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Cheer the fuck up, you beautiful loser

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When the lilac-haired lad heard his phone beep, he was spending a tranquil night, comfy in his own bed, reading a magazine. Before answering the phone, he checked the caller ID. "Hel-" a scream pierced his ears.

"Mitsuya-san! Baji-san and Takemichi, have you seen them? "The other line, evidently panicked, said "Chifuyu? No, I haven't—why? " he inquired, although fully knowing the answer. Kazutora screamed from the opposite side, "THEY'RE FUCKING MISSING!" 

“Ah- wait what?” Mitsuya stood up “Yeah, for the past six hours now and we don’t have a clue on where they are” Chifuyu uttered, “Did you try and call them?”he inquired, slightly concerned but not overly so.


“Yeah we did but it keeps going to voicemail. The phone is not even ringing” Mitsuya sighs, “I think they’re going to be fine, Takemitchy is with Baji” he uttered but as hears a groan on the other line, “That’s- THAT’S THE FUCKING PROBLEM MITSUYA! BAJI IS WITH HIM!” There was a huge thud, and then something came crashing down from the other line.


“Oh shit- Kazutora! Uh...Bye Mitsuya-san!” Chifuyu quickly ended the call, leaving the lilac male dumbfounded. “I’m sure they’ll be fine,” he muttered to himself before going back to reading his magazine. 


“Okay let’s think this through” Chifuyu said, trying to calm down the older male. “Oh i swear to god- If Baji did so- urgh !” Kazutora put his hand on his face, frustration spilling on his words. “Baji-san will protect Takemichi if something happens,” the young male voiced out. 


“I’m not worried about that. Baji should protect Takemitchy at all cost because if he doesn’t then OH! i’ll fuck him up - but that’s not the point right now” he rambled as Chifuyu listens to him, nodding emphatethically. 


“Think about it—Chifuyu, they’re alone right now. ALONE.” Chifuyu stands up from where he was sitting, “How can we be sure they’re alone though?” the older male gave him an exasperated look. “You really think Baji would let anyone with Takemitchy alone other than himself?” he said as if it was obvious. 


Chifuyu’s mouth created an “o” shape, “Shit, you’re right” he uttered, making Kazutora scream again, “Let’s try and check his house?” He suggested, “No, too obvious,” the older male answered, “Mmm, Where would Baji-san take Takemichi..?” he mumbled to himself, “In the Shibuya dumps?” Kazutora turned to him. 


“Yeah, let’s check there” he stated before dragging Chifuyu by his bike and speeding off to the road. Without knowing that two blond males who happened to be listening to their conversation. 


“You didn’t tell them?” the taller boy asks and the shorter male shrugs, “Their fault for not listening” he says before walking away, “C’mon Ken-chin, let’s eat in that new diner close to here” the commander happily skipped, Draken looked again in the road that Kazutora’s bike driven off to, “Yeah, it’s their fault” he muttered before following Mikey.


Back to the two boys, they finally arrived at their destination. “Baji loves burning cars around here” Kazutora stated, peeking through every alleyway, “I don’t think Takemichi would let him do that” Chifuyu muttered, calling their phones for the nth time today. “I don’t think they’re around here” the male said, leaning on his bike. 


“Let’s go back.” Just then a message popped up on Chifuyu’s phone, “It’s from Takemichi!” he exclaimed as Kazutora snatched the phone from him, “Hey!” Chifuyu said, annoyed but the older male was already reading the text. 


“He said he just went on a mission with Baji and we can come to his house later.” he reads, “Why not now?” the younger one asked, looking at the sky that was full of stars. It’s dark out, Chifuyu noticed.  “They’re busy right now” the text says, there was a painful silence between the two before a loud groan escaped their lips.


“Why just the two of them?! They should’ve informed us!” Chifuyu threw his hands up in the air, before stomping to the bike that Kazutora was leaning into. “He said it was already explained in the meeting the other day” Kazutora said, still reading the text, before looking at Chifuyu.


“We never heard of something like that, right?” The older one asks, “I don’t think so..” Chifuyu answered with uncertainty. “Whatever, let's just wait for them to get back” Kazutora huffs out, throwing the phone at the younger male, starting the engine of his bike. Chifuyu looked at the time, 2:27 am greeted him on his screen. He sighs and hop on Kazutora’s bike. 


The sun was coming up when the two showed up, they were in their Toman uniform covered in dirt, some parts were ripped but a very noticeable grin on their faces was showing as they walked up to the front door. Kazutora and Chifuyu run to them, checking up on them, the two just smile.


Once they were inside the blond’s house, the two bombarded them with questions. “Can ya let us rest first?” the male with black long hair muttered plopping down on the sofa. 


“Kei, let’s change our clothes first. You can borrow my sweater in the meantime!” Takemichi yelled from his room before the older male stood up, walking away at the two with a smug look. “Wait for me Mitchy!” he said with a grin plastered on his face. 


“Hold the fuck up- Kei ?” Kazutora snarls as Chifuyu looked shocked.


We definitely need to know what happened. 


“Like i said, Mikey announced that all of the Captains and Vice-Captain are going to have missions with separate Division. Like the Fifth Division, Me and Takemitchy search around for traitors.'' Baji muttered, after minutes of explaining as they were all huddled up in Takemichi’s room. 


“Okay…That makes much more sense” Chifuyu muttered, Kazutora nodded. “Hey, Takemitchy aren’t you going to have breakfast?” they all looked at the figure who was laying on the bed, “No, you guys can help yourself. I’m going to sleep” he mumbled, getting himself comfortable. 


“You need to eat Takemitchy. You didn’t even eat last night” Baji said, making the other two alarmed. “I promise..i’ll eat later..” the blond murmured. The ravenette sighs, “Fine” he sighs. Takemichi smiles at them before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep. 


They all had breakfast in his house, just chatting away waiting for Takemichi to wake up. “Baji, what did you two do?” Kazutora suddenly asks. “For the last time, we went and look-” he was cut off by the other, “You know, that’s not what i meant. Since when did Takemitchy ever call you by your first name?” The black hairs with blond streaks male raise a brow. 


The ravenette grin showing his canine teeth, “He-Takemitchy was...I knew...While we were taking a short break from our mission, we goofed around for a while and some stuff happened, yeah.” Baji finished his story with a cheeky smile as if he stole a cookie from the jar without her mother knowing.


“First of all you didn’t make any sense. Second, what fuck do you mean some stuff happened?” Kazutora gritted his teeth, annoyed. It’s not fair, why does Baji get to have fun with his puppy alone? He wants some alone time with Takemichi too. 


Baji shrugs, “Nope. Sorry. Not telling” he grinned, like an asshole. Making Kazutora almost punch the guy if it weren’t for Chifuyu, “Stop it! Takemichi is still sleeping” he loudly whispers and as if on cue Takemichi walks into the living room. 


“Good morning” he says, eyes still closed as he wobbles on his feet. It’s actually noon now but it’s fine. “Ah Takemitchy, did we wake you up?” Kazutora asks a bit nervously, “Oh no, you didn’t don’t worry” the blond gave him a sleepy smile, making the boy look the other way suddenly feeling shy. 


“That’s good. Now, you’re going to eat” Baji says before standing up and going to the kitchen. “You’re going to cook?” the blond asks, he nods his head in response. “Wow, I thought you didn’t know how to cook?” Kazutora snickers.


“Oi! I cook for my mom sometimes too” the ravenette huffs before turning on the stove, “I’ll just call you when it’s done” he said, the blond nods and the rest head back to the living room. 


“So..” Takemichi yawns, “What do you guys want to do?” Making the other two look at each other. “We can just chill here. You guys are probably still tired from what you did last night” Chifuyu uttered to him, “Mmm, Sure” Kazutora scooted closer to him on the couch. “Takemitchy, what did you and Baji do besides your duties last night?” He quietly asks as Chifuyu looks at him.


Are you serious? Kazurota sends me a look. Hey, Baji won’t tell us, okay? Before turning to Takemichi, “We just walked around for a while then Kei took me to a sketchy building that I thought was abandoned. We went straight to the rooftop, he said that you two used to go there when you were little kids” Takemichi looked at him with a small smile.


“Oh.” was all Kazutora could say before slowly turning away from the blond, Chifuyu suddenly spoke, “Then what else happened?” he persuaded, while Takemichi continued his story. 


He’s so pretty up close, shit. Kazutora internally screams, his face feeling warm. So pretty, I just wanna ke- nonono Kazutora. That's not the time to think of that! Get a grip. “Kazutora-kun?” he turned to the voice that was calling him, only to be greeted by an angel straight from heaven. Blue . “Is something wrong?” the angel spoke to him, worried sapphire eyes staring at his golden hues.


“Y-” thud.


“Don’t worry ‘bout this dumbass, Takemitchy. Your food is ready in the dining room” a deep voice informed the blond, “Oh, okay” Takemichi responded, walking to the other room to eat. Kazutora finally realized what happened. An asshole shoved him away from his puppy. He glared at the person who was responsible for this.


“Don’t just stare at Takemitchy like he hung the stars, Tora. He might get freaked out” the male with long black hair muttered and Kazutora swears he hears a smirk in those words. He flipped him off, “Shut up, you Takemitchy hogger.” making the brute laugh. 


“Wait, where’s Chifuyu?” Kazutora suddenly asks, they looked around the living room and he wasn’t there. They suddenly sprinted to the dining room to see Takemichi feeding Chifuyu as the bastard gleefully munched the food that Baji made for Takemichi. 


And not only that but the bastard took the spoon and started to feed Takemichi as well. “You got some rice on your face, Takemichi” the green-eyed boy said before slowly wiping the substance on the corner of the blond’s lips with his finger. 


“Thanks, Chifuyu” the other said before turning his head to the side to drink some water, not noticing how the bastard looked straight into the two males that were watching them, he licked his finger that he used to wipe Takemichi with and had the audacity to smirk.


Oh, it’s on now, bastards. 


“Baji-san took Takemichi on a date” Chifuyu stated, making the male with a beauty mark spit out his drink. “I didn't,” the said male was quick to deny the claim, “Takemichi told me what you two did, you took him to the rooftop that you and Kazutora used to go and watched the sun rise as you two talked about some stuff and you’re telling me that you didn’t go on a date, Baji-san?” 


Kazutora laughs at the younger male’s remarks, “Okay, okay i kindaaaa took him in there as a date BUT i didn’t plan it. It just soooorta happened..?” Baji tried to be cool about it but it was obvious that his face was turning red. “Whatever you say, Baji'' the male with tiger-like eyes waves him off. 


“The view must be so pretty”  Chifuyu mumbled, slumped on the table. Baji sighs, dreamily “It was. It was so beautiful.” they see a very whipped smile form on to the ravenette’s lips.


He’s definitely talking about Takemichi. 


“It was?” Kazutora said, making the other male nod. “Yeah. How the sun was rising behind him as he gave me the warmest smile. sigh. He was so fucking beautiful.” 




“Are you falling in love?”


Chifuyu slaps his mouth, Kazutora looks at the ravenette. “I’m not falling, Chifuyu” Baji sighs, deeply before looking at both of them. 


“I already fell” 




The two blonds look at each other. Speaking with just their eyes. It was silent for a moment before the older blond spoke. 


“Are you okay with sharing him?” 


“Hey guys! Sorry for the wait!” Takemichi runs down the stairs as he finishes getting ready. The four of them agreed to hang out today as “The first Division buddies” (Chifuyu named it btw) and he was excited, he saw the three boys sitting on the counter. 


“Uh you guys okay?” he said, their faces were red. Takemichi felt around the room, it didn't seem to be hot, so what’s the matter? “Y-Yeah!” Chifuyu squeaked, standing up straight. “Ah, what are you guys talking about?” he asked.




Their faces got even more red this time. “Nothing really, some boring stuff” Kazutora said to him before slinking his arm on his and pulling him close, “Cute outfit by the way” he said with a grin on his face. Takemichi scratches his head at the compliment, “Thanks, Kazutora-kun” 


He felt a hand on his waist, he turned and saw Chifuyu smiling at him, “C’mon, let’s head out” he said to him, the blond just nodded not seeing how Chifuyu kicked the older male that was on his other side as the green-eyed boy hog the blond to himself out of the house. 


“Where should we go first?” Takemichi asks as they walk down the streets. “Whatever you want” Baji responded, holding his hand, “Are you hungry?” Chifuyu chimed in, holding his other hand. “We can go to a cafe first,” Kazutora suggested. He was on the back, holding the hem of Takemichi’s jacket as his chin was on top of his shoulder. 


It’s hard walking like this… Takemichi sweatdrops as the three ducklings hold him for dear life. He knows that they’re clingy but today it turned to the extreme, making him a bit worried if something had happened.  


“T-Then let’s go to a cafe first” the three nodded but didn’t let go. Ahh! how am i supposed to do this!? once, they got inside of the shop, “Uh guys, can you let go of me first? I need to pay for our orders” he says, “Don’t worry about it, Mitchy. Tora is gonna be the one paying for us” Baji grinned. 


“Kazutora-kun, are you sure? I can pay for it” the blond uttered but duckling number two shook his head, “It’s fine, Takemitchy. I’ll pay for it” he let go of the hem of his jacket to pull out his wallet. 


Kazutora grabs the money and slides his hand underneath Takemichi’s arm and puts it on the counter before circling his arms on the blond’s waist. “There. Now, c’mon let’s take a seat” putting his head on top of Takemichi’s hair. 


Baji sat in front of the blond while Chifuyu was on his right and Kazutora on his left, almost sandwiching Takemichi. “Kei, do you want some?” the blond asks, giving him a piece of the donut he was eating on the fork. 


Baji leaned in, chomping on the treat. “Try this Mitchy. It’s delicious!” The ravenette shared his drink with him. Takemichi took a sip of the drink and groaned, “That’s good” he exclaimed, “Right? you can drink some more if you want” Baji offered, taking a sip of his drink and glancing at the two. 


He smirks, Chifuyu clears his throat. “Takemichi, where do you want to go next?” Shifting the blond’s attention to him, “You sly dog” Kazutora whispered, making the brute shrug. 


This is gonna be a long day. 


As the trio said goodbye to the love of their life, they turned to each other. Making sure that Takemichi doesn’t hear them. “Have you seen his outfit today?” Chifuyu whispered, the other two nodded eagerly. “His waist was so-” Kazutora emphasizes on his hands, curling it into a fist. “So fucking perfect” Chifuyu dramatically nods his head. 


“It fits! My hand, his waist. IT. FITS.” Baji moved animatedly as if he’s explaining the world's most unique rock he's ever encountered in his life. “Fuck” he curses under his breath, with frustration icing on his voice.


God, we ‘re so- Takemichi what have you done to us?


“I wanna marry him” Baji suddenly announced, “It’s WE, Baji-san. We wanna marry him” Chifuyu corrected him. “Actually,” Kazutora started, “We will marry him.” they nodded their heads like idiots before screaming again, “He’s soooo- fuuuucckingggg BEAUTIFUL!” The ravenette yelled out, “We’re going to marry him, Kami-sama!” the green-eyed boy added. 


“WE’RE GOING TO BE THE BEST HUSBANDS FOR HIM, WE SWEAR ON OUR GRAVES!” Kazutora joined in on them. As the three ducklings cheered, “Hell yeah!” fist up in the air. 


A kid was just walking along the streets, it’s already dark outside, the moon is shining. He was supposed to be home before dark but the lessons were longer than he expected to be this time. 


He began to walk faster until he heard a couple of people screaming. Curious, he peeked around the street just to see three teenagers, screaming at the top of their lungs. Saying something along the lines of they’re going to marry someone. 


“Who are they even talking to?” the kid whispered, the three boys seemed to be just screaming nonsense in the middle of the empty street. 


“WE PROMISE TO MAKE HIM HAPPY ‘TILL DEATH DO US PART!” A boy with blond highlights screamed, “Scratch that” the male with long hair butted in “EVEN IF DEATH COME IN BETWEEN US, WE’LL NEVER LET GO OF HIM, YOU HEAR ME?!” he yelled out loud to the sky.


“What the fuck” the kid muttered in horror, why does it feel like they’re taking a wedding vow or something? Either that or they’re trying to curse someone the boy thinks.


“Weird. They’re a lot of weird people in these streets'' he said before running off to his house. 


Weird and idiotic people.


The boy with lilac colored hair was just sleeping peacefully when his phone woke him up in his slumber. He looked at the time before picking up, “Why the fuck are you calling me on one in the morning Baji” he calmly said, but there was venom in his voice.

“Okay, okay. I know you’re probably asleep but” he cheekily said, not even sounding sorry about it, “I was. I was having a good-ass dream until someone ruined it” he grumbles but the other line just laughs, seems like Baji wasn’t the only one listening to their call. 


“So, what do you want?” Mitsuya asks before he hears a loud thud from the other line, “Mitsuya-san, how much is a wedding gown if someone would pay you to make one?” he hears Chifuyu ask, “Wedding gown? It depends but why are you asking me? Just go to a boutique or something. Wait, why are you even asking for that in the first place?” 


“Just answer us, Mitsuya. How much would you price it?” Kazutora seems to snatch the phone because the boy could hear an annoyed Chifuyu from the other line, “I said i don’t know. It depends” he answered again, getting really impatient. He wants more sleep.


“What if we say it’s for Takemitchy?” Baji's deep voice beam from the line. There was a moment of silence. Silence, then silence.”hEY! Are you sti-”






“It’s free”


There was cheering on the other side, “But. I need to take his measurements first.” he interrupted them.


“Especially his…”


“...It’s his waist, isn’t it?”




Mitusya felt his cheeks were on fire at his sudden answer, and he heard a chuckle on the phone. “Fine with us, but don’t you dare and try to be touchy with him” The ravenette threatened, not that it would work. 


“Yeah, yeah. Let’s talk about this in a normal setting, yeah?” he said before putting his phone down, placing his hand on his face. 


“I didn’t know Nii-chan likes Take-nii” The lilac boy jolted from his bed. “Luna! Don’t scare me like that” He scolded the young one, the girl giggled. “How long have you been listening?” he asks, praying to anything holy not that part. 


“Everything, Nii-chan. From start to finish.” Mitsuya’s face bloomed into the color red, “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me!” she says with a grin. But before the boy could even say anything. “Under one condition” 


When did my sibling learn to blackmail people?! This is Mikey’s influence for sure. 


“What is it, Luna?” Mitsuya sweatdrops, “We get to see Take-nii wear the clothes first!'' she announced, the boy sighs. “Fine. Go to bed and keep your voice don’t Mana is still sleeping” the girl headed back to her room as Mitsuya plopped on his bed. 


The things I do for you.