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Wished to Life

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“What if you could have any fictional character you want? Any at all to be your companion in life, at the mere touch of a button? Here at W.I.S.H, we can make your dreams come-”
Skip. The Parks and Recs theme finally started playing. Thomas Sanders leaned back on his couch and sighed. His “inner Logan” was saying that he should be working on the next Sanders Sides vid. But the rest of him was just so tired. YouTube was getting more stressful to deal with, more time commitments were coming up, and, he was becoming more and more alone

Some of his friends were still around, true. But they were all in the process of moving on with their lives. Joan and Talyn had even moved away, left to do other things with their lives. Yet here he was, watching Parks and Recs for the billionth time at 3 o’clock in the morning. He sighed, then took another bite of pizza.
If only he wasn’t so tired right now, that ad could have been interesting to look into. Even if just for the button meme reference. But A, it was likely beyond his budget and B, was probably over-hyping whatever their product was. He glanced around room. Honestly though, maybe he should look into adopting a pet or something. Anything to fill the empty home.
A woman huffed as she pushed back the blonde strands that refused to be pony tailed. Could her hair please cooperate with her just this once? First impressions were critical, especially with him. She couldn’t let her crush control her like a silly schoolgirl.

"Miss Sarah Winters?" A man called as he entered the room, the door opened behind him.

She stood up quickly. "Yes, that's me." She strode over and placed the paperwork in his hands. He skimmed through.

"Everything seems to be in order, madam. Please, step this way." And so the two walked into the hallway, silent but for the sound of their footsteps. “The corporation appreciates the simplicity of your request. Only one minor alteration to the canon model of a reasonably straightforward character. You wouldn’t believe how many try to order something absurd like a full-sized version of Galactus. What do they expect to do with a character like that?”

“I’m sure I have no idea,” Sarah replied impatiently. Could he please stop with the idle chit-chat?

“No, you wouldn’t, being as sensible as you are to not want a lunatic who’ll destroy the Earth or do rubbish like that.” Then he opened the door. “Step this way. Your new companion is inside.”

Excitedly, Sarah rushed in. And there he was, more beautiful than her dreams, slumbering peacefully on the sterile lab bed. She smiled brightly, warmth filling her soul. “Welcome to the real world, Logan Sanders.”

His dark brown eyes blinked as the room came into focus. Where am I? What am I? And... how am I? He moved his right hand, then the other, finding it ironic that his first thoughts were all questions despite not knowing why.

A figure smiled above him. “Feeling disoriented? The doctors said disorientation is a common occurrence.”

He frowned. “Doctors? Have I been ill?”

“Only awakening.” She offered her hand to him, which he took. “Dr. Sarah Winters.”

“Logan Sanders, though you already know that.”

She nodded. "Yes, I do." She pulled him upright. "Out of curiosity, Do you recall anything before this moment?"

He frowned; his brow furrowed in concentration. “I have no memories, just, questions.”

“I see...Well, I will answer what I can. Especially on our way home.”

He turned to look at her. “Home?”
“Yes.” She gestured for him to stand. "I already signed your paperwork. I'll be driving you to our apartment."

"My paperwork?" He sat up and swung his legs over the bed. "And our apartment? Do we live together?"

“We will from now on.” She helped him to his feet. “Come along.” Then dragged him down the grey halls, her heels clicking as they went. Logan at first stumbled, using his other arm to regain his balance, but she slowed down and allowed him to catch up.

His brow furrowed. “Where did I live before?”

“Nowhere in the real world.” Her eyes kept ahead, making sure they were going the right way.

“What do you mean? Did I not exist?”

"Only in a fictional sense before." She looked back at him. "I had partially hypothesized the show you came from would be your memories."

"The show?" He blinked.

She hummed. "...How about I show you after you arrive. I can queue it up while you get settled into your room."

"I suppose that would be acceptable..."

She grinned. "I should hope so. I have your room all planned out." She opened the door, letting bright sunlight in.

"My-" The question died on his lips as his arm instinctively rose up to shield his eyes from the blinding light. But as they slowly began to adjust, his arm lowered allowing him to take in the sky above. The sun, the clouds, birds flying by. At first, he wasn't able to identify everything he saw, but the longer he observed something he found that he'd soon be able to put a name to it. The experience was, fascinating.

Sarah watched him with great interest as she led him to her grey sedan. "Hop on in."

He reluctantly tore his gaze from the sky, puzzled at her request. "Do you enter from the top?"

She let out a surprised chuckle. "You still don't-No, 'hop in' simply means open the passenger door and sit down."

"Oh, then why not say so?" He opened the door and entered as instructed.

She shrugged. "To most, it’s a lot simpler and quicker to say 'hop in'." She opened the other door, then plugged in her seat belt.

"I shall keep that in mind." He copied her movements and buckled himself in.

She smiled, then turned on the car and drove on out.

Logan had his face practically glued to the window. There was so much to see! And he found himself recognizing a lot more than he thought he would. He couldn't help but smile when a new word suddenly clicked in his mind and he was able to identify everything.

Skyscrapers! Cars! Airplanes! Traffic Lights! Cumulus Clouds! The names came to him the entire ride on. All as Sarah glanced on, a smile to her lips. All too soon for Logan though not soon enough for Sarah, the two of them were swallowed inside an apartment parking lot, Sarah driving up a few levels.

"You live all the way up here?" He kept looking around.

"Yes." She finally parked. "It’s one way to get a decent view in this city." The keys were pulled out. "And I've always found it pays to get the best you can afford."

His brow furrowed. "I would like to see more of the city."

"We will, in time." She took his hand and squeezed, smiling almost empathetically. "However, if we expose you to too much at once, you could become overwhelmed. It's best then to get you use to where we live before encountering the wider city."

He slightly slumped back. "Of course, that makes sense. I am new after all."

"Exactly." She squeezed his hand again, then got out of the car. "We will get plenty of time of course. I've taken a week off work to help you get adjusted."

"Where do you work?" He followed her out, making sure to close the door behind him.

"A nearby lab." She locked the car. "I do chemical engineering for a biochemical company."

"Chemical engineering?" His eyes lit up. That also was confusing. How could two simple words be so exciting?

"Yes." She grinned. "I could show you some of my projects if you'd like. All of its pretty dense."

"How could it be dense?"

"Oh because of the formulas and paperwork." She walked to a door, took out a key, then set it inside. "A lot of paperwork. All so the corporations can make sure they're getting their money's worth."

"And do you enjoy your job?"

"Oh most definitely." She opened the door and stepped in. "When all my attention is focused on the chemicals and figuring out how to use them to solve the problems set before me, I never want to be doing anything else..."

"It's like a puzzle."

"Exactly..." Her voice wavered, before she put the key away and gestured Logan on in. "And any puzzle, with enough time and perseverance, can be solved."

"I think I enjoy puzzles." He remarked as he stepped inside.

"I should hope so." She closed and locked the door behind him before showing a modest, white minimalistic living room, with a tv screen and game consoles front and center, with board games and puzzles on shelves underneath. "They are one of my favorite ways to unwind."

His eyes roamed around until they spotted the puzzles, which he immediately started towards.

She grabbed his arm. "Wouldn't you like to see your room first?"

"Oh, my apologies..." his other arm was still reaching towards the puzzles.

She softly smiled. "I know, they are exciting." She pulled him past the kitchen counter and into the hallway. "We can do one while we watch Sanders Sides."

"Sanders Sides?" He blinked and finally faced forward. "Sanders is my last name.”

"Yes." She led him to a door. "Because of the nature of the show." Then she opened the door, revealing a navy-blue room with matching curtains and bedsheets. In front of one window was a small desk and laptop, next to which lay a Rubik’s cube. Opposite the small closet was a dresser and bookshelf, filled with books on science, nature, and... Agatha Christie Murder Mysteries...

His face lit up in a way it never had in the series, a full smile appearing on his face. "This... is this all mine?"

"Yes." She smiled brightly, leaning against the door. "All yours..."

He rushed inside, first to the desk where he picked up the Rubik’s cube, he twisted it around a few times to mix it, making sure not to look as he did so, then solved it again in a matter of seconds. He put it back down then hurried over to the book shelf, skimming over the titles and already creating a reading list for himself. After that he returned to the desk and sat down, starting up the laptop. There was so much he wanted to research! He could find a map of this city and chart out a path to begin exploring!

She watched as he did so, basking in the warmth from his glow. His smile was even more beautiful then she’d imagined… "I'll go order pizza then. I'll call for you when its here."
He didn't even look up, or say anything to acknowledge her. And so, she went back for the living room, ordering up the pizza on the way.

Logan grinned with glee as his fingers vibrated above the keys. All this information at his fingertips, he couldn't decide what to look up first! Maybe the city itself. Where even was here? He could look it up. He did want to go explore after all.

A quick google search located him in Seattle, Washington. Somewhere near the commercial district. Near malls, the Space Needle, and a place called Pike's Place Market. He started noting places of interest, making up the list in his mind. He'd have to go to them all! Bremerton Sound, Mt. Rainer outside the outskirts, the Waterfront.

Wished to Life Seattle Offices?

He frowned slightly. That was the place Sarah had brought him from. He could recall the sign as they left. Perhaps looking them up would answer some of his other questions...He looked up their website and started reading. Various quotes about how 'Dreams Can Come True' were spread throughout, along with various ways to head to a form to buy a character they'd bring to life. Nothing in detail about how this was done. Simply that it was recently discovered, meant only to help others fulfill their dreams, and the rules and guidelines for what characters could be made.

His eyes lingered on that one line. "Buy a character." Sarah had talked about filling out his papers... Had he been purchased by this company? She did say outright that he'd come from a show...Sanders Sides... He went up to the search bar and typed it in.

Quickly, results came up of YouTube videos, pictures and artwork. A wiki! He went to there first. He'd retain information better through reading about how the series was about YouTuber and former Vine star Thomas Sanders as he interacts with various representations of his inner psyche such as Creativity... Morality... Anxiety...

He paused. "Logic..." He clicked the link, bringing up the page.

Logic aka Logan Sanders.
Favorite Color: Navy Blue.
Favorite Book: Agatha Christie's The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. The same book that was most prominently on his shelf...
Also noted to have a love of science, environmental concerns, and astronomy. Books also on the shelf...
Everything here on this page could be found in this room. He scrolled down until he saw an "Images" section, which he clicked and was shown a man in a black shirt and jeans with tie and glasses. Brown eyes, brown hair.
All reflected in the dresser mirror...

All the evidence then pointed to, this being him...Logan "Logic" Sanders from Sanders Sides, created by Thomas Sanders. There was an option to click on that name, which he did. It wouldn't hurt to learn more about his creator. The face was similar, no, the same face. Also seemed kind? Though that was purely speculation He lived in Gainesville, Florida and was known for his comedy, acting, and being openly gay.

"Pizza's on its way!" Sarah called out from the hall.

"Alright..." He absently answered.

Gay? As in, extremely joyful? Or only attracted to the same sex?

"Getting the living room set up now! We could start on a puzzle while we wait!"

He couldn’t take in what she said, focused on that word. He assumed the latter definition, but what did that make him? Likely gay as well… It would only be logical; he was based off this character, played by a gay man, and he was supposed to be part of him. It would be logical. Though, hadn't the website mentioned that they could also alter characters as the person wanted? A way to bring au forms to life as well?

"Don't you want to do puzzles, Logan?" Her steps started coming down the hall. "You were so eager for them earlier?"

He kept grasping with what he was learning. But why change him? This was how he was meant to be.

A sigh came from his door. "Guess I should have expected this."

"Oh!" He blinked and turned around. "I apologize Miss Sarah, what were you expecting?"

"You to be reading a book. Or poking through the room." She stepped. "Didn't expect you to be looking up the show before we watched it."

"Well,” He pushed up his glasses. “At first, I was creating a plan to explore the city and came across a website for Wish To Life, where it said one could purchase a character which is what I assume you did. And you mentioned Sanders Sides so I did some research on it."

She tilted her head, then sighed. "Well, I suppose I can't blame you then." Her eyes grew downcast. "I'm sorry you had to find out that way."

"It is quite alarming, but why apologize?"

"Because I was planning to reveal it more slowly..." She sat on the bed. "Not have it be one of the first things you learned."

"But I'm always seeking knowledge, learning new things." He turned his chair towards her and tilted his head. "If I may, why did you purchase me?"

Sarah's eyes grew weary as she leaned back on her hands. "I was lonely..." She swallowed. "For some time now, I've only lived for my work and I found I wanted human companionship. No one I knew though met my standards."

He focused on her. "You bought me to be your friend?"

"To be someone to live with that I could trust." She looked at him. "Someone who I could discuss work with and was my intellectual equal, without looking down on me for being an unmarried woman." The last part she spat out in disdain.

He frowned. "Why would I ever do that? You seem to be very successful if you can afford a place like this."

She ruefully smiled. "Exactly. Some of my co-workers can't seem to see that. Which is precisely why I, had you brought into reality."

"To be a friend to you?"

"Yes..." She pursed her lips.

"Well, I would be glad to be your companion."

Sarah smiled. "Thank you, Logan." She stood up. "A puzzle before dinner then?"

"If you wish." He stood up

She shook her head. "Don't you want to?"

"Of course, I do."

"Then no need to act like its only due to my wish." She offered her hand to Logan. "I think you'll find Sanders Sides interesting."

"I am looking forward to get to know you more." He smiled and took her hand

She smiled as well. "So am I." Then led him to the living room.