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(NSFW) Driver’s Seat

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“Can you drive?” 

Simeon looks at the rental car and glances inside the window. “I’m not sure. Angels aren’t exactly given wheels as often as they’re given wings for travel,” he says. “Can you?” 

Nodding, you hop in the driver’s seat and start the car to begin your trip around the local sights and curiosities of your hometown. When it reaches nightfall, you drive the rental car to a nearly empty lot of a park where no one can see you stargazing together on the hood. Simeon takes your hand and rests it on his stomach. He’s warm. He’s also restless, playing with your fingers, holding your hands up to frame the moon, and finally rolling onto his stomach to more easily pull you toward his half-bare chest. 

Chuckling, you haul him on top of you, which seems to be where he reaches his limit. His lips press to yours in a fervent kiss, one that shocks you and convinces you to pull away from him. 

“I apologize,” he says, his cheeks flushing with heat. “I couldn’t help myself. I quite enjoy spending time with you.” 

“Like this?” you ask, wrapping your arms around his back. 

He smiles. His nose nuzzles against yours. “Yes, absolutely,” he says. Then, his hands begin to wander, and his hips grind gently into yours. “And like this.” 

That’s when you notice he’s hard beneath his slacks, and you have no intention of letting it go unnoticed. 

“Get in the driver’s seat,” you command. 

Without hesitating, he hops off the hood of the car and holds a hand out to you. You unlock the door and watch as he falls into the seat, quickly followed by you crawling in after him and onto his lap. 

He huffs, raising his eyebrow as you close the door and force you both into the cramped space. To get more room, he reaches down to the levers below the seat. You both gasp and squeal when the back of the chair falls back with a loud thud. 

The first to laugh is Simeon. He tugs you closer so that you’re straddling his hips, his cock pressing into your crotch. He’s been hard for a while, you realize, because he’s throbbing and hot. He begins arching his back to grind more firmly against you. His eyes clench shut as though he’s chasing his release, one that he hasn’t had in a very, very long time. 

“Are you already close?” you whisper in his ear, making him shudder beneath your body. 

Humming in affirmation, he holds your hips in place and humps upward to gain more friction. 

You kiss his neck, the supple skin beneath his ear, and whisper again. “Are you gonna come in those nice pants of yours?” you ask, sliding your fingers through his hair. “Look at you. What a mess. Is this all because of me?” 

“Y-yes,” he manages, his head falling back to give you more room. “It’s been, nngh, so long since, ahh, I last saw you.” 

“Are you sure it’s not because we can get caught?” 

The moment the words came out, Simeon groans. “D-don’t say that,” he hisses, arching his back so his cock grinds roughly on your pelvis. “It’s, gahh, it’s too much!” 

“Do you want to get caught?” you ask, deciding to tease him a little further. If he had a particularly adverse reaction, you would stop. Instead, he hugs his arms around your rear and holds you tightly against him. 

“Imagine if someone’s watching us right now,” you add, kissing beneath his chin. He gasps, humping up on your groin with more urgency. “Anyone could walk by and look in the window. You like that idea?” 

“Yes. God, yes,” he breathes. “Don’t stop. P-please.” 

You smile against his tan skin and gently tug on his hair. “An angel falling apart to something like that,” you continue. “How naughty of you, and you want it to happen, don’t you? Someone watching you dry hump me until you come in your pretty outfit?” 

His pace quickens, bouncing you up and down. The car rocks back and forth. If anyone were to walk by, there would be no doubt what was happening. 

“The car’s moving,” you say. He whines and moves to take your lips, but you stop him for a final jab. “You know everyone who can see the car knows what’s happening. Does that turn you on?” 

“Yes!” His hand pins to the back of your head and holds you in place against the softest lips you’ve ever felt on your own. His hips stutter. Warmth floods between your legs as though there were no clothing barriers there at all. He huffs, pants, runs his tongue along yours in desperation to taste you. 

His pace doesn’t slow for long. Before even a minute passes, he’s grasping at your waistband and fumbling to pull your bottoms off. “Now,” he breathes, “allow me to do the same to you.”