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Summoning Demons with P1harmony part one: the midnight man

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Soul was doing his daily looking-up-fun-horror-games-to-play, you know, the usual summoning demons, getting trapped in other realms, and the possibility of getting killed by them, nothing concerning there. When he stumbled across a game on Reddit called the midnight game. The user was saying that this was the scariest game on earth and that if you played this you would regret it. So naturally, Soul wanted to play it.

He looked it up, and the game sounded fun, you just had to summon the midnight man into your house (at exactly midnight) and try not to get killed. Sounded easy enough, now he has to convince the rest of p1harmony to play, that wouldn’t be hard. One look at Keeho with puppy dog eyes and he would force the rest of the boys to tag along. The only person that would fight Keeho would be Theo.

But Soul is very determined to do this, what’s more fun than family bonding while getting chased by an angry demon? So he brings this up at dinner.

“Hey, we should play the midnight game!” Soul says cheerfully.

“What is it? Is it a video game?” Keeho asks, very prepared to force this into family fun for Soul.

“no, it’s more like a demon summoning ritual.” Soul replies, his voice light and cheerful despite just requesting to summon a demon.

“Oh, Uhm, okay- how do we play this game?” Keeho asks, very concerned about where this was heading.

“Just the usual, writing your full name on paper, putting your blood on the paper, knocking on a door twenty-two times, the last knock has to happen at midnight or else we have to try again tomorrow. Then we get chased by this demon and the only thing to protect us is a candle and salt,” he says. He says this so casually that it mildly concerns poor Jongseob, who is terrified at the idea of summoning a demon.

“Um, that’s concerning- when does this end, and what happens if he catches you?” Jiung asks, a little worried for Soul, because who wouldn’t be?

“He either rips out your organs one by one or he makes you watch your worst fear for like four hours.” Jongseob looks like he would cry if they made him play.

“No, we are not playing that,” Theo deadpans.

“why, are you afraid?” soul teased.

“no, I don’t believe that kind of stuff. Jongseob is though, and I will not stay up for most of the night for a silly game”

Instead of trying to convince Theo, he aims his puppy eyes towards Keeho. He immediately melts and decides to make them join. “We are all going to play this game, no buts,” Keeho said, glaring at all of them. Intak and Jiung had no trouble nodding their heads, though intak was a little more scared than he would like to admit. The problem came with Theo and Jongseob, Theo not wanting to disturb his sleeping schedule, and Jongseob being scared just thinking of the game. He wished nothing more than to forget this conversation happened and never touch a demon in his life. But Keeho would do anything for Soul, so with some threats from Keeho, they reluctantly agreed.

And so, Soul got his wish, and he was extremely happy about it.

At 11 pm, all of p1harmony sat in the living room as Soul read the rules.

“We all have to write our full names on a piece of paper, then drop some of our blood on it,” Soul said as he passed out a piece of paper to everyone, along with a pen. Once they all finished writing their names, he handed them something to prick their fingers with.

“Next we have to turn off all the lights… Jongseob! How about you do that?” Soul asked, clearly trying to scare him.

“no, you want to do this, you have to,” Jongseob said, attempting to look intimidating by glaring at him, he only managed to look cute.

“Fine, you get a pass on this one because you would probably cry,” Soul said, patting his head, Jongseob glared at him as he walked away.

While soul turned off the lights the other members were both trying to tease Jongseob and comfort him at the same time. “I swear to god I will be the first one to sacrifice you to this demon thing when we summon him” Jongseob yelled, making the others laugh.

“You wouldn’t, you would be clinging to us the moment we summoned him.” Intak snickered, making Jongseob resign to his fate.

Soul finally came back, he took a little longer because he had to grab the thing of salt, some matches, and six candles. “Okay, I have all the things we need, let me read the rest of the rules,” he said, sitting down again. “So we need to go to a wooden door and place the thing with our names on one side, then we place the candles on the paper and light the candle. Then we have to close the door and knock twenty-two times, the last knock happening at exactly midnight, next we blow out the candle and close the door. The midnight man can now enter our house. We then immediately relight our candles. After that, we move around our house and try not to get caught. If our candles go out then relight it in less than ten seconds and if we don’t, then circle ourselves in salt. We can’t stop this game until 3:33 am and then we can twerk on the midnight man or whatever.” soul explains.

“What if I want the midnight man to kill me?” Theo asks.

“umm do you have a death kink or something?” Keeho asks him.

What he did not expect was Theo’s reply, “yeah, you know having my organs ripped out by daddy satan sounds hot.” Keeho chocks on-air.

Soul quickly checks the time, it’s 11:55 at this point, so he hurries them to the bathroom door, they do the demon summoning things, luckily doing everything on time, so they don’t have to do it tomorrow.

Jongseob had proven Intak’s comment earlier about him clinging to one of the others, as he now had his arm wrapped around Jiung’s, Jumping at everything that had the possibility of being the midnight man.

Eventually, Soul decided that the silence was too boring, so he decided to mess with Intak. Soul knew Intak was scared, the boy just wanted to look like he wasn’t. So Soul did the most logical thing and blew out his candle. Intak screamed and quickly relit his candle at an impossible speed, then grabbed the salt from theo, who was on the opposite end of their little line and threw it everywhere, screaming like he was being murdered. Soul snickered, while intak was still panicking.

This caused a chained reaction, Jongseob buried his face into Jiungs arm, Jiung laughed like it was a comedy movie, Keeho looked around because he wasn’t paying attention (he was thinking of how to explain to FNC why Jongseob and Intak looked like they witnessed a murder) and Theo sighed, but he didn’t hide his found smile. Because what’s cuter than your son attempting to sacrifice your other child to a demon.

Jiung finally stopped laughing, because he then realized he had laughed so hard he blew out his candle, he tried lighting the match, but it broke, so he screamed, and noticed a mechanical lighter on the table, He barely managed to light it in time before he was becoming Satan's food.

Jongseob was basically crying at this point, he regretted all of this. Soul was also almost crying, not from fear, but because he was laughing too hard. He managed to not blow out the candle, which was a miracle.

It was calm for a few minutes... well, maybe not calm, but it wasn’t as chaotic as a few minutes ago.

Until Soul decided to strike again, this time his victim was Jongseob, his favorite person to scare if you couldn’t tell by now.

“OH MY GOD JONGSEOB, LOOK BEHIND YOU!!” Soul screeched, making Jongseob lift his head up from Jiungs arm, and frantically look around. He then saw The cardboard cutout Soul bought of Keeho. in the dark, it looked like it was just a figure, So Jongseob panicked. And Jongseobs brain thought that the best course of action was to throw whatever was in his hands at it. But Keeho, who was next to Jongseob, knew his thought process, and kept his hand still, And told him that he freaked out over a cardboard cutout. Intak thanked God for Keeho, because then not only would Jongseob have to get the candle and light it again in ten seconds, but he would have set the house on fire.

Theo had to scold Soul for that one, simply because of the fire hazard it would have caused.

So Soul decided to give them a break for a little longer, ten minutes to be exact. In that time, Jiung managed to calm down Jongseob, who was now barely awake. Intak had moved away from Soul to stand by Jiung because he was NOT going through that again. Theo and Keeho were having a regular conversation about what demon summoning game they should try next because this was “fun”.

The next time something remotely interesting happened, Soul didn’t cause it. Nobody caused it, well maybe the midnight man, but he’s not really a person. Theo was looking around when he saw a figure standing in Jongseob, soul, and his bedroom. “Who the fuck are you,” Theo asked because it was sure as hell wasn’t one of his members. And Soul decided to challenge it. Because when you see a demon or intruder in your house, the first thing you do is provoke it.

“COME ON DEMON, FIGHT ME, YOU WIMP!” Soul shouted at the figure.



Theo sighed, and said, “ Soul, you're going to give Jongseob a heart attack.”

Keeho’s brilliant mind decided it would be a good idea to throw salt at it, yelling “BEGONE THOT!” the figure flinched, so it couldn’t be a ghost, which freaked them out even more. Then, Jiung noticed that Intak wasn’t there, so he thought that either the midnight man killed him, or a serial killer did.

Then the figure spoke, “chill out guys, I’m intak, I just got cold and wanted to put on a hoodie, and none of mine were clean so I went to steal yours, theo.” Soul stopped trying to fight it and got closer, and sure enough, It was intak.

“WHAT THE FUCK HYUNG” Jongseob yelled, tears were falling down his face and he was clinging to Jiung for dear life.

“Wait, I forgot my candle, hold on.” He then ran and retrieved the candle.

This seemed to have confused poor Jongseob. “Wait, how did you survive without your candle?”

“Keeho was throwing salt at me.” Intak laughed, going back to his place besides Jiung. Soul looked disappointed that he didn’t get to fight a demon man, but he was happy his hyung was alive.

Then it was boring for a couple of hours, soul deciding to give them a break and not scare them.

It was now around two in the morning, and Jongseob was half asleep, Jiung was practically carrying him. So Jiung decided it would be easier to just straight up carry him. “Jongseob do you want me to give you a piggyback ride or whatever the fuck you call it.”

Jongseob nodded and handed his candle to the person next to him so he could get on Jiungs back, the person happened to be Soul. how Soul ended up there, Jongseob had no clue. He was too tired to question it, he had stayed up all night both yesterday and the day before that.

After Jongseob was comfortable, he reached for his candle. Soul gave it to him, but with a smirk that made Jongseob know something was wrong.

He looked at it and almost dropped it, soul had given him a bug along with a candle. Because Soul apparently keeps them in his pocket. He screamed, managing to drop the bug along the way without setting the house on fire. (don’t ask how he doesn’t know either.)

What he didn’t account for, was Jiung’s fear of bugs, so when he saw the bug, he also screamed, quickly stomping on it. But in the commotion, both Jongseobs and his candles had gone out, Intak saw this, and tried to light it with the lighter.

He managed to do that without burning either of them, which was amazing. But he made his own candle go out, so he then attempted to light it again, but the lighter wasn’t working. It finally did, with only one second to spare.

“Can you guys please just stop screaming?” Theo complained. At this point, his head was aching. That man craved some sleep, but he knew if he dozed off, Keeho would never forgive him. Anything for the child, after all.

“Yeah,” Intak added, laughing softly in an attempt to ease the bit of tension between the members. “I’ve got a raging migraine because of you little fuckers.”

“Bitch I’m older than you, don’t disrespect me like tha-“ Jiung started to reply, before being interrupted by the younger boy.

“I said what I said,” he jokingly sneered.

The rest of the night was calm. Soul had stopped pranking them because if he did one more thing, he was scared Jiung would break him like a kitkat. Jiung did not fear Keeho, which was proven on many attempts to beat soul with a spatula because of his love for bugs.

Keeho was already dealing with the manager because they were way too loud for it being 3:25 in the morning. He had to make lies out of his ass because there was no way to tell your manager that you were screaming because you had just summoned a demon.

And finally, it was 3:33 am. Everyone was happy that this nightmare was over. Jiung finally got Jongseob off his back and slept peacefully. They all slept fairly well for summoning demons. But I guess when you live with soul, you would expect it.