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The Sweetest Dessert

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“Another day without my puppy sub licking me everywhere to wake me up because he needs to be used so bad and feel desperate,” Seokjin says to the boy on the other end of the screen, chuckling as he sees him visibly affected by his words.

It’s been one month since he left Korea to attend to business in place of his brother. He didn’t want to go on the trip, but his brother suddenly fell ill and he had to take over. Seokjin loves his family dearly and he’d do anything for them…. that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t the slightest bit annoyed when he found out that he’d have to be away from Taehyung for an entire month.

Taehyung doesn’t answer, just lets out little whimpers while his Dom speaks to him. Seokjin continues, “aw pup look at you, so pathetic…so needy at such an early time in the day…it isn’t even 9am yet here you are, such desperateness coming from you.” “Just wanting to be used by me, have pretty marks scattered all over your body so people know you’re only mine…. how fucking pathetic,” Seokjin scoffs.

Taehyung’s cheeks are dusted pink with embarrassment but he likes this…he needs it; he misses the older man so much. He’s also nervous about something he needs to ask, but that’s pushed to the back of his mind when Seokjin asks him a question. “Have you been a good pup for me?” he asks, arching one brow as he waits for a response from the younger man.

Taehyung recalls the simple instruction he was given at the beginning of the week. “No touching and no getting off until I say so” that’s all Seokjin said and the younger willingly obliged. Now it’s Friday morning, five days later and he’s finally being asked about it…not that the younger was counting. Nodding his head Taehyung responds eagerly, “m’ good boy, been so good for sir.”

“Mmmmmm, good boys deserve rewards, don’t they?” he prompts, looking at the younger; watching the way he gets needier with every word that slips from his lips. Seokjin licked his lips as he looked at his boyfriend through the screen, lying in bed with hazy lust filled eyes.…all pretty, curly hair framing his face, pink dusted cheeks and red lips; with a pillow held tightly between his arms. Draped in a sheer baby pink nightdress with lace trimmings and matching pink panties accentuating how tiny his waist.

Taehyung couldn’t help the way he gulped as he saw the way his dominant was looking at him, feeling his cock twitch, knowing he saw the lace that peeked out when he moved his leg. Seokjin loved seeing him in lace, especially in this set; that pushed him to spread his legs a bit wider, letting the older man see his arousal as he nods eagerly in response and waits for what will be said next.
“Ah ah ah, use your words pup, tell me what you want” Seokjin says to which Taehyung bites his bottom lip. “Pup wants to cum, please let me touch myself sir,” the boy whines through the screen.

“Puppy wants to cum?” Seokjin asks condescendingly.

Taehyung nodded, getting teary eyed as he tries his best not to grind against the pillow, seeking any friction as he pouts to Seokjin through the screen, hoping he’d give him what he wants. Seokjin smirks, “Oh baby, you didn’t think I’d leave you all worked up like this after you’ve been the best pup, did you?”
“Ple-please, sir,” Taehyung breathed out, as he shifted his legs, the movement dragging his panties against his leaking cock, staining them with precum.
Humming, Seokjin responds eyeing the pillow in Taehyung’s hand, “If you want it, work for it.”

Taehyung reddens and the other smirks as realization dawns on him…Seokjin wants him to hump the pillow.

Taehyung shifted and put the pillow to the middle of his bed, making sure he was within the cameras view. His cock started to harden as Taehyung moved to straddle the pillow, embarrassment burning his cheeks. He freed his cock from the panties and thrusted down against the soft pillow. It was teasing, but felt so good against his cock. Taehyung kept his hips moving, increasing in speed as he closes his eyes, imagining Seokjin; standing there with his arms folded, looking down on him as he pitifully grinds against the pillow like a dog in heat.

Seokjin palms himself through his sweatpants, his erection very obvious as he’s looking at the younger boy rut against the pillow, desperately seeking friction; trying to chase his release. He wishes he could touch him, but he can’t, so he coaches him through the call; asking the younger if the pillow feels good. Taehyung moans louder than expected but it feels too good so he isn’t bothered. He chanted, “Sir-Sir-Sir-,” like a mantra over and over again, knowing the effect it has on the older male.

“Puppy gonna cum?” Seokjin teases and Taehyung whines, feeling warmth pool in his stomach, increasing his pace as he fucks the pillow. To which Seokjin comments, “Look at you, I bet you’re imagining the pillow to be me. Wanna breed your owner, hm? Think you can fill me up pup? Do it”
This tips Taehyung over the edge and he cums almost instantly, humiliation shot through him as he grounds down against the pillow, little whimpers leaving his lips as he humped the pillow, riding out his orgasm; feeling hot spurts of cum land against the pillow and his stomach. Seokjin hums in satisfaction, seeing the younger man fall apart; thinking about how beautiful he looks as his body spasms the way it does.

In his blissed-out state Taehyung rolls over and looks at the screen. “Was I good for sir?” he asks with a pout. “So good pup. If I could kiss you right now I would,” he comments, making the younger man blush.
“Go take a shower and then we can talk about what’s on your mind okay” the other man stares at him in shock, how did he know?
Seokjin chuckles, “You’re so adorable, go freshen up, we can speak after and I’ll tell you how I knew.”

Twenty minutes later and the younger boy is skipping out of the bathroom, strands of damp curly hair falling in his face but fully dressed in a large white t-shirt and blue booty shorts. Highlighting his long tan legs as he comes to sit crossed leg in front of the computer screen.
Seokjin is there as well, but instead of his comfy attire, he’s now dressed for work, in a crisp black suit with a white shirt and pink tie. Taehyung smiles when he spots the tie, it’s the first gift he gave the older man, telling him to wear it whenever he missed him.

“What’s on your mind love?” Seokjin asks, raising an eyebrow. Sensing the younger might be feeling a bit nervous about his next words he continues with a smile, “Before you ask, I only knew because you’ve been on edge as of late, I promise whatever it is you can say it.” It seemed pretty difficult, the younger not saying anything for a while.

After composing himself he responds, “I was speaking to my parents and-” the rest was a mess of jumbled words and Seokjin didn’t understand any of it. “What was that sweetheart? You have to speak a bit slower; I don’t speak gibberish.” Taehyung pouted and his cheeks became a bit red before he mumbled, “When you come back, would you like to meet my parents? It’s just that we’ve been dating for a while now and they’re starting to get suspicious” he chuckles nervously with his final words.

Seokjin smiles, “I guess you beat me to it pup” while Taehyung just stares at him with wide eyes. “I’d love to meet your parents. Let’s get together on Friday night, okay?” The younger just nods, trying to contain his excitement and nervousness.

“Is that all that’s been bothering you?” Seokjin asks and Taehyung blushes embarrassed while looking anywhere but the screen and nods again. “I’ll let them know that we’d be having company on Friday, I’m sure my mom would be most excited” he chuckles. Seokjin is a bit flustered but doesn’t show it, he has to leave before he’s late. “I look forward to meeting them, parents love me” he laughs. “If that’s all, I have to leave now okay. I love you, be a good pup today, I’ll check in with you during the day” Taehyung pouts as he says “I love you too” hoping it’ll gain him a few extra minutes with Seokjin but he knows he has meetings to attend.

With that the call ends and both males are left with nervous thoughts about having dinner with Taehyungs parents.

It’s Friday evening and Seokjin is nervously standing on the porch of Taehyung’s home, he’s finally meeting the man’s parents after seven months of dating. He takes a deep breath; with a smile plastered on his face, a chocolate with strawberry truffle cake and gifts in one hand, Seokjin knocks on the front door and waits.

The door opens revealing a startled and breathtakingly gorgeous Taehyung. It takes everything within the younger to not drop to his knees and welcome Seokjin according to habit when he sees him at the door. Seokjin shamelessly checks out the younger, letting his eyes trail over every part of him, enjoying the way Taehyung gets flustered. He’s dressed in a preppy style V-neck sky blue casual sweater that’s tucked into a white pleated skirt that stops midthigh, accentuating his curves. Hair left with soft bouncy curls, minimal makeup that highlights his natural beauty and fine dangly silver earrings to complete the look.

Taehyung also lets his eyes trail over Seokjin. He’s sporting a comfortable yet casual look, in a cream-coloured turtleneck sweater paired with brown pants. Plush pink lips, gold watch on his wrist and glasses as his accessories. His hair is lightly parted to the side showing a peek of his forehead.
Seokjin notices the younger checking him out and smirks, “Enjoying the view sweetheart? Aren’t you going to invite me in?” he asks, chuckling as he sees the man hurriedly averting his eyes.

“C-come in sir” he says feeling his cheeks heat up.

As Seokjin steps inside, he leans into the younger and the man visibly gulps. Seokjin whispers in his ear, “It’s not sir tonight pup. You can call me Jin or hyung.” He steps back looking at the flustered man when he notices two figures move behind him.

To say the least, Taehyung is the splitting image of both his parents. Soft features like his smaller frame, soft eyes and heart shaped lips from his mother. Whilst he got his chiselled, handsome facial structure and height from his father. They were both staring at Seokjin and he felt his hands get clammy.
With a light bow the man introduces himself, “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Kim. I’m Kim Seokjin, it’s nice to meet you.”

The older woman responds first, “Oh no reason to be so formal” pulling him into a hug. He has to move his hand out of the way so the cake doesn’t fall. “Welcome Seokjin-ah, it’s lovely to finally meet the person that has my son so happy.” Taehyung’s father chuckles before he pulls his wife away, “Apologies son, as you can see, she’s a tad bit excited. It’s nice to meet you. I hope you feel at home during your visit tonight” and pats the younger man on his shoulder.

Seokjin is pleasantly surprised by the welcome and nods in response while Taehyung stands to the side looking at their interaction. He feels nothing but relief as his parents warmly welcome Seokjin to their home.

“I hope you don’t mind but I brought dessert. My mother taught us to always bring something homemade when we’re invited somewhere” Seokjin says blushing, giving the cake to Tae’s mother and a bottle of wine to his father. The woman gasps looking at the cake, “You made this? It’s beautiful!” she exclaims. “I hope some of your skills rubs off on our Taehyungie here.” The younger boy groans and Seokjin chuckles, “Believe me, I’ve tried” making both parents laugh.

“Dinner isn’t ready yet, so you boys can go catch up. I’ll call you down when we’re ready” his mother says with a wink, making both men turn red with embarrassment. They go their separate ways and Taehyung leads Seokjin to his bedroom. The walls are covered in different pieces of art and pictures, mostly grey scale with pops of colour in-between.

Just as he’s about to comment about the youngers room, he hears the door shut with a soft click. Looking up Seokjin sees the younger man standing with his back against the door, looking at him with pleading eyes. Seokjin barely touched him since he arrived and Taehyung feels neglected. Seokjin clicks his tongue, “Oh. What’s this? Does the puppy want to play?” he says, watching as the younger gets ready to pounce on him. Seokjin sits on the bed, back against the headrest and gestures for him to sit on his lap.

“I missed you” Taehyung whimpers, climbing into the man’s lap; tan thighs being exposed as his skirt rides up. Seokjin doesn’t respond. he simply caresses the younger man’s thighs, smoothing his hands up to squeeze his rounded butt. Taehyung stills in his hold but doesn’t say anything. Seokjin’s long fingers trail up Taehyung’s arms, passed his shoulders until they settle behind his neck and he’s pulling him in for a kiss.

It starts off gentle but Seokjin’s tongue slips into his submissive’ mouth. Kissing him hungrily, pulling on the hair behind his head, giving way for his lips to work down over Taehyung’s throat. Taehyung is grinding against his crotch and Seokjin pulls away, the younger whimpering with the loss of contact.
“I have something for you” Seokjin says, gesturing to a small bag he placed on the bed. “Why don’t you open it?” he prompts with a smirk.

Taehyung opens the bag and his lets out a gasp, seeing a blue vibrating egg and a bottle of lube before looking back to his dominant.

“I know we didn’t discuss it for tonight but you’ve said that you wanted to play while around others before.” Seokjin says, looking at the younger’s reaction.
Taehyung squirms in his hold, feeling goosebumps raise on his arms and the back of his neck; at the thought of getting off during dinner. “What colour are you pup?” Seokjin asks. “Green,” Taehyung whispers, “I’m green, Sir.”

Seokjin smiles, “Bend over pup.”

Taehyung climbs off the older and walks toward the desk in his room. Lifting his skirt and pulling his panties down. He slowly curves over until his hands grip the edge of the desk and Seokjin immediately clicks open the lube. “It’s a family dinner so you’re going to have to focus for me and not give yourself away okay pup.”

Taehyung whimpers as Seokjin slides a finger slick with lube past his rim. Making the younger moan loud with the intrusion as his finger starts gliding against his walls. Seokjin places two fingers at his lips, making Taehyung suck on them. “Be quiet pup, you don’t want your parents to hear, do you? Your moans are so pretty but you’re being too loud,” he whispers in his ear, slipping another finger in his hole.

When Seokjin deems him prepped, he pulls out his fingers, looking at the youngers hole gape. Taehyung continues sucking on his fingers, whimpering as Seokjin pushes the slippery egg into him, far enough to settle against his prostate. Seokjin tests it out by clicking the remote and Taehyung’s knees buckle, almost falling but Seokjin holds him by the waist. Smiling he turns off the egg, pulls his fingers from the man’s mouth and Taehyung steadies himself.
“Clean yourself up. You got some drool on your chin. Messy puppy. I’ll see you downstairs, heard your mom call for us.” With that, Seokjin sweeps out of the room and it takes Taehyung a few stabling breaths before he walks over to his connecting bathroom.

He’s making his way down the stairs when the egg whirs back to life. Catching him off-guard and pulling a light moan out of him. He looks up to see them all sitting at the dinner table, his father giving him a puzzled look and Seokjin smirking to himself. Taehyung plays it off like he stubbed his toe, sitting next to Seokjin, feeling the embarrassment creeping up his neck but his father believes it.

When he sits, Seokjin’s hand immediately goes to his thigh and Taehyung stills, thinking to himself that it’s going to be a long night.

As the night progresses, conversation flows easily amongst the members. Taehyung’s parents took a special like towards Seokjin and Taehyung couldn’t be happier. He does his best to respond when spoken to but it’s very hard when all he can think about is the egg vibrating inside of him, feeling himself slipping into subspace with every passing minute.

Taehyung is pulled from his thoughts when Seokjin grabs his hardened cock under the table. Pressing his thumb into the slit, making the younger man hiss. “Your mother asked you a question sweetheart. Don’t be rude and not pay attention” Seokjin says with a forced smile. Taehyung swallows, but before he can respond the egg vibrates at a greater intensity inside him. “Oh-OH” he stutters. Desperately trying to focus, knowing he needs to respond to his mother.
“S-sorry mom, what was that?” he questions. The woman repeats herself, “I asked you if you’d like dessert. Jinnie here made a lovely strawberry and chocolate truffle cake. I know how much you love strawberries.”

The vibration ratchets up in intensity and Taehyung sits up straight and stiff as a board.

“Nngh….” Taehyung pants, quietly trying to orient himself.

“Are you okay sweetheart?” Seokjin feigns innocence looking at the younger with concerned eyes. Taehyung nods, but stands, “I uh- excuse me. I’ll…be right back.” He stands so fast that he almost falls over, Seokjin reaching out to catch him in time. He knows his cheeks must be dusted pink and he looks out of breath. When he looks at Seokjin, he just stares at him like he has no idea what’s going on.

He makes his way across the dining area and is heading up the stairs when the egg vibrates another notch higher. He stumbles and has to hold on to the railing to get up the staircase- his knees feel like jelly.

He settles heavily on his bed, wincing at the waves of sensation caused by the egg. He’s glad he left the table when he did as his erection is very much visible under his skirt right now.

Downstairs, Seokjin entertains the man’s parents a bit, ensuring them that he’s okay. He even serves them dessert before he excuses himself to go check on the other man. Chuckling at their level of obviosity as he makes his way up the staircase.

A knock on the door makes the younger man jump back on his bed, trying to make himself decent.

“Having fun sweetheart?” is what he hears and a moan falls from his lips. Seokjin chuckles, “Look at you. So pretty and whiny, just waiting to be fucked like the little slut you are.” Taehyung squeezes his legs together, seeking some friction to ease the throbbing of his cock. Even though not said out loud, he wasn’t given permission to touch himself so he doesn’t risk it. The fear of being denied to cum sitting at the back of his mind.

“Ohhhh...” The egg increases one more notch in intensity while Seokjin holds onto his hardened shaft. Pumping him slowly, combined with the overstimulation of the egg against his prostate, Taehyung moans, getting more vocal as he senses his orgasm building.
Just before he releases, Seokjin takes him into his mouth, sucking him dry before turning off the egg. Taehyung is a blissed-out mess and Seokjin hums at the sight, licking his lips to capture the cum that seeped out. Seokjin leans over, kissing the younger, letting him taste himself on his lips.

Taehyung smiles into the kiss. He missed this, missed falling apart under his dominant, losing all sense of control over his body. Seokjin reaches under him to remove the egg from his hole and Taehyung groans at the empty feeling.

It doesn’t last long as he feels a finger slick with lube breech his entrance. Taehyung moans, “S-sir, so sensitive.”

Seokjin slides his hands up Taehyungs chest and presses his palm against his mouth, “Shh pup one more for me, okay? Can you give me one more?” He rolls and snaps his hips against Taehyung desperately. Taehyung whimpers against his fingers and Seokjin presses kisses all along his neck.
“Like that —just like that pup, taking me so good sweetheart.”

Seokjin mutters praises and curses into Taehyung’s heated skin and Taehyung can feel arousal overtaking him again. The sound of Seokjin burying himself deeper and the squelch of lube, Taehyung finds his whimpers morphing into something lower and dirtier as Seokjin huffs and groans, chasing his orgasm. The older kisses Taehyung hungrily as his thrusts get more brutal and erratic. It doesn’t take more than five minutes before Seokjin is coming, a guttural string of expletives announcing his release as he holds Taehyung against him and grinds through his orgasm. Taehyung whines at the sensitivity and soreness as Seokjin presses unrelentingly deeper.

“What a good boy.” Seokjin coos mockingly, tracing his fingers up and down Taehyung’s side as he shivers. He gives a firm slap to the younger’s ass before he pulls out and plops down next to him on the bed. A rush of lube and cum drips out of Taehyung’s gaping hole as he tries to adjust to the loss of being filled.

The younger easily curls into Seokjin’s chest, enjoying the post orgasm bliss. That’s until he remembers his parents are probably waiting on them.
With a groan he sits up and looks at Seokjin, “Hyung, we have to go back down. They’re probably waiting to have dessert.” To which Seokjin chuckles, “I already had dessert pup, the sweetest dessert.” He sits up and licks into Taehyung’s mouth, causing the younger to giggle and swat his arm. “Don’t worry sweetheart, I made sure they were taken care of before I came up here. Didn’t want any distractions now…did we?” He winks as he sees Taehyung go red.

“I love you so much” Taehyung says as he grabs the dominant by his collar, pulling him into a messy kiss. “Woah, woah, slow down pup.” He chuckles, “I love you too, but we’re gross. Let’s get cleaned up and we can watch a movie in bed okay. Also, lets visit my parents next.” The younger agrees and they spend the rest of the night cuddled together.