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A bird in a snare

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The transition from the Antarctic empire back into Essempi was awful. In no time at all he went from freezing cold to super hot, and he was exhausted. And what was worse, he had a zit in his ear! IN his ear!


He landed on the ground in front of his alley way and immediately fell, stumbling to the ground. His stomach hurt, he felt nauseous, and he was sore everywhere. 


The Alley was blocked by a light red curtain, which he hurried to stand up and pull away, he smiled as he laid eyes on his nest.


Sitting atop a short wooden platform was a giant birds nest made of red blankets. Small golden trinkets glimmered and shined in it's folds, little treasures Tommy had brought back. 


He nearly cried.


It was home.


He walked closer to the nest, eyes drooping with exhaustion, yet still smiling faintly.


He clutched his stomach as he leaned against the brick wall of the alleyway, one hand on the wall to steady himself. 


Even though he was home, he couldn’t shake a certain feeling. Tommy didn’t know if it was just the sickness or paranoia, or if it was deeper than that. But he felt like something was wrong, and it almost seemed as if someone was watching him, a feeling that made him arch his spine and the back of his neck tickle uncomfortably.


Had the syndicate found him? 


No, if they had, he doubted they would have waited, by what he gathered about them, neither Wilbur nor Technoblade were the type to hang back when they were after something. Phil, maybe, but he would have been watching from high in the sky, and Tommy would have seen his shadow if he was.


No, this was different, he could sense some kind of presence, but it was faint, and Tommy couldn’t quite pinpoint it.


He tried to stumble the rest of the way to his nest, intending to keep himself up straight, but failing. He tripped and fell, catching himself on the base of the nest. He really needed rest,

And water.

Water would be good.

But not for his stomach.


His eyelids fluttered, the pull of sleep weighed him down, he could just fall asleep here, his arm was in his nest, that was enough.


Despite his aching limbs, unsettled stomach, congested nose and phlegm filled tongue, and his dry mouth, he still wanted to just sleep. His feet were cold, but he didn’t have the strength or will to stand up and pull himself into his warm nest.


What was he going to do?


He was so uncomfortable, his stomach, his heavy and cold body parts, his drooping eyelids. He was annoyed by all of it and just wanted it to end!


Suddenly there was a thump behind him, Tommy almost groaned aloud, so much for this. 






He sighed deeply, not even bothering to try and sit up or look around.


“Look at you Tommy,” a voice hissed. It was dark and heavy, slicked with venom and honey, it sounded shaky and angry, like a warning.


It was Wilbur.


Tommy finally sat up and turned around, staring at the enraged Siren.


Wilburs tail was flicking around behind him and his blue eyes were dark and set on Tommy, like prey.


He was prey.




“Come with us dear, we won’t hurt you, we will love you.” Wilbur said softly, intent slithering around the words.


“No,” Tommy slurred, “I want to be free.”


He was trapped, and there was no way he could win this. He could barely stay awake, his eyes kept drooping closed. 


After Wilbur, Technoblade had dropped down onto the concrete next to his brother with a thump, his red eyes narrowed and his snout huffing with anger. He was shaking with fury and Tommy could tell he was only seconds away from pouncing.


Phil had flown high above, dark wings sending shadows over them, he landed on the top of the wall behind Tommy, trapping him and locking him in.


“Boys, hurry, I don’t like it here.” The avian called down, glancing around wearily.


“It’s ok Phil, Tommy will come with us.” Wilbur said, his head shivering slightly as he stared at Tommy with wide slits.


“N-no I won’t.” Tommy huffed weakly, he couldn’t do this much longer, he was close to collapsing.


“Come on Sunshine, it’s ok, we are going to take good care of you, just give in, come to us.” Wilbur said, taking a step forward, his wide eyes never leaving Tommy.


“N-no! G-get back!” Tommy panted, scooting back onto his nest.


“Will hurry!”


“I’m trying..!”


Wilbur reached his arm out and Tommy leaned back, he couldn’t touch him, but still. Tommy was shaking almost as much as Technoblade and he felt like he was about to throw up.


“Tommy…” Will warned.




The tension was so…Tense! It was about to break, bad things, it wasn’t going to be good. Tommy’s heart pounded and shook in his chest, everything shaking, it was going to snap! In only a couple seconds.




Wilbur lunged forward to grab Tommy, Phil raised his wings in alarm and let out a caw. Techno roared and dropped to the ground as Tommy jumped back, legs aching to their breaking point.


Wilbur fell onto the nest and Tommy rolled off it, landing on the concrete behind it.




The shout was unfamiliar, but in Tommy’s fuzzy brain state it could have been anyone.


Then it all went to hell.


Tommy raised his arms to try and block Wilbur as the siren darted towards him again, Phil yelled a warning as suddenly heat engulfed the two of them. Tommy instinctively dropped to the ground and Will let out a banshee screech as he dived out of the way of an oncoming blast of pure fire!


“Grab him!”


Techno appeared behind Tommy and grabbed his arms, pulling them behind his head. The young boy screeched and struggled but exhaustion pulled at him and his protests quickly turned to groans.


“What the hell happened!?” Wilbur demanded as he stood up from where he had fallen to avoid the flame.


“I don’t know but we better get out of here, grab the kid.” Phil said.


Techno snorted and pulled Tommy up, roughly grasping at him and trying to pull him closer to his chest. 


The small avians vision blurred as finally he gave in and collapsed, letting out a small squeak as he fainted at last.


Phil glided down and landed beside his two sons, letting out a small sigh at the sight of the sleeping boy curled in Technos protective grip.


“Finally, at last, we got him.”




The room was dark as a figure flew in, landing on the black ground and folding their wings behind them.


“I didn’t get him.” They said, the voice lacking emotion.


“Why?” Came another voice from the opposite end of the room. This one was cold and unforgiving.


“They came back for him.”


“Of course they did!” The second voice yelled sharply, there was a bang as a fist came down on a desk. The first figure flinched ever so slightly, nose curling in the darkness.


“Will they give him to us if we ask?”


“Maybe, but I doubt it. Ugh! After all this time! Why! WHY!”


“I’m sorry sir.”


“Useless” the voice huffed.


The first person let out a little bit of breath.


“I want him back.” They said softly.


“Then next time, don’t fail.”