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Untitled Stevie Y tied into a pretzel porn

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Youth is a thing Steve has long since accepted to be past him, and to a certain extent, it still is.

But magic has a way of changing the status quo to such an extent that even though Steve has all his life made a point of not taking for granted, he's still caught off guard by the possibilities it presents from time to time. For instance, the day they got The Collar.

They take turns with it sometimes. Each taking a spin with it clasped, soft and supple, around their necks, though they both love how it affects Steve best.

With all the ceremony Sid's bad acting can muster, he asks, "You're ready?" voice soft and warm.

Steve resists the urge to laugh at him. Thankfully, Sid's a stickler for routine, and with his eyes locked on Sid's bare collarbone, Steve can get away with rather a lot. Steve nods before tipping his head back for Sid to latch the magical clasp around his neck.

In a rush of power and light, Steve inhales sharply. The towel around his waist drops to the floor and Stevie looks up into Sid's eyes with a wide, guileless smile. "Hello, Sid."

"Hello, Stevie." Sid says, eyes fond and bright with lust.

"How long has it been?" Stevie asks, reaching up to wrap his arms around Sid's neck and pull the older man down for a kiss, perhaps another and another. He's feeling light and giddy and more than a little greedy today. He smiles at the strangled moan Sid makes before finally pulling back.

"Too long… So fucking too long. Fuck, Stevie."

Stevie smirks and steps back, so Sid can get a proper look at him, and he can get a look at Sid.

The first time they did this, Stevie remembers he'd been wearing a tailored suit, but the moment the magic of the collar had taken affect, reverting him back (apparently) to his eighteen year old body and mind, the change of muscles and body-mass had made him look like a particularly fetching coat rack. They've since skipped bothering with clothes, at least to start. They rarely scene outside the bedroom, but Sid and Steve have been known to have Sid take Stevie out on the town where Stevie can rile him up and call him 'sugar-daddy' and embarrass the ever-loving fuck out of him until Sid can't take it anymore and either drags him back to their hotel room -- they'd never dare try it in Pittsburgh or Detroit -- or on one memorable occasion back to the car before shoving his hand down Stevie's pants and his tongue down his throat. Stevie had gotten off hard that time and refused to return the favor until Sid drove them back to the hotel, admiring Sid's burgeoning erection tenting his slacks the whole way.

Sid may be the one who planned things, but Stevie held all the cards, and they both knew it.

Stevie suspected things were the same when he wasn't wearing the collar either, but… he couldn't ever say for sure. It was weird, being himself and also a piece of make-believe at the same time.

Once upon a time, a very horny warlock discovered the secret to temporal youth. And they all lived very thoroughly fucked-out lives ever after.

Tonight -- and Stevie knows it's night-time because he can see what he almost recognizes as the Toronto Skyline lit up through the full-length windows of the room -- Sid's wearing nothing but a pair of too-small boxer-briefs, the fabric at the front already stretched slightly from his partial erection. So Stevie also knows they didn't pre-game, and chances are good they aren't going anywhere tonight.

"So," Stevie smirks, pulling Sid back in and casually rubbing his naked body up against all that muscle on display, "What's the plan tonight?"

Sid shivers. "I'm going to tie you up, you fucking brat," Sid threatens.

But… no, that's not just a threat. When Sid doesn't continue with the 'actual' plan, Stevie realizes it's for real and his cock jerks against Sid's hip. "Oh, yeah?" he breathes, excited grin spreading across his face, dimples popping. "You finally learned how well enough the old man'll let you, huh?"

"That's right." Sid's hands creep down Stevie's back to palm his tight little ass. Well, Stevie didn't used to think it was little until he met Sid.

"Well, you better get started then," Stevie says with a wink and throws himself onto the nearby bed with aplomb. He wriggles around until he's spread out and ready to be speared open, but Sid has a look on his face. A look that says--

"Not like that, Babe. What I have in mind is a little more…. Complicated."

Fuck… leave it to Sid to over achieve at fucking everything. Even fucking.

Sid has Stevie kneel up and begins with wrapping rope around Stevie's shoulders and chest, a basic enough harness in silk so soft it feels more like fishnets than bondage. A second skin that has Stevie resisting the urge to touch himself. Over the rope ties and his cock too, for that matter.

"You can feel it if you like," Sid offers magnanimously. "You won't be able to soon," He promises as he continues looping rope down the tops of one of Stevie's thighs.

Sid ties another knot and reaches for the safety-scissors to trim the excess and begin looping the second thigh.

Stevie swallows, rubbing a hand over his chest and tweaking a nipple where it's been delightfully framed in black silk. He almost asks why not gold, but doesn't want to distract Sid when his hands are that-- that close to his groin. He's not fully hard yet, but… he could be if he wanted. He has a feeling it's going to be one of those nights.

True to his word, Sid's next step is to take one of Stevie's wrists and pull it back and up and up before tying a loop to the back of the harness.

Sid smooths a careful hand over the pull of Stevie's shoulder and around the arch of his elbow where it's pressed flush against his own skin. He can feel the harness digging into him now, both on his back and his arm. "Not too much?"

Stevie assesses himself. It's.. a lot. His chest is thrust out to accommodate the stretch of his shoulder, and he can't hold this pose all night, but he'd likely be okay for a while, maybe up to an hour. He says as much.

"And if I do the other arm the same?"

Stevie smirks "I kind of expected that," he answers honestly. He gets a swat to the ass in reprimand, which just makes him wiggle it enticingly.

Sid's hand cups and squeezes hungrily before it disappears and goes to pull Stevie's other arm back and up to match the first.

His chest really is exposed now. Bare pecs framed on display, nipples peaked. Stevie can't see them, even looking down his chest, the rope is too thick, but he can feel them, tight and hard, almost as hard as his cock where it's starting to drip precum onto the mattress.

Sid doesn't touch either erogenous zone, much to Stevie's dismay, just pets his hands over Stevie's chest and belly until he's cupping his hips. "You're so pretty for me," he whispers. Pressed up to Stevie's back as he is, his breath fans hot and loud into his ears. "Such a pretty boy, all mine…"

Sid's fingers tease a quick, dry circle around Stevie's hole before disappearing without a trace.

Stevie whines. "Fuck, Sid. Are you gonna fuck me or what?"

"Hmm… not yet." Sid says, reaching for yet another length of rope. And with no further warning than that, Sid pushes Stevie onto his back and grabs for one leg, tucking the end of it through one of the loops of harness so low on his thigh it's almost down to his knee. The back of that loop has been wrapped, again and again so much that it's a thick, padded roll behind his knee and it's then that Stevie realizes exactly what Sid's planning to do with him and moans.

Sid just laughs, swatting him on the thigh as he lifts and presses it to Stevie's chest and ties it to his shoulder. "You finally figured it out, eh?"

"Jesus, Sid…." Stevie gasps, lifting his other leg to help Sid get it into place. He's fucking helpless now. Bound up tight. His shoulders slowly starting to ache almost as much as his cock already is. His hips won't be far behind with the way Sid's trussed him up. "Only thing you're missing is a hook in the ceiling to hang me by."

Sid smirks. "Funny you should say that," he says before disappearing into the bathroom.

Stevie could only vaguely see him when he was standing directly next to the bed if he strained his neck to look, so it's not exactly difficult to get out of sight. "Sid!" Stevie's not thrilled with being alone when he's like this, out of place and out of time in the collar, but he'll put up with it… momentarily, which is how Sid knew he could safely hide this 'surprise', whatever it may be, to be brought out at the opportune moment.

When Sid returns, he's carrying… a tri-pod? No, that's definitely not right, it's way too big, and they both have hard limits when it comes to sex tapes and cameras in general when in bed. Sid sets it down with a grunt and pulls the stand apart and Stevie stares, wide-eyed.

"You brought a sex swing on vacation? To Toronto? Just to truss me up like a turkey- You- Fucking hell, Sid. You really are a fucking lunatic."

Sid just beams, cheeks pink with embarrassed pleasure and gave a helpless kind of shrug. "I thought you'd like it."

Stevie snorts. "Of course I fucking like it, are you kidding?"

It takes some doing to get Stevie safely hanging from the thing, eventually, Sid has to bring over a chair to seat him in while tying the knots. There's a padded swing of nylon straps that came with the thing of course, but that's not entirely compatible with the pose Stevie's in.

It doesn't entirely matter, Stevie's starting to float pleasantly, between the comfortable stretch of his muscles and the feeling of Sid lifting him up and down and manhandling him about, five minutes into the debacle, and he's metaphorically dead-weight in Sid's arms in addition to literally.

Stevie's cock is hard and his body limp when Sid finally brushes slick fingers over Stevie's hole. Stevie blinks up at him dazedly from the comfortable web Sid's made to hold his head up.

"I'd originally planned to fuck a few of these beautiful creases," Sid hums, fingers of his free-hand playing over the edge of one hip, the dip of one elbow, the sweaty clutch of the back of Stevie's knee. "But I think that'll have to wait for next time… This time… I just want to get off. What do you think, Stevie? Want me to get off on you? Trussed up like my perfect pet, exactly where I want you, unable to do anything but take it?"

Stevie moans again, cock spitting out a dribble of precum against his heaving belly. He grunts and pauses as Sid lines himself up and pushes home, then gasps and pants faster at the stretch and the pleasure.

His body's starting to hurt. Ache everywhere with the tightness in his muscles, and the need to come. Fuck he needs to come so badly.

"I know baby, I know," Sid croons, touching Stevie on his back, his ass, his chest, and even his nipples, everywhere except his cock.

On a particularly perfect thrust -- well, thrust isn't the right word. Sid's practically holding still. Stevie in his little mesh hammock is the only one moving right now, bouncing off of Sid's hips at a brutal pace meant to tease -- Stevie's cock spits a blob of come up his chest, but it's not an orgasm. Sid's milking him, inside, with his own fucking cock and Stevie whimpers desperate and pathetic and he needs to come.

"You're so good for me," Sid purrs, leaning in to breathe against Stevie's ear. "So warm and tight." Sid grunts on a particularly hard thrust at the word 'tight'. "I could fuck you for hours like this. Leave you here and fuck you for days. Come in and spend in you, leave you dripping with my cum until I'm ready to plow you again, just like this."

Stevie just whimpers. Helpless to do anything, even speech feels like too much.

The tips of Sid's fingers brush over Stevie's cock and he jolts, almost coming just from that barest touch. "You're so ready for it, aren't you… ready for me… For anything I decide to give you. Such a perfect boy."

Stevie groans as his balls tighten and he finally begins to come. Sid wraps slick fingers around him and jerks him through it, hard and fast. Hips slapping against Stevie's ass until he's coming too, pressed deep. Fingers clutching at Stevie's stretched hip like it's the only thing keeping him here, keeping him from floating away.
When Sid pulls out, Stevie groans at the loss and can feel the way his cum dribbles free to spatter on the towel Sid put underneath them. Helpless to stop it with the way he's pulled out and open.

"How're you feeling?" Sid asks eventually, still a bit breathless.

"Good…. Really good." Stevie says, nuzzling the net holding his head up until Sid puts a hand there for him to press a quick kiss to Sid's palm. "But…"

"You need me to untie you?"

Stevie nods reluctantly. "My shoulders at least… I think the hips can wait a bit longer- ah!" Stevie gasps at the sharp bite Sid's just placed on one of his nipples. "Fuck… you asshole…"

"You love it." Sid says, smirking as he tugs at one loop then another and somehow through the magic of bondage, Stevie's shoulders release. He reaches up and starts massaging at the meat of his deltoids right away. "You're sure the hips are okay?"

Stevie nods, smiling. "Yeah, why, you wanna fuck me again in a few?"

"I… may have a potion…" Sid admits, looking sheepish.

"Oh….." Stevie laughs. "Guess that fantasy may become a reality after all," he says with a smirk before reaching up and tangling his fingers in the ropes holding him aloft. "Alright. Go get it then. I'm ready, make me your sex slave, sex toy. Nothing more than a hole for you to fuck, all night long."

"Fuck, has anyone ever told you that you're a dirty fucking slut, Stevie?"

"Yeah, you did, last time we had sex."

Sid just laughs, blushing as he obediently goes to his suitcase for the potion. Tonight's going to be a long and happy night to remember, for sure.