed his eyes at the nickname, only a few called Tommy like that, they must be really close, but who is— oh shit, that’s a senior.


“Huh? Oh.. oh! You’re Toby right? What is it?” Tommy asked after finally recognize the face that was looking at him.


Toby smiled, nodding his head, “The one and only” he paused, “Oh yeah, I was supposed to ask something.. why’s Theo’s not coming today? Ender can’t stop whining you know? It’s annoying” the senior grumbled.


Ranboo perked up at the familiar name, but then frowned, is this his cousin’s friend?  Doesn’t seem so, but also most likely.


“Oh, if I’m not wrong, there’s this poster project thing, he wanted to do his best so he skipped college” Tommy replied, Toby making an ‘oh-ing’ sound.


“Well, the teacher was a bitch and didn’t say anything about it, but now I can tell Ender that Theo’s not dying.. thanks kid” The older blonde (yes, use Tubbo’s Minecraft skin, lol) ruffled the mop of golden locks.


Tommy manage to let out a familiar, “Not a kid” but let Toby messes his hair.

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[AU]: Basically reincarnation AU, or.. Idk, like different? Also, the butterfly thing are from here (finally found it after scrolling aimlessly in their Instagram-)

Basically Tommy dies by a potato and went into an alternative universe where him and the others are friends and are in high school or college (he’s like swap body but HS!Tommy just went, “Lol, I don’t even exist” yeah like that).


Okay okay, here’s the difference.  Tommy dies ya? I heard butterflies are attracted to corpse, so Tommy constantly have butterflies following him in school and in home.


Wilbur joked saying that their dad, Phil, has crows while Tommy has butterflies.  He laughed along even though he got reminded that he’s dead and he doesn’t like that :v


And! When Techno was asking him sparring for a bet with Wilbur, he finds out Tommy was almost as good as him and went, “????”.


Tommy also are pretty good at politics by the way, literally because president Wilbur, lol.  We got positive disc duo btw, yeayy.  Everyone loves Tommy, of course they do.


A bonus, but.. Tommy has long used to the butterfly and named them as who they reminded them with.


Like, a green one with black dots, he named it Sam, bcs Sam didn’t exist here (or can be a teacher if you want.. even tho the guy let him dead he’s still the best parental figure in the DSMP.  The SBI are not related in the SBI except Phil and Wilbur so Tommy got awkward with Tech and Phil in the house).


A blue one, Ghostbur, or Friend!


Another green one, but with light green decorations, Sam Nook.


Another one whatever colour named Fran because he is fond of her bcs yes :D



  • Theseus Watson (*glanced Techno*) / 16.
  • Wilbur Watson / 23 (we got Mr Watson teaching in Tommy’s school yeayy)
  • Techno (blade) Watson / 22 (Idk, a teacher as well?)
  • Phil Watson / 33 (we got family SBI, yeayy)
  • Kristin Watson (if you want to add her) / 32
  • Ranboo Beloved / 17 (they’re in the same grade yeah)
  • Tubbo Underscore / 17 (he’s still want to know why butterflies following Tommy, though).
  • Purpled Bedwars (he’s pretty smart, basically he’s here to just find out why Tommy’s acting weird all of the sudden and butterflies starts to follow him) / 17


No scene because I just can’t write it :( I wanna write Tommy finally being fond with the butterflies and my motivations went “Nope”.


Maybe later? Or never? Idk—

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[AU]: Tommy has also memory problems, but not as bad as Ranboo’s.  He’s just, like can’t remember in long terms.  Like, if you ask him about something last month, the next month he doesn’t remember.


But by the term not remember is that he doesn’t think it exist at all.  Like.. if Ranboo forget, he remembers that he supposed to remember something, right? But Tommy just.. it doesn’t exist at all.


So if Ranboo reads and finally remembers, Tommy doesn’t.


Eh, just a brief explanation, BUT! Sometimes he remembers! So he doesn’t forget all, but the majority of his memory.  He still remembers stuff, or at least some stuff.


Also do you know those white endermans thing? I forgot about those mobs, but Tommy is like that.  So his skin isn’t actually white, white in beige, but like actually white paper sheet.


It’s kind of hard to see because, well, let’s just think of that.  His eyes still blue but when he’s angry it goes purple, same thing! He’s slightly harder to manipulate, shame.. but still manipulated by Dream, oh well!


Anyways, basically Allium Duo bonding fluff.  And Tommy went, “You’re a good person Ran”.


Then Ranboo was like got a flashback, “You’re a good kid Ran”.


IDK WHY?? But OSMP!Ranboo’s parents are lesbians?? (Ah yes, fanfic logic, shush— let’s say the Mom has something unique bcs an enderdragon can’t be born two times in the same time, so she can change genders? But she prefers a female, okay, let’s take this explanation.  She’s a shapeshifter btw— if you don’t get the clue) Idk why, but let’s do that thing here.

So basically his Mom was an enderdragon hybrid, not hybrid actually.. almost fully, like OSMP!Ranboo.  And she married a daughter from a human and enderman parents.


Soooo.. Tommy’s blonde hair is from his Mother, and his skin also from his Mother.  While Ranboo’s skin was from both, and his hair from his Mom.


Forget to say but the Mother has both red and blue eyes, while the Mom has purple.  So Ranboo’s green eyes were, like.. I don’t know.  If I’m not wrong the last skin of enderman that they have green eyes when they’re docile?? I don’t play Minecraft— sorry.


And ya, Tommy has wings.  He knows about it, pure white, like avians, his Mother was an avian after all (the human parent? Yeah, they’re an avian).  But he has much better things to fuss about, so he fail to notice some scales on it.  Soooo weird thing happens to his wings.  Sometimes the feathers will fall all of them at some point, and it has a weird structure.  Like dragon wings but covered in feathers.  And if the feathers fell, it will be visible.  He doesn’t have much scales, and don’t worry, his feathers regrow.


Tommy doesn’t know his parents, but he suspected one of them was an avian and another one was.. he doesn’t know.  And yeah, SBI’s not a family, lol.


Tommy doesn’t have a tail, andddddd his ears are slightly pointy! Just a fact, he was still figuring out about his other parents so he’s chill about it.


Oh yeah! It’s known by everyone he’s an avian (endervian— pfft, sorry—) so the small wings above his ears (ever seen a fanart like that with small wings in the place of their ears? Yep, like that) it covers his ears, not on purpose, it just is.  So no one knows his pointy ears.


Anyway! How Ranboo finds out about his parents? Well… let’s say Drista is bored and visited him.  And boom! Or you can make him remember in other ways, I had no idea for this one.


But Ranboo showed it to Tommy.  It also shows that Tommy had half of enderdragon powers, so they practiced for a while, blah blah, then they.. nicely asked Dream where is the End is.


So yeah Ranboo got an elytra.  The server panics over the unknown achievements Ranboo and Tommy got.  A normal Monday really!


Names (optional):

  • TommyInnit Ender (wowww finally knows his surname! Pog!) / Endervian :)
  • Ranboo Beloved Ender / Enderman
  • Lolanthe Ender (basically a name that means purple for their Mom Ig) / Enderdragon (the End Goddess?)
  • Athena Ender / Endervian


For Athena’s name, I just want some bond fluff for Tommy and Athena.  Athena is a soft spoken woman that likes flowers, and Tommy when he found out the name, he recognized it bcs… he kind of Tech’s lil brother for a while?


Lolanthe was a business woman type, but have those kind smiles that will sooth you.


[Bonding ideas!]:

  • Tommy and Athena talking about Greek (she doesn’t know much, but oh well, whatever makes her youngest happy).
  • Ranboo and Athena talking about flowers.
  • Tommy and Lolanthe talking about politics, lol.
  • Ranboo and Lolanthe discussing about, leader things (He is her first son after all. If she’s dead, Ranboo will be the End God.  He will grow wings if needed).
  • Athena fussing about Tommy’s wings, preening time! (Yea she got wings, she looks almost like Tommy, but her wings is purely chicken-like).
  • Lolanthe telling Tommy he will probably the End Angel, with his white wings and almost angel like looks. Athena is the End Angel, like an assistant for the End Goddess, but they’re family, so it’s not all about business.
  • Ranboo (+ Tommy) drags his husband and his son to meet his parents (Athena said she could die happily finally).
  • Lolanthe takes Michael flying, since.. avians couldn’t fly (the fall slowly).
  • Tommy got his own crown (“SO THAT’S WHY I HAVE THIS CROWN!” Or, Ranboo always has his crown, but doesn’t know from where, but he finds comfort in it, so he keeps it).
  • Lolanthe giving Ranboo flying lessons (with an elytra, and so he could be prepared if he grown wings later if she died).
  • Athena also gives Tommy.. uh, falling lessons.
  • Athena showing her sons’ baby picture (“MOM!!” “Is that really Tommy???” “Shut up Ran”).

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[AU]: Orrrr OSMP if it’s a roleplay server! If you want to make this book, this’ll going to be a very long one, sooo good luck :D


Okay, this is the plot I’ve been thinking as I made my self hot chocolate, so it’s not so good, but a plot nonetheless.


Okay! So! Imagine this, you can only join OSMP if you’re dead.  So we’ll erase a few characters, or! Characters will appear later.  Which means, you only would use a bit of people from the start of the story.  And you can’t leave and can’t choose to not join OSMP.


In OSMP, you will lose your memories, so the ‘mission’ for the characters is to find out what happened in DSMP.


Okay, let’s start with the people that first joined.  So, let’s say a God, whoever you like, the one that either don’t have any humanity or just felt bad for the DSMP people so they make a new server.


There’s four person, which is Mexican Dream (optional, actually, I don’t know much about him.. so.. can I not put him?) or not, Schlatt, Wilbur, and Tommy.  Is there anymore? As far as I’m aware, no.


So, let’s say Schlatt, Wilbur and Tommy.  They have no memories a few seconds ago, which they were in the void thing.  Schlatt as a bee (father Schlatt let’s go :D yeah, for Tubbo), Wilbur as a Phantom, and Tommy as an Avian.


They don’t have any memories.  So they look at each other and went “Where are we?”.


So, friendship blooms! Let’s ignore that Schlatt is younger than Wilbur.  So we have father figure Schlatt, big brother Wilbur, and kiddo Tommy.  There’s some change by the age too! Schlatt still have the same age, Wilbur goes to 12, Tommy goes to 5.


The three of them have a very healthy and fun family, Schlatt build a cosy cottage, no Pub(e) yet.


Bonding/fluff ideas:

  • They learn how to bake sweets.
  • Schlatt and Tommy discussing what to buy for Wilbur’s birthday (it’s 14 September I think).
  • Both of them goes to village and Schlatt let Tommy buys some things for himself too.
  • Wilbur’s birthday party :D (at first I want to make it Tommy’s, but then you can’t leave a 5 year old alone in a house, and if Wilbur stays, no bonding time :<)
  • Family game night.
  • Tommy crying because of a thunder (Wilbur: “Fuck you thunder”).
  • Schlatt is as chaotic as his kids (ehem—) or mini friends, so they three prank each other (if you can’t imagine chaotic Schlatt, I’m talking about him having his IRL personality).
  • UNO, the game to destroy friendship.
  • Tommy draws Schlatt and Wilbur (they both did not cry what are you talking about).
  • Tommy grow wings, he cry, the other two comforts him (Tommy’s 10).
  • Schlatt and Wilbur tries and learn how to preen Tommy’s wings.
  • Wilbur makes a song about family to show his love in father’s day (aww).


And then! After all the fluff, and don’t worry! It’s not ‘the calm before the storm’, not at all! Just a bit bumpy and we got another fluff!


Basically Tommy got lost in the forest, and met an enderman.  Because they were hybrids, mobs didn’t attack them.  So Tommy plays with the enderman for a while, they were young.  But then the enderman looks scared and teleports away.


Tommy finds out they were enderman guards? They were escorting a young child, not very much different than the endermans itself.  The guard speak for a moment, he can’t understand everything, but he catch some words, like “Enjoy –  Overworld – Don’t come back” He frowned at the last words.


And then he heard sobs.  He finds out the young child wasn’t completely an enderman, more like a hybrid but almost fully.


The tears were purple, and they didn’t seem to notice him.  But then he flinched at the hissing sounds of burning coming from the boy, so he was like, “Wha— stop! Don’t cry.. oh no, does it hurt you?”.


He wiped their tears, and finds out the enderman hybrid’s name was Ranboo.  A prince who was exiled from his own realm.  Ranboo was not mean or sassy, he was sad.  So Tommy bring Ranboo’s home.

Then they grow up together with the other two.  Question! Why did Ranboo get sassy? Well.. let’s say, in the village Tommy got schooled with (with Ranboo too now), weren’t too kind with the blonde.  And no way Ranboo going to let that happen in his sight (Haha, Ranboo scaring and beating the shit outta the bullies pog).


Bonding/fluff ideas:

  • Ranboo giving Tommy his lunch when the avian forgot his own.
  • Tommy makes cookies in cooking lesson and gives it to Ranboo.
  • Ranboo sleepy boy and lean into Tommy.
  • Ranboo treating Tommy’s injuries.
  • Ranboo taking Tommy away by teleporting with him.
  • Tommy making Ranboo paper crowns when Ranboo said he missed his home.
  • Ranboo preening Tommy.
  • Tommy imprinting to Ranboo.
  • Ranboo fixes Tommy fashion taste (or basically makes Tommy dressed as him, but it fits! They both looked like princes).

5 years has passed, Tommy’s 15 and Ranboo’s 16 now. And when they were going to the forest for fun, they met new people.

Both bee hybrids, both brunet, siblings? Probably. Their age gap seemed huge, one of them around Tommy and Ranboo’s age, one of them were still toddler.

The older tensed as they appeared, yeah! Ranboo used his teleportation, cool right? Anyways, they learned the older was Tubbo, and his younger brother Michael.

Apparently they was hunted from a far away village, the village doesn’t take kindly to hybrids, saying they’re cursed or something.

(Tubbo and Michael got in a very bad mess with the Syndicate I guess, or you can make up their death. And Michael is Tubbo’s sibling, yeah! Not son, Tubbo’s 16, while Michael is 4. Tubbo and Michael have died for a long time, they just haven’t met the others yet. They lived in the ‘far away village’ until their hybrids traits was visible because they ate many sweets. They don’t have parents, so Tubbo ran away).

Tubbo and Schlatt meet each other, got flashbacks (fake memories, actually) and find out they’re actually related.

Schlatt remembers his younger sister has sons, which is Tubbo and Michael. Long story short Schlatt became their dad instead of uncle, pog right?

Bonding/fluff ideas:
- Ranboo and Tubbo fighting, lol.
- Ranboo complaining about Tubbo to Tommy.
- The family prepares Michael’s birthday party.
- Ranboo makes a small gold ring for Michael.
- Ranboo teaching Tommy Ender language.

Okay, next after Tubbo and Michael, we got Jack! I don’t know how or why, but he’s dead, and that’s what matters.

Tommy was 16 now, and when he was in the Nether, he met him. They chatted for a while, Tommy doing his task in the Nether and Jack clinging to another human-like that can speak English.

Jack didn’t get into their house like Tubbo, since his home is in the Nether. But they visited each other, and the family was now used to Jack suddenly comes through the door with small perks of fire following him (almost like Ranboo’s purple particles).

Next we got Phil and Techno.  Basically another war happened, Phil died, and Techno went Blood God mode.  He’s filled with rage that he doesn’t care he is risking his life, all he wants is revenge, and—






Phil’s an Enderian and Techno’s a human, so he’s physically different from the DSMP.  I never seen Tech in the OSMP before, so I don’t know how he acts and works there, but let’s say a phantom and the human warmed up quickly.


Phil was ecstatic to meet another person with wings (wings were quite rare), so he spends time with Tommy (Ranboo’s a bit jealous, but not like he’ll said that to a single soul.  Jack just got a lucky guess).


How they met? Well, Michael got lost and injured, found by Phil and him and Tech helps the 5 year old boy got home.  And well, Phil and Tommy just happens to be liking to the other’s wings.


NEXT! WE GOT NIKI! She’s a merling, like in the streams.  She’s friends with Scott, a starborne.  Just Schlatt taking some water and found them.  Or! He chatted with Niki for a while, then Scott came back and just met the bee.


I don’t know who dies in order, but next we got Charlie! He’s just kind-of-but-not-really bullying his ichling friend, Sneeg.  Fundy was poor enough to be there.  Wilbur found them, and he basically found Fundy trapped in some where.  He helped the foxling and the ginger just lead him to his friends were.




You could add more characters, I’m done with this idea, lmao.


Here’s some ideas that was wanted to be added here:

  • Ranboo is like the villain that has silver tongue (his husband is Tommeh and and their family friend is Tubbo and Michael).
  • Tommy, Tubbo, and Michael is Ranboo’s.. weakness, I guess.
  • Dream was trying to revive people but failed, and so he reasoned to people and only Quackity and Sam believe him. And yes, the three goes to OSMP, too but the villains are not them because they lost their memories.


Chapter Text

[AU (more like plot]: DSMP!Ranboo and OSMP!Ranboo swap places.


You can imagine how O!Ranboo react that his counterpart married Tubbo, like Tubbo.


While D!Ranboo was awkward with O!Ranboo’s platonic husband because he’s not really close with Tommy (or O!Tommy for now, since he’s not dull and empty like in the server).


Just so make it clear, OSMP!Ranboo’s marriage is platonic, purely platonic.  Their kids are adopted, same like Michael.



  • Ranboo Ender.
  • TommyInnit Ender.
  • Clementine Ender (Moth hybrid let’s go!!) / 14
  • Henry Ender (he’s a enderman hybrid bcs I said so) / 13
  • Shroud Ender (yeah he’s here, yeay, Sneeg has a friend! He’s tiny by the way) / 9
  • Tubbo Underscore (OSMP!Tubbo)
  • Ranboo Beloved.
  • Tubbo Beloved
  • Michael Underscore-Beloved / 5
  • TommyInnit Watson (DSMP!Tommy).


[A Scene]: Oh no, why did one of the son’s are smart— (This is DSMP!Ranboo’s POV!)


“You’re not Father aren’t you?” A voice suddenly was heard.  Ranboo flinched, turning around as fast as he can.


Only his vision to see an enderman hybrid, almost like he does, but with pure black (dark purple?) skin.  This person.. are they Henry? The oldest?


It took some time for Ranboo to process what his counterpart son’s said, but as he understand it, his tail weakly curled up against his leg, a nervous habit he had.


Henry raised an eyebrow, Ranboo basically just make his point proved, because he was sure the other Ranboo never know the feeling of nervous.  Probably embarrassed or anxious, but not nervous.


It was bound to be figured out anyway, and Ranboo was a poorly actor, so he wasn’t surprised at all.  He was nervous because on how Henry would take his explanation.  Will he be mad? Henry is quite protective of his family after all.


He swallowed the dread and nodded weakly.  Henry’s face went to neutral.


“It was pretty obvious I guess.. uh.. where’s Father could’ve been?”


“The server I’m in?”


“Is he safe?”


“I.. I don’t think so..”


“What do you mean?” Henry narrowed his eyes, hopefully it’s not that bad.  It’s not like it respawned Enderdragon once in a while in the overworld right? Right?


“The people aren’t.. nice..”


Henry blinked, then he let out a soft ‘Oh’.


“Well in that case, I’m sure Father is fine” He said confidently, already knowing his Father was hard to hurt mentally and manipulated.  He even felt sorry for the person who was bad enough to met his Father, he is very much pissed right now, probably.  Not probably, because he is.

Chapter Text

[AU & plot]: Ranboo’s a prince, as usual.  I just came back from school, and you know how it is, so this is going to be less more ‘idealistic’.


Also, there’s a change for Ranboo’s personality.  Since he is still with his parents, who are strict, he doesn’t swear or snappy or rude or mean or a bully like in OSMP :D let’s say he’s quiet and anti-social, almost like IRL Ranboo, but different? Because he’s pretty cold.


Now, he never get to be outside, as I said, his parents are strict, but he has one friend that was willing to deal with his personality.  His name is Tommy, of course, he’s a kitchen kid? Is that what’s the name? So yeah, Tommy likes to personally bakes sweets for Ranboo as requested (the prince said it’s more better than the other bakers, even though Ranboo knows it’s because it was made with care and he founds comfort in it).


As Ranboo reached 17, his parents was like, “Yeah, you gonna marry this girl from the next kingdom, lol, deal with it”.




What the fuck.


So, it makes Ranboo snappy and was a bit rude (when his parents are gone from his sight, good, he doesn’t like them anyway.  Forget to say this but let’s make his parents ignorant because yes :D).


Ranboo bumped to someone and like, yelled at them, which turns out to be Tommy.  Tommy cries because he never was yelled by Ranboo and his words are hella mean, too broken hearted, he decided to leave the castle, he reasoned because “It’s been so long I’ve seen my family” (his family is SBI, I want protective brothers here, thank you).


Ranboo thought Tommy was mad at him, so he doesn’t know when he locked himself in his room Tommy quit his job.  The next day he goes the kitchen, and panics, because Tommy isn’t there.


So, follow the journey Ranboo as a runaway prince in his mission to find his one and only friend (Tommy lives in a far away, and he never told Ranboo where his house is).


At first the journey aren’t that hard, because his kingdom is not that complicated, but then Phil was like, “Hey! There’s this cool SMP named Origin SMP! Apparently I got my job there for 5 years, so.. in short, we’re going to move”.


… Welp.


Oh yea! Just a notice! Tommy is a human at first! When he leaves the server and joined Origin SMP, he changed looks, more like got avian traits.  So it makes Ranboo’s mission harder, oh God! God really hates him, huh?


So when Ranboo finds Tommy, the avian be like, “Who are you??”.  BECAUSE! Ranboo’s looks are like IRL Ranboo, and OSMP!Ranboo looks like.. well, like that.  So you can imagine his confusion.

Chapter Text

[Plot]: We got some Shroud and Ranboo content! Oh also, make Shroud another hybrid other than an Ichling, because if 9 y/o Shroud was tiny, you can imagine Shroud now.  Maybe make him an enderman hybrid, his face is familiar like Ranboo’s, because I want some teasing from his Mom who was like, “Oh? You got a wife?”


Ehem, let’s just start..


Okay, even though Ranboo was an exiled prince, it’s till in his blood and was a fate that he will be the next ruler of the end, it doesn’t matter if he’s not a king, he’s still will be the next ruler.


As old as Ranboo get (he is 24 btw, uhm, just tellin’), the older the queen gets, the weaker and vulnerable she gets.  His Mom had no choice to message him, telling him to have a meeting.


“For business purposes, we’re not a family anymore” He thought bitterly, lucky enough, his husband know the right thing to comfort him.  Which makes him a lot better to faces his parents.


Shroud, who was 3 at that time, was not happy.  He was having a normal fantastic day until his Father kissed his Dad’s cheek and said a very familiar word Dad had teach him about, “Good bye”.



Yeah, nope, not happening.


Which is why they’re in this situation.  Shroud crying and hugging his Father’s leg, not showing any signs of letting go.  After a while of pleading, his Father sighed and with a tired voice said, “Okay, I— I’ll just take him too.. my parents are too soft to babies, so.. I guess it’s alright..”.


Clementine and Henry did, in fact, hear it very clearly his Father muttered, “Kids are the worst”.


Which is.. not entirely a lie.. I mean, it takes Dad’s puppy eyes for Father to agree to adopting them, but.. bruh.


Henry and Clementine show it with those pouty faces that Father likes to roll his eyes at.  Dad had told them last night that Father will be gone for a few days, or a week at most, as much as they don’t like it, they have no reason to complain about.


Anyway, with Ranboo and Shroud.. Tommy had helped him pack everything Shroud needs (that lil shit is not letting go his arm so he had to carry him, much to his displeasure, Tommy just chuckled at their both interaction).


Much later after the long and the sore in his left arm that was still carrying Shroud, he arrived at the castle gates.  His heart clenched at the familiar building, but a nuzzle from Shroud was enough for him to smile, yes, him, the former prince.  The guards was very clearly widen their eyes, but avoided their gaze after a glare from Ranboo.


He may got some stares from the maids and guards, but he paid them no mind.  And so, you can imagine the queen’s reaction.


Ranboo thought it was serious, until his Mom squealed as Shroud peeked from his blankets, showing them his adorable cute face (not like Ranboo finds Shroud cute, not at all!).


“Oh, ehem— I mean, you got yourself a wife dear?” His Mom coughed with a pink flush in her face.


Ranboo blinked, “Oh uh.. husband, actually”.


His Mother perked up, “Ah I see, may I know your name dear?” She asked, looking down to Shroud.


Shroud looked at him in confusion, not understanding the question, “She asked, what’s your name?”


Shroud ohh-ed, “Srawd! I’m 3 years old!” He grinned at his grandmothers.


Athena (I used the last name, you can change it though, and Athena is the Mom if you don’t know) cooed, “Aren’t you a cutie?”


Somehow, from the tense air, it changed into his parents and Shroud playing around.  He smiled, well, at least this is better.  He’ll get the meeting done later, which his parents silently agreed, busy coddling his youngest son.


In the end, his parents are looking forward to see his family, which he agreed to.  It wasn’t a bad reunion, he wonders what will happened if he left Shroud in home, probably still crying and he was awkward with his parents, luckily, Shroud was loved enough by him to be carried in the long way to the End.


I don’t think I need a scene do I? This is almost like a scene to me, even though it’s short, but half is a scene nonetheless.

Chapter Text

[AU]: I remember when Ranboo’s eyes goes purple, he’s like.. not himself? Enderwalk, I think.  Let me just.. make it that when his eyes are purple, DSMP!Ranboo didn’t control his body anymore, it’s someone else, Ranboo Ender, the Ranboo that lives in OSMP.


If Ranboo remembers he enderwalked, that means when Ender is controlling his body, his skin was still black and white.  But if Ranboo is unaware of what was happening, his skin will be pure black, his purple eyes will have pupils.  And Ender was completely on charge.


At first, he don’t know where he was, or how he get here.  And it suddenly clicks that, as he shuffled trough his memory (apparently his pathetic counterpart’s bad memory also got into him) and remembers that that lil bee shit Tubbo had throw a potion for fun, but thank God that Tubbo knows that it was harmless.  Is he in coma? His body, he mean, probably.


At one night, where he was just staring at the lake, staring to his black skin and purple eyes, that was familiar, but not his.  The lake was far enough for Tubbo to find him, he remembers how he cringed when Tubbo said, “I’m your husband, remember me?”.


A soft whoosh snap him out of his thoughts, and there, he made an eye contact with a ghost in this server, Ghostbur.  He wants to avert his gaze, but those pupilless eyes seemed.. similar, to someone he knows.


“I see, you’re here too Princey?”


Then it clicks, oh yeah! He was bickering with the smug Phantom who bragged about him can touch the silky and cool feeling of water, of course Tubbo’s potion hit Wilbur too!


And here they was, apparently Wilbur (call him Phantom for now I guess) and him (in enderwalk state), have infinite respawns, so they were both chill in the server.


(Can we ignore how Ghostbur burn in water, let’s just say it’s because the sun, yes, blame the sun).


The server didn’t found anything wrong about them, UNTIL! The potions start to worn out (after a month! Finally!), because Ender found himself staring at a stiff Ranboo, with Phantom in his side, and behind Ranboo, there’s a revived version of Wilbur.


Haha, they’re fucked up.

Chapter Text

[Plot]: A broken and traumatized teenager sent into the past, he can change it for the better! He can save the timeline! But..










“But— why, why wouldn’t you try to prevent this?! Our lives are fucked, and you CAN make it for the better! Wh, why?” Tubbo half-yelled, he was tired, but he was furious, glaring at the future Tommy, the Tommy his newly friend became to.


“Why would I? Why would I save you when no one saved my timeline?”


With that, Tubbo’s eyes widen and he froze in place.  He can feel Techno stiffed in his stance, a memory flashed before his eyes.


“If you want to be a hero Tommy, then DIE like ONE!”



Future Tommy was right, no one helped him, no one even tried to save him, save the server he’s in.  If he sees his own Tommy, he knew Tommy wouldn’t waste his time on something that doesn’t benefit him, he was done being betrayed, he was done being attached


He was done being the hero fate decided he would be.


He understand now, but he doesn’t like the fact.



Yep, some plot twist it is.


I’m sure there’s no book like this already right? Because I would be disappointed if what I originally think make people thought I steal them—


So, yeah.  Future Tommy (or Theseus, or Theo, or Thomas, hell, or even Nightmare) had joined the country.


He never try to make himself the main character, he lives as a citizen (that no one bothers to look closely at, at least in his timeline.  It was pretty stupid, someone could blend in) in L’manberg.  Yet, somehow he managed to make Ranboo close with him.  Basically, he kinds of forgot his friends’ looks because how long he was exiled, and when he met Ranboo, his name didn’t ring a bell at all.  So Tommy let Ranboo hang out in his house, bake some cookies he remembered someone ever teach him (Niki), he accepts Ranboo’s alliums.


And somehow, the next moment Ranboo proposed a platonic marriage.  And.. well, Ranboo’s friends find out his husband and want to met Tommy.  Slowly Tommy get his memories back.



  • Tommy (let’s call him Theseus for now) being reincarnated as a baby but in the same world (the Tommy in the timeline still exist, so Theseus is younger 3 years than Tommy, and 4 years than Ranboo).
  • Ranboo married at the age of 23, and Theseus 19. It’s STILL a platonic marriage even though they’re at the legal age because their IRL self is not comfortable with it, please remember.
  • I don’t know how the fuck Ranboo died in a pretty stupid way, but he does not in here, look at him, grow older and married at the age of 23!
  • Theseus is kind of amnesiac?
  • Ranboo and Theseus met when Ranboo is 17. Ranboo being the big brother for the (actually more mature) Theseus for a while.
  • Tubbo is a single dad with his son Michael, he never had the desire to marry Ranboo, so there’s no jealousy fight or something serious.

Chapter Text

[Plot]: Basically, in this OSMP, they’re 100% mobs.  So Tommy was like, have white skin with few fathers.  Or whatever, just make sure they look nothing like their IRL or DSMP (exceptions the hybrids there) selves.


So, Wilbur was like, “Oh! What does this potion do?” And just threw it to Tommy as the younger tackled him a few hours later.


Ranboo was following Tommy behind, so they three got hit the potions.  Basically their mob traits disappear and they look like their IRL selves (minus Ranboo’s glasses and mask, since this Ranboo doesn’t wear that).


So yeah, people just saw them and went, “What the fuck”.


Basically Techno, the only human in there, he teach them how human works and slangs and other cool things we usually do daily.

Chapter Text

[Plot]: I’m pretty lazy this morning, sorry it’s short.

Anyway, OSMP!Tommy, goes to the past, where he doesn’t have wings and went to DSMP at maybe elections?


I was honestly more focusing when Tommy grow wings, Phil was like, “You’re an avian?”




I’m not sure if it’s true or have you noticed or not, but OSMP!Tommy was a lot calmer and kinder I guess.  DSMP!Tommy was half from IRL!Tommy’s persona and half of it are from the script, so…




Chapter Text

[Plot]: Tommy and Techno were brothers who somehow stumbled into a peaceful SMP named Origins SMP.


Basically 5 + 1 things where the humans weirded, freaking out, horror-ing, and other things that the hybrids thought were weird.


And 1 time the humans aren’t so different from them.



  1. Tommy makes Ranboo and Tubbo a flower crown, which makes both of the hybrids amazed how flowers can make such beautiful crowns.
  2. Techno is doing his thing with a sword, apparently hybrids never met human weapons because they were already strong enough with their hybrid traits.
  3. Tommy found Jack’s clothes kind of torn, so he borrowed it and sew it at the Pub(e), usually hybrids fix things with their magic (for the ones who have), so they were quite amazed by Tommy’s skill.
  4. Techno suggested them to go to the nether, Jack’s home. Jack never knew how to make the portal, so he was very happy when he comes back again, temporary though, the Pub(e) is still his home.
  5. Tommy wants an elytra, so Techno secretly goes to the End, Ranboo, Tubbo, Wilbur and Phil following him cuz why not.


+ 1. Tommy got attacked, Techno protects him.  They looked like a flock, what Phil would say.

Chapter Text

[Plot]: You can make this either in DSMP or OSMP, but I will write about what happened DSMP.


So, Ranboo and Tubbo switched personality with their counterpart.  So you can imagine how Ranboo suddenly so mean and Tubbo was a little shit so sudden.


And they bicker a lot, so it was like..


“Aren’t you guys were like, married?”


“Ew, gross.. can I get a divorce? I hate you”


“The feeling is mutual, and yes, let’s plan about that”


“How about that brat in the house?”


“Dunno? Just put him in the Nether or something, I don’t care”



Okay.  What happened with them?


Lmaoaoaoao so Ranboo being a bully and suddenly clinging to Tommy and bicker a lot with Tubbo, his hobby now was ranting about how much he hates Tubbo and why he is annoying apparently.


“Why are you here Ranboo?”


“No reason, why can’t I?”


“I mean, you’re usually with Tubbo right now”


“Ew, no, he’s annoying, I’ll rather be with you”


“… Okay?”

Chapter Text

[Plot]: Based on this video, if you dislikes Gacha Club, you don’t have to watch it, but it’s basically Ranboo saying mean things (“I mean, how can you be this useless?!”) to Tommy and he said Ranboo is such a bad friend (“Ranboo, you’re such a bad friend”) I don’t recite it, sorry.


Suddenly, I’m carving for their angst :D


Soo.. how it started, huh.  As much I wanna say “Just think one” I still is the one who is giving ideas— if you don’t want to write longer though, just start the chapter with Ranboo yelling.  Eh— but you still have to explain why because when someone confronts Ranboo, it’s no way there’s no reason.

These are the ideas I’ve just think after 2 solid minutes staring at my laptop screen while knowing there’s a competition after.


[How it started]:

  • Ranboo and Tommy are doing things together, building, or something, and then Tommy is clumsy and.. yeah, welp.
  • Or Tommy attract some mobs and Ranboo has no other choice to help him and he wasn’t pleased.
  • Or Tommy slipped in some mountain and fall, and his wings are too stiff and Ranboo teleported to save the avian, it started as a scolding, but it slowly tenser and, you can guess.


This is a bonus and not really important other than fluff (they’re PLATONIC by the way—), but if you want, make Tommy calls Ranboo nicknames, something simple, Ran, Boo, Bamboo (I mean—), Moondrop (Ranboo calls Tommy Sundrop, matching right?), Bubba when Ranboo needs comfort, Sunshine (even tho Ranboo had said it matched him more than Ranboo), and Princey.

So basically Tommy stopped calling Ranboo nicknames and the Prince doesn’t like it.  This is also for angst! So, Ranboo doesn’t often use this, but he sometimes calls Tommy nicknames, Toms, Sundrop, Sunshine, Birdie, Feathers, and Angel (he has white wings—).


So Ranboo calls Tommy after their fight lasted days, hoping it would make Tommy smiles like he will do after Ranboo uses nicknames.  But instead Tommy just blinked, and mumbled, “My name is Tommy, Ranboo”.


Ah, angst!


[A scene since I’m feeling good]:


The ravenette approached slowly, his tail swishing around anxiously.  How he could not? As much as it hurts to admit, their relationship has loosen after one stupid fight, and he tried, believe him, he tried so bad to lessen the tense atmosphere whenever he was (trying) having a conversation with the blonde.


It was never pleasant, when Tommy catch a glimpse of his face, the younger either will ignore him or has his brain working to make a perfect excuse.


It seemed like God was on his side, because as he walked into the edge, there was Tommy.  His legs swinging down the cliff, his wings are moving gently.


“What do you want?” The avian asked, making Ranboo twirls his finger into his cape, a habit when he was anxious.


“Nothing, actually..” Ranboo mumbled honestly, he just wants to see his (ex) friend, do he had to have a reason to see the blonde’s face?


Tommy hummed, “Why are you here then?”.


Ranboo should be glad, he should be, as Tommy chose to have a talk with him, and not ignoring him and walk away.


But it felt wrong, the way Tommy didn’t show any enthusiasm, the way he didn’t smile at his way, the way his voice was emptier than usual.


Ranboo hates it.



Chapter Text

[Plot]: Where Tommy and Ranboo are two souls that were separated by something bad.  But before that, I wanna say that in this DSMP world, there’s souls like in Undertale.


Basically Tommy’s soul is half-red, the other shattered, no one knows why, even him.  Ranboo’s was half-black, he doesn’t know anything, no one is surprised.


So! Okay, before they separated, there’s two kids, twins, or siblings, but they’re really close.  They’re Rommy and Tanboo, yes, I just saw these fanarts and went “I should make something about it”.


Okay, here’s the design for them.  That’s what they looked like, and here’s their personality.


Rommy, is a brash and loud but a hard working boy.  When his soul shattered, he became Ranboo.  His human side disappeared as his other half was gone, so in other words, Ranboo and Tommy are soulmates, yep, platonic, which also means Rommy and Tanboo are too!


Tanboo is a prankster, but he was good at comforting, understanding other, and also likes to give gifts for no reason at all.  He was sweet, yet a lil shit.  His enderman traits was gone after his soul was shattered.


So, why did their soul shattered? Well, let’s say, when Rommy and Tanboo exist, humans aren’t fond of them.  They are hybrids that revealed half-human being existed, for a long time ago (not the first, but the first who revealed).


So, they like, battle them, and some bitch managed to plunged their sword through Tanboo’s chest, right in his soul.  His soul was pure red, and Rommy’s black, but with the sword sliced through, it shattered.


No one survived some attack like that, but of course, they’re hybrids.


SO! Yeah, Ranboo and Tommy is brothers that were platonic soulmates.  If you don’t know how platonic soulmates works in soulmate system, let me explain.


Having a platonic soulmate means:

  • You and your soulmate will be happier than ever if you spend your life with them.
  • You can fall in love, but abandoning your soulmate doesn’t do anything good.
  • The majority of platonic soulmates pair stayed single, or not married at all, since they have their other half.


And for the soul system, if you find your soulmate (again) your soul will mixed with them.


Which means it changed your personality a bit, like Tommy and Ranboo’s.  When they’re still Rommy and Tanboo, Tanboo’s soul was red on the right, and black on the left, while Rommy’s the opposite direction.


Forgetting and having a dead soulmate makes your soul breaks into two, if your soulmate leaves you, your soul will break but the other side of your soul is still there, not attached, but there.


Which is why Ranboo and Tommy’s soul was only having a half! Now enjoy reading to the person who want to write this!

Chapter Text

[Plot]: The IRL people of DSMP goes to their server, but in real life.  And now the DSMP watched as their creators react to the others.


Just do whatever you want I guess, not really a plot.



  • IRL Wilbur, Schlatt, and Slime Cycle being the chaotic trio they are.
  • IRL Tommy and Ranboo being Allium Duo.
  • IRL Dream and Tommy being brothers.
  • IRL SBI being a wholesome family.
  • IRL QNF friendship (Quackity and George).
  • IRL Dream flirting with George.
  • The IRL The (supposedly) fiancés being best friends.
  • IRL Wilbur and Quackity having some playful flirting.


[And some personalities their DSMP don’t have]:

  • IRL!Ranboo having both OSMP and DSMP personality.
  • IRL!Tommy being a sweet little brother.
  • IRL!Wilbur having the older brother vibe.
  • IRL!Phil babysitting everyone.
  • IRL!Quackity being.. Quackity.
  • IRL!Dream being nice and caring.
  • IRL!Tubbo being chaotic (not like his DSMP not have, but he’s not reckless like his creator).
  • IRL!Techno letting IRL!Tommy steals his stuff.
  • IRL!Bench trio being a normal teenagers (Ouch—)
  • IRL!Schlatt being chaotic (not in a dangerous way) and funny.
  • IRL!Niki having the big sister vibe.
  • IRL!Tommy being the source of every ship happening by simple sentences.
  • IRL!Ranboo having a back bone.




“What the fuck” Wilbur grumbled as he stared at his creator with someone else’s, out of everyone, like, everyone, why it has to be JSchlatt’s creator?! And with Slime Cycle’s creator? Actually, the second one was fine, he doesn’t hate nor liking their character tho.


“What the fuck indeed” An exhausted voice beside him, making him turned around, and look down.  There’s Quackity, having a distance between him and the older, but still closer than ever, “I don’t even know Slime’s creator was like.. that”.


“It wasn’t so surprising after hearing Ranboo’s creator saying a sarcastic remark” He replied, letting his hands tucked into his pockets, continuing to watch as Thomas (fucking Thomas Simons, what the fuck?) is still trying to stop their chaotic ‘conversation’ (they fight but also supports each other at the same time? He doesn’t understand, Will, his creator’s name apparently, can do that).

Chapter Text

[Plot]: Or, well, Tommy failed to be revived or his mother sends him away from Dream.  A note, but Tommy is really tired.  So when he saw Wilbur he was like, “Eh, what are you doing here? Killing me? Sure go ahead”.. so.. he’s pretty miserable—


Here’s some ideas on where he would be (the majority of them basically the sunshine TommyInnit suddenly became dull):

  • Passerine (Tommy will not die, I mean, he’s a pretty good fighter innit?).
  • Royalty AU (Different from passerine, where Tommy’s family ignored him but noticed his new numb self and.. wanted to help..?).
  • High school AU (Platonic Allium duo as boyfriends/best friends because I love them :DD).
  • Family AU (Where Techno first noticed Tommy’s new self, mostly because of his sudden knowledge of self defence).
  • Superheroes AU (Where Tommy works in a café and everyone’s sunshine boy, but then he changes for no reason, or at least no reason for the others).
  • Harry Potter AU (he still have his Minecraft abilities).
  • Mob Slayer (ha) AU (where there’s monsters / mob in the city at night and there’s a group of people who was tasked to kill them, but then they found this boy who didn’t joined the group and yet can kill them with some op skills. SO! They basically have Minecraft powers, but only the basics, they can’t craft or destroy, but they can use inventory, they have to health, so they were almost like average human but with cool weapons, which honestly some diamond swords or tridents.  While Tommy just uses full-Minecraft mode and yes he can finally uses creative mode casually as he wasn’t in DSMP anymore, for the heroes thing, creative mode is like god-like powers that can destroy your soul, but not for the blonde, lmao.  Oh, he also didn’t want to join the group as they asked him to, much to their annoyance).


[Scene]: The last idea thing.


Tubbo was already preparing his trident, gripping it tightly as he scanned the room for people to be rescued.  He glanced at Ranboo, “You’ll take them to save area yeah?”.

The taller just nodded, preparing to jump down as those greeny things that was called as Zombies started to move with it’s sickly groaning sounds.  But their attention snapped as one of the people, a blonde, lanky and tall, not as tall as Ranboo but not shorter than Ranboo.  They appeared a sword, similar like his and Ranboo’s, but it was black, elegant and sharp.


“A mage?” Tubbo hiss-whispered to his friend, who only shrugged, “That’s weird, Eret said only us will be in North, though”.


Ranboo didn’t pay attention to his friend’s words, a quiet gasp leaves his lips, he can see Tubbo’s stunned expression as the same blonde as before slashed their sword in one swift move.  The zombies dropped, dead.


Ranboo’s ears weren’t as sharp as rabbits or anything alike, but it still worked more efficiently more than average humans, because his magic was a bit different, maybe, the other mages explained to him that in rare cases, some mages have more effective traits than others, he was no exception.


He heard a distant but clear mumble, “That was weird, there’s light everywhere”, most likely from the lanky teenager in front.


He frowned, what is light has to do anything with zombies actually?

[I forgot to put this]: Uh, the 'Mob Slayer' thing is inspired by this story, okay bye ;v;

Chapter Text

[Plot]: Like your usual space AU story, Tommy got kidnapped and experimented or something.

Haha, let me present you this!


Plot twist




Okay, first of all, in Earth, hybrids exist, mobs exist, basically OSMP.  Tommy is an avian, of course he is.


Here’s the thing, when he was kidnapped, he was hiding his wings (like, just, gone? The one that if you keep so long it’ll hurt).  And, well, so he want to keep it that way.


First of all, Tommy finds the aliens who kidnapped him amusing (Dreamons, maybe), like, they’re weak af.


So when he was enough with the things they wanted to do with him, he summoned his netherite sword and went, “Wassup bitch”.


Yeah, he beat the shit outta them.  It wasn’t long until he found the SBI ship.  His hunger bar was really low, and his food is out of stock, so he went in.


You can just think by yourself on how Tommy’s time there and how he get caught, because there’s so many possibilities, you can think it by yourself!


And, well, when they already warm up.. Tommy got this pain in his back.  The crew panics, and well, Tommy almost forgot he had wings.


So he let it out, and well.. Phil was like, “*gasp* fledging! My son now”.






[A scene]:


“You guys reminded me of my friends, you know?” Tommy asked, amused by the bickering.


They both stopped completely, heads turning to Tommy.


“Really?” Tubbo raised an eyebrow, finally sitting down.


“Yep, there’s one named Toby and Ender, they were hybrids similar to you guys.. fight all the time” Tommy rolled his eyes fondly.


Wilbur suddenly looked interested, completely forgetting his bicker with Tubbo, which the younger was in the same page with him.


“What hybrids are they?”


“Bee and Enderian.. Toby is almost like Tubbo, just.. his colour was black and yellow.. while Ender looked like Ranboo but his skin is pure black.. and his are yellow”


Ranboo perked up at the mention at his name, listening to the human (Avian?) while trying to imagine this Ender person (Enderian??).


It was a bit hard to imagine Ranboo, but with black skin and purple eyes.. and apparently this Ender person and Toby bicker a lot like Tubbo and Wilbur? That just makes it harder, imagine Ranboo with a backbone.

Chapter Text



This is inspired a bit of this story, mostly the crows, and also in this chapter about Phil telling his story. If you already or want to check it, basically Tommy left and Phil’s crows grow fond of him.


So I suddenly remember a book I read before (I forgot, I’m sorry— but basically Tommy goes to the past, he was the one who help mini Tech escape the pit, like a fighting ring but they’re forced to? And well, Tech asked for his name and Tommy said it’s Phil.. and so when Tech met the real Philza, he saw the man as his hero who helped him escape).


[UPDATE 30/12/21: FOUND THE STORY!! It's here!! Your welcome :D]


So! This is my idea, don’t worry I don’t steal it from anyone, just sorta connecting these two fics.  And yes, if you can figured it out already!


Tommy was sad, so he run away from L’manberg, from everyone.  And when he mine, he kind of find the End Portal? Basically he saw the Ender Eyes left and he creates them, and went to the End.


He met his Mother there.. and nope, Kristin is not married nor Phil’s lover, so Wilbur is adopted by Phil, while Tommy’s mother was Kristin.  Sometimes he met her, rarely tho, if his mother is not busy with her God work.


And well, Tommy became the Angel of Death, got wings, can talk with crows.. and forgot his friends’ and (not by blood) family, names or even a glimpse of their faces.


And he met tiny Wilbur, saved mini Tech, took liking in dark green.. and.. he introduce himself as Philza because even if he lives for a hundred of years, his mental age is still 16.. and, and he won’t tell strangers his real name because his mom said it’s a big no no.


And he became Philza, which means his Philza is the early Tommy.. which means Tommy lives in a loop without knowing it, because he always forgot.


Kind of sad, but oh well.

Chapter Text



HS!Tommy and Royalty!Tommy switch personalities pog :D


So, they’re not switching souls, or body, or whatever, but personalities! This story is mainly about HS!Tommy’s pov, but you can change it.


Anyway, here’s a list that I don’t know what to name.


[Basically HS!Tommy becomes a moody teenager]:

  • Chill with everyone.
  • Didn’t fear death, lmao.
  • A bit suicidal (you know Dazai Osamu? Make Tommy like him but more miserable).
  • Have dark humour ._.
  • Has no romance experience and didn’t plan to change that (People will definitely knows somethings wrong when he didn’t talk about women).
  • Interested in politics.
  • A pretty good strategist?
  • That one quiet kid out of the sudden.
  • Got straight A’s ^^
  • Obedient af.
  • The new teacher’s pet.
  • That one kid in a group that works the most.
  • That type of person who lets you do anything and work by himself.
  • Coffee addict.
  • His uniform suddenly didn’t rumpled and he does his tie right.
  • Elegant bitch.


So.. well, Royalty!Tommy’s personality in HS!Tommy makes him like that, yep.


Anyways, background ideas!


[Background Ideas]:

  • SBI as family.
  • Bench Trio as classmates (not all classes, but the majority).
  • SBI is rich af, Tommy is the rich kid in class B)
  • Wilbur as Music Teacher?
  • Ms Puffy as Tommy’s homeroom teacher.
  • Dream Team is seniors and besties with the Bench Trio.
  • Purpled is Tommy’s friend when the rets of the bench trio is gone ;v;


Welp, there it is—


[Scene]: Tommy eats pog (first day he changed).


It was.. weird, to say at least.  The blonde looks calm, his uniform is perfect, he even do his tie right! (for once).


Tubbo glanced at Ranboo, who shrugged, as confused as he is.  Today was Thursday, they got Science, meaning they got saparated from Tommy.  Usually the younger was always pissed –being clingy— saying how both of them can’t focus on lessons without them three in the same class (which is.. true, but—).


It may sounds dramatic, but the blonde was eating elegantly, what the fuck.  Tubbo didn’t know his curious-ness can grew this big, but he’s not thinking about that now.


Because Tubbo knows something is wrong when Tommy uses ‘Good morning Miss’ to Ms Puffy today politely.  He thought Tommy was joking, like, a joke! But nooo, he still stays the same! What the fuck, seriously what the fuck.  Tubbo didn’t even want to know how much he chanted that sentence today, he just know it’s going to be a lot.

Almost forgot to add this, but the Royalty AU thing, you can imagine Royalty!Tommy better in this story.  Thank you :D

Chapter Text



One of my favourite duos, Golden Duo, suddenly is reaching the top of my ‘favourite duos/trios/groups’ list.

So Golden Duo is platonically married, and Tommy uses Purpled’s surname because they plays UNO to decide who got who’s surname and Purpled is master at that game B)


Anyway, here’s for the Bedwars family:

  • Purpled Bedwars | A mercenary, alien hybrid (A Starborne in OSMP), has a new UFO (that is bigger because his kids can’t stay in one place, Tommy minions).
  • TommyInnit Bedwars (née Watson/Minecraft/Craft) | Niki 2.0 / a baker because she teach him well (can we get a peaceful Dream SMP please?), phoenix/bird hybrid (don’t write him as an avian please, because Avian is an alien species in here), the responsible mom but also the childish kid in the family.
  • Clementine Bedwars | An alien hybrid (the same species as Purpled, also a Starborne, still can’t teleport though, but can summon lighting), the first kid in the species that got parents care (in their species, as kids they have to live as their own, so imagine how awkward for Purpled handling kids, so that’s why he spoil them a lot, rich family pog), she’s 12 (Tommy always makes her chocolate treats when she got period, of course she got periods, aliens also need kids ;-;).
  • Henry Bedwars | A moobloom hybrid, a shape shifter (a therapist animal Ghostbur gifted Tommy, turns out he’s a shape shifter so Tommy adopts him, lol), he’s 8.
  • ShroudInnit Bedwars | A black widow spider hybrid (haha, the youngest and cutest being the most dangerous hybrid in the family, do not attack the Bedwars family, you will either be killed by Purpled or be killed by Shroud), Tommy already adopts him before marrying Purpled so he got the ‘Innit’ thing, he’s 6.


And here’s for the Underscore-Beloved family:

  • Ranboo Beloved | From the Syndicate but also lives in Snowchester? I have no idea what’s his lore is (the Syndicate is just another country in this— let’s say the Syndicate and the Snowchester is countries that was near each other, so they protect each other countries because I want no wars happening), an enderman hyrid (even the white one, because have you know the white enderman?).
  • Tubbo Underscore | A well known scientist :D (likes to build nukes, the Syndicate usually asked him for nukes and he is more than happy to help supply the nukes), the president of Snowchester (leader?), a ram hybrid, his father is Schlatt but he is kind (he still drinks, but not a lot, and he is certainly not He is also not the L’manberg president, it’s Wilbur, a very much stable Wilbur Soot).
  • Michael Underscore-Beloved | A piglin fully! Sometimes go to the Nether for fun, likes to visit the Syndicate to see Techno, sometimes follow the Bedwars family (if his parents are busy, Tubbo and Ranboo will make Tommy babysit his nephew, and when the Bedwars family needs to go to space for something, he coming too, and he loves space!), he’s 7.


So, the kids are in L’manberg, quite far but not that far away from their families.  Because Clementine is older, she is in charge of the boys.  They were visiting Badboy Halo and his family on the Eggpire country (no cult guys, please no—) because they were pretty close with the Halo family.


(If you don’t understand how they are visiting countries, it’s like Europe I think? Where you can visit countries freely with train and no ocean to cross).


Anyway, this idea is centering for the kids.  About their school (modern time, yep), about their adventures visiting countries, about their friendship, them protecting each other.. basically this is a calm story, just about live, without angst, just family time and friendship.


Some facts:

  • Sometimes, if each family is busy, their kids is given to the other family (Michael goes into the Bedwars care, or the Bedwars kids go to Tubbo’s family).
  • Clementine and Ranboo learn to teleports with Purpled, because Ranboo never learned how.
  • Tommy is a baker in Niki’s bakery.
  • The Watsons/Minecrafts/Crafts visit their youngest’s house.
  • Henry gets a bed time story because he can’t sleep without being clingy, lol (I heard cows doesn’t sleep much, so yeah).
  • Michael having OCD (because pigs is a very clean animal apparently?).
  • The kids get’s lost in Kinoko Kingdom and Michael being the GPS-man (because pigs knows well directions.. oh that’s why Techno—).
  • Wilbur teach Michael how to use a guitar (because mother pigs sings to their kids, so I make Michael likes Music).
  • Tommy teach the kids piano (Purpled also spoiled his husband, of course he does, he seems the type of person who would say ‘no’ but buys you the stuff anyway).
  • Tommy and Tubbo sometimes acknowledge each other as brothers, not by blood anyway, but they did act like brothers didn’t they?
  • Purpled isn’t that close with Ranboo and Tubbo, so you who don’t know how to write Purpled doesn’t have to include him in Bench Trio interaction, your welcome.





Tubbo smiled at the sight of his son, he was back! Being a president is kind of tiring, sure, but seeing his son smiling as he was back make it worth it. 


“Heyya kiddo!” He greeted, opening his arms, welcoming Michael’s weight.


Michael laughed, he legs was jumping, Tubbo noted.  He raised an eyebrow amusedly at his best friend, “Where did you take him, oh Mr Innit Bedwars?”.


Tommy chuckled, ruffling Michael’s natural pink hair, “My husband have things to do in his planet, and you know, we as his family gotta follow, so Michael comes too” he shrugged.


Ranboo whistled, “Ooo, space! How was it Michael?” He asked, kneeling in front of Michael.


Michael giggled, “It was so fun!! Did you knows some alien speak English? Mommy buys me a translator! Alien’s accents is really weird”.


“Really? What does it sound like?” Ranboo gives his son a fond look.


“It sounds like a bit like Enderian.. but also like Mooblooms accent? It was really weird! I made a new friend too you know! He’s a Bumblebee species! They almost look like bees!”


“Really?” Tubbo turns out to be excited also, because even though this man build nukes, his favourite animal is still bees.


“Yep! His name is Toby! He’s really nice! Mommy said we could visit him if they need to go to space again!”


Tommy sighed fondly, “Yes I did said that”

Chapter Text



Y’all probably knows (of course you do) how Tech’s chat works, yeah.. let’s say Tommy got one, but different.. not in a kind of the voice is just one, or didn’t cause him to be crazy or something.






Any Thomas Sanders watchers..? AND YEAH! Basically Tommy got his own chat, but it works like Sander Sides.


For creativity, there’s Theodore, or Romanin the series, main colour theme blue.  Basically Antarctic Prince Tommy, that’s Theo.


Logical, main colour is dark green (Tommy’s bandana from Tubbo, like that).  His name is Teagan.  Let’s imagine him like Tommy in Tubbo’s clothes? And with glasses? Just— just think short haired mini Philza!


Morality, colour theme is pink.  Morality is almost like Tommy, bcs that guy is an aggressive softie.  Just call him Tristin, welp, you know who named him (if you don’t, Kristin gave Morality the name).


Anxiety, main colour is lavender (“Tommy! Your shirt isss lavender!”), name is Tyler, just call him Ty.  Basically Virgil Ig?


Deceptive, colour is red, because this is the most personality Tommy have :) this one is Thomas! The train~


The bad creativity or whatever is that side is? Well.. his name is Tom, simple.  While his main colour is a darker shade of blue, darker than Theo’s.


You can imagine their personality tbh, you don’t need to watch Sander Sides to know how.


Chapter Text



Remember kids from chapter 22? Well, let’s make it from (not-really) canon universe!


So, wars, abuse, trauma, and others is now exist.  The only kid that understands how bad their parents mental state is only Clementine, she doesn’t understand all, because she never experienced it, but it was enough for her to know their parents isn’t okay.


The kids are safe, they are pretty happy (happier than their parents at least), and no, no one experienced wars (you could add a ‘yet’ here), their parents doesn’t allow it, and if they do fight, their parents doesn’t know that.


It all happens at that day, when Michael was in the Bedwars household, when Ranboo is busy with the Syndicate, and Tubbo with Jack.  Purpled was doing mercenary things, while Tommy was the only one in charge.


Henry wanted a blueberry pie, while Clementine wanted flower tea.  Tommy was working with the pie, so he said they could go and find some Butterfly Peas in the flower garden near the house (not UFO, but a wooden house near the forest when they have no business with space).


So the kids were in the forest, with them searching for Butterfly Peas.  Suddenly Shroud was missing, they go and find him staring at a Nether Portal.




“Guys, did Dad make this?” Shroud asked, pointing at the swirling purple portal.


Clementine narrowed her eyes, it looked like a normal Nether portal, but something in her Starborne instinct chanted the same word over and over again; dangerous, protect starlings (Yes, young Starbornes is called that, and the kids are Clementine’s younger brothers, so..), run away, find shelter, find Papa.


She eyed as Henry approached the portal in wonder, “Woah, it’s been so long since we’ve gone to the Nether!” He exclaimed.


Michael’s ears was pointed upwards, he nodded quickly, “Already long since go to Nether!” He said in broken English.


Clementine bit her lip, Shroud’s wrist still in her firm hold, “But Papa said we just go outside to get Butterfly Peas..” She said weakly.


Henry groaned, “Awh, come on! It won’t be long!” He huffed.

Clementine pursed her lips, she guessed, maybe not a long trip is fine.  Dad already supplied them and warned them that she (and Henry) have to at least have a diamond sword and a few armours for the other starlings. 


“I guess.. don’t get lost though, we should stay together..” She said, Henry quickly got the message and connected Michael’s hand together with his.


Michael grinned, his legs bouncing a bit, “We go to Nether, short time?” He asked again, to make sure.


Clementine offers a small smile, “Yeah, just a bit though, just take a look and don’t get too far from the portal”


Henry nodded, as well as the other two.  Clementine nodded her own head, “Good good, let’s do it”


It was a bit exciting, even for Clementine herself, it was their first time going alone, without their parents.  It was quite risky, she was aware, but Henry was stubborn, like Papa and Dad, so he won’t be giving up easily.  Plus Michael already got this sparkling eyes, there’s no way she’ll make it disappear that quick.


She had been in the Nether with Dad quite a few times, so she guessed this was fine, and the starlings already agreed not walking far from the portal, so this is fine!


Or it should be fine.




It wasn’t.


—[Continuing plot]—


The kids should be in the Nether, if it wasn’t because they forgot they’re not past age 10, except Clementine.  There’s this common knowledge about their codes, that young people below age 10 have their codes incomplete, meaning glitches and errors are most likely happening.


Sure, Clementine was past that, but she was just 12, meaning she was half-complete, or something (like a teenage, older than kids but younger than adults).


And because there are no parents, they got a glitch following up.


And that’s why they go to the past.


Because Clementine is past age 10, the glitch doesn’t effect her completely, so she was awake when they go to the past, while the other was passed out.  They 4 are sapparated, so you can know the panicking state Clementine was in.


Basically, she found them in a short time, while also exploring the past server, where she slowly realised she recognised the path.  It turns out it was Snowchester, but before all of it, so it’s empty.

BECAUSE they’re literally from Snowchester and the Bedwars home aren’t that far, it’s natural they got warm clothes on.  So you don’t have to worry them in dying state or freezing up.


Clementine had put up the younger ones armour, while gripping her diamond sword, and she’s pretty good at combat because Purpled is, so they’re also in a good protection (or in other words, enough).


Here’s a scene of them finding L’manberg:


[Scene]: Shroud finds his mother-figure.


Out of the sudden, Shroud gasped, quite loud.  The other 3 can hear his hiccups from the crying session earlier.




Clementine froze, and so as Henry.  They have been travelling for hours upon hours, catching no glimpse of their wooden house, Henry wasn’t a crybaby, but seeing his younger brother crying for their parents makes his own eyes water.


Shroud was running away, his hands releasing the strong grip from Clementine’s hands.




Clementine followed Shroud’s path at that voice, as well as Henry and Michael.  Clementine let out a shaky breath at the sight of blonde hair that belongs to no other than Tommy fucking Innit Bedwars, without thinking about how Tommy’s face are clear from scars and how he doesn’t have the black choker that hides his scar on his neck, she dashed and wrapped her arms around Tommy.




“I— I don’t know these people!”


Chapter Text



I just knew this is a thing and I want to do something about it.  So! Sometimes, when Tommy felt overwhelmed, or being uncomfortable, he does non-verbal communication.

Tech and Wilbur is twins, yep, but Tommy isn’t in the same family as SBI, so no one knows.  He doesn’t actually keep it a secret? It just never comes to talk about.


So Tommy had this bag in his waist, something like this I guess.  He kept a calendar alike book, do you know what it is? Here, this one, but without the cardboard that helps it standing.  Tommy had that kind of book, a thick one, with a pen.


So, he just takes the book and draws an emoji and covers his face with the book I guess, I just imagined it and he looks kind of cute, lmao.


People just knew this fact after Dream goes to prison, Ig, no he ain’t escaping, not on my watch.  Basically Tommy met Niki, who was pissed at that time, and he was scared, so he just snatched his book (he hides it on his dirt house) and draws an emoji who is smiling nervously.


So, he kinds of hides his face also, because he was scared..? And Niki was like, “What?”


Well now people knows, and after knowing people is fine with him being quiet, he does it more than speaking I guess.

Chapter Text



Just played the game on Roblox, dang that was pretty scary, got jump-scared when the lights is suddenly out—


If you don’t know about 3008 or don’t know SCP at all, here’s a video for understanding, and here’s a channel about SCPs that I recommend :D

Anyway, with that clear, let’s go to the Bench Trio thing.


Let’s say, before the SCP officers thing comes to the IKEA to inspect, the Bench Trio is just buying some stuffs while vlogging, yup, this is an IRL fic.  So let’s say it’s Bench Trio who reported about the weird things in IKEA, because they were like in in some place that was closed, so when the lights are out, they can see the people who was murdered.


And so Bench Trio is the first people who knows how to avoid 3008, and so when they met the officers, they warn about it.  They had long accepted that they can’t go home anymore, so they keep doing vlogs in there, you can say, I’m pretty sure there’s some places to charge.


[What Bench Trio warns about]:

  • Don’t separate yourself from your group.
  • If you see a door, just close it with stuffs so no one got puzzled more.
  • Don’t stay in one place, search for more places to settle nicely.


So, yep.. for more experience you can play it here.  Not that scary, but still scary, because there is no jumpscares like in FNAF.. and it’s quite realistic so it’s creepy.  Just try it.


[Description (for the story)]:


Okay, so maybe Tommy has ideas that was silly.  Going inside of a house of objects for a moment for photos was silly.


It wasn’t silly if it saves their life.




Tommy, Ranboo, and Tubbo is LIVE in IKEA to buy some stuff, but then they made some sort of a small house because Tommy is being childish like always.  But then the lights went out.

Chapter Text



Y’all probably knows that type of animal who is chill to anything you do to them, yeah, Techno is like that.


Techno is a cat, who is expensive as fuck because he’s from.. those.. from breeding..? Yeah, uh, those.


Anyway, Techno was like doing his usual thing on his place, but then he catch a glimpse of an orange tabby cat, which is Tommy.  Basically Techno just got attached with that cat and from that he refuse to cooperate unless he’s with Tommy (Tommy does the same, lmao).


And then some people took Tommy, and Techno kind of escaped and search for Tommy.  It later was found that it was Wilbur and Phil, Wilbur just wanted company since his dad is busy (he’s 16 in here).


And so Phil may have or may not have his own cat as a bonus of buying Wil an orange tabby cat.




Techno wasn’t actually a social animal, he rather just lay down and don’t interact with anyone for the rest of the day.


But then, of couse, some cats are just some little shits that somewhat can escape their cages and roam around the room.


Which is the reason on why Techno is staring at those blue orbs of an orange tabby cat.


Or; Techno is a cat, and he is attached to another cat named Tommy.  But then someone took Tommy and Techno escaped to search his little brother.

Chapter Text



Almost the same but.. with human Techno, who’s brothers with Tommy.  And if Tommy got kidnapped and hurt in any way.. well, Techno is called the Blood God for something.


Basically from hiding and running, because Techno is strong af (more like he’s good at martial arts and was a strategist and have weapons—), they can just explore space as they like because Techno’s here!


Follow their journey to search way to Earth with Tommy who’s searching while Techno as the protector :D (hc that Tommy is better than Techno at languages and redstones).

It’s mainly about this two, but you can add more characters, like Phil and Wilbur.  If you want to make them aliens, just make them.. uh, species that were, like, disliked the most? Or hunted the most, and so they got Techno’s protection cause Tommy was under their care before Techno founds his lil bro.  But you can also make Phil and Wilbur humans who’s trying to also get back, like, also makes sense innit?




Techno is pissed, like, pissed.  He just got home from his college, and finds his brother missing.  And while he searched, some alien bitches thought it was a good idea to kidnap him.


He wasn’t the one to swear, really, but what the fuck?!


Or; Tommy is kidnapped by aliens, and they took Techno too.  Techno is really the wrong human you want to mess with, and if you took his only family member? That’s a death promise for you.

Chapter Text



I don’t know what is Phil to Kristin, her vessel? I mean she’s a God, and (from fandom Bungou Stray Dogs) Chuuya is like Arahabaki’s –is that how you spell their name— vessel, so Phil was probably Kristin’s vessel? He was called the Angel of Death, right?

So, funny story, Tommy friended a God.  Unsurprisingly, it was Drista.  So basically far, far before they go to Dream SMP, where Drista is still a Godling, going around the Earth as she finally is allowed to leave her realm.


Drista is the God of Chaos, she constantly jumped into servers just to cause chaotic situations, she does not interfere with the server’s drama.  And so, as she joined some random server, she met her first human friend.


This headcanon comes from here, and yeah, she’s just full of eyes, a black void.  Tommy was a toddler back then, and so as he just stared at her in wonder, it interest her on why he wasn’t scared of cower away like the rest of the humans she ever met in her journey.


Drista morphed her face like Tommy.. just, imagine Tommy with longer hair? Yeah, so Drista’s face is different from Dream’s.. and yeah she can change it, but she doesn’t want to.


Drista once ever hang out with Tommy (he’s 10) on the outside, far from his other family members to see.  She was on her full form, meaning there’s some halo (crossing each other as an ‘x’, slightly hiding her eyes), four pair of wings (like a dragon fly but the wings are like birds?), her flowing golden tears (it was always there), and the concerning pale colour of skin.  Someone sees them and was screaming, “MOSTER!” to her, thus why she hides her Godling features.


When Tommy was 14, she asked him a question, “Hey, do you want to be my Demon of Chaos?”.


Tommy asked her what it was, she replied it means that he can makes chaos as much as he wanted to, with the ability to just.. make it happen and no one will knows.  Tommy asked her again, why? She replied because Tommy has this need for chaos from little, making chaos always make Tommy happy, and so Drista asked him for it.  Tommy agreed.

And so Tommy is her Demon of Chaos, but he didn’t know that she was a Godling (he thought she was an hybrid or something, mythic hybrids exist you know, it’s believable).  And so, if there’s much chaos happening in the server, no one knows it was Tommy’s work.


Here’s the thing, making chaos is like an XP for Drista to reach her God age, and so if creating chaos is for Tommy’s on fun (fun fact, he also has this chaos XP, but he doesn’t know it, his goal to reach was far more lesser than Drista’s), his work also transferred into her chaos XP thing.  So it’s a win-win for both, right?


Why do Tommy got his own Chaos XP goal? Well.. if Philza got black wings, Tommy got demon features.  WHICH! Is why I would recommend you some Badboyhalo being Tommy’s dad before he got corrupted by the egg or sum.


Basically Tommy got small red horns, a tail, and a pair of wings.  You probably can imagine it, or if you can’t imagine it.  Well.. for the wings just imagine dragon’s but red and black? Help yourself.


One day, Tommy goes to her (he was 16.. maybe, just the age he joined Dream SMP) and said his goodbye.  Drista knows his family problems, he told her, and so she bid him goodbye.  Because Drista doesn’t go to Earth for friendship, she’s here for chaos, but so, she still promised him she’s going to remembers him, because she treasures their friendship.


Years after, when Drista is about 546 years (Drista met Tommy at age 529, she’s old, but was young in God age), when Drista finally reached the point of chaossery (is that even a word, lmao) that makes her a God.  She finds the server her brothers are in (XD and Dream), and when she joins, she met her vessel.


Drista found him.. somewhere, after Dream got in prison (I don’t know what happened after that).  Tommy kind of cries, like, finally meeting his first friend..?


No one in the WasTaken family revealed that a new God joined the SMP, no one knows they’re a family, no one knows Tommy is a vessel, like Phil does.


So they both talk.  Drista comforts Tommy, and also gives story about her adventure.  Tommy finds out she was a God, and that she was her vessel.  And so they find out Tommy got new features (She’s just a Godling okay? She doesn’t know what she does it kind of a big deal :/).


While it was known that Philza can hop onto servers as he like, no one noticed as Tommy ran far away, left the server and joined Drista in her adventures.  They both were immortals, so it wasn’t a big deal that they wasted too much time.  Like Philza, Tommy can die, but he can respawn if it’s because he was killed (he haven’t visited Dream yet).  Vessels can die, but not from someone’s hands, it was either natural or just.. I don’t know, maybe Kristin just makes them dead?


Years later, when Tommy joined a random server without Drista, because she has ‘God work’ up there where Tommy can’t join.  He joined a random SMP, which he founds out was the Dream SMP (Dream was found out was possessed by Dreamon, a creature, and so he dies because Dreamon is strong af, Idk, and someone becomes the admin and changed the name, pog right? Just make Dream a demigod or something, make their parents a human and a God?).


And so people met Tommy again, who’s still have the looks of his 17 year old self (Tubbo was 37, because..).  Well, yeah.







“But.. you’re.. supposed to be dead..?” Philza sounded unsure, his eyes were widen at the sight of his youngest son.


Tommy titled his head, “Why should I?”





Drista was a God, she has her vessel, Demon of Chaos.


And this vessel joined Dream SMP after he left it because of the drama.




Chapter Text



Dream and Tommy were streamers, they were also friends! They sometimes acts like brothers that makes Wilbur jealous a bit, but they’re in good terms!

Oh my, seems like their characters doesn’t have their brother relationship they have! Can’t be them!




I’m sorry let’s just—



We’re talking about IRL Tommy and Dream, I’m a sucker for their fluffy brother relationship, you can learn more of their relationship I’m talking about in here.


Here’s the thing, I’m talking about their IRL PERSONALITIES, but the character I’m using is their ROLEPLAYING CHARACTERS on Dream SMP.  I’m sure you’ll understand as I explain more (hopefully).


Okay, basically, Tommy and Dream were roleplaying.  They were doing it for streams, and things.  But, what IF the streamers that exist were only both of them? That the other streamers, such as other DSMP characters, like Tubbo, Wilbur, and Ranboo doesn’t exist? No no, their streamer self did exist, but them and their DSMP characters are different people.  Sure, they ROLEPLAY, but the characters are different.


But what if there’s an alternative universe where DSMP is real? I’m sure you’re familiar with it?


Okay, let me explain, as if I’m not doing it earlier.


CC!Wilbur and C!Wilbur are different people.  C!Wilbur is an exist, talking people, real, breathing human, in the universe where DSMP is real and Minecraft is semi-realistic.  CC!Wilbur’s character, is a lifeless character that was used to play in Minecraft.


See where I’m going? It means that whatever jokes and bloopers CC!Wilbur did, it DIDN’T happen at the universe where DSMP exist (let’s call it an AU for now).


MEANING! That if CC!Wilbur has some bloopers and jokes slips from the stream, it DOESN’T occur the AU.


BUT! CC!Dream and Tommy is different, why? Because whenever they joke or talk, it OCCUR in the AU.  Meaning that their Minecraft character, is the character from the AU.


As far as I’m aware, the bloopers outside of exile always have other people on it (like when Tommy got struct by lightning, Wilbur was there), IF there’s ANOTHER streamer in the bloopers, it DOESN’T occur in the AU.


(I’m using too much capital words— I just want to point it out, sorry if I worded it like angry or smtg).


SO! If  the people in the AU is serious, Dream and Tommy are NOT.  Meaning they were genuinely was ROLEPLAYING in the server.  Here’s another thing, Dream and Tommy were NOT aware that the others AREN’T roleplaying.


If C!Wilbur was yelling at C!Tommy (CCC!Tommy???), what C!Tommy hears is Wilbur yelling but not serious in the discord call.


It also points out that Tommy and Dream was purely in a Minecraft GAME, and that death is NOT a big deal.  It was not semi-realistic to them, it was a Minecraft game.  Where they could log off the server or sometimes kicked out (for fun—).


Okay, let’s get to the plot.. I’m going to name this AU.. Canon Content Creator..? So calling them is basically CCC!Tommy and Dream, lmao.




Here’s the plot.  There’s a crash happening in the server at one time they were like.. I don’t know, a meeting?


Out of the sudden, CC!Disc duo were different people from C!Disc duo.  Meaning, when they talked about the crash, it EXIST in the AU and so people start to notice something was weird at the so called enemies.


[A scene]:


“.. Guys..?” Tommy called quietly, he was staring at his hand.  He doesn’t looked nervous, he seemed relaxed, which makes Tubbo’s eyebrows furrowed together.


“Hm?” Surprisingly, it was Dream.. who has his head leaning down to his palm.


“I think the server just crashed” Tommy huffed a laugh.


Wilbur blinked, “Crash..?”


“Look, my hands are fucking, glitchy” As Tommy points out, a flash red and blue was seen from Tommy’s hand and it disappeared as quickly as it comes by.


“Oh no..” Dream commented lamely, staring at his own palm below his cheek.  Wait, did he just?!


As if it wasn’t surprising enough, Dream had his mask on his side, revealing half of his face.  Tubbo can see his green eyes.. Dream never took his mask, even to Sapnap or George, and it concerns the L’manbergians (or Pogtopians— if that even how you spelled Pogtopia people) enough.


[Continuing plot]:


So, here’s a summary of C!Disc duo in this CCC AU:

  • They were roleplaying the wars and everything.
  • They were not aware the others are not roleplaying.
  • They looked and act like a Minecraft player, meaning they ever beat an ender dragon before and Tommy knows how to create a server.
  • They were purely acting from the CCs until some crash/glitch comes up and make them different people (making them start to realize their other’s friends’ voices were serious instead of just a roleplay for fun).
  • CCC AU no longer following the DSMP storyline because Dream and Tommy are not supposed to be roleplaying (in the roleplay, Tommy and Dream are serious, they are not roleplaying their character roleplaying) and so new situations was created (No, this is not a suggestion, but you should make the storyline not the same as DSMP).
  • Dream and Tommy are not C!Disc duo or either CC!Disc duo, they are CCC!Disc duo meaning they are now can’t make the roleplay following the current DSMP storyline.




Dream and Tommy were streamers, they were also friends! They sometimes acts like brothers that makes Wilbur jealous a bit, but they’re in good terms!

Oh my, seems like their characters doesn’t have their brother relationship they have! Can’t be them!


Or; Dream and Tommy is streamers, but also characters.  It was confusing, just check it out.


Enjoy writing :D



Chapter Text



I do not care if this doesn’t make any sense.  Tommy is not families with SBI, so.. :)


Okay okay, you can either make a new place or just use one, like Sister Location.  Oh, you’re probably is lost on what I’m talking about.. I’m talking about some FnaF and DSMP crossover, where Tommy is an animatronic.

If you ever watched some Afton gacha videos, you can see that they can change into human and animatronic form without no problem, what’s the logic? I do not know!


At first, I was thinking about SB (Security Beach) and one of my favourite animatronic after Freddy is Moondrop.  And so.. I kind of think Tommy as Moondrop at first..? Let’s just say he’s Moondrop in here, and no, Sunrise and Moondrop aren’t the same animatronic, in here :v


But uh, you can create a new place tho, where Tommy is an animatronic who plays violin/piano/guitar, like, how pog can that be?!


I actually only ever watch fully FNaF SB, and so my apologies for my, uh, small knowledge about the other games.


Anyway, Tommy is like a normal missing children, who got killed by William and his soul got trapped inside an animatronic.


How can he be in Minecraft? Idk man, they’re both games, just make someone coded his character into Minecraft or something.


Tommy is mostly sane at day and was like.. well, uh, that, at night.  And so, one day Dream visited Tommy at night time (I think he went home at noon, right?) and basically met the Tommy he had broken was smiling and cheerful af (and was planning to kill ‘im).


Ever heard of this song? Yeah, Tommy gives that C.B’s vibes, cheerful but planning to kill you, lmaoo.


Anyway, Dream didn’t think much about it, since Tommy didn’t do anything weird (yet) and so that never comes up to talk about.


Many streams later until Dream is up into prison! Tommy was wandering around, and some group of villagers met him and then the village kind dies.  And so the L’manberg trying to find out the culprit of these murders.


I’m pretty sure Tommy goes into prison with Dream, and so Dream was killed by Tommy at night time.

Dream revived Tommy, and went on his speech on him being a God, until Tommy’s head kind of twitch inhumanly.  And so his eyes went pure black and..


TommyInnit was killed by Dream.

Dream was killed jumpscared by Moondrop.


Sam found the weird notification and just run into their cell, and met the animatronic.  Tommy shifted, if you didn’t guess, and so Sam doesn’t know that’s Tommy.


Moondrop saw him and they kind of running around.  When Moondrop lost Sam, Sam messaged everyone, saying like..


Sam: There’s some moon-like robot that killed Dream,  it’s name tag is called ‘Moondrop’.


And so, it’s kind of a habit? Every night if you see Moondrop just outsmart it (yes, people say Moondrop is a ‘it’ for now) and run away to shelter.  It wasn’t pretty rare that your door was banged by a person who was being chased by Moondrop.

So Moondrop kind of like, connect people together? Pretty pog way to reunite, if you ask me.  Anyway, one night, when Ranboo was on his Enderwalk state, he met Tommy, who was watching the moon (ha) in silence.


No one knows Dream revived Tommy, sure, some mourn about the dead teenager, but no one ever seen his ghost, Dream haven’t bragged about him being a God to other people other than Tommy.  And so Tommy stayed quiet, stayed in the shadows as he show up in his animatronic form.


(Here’s some hc, Tommy have human skin but if you dug deeper there’s some machines, so Tommy is basically animatronic every time but except he has skin covering him in his ‘human’ form).


They kind of just bond in, Tommy tells Enderwalk about him being Moondrop.  Enderwalk noticed Tommy’s skin were weird.

There’s some time, where the skin didn’t go off completely, leaving Tommy half human with the side of his skin peeled of, showing his animatronic form.  I know Moondrop is far form humanoid, but we aren’t going to talk about that.


Tommy’s half face is black, on the left to be specific.  His left eye frame (the white ones, is it called ‘frame’?) was black with a red pupil that glimmers softly in the dark night.  His other eye was also red, it both moved to Enderwalk with a soft whirring noise to see who might accompany him this night.


Let’s say, animatronic have these.. tabs.. can be say.  Have you ever seen with an Iron man mask? There’s some like transparent blue tabs/browser-like that pops out to point out things, and so animatronic sees like that.

Tommy’s eyes didn’t show that Enderwalk was a threat, and so he stayed in silence.  Sometimes, sure, he killed for fun, or just want to, but for now, he didn’t mind another person around.


Tommy’s body mostly still stayed with his skin, some of his parts are showed though, and it doesn’t go unnoticed.  For example like, a bit part of his arm has some silver shine on it, meaning there’s an iron like the material that was used to build Moondrop (was it even iron, lmao).  Even though Enderwalk was some sort of a weird state Ranboo was in, he was still observant and some of the memories might be remembered by Ranboo.


Enderwalk remembers though, no, he doesn’t recognize Moondrop or either Tommy (though a small voice in his mind said that this person is important and need to be protected), but he remembers when Tommy was in his half animatronic state.

And when Tommy was revealed that he is, indeed, Moondrop, Enderwalk was the person who recognize him.  The way most of his body is human skin, with some iron peeking out with wires, and the way their left face is pure black, and when their red eyes makes small whirring noise to look around.  Ranboo remembers.

Chapter Text



Tommy was a human, a normal, child, human.  He was once born into a white room with robots surrounding him, smiling and saying hellos.  And that was his first day, existing inside a space ship.


Tommy was.. let’s say, the lone-wolf.  Everything he wanted to do had already been done, either by robots or his other classmates.  He doesn’t like it, he wanted to do something purely because of himself.  And so when he walked around, he stumbled some, pile, of.. wires?


Tommy’s dad, Sam, was a person who’s pretty important for the robots here, he’s one of the people who can help them and was respected.  Of course, Tommy learnt one or two things from him.


So he tried, he tried to fix that pile of dead robot, making it something new.  Why? You may ask, well, it’s not like he has better things to do, so why not? Sam already makes him his own lab, so he can do it peacefully alone.


And from there, he makes a perfect replica of the white minions that were send to Earth.  Tommy was always curious, what is Earth? He asked a lot to Sam, but apparently Sam was also a human that was born into space, and so the rest was still a question mark.


The white robot was.. funstioning perfectly.  It looked normal, no one would want to open a chest of a robot for no reason right? And if you did, you will see a small, tiny but enough for a six year-old kid to fit into.  It was comfortable, Tommy makes it soft and has an emergency button for him to break out if the robot was suddenly malfunction or something.  He also includes armour for the robot, to have at least double protection on the shell.  As much as reckless this kid is, he still cares for his own well being.


He tried it once, floating around, passing places that humans weren’t supposed to go, and he finds it fun, and so he does it again, again, and again.  It was all fun and games until a robot officer asked him to do his work.


Work.. what was minions like this robot does for work? Oh, OH! Ohh, does that mean he’s going there? Oh that’s fun! Oh wait that’s risky!



Well, I mean the robot was quite powerful enough so..


Tommy didn’t regret it when he floated near the hardened dry soil.  He frowned at first, why is it such a mess? Why is it so.. dry?


When he was around, he met a moving thing that makes him stop, it was also a robot.. this robot that was once made to clean up Earth for years and years ago.  He questioned himself, is it not done? The process of clealing it?


The robot noticed him, and that’s how he make his own first robot friend.  It’s name was Tubbo, it doesn’t like the name Wall-E, and so it creates for itself.  They communicate from gestures, Tommy learn a lot in such a few days.  Tubbo was fun, chaotic, and a little shit, but was fun to be around.  He was having fun.


If it wasn’t for the space ship he belongs was not in some sort of break down because somehow someone managed to get away from the space when it’s not supposed to.  Tommy may didn’t know, but a classmate of his, Ranboo, thought of the blonde as a friend.  He was unaware of the concerned and panic that was felt by his Father, siblings, and Ranboo.


He hang around with Tubbo, forgetting the fact that he actually has people that waits for him.  And suddenly, at some day, the robot he was hiding in suddenly there’s an error, and it forces him to go back to space, apparently their mission in Earth had done, no one had found a plant yet.

But Tubbo aren’t going to let go his first friend ever yet.


And the rest? Basically Wall-E but with human and robot friendship.

Question, why is the space ship have some lock down? Think, how can someone get out of a space ship? The space ship is big, but not as big as Earth, there’s why no thief or kidnapping happened, because it’s fucking small and that people can be found easily.




Chapter Text



This is my own thinking, so, I get to name the AU right? Welp, call it ‘When I’m Back’ AU, a simple name.

Here’s what I’m thinking, Tommy was a problematic child, he get to people’s nerves constantly that he wasn’t surprised if he get yelled twice or thrice a day, even though he just simply wanted affection and attention because when did his family and friends ever give him one? Years ago? He forgot.  What makes it worse is that Tommy is touch-starved, if you think he’ll give up, well screw you (no— this is Tommy’s POV—) because Tommy is stubborn as fuck.


But then, sometimes words hurts, it hurts that Tommy can’t handle feeling left out, alone, and not worthy of their attention.


He finished school, he asked his Father to pick him up, he said he’s busy.  He asked his brothers, they didn’t respond.  Which is why he’s sulking quietly in a bus stop.  Which is also why he found this green man who doesn’t know that not everyone are not as social as he is.


His name is Dream, he’s alone in the bus stop and found Tommy alone, and so, why not say hi?


Which is also why he met George and Sapnap, Dream’s friend.  And when George tell him that Sapnap and Dream are in England for a few months, and when they went back, he’s moving with them, he wondered aloud if he can also moved with them.


George raised an eyebrow amusedly, “How about your family, kiddo?”


Tommy huffed, he said he will catch up with them in America.  Even though Tommy went back to the quiet life he was once been, he still talks to the trio through his phone.  And, Tommy never lied about promises.  So he worked hard, trying to find some scholarship or something, something to make his life merrier like when he met the annoying social green man who waltzed his way into his life, dragging his friends along.


Of course, because Tommy loves the trio so much, he put so much hard work that’s it’s almost impossible to be not possible to find his way into America.  Tommy didn’t tell anyone, of course, why would he? He finds a way, of course he does, like he did when he wanted something so bad to happen, luck always was on his side.

And when he was on a taxi to the airport, he can help but smiling to himself until his cheek hurts.  He rambled as he waited his plane to Dream, Sapnap, and George, who was also ecstatic as he is.  Tommy didn’t smiled that much this month, and when he calls the three people who he loves dearly, he can’t stop smiling instead.


They greeted him on the airport after hours and hours of flying up in the sky.  Tommy almost cried (he did) as he hears George sweet nicknames without being trough screen, Sapnap’s friendly gestures, and Dream’s teasing, clear without any annoying lags or from Discord calls.


Unsurprisingly, the trio lives together, and when somehow (Tommy did know luck was always on his side, he was aware of that, thank you, not his fault the Gods favourited him), of course, the high school/college he will get into was near their house.  So, why not add a plus one into their house? A sunshine child that were obviously they loved a lot? The problem? Nothing is a problem!


And that’s how Tommy lives together with them three for years and years.  Dream and George sometimes acts like his parents, and Sapnap is that cool uncle or a big brother that he actually likes (Sapnap didn’t act like Wilbur or Techno, and Tommy is glad).


Tommy completely left his past life behind, where Phil would ignore his presence, where Techno and Wilbur was embarrassed to have him as their little brother, where Tubbo finds his rambles annoying and choose Ranboo over him.


In here, he have Dream, George, Sapnap, Sapnap’s nice and friendly fiancé Karl, his new homeroom teacher Mr. Sam, his senior friend Quackity, a little shit junior of a friend named Eryn, a quiet but amusing classmate Purpled.  He likes it here, he really do, but sometimes, good things doesn’t last forever.  Because he doesn’t move into America, he just have a scholarship there.  And so.. he is required to go back to England, to a family where he doesn’t feel warmth in his once cold heart.


Quackity once ever complained to him, that it was annoying to speak to older people, because seniors like him are expected to be polite and perfect.  And so Quackity has a habit of being a completely different person to people he doesn’t know, he remembers when Quackity politely greet him, that he will show him around the school he once doesn’t know the direction of.


And of course, Quackity is also a big influencer for him, by the way he acts like his big brother proves that.  So, of course, he does what Quackity do.


He was quiet, formal, and doesn’t speak as much unless was needed.


And his family and old friends (was Ranboo even a friend? But at least he tried to be his friend, right? But he was too blinded by jealousy to accept that indeed, Ranboo was a nice friend, no wonder Tubbo likes him) has a hard time adjusting it.




  • Tommy promised to his (unofficial) family and friends that he will move to America no matter what it takes.
  • Tommy did moved, of course.
  • His old family and friends wasn’t as neglectful as before, they tried, but Tommy’s heart was too locked to make himself sees them as his loved ones again.
  • Sapnap and Karl adopted him after a few months after their marriage (Theseus Halo-Jacobs? yOO!! And yes, Sapnap is Badboy Halo’s kid).
  • Him, Purpled, and Eryn becomes a troublemaker trio that everyone was fond of.
  • Tommy knows Punz because Purpled invited him to his house once, he’s a cool guy.



Chapter Text



Y’all SBI aren’t a family in this ;v; (except Wil and Phil).  Have you ever heard of DNAinnit? Or at least watch on YouTube? I don’t know where did it comes from, but I found it here and the idea aren’t so bad.  I don’t know the others much other than Tommy and Tubbo tbh, so my bad—


Anyway, in here’s a bit different.  Basically Tommy’s dad a scientist, and he’s a doctor.  Not officially or legally, but his healing abilities are awesome like a specialist, I mean, he learnt from the best.


Do you know Yosano from Bungou Stray Dogs? Tommy acts like her, but minus the power that requires the patient near dying.  But, uh, scary.. like.. welp, you know—


Basically.. some people got hurt during the L’manburg independence war, and Tommy be like, “Fuck it.. just scream if it hurts”


Wilbur hear a scream and went to the healing house/camp (I don’t watch DSMP) and sees Tommy and be like, “Tommy what the fuck”

So people know Tommy can heal people professional but don’t care about their discomfort, and that’s why he’s scary :)







Chapter Text



Basically High school AU where Tommy likes to say ‘I hate you!’


Many people are confused if he meant it or not, and one of his.. friend..? Ranboo, he wanted to know.  Sometimes the blond if fond of him, sometimes he’s mean.  And despite that, Ranboo likes to think Tommy as his friend, a friend who leads him to Tubbo and the others, without the younger, he would be lonely like in primary and years before.


He tried, asking people, but then a new student appeared.  You can make them Dream, or an OC, but they’re a bitch and Tommy truly hates them.


So like, they were hanging out and they popped out and annoys Tommy because their first eccounter was a bad one.  And people finally knows Tommy shows hate through ignorance.




It's annoying cause the title won't let me do this 'I Truly Didn’t Hate You"

Chapter Text



Basically Purpled’s a prince who just got to 18.  Every princes and princesses have to search for their significant other, usually by a ball or party to also celebrate for their birthday.


Here’s the problem, Purpled wasn’t all interested in all of this.  He was.. well, Asexual? Maybe, he doesn’t actually cares enough to finds out.  But he knows well that he doesn’t want some stupid romance in his life.


A guard, a nice one who had been company him since he’s a kid, suggested to maybe look around in town, distract himself, excuse he’s ‘searching’ for that yet non-existent partner.  His name was Punz, Purpled liked him.


And so he did, took notice of a bakery and hang out in there.  There’s a nice lady named Niki, who has a brother named Ranboo, who’s married to a cool guy named Tubbo, who has a brother named Tommy.


And so he friended them, spending time with them.  Turns out a prince, a brother of a baker, his husband, and their younger brother would make such a good friendship.


If it wasn’t for Purpled’s parents who grew impatient would’ve ruin their usual hang out times.  His father is dying, literally, the sickness was quite bad.  And his mother wanted for him to marry someone immediately.


He was 20 at that time, walking around at night (sneaking out, obviously).  His legs automatically takes him in front of Niki’s bakery.  He frowned, sighing and walking around the dark and quiet plaza.


It was unnaturally silent, usually it would’ve crowded and many people was.. there.  But it’s just silent.  He glanced at the glimmering lamp beside a bench, he rested his legs there.


A creak snapped him out of his endless thoughts, Purpled’s violet eyes went wide, searching around.  He froze as he made an eye contact with a somewhat familiar electric blue eyes.


It was Tommy.




“What.. are you doing at this time?”


“It was 6 am genius, I live here, time to start the day”




“Something’s wrong? You’re all quiet Princey”


Purpled sighed, there he goes a story to his friend.






But in the end, Tommy grinned to him saying “How about this, you got a husband, which is me, I got rich quick? Deal?”


Welp, turns out the best decision he ever made!

Chapter Text



Where Ranboo got his Origin SMP self’s attachment.  So he basically is the same, but his attachments are new.


For example, he still writes in that book of his, but he doesn’t care if it will be gone.  So to put it simply, he no longer put important memories there, just some memos with weird words so no one will understand, (ex: Red and green saw a slight of red wiggly things.  They were gone from yesterday night, a monster like? Should I call Sundrop for the blankets? Nevermind, they’re busy with that free living thing of his).  And.. no.. he doesn’t understand all of them because his memories suck, but the majority of the weird memos he write always clicked to some memory (because I was like that too—).


Here’s some list of attachments from OSMP!Ranboo has:

  • Shiny things.
  • His crown.
  • His things (blocks, foods, etc).
  • His enderpearl (Ranboo doesn’t have this, so make it a random enderpearl).
  • A grass block.


And if you questioned if Ranboo still loves about Michael and Tubbo.  He still is! But not as much.  Like, he’s not avoiding them, but it’s just a relationship where he would said ‘hi’ if they crossed paths.  But not cared enough to sacrifice his life for him (Well, maybe Tubbo too, since he’s his friend, but it’s like a classmate of yours who would help you in lesson at class but doesn’t chat in discord, etc).

Chapter Text

In short, Wilbur said something like, “Bet you can’t be silent for a whole day” and Tommy took it as a challenge and did it (the ‘Please don’t’ is from Wilbur, because he finds a loud annoying Tommy is better).




Tommy was loud, chaotic, and a literal ball of sunshine in the server.  He is love itself, making people have attachments, just because of this bundle of joy.


Sometimes, it can be hard to see, the undying loyalty and pure love Tommy has in his golden heart, covered tightly with his brash, annoying, and mean attitude.


Some people finds him annoying, a pest, a bother.  But it can also be incredibly endearing once you know him.  But sometimes you just feel like you wanted to strangle him.


Wilbur, a brother figure for that mentioned sunshine, was an usual target for Tommy to annoy the fuck out of him.  Sure, he often doesn’t minds it, but Tommy is so strangle able, Wilbur could slumped down, curling into a ball in a dark corner and sighed, what did his life became to when he joined this hell and heaven of a server?


They likes to have a pillow fight, an excuse for both of them to beat the shit out of the other, and they were both aware of the reason.


Wilbur was smart, he always thinks before he speak, but when he’s in the middle of being whacked by the younger? If annoying him wasn’t enough, every time he spend with the blonde always result his braincells disappearing to God knows where, so he blurts out, “Bet you can’t keep quiet for a day”.


Oh wait, that does seemed like a good idea! Wilbur’s blank face turned into a smirk.  When Tommy agrees, he prided himself that tomorrow will be a quiet day.


Here’s a spoiler: He hates it.

Chapter Text

In short, basically Techno is a human who killed a bunch of zombies that gained him a reputation ‘Blood God’, like in here.  Then there’s a baby zombie who most likely not a threat and Techno may or may not got a baby brother.




Techno, was an observant person.  You see, he likes to experiment zombies as it was more of an annoyance to him after a year of this hell of an apocalypse.  And when he saw a zombie who covered their (most likely bleeding) abdomen and protected their head as he turned towards them.. well, let’s say he’s curious.


The zombie was small, toddlers? Techno frowned at the idea of a kid, a child, died here.. where’s their parents? Died? At least zombies cling to their family and friends, this kid is alone.  If it wasn’t weird enough for Techno, the zombie’s eyes was.. blue.  So blue, light blue.. it makes Techno remembers the ocean years ago he ever visited.


The zombie just stared at him, they did not make a move to hurt him anyway, good, he’ll chop their head baby or not.  Instead, they titled their head, as if asking what is he doing.. he titled his head in response, matching them.


It must be silly, two supposed enemies, titling their heads to each other, making no moves, breathing steady (Techno), and blinking in a kid-like manner (Zombie kid).


Techno leaves the zombie after that, it wasn’t on his base, he was just walking out of his city to see a glimpse of the outside world.  But then, the baby zombie followed him.  They kept their distance, but Techno let the zombie wander around his base, but not going into his apartment though.



Chapter Text



Based by this underrated af story that should be illegal to be this amazing but not.


Shortly, Tommy is as reckless and selfless as Peter.. and.. opened the portal to Peter’s world to save Tubbo from getting shot (he’s there because yes) and instead it was a kind of trap so they would swallowed by a portal that has a bunch of circles? They both supposed to go somewhere, but then Tommy twist some plot and enter a random circle and there they are.


Uh, yep.


Okay Tubbo tags in basically because I purely wanted him interacting with Ned, but uh.  Yep, just that.




Tommy has zero absolute idea if what he does it for the worst or for the best.  A distant voice in his head said a somewhat familiar word, “Think positive!” He forgot where he hears it, probably from Bad, or Puffy, or Ranboo.  But what is the positive thought? Hmm? Maybe they’re supposed to go where the Spider-man was evil? As much as Tommy didn’t like to brag, his power was really.. well, strong.. and fighting himself would’ve sucked.  So, maybe it’s good that he outplayed the tv headed villain named Dream, and find himself staring at a blank face of a Spider-man from this world? What’s his name again? Peter Parker? Okay, somehow he’s Tommy Watson instead, but then again Peter wasn’t supposed to have brothers like he do.  And he doesn’t even have an Aunt! Both his parents are the only child in their family.

“So..” He twirled his fingers to the white jacket that covers his Spider-man lava-coloured suit, “’Ow do?”


Peter grimaced, “What”


It doesn’t even sound like a question, it was so flat, flatter than a straight line.  That’s saying something.


Tubbo whistled, “So.. a Tubbo version of me?”


“You are?”


“Chair guy?”


“Oh, Ned, forgot about me”


“Ouch, sounds suck buddy” Tommy let out a low breath.


The three stayed in silence.


“So.. do you want to, uh.. stay in my apartment first? Because I got.. I got—” Peter stammered, pointing at his bag behind him with raised brows.


“Okay, we’ll go” Tubbo cutted him off, “Where is it?”



Well, to say that maybe Tommy would’ve help his counterpart’s friends gain their memory while Tubbo figuring out how they would come back seems like the next logical step.

Chapter Text

In short, no one knows Tommy is the brother of Wilbur and Techno.  And so no one knows he have Wilbur’s silver tongue and Techno’s poker face.





Tommy wasn’t as helpless and talentless as people like to portray him to be.  After all, siblings used to teach other right? Who says he can’t be as manipulative as Wilbur? Who says he can’t be as nonchalant and twist words like Technoblade? No one? Exactly.


No one have expected this, of course they don’t.  Wilbur, with his brown hair and red eyes (Had people noticed it used to be warm brown? Tommy did).  Techno, with his (Fun fact people, it’s actually dyed! He has brown hair, not like people knows him and Wilbur are twins anyway) cotton candy pink hair, red ruby eyes.  Phil, with his blond hair and blue eyes.  Phil and Tommy are similar, but people knows he is only Wilbur’s Father.  Or is it?


Past talk, about family, where you come from, your reason to go here.. was not a topic to talk about, a rule that doesn’t need to be said.  Most people was defensive about it, so people tend to not ask about it either.  But Tommy doesn’t mind sharing, it’s just people doesn’t ask, and so the talk never comes.


But not also appearances, also personalities.  Phil was calm and knows how to plan the most perfect way (He was irresponsible though, had no one knows about this?), Wilbur was a chaotic person, can’t think right when he’s not in the best state, can manipulate and has a silver tongue.  Techno was nonchalant, quiet, elegant, and doesn’t waste times doing things that has no reason to (He would put down his book for Tommy, he remembers, does Techno forget?), and Tommy was loud, obnoxious, everywhere he goes was a mess (He was smart, a fast thinker, nonchalant, has a silver tongue, loyal).


No one knows that Tommy likes to overthink much, many thoughts about ‘But what will happen if this happen?’ about his family and friends.  No one knows that Tommy is loyal, painfully, very loyal, he will stays with that person no matter what they say, no matter what offer to betray that person.  No one knows Tommy is being loud and annoying on purpose to melt a silence, he hates it, he overthink in silence.  No one knows how nonchalant Tommy can be, how he hate people by ignorance (Dream was his friend, a good friend never ignore his friends.. right? No, he was manipulating you, stupid of him.. believing lies so easily).  No one knows Tommy was as manipulative as Dream and his brother, how he can take down multiple people by simply opening his lips to create hurtful words.


Tommy was like his family more than it seems.


Chapter Text



In short, Tommy is a cop, SBI is heroes, Bee Duo is vigilantes.  Tommy is the actual fucking cop that does his work right and doesn’t mind taking patrols to the lower distinct and so why the Bee Duo likes him.  He became rather known in the lower parts of L’manburg, and when Techno patrols there, he heard him.  And that’s how a responsible cop catch the attention of the top 3 heroes (actually Wilbur was 4th since he’s not good at defending himself, but uh—) because he somehow befriend the vigilantes.




At first, Tubbo was.. confused, to be honest.  When he was flapping his robotic bee wings to help him fly around the lower distinct, he paused as he saw a somewhat familiar blue uniform wandering around.  Like, huh? Has he been imagining things?


No, he don’t, a cop who actually responsible enough to patrol to the lower parts actually exists.  He was wary, of course, who is this guy? Turns out, he’s a cool guy to be around, pretty funny, jokes a lot, and do his job right, which Tubbo appreciates so much.  His name was Tommy, and for once, Tubbo doesn’t mind friending a cop.


Tommy helped so much, probably he does the heavy lifting on his little group, which is kind of unfair, but hey! If that means Tommy visited the lower distinct more, Tubbo doesn’t mind the unfairness of his world.  Again, for once.  Huh, it seems like he was experiencing new things this month.


Tommy doesn’t mind vigilantes apparently, as he quote, “I don’t know why the government wanted you and your friends, you helped this city man! Like it wasn’t fair”.  Oh God, if there’s a ‘Appreciate Tommy Day’, it’s no surprise Tubbo will win.


Ranboo finds out, of course he do.  Ranboo has a bad history with heroes and cops, or you would call the ‘Good Side’.  Ranboo doesn’t like them.  But because Tubbo trust Tommy, he will try for Tubbo.  He doesn’t have to try man, because Tommy is just naturally good at friending people.


Unfortunately for them, the heroes will notice their lack of excitement in their fights.  Because honestly? If there’s Tommy cooking for them, freely, at their apartment, the smell of a really good food and a warm smile on his face awaiting after patrol? Could you blame them for a bit impatient?


Chapter Text



In short, Avian and Arachnid (a slightly different species than Ichlings) are rare species that can be found in like, 2% in the population? Anyway, Shroud-Innit Watson, a kid of Tommy-Innit Watson, the youngest of the Watson family.  Most hybrids are random, so it wasn’t a surprise to see that Phil’s sons has different species.  Like Wilbur, a Phantom, Techno, a Bunny (he looks cute if he wants to.  And he can certainly be scary when he wants to be), and lastly, Tommy.. an Arachnid.


Or basically.  Tommy becomes PE teacher in Shroud’s school and was a literal Spider-man.




Okay, okay.. his Dad was a teacher.  HIS DAD WAS A TEACHER!


Shroud.. honestly didn’t know how to react to that.  But of course, the majority of emotions he was having was excitement.  You think being his Dad’s kid makes himself can see a lot of his Dad’s powers? Yeah, that was false.

Dad was pretty lazy, he doesn’t do anything without a reason, as he quote, “Life thought you that”.


And, of course, in PE, there’s this some sort of ‘Hybrid Lessons’ or something like that.  Where you will learn the full power of your hybrid.  Which means! That his Dad has no other reason to not do his power! Hah! Take that Dad!


If Michael, a friend of his and also a son of Dad’s best friends’, noticed his excitement was cantering PE, he lets him be.


Michael was a piglin, a brutal and violent species.  Most of them lives in another realm named Nether, but Michael refused to leave his family (if it’s through fostering? Well, he doesn’t care, he loves Bee and Boo very much thank you!).

While Shroud? Shroud was an Arachnid, like his Dad, and he’s proud about it.  It’s not uncommon to have the same species like your parents, but still! He likes it! He’s proud to be Dad’s only kid, he was proud of his blue eyes that shine like his Dad’s and his Grandfather’s.  If that’s not clear to you, he adored his Dad, so much.


And so he was almost jumping in excitement in PE, it hasn’t even started yet! When his Dad enter his view, he can’t help but stare.


Okay, he knows Arachnids have super strength, but like.. he never actually view his Dad doing it.


And he learned, that he, an Arachnid himself, didn’t know he can do half the things his Dad do.


Like, uh.. Shroud Tingle? Okay that was bad, but Dad has this super sense, like other Arachnids, that can make him got his ‘feeling’ or ‘sense’ of danger.  Which he thought that was cool.


Dad also has sticky fingers.  He knows about that.  Yet he doesn’t know you can climb and fucking crawl like a spider in a wall.


Dad can swing around and carry things by this strong web that shoots from his wrists.  When he asked why is his webs are ‘so weak’, his Dad said, “You’ll get it right after some practising”.



Chapter Text



In short, Fusion AU is a Dream SMP where the people is fushioned by their significant other/what you shipped them with/and soulmates (platonic or romantic).


Here’s a list of people, warning that their name is hella weird:

  • Phillin: Phil x Kristin [SBI].
  • Qual: Quackity x Wilbur [SBI].
  • Tecream: Dream & Techno [SBI].
  • Rommu: Ranboo & Tommy & Tubbo (everyone is so far normal age, except him, he’s 7) [SBI].
  • Sarl: Sapnap x Karl (He’s 10 cause he’s Rommu’s friend :3).
  • Michelle: Michael & Shroud (He’s 14, lol).
  • Clemary: Clementine & Henry (She’s 15).
  • Pom: Ponk x Sam (Michelle and Clemary’s parental figure, I guess.. since their parents is literally fusioned and a kid).
  • Iffy: Niki x Puffy (Rommu’s other Mother B) lmao).
  • Sandy: Sally & Fundy (Qual’s trans daughter :) mtf)





When Tommy prepares himself to meet Dream.. he wasn’t.. prepared to be, well, here.  First of all the problems he had today, is that he somewhat has a young body.. around 5-8 maybe? Secondly, his face looks.. weird?


What is he anyway? A half-black half-human (he thought he was Ranboo for a second, but then remembered he was short, even shorter than himself.  Really, the skin was really pale (It’s your skin you moron)), small red horns (like Tubbo, he mused.. but like him also? He has also demon-like appearances), and a tail, but at the end, the fluff was a red fur.


He pursed his lips, looking around in habit as he searched, well, something.  He found.. a kid’s room.  You can clearly tell it by the colourful appearances and childish drawings.  A lot of them is a figure of four, a woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes, with a huge black wing like Phil’s, a man with black hair and a red beanie, they had a small golden wings, tucked neatly in their back.  Another man, shorter than the other, with a braided sandy blonde hair, sheep hybrid appearances, and the shortest was the owner of this body his soul somewhat found.


His mind begin to fill with thoughts, at first, a normal questionable thing, ‘where am I? Who are these guys?’ Slowly turned into, ‘what will happen if they know I’m not the person they thought I was? Will they hurt me?’


Fortunately, for us, the door opened with a bang and the golden wing man stepped in like they owns the place, grinning slightly wider at the sight of him.


“ROMMU!” They greeted happily, pinching his cheek softly.


Tommy woud be lying if he said he didn’t pause at that, ‘I’m sorry, Rommu?? Who would name their kid—'


“Guess what! Sandy finally visited from her long ass vacation!” Golden wing man smiled at him.


Tommy smiled back, albeit a bit shakily, okay.  What was happening?

Chapter Text



In short, Tommy accept that he can’t go back to his own world.  He’s chilling with his dog Henry until some stupid villain bitch land a scratch on him, so Tommy beat their ass.


Tommy is not DSMP or OSMP Tommy btw, it’s literally his IRL’s Minecraft character.





For Tommy, when you failed to respawn in a game of Minecraft and instead got yeeted into a new world, was quite cool.  Sure, at first he tried to kill himself because he know the last time he slept was at the latest server he played alone for just mob hunting, definitely not because Techno’s voice in Discord saying ‘practicing makes it better’ kept swirling in his head.  Techno’s cool okay?! Who knows he can be the next Blood God?


He was, well, at first, chill about it.  Okay, cool, so he lives alone in this cozy apartment? Okay okay, at least he doesn’t need to listen Wilbur’s voice anymore.  It’s like leaving the vc but Wilbur can’t follow him anymore, on Minecraft or Discord, it was great.


He wasn’t when a stupid letter comes into his door, somewhat addressed into ‘Tommy Innit’, huh.. someone’s on their stalker arc? Hopefully not.


It was an application to a school named ‘UA’, stupid right? Tommy agrees.  He nearly (he did) spit out the hot chocolate he was sipping when it said he was accepted and required to wake up fucking early in the morning.  Oh no, his biggest nightmare—


Anyway, he walked into the address at the day he needs to.  Tommy never goes to school, he mostly got homeschooled by his parents until he can freely go and create servers by himself.  Maybe once a week he would ring his parents’ phone, but half of the lessons he learned are from his family-by-choice, which is Phil and Techno (“No Wilbur, go away” “YOU SAID WE’RE LIKE BROTHERS—“).


History, and other boring old man shit Phil knows, of course, cause he’s old.  Phil told him a lot about country histories, a country is a big ass server that was ruled by an admin, they called it ‘president’, for some reason.  Every player comes from a country, and there’s multiple languages.  Tommy comes from the UK, same like Phil and Wilbur.  Because Phil was a traveler, he had come across multiple countries, learning about their cultures, history, and language.


Science, Greek Mythology, and English lessons, are from Techno.  Techno is from another server called US, a far away server from UK, sadly.  But they moved into a server called Dream SMP! Owned by a nice guy named Clay who just wants a peaceful server for his friends to play manhunt (he sometimes hunted Dream, Dream loses, but everyone knows it’s because Dream lets him be.  Seriously this guy is getting soft for an aggressive teen that was basically everyone’s little brother).


From there, he met Schlatt and his son, Tubbo.  They became unseparated once they clicked together.  Another teen comes into the server with his sister, Niki, a old friend of Wilbur that heard Wilbur was moving permanently on a calm server, so she joined, his brother also tagging in.  The three became a trio, the Bench Trio, as the village called them.


One day, Tommy pleads (manly asking) to Techno to teach him to be a better fighter like he does.  Tommy gotten better! Of course! With a help from Dream, a surprisingly person who can rivals Techno, he gotten even better.


Techno said when he’s a kid he slays a lot of mob, he’s an orphan (heh, the irony) so no one really get to teach him to fight.  So he teach himself how, which is why his ways are different.


Tommy leaves the server for a moment, creating a small one for himself with more mobs spawning  to practice for himself, because Techno is cool and he suggested Tommy to do it.  He can’t just say no to The Blade can he?


He will, if he knows he have to wake up early after being somewhat yeeted into another world where people have weak powers that was nothing like an everyday thing to Minecraft people called ‘Quirk’.


And now, it’s a new story, a new page, with a brand new pen.  This is a crack story about Tommy Innit, a transferred student from the UK to the Japan.  Somewhat joined a stupid school about heroes named UA where people acknowledge him as ‘quirkless’ (the audacity— Tommy can literally punch the shit outta All Might, hell, he can even respawn! Has no one really noticed when he died multiple times??).

Chapter Text



In short, Streamers is like Pokémon get it? Everyone have it, basically the characters are their DSMP selves but their Streamers are literally them IRL.  Idk, call the Streamers their pets or their IRL :v or maybe call them their IRL surnames?


Oh yeah, tags:

#RoyaltyAU #RunawayAU


*Evil laugh*




Really, it shouldn’t be surprising for Tommy to finally snap, being ignored do that to him.  So he ran, ran away, hopefully go to another country, he didn’t know, he doesn’t plan.  All he knows is that Wilbur’s words hurt.


Thomas, or who he nicknamed ‘Tom’, his Streamer, is a ghost-like creature, a humanoid being but invisible to other except to their owner.  He has platinum blonde hair, different from his golden ones, and while he has grey eyes, Tommy has electric blue.  His Streamer floating hastily, following him.


“You sure this is a good idea, tho?” Tom’s echo voice asked him, raising an eyebrow at him, but Tommy can see the concern hidden in his eyes, “I mean, sure, it’ll be cool to adventure, but..”


“I know, I’ll.. manage, or something” He huffed out, gripping his sweater a bit tighter.  He somehow finds a homey village inside a forest, but he doesn’t complain that.


The village was nice, it has things Tommy needed.  He turned towards his Streamer, “You think we’re far enough?”


Tom glanced at his back for a moment, “Yep, I think so, we’re far enough, roughly around 2000 blocks at least”


Tommy blinked, okay, he wasn’t expecting to be that far, well that explains his sore legs.  In response, he let out an ‘okay’.


He slowly walked into the village, Tom floating close by, both of them looking around the village.  Tom flies around to find some place to stay with cheap price, while Tommy buys himself a couple breads for him and Tom.


The village was nice, he planned to leave, but he guesses, it never was in his ‘to-do’ list.  A permanent house he managed to build proved that.


But his family in the castle still wanted him back, and they always got everything they want.

Chapter Text

In short, Ranboo, Tubbo, and Tommy are the Triple Black.  Where Ranboo with his teleportation for undercover missions and a back up, Tubbo being one for beating the shit outta people with his explosive hands, and while Tommy as their Guy In Chair with his basically Google power in his head.


Insert dark bee duo :)))




Tubbo didn’t know that a person could affect Tommy this much, really, he was just doing his mission like what Dream ordered him to, and then he’s done.  Leaving the building and inform Ranboo that he finished what he’s supposed to.  But then if he knows a person who died in the building managed to make Tommy a traitor, he would’ve turned back, save whoever that person is, and keep Tommy.  Simple right? Unfortunately for him, the only time-travel ability user is in a group of people who doesn’t like Port Mafia.

Ranboo also doesn’t like the news.  He knew something was wrong when he called Tommy and he didn’t pick up, that was weird, in the most weird-est way possible, because Tommy always answer when they called in the middle of a mission, afraid it was anything important related to anything for the future.


But everything must have a first time, right? So he didn’t take it anything seriously.

He should’ve.


Because it took everything from to not turn into Enderwalk as he heard Tommy left the Mafia, a traitor.  What happened about the Triple Black? Was their trio is nothing? Why did he leave?



Chapter Text

In short, Tommy was the God of Creation.  He’s tall and huge af, like Mumza.  He made Earth and be like, hey! I can make creatures right? So he made mobs, and then he wanted to create something who can almost function like he do, but minus the God powers, and from there, born Ranboo.


#KidRanboo #ParentTommy #TommyIsA+AtParenting #BrunetTommy #TommyIsMumza’sKid




Ranboo didn’t know why it suddenly was different after Tommy came back from exile.  Ranboo didn’t know about it at first, but it seems like.. he.. missed.. Tommy..? No, of course he do, but like, his affection? Did Tommy ever given any affection to him, actually? Barely.  Aside the fact that Tommy was touch-starved, he had a distance with Ranboo, and continued to cling to Tubbo (That’s not fair—).


Tommy once asked him if he had a family.  While Ranboo likes to claim he doesn’t know anything, it was honestly more like a half-lie.  But he trust Tommy, right? Of course he does.


It was mostly a blur, but he know the basic.  He had a parent, no siblings, only a single parent.  Probably a dad? A mom? He doesn’t remember, but he does know their appearances a bit.  Like how they had a pretty long hair that he likes to grab a fistful of it, just to feel the softness of the strands (One of the reason he likes Techno’s hair).  He remembered the hair was brown, almost like Tubbo’s, but a lighter shader? He remembered staring at Tubbo’s hair, just trying to figure out why did it looked so familiar.


His parent was.. tall.  Were they an Enderman? Is that where he got his black side of his skin? But.. no, it doesn’t seemed right.  They were not only tall, but like.. huge, like a giant.  Yeah, but that doesn’t sound right.  He doesn’t remember some hybrids that was that big.. was his memories playing with him?


Well, he also remember his parent has wings, also as huge, capable of lifting them to fly.  It was white, was it? It was soft, his fingers suddenly itched to touch something as so. 


And when he finished explaining, Tommy looked at him with a sad smile, a longing look in his eyes that Ranboo didn’t recognize.

Chapter Text

In short, everyone goes to the past, but with a different Tommy.  Where he is the polar opposite.  This Tommy was quiet, silent, betrays people easily, manipulative.  People slowly realised how important Tommy to their lives is.




Tubbo was aware of Tommy’s undying loyalty.  Believe me, he does.  Which is why, he kind of makes an advantage of himself, in a status of being Tommy’s other half, to.. well, buy that loyalty.  He knows it wasn’t a very friendly act to do so, the way he made Tommy betrays people to side with him, even though he never side with the other.  But then again, he can’t stop.  Because he needs Tommy, like Tommy needs Tubbo.  But slowly, it just.. wasn’t because of a need of company.


When Tubbo finds himself in a very weird room with literally everyone he knows, he searched for his friends.  He find Michael, he found Ranboo, but where is Tommy? He even stumbled into his best friend’s husband (it leaves a bitter taste in his mouth, realising Tommy needs someone else to replace him) Purpled, who was searching for the same person.  But the blonde was just isn’t there.  Where was him?


A voice asked them to settle down first, he doesn’t know this feminine voice.  They introduce themselves as Drista.  Drista, huh? Tubbo remembers when Tommy talked about this friend, who was surprisingly Dream’s younger sister.  He managed to catch the sight of Dream tensing at the voice, his usual dangerous aura disappeared.  It seems like Dream.. feared his sister.


Tubbo understand, for once.  If he finds himself as a villain in a story and met your younger sister, you don’t want to face her, well at least he doesn’t want to.  He will probably felt guilty, the way her disappointed face stare at him can makes hi shudder.  The way you know you can no longer change.  But still, a bitter satisfied is what he felt with the view of Dream being terrified.


Drista, wasn’t a formal God, it seems.  She just nonchalantly said they were going to the past with a plot twist and then, boom! They’re gone.


It took an embarassing amount of time for Tubbo to realise what she was saying.  But when he did, he just.. stare.  At the confused people who still doesn’t get it, at the people who already did. 


They failed to notice they were not in a familiar place.


Their attention snapped to an annoyed voice, though.


“The hell? What the heck are you all doing in the middle of the forest? Was there another event Wilbur made? Why am I not notified?” They huffed. 


Tubbo nearly had an heart attack at the sight of the person.  Blonde eyes, electric blue eyes, a suit on.. wait, what??


It was Tommy, it supposed to be Tommy.  If you ignore the suit (Why did he has a suit on??).


Probably-Tommy stared at them, waiting an answer, “You guys looked like you went to war” He commented.




“Anyway, where’s Dad?”


Phil looked at Techno with a raised eyebrow, a finger pointing at himself, like, ‘Me???’.


“Oh, there you are” Tommy titled his head to see Phil better.  The older blonde’s feathers puffed nervously.  It wasn’t everyday his youngest son would call him, “Dream wanted to built that hotel by the way, and yes, Wil and Tech’s coming.  Why am I not? I’m still handling the new members, being the co-admin was tiring you know” Tommy rolled his eyes.




“Better get going you three, quick.  I’ll talk to Sneeg and Scott real quick, and Wil, don’t forget about the mod you wanted to put on the server, I’ll allow it” Without anymore word, Tommy left the forest.  Ignoring how the others was unresponsive.


“What the fuck..?” He heard Wilbur mumbled to no one.


Chapter Text

In short, Tommy is the big brother instead of the twins :) and he’s an adult and also a healthy one in the Dream SMP.


Spoiler: Don’t pissed him off, he’s scary /hj.




To be honest, when Wilbur said he send some letters for the rest of his family members, he didn’t expect, well.. a healthy person to be one of them? Okay, listen, Tubbo’s view of adults kind of changed in Dream SMP, don’t blame him!


When Wilbur died with a sword plunged in his chest, Tubbo thought every hope he had was over, he was.. alone.  He can only stared in despair as Technoblade’s hands gripping the black skull.

But, a pale white hand, it stopped Technoblade, a firm hold in the pinkette’s wrist that was gripping the skull.


Tubbo thought he was seeing an angel.  With white doves flew into the war, stopping at random places, and with the highlight, he thought maybe he is seeing one.


Technoblade looked pissed, he turned to the said-angel, but then paused.


The person was tall, lanky, not really showing that he has much skill in fighting.  Yet, yet he managed to make Technoblade stop with one hand, yet he somehow made Technoblade let go of the skull with just a few short words from his lips.


Who was this Angel?


“Piglet, stop”


Holy shit, this man just did not call Techno ‘baby pig’—


Chapter Text

Techno’s favourite teacher, was Mr Innit, even if he didn’t mention it.  TommyInnit, was a young teacher, he was his homeroom teacher.  And honestly? The most kindest (in his way) to him, and he likes the attention.


Wilbur, his twin, of course has the same opinion.  Both of them likes to say to Phil to pick them up late, so they can hang around with Mr Innit.  Usually being a company while he works as a teacher, scoring tests, you know.  Or sometimes Mr Innit is free and take them to the park near the school (with Phil’s permission) and buys them ice cream.


A day not too long ago, when after school, there’s a storm outside, and Phil can’t make it.  Mr Innit was a good person, Phil trusts him, so he asks him to keep his sons while he waits the storm to be over, Mr Innit agree.


They played pretend, tickling each other, pranking.  It was fun, it’s like having a fun babysitter, which the twins never have.


It shouldn’t be a surprise when he did became their babysitter.  Phil becomes busy these days, and his twins really hates daycares, but he knows a person who can make them calm, so he dialled them.


Mr Innit, or Tommy, becomes their babysitter, the only one who didn’t get pranked by the twins.


Techno likes it when Tommy stays until the night, the guest room was practically his room.  It happens pretty rarely, so the twins switched to get bedtime stories.  Wilbur usually wants those classy kids stories or some history lesson, that was interesting.  Like the L’manberg country history, with it’s wars and betrayals, Pogtopia era, Eggpire, Snowchester, and many more.  It spooked him how bad the world can be, but still, he can learn from stories.


Techno, he asks for Greek Mythology.  Tommy’s favourite story was about Theseus, it’s no surprise it’s became also Techno’s.  Techno took the liking to call Tommy, “Theseus”, which the babysitter and former teacher would laugh and ruffled his pink locks.


Tommy is almost like their big brother, you know? Tommy once said, “Hey, we’re like brothers” To Wilbur, and he replied with, “I will cry”.


Yet none of them disagreed, Phil himself just smiles as he sips his tea.


Chapter Text

In short, Dream Bedwars is a demon spawn, yet here he is, smiling as he proudly present his good grades to his parents.  As if he wasn’t the reason arson and many troubles in his school exist that he magically somehow escaped.




George thought this day would be a normal one, where his parents would come, saying a lazy ‘good job’ or ‘I’m proud of you’s, and then he’ll go home after the time hits 12 am.


It goes smoothly at first, they just need to wait so that he can go home, so he can sleep.  His parents are as lazy as he is (well that has to come from somewhere), so they don’t mind him being quiet, pretty enjoying the silence, you could say.


But of course, the Halo family would approach them, because his son is a friend of George.  George’s parents smiled at the sight of the familiar couple, Badboy Halo and Skeppy Halo.  To be honest, they visited each other’s house often enough to be considered as friends.


Sapnap was energetic as always, waving his arms around as he excitedly tells George, who was content on listening.  But then a flash of lime green was found, and both of them dragged the last trio of their little group into their bubble.


Dream grinned at them, his green eyes looked suspiciously less mischief than ever.


“Where’s your parents? I don’t think I ever met them!” Sapnap exclaimed, looking around for some people with yellow blonde hair and green eyes.


“They’re not here for a bit, they’ll catch up with me in a few more minutes” Dream shrugged, “Why don’t we play while we wait for my Dada and Papa?”

It wasn’t a secret that Dream was like Sapnap, a kid with two fathers, but still, he can’t help but snort at the (Slightly) childish way Dream called his parents.  Dream looked like the type of person who would call their parents ‘Father’ and ‘Mother’, but it seems like this wasn’t the case.

They played hide and seek, and as promised, 2 more minutes later two young parents come into view.


Sapnap squinted his eyes at the pair as they greeted his friend, who responded with a cheer.  They almost looked like nothing to Dream.


The tallest man has sandy blonde hair, a paler one compared Dream’s.  He had magenta eyes (wow), and alien hybrid traits with the antennae and the small amount of stardust floating aimlessly around him.


The other one, who’s shorter by an inch, has golden blonde hair, instead, this one makes Dream’s hair looked pale.  He has light blue eyes, different from Dream’s leaf-green ones.


Adopted? Like him? Sapnap wasn’t aware that Dream was adopted!


He managed to hear some of their conversation, the shorter one was smiling warmly at his (Adopted?) son, “Didn’t cause any troubles, ey?”


Dream gasped, as if offended, “Of course not! Why would Dada said that?!”


The magenta eyed parent raised an eyebrow at the shortest of their family member, “I mean.. you are basically Tommy’s little clone..”


(Tommy?) The other parent huffed, “Rude”


“It’s called saying facts”


Dream’s face remain the same, oh, so his parents bickering around back and forth was quite a normal situation then? Alright.


“Is Granpa and Granma coming tonight?” Dream asked hopefully, his eyes sparkling that makes him looked like an innocent child (Sapnap wants to have a talk to whoever said that, maybe knock some sense).


“Yep” Magenta –Sapnap really needs to learn their names— nodded to himself, “Your Uncle Punz is also coming over, he’s free at the moment”


Dream gasped, loudly, turning to Tommy, “How about Uncle Technoblade and Uncle Wilbur?! And Uncle Quackity and Big cousin Fundy?!”


Tommy smiled, “Tech, Wil, and his family is coming over, alright”


Dream jumped, chanting “Yes yes yes!”.


Sapnap would like to know who is this kid and what did he do to the demon spawn he knows.


Chapter Text

In short, Tommy is the new 4th wall breaker, step side Deadpool, a child (“Am not!—“) coming through!




Tommy knows the Author doesn’t have any idea what kind of situation where he finds out about he was in a fucking roleplay or, a fanfic.


“Listen, you weren’t supposed to say that—"


“I literally waited for you to start writing, it had been 2 minutes” Tommy rolled his eyes, scowling at the voice in his head he knows the Author also don’t have the logic why.


“I— okay maybe a 4th wall breaker is more complicated than what it seems..”


“Fuck off Knit” The teen sighed, opening his inventory and shuffling it for no reason, have nothing to do because the Author doesn’t keep up with the lore—


“Listen, it’s not my fault my I don’t watch Dream SMP streams and I won’t actually bother to know if it doesn’t involves Tommy”


Of course his streamer self is their favourite, of course.


“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?”


“I don’t know, you were literally the one writing me, think of a reason”


“I am getting DRV3 vibes but the characters straight up accepting they’re nothing but an entertaintment” Knit_Knot mumbled, maybe not, just writing, they’re too lazy to speak— “Shut the fuck up Toms”


“You can literally make me, and thanks for not making me feel offended that I’m nothing” Tommy deadpanned, “Oh yeah..”




“What were you’re writing’s arc was? I know you were about to put me after Dream’s get into prison and before I died, but you changed the sentences earlier to make me in exile” Tommy pointed out, “It’s nothing major, about the change I mean, so don’t worry readers”


“I don’t know” Knit exhaled in real life, about to type their character covering their face with their hands, “Why the fuck is real life me typed as if I’m not literally them—”


I fucking have no idea.


“Great, two voices, this is great!” Tommy smiled thinly, “The Knit_Knot character and the IRL of ***** ****** *********!”


“You sensored your own IRL name?”


We don’t want people to know about me, don’t we?


“Guess not”


“Oh ya, can I get the future story? I think you know about the new role?”


I think, a bit, about Tech, Tubs, and Eret teaming up.  The trio name was.. uh, Revenge Trio? Maybe.  I have no clue why Eret was on it too though.


Tommy raised his eyebrows, “Eret?”


Yep, I’m surprised too.  I don’t know anything happened to her afte rthe betrayal, just that she’s royalty and she fucks off from the story.


“Okay, I’m confused”


“Me too big K”


Oh hey! Does that mean you’re calling me Big J or Big M? Ooh, that’ll be cool!


“Why J or M?”


Well M is the first letter of my real name, but my name has an English version of it, and it starts with J.





Chapter Text

In short, Dream SMP x A Plague Tale: Innocence.  Featuring Wilbur as Amicia, and Tommy as Hugo, Phil and Techno appearing in early chapter(s) and continued to die cause they’re the parents (In this AU, Phil is the dad and Techno is either their uncle or bigger brother, I recommend bigger brother, cause the angst would be worse, y’know :>). 


In here, Crime Bois are pretty much healthy, maybe not in the happiest life, but they love the other more than theirselves (Besides, this is like DSMP but Crime Bois actually acting like brothers).  We have fucking rats everywhere that’s scared of the light and runaway Crime Bois cause the kingdom sucks, I forgot why they chased ‘em, but I am rewatching the video from my favourite YouTuber… holy shit it was 3 years ago—


Okay fun fact, but you have the possibility of making Wilbur a woMaN (Willow Craft, lmfao).



When Fundy stopped barking, Wilbur was expecting his dog tackling down the wild boar, the last thing on the list was the boar already dead.  Yet, it already is.


He stared at the dead boar, eyes blown wide at the scratch and blood that was still pooling down, he grimaced, who did this? Fundy couldn’t done this.. this seems like a bear attack.


His breath hitched as he heard his dog let out a cry, “Fundy?” He called out, another weak bark, his legs started to move faster, desperately trying to follow the voice.


“Fundy?!” Wilbur called once again, he saw his dog, just.. not the way he would’ve liked.


“Fundy?” He whispered, eyes blown wider than before, what.. what could have done this?


Wilbur let his hands cupped Fundy’s cheek, it’s fur tickling his hands, the dog was bleeding, scratches in it’s face are clear as day.  He ruffled his dog, his eyes trailed to the dog’s body, stopping at the hole-like in the ground, half of Fundy’s body swallowed inside.


“Wilbur?!” His dad’s call was frantic, Phil probably heard him panicking then.  Out of the sudden, a rumble was heard from below.  Wilbur was gripped by his dad, both of them watched as Fundy shrieked, something pulled it to the ground, blood splattered Wilbur’s cheek.


The younger was behind his dad, not allowed to step any closer.  Phil’s sword was raised, pointing at the hole, eyebrows furrowed while his piercing blue eyes glared, daring to whatever devilish creature to come out and attack his son.


Wilbur was still panicking, his breath comes too short for him to have the oxygen his body needs, “Fundy—”


“We need to leave.. immediately” Phil said sternly, Wilbur shakily nodded his head, scrambling to follow his dad out of the forest.


His heart was beating too loud, what just happened to Fundy?

Chapter Text

In short, Phil, Tech, and Wil, the top three heroes that patrols in district 1-5 is watching a TV show about a reporter asking kids’ opinion on heroes, vigilantes, and villains.


They were not expecting this.


(Can be made with different heroes perspective).




“My favourite hero?” The girl in the TV wonders, a small word of “District 1” was on the bottom left, with the girl’s name below it.


It’s an interesting show, Wilbur asked them to watch it together.  Beside for research on what they could do better to improve their reputation, it’s also from pure curiosity.


“I like the Angel of Death! He saved my teddy from burning last week!” The girl smiled widely at the camera.


Phil chuckled fondly, ah, he remembers.


The rest of the district was quite normal, Phil’s name was mentioned a lot of times, it’s no wonder really, being the number one hero does make your popularity higher after all.


But it then shift to district 6, where it started to gone.. weird.


“My favourite hero?” A boy, around the age of 8 was staring at the camera in wonder, eyes disturbingly blank for that young.


Wilbur waited patiently, he never patrols in this area, he wonders if it’s many different from the rest? It’s probably not.. maybe.


“Oh.. it’s actually Boo! His teleportation was very cool! I love the colour purple, you know, when he teleports there’s this particle burst? Yeah, it’s very pretty!”


The reporter let out a confused sound, the show was live, so that everyone could see clearly what’s happening around every district.


“Boo?” Techno asked out loud, “Who’s that?”


“Ah, Boo you say?” The reporter asked awkwardly, the boy nodded, seemingly sparkle from adoration, “It seems like.. I didn’t heard about him?”


“Not an actual hero in a sense of job, silly” The boy smiled, titling his head, “They didn’t even do their work right, they don’t deserve the title”


Wilbur blinked in surprise.


“Boo is a vigilante! But he’s one of the heroes in this district with Bee! I like Bee, but my ears hurt from his explosion.. I heard he’s working on a sound suppressor so it wouldn’t hurt anyone’s ears tho, so I like him better, but my favourite is still Boo!” The boy completely ignored the confusion leaking from the reporter, obviously lost it in his rant, “He saved me from getting mugged 15 times this week!” It’s only Wednesday— “I was stupid to forget my Mom that if I had money, don’t show happiness or you’ll be a victim, but Boo is always there! At first I was scared because he was very tall and seemingly looming over me.. but he was very nice! He just needed a backbone I think.. Boo, if you’re hearing this, you’re the best hero I could’ve seen, I love you!” The boy grinned widely, before walking away without any word.



That was..




Chapter Text

The majority of people had dreams of having a life like Tommy had.  As the son of the King, and born as the third prince in the Antarctic Empire, he pretty much has everything a man could’ve dreamt of.

An amazing and loving family, riches that he can spend to anything, and having respect like a prince would’ve had.


But he also had the right to say his life sucked.


You see, when being in a group of three, there’s always one person who was left out.  Author, who likes silence and is interested on observing how people interact for social interaction lessons, doesn’t really mind their two best friends talking about stuffs they never was interested.


But Tommy? Touch starved and attention seeker Tommy? Yeah, it’s not a good experience.


While most people would feel jealousy of the closeness of the two, and bitter for the fact they left him..


While Tommy? Tommy would’ve felt like that, like when Tubbo and Ranboo left him.  It’s been years don’t worry, he had moved on.


It’s a different situation if he can’t leave the fuck outta the trio though.


Wilbur is a curse, Tommy decided.


As the third prince, it’s a very clear rule to have someone beside him all the times, all princes has for protection, of course, fifteen year old Tommy isn’t an exception.


While Wilbur isn’t that good with swords with Techno, he still is trained by the mighty Angel of Death, so you can say he’s not a very easy opponent.

It’s very often people saw both brothers walking together, sometimes Techno joining in if he has no duty to do.


Which also means Tommy can’t leave Wilbur because Wilbur is his protection.


But it would’ve been a blessing.




Because dealing with his older brother in love is a pain in the neck.


It was sooo clear Wilbur and Quackity is in love, painfully and obviously in love.


Now, Tommy isn’t usually a snitcher, usually, while he would’ve liked to scream at his father to make them just marry each other so they’ll just STOP being grossy couple, THAT’S ISN’T EVEN YET A COUPLE, both princes are also aware how busy the emperor is.  So Tommy kept his lips sealed shut.


The price is..


Watching both his older brother and (most likely) brother-in-law flirting awkwardly and violently all, the, fucking, time.


Who the hell uses insults as flirting anyways?!


Tommy would love to have a life as a normal commoner if it means he doesn’t have to deal with this bullshit.


He was so lucky Techno isn’t interested in romance, he thinks he preferred death if it means dealing with shit like this, again.

Chapter Text

Now, I’m sorry I wouldn’t be writing this like I usually do, but I don’t know how to write the characters.. so.. I would just write it like this.


HHIEOY is a badass fic containing Tommy who got time travelled back and switched the positions of him being Dream instead of the Tommy he used to be.


It’s very gory and sometimes unsettling, but it was worth the read.


Anyway, I couldn’t think of a reason why Tommy would let them heal, but I just.. wanted them to have some happy ending, even Tommy’s fanfictions have happy endings, so I want them to just.. have a peaceful life.


First off, I want you to be aware that I am in chapter 2, currently in English Class, and last read like January, so if I said something that already is canon or unlikely happening, I’m sorry.


  1. Tommy & Purpled

This is purely NOT going to happen, I know, but I’m a sucker for Married!Golden Duo so here we are.


I imagined some scene where Purpled just threw a ring to Tommy’s forehead as a proposal, lmao.


I think Tommy wouldn’t found Shroud, I’m sorry, but he’s just very different from c!Tommy so that I think he’s too busy to check on some random spider.


But! Their small dates (hang outs) are probably just petting Henry and cows, Purpled learned to appreciate the animals.


  1. Tubbo & Ranboo

I don’t know if they will find Michael or not, but let’s say they will, but not in piglin form.


Tubbo seemed like a guy who liked to spend time in forests to pet bees and just walk around, Ranboo, being his canonical husband of course would follow him around.

Shroud maybe is another mob, a hybrid mob, most likely a bee, or an enderman maybe?


Bee, is obvious, because what else would Tubbo do finding an abandoned bee hybrid in the forest?


Enderman, I think of a scene where they find him burning from water, maybe slipped into the lake or something.  Not rain, because Ranboo had to be beside Tubbo.


  1. Technoblade

I think Tech and Wil swapped places, ahahah.


I think of Technoblade as like this; soft sweaters, always had headphones in ears (fuck Minecraft mechanical, things like this exist, I do not accept anything less >:( I just think it fits him), had his hand touching Sheep and cuddles him daily, and I think.. bandages to cover both his eyes.

Think of it.


It just, fits.


I also think he stopped fighting, he couldn’t see anymore anyways.


  1. Philza

Phil spends his time playing with birds.. enviously watching them fly.


That’s it.


But Tech accompanies him, and Tommy is quite fond of his family but in a wrong way, but he loves them either way, so in his free time, he would join them.

Phil and Tech was wary aroudn him first, was, but after Tommy shows no sign of violence, they tolerate him back.


It was quite peaceful.


  1. Dream

Puffy might or may not has adopted him :D


Dream is actually pretty good with kids, it was little at first, taking care of Michael, soon enough George’s kids..


He kind of get a babysitter job.


Oh well, at least he’s out of exile.


  1. George & Wilbur & Quackity

They have two kids >:)


Adopted obviously, they met them not so long after they were released.


They were twins, both mooblooms hybrids, which is the reason why Tommy is so fond of them, their names are Flō and Vio, both angel boys, haha.


Floo likes to nap with his dad sometimes, which is George.


While Vio is quite liking the hide and seek with his father, which is Wilbur, they can be seen running around the country trying to catch each other or hiding in random places.  Believe me, they are pros.


Quackity, their papa, isn’t that close with them unlike George and Wilbur, but he is willing to make hot chocolates and cook their favourite foods if they’re down, #MalewifeQuackity supremacy guys.


  1. Eret & Fundy

Eret adopted Fundy :D prince Fundyyy!!!


  1. Sapnap & Punz

Idk where Punz went, but I somehow think of this ship and went, ykw, why not?


So.. yeah.


Purpled and Sapnap are kinda close, they play UNO together, and prank each other too, so it’s no surprise Purpled introduce his brother Punz to his newest big brother figure Sapnap.


Purpled feels like he regrets this, being a third wheeler sucked, very, trust me and him.