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A bird in a snare

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Tommy screeched as he fell through the air, arms flailing as he plummeted towards the white ground, his wings useless shoved out behind him. 


He landed face first into a mound of snow, luckily for him he was in the Antarctic Empire when he crashed, and the empire was always covered in a soft blanket of snow.


He sat up and shook the snow out of his golden hair, he immediately felt cold to the core as the feeling sunk into his pale skin. He stood up and looked around, silently cursing himself. He was in the middle of nowhere! Giant spruce trees surrounded him on all sides, and all he could see other than that was snow. He was lost in the most dangerous and cold place in the world.


Tommy huffed and walked about a little, but didn’t leave his little clearing, he didn’t want to get lost even more. Eventually he just sat down on the soft snow and waited. His wings were still on his back, the small golden feathers were bright against the light snow. Usually it was apparent how dirty and dull they were, he never preened them after all. He didn’t really know how. Only flock can preen ones feathers and Tommy didn’t have a flock. But he was fine with it. 


The thing is, Tommy couldn’t fly that good, that’s why he had crashed just now. And he needed a running start to take off into the air, and there was no where he could do that here, so he was stuck.


So he sat, and he waited.


And he was very, very, bored.




Technoblade looked out over his land proudly, leaning on his axe like a cane. He was miles away from any towns or civilization, but he liked it out here. 


Usually, Techno lived in the palace with his brother and father, they were the emperors of the Antarctic empire, and were considered the biggest villains around. But every once in a while he liked to come out here to the wilderness, patrol the territory like his piglin instincts told him too. Out here no one could bother him, if they did he would cut their heads off. The only thing bad about it was that he had to be away from his hoard. Like all piglin hybrids, he loved gold, so he kept all of it in his main den. But the little cabin he stayed in while he was out here had none of it.


But nonetheless, this wilderness was his territory, he needed to protect it, guard it, and his instincts made him take his job very seriously.


So when he saw a small figure plummeting to the ground in the distance, letting out a loud shreik, he immediately got upset. Someone was in his territory. They didn’t belong there, they had to get out.


He marched to where he saw them land, fully ready to chop their head off with an axe. He heard the boy before he saw him, he was mumbling to himself about being trapped there. His hands gripped the axe handle as he stood behind a tree, ready to kill whoever dare be on his land.


But when he stepped out into the light of the clearing, any plans he might have had faded from his mind when he saw it.


The gold.


There was gold.


The boy was gold.


He stared at the child, the gold, an instinct sparking in him. It was gold, he must take the gold back to his den, it must be his.


He dropped the axe onto the snowy ground, red eyes set on the child as he stalked forward, all humanity leaving him until it was just a piglin wanting a treasure.


The boy didn’t notice Techno until he was standing right next to him, towering over the small child. He lifted his head and turned, finding himself face to face with the giant brute.


The kid screamed, then fainted onto the snow.

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Technoblade dragged the young unconscious boy through the snow, all he could think about was getting him back to his den where he belonged.


By now he was completely lost in his animal instincts. He was no longer Technoblade, he was a piglin with a kid to protect. all he wanted was the child, safe in his den. He would take care of it of course, it was his now, a treasured piece of his hoard. He would be a good protector and care for it forever. It was a bit small and skinny, it needed lots of care, he had to start right away.


Finally he arrived at his den and threw the door open, he pulled it shut behind him, making sure to lock it. Of course he would need to secure the den, he needed to make sure the nestlet was safe, but he needed it in a nest first.


As he stood in his den he wondered briefly why he didn’t have a nest laid out already, the nestling would need comfort and a bed. For now he placed it on the maroon couch as he went to gather every soft thing he could find to make a nest. The den only had three rooms, the living room and kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom. So he went to the bedroom, gathered every pillow, blanket, and even the mattress, and brought it out to the living room. 


The couch was near a corner, and on the other wall of the corner there was an empty fireplace. But there was a small space made by the couch and fireplace that would be perfect for his nest. He needed walls to protect the nestling. So he placed the mattress in the corner and arranged the blankets until the nest was perfect. Then he turned and picked up the child to place it in the nest.


It was still sleeping, he wanted to touch it and pet it, it’s golden wings definitely needed preening and his hair wasn’t brushed, but he needed to make sure it was safe first. 


Techno went around and locked all the windows, covering some up with boards and closing the curtains on the others. His den was secure, the nestling was safe.


But he was still annoyed and agitated, the den wasn’t good enough to take care of the nestlet. It was too empty, too open, too easily attackable. And there was no gold, none of his hoard was here except the boy, he would need to bring it home as soon as possible. At the home den he could care for it fully, it had everything he needed to raise it. He would be a good protector, a good chief. 


Now that he felt slightly better about the safety of the pup, he went to fully observe the kit he picked up. He sat in front of the nest, watching it sleep, carefully monitoring it's breath as it's side went up and down.


The baby was small and weak, most likely a runt. It had pale skin and pink cheeks, it’s hair was golden, it was golden, it was golden! So were its wings!


Just the thought of the gold excited him. 


He wanted to touch it, he wanted to groom it's golden hair and preen it's golden wings. But then it might wake up, he didn’t want it to wake up, it needed it's sleep and it looked so pretty lying there. So for now he was content to watch his Shote.


Then his eyes trailed back to the Shotes face, he blinked and his stomach fluttered. It’s eyes were wide and open, staring at him.


His pup was awake.

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Tommy opened his eyes to find a giant hybrid staring at him. He screamed and jumped back, flattening himself against the wall. The hybrid cocked it's head and grunted annoyedly, starting forward towards him.


Tommy screamed again, “get away from me!” And the hybrid backed off, sitting back down and watching him.


It appeared to be a piglin hybrid, it was huge and muscular, it looked like a pink boar that just walked on two legs like a human. It had red eyes, and when Tommy saw them fear shot through him. 


The pupils were shrunk so much they were barely more than slits, and Tommy realized why he was acting so weird.


He had been lost to his instincts.


But that didn’t change Tommys fear, especially when he recognized the person in front of him.


Emperor Technoblade of the Antarctic Empire, one of the most feared villains around. He was said to kill on a whim, and had never lost a fight, ever.


And now Tommy was trapped with him.


Once again the piglin hybrid reached out for him, Tommy squeaked and shoved himself up against the wall. But the arm simply wrapped around his waist and yanked Tommy towards him. Tommy was pulled onto the large mans lap, the Emperor grabbed his wrist with one hand and held it up so he couldn’t move, with the other he pulled his claws through his golden hair, gently pulling out the knots.


Tommy whined and squirmed, but the piglin simply rumbled and pulled him closer. Tommy was pulled against their chest, and he tried not to relish in the warmth it brought.


“Get off me!” Tommy yelled, shaking as the murderer touched him. He ignored the tiny pleasure he got from human contact, shoving it down as he focused on trying to get away.


The piglin hybrid grunted in annoyance as Tommy kept trying to move away, but the only thing he succeeded in doing was making the man's grip on him tighter.


Finally, Tommy gave up trying to escape, there was no way he could overpower the other hybrids strength. So he relaxed slightly into the embrace, letting the other comb through his hair. It felt…nice really. He hadn’t been held like that in….ever. No one ever held him like that, but it was nice.


Nice…but unfamiliar.


It felt strange the way the claws groomed his hair, they were gentle and soft, but every touch sent a reaction through him. But, it was relaxing. The warmth, the comfort, the safety. Tommy couldn’t help leaning back into Technos body, the warmth putting him in a sort of a haze as his eyelids dripped close.


Then immediately opened again at a vibration from the man holding him. It came straight from his chest and made a rumbling sound, deep and low. It wasn’t a growl, it was a purr, like a cat. Do piglins purr? This one was.


Once all of the knots were out of Tommy’s hair, Techno seemed to calm down. For a couple minutes he just hugged Tommy, which the young boy found extremely uncomfortable, before placing him back on the mattress and stalking away.


Tommy stayed on the mattress, pushing his back against the wall and pulling his legs up to his chest, wrapping his arms around them.


“Umm, if we’re done here I can just go…” Tommy said hesitantly.


The piglin brutes head snapped towards him and he turned around and stomped back to the nest. He got down to Tommy’s level and leaned forward ominously. Tommy clenched his eyes shut and turned away, not wanting to see whatever the man was going to do to him. But all he heard was a snuffling sound and felt warm breath on his cheek. The man was….sniffing him?


“You really are just in primal mode,” Tommy murmured as the man leaned back.


In response, the hybrid cocked his head and made a grunting sound. He then got onto the mattress and flopped down, closing his eyes as if to sleep. 


This would have been Tommy’s time to escape except for the fact that the piglin had deliberately laid so he was blocked the way off the mattress.


Tommy huffed, he had no way to leave so he would just have to wait this out. Moving himself to the corner, he kept his arms wrapped around his legs and was curled up in an upright position, he closed his eyes, telling himself he was just resting a bit.


He inevitably fell asleep.

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When Tommy woke up, there was a dead deer lying in the middle of the floor and a fire had been stoked in the fireplace. Unfortunately for him, the piglin was still there, and when Tommy sat up, it immediately ran over to him. He flinched away from it but it simply searched him all over, looking for any injury.


“I’m fine, go away!” Tommy said, slightly annoyed at himself for even having to tell it.


Techno leaned back and walked away from the nest, he grabbed the dead deers leg and ripped it off the body with a sickening tear that made Tommy look away. Then he sat down in front of the fire and held the leg over it, staring at Tommy as it cooked.


He glared at the hybrid in response and it snorted looking back at the fire, but would glance over every few seconds. After a couple minutes, Technoblade pulled the leg out of the fire and scooted over to Tommy holding it out to him. Tommy glared, but took it reluctantly, if he was going to wait this out he needed to eat. 


He slowly bit into the meat, aware of Techno watching his every move. The thought of it sickened him, Tommy had heard the stories of what this man could do, and here he was keeping Tommy captive while he himself was trapped in the mindset of his primal side. 


Tommy didn’t want to be here, he wanted to be home. In the little nest he made for himself back in Essempi. It wasn’t the best den, but it was his. It was a little house in an Alleyway. He had built a roof over it and put up a curtain to block the view from the streets. He had made a large nest out of things he had found in the middle of it, mostly made of discarded or stolen blankets. He had trinkets hidden in its folds, little treasures he found. He missed it.


Tommy hadn’t even noticed he started crying until Techno gave a distressed whine. Tommy looked up at the hybrid, cocking its head with a concerned look. He glared at it, how dare it act concerned when it's their fault he was there in the first place!?


Techno reached out for the young boy and Tommy flinched, turning away. He pulled his knees up to his chest as he cried, ignoring the sounds of the hybrids concerned grunts.


“I want to go home!” He wailed aloud, “let me go!”


He saw the pink furred hand reach out to him again and this time he slapped it away, sadness turning to anger he whirled around, wings puffing up.


“Leave me alone!” He yelled, “it’s your fault! You won’t let me leave! I want to go home!” He cried, choking slightly on tears.


For a moment, Technoblade sat there, struck. Then his eyes narrowed. Tommy shrank back a bit, he hoped he hadn’t angered the piglin. Tommy was no match for the brute and wouldn’t stand a chance if he decided to attack. But what happened next thoroughly shocked the tears away.




The nestling was sad, it was crying. This was bad, why was it angry? Why was it upset?


Techno tried to think. He had given it food, it had slept, was it cold? Did it have a fever?


When he reached out to check the little one flinched away from him and turned away, Techno retracted sadly. Why wouldn’t it let him help?  He needed to make sure it was ok.


He reached out to touch the child again, wanting to comfort it. It didn’t need to be sad, Techno was here! Techno would protect it.


The tiny child slapped at his hand and rounded on him, chattering angrily at him. Perhaps it wasn’t used to being touched, there was a word for this, skin hunger. He would have to get it used to being held.


Techno stood up, towering over the small child. It looked up at him, tears welling in the corners of its eyes. But he simply reached down and pulled the kid up to him. He held him close, like a baby, protecting it in his powerful grip.


He carefully carried the child over to the couch as it sniffled and whined, he sat down with it and rocked it, holding it close.


It seemed to calm down a bit, it’s heart slowed and it stopped crying, it sniffed once in a while but the tears stopped trickling. He grunted comforting snorts at it, feeling the need to calm it down.


The child melted in his hands, but it was still sad. How could he make it happy? What did it need? 


Of course treasure would brighten it up, but he had none here and it was in no condition to travel back to home den.


He racked his brain about what would make the babe happy, perhaps it was stressed, it needed to relax.


Techno picked up the Shote and sat it up, he leaned it on his shoulder and began rubbing its back. It whined mournfully in his ear, tensing up as he touched it. 


But as Techno moved his hands up and down the child’s back, pushing gently into the skin, the pup inevitably relaxed. It’s anxiety didn’t totally melt away, but it was relaxing at least.


It closed it's eyes and rested it's head on his shoulder, letting Techno pet and message him.


After a while, the slow passing of breath told Technoblade the kid was asleep. He closed his eyes as well and smiled, nuzzling slightly into the little ones hair. Perhaps he wouldn’t return it to it's nest tonight, perhaps he would keep it there for just a while.


By far, this child would be the best part of his hoard.


He couldn’t wait

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Tommy woke up at last, he was very hot and covered in sweat. Why was it so warm? He wondered.


When he opened his eyes, he realized the reason he was so warm.


Techno was laying with him, arm stretched across his torso and large body pressing into his back and hip. He was still snoring peacefully.


Tommy immediately jerked away from the piglin hybrid, scrambling out of his grip and throwing himself at the wall.


The hybrid gently lifted it's head and opened its eyes, blinking groggily. Up until now, it’s pupils had been sharp slits, a sign that a person was in an instinctual mode. But now, his red eyes looked more normal, his pupils were larger and there wasn’t as much raw feeling behind them.


Technoblade sat up yawning and cracking his neck, he looked down at Tommy with a monotone face. Then he smirked, a spark of amusement in his eyes,


“Hello there.”


Tommy glared at him, pressing himself further back into the wall.


“Don't worry, I’m not gonna hurt you unless I need to, don’t make me have to and I won’t.” He said with a cocky look.


Tommy glared harder, “I’m not scared prick! I just want to leave!”


Techno cocked his head at Tommy, his smile fading and replaced by the same bored, empty look.


“What’s that look for! Move and let me go!” Tommy snapped, trying to hide the fear in his voice.


Techno rolled his eyes and smirked again, “Don't worry, we will be leaving soon.” He said.


“W-we?” Tommy asked.


Techno grinned, letting out a little snort, “did you think I would just let you go? I brought you here for a reason, you're part of my hoard now. My brother and dad will be delighted to meet you, they're going to love you.”


Tommy’s heart and face fell, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes when he heard that. His stomach churned and he felt sick. Part of his hoard?

Tommy wasn’t a piece of treasure, he was a person, he wanted to go home.


He was shaking, he didn’t realize it though, he was too distracted by the painful feeling in his stomach.


“Y-you can’t keep me here, people will come looking for me, my family will tell the police.” Tommy lied, his voice quivering.


Techno laughed, he actually laughed. Then he stared straight into Tommy’s blue eyes, his own red ones glinting.


“No ones going to look for you, you're obviously alone. You're skinny and malnourished, your wings look like they haven’t been preened in ages. If you had a flock, they weren’t a very good one, and either way, I don’t think they would come looking for you.” He said.


Tommy pursed his lips, holding back tears and trying to stop his shaking, he was right. He was totally right, he had seen right past Tommy’s lie.


“Don’t be afraid kid, me and my pack are going to take good care of you. Nothings ever going to hurt you again, and if anyone tries, I will rip their organs from their bodies.


The last part was said with a dark growl, it sent shivers down Tommy’s spine.


“Anyway, it’s time to go, I’m taking you back to my palace.” Techno said, standing up.


“What’s your name by the way?” He asked.


Tommy stood up carefully, tears still pooling, “T-Tommy.” He answered.


Techno smiled, “ Tommy. It’s perfect.”


For some reason, despite the compliment, it only made the small boy feel worse.




They had been walking for a long time when they reached the city, Techno kept a firm hand around Tommys wrist, making it impossible to try and escape.


Despite himself, Tommy couldn't help looking around in wonder at the city of the arctic. People strolled around, going about their daily business, but they made wide room for Techno and Tommy as they walked through the main street.


Tommy could feel the stares of everyone as they passed by, it made him feel sick with anxiety. He shivered and shied away from the peoples stares.


After a while, Technoblade noticed the staring, he was used to it himself, people always stared at one of their emperors when he was out and about. But he didn't like them staring at Tommy. Tommy was his , his treasure, his nestling. And whenever someone would so much as look his way, Techno would scare them off with a glare and a growl.


Tommy leaned slightly into Techno, and inside he purred, happy that the young boy was voluntarily close to him. He had to keep up appearances while out in public, he couldn't let the citizens see him cuddle up to Tommy. They would think he was soft and that wouldn't do, he would have to roll some heads to fix it. But he assured himself once they were in the safety of the private castle he would hold Tommy as close as possible.


He smiled when he thought of the young boy sitting with his hoard, the jewels and gold would look wonderful near the child. He almost purred aloud when he thought of the nestlet safe within the walls of his territory.


Finally the castle came into view, Tommy stared at it in awe, mouth slightly agape. And Techno couldn't help but smirk with pride, soon he would see what a good protector Technoblade could be. Inside the castle, Tommy would have everything and anything he wanted. Techno would make sure of it.


Soon they went through the large gates that surrounded his den. He smiled at Tommy looking around curiously. He would make sure the boy had a good home here.


Suddenly they heard a drawling voice, slick and silver, a voice Technoblade knew very well.


“Well, well, well, who do we have here? A new toy from Techno?”

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Tommy looked up to see a man standing in front of the castle, hands on his hips and a smirk on his face. He had wavy brown hair that fell over one eye and freckles dotting his face. His ears were pointed and his pupils were slitted like Techno, but his eyes were a dark green. He wore a yellow sweater with a long brown trench coat. He was staring at Tommy like he was a piece of prey.


“You can't hurt him Wilbur, he’s mine.” Technoblade told the man, watching him with a warning in his eyes.


The man looked at Techno and frowned, rolling his eyes, then he looked back at Tommy and grinned, showing sharp teeth.


“Hello there little one, you're very pretty, what's your name?” he asked, his eyes wide and slightly crazed.


The man's voice when he said this was strange, it was soft and high, lilting and waving. It made Tommys heart pound fast.


“This is Tommy, you will not hypnotize him and you will be nice, he is ours now and you can relax because he isn't a threat. Tommy, this is my brother Wilbur.” Techno introduced.


Wilbur frowned at Techno again, but grinned at Tommy. The scary aura was gone and replaced by a happy and cheerful one, his whole demeanor seemed to change as he bounced towards Tommy and knelt down in front of him.


“I can see why Techno took you, you're adorable! And so tiny! Ohhhh, Phils gonna love you!” he squealed.


Tommy glared at him, moving away towards Techno. 


“I'm not adorable or tiny! I’m a big man! And you're a weirdo!” Tommy argued.


“Awwwwwwww…” purred Wilbur, completely unphased. “Techno can I hold him!?”

Techno shrugged, “I don't see why not, just be careful with him.”


Before Tommy could argue he was scooped into Wilburs arms. The tall man held him close to his chest, one arm wrapped around his chest and the other petting his hair.


He’s so perfect, we are going to protect you forever, you will never leave our side and nothing will hurt you. You are ours now, and nothing will take you away from us, ours, ours.”


His voice was strange, it hissed and echoed. Tommy noticed that Wilburs eyes had turned bright blue and his pupils had shrunk; he too had fallen under the pull of his instincts.


“Wilbur, your siren is taking over, you're going to scare the kid. Calm down.” Techno said.


Wilbur took a deep breath and his eyes and voice went back to normal. He looked down at Tommy happily, affection burning in his eyes.


“I didn't mean to scare him, I just can't help it. You're right, Techno, we are definitely keeping him.” Wilbur decided.


Tommy suddenly snapped out of whatever surprised haze he was in, he tried to push away from Wilbur.


“Wait wait wait! No no no! You can’t keep me, this is kidnapping, let me go you pricks!” He yelled.


“Sorry Tommy, too late, you're ours now and I’m never letting you go.” Wilbur told him, hugging him tight.


Tommy opened his mouth and screeched as loud as he could, anything to get away from these people. But a cold hand slapped over his mouth.


Wilbur glared at him, “Don’t. Do. That.” He hissed.


Tommy nodded frantically, tears once again starting to pool. Wilburs gaze relaxed and he removed his hand.


“Come on, let’s go get you settled in.”




“He should stay in my room!”


“No, my room!”


“I found him first!”


“Yeah, so you already got to stay with him!”


“So he’s used to it!”


“It’s my turn!”


Tommy watched the two, his eyes going back and forth between them as they argued.


It had started with them wanting to make him a room, they ordered pillows, blankets, clothes, and other necessities. But they wouldn’t arrive for a while. So now the two were arguing over who’s room he would stay in until his own was ready.


He would really rather stay in an empty room with nothing of his own than stay with one of his kidnappers, but like everything else lately, he didn’t have a choice in the matter.


“How about, we both stay with him tonight? We can use your room since it’s bigger and then we both get to be happy.” Wilbur said.


Tommy fought the urge to ask about himself being happy, he figured it wasn’t the time.


Wilbur turned away to order more stuff on his phone, and Techno walked over to Tommy. He sat down on the empty bed that Tommy was sitting on, leaning against the bed frame and pulling Tommy towards him.


“What are you doing?” Tommy asked suspiciously.


“Just relax, I’m not doing anything to hurt you.” Techno shushed him.


He pulled Tommy closer to him, having Tommy sit next to him and lean on his chest with one of Technos arms wrapped around his shoulder. He pulled out a small book and opened it, beginning to read.


“This is the story of the Phoenix, I want you to be well versed in mythology, nobody reads the classics anymore.” Techno told him.


Tommy rolled his eyes but listened nonetheless.


“There was once a beautiful bird made of gold and fire, it was immortal, living for 500 years at a time. When the years were over, it would return to its nest and turn to ash, then a new bird would rise from the ashes and the cycle would start again. This creature was called the Phoenix.”


Tommy listened to Techno read, learning about the magnificent bird of the past. Eventually, he raised his head and looked at the man, 


“Is the Phoenix still around? You said it’s immortal.”


Techno smiled softly at the young boy, an expression you would never see on him anywhere else.


“It is, but no one knows where. Some say it took the form of a human, and it’s reincarnation keeps happening when the human dies. Others say it’s still out there, since there’s only ever 1 at a time and it lives in the largest desert in the world, it’s possible that it exists and we just haven’t found it yet. But most believe it’s just a myth.”


Tommy thought for a minute,


“What do you believe?”


Technoblade pondered this for a moment, “I believe…that anything is possible, if it exists, it exists, if it doesn’t, the world has been deprived of something beautiful.”


As Techno continued on, Tommy thought about this. But he slowly began falling asleep. His eyelids drooped as he listened to the piglins soft, droning voice, comforting and safe. Eventually, he gave in, and fell asleep in Technos arms.

Chapter Text

Tommy laid on the empty mattress, his top half hanging off the bed as he watched Wilbur play on his phone.

“I’m hungry.” He stated.

Wilbur and Technoblade immediately jumped up and walked over, crouching in front of him with bright smiles.

“What do you want?”

Tommy thought for a minute before responding,



Later, Tommy, Wilbur, and Techno sat in the room drinking their smoothies. Tommy’s wings flicked in annoyance every time Wilbur warned him to be careful and not to get a brain freeze. Then a man walked into the room, a man Tommy had never seen before.

The man had blonde hair and bright green eyes, he wore long black robes and had giant black wings on his back, he was an avian as well, but not the kind Tommy was.

“Uhhhh, whatcha got there boys?” The man asked, looking at Tommy.

“Smoothies.” Techno responded.

The man was not amused.

“This is Tommy, he is our new child, Techno found him in the woods and he is ours now.” Wilbur explained.

The man narrowed his eyes, he looked like he was thinking, Tommy could practically see the wheels turning in his head.

“Hmmmmmmmm, a nestling is a big responsibility….” He murmured.

Tommy was slightly annoyed and confused at the fact that this man was not so much concerned that the two boys had kidnapped him off the streets as to whether or not they could handle him. What was wrong with these people!?

“Please Phil!?” Wilbur begged, “I promise we will take good care of him, and look how cute he is!”

“I’m not cute!” Tommy snapped.

“Hmmm, he is cute…”

“No I’m not! Don’t call me that!”

“Ok, I guess we can keep him, welcome to the flock Tommy.” He decided.

Techno and Wilbur cheered, Tommy resisted the urge to yell.

“Yaaaaaaay! This is gonna be so great! You can teach him how to fly and show us how to preen his feathers because they definitely need to be preened, and you can help build his nest or we could have one big nest we can all use, oh like when it gets really cold and Techno hibernates and….” Wilbur rambled on to Phil.

Tommy’s nose scrunched and he pursed his lips, he had to get out of here, and soon. His window of escape time was closing quickly, if they got too attached they would follow him and hunt him down, he needed out now!

Then he got an idea.

But would it work?

He pushed himself off the bed and walked over to Wilbur, tugging on his jacket.

“Can I go explore the castle? I promise I won’t go far, I just want to see my new home.” He said, trying to sound innocent.

“Awww, of course Tommy! Just be careful, ok?”

Tommy nodded and forced a smile before trotting out the door and closing it quietly behind him. Once he was safely out of view, he bolted.

Tommy ran up the closest staircase he could find and the next ones after that, getting higher and higher until he was eventually above the cloud line. Then he found a large window and pushed it open.

He backed up a few paces and spread his wings, flapping and testing them a bit, then, he ran forward and leaped off the ledge, flapping as hard as he could.

He held back a whoop as he flew through the air, away from the empire and back towards home.

He was free.

Now he just had to pray that it would last.


“Hey Techno, have you seen Tommy?” Wilbur asked, he hadn’t seen the boy since he asked to explore the castle almost an hour ago.

“No, sorry.” Technoblade responded, nose in a book.


Wilbur left the room and scented the air, he could still smell Tommy’s faint scent, a mixture of buttercream and stormy rain. He followed it to a staircase, resisting the urge to take a minute to relish the sweet smell.

He climbed staircase after staircase, with each step he got more and more worried, until finally, the trail ended.

It led out an open window, doors banging against the castle walls as they were blown by the wind.

Tommy was gone.

Wilburs fists clenched and he shook slightly.

He’s gone, child is gone.

Find child, our child, find him! Hunt him!

The slick, hissing words filled his brain as his eyes turned blue and his pupils shrank. Claws grew from his fingernails and a blue tail sprouted from his back, bearing two fins. He usually repressed his siren side, it was dangerous and bloodthirsty, but now he couldn’t control it. A low growl emitted from him as the siren screamed in his mind.

Child escaped, find him! Find him! Find him!

He left! He escaped! Hunt him! Find him!

Wilbur roared and screeched as he gave way to his instincts, the sound filling up the castle.

And the hunt began.

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The transition from the Antarctic empire back into Essempi was awful. In no time at all he went from freezing cold to super hot, and he was exhausted. And what was worse, he had a zit in his ear! IN his ear!


He landed on the ground in front of his alley way and immediately fell, stumbling to the ground. His stomach hurt, he felt nauseous, and he was sore everywhere. 


The Alley was blocked by a light red curtain, which he hurried to stand up and pull away, he smiled as he laid eyes on his nest.


Sitting atop a short wooden platform was a giant birds nest made of red blankets. Small golden trinkets glimmered and shined in it's folds, little treasures Tommy had brought back. 


He nearly cried.


It was home.


He walked closer to the nest, eyes drooping with exhaustion, yet still smiling faintly.


He clutched his stomach as he leaned against the brick wall of the alleyway, one hand on the wall to steady himself. 


Even though he was home, he couldn’t shake a certain feeling. Tommy didn’t know if it was just the sickness or paranoia, or if it was deeper than that. But he felt like something was wrong, and it almost seemed as if someone was watching him, a feeling that made him arch his spine and the back of his neck tickle uncomfortably.


Had the syndicate found him? 


No, if they had, he doubted they would have waited, by what he gathered about them, neither Wilbur nor Technoblade were the type to hang back when they were after something. Phil, maybe, but he would have been watching from high in the sky, and Tommy would have seen his shadow if he was.


No, this was different, he could sense some kind of presence, but it was faint, and Tommy couldn’t quite pinpoint it.


He tried to stumble the rest of the way to his nest, intending to keep himself up straight, but failing. He tripped and fell, catching himself on the base of the nest. He really needed rest,

And water.

Water would be good.

But not for his stomach.


His eyelids fluttered, the pull of sleep weighed him down, he could just fall asleep here, his arm was in his nest, that was enough.


Despite his aching limbs, unsettled stomach, congested nose and phlegm filled tongue, and his dry mouth, he still wanted to just sleep. His feet were cold, but he didn’t have the strength or will to stand up and pull himself into his warm nest.


What was he going to do?


He was so uncomfortable, his stomach, his heavy and cold body parts, his drooping eyelids. He was annoyed by all of it and just wanted it to end!


Suddenly there was a thump behind him, Tommy almost groaned aloud, so much for this. 






He sighed deeply, not even bothering to try and sit up or look around.


“Look at you Tommy,” a voice hissed. It was dark and heavy, slicked with venom and honey, it sounded shaky and angry, like a warning.


It was Wilbur.


Tommy finally sat up and turned around, staring at the enraged Siren.


Wilburs tail was flicking around behind him and his blue eyes were dark and set on Tommy, like prey.


He was prey.




“Come with us dear, we won’t hurt you, we will love you.” Wilbur said softly, intent slithering around the words.


“No,” Tommy slurred, “I want to be free.”


He was trapped, and there was no way he could win this. He could barely stay awake, his eyes kept drooping closed. 


After Wilbur, Technoblade had dropped down onto the concrete next to his brother with a thump, his red eyes narrowed and his snout huffing with anger. He was shaking with fury and Tommy could tell he was only seconds away from pouncing.


Phil had flown high above, dark wings sending shadows over them, he landed on the top of the wall behind Tommy, trapping him and locking him in.


“Boys, hurry, I don’t like it here.” The avian called down, glancing around wearily.


“It’s ok Phil, Tommy will come with us.” Wilbur said, his head shivering slightly as he stared at Tommy with wide slits.


“N-no I won’t.” Tommy huffed weakly, he couldn’t do this much longer, he was close to collapsing.


“Come on Sunshine, it’s ok, we are going to take good care of you, just give in, come to us.” Wilbur said, taking a step forward, his wide eyes never leaving Tommy.


“N-no! G-get back!” Tommy panted, scooting back onto his nest.


“Will hurry!”


“I’m trying..!”


Wilbur reached his arm out and Tommy leaned back, he couldn’t touch him, but still. Tommy was shaking almost as much as Technoblade and he felt like he was about to throw up.


“Tommy…” Will warned.




The tension was so…Tense! It was about to break, bad things, it wasn’t going to be good. Tommy’s heart pounded and shook in his chest, everything shaking, it was going to snap! In only a couple seconds.




Wilbur lunged forward to grab Tommy, Phil raised his wings in alarm and let out a caw. Techno roared and dropped to the ground as Tommy jumped back, legs aching to their breaking point.


Wilbur fell onto the nest and Tommy rolled off it, landing on the concrete behind it.




The shout was unfamiliar, but in Tommy’s fuzzy brain state it could have been anyone.


Then it all went to hell.


Tommy raised his arms to try and block Wilbur as the siren darted towards him again, Phil yelled a warning as suddenly heat engulfed the two of them. Tommy instinctively dropped to the ground and Will let out a banshee screech as he dived out of the way of an oncoming blast of pure fire!


“Grab him!”


Techno appeared behind Tommy and grabbed his arms, pulling them behind his head. The young boy screeched and struggled but exhaustion pulled at him and his protests quickly turned to groans.


“What the hell happened!?” Wilbur demanded as he stood up from where he had fallen to avoid the flame.


“I don’t know but we better get out of here, grab the kid.” Phil said.


Techno snorted and pulled Tommy up, roughly grasping at him and trying to pull him closer to his chest. 


The small avians vision blurred as finally he gave in and collapsed, letting out a small squeak as he fainted at last.


Phil glided down and landed beside his two sons, letting out a small sigh at the sight of the sleeping boy curled in Technos protective grip.


“Finally, at last, we got him.”




The room was dark as a figure flew in, landing on the black ground and folding their wings behind them.


“I didn’t get him.” They said, the voice lacking emotion.


“Why?” Came another voice from the opposite end of the room. This one was cold and unforgiving.


“They came back for him.”


“Of course they did!” The second voice yelled sharply, there was a bang as a fist came down on a desk. The first figure flinched ever so slightly, nose curling in the darkness.


“Will they give him to us if we ask?”


“Maybe, but I doubt it. Ugh! After all this time! Why! WHY!”


“I’m sorry sir.”


“Useless” the voice huffed.


The first person let out a little bit of breath.


“I want him back.” They said softly.


“Then next time, don’t fail.”