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All i want for Christmas is you

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Your enemy is my favourite creature:

''Hey'' she looked at the guy in front of her, he had a little girl, probably 9 or 10 infront of him, impossibly his child, considering he looked to be around her age (twenties)

He had a fang earring, she had to look twice because she was sure it looked exactly like a dragon fang but she figured that would be ridiculous

The guy had ginger hair, freckles (she had always loved freckles they were so cool) and long hair

The girl looked similar just more girlish, and her clothes looked too big for her but also the same size

''Uh hello'' he seemed surprised by her greeting. 

She noticed his british accent and just decided he was super cool

''I love your earring'' she nodded at it, and he blushed for a second and cleared his throat

''Thank you''

His sister (she was convinced it was his sister) pulled on his clothes and whispered something

He crouched down to her and answered; ''we need to wait in line Ginny, you're not the only kid who wanna see santa claus you know''

He stood up and eyed her up and down 

''Cute costume'' he said it in a way that could both be seen as a compliment and a snarky remark, and she didn't know him well enough to know which one so she was hesitant when she answered, but firm

''Oh this little thing?" She eyed her elf costume, she hated the job Serafina, her best friend, had ordered her in, but they needed the information going around and what was a better way than to listen to people's talk, and chit

She actually didn't mind the costume, it was quite cute

''I wish I could say I designed it but not quite''

The guy looked confused, and she remembered he was a stranger and not a long time friend

''I'm a clothes designer''

His eyebrows raised and he looked at her surprised 

''Dang, you seem really cool!''

He said it so casually, and she felt weird with her upbringing being royal manners to just act casual, so she reached out her hand and shook his hand

''My name is Neela''

''Charlie.. Weasly, and this is my sister, Ginny''

The little girl looked at the two adults (who were still shaking hands, just so deeply it was more of holding hands) 

''My name is actually Ginevra, but I get called Ginny''

Her eyes were fierce and Neela knee she was a cool kid, she reminded her a bit of a girl she knew, named Coco 

She hsd been a true member of the  ''rebellion'' trying to save the world from destruction made by Orfeo, a powerful mage, that could heal anyone but ended up evil (as you do) and tried to end the world 

Without Coco they would probably have lost the fight, and everyone would be dead today (maybe except Orfeo and his late wife)

''Ginevra is a beautiful name''

Neela looked down and just looked for a while at Charlie's hand which she was just holding now.

She could hear the people behind them in the line complaining that they weren't moving.

It seemed like their words made Charlie come back to life and realise what he was doing, at least he took his hand to himself and pushed Ginny in front of him blushing.


Could you love me like you love Dorian Gray?:

He was working his shift putting back books back on their shelves, when a group of people walked in, they all laughed together and looked at the stencil part of the store, a black haired girl walked away from them but still saying a few words with them, she went to the shelf Ethan was standing at, and he noticed the lanyard around her neck, it had sunflower motives, and he could remember it but not sure why

He kept stocking books as she moved to the classics, seemingly looking for a specific book

He took up a book (aspergirls) and it dawned on him where he had seen it before, it was the one used to signal you had a hidden disability.

Remembering that he went on doing his job, it wasn’t his business to help her anyways.

She kept shuffling around the shelves, she had noticed the look by the employee but didn’t take it personal or anything, she had just walked over to where he was working. 

Still hearing her “friends” talking, she was sure they weren’t waiting for her yet and she kept looking for The picture of Dorian Gray, a gift she was gonna annotate for her only friend.

She didn’t have many friends, she didn’t know how to communicate with peers her age, so she was happy for the one friend she had.

well friend was maybe a stretch, he was a childhood friend.

They had been friends when they were younger so she figured it wa still a friendship

Jacob, her friend, had mentioned loving “the picture of dorian gray” so she wanted to annotate it and give it to him as a gift, through mail.

“Are you finished yet?” One of the girls she had gone there with, Britney, Brittany, something like that, stood behind her now and looked impatient and she gave up tryna find the book


A spectrum has points that ties us together, maybe it's trauma:

“Yes dad, I’m fine, I just might not come home for christmas” Luna was standing in the left side of the office

Spencer had been caught up by her talking for a few minutes not working on the case he had been assigned.

He had never been one big for christmas, but liked the idea, his family life just didn’t allow it.

“what’ya doin” luna was now standing looking over his shoulder at the mugshot that had been staring back at him for quite a while, they both in sync tilted their heads 

“Not much, was it your dad you were talking to?” he pointed at her phone

“Yep, he’s glad and all that I got the job, but he worries about seeing too much stuff” she paused and looked at the wall but seeing nothing, lost in memories “but I’ve seen worse I’d say” her voice, filtered with the british accent, made it all sound so light hearted, but at their work in the BAU they saw a lot of bad stuff so her “seeing worse” alarmed him

“You’ve seen worse? How?” He just asked casually while shuffling with some papers, but stopped dead in his tracks hearing her voice answer

“War” it echoed in his ears, and her normal voice was not there, it was so cold and.. numb

She shook her head and smiled at him, but he couldn’t shake off the shivers that ran down his spine, and the word she said, it kept calling him in his head

“war? weren’t you from the UK? They don’t usually have wars there” he said it nonchalant as he took his bag and followed her through the building, they were off work

“oh I was a soldier for a while before applying here, was held hostage with friends from school” she stopped “most survived” she looked at Spencer and smiled

“I’ll see you tomorrow Spencer”