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birthday greeting

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“And we hope you have an amaz- HAHJAHAHSHA” Jeno couldn’t finish his speech because he just laughed.

“Jen I swear to god if we don’t finish this video within this day I will not hesitate to kick your ass” Renjun states.

Renjun and Jeno are currently in their room working on some video as a birthday greeting for Chenle. But you know what the problem is? They laugh too much. This happened a few times already, laughing from the awkwardness, from stuttering, and from Jeno spacing out.

Minutes earlier

“Even if we bicker always remember tha-” Renjun stops as he sees Jeno’s serious face staring at the screen. “HAHAHAHHAHA WHY ARE YOU SO SERIOUS” He says, face almost getting red.

“Am I not supposed to?” Jeno blurts out, still serious. “We’re making a video for a birthday! Why do you look so dazed.” Renjun says, still giggling.


“Let’s just start over, we have plenty of time.”

Almost an hour has passed but they are still in the making, the energy they have from the start is now drained.

“Can we like”

“Take a rest for a while?” Renjun says, his voice getting hoarse from laughing.

“Yeah sure.” Says Jeno as they get up from the sofa, stretching their back and getting the camera out of the way. “Aren’t you sleepy? It’s almost midnight.” They spent too much time trying to film that they didn’t notice that it’s getting late.

“I am.” Renjun yawns, leaning his head on Jeno’s back as he hugs him from the back.

How cute.

“Wait up, I’ll just put the camera away, you go upstairs.” Jeno says as he put the camera onto the cabinet. He also declutters a few decorations they used from earlier.

As soon as Jeno entered their bedroom, an already sleeping Renjun greets him, looking absolutely huggable from the way he wrapped himself up with the blanket.

I guess he really is tired.

He steps forward, joining Renjun and tucking them both in the blanket. As soon as he laid down, Renjun shifts a bit, so he makes sure he’s careful.

When they are comfortable, Jeno pulls Renjun closer, making the latter hum softly, Jeno smiled. He stares at Renjun fondly, the moonlight illuminating the smaller’s face, making him look angelic.

He pulled Renjun closer, kissing his forehead, before falling asleep with his arms wrapped around the latter.

Forget the video, they have a present for Chenle anyway.