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It's been three weeks ever since Shijun and Yunha celebrated their first wedding anniversary, alongside Shijun's failed attempt at proposing, again. Now, they're back to their regular routine for the past year since they've been married.

After finishing up some reports on her computer, Yunha decides to take a short break from staring at the computer monitor all day, and stands up to walk towards the break room.

For Yunha, it wasnt necessarily a failed attempt, per se, but her husband was still a bit sulky even weeks after his proposal because he felt like he still wasn't able to give her a proper proposal. But honestly, Yunha doesn't care about that. Whatever her husband does is cute, and it's more than enough for her. 

Especially since they spent the night in each other's loving embrace. All she cares about is the time she spent with him.

As she thinks about the adorable antics of her husband, she suddenly starts to feel a bit queasy. 

"Are you okay, Yunha?" Her coworker asks her in concern when they noticed Yunha looking a bit pale.




The fact that he's still being sulky and pouting about it is what makes him cute, even though Shijun didn't want to be called cute the night before their anniversary.