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Fall Apart

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"You got one choice, Agent Danvers…"

Blood spurts out, drenching onto Kara's naked collarbone.  A tinge of veiny, iridescently green crawls up her face.

"Either Supergirl's life or Supergirl's death…"

"It's not gonna work," Alex monotones, glaring up their captor. Lillian Luthor's mouth creases into an overly pleased smirk. "There's nothing you can do to change that. I would rather die myself than experiment on her… so please, pull the trigger."

An airy laugh fills Cadmus's med-lab. 

"Oh, believe me, you aren't in any position to make demands." Lillian Luthor nods, folding her arms, and one of her hired personnel aims the loaded kryptonite gun to Kara's skull instead. Its safety clicks off.  "And I do not like repeating myself."

With her hands restrained at her lower back, Alex exposes her teeth in a clench and hisses out, "I'll KILL you…"

"You will find that very hard to accomplish while dead."

There's not an ounce of uncertainty in Lillian Luthor, or any other member of Project Cadmus, as they mill around. They gawk in fascination at a very naked and dizzy-looking Kara grumbling, struggling to lift her head from the med-lab's examination table. 

They lost the transmission signal set up by Winn. 

J'onn hasn't been back to Earth since reuniting with M'gann a while ago.

Superman is half a world away, at best, ignorant to Kara's pain.

Nobody is coming to save them.


Alex twists and twists together her restrained wrists, hoping for a little give, and finding none. 

"All I ask is for your cooperation. Both of yours, of course."

Lillian Luthor walks alongside Kara's table, greedily eyeing her. Alex's nostrils flare.

She twists with all of her might.

"You'll be released. You'll survive. You'll have your memories wiped and never experience this trauma again. But… I need to know how my newest discovery of kryptonite works on a full-blooded Kryptonian," She leers. "For scientific purposes."

"For torturing Supergirl," Alex says, nearly spitting out the words.

Lillian Luthor tuts, reaching for the thick probing wand off of a metal medical tray.

The lustrous gold color makes Alex nervous. 

Kara's head sways sideways, peering right in Alex's direction on the floor. Her forehead crinkle deepens. Alex's mouth thins, and she wants to reassure Kara that 'it's over—it's gonna be alright—it's not happening whatever Lillian Luthor plans to do—'

"Is it torture, as you say, if you bring her pleasure during it?" Lillian Luthor asks this with a serious expression, holding out the probing wand. Alex stares up at her, blinking rapidly. "As I have come to understand: Gold kryptonite will allow Supergirl to feel many things she is unable to living under a yellow sun. Things such as pain and pleasure. And now, you will allow her this."

Three of the Cadmus guards hoist Alex onto her feet, undoing her restraints. 

Alex grins fiercely. 

What an absolute mistake THAT was.

She's prepared to take her chance and kill Lillian Luthor with her own bare hands—

The next thought flies out of Alex's mind, replacing with full-on panic, as Lillian Luthor shoves the kryptonite gun's muzzle into Kara's mouth, forcing it open. Her body spasms helplessly. She chokes loudly, the noise burning in Alex's ears.

More of Kara's blood leaks and drips onto the silvery surface of the examination table below.

Kara's eyes bulge, tinting iridescent-green.

"Take it," Lillian Luthor orders softly, gesturing out with the probing wand. 

Alex numbly cradles it to herself, unable to sense the penetratingly noxious quality of gold kryptonite. She's escorted to Kara's table without a complaint or a fight out of Alex. The gun's muzzle eases its forceful intrusion, popping audibly from Kara's mouth. 

"Good girl." Alex isn't sure if it's for Kara or for herself obeying Lillian Luthor's demands. "Help your sister… feel better."


No, no…

Alex mumble this, but unable to look away from the glimpse of Kara's vaginal lips. 


She's swollen and pink, moistening under the attention. Alex's fingertip runs along the warm, hairy seam between Kara's legs. Feels like hers. Feels like when Alex touches herself in the middle of the night, imagining a kiss, imagining her sister's kiss.


Jerking backwards, Alex moans out a horrified noise.

A taller and heavier Cadmus guard blocks her, and another guard clamps onto Alex's arm, moving her forward, leaning her in. He thrusts Alex's hand until the tip of the probing wand sinks into Kara. Alex's mental and physical training seems to fly from her head.

She stiffens, watching Kara clench around the gold rod.

Kara's vitals spike. 

One of the Cadmus scientists murmurs, unconcerned. He jots down a note.

"It feels much different than anything you've known… isn't that right, Supergirl…" Lillian Luthor points out. She smirks wider, watching Alex's color drain, watching as Kara's legs tremble and her eyes roll. "It's draining you permanently of your powers…"

Alex stiffens up again, her fingers feeling the heat roiling from Kara's entrance.

Whatever's happening inside her… Kara, already too weakened to respond verbally, succumbs.

Every muscle tightens.

The bullet-wound glows green.

Her nipples harden.

Alex can see within the pain that it's a dangerous and obscene amount of pleasure, drowning out Kara's senses.

No… it shouldn't be like this.

Kara should be held by someone she loves and trusts while experiencing her pleasure.

She murmurs out Kara's name, over and over, using her empty hand to stroke the fine, gold hairs out of Kara's face. Alex thumbs her cheek benevolently, as Kara's eyes focus on her sister. Love…it's love… it's hope for the goodness of others… all of it mingled in Kara.

Alex swallows down a cry, lowering her hand, stroking the nub of Kara's wet, engorged clitoris. 

I'm here, Kara… I'm here and I'm gonna make you feel better…

Alex heightens Kara's arousal in slow. teasing motions, rubbing along her folds, concentrating on every sensitive bit of Kara.


In a flurry of stomping boots and gunfire, the D.E.O thunders in.

Glass doors shatter.

Sirens whir.

Lights dim into a blinking red.

Alex shields Kara over the examination table.

Lillian Luthor has already fled, disappearing into another secretly built corridor. 

"Oh god, oh god…" Alex whispers, yanking out the gold kryptonite wand as Kara shudders. "I'm sorry… I'm sorry, I'm sorry…"

She reaches into Kara's wound herself, digging into the bloodied gunk. 

With a little luck, she retrieves the green kryptonite bullet. The glowing lessons in Kara's veins. 

"I'm sorry, Kara, I'm sorry…" Alex feels a cry lodge itself out from her throat, when Kara's arm lifts, hugging her. She forgets about the other D.E.O agents rushing to them, half-lying on top of Kara, sobbing quietly, Kara's mouth smushed against Alex's cheek.

"Love you…"