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Queen For An Evening

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Tsukasa blinked gently as she woke up. The first beams of daylight were coming through the slats of the blinds. She groaned to herself. Her eyes were so sensitive to light that she was always up by 7:00 AM. She rolled onto her side to look at her girlfriend… who was decidedly absent. Did she stay up all night again? Tsukasa rubbed her eyes as she grabbed a gigantic t-shirt with an image of some kind of creature on it. An orc, maybe? Tsukasa was never good with all of Shizuha’s terminology.

As she walked to the door and turned the handle, Shizuha practically fell through.

“Good eeeeeeevening.”

Tsukasa chuckled a bit as she watched her girlfriend collapse on top of the covers and immediately begin snoring. She closed the blinds to make sure the light wouldn’t disturb her, and left Shizuha to her slumber. These mornings were often her favorites. She liked to sit on the couch with a book and a cup of coffee while Shizuha slept. As she walked to the kitchen, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Her ruffled, orange hair and lack of makeup gave her a more natural look than she was used to, and she’d always loved the way Shizuha’s oversized sleep shirts fit on her. She smiled to herself as she went to make coffee.

But alas, she never quite made it to the kitchen on these mornings. The door to Shizuha’s “lair” (it was a study, but Shizuha insisted on the name) was wide open, and Tsukasa could see piles of snack wrappers and Red Bull cans lying around on her desk. Tsukasa muttered curses to herself.

“This is how we get ants.” She sighed as she fumbled around in a cabinet under their sink to find a garbage bag. Living with Shizuha was mostly pretty great, but it occasionally meant having to clean up after her. As she diligently picked up various cans and food packaging, she couldn’t help but let a smile creep across her face. She’d do this every day until she died if it meant keeping Shizuha around. As she swept the last of the crumbs off Shizuha’s desk, she beamed. She was gonna be so happy when she woke up. Tsukasa walked out to the hall to toss the garbage bag down the chute.

When she came back and started making her morning coffee, she wondered what Shizuha was dreaming about. Probably getting the Teebu’s Blazing Longsword drop. Holy shit. She thought to herself. Teebu’s Blazing Longsword? Maybe I am starting to get the stuff she goes on about. Tsukasa smiled as she dropped an exorbitant number of sugar cubes into her coffee. She settled in on the couch with a book she’d been reading, and got ready to enjoy her perfect morning.


Shizuha’s desk was clean again. This was unusual to her, as she had never cleaned it. She had grown used to the cans of Red Bull and aloe vera juice that had once formed an abstract art piece off to the side of her keyboard. She wasn’t upset, just confused about what had happened. Had her girlfriend hired a maid? She called out across the apartment.


“Hey babe!” A response came.

“Did you hire a maid?”

“No? Why would I do that?”

“I don’t know, but someone cleaned my desk. Did someone break in?”


Shizuha could hear the sound of a book snapping shut, followed by footsteps. Tsukasa quickly turned the corner, the edges of her orange hair bouncing slightly with the quick movement.

“I cleaned it! It was no big deal!”

“ trash….”

“I’m sure you’ll cover it in new trash in no time.”

Tsukasa winked and went back to the couch to continue reading. Shizuha sat down at her very clean desk and double clicked the icon on her desktop to open League of Legends. She joined a queue for a quick match. Playing League on Sundays was usually so relaxing, but as she looked around she couldn’t figure out quite why she felt so uneasy. But there was no time to think about that, as she had finally queued into a match. She hovered her mouse pointer over where Evelynn, her favorite character, was about to appear and picked her with a clinical familiarity. These bitches were about to get dunked on.

As the match went on, Shizuha grew increasingly angry at her performance. She whiffed Whiplash and Allure before an enemy Jinx took her out. Before she could respawn, the game was over. What was that about? Why couldn’t she focus…

Shizuha took one look out of the double doors to the computer room and saw Tsukasa, legs outstretched reading a book. She was practically sunbathing. Before she even realized it Shizuha began to tear up at the mere sight of her girlfriend. She decided she needed to prove how in love she really was.

When Tsukasa stepped out of the bath, she was surprised that Shizuha didn’t seem to be around. Usually she’d be deep in ranked League by this time of day. Tsukasa had tried playing once, but she had a hard time understanding games that were more complex than Candy Crush. But whatever, she threw on some comfortable sweatpants and a tank top and flicked on the TV. A rerun of a Gokusen episode was on. As she slumped down into the couch, she could smell a pleasant fragrance from the hallway. Through the door, she heard a muffled voice.

“Tsukasa! Can you come let me in? My hands are full.”

Tsukasa walked over to the door and saw Shizuha, with her arms full of takeout bags.

“I got dinner!”

Tsukasa immediately recognized the logo from her favorite Chinese restaurant. She couldn’t help as a smile crept across her face. Seeing her smile made Shizuha feel warm and happy. She’d do anything to preserve that feeling.

“Are you watching Gokusen?”

“Not really, it was just on.”

“You can keep watching. I’ll set the food up at the table”

Tsukasa smiled even wider than before. She loved taking care of Shizuha, but sometimes the feeling of being taken care of was pretty lovely too. And god the food smelled incredible. She heard a call from the kitchen.

“Ok! Dinner’s ready!”

“Be there in a second!”

“Do you wanna finish your show first?”

“Not really,”

“What do you want to drink?”


“Do we have Pepsi?”

Shizuha smiled as Tsukasa walked over to the dining table. A calming, aromatic candle was lit in the middle of the table, as a myriad of side dishes and entrees were arranged on paper plates around it. Tsukasa grinned.

“Paper plates? It’s like we’re in college again.”

“I figured it would help skip the dish work.”

“Did you buy these while you were out?”


Tsukasa glanced at a stack of paper plates on the kitchen counter. The plastic was freshly torn. She turned back to Shizuha.

“Why are you doing all this?”

Tsukasa leaned into a bite of her rice and looked slightly quizzically at her girlfriend. The candlelight obscured it, but a scarlet blush crept across Shizuha’s face.

“Um. What do you mean?”

Tsukasa took another bite of her food. A small shower of crumbs landed on her plate as she spoke.

“Like. Being all romantic like this. Is there a reason?”

Shizuha took a small, diligent bite of her food.

“Do I need a reason to be nice to you?”

Shizuha’s eyes had taken on a sort of sheepishness. She took another small bite of her food as Tsukasa responded.

“I guess not. I just figured you might have one.”

“Maybe I do.”

“Well what is it?”

“Maybe I’ll tell you later.”

Tsukasa pouted a little, which made Shizuha laugh. She always made the funniest faces.

“So, what’d you get up to today?”

Tsukasa was a bit taken aback by the question. Not that Shizuha was a bad listener, but she often had rants and stories to tell. Tsukasa was certainly not used to Shizuha opening a conversation like this.

“Um… not much I guess. Dad called.”

“How’s he doing?”


Shizuha smiled. Tsukasa loved that smile. It was always so warm and heartfelt.

“I’m glad to hear that.”

Tsukasa laughed. “Thanks.”


An hour or two later, Shizuha found herself in the kitchen washing the silverware they had used for their food. Shizuha had gone out of her way to avoid greasy foods, and it was making this cleanup process much easier. Her cunning plan was going exactly as she had expected. In the living room, Tsukasa was watching a drama show on Netflix. Shizuha could never follow the plots, but Tsukasa couldn’t get enough of them. But alas, she would have to cut Tsukasa’s watch session short.

After putting away the silverware, Shizuha slinked into the bedroom and pulled out a bag that she had hidden while setting up dinner. From it, she pulled a lacy, turquoise, see through lingerie top and a pair of frilly black panties. She quickly removed her t-shirt and jeans, and along with them the plain black underwear she had been wearing. Putting on the new underwear she had bought felt… good. But tonight wasn’t about her. She could revel in this feeling later. Looking in the mirror, Shizuha noticed a slight issue, namely that the panties she had chosen were rather small for the sizable thing they were meant to contain. She knew this could be an issue, so she tucked it up before she even had the chance to get hard. Finally, she donned a soft, white bathrobe to wear to cover up what she was wearing.

All things considered, Tsukasa was having an incredible night. Million Yen Women continued to be the best show on television. Her girlfriend had given her an incredible dinner. Now she could just sit back and relax. Her priorities shifted, however, when Shizhua came out in a white bathrobe.

“Heyyyyy Shiz! What’s up? Wanna watch Million Yen with me?”

“Actually um…”

Shizuha got closer to her, bringing her face inches from Tsukasa’s. Tsukasa noticed Shizuha’s chest rising and falling. She was breathing so heavily. Tsukasa felt hands around her waist as Shizuha pushed her downwards and kissed her into the couch. She could feel Shizuha’s lips on her neck.

“Oh, um, Shiz…”

“Is something wrong?”

Shizuha looked up.

“Can we… pause my show maybe?”


Tsukasa grinned impishly. Shizuha smiled with her usual calmness and returned to kissing Tsukasa’s neck.

“Fuck, Shiz. This is so…”

Her voice trailed off as she felt the heat of Shizuha’s body against hers. She saw Shizuha begin to disrobe, being treated to a full view of Shizuha’s assets. Her tits, with dark nipples showing through a see through top. A sizable bulge at her crotch. Long legs and beautiful hair. The arousal was quickly replaced by embarrassment.

“Hey… um… I’m sorry can we… pause.”

“What’s wrong?”


Shizuha looked very concerned for Tsuksa. Tsukasa seemed anxious.

“It’s just… you got all dressed up for me. I’m wearing sweatpants with soy sauce stains on them.”

Shizuha began to chuckle, which quickly turned into a full blown laugh.

“Don’t laugh at me!”

Shizuha smiled and planted another kiss on Tsukasa’s cheek.

“Tsukasa… tonight is about you. I want to make you happy.”

Shizuha slid her hands around Tsukasa’s waist. Tsukasa could feel the warmth of intimacy returning to her stomach as she could feel Shizuha’s groin pressed slightly against her own.

“Let me treat you.”

Tsukasa leaned in to kiss Shizuha, who gladly returned the favor. As the kiss got longer and more intense, Shizuha slipped her hand down Tsukasa’s waistband, pressing her slender fingers against the outside of Tsukasa’s panties. Tsukasa let out a slight moan at the pressure, which was quickly replaced by a louder one as Shizuha’s fingers made contact. Shizuha slid her middle finger up and down along Tsukasa’s opening, feeling her finger pick up arousal as she went.

In a slow, delicate movement, Shizuha moved her finger inside of Tsukasa. Tsukasa moaned loudly as Shizuha began to trace small circles along Tsukasa’s inside. Tsukasa pulled frantically at the waistband of her sweatpants, practically throwing them across the room the second they were off. Tsukasa wrapped her arms around Shizuha’s shoulders, desperate for Shizuha to be deeper inside her. Shizuha pulled gently away from their kiss and smiled.

“What do you want me to do, Tsukasa?”

“Fuck me.”

Shizuha smiled and got up to grab a condom, but Tsukasa pulled her back down onto the couch, and quickly wrapped her legs around Shizuha’s waist.

“I want you now.”

Shizuha could feel herself getting hard. If she wasn’t careful, she feared she might tear these panties. Tsukasa pulled her tank top off, revealing her bare skin. Shizuha kissed down Tsukasa’s shoulders and chest. The light, airy kisses were enough to give Tsukasa goosebumps. With a soft whine, she grabbed idly at the straps of Shizuha’s top, attempting to pull it down and expose her chest. Shizuha smiled calmly and pulled the top off over her head, fully exposing her chest. Tsukasa wrapped her arms around Shizuha’s shoulders and pulled her into a kiss. Shizuha quickly fumbled her panties down, allowing her cock to spring out.

Tsukasa was so blinded by the warmth of the kiss that she didn’t get a chance to see Shizuha’s dick, but she certainly felt it when Shizuha slowly inserted herself. Tsukasa could practically feel herself stretching around Shizuha’s size. By the time she felt the base of Shizuha’s pelvis touching her own, Tsukasa had to bite her tongue to stop herself from shrieking with pleasure. Shizuha was always able to touch the deepest parts of her.

“Is this okay?”


“YES. Y-yes.”

Tsukasa blushed sheepishly.

“Just um… ergh. Go… slow please. It’s really… fuck… big.”

Tsukasa could barely form the request as Shizuha began to slowly move in and out of her. She moaned loudly and buried her face between Shizuha’s tits. Feeling Shizuha’s bare cock between her legs somehow turned her on even more, not to mention feeling enveloped in the warmth of her tits.

Tsukasa could feel ecstasy starting to build as Shizuha’s movements got slightly faster, but this was added to as Shizuha drew her torso away from Tsukasa’s. She pulled Tsukasa’s face up and kissed her hard as she buried her cock as deeply inside Tsukasa as she could, drawing a loud swear from Tsukasa.

“Fuck! Shiz, it’s-”

Shizuha placed a finger to her lips and began to run her hands over every inch of exposed flesh on Tsukasa’s body. She gingerly touched her hips, sides, chest, waist and legs, all while Tsukasa squirmed from the depth of penetration. Shizuha could feel Tsukasa getting even wetter against her. Shizuha began to move again, and Tsukasa realized she couldn’t take much more.

Shizuha’s pleasure built up as well, as Tsukasa began to rock her hips with the beginning of a climax. Shizuha began to move faster, amplifying the pleasure to an even further extent.

“Fuck. Shizuha. Shizuha, I’m gonna-”

Tsukasa’s eyes rolled back into her head, and she let out a loud scream of ecstasy as the warmth of orgasm rushed over her. She squirmed and rocked her hips against Shizuha, who could feel herself getting closer as well.

“Tsukasa, I’m close. Where do you want me to-”

Tsukasa pushed her tits together and smiled eagerly, as Shizuha moaned and pulled out at just the last second. Strands of warm, sticky white covered Tsukasa’s stomach and tits. As Shizuha collapsed next to her on the couch, Tsukasa ran a finger over her stomach to collect some of the mess, before sticking it in her mouth.

“You taste good.”

She smiled and nuzzled into her exhausted girlfriend, accidentally dribbling some of the cum onto Shizuha’s tits into the process.

“So, why did you do all this, Shiz? You never said.”

Shizuha looked up and smiled.

“You cleaned my desk.”