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I came to a stop in a field, not knowing how long I’d been running away but I collapsed and choked out a sob, screaming in anguish. I held myself, doubling over. My hair fell around me and I whimpered, shaking hard.

“So another has been born.” A woman spoke. I looked up and sniffed, seeing a woman with blue hair standing in front of me. “Seems you’re already broken though.” She hummed in annoyance.

“Who… who are you?” I choked out. She chuckled darkly.

“You’re young, aren’t you?” She laughed before I immediately got overwhelmed with warmth and it made me pass out.


I screamed awake and immediately thrashed away from the source of my pain before finding myself in chains and in a cold cell. I swallowed hard and looked around, scared. I saw the blue-haired girl standing over me glaring. I immediately panicked and looked around, scared.

“I’m in the Eastern Empire… aren’t I?” I choked out. A man chuckled in the distance and I looked over to him.

“You’re Guy’s new plaything.” He chuckled at me. I swallowed hard as I looked at him. “He should know better… all celestial elves are mine.” He growled out. I swallowed hard as I looked at him. “So you’re going to be good… and do as I say.” He told me. “If you fail to uphold my request… Velgrynd here will have no choice but to kill you.” He told me. I swallowed hard at that and looked down, scared. “So continually usage of your skill lineage memory on the kingdom itself focused solely on the future.” He told me. I swallowed hard before crying out as my skill activated on its own and I struggled in my bindings, trying to get away from whatever was causing it.

I screamed in pain for what felt like ages. My eyes burned and my head throbbed. This was terrifying. I didn’t like what I was seeing nor experiencing. I couldn’t place how long I was here anymore. My entire body ached from struggling in my bindings and from using my skill without break.

I gasped in and fell back as my skill stopped and I was shaking on the floor, unable to breathe. I gulped in air, unable to move.

“Impressive.” The man chuckled as he looked at me. “I’ve never seen a celestial elf last quite that long before.” He hummed. “I thank you for your service… but you seem to be on the brink of death now.”

“H-how long…?” I breathed out.

“Twenty years.” He chuckled. “Quite a few tried to come for you… but none succeeded.” He sighed. “Goodbye, little elf.” He headed off. I watched after him, unable to move as the woman came over and sat me up on my knees before she stabbed a sword directly through my heart. I gasped at that and fear was in my eyes.

She… she just stabbed me. She pulled it out and the world faded around me.

Guy… I’m sorry… I failed.

Everything went dark and I stopped breathing.