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For The Rest of Our Lives

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Eddie was angry. He had been for a while, even before Shannon had asked for a divorce and then died so soon after. Ever since he had gotten back from Afghanistan and, while he was dealing with returning to civilian life, Shannon had decided to run away. She was the one who left. She was the one who didn't come back for years. Yet she was the one who was calling for their marriage to end?

The rage inside him only grew once Buck started this fucking lawsuit. Buck was leaving him as well. Deep down Eddie knew there was a reason why these acts by Shannon and Buck drew out the same emotional reaction. But years of attending church on a Sunday with a not so pleasant pastor suppressed that.

All Eddie could focus on was the fight that had happened earlier that day in the grocery store. He needed to finish the argument. He needed to know how Buck could go through with the lawsuit.

After dropping Christopher off at Abuela's for the night, Eddie jumped in his truck and drove across town to Buck's loft. His hands clenched around the steering wheel every time he was forced to stop due to red lights. Each one makes his journey longer, allowing his anger to rise.

When he finally arrived he looked up at the building, when had he been here last? Eddie hesitated before marching into the building.

His key sat heavy in his pocket as he banged on the front door of Buck's loft, another reminder of what had been lost between them. Without waiting for a reply, Eddie opened the door to see Buck walking towards him. The other man froze immediately upon seeing who his guest was.

Before Buck could say anything Eddie opened his mouth. "How could you leave us?! Were we not enough?!" Spat Eddie as he stalked towards the other man.

"You replaced me!" Shouted Buck. "All I wanted was to be back by your side and you went ahead and replaced me with Bosko. Bobby wouldn't let me back and I couldn't talk to you because you were just busy all the goddamn time. I never got a chance to talk to you." Buck took a breath. "Suddenly I was alone and it was killing me. So yeah I did something stupid. I just needed to be with you and with my family."

Silence settled in the loft as Eddie processed what the other man had said. How could he think he would be replaced? Buck was the best thing about the 118, one of the best parts of Eddie's life. In the silence, Buck retreated. He moved as far as he could from Eddie. One moment they were almost chest to chest with only inches between them, and then in the next Buck was sat slumped forward on the sofa at the other end of the loft.

"I -we could never replace you," Eddie said softly. "Bosko is great and all but she isn't you."

Buck's eyebrows furrowed and he looked away.

"Evan. Please believe me," he begged. "I am so sorry that you thought you were being replaced. I promise that is never going to happen. After all, where would I be without my partner watching my back?"

The taller man's shoulders dropped, releasing the tension that had been held there for weeks.

"You promise?" Whispered Buck, eyes still cast downwards.

Eddie made his way across the room until he was standing in front of him. He lowered himself to his knees and reached out his hand. Placing it under Buck's chin, he lifted upwards so their eyes would meet.

"I swear to you Evan, for the rest of our lives, a day won't go by where you doubt how much I love you."