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kiss me in the pouring rain

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“This party sucks,” Tenzo says mildly, taking a sip of the shitty beer from the red cup in his hands. Kakashi’s inclined to agree.

The frat house’s stereo system, temperamental on a good day, had stopped working, so there’s no music. Some asshole had thrown up all over Kakashi’s leather jacket. And to top it all off, it started raining hard ten minutes ago, the rattle of raindrops slamming into the windows audible despite the buzz of conversation.

Why was he even here, again?

Across the crowded room, a door opens, and Kakashi’s Gen Chem lab partner walks in again. Right. That’s why he was still here.

Iruka spots him, waving and flashing a quick smile that makes Kakashi’s heart skip a beat. Kakashi gives a little half-wave in reply, fervently hoping that his hands aren’t shaking. Then Iruka turns to greet some girl, and Kakashi lets out a relieved breath.

It’s not his fault. Iruka is fucking gorgeous, with his warm brown eyes and gentle voice and infectious smile, and how could anyone blame Kakashi for staring at the way the other man’s ass fills out his pants so well--

“Dude, you’re staring,” Tenzo says, waving a hand in front of Kakashi’s face. Kakashi snaps out of his trance, shooting his friend an angry glare.

“I was just thinking,” he says, raising his plastic cup to his lips. Tenzo snickers.

“Yeah, I can guess what you were thinking.”

“Shut up. We’re just lab partners. That’s it.”

“I don’t get it,” Tenzo says, rolling his eyes. “You’ve been all sappy for weeks now. Just fuck him and get it over with.”

Kakashi chokes on his drink, sputtering and spitting, scowling furiously.

“What’s wrong with you?” he hisses, glancing over to make sure Iruka hadn’t heard. And then he freezes, because Iruka isn’t standing alone anymore.

Some muscle-bound guy stands next to him now, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. His criminally tight black t-shirt does absolutely nothing to conceal his well-defined muscles, and there’s a smirk on his handsome face as he leans a little closer to say something to Iruka. Kakashi crushes the cup in his hand, and cheap alcohol pours all over his fingers and drips onto the carpet.

“Jesus,” Tenzo mutters, looking between Kakashi and the stranger talking to Iruka. He drains the rest of his beer in one go. “I’m gonna need something a lot stronger than beer if you’re going to be like this all night.”

Then Tenzo disappears into the mass of drunk college students, leaving Kakashi to stew in jealousy. He sets the ruined cup down on a side-table, wiping his hand on his t-shirt. Iruka’s a great guy, of course people are drawn to him. Kakashi shouldn’t even care who Iruka’s talking to. He’s not his fucking keeper, they’re just lab partners. That’s all.

Kakashi sighs, wondering if lying to himself will ever work.

When he looks up again, Iruka’s still talking to the guy. They’re even closer to each other, a development that Kakashi does not appreciate, and he runs his one dry hand through his hair. Yeah, it’s probably time to leave. He doesn’t really need to see what happens next.

He pushes through masses of inebriated young people, glowering with such intensity that no one dares complain. He pauses at the front door, glancing over his shoulder. Tenzo’s probably going to be pissed at being ditched, but Kakashi can’t even see him, and he has no desire to go back to the living room in search of his friend.

The instant he steps out the door, icy rain splatters all over him, and he curses the idiot who ruined his jacket. Crossing his arms to stave off the chill, Kakashi storms into the street. His bangs, soaked through and though, fall into his eyes, and he pushes them back as he peers up and down the street, checking for cars.

“Kakashi! Wait up!” someone cries out, and the sound of footsteps splashing through water makes Kakashi turn around. And for the second time in ten minutes, he freezes up entirely.

“You’re leaving already?” Iruka asks him, a little breathless. His hair’s drenched, trailing down in thick, brown ropes, and Kakashi’s brain short-circuits at the wistful smile directed at him.

“Uh--I, uh, yeah,” Kakashi stammers, shoving his hands into the pockets of his damp jeans so Iruka doesn’t see his fingers tremble with nerves. “I have to study for Chem.”

“Kakashi, we’re supposed to study tomorrow at noon,” Iruka says, frowning with confusion. “At the library, remember?”

Fuck. He’d forgotten he’d agreed to that.

“Oh. Yeah, I just--I’m kinda hungry,” Kakashi says lamely, refusing to look up, gaze locked on the rain-slicked pavement.

“We have food inside. C’mon,” Iruka says, reaching out and tugging one of Kakashi’s hands out of his pockets. Kakashi feels sparks of fucking electricity tingle up and down his arm at the contact, and he nearly jumps out of his skin. He looks up, panicking and freaking out because Iruka’s holding his hand--

“Why aren’t you wearing a jacket?” Iruka asks, brown eyes filled with concern. “You’re gonna catch a cold, you have to come inside--”

“Who was that guy you were talking to?” Kakashi blurts out.

Iruka gives him a strange look, and Kakashi dies inside, just a little. What the fuck is wrong with him? What kind of guy just asks that out of the blue--God, Iruka’s going to think he’s crazy--

“Which guy?” Iruka asks, and Kakashi sighs again, in defeat this time. Might as well find out what he can.

“The guy in the black shirt,” he says quietly, looking away.

“The guy asking for directions to the bathroom?” Iruka says, bewildered. “I don’t know who he is, I just met him.”

“Asking for direc--” Kakashi’s head snaps up, and his cheeks grow warm. “He just wanted to find the bathroom?”

“Yeah?” Iruka says, head tilted. Then those hypnotizing brown eyes narrow, and a lopsided smirk spreads over Iruka’s full lips. “Why do you ask?”

Fuck. Kakashi goes into full damage-control mode.

“No--no reason,” Kakashi says. “You can, uh, talk to whoever. It’s not a big deal. I was just curious. I mean, it’s not my business. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked. It’s not a big deal--”

“Kakashi,” Iruka says slowly. “Are you, uh, jealous?”

Fuck fuck fuck.

Kakashi opens his mouth, and nothing comes out. So he’s just standing there, gaping at Iruka like a fish out of water, absolutely mortified, wishing the rainstorm would just wash him into the storm gutters so he wouldn’t have to be here right now.

It’s a good thing he’s had a bit too much to drink. He screws his eyes shut.

“I--maybe?” Kakashi says in a small voice, cracking one eye open to see Iruka’s reaction. The other man nods, looking off into the distance for a moment, lost in thought. Then Iruka steps even closer, and his hand slides around the nape of Kakashi’s neck, and his lips crash into Kakashi’s.

He’s kissed people before. Kakashi’s pretty hot, if he’s being honest, so of course he’s kissed his share of lips. But those were nothing, pale imitations, leaves scattered before the storm, because kissing Iruka--

Kissing Iruka is magnetic, drawing him in until he can’t move, paralyzing him with its intensity. Kissing Iruka is liquid hot fire tingling and snapping through his veins, making his heart race even faster. Kissing Iruka is a whirlwind headrush, a soaring summer high unlike anything he’s ever felt, a fever dream that makes him want to gleefully laugh until his ribs hurt.

Kissing Iruka is the best thing that’s ever happened to him, and he’s a little sad when it ends.

“So you’ll come inside?” Iruka asks, out of breath, licking his lips and letting his hand trail down Kakashi’s arm. It takes a second for Kakashi to find his voice and for his brain to start working again, so he just nods mutely.

“Yeah, I can,” he says eventually, slicking his wet hair back and playing it cool. Iruka just laughs and drags him in for another kiss, and Kakashi doesn’t mind.

He doesn’t mind that at all.