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The Same Broken Fractions

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"Hey, Kakashi. How are you feeling?"

"I'm absolutely fantastic."

Asuma sighed, "You don't have to keep pretending around me, you know that? You were just taken as a hostage, it's only normal if you're still shaken."

"No, for real, they didn't do anything to me. In fact, one of them got me a chicken sandwich, it was really good and I hadn't eaten lunch."

Kakashi could tell that Asuma was wondering if he was fucking with him or not. He was sitting on the back of an ambulance with its doors opened, a red blanket draped around his shoulders, and he's holding a cup of warm tea given by one of the paramedics after they checked if he was injured.

"Maybe they're worried because of how pale you are,"

The silver-haired man snorted in amusement but was glad that his friend finally stopped looking so worried, "Well, I'm sorry for being born like this. I'll try to be less pale in my next life. Maybe darker hair."

Here's the catch: he wasn't lying when he said one of the robbers got him a chicken sandwich.

It wasn't his first time to see a robbery, but definitely his first experience to be taken as a hostage because he was unfortunate enough to be in the jewelry store at the time. Weird experience, though, not something he imagined being held hostage would be. Five robbers, two of them were grabbing jewelry from the counters and the other two were whispering to each other, then called the other one and they pointed at him.

Then one of them was on the phone, it looked like whoever was on the other side of the call was yelling at the robber that made him have to put the phone an inch away from his ear.

He pushed another robber and whispered something, that made the other walk toward Kakashi who was sitting on the floor with arms tied to his back.

"Have you had lunch?"

And that's how Kakashi got his arms untied to hold a chicken sandwich and strawberry milkshake about 15 minutes later in the middle of a robbery.

"Sorry they got your ring too," Kakashi told Asuma, "I couldn't sneak it in on time before they broke in."

"Forget the damn ring, Kakashi. I should be the one apologizing for making you go and get involved in… this," Asuma huffed, "Kurenai's worried about you too, so don't even worry about it. Go home after this, okay? Should I drive you home?"

"Nah, you're busy enough. You might have to drive Gai if he can't find his car, though."

"You're lucky he loves you even though you keep stealing his car like that."

Kakashi grinned, "You would too if I steal your car."

"Touch my car and I'm arresting you myself," Asuma paused when he heard his phone ringing; pulled it out from his pocket, then he said, "Oh, it's Kurenai. Anything you want to tell her?"

“Tell her to tell you to let me use your car.”

“Back off from my car, Hatake.”

While Asuma was talking to Kurenai, Kakashi sipped the tea slowly; didn’t really mean to overhear, but his friend wasn’t exactly hiding anything by talking to his fiancèe in front of him, so Kakashi had no choice but to listen. The first few conversations were, 'Yeah, he's safe. He's right in front of me now.' and he assumed it's about him, and the next was probably something concerning, from the way Asuma got serious.

“Anything wrong?” He asked Asuma once he ended the phone call.

"Well, yeah. Kakashi, it's weird," Asuma frowned, "Kurenai got spam messages, and by spam, I mean tons of them; emails, texts, fax."

"Bank offer? Scam?"

"No, more like… threat?"

"What? What do they say?"

Asuma pressed a few buttons on his phone and then showed it to Kakashi, displaying an opened email that was written with caps lock, 'BREAK UP WITH HATAKE KAKASHI.'

A gasp escaped his lips.

"Oh, someone found out about our affair—ow!"

The lieutenant smacked his head.

"I'm a hostage victim, Lieutenant Sarutobi. You just hit a victim."

"Soon enough you'll be a murder victim, and I'll make it look like an accident."

"Huh, last week you scolded me for making murder jokes. Why are you allowed to make one?"

"Who said it's a joke?"

Another dramatic gasp, "A murder threat."

After a pause, they both laughed at their own antics, and Kakashi hoped nobody heard them laughing about murder. Wouldn't be good for their image, especially Asuma's as a detective.

"Though, jokes aside, I absolutely have no idea what's happening." He said, after sipping the last drop of his tea. Then he frowned at a sudden thought that came into his mind, "Okay, small idea. Maybe. Really tiny."


Kakashi hesitated, " of the robbers asked why I'm in a jewelry store, like I'm not supposed to be in one."

"Well, you're never a jewelry person."

"Yeah, but why would a robber know that?" The silver-haired man sighed, "But anyway, so I told him: 'I'm here for an engagement ring,' and he asked, ‘Kurenai?’ and I just said yes.”

Asuma shot him a look.

Kakashi drank from his cup again, ignoring the fact that it's empty.

"Do the robbers know you personally?"

"Well, I don't recognize any of their voices. Could be someone from the phone call, since it looked like they were talking to their… boss? Possibly, maybe they just hate me and want to ruin my—" Kakashi stopped, then blinked and his uncovered eye looked widened as if he just said something he wasn't supposed to say, "Uh. Can I… not? Unless you want to officially take me as a witness, is it okay if I don't… go there?"

He looked at Asuma, almost pleading, and bless the lieutenant for knowing him enough and understanding enough to not push it. Asuma just nodded, "At least it's a possibility that they could be someone who knows you, thank you for sharing that with me. I'll tell Gai to drive you home, he must be ecstatic to see you."

Kakashi smiled and thanked the lieutenant.

Weeks passed, and Kakashi pretty much never thought about the incident again.

Life was normal. Everything was fine. He got invited to have dinner with Kushina and Minato, along with the detectives from the precinct, and he had to endure 40 minutes of Kushina telling him how he had to come to socialize and everything when he told her that he couldn't come over the phone.

"I am socializing," Kakashi countered defensively, "You just don't see me doing that."

If Kushina were in front of him, Kakashi could imagine her glaring. And he would deserve that.

"You could get away with this one, Hatake Kakashi," Kushina said, "But I'm coming over to your place this weekend, and I'll wait as long as it takes until you eventually come home."

"Kushina-san… you don't have to do that," the silver-haired man grimaced, then he added, "You surely underestimate my capability of avoiding social interactions when I put my mind into an effort."

"So you're not socializing!"

Well, he walked into that one.

"Tell Naruto I say hi," he decided to change the topic, "But not to the Captain. Don't want him to get the wrong idea."

"Why does it sound like you had an affair with Minato?"

"I don't know, Kushina-san. Maybe I did. You haven't heard about that? I'm with Kurenai now, though. You can have Captain Minato for yourself again."

He could hear a scoff from the other side of the call, and that brought an amused smile to his face.

If anyone asked, Kakashi would straight up tell them that his apathy was too strong to even get motivated to do anything that could contribute to society. Which was not wrong. He often visited the Konoha Police Department because people kept calling him to come, sometimes for no real reason at all. It eventually became a habit for the last 2 years.

Sometimes he would see criminals who got arrested struggle free, and Kakashi would just sit there waving his hand at Kotetsu as if the young detective wasn't trying to catch the criminal back. He would see Genma, half-asleep trying to turn the computer on while the cable's not even plugged in, and he would just respond to his delirious talk with, "Yeah, I think you should definitely change the CPU at this point."

They really got a new CPU the next time he came.

But things just… happened.

That day, he was in a supermarket for monthly groceries because Kushina wouldn't leave him alone until his fridge was stocked every month. He lived alone, so he didn't need that much food that Kushina stuff into his fridge which often made him cook for the whole squad if not the whole precinct before they could go to waste.

He was about to leave with a single bag of groceries when suddenly he heard shoutings.

And a gunshot.

Aimed to the sky though, fortunately.

"Everyone put your hands up!"

Oh, jeez. Another robbery?

Kakashi was still hidden behind an aisle, and a few people were still hidden too. He watched as the robber threatened the cashier to give them the money, and Kakashi couldn't help but to eventually walk toward them with the things he was about to buy, ignoring a woman who tried to pull him back.

He put the grocery on the cashier's table.

"Do you take debit?"

Did he have a plan? Kinda. He had been texting Anko the whole time, talking about the new Korean drama series they just watched. So he knew that Anko would be on her phone since the hype's still up, it's a shame that Kakashi had to stop talking about how stupid the main character was for giving a man who cheated on her another chance just to tell her that there's a robbery happening at the moment.

So, yeah, Anko was on her way, and his plan was to stall long enough until they arrived.

A gun pointed at his head wasn't unexpected.

"What do you think are you doing?" The man hissed.

Kakashi raised a brow and he turned at the man, "Paying?"

"You think you're so cool, huh? With an eyepatch and everything,"

The point of the gun poked his left eye that's covered with a white eyepatch, then it slipped under the elastic band and that's connecting the eyepatch; pulled it off from his head and let it fall.

When Kakashi opened his left eye, the robber gasped.

"Fuck," he heard him cursing under his breath, "Are you Hatake Kakashi?"



"Fuck." Then the robber turned at his partner, "We're leaving. Quick!"

"What?" His partner looked confused, since he was in the middle of putting the money inside a bag.

The man who was pointing a gun at Kakashi moved away, "It's Hatake fucking Kakashi. He has the eye. Fuck, leave the money, we're leaving!"

Anko arrived shortly after that, along with Minato and Raidou.

"They… they saw him, and they just left!" The cashier told the police, then turned at Kakashi who was putting back the eyepatch on his left eye, paused his movement when he saw the cashier bowing at him. "I'm not sure what happened, Sir, but thank you so much! I would get fired you didn't show up!"

...she's not the only one who's not sure about what happened.

Kakashi decided to show up in the precinct uninvited with 20 boxes of donuts for the hardworking officers. Nobody asked why he's there, as if it's just a normal thing for him to suddenly show up and go upstairs to where the detectives were. Well, yeah, he did it often, but usually it's because they called him first, so he figured everyone else was already expecting him.

Now it looked like he just had access to everywhere.

Not complaining, though.

He dragged a chair to Gai's desk, who noticed him first despite the pile of documents on his desk.

"Kakashi, hey! I didn't know you're coming."

"Yeah, I was going to steal your car but you look busy. Maybe the time has come for me to steal Asuma's."

"I can hear you two perfectly," Asuma scowled from the desk behind Gai's, so Kakashi turned at the lieutenant and gave him a finger gun.

Gai let out a tired laugh, "And I appreciate that, rival. I'm going to need my car."

"What is it about?"

For a moment, Gai stared at him and Kakashi cursed himself for asking. The sergeant still answered him, though, "Murder. His left eye was plucked out roughly, while his right one was stabbed. He attempted a robbery a few days ago, though—huh, Kakashi? You okay?"

The silver-haired man didn't even realize that he was staring at the picture of the man with eye widened.

"I know him," Kakashi said, "He… I was in the supermarket where he did the robbery."

"Huh, I wonder if it's related…"

They heard a small cough from behind them; Minato himself was there. Gai's eyes widened in realization.

"Uwah! Sorry, Kakashi! I shouldn't have talked about this with you,"

"No, no, it's alright. I was the one who asked."

Kakashi smiled at Minato, "Captain, did you get the donut? If you don't hurry,  Genma is going to snatch all of them. I got all the almonds for you."

"Kakashi… I hate almonds,"

"Well, that's on you." He shrugged, then let out a chuckle, "Just kidding. Of course I got you the matcha."

It was 11 PM and he was already at home when his phone suddenly rang, showing unknown number on the screen.

When he picked up, a heavy voice that sounded like it was using a voice changer could be heard.

"Detective Hatake Kakashi,"


Kakashi frowned. Weird. If he was about to make a wild guess, it could be one of those things in mystery novels where someone calls you to leave a threat or something. So what would he do when he's the one who's put in that situation?

"Sorry," he said, "Wrong number."

And he hung up.

Chapter Text

He was a detective, that's true. That's the reason why his friends were police officers. He didn't do that anymore, though. Six years before he eventually resigned, yet those people wouldn't leave him alone even after he left; not that he wasn't grateful for them. They were so nice to him in their own ways and sometimes he worried if he ever took them for granted.

But, yeah, they were good people. Even Minato told him that he'd help if Kakashi ever decided to come back, "Oh, it would be easy to convince the Commissioner to take you back. You know what was hard? Convincing him to let you go. Go give him a phone call sometime,"

Sometimes he took a look at his friends from a distance, and thought: he didn't deserve them.

So anyway, he didn't do that anymore. In fact, he had been doing something else, far far away from the police business.

"Late again, Naruto?"

"I swear I was going to return it yesterday! If you let it slide, I will distract mom so she won't drag you to my birthday!"

Kakashi pretended to consider Naruto’s offer to get the boy's hope up only to slam it to the ground, "Tempting, but I would rather add more warnings on your card, though."

Naruto groaned.

Konoha Middle School was as lively as ever, with the children running around in recess time. Most of them went straight to the cafeteria, and the others visited the library where Kakashi was. The first few weeks on his job, he heard the kids gossiping about him, about how strict he was as a librarian but not in everything else. One of them—which later he knew as Inuzuka Kiba—said something along the line, "It's like he's a policeman or something!"

Which resulted in Shikamaru elbowing him, "He was. My dad used to talk about him."

Ah, yes. Son of the good old Colonel Nara.

They were only gossipping, though. The one who made it known to the world was, of course, Naruto.

"Kakashi-san?!" He would never forget the boy's expression the first time he saw him in the library, "My dad had been lamenting your resignation and now you're here?!"

Everybody knew who Naruto's father was, so it's just a given for them to finally connect the dots and end up with the conclusion: their new librarian used to be a police officer.

Some curious kids were asking him questions about his previous job, but eventually, they stopped and Kakashi would like to believe it's because he kept distracting their questions with something else. Only later did he find out that Naruto and Shikamaru had been telling people to not ask him things. He appreciated them, he really did.

He got them chocolate muffins the next day and still told them to pay the fine for being late returning a book.

Back to the present, he let out a chuckle seeing a pout on Naruto's face as he gave back his library card.

"Why? You don't want me at your birthday party?" He asked the boy.

"Huh? No, no, no! I would love you to come! You always bake the best cakes! And everyone seems to be happier when you're around! It's just," Naruto shrugged, "Dad said you don't enjoy crowded places, but mom would definitely make you come."

His expression went softer hearing the boy's words.

He really didn't deserve any of this, so he placed his hand on the top of Naruto's head to ruffle it ignoring Naruto's protest.

"Say, how about we go get ramen this weekend?"

"Really?! Can I bring my friends too?"

Kakashi grimaced; maybe he shouldn't have hauled the whole donuts from the store to the police station last week. One of the younger detectives, Tenzou, kept frowning at his money management, and he could see the consequences of his actions now. So he just said again, "Homemade ramen? My place?"

"Even better! I'll tell Sasuke and Sakura!"

They were good kids.

Bringing Naruto home felt like bringing a whole sun into a room, his bright personality made him question sometimes if he really needed the lights or not.

Kinda reminded him of someone, but… ah.

Sakura had this massive crush on Sasuke, and he heard from the people that she already had it since elementary school. Naruto told him that she used to be more obvious about it, but now that they talked regularly they just looked like good friends. Sasuke was quieter than the other two and would rather be alone most of the time, too bad he got Naruto and Sakura dragging him around.

Like a certain someone that he knew a bit too well.

But the three of them obviously cared about each other. Once Sasuke visited the library to ask him if he could take him to Sakura's house when she was sick only to bring her a cake along with notes from the class she skipped. Naruto was so mad the next day because they didn't tell him about visiting Sakura. Also, Gai couldn't find his car that day—but that's a completely unrelated topic.

He made the broth one day before, so he could just get everything ready by the time the kids arrived at his apartment. Turned out he didn't have to steal Gai's car for the day because Minato had free time. Shame. He liked driving Gai's car around. But Kakashi thanked the captain once they arrived, offering Minato to come in too but he said he had something else to do and would pick them up by 4 PM.

Everything went well. They helped him wash the dishes after. Sakura went outside and came back with a black envelope, "Kakashi-san, I found this! Addressed to you, written in red. Looks creepy."

Kakashi took the envelope that's handed to him, "Thanks, Sakura," and threw it to the bin without sparing it another glance.

Nobody asked him to come to Naruto's birthday party, Anko just messaged him at 10 AM saying that she's outside the apartment and, her words exactly, 'If you don't come down in 5 minutes I'm going up hauling your ass.'

I'm still in my pajamas. He texted her back, fully dressed while taking the lift downstairs carrying a wrapped present in his left hand while his other hand was holding a bag with a cake in it.

And why is that my concern?

A chuckle escaped his lips.

He left the building, found Anko's car in the parking lot, and put the cake and the present on the backseat before getting into the front passenger seat.

"What if I was still naked?" He asked, continuing their conversation verbally.

Anko just shrugged, "I still don't see why that is my concern."

That's fair. He deserved that.

Kakashi started ranting about the main lead of the Korean drama they watched together when Anko stepped on the gas.

Kakashi stayed near Gai the whole time because despite the sergeant's energetic behavior that's a direct contrast to his low-energy actions, with the crowd around them it was where he felt most comfortable. Gai talked a lot, introducing people to Kakashi—because most of them apparently already knew him and he felt bad about not knowing who they were—and when Kakashi suddenly went quiet he just took over the conversation and excused himself to take Kakashi to a less crowded place for them to sit.

"Your hair got longer," Gai commented as he handed him a drink.

Kakashi thanked him, then he touched his own hair with a frown, not realizing the fact until Gai mentioned it, "Yeah, I'm allowed to have long hair now. Come join me in this club, quit the job."

"I really hope you're not tempting my sergeant to leave me too."

A calm voice behind them made the two turn their heads, and Kakashi smirked when he looked at Minato.

"Captain. I didn't see you coming. Did you arrive before me?"

"I live here."

"That's nice, Captain," Gai added, "Did you know that Naruto also lives here?"

It was obvious how Minato tried to look annoyed, but the antics of the two made him fail to fight back a laugh, "What a coincidence!"

Everyone seems to be happier when you're around, Naruto had said.

Well, he was wrong.

He's happier when everyone's around.

It's like they're absorbing away the thick smoke on his shoulders, making his life much lighter. But the thing about absorbing was: when they absorbed too much they'd get too overwhelmed with it too.

Truly, he didn't deserve any of this.

"Come on, you two," Minato pulled them to get up from the chairs, "Naruto wants to see you."

"Gejimayu-san!! Did you get me a remote-controlled helicopter? I'm 14, I shouldn't be playing that—"

"What, do you not like it?"

Naruto grinned widely.

"I love it!! Can't wait to show it to Chouji!"

God, both of them were so energetic.

Kakashi frowned disapprovingly, “Why are you opening your presents now?”

"Well, I wouldn't have to if you two came here earlier without Dad having to find you."

The rest of the party went pretty well. Naruto blew up the candles, and then sliced the cake to share it with everyone. Now he just had to wait for his favorite part of a party: its end where they could go home. He continued stuck by Gai's side, stealing bites from the sergeant's fork because he refused to get his own slice and just asked Kushina to dump them on Gai's plate.

"It's too sweet," he complained.

Gai frowned, "You baked this."

"Not for myself."

Gai cut another piece of the slice and brought it closer to Kakashi's mouth.

He whined, but still ate it.

Then he just let Gai eat the rest once he felt like his tongue couldn't take it anymore.

It looked like he was the only one complaining about the cake, and it felt good to see people enjoying it. Especially the kids; kids and their sweet teeth, it would be so easy to kidnap them by offering sweets.

"Sorry I'm late!" He heard a familiar voice that made him freeze, "Naruto, I got you a present!"

"Rin-san! I thought you're not coming! Mom said you're busy,"

"How can I not come to your birthday?"

Nohara Rin, standing there in front of Naruto handing him the present she was carrying with a smile. A smile that always looked so bright, so warm, so kind.

And then she turned her head,

and she saw him.

He saw her, too.

And that's the problem.

The warmth in her smile disappeared.

Turned into… something else.


"Is that our Nohara Rin?!"

Anko's voice was suddenly heard by everyone, startled Rin enough to stop her step toward Kakashi, especially when Anko put her hand around the other girl's shoulder and dragged her away, "It's been so long! How's the hospital? Hope they treat you better than the detectives in our precinct,"

"Kakashi," he heard Gai's voice beside him, "Breathe."

Only then he realized that he had been holding his breath.

"Do you want to—?"

"No," he replied.

He couldn't meet Rin.

Couldn't talk to her.

Not right now. Not soon.

"I… I have to go," Kakashi said, but Gai took his hand before he could walk away.

"I'll drive you home."


"No problem. Sure you're okay?"

"Yeah… sorry."

When Kakashi yawned for the fifth time, Shisui frowned at him accusingly, "Did you even sleep last night?"


Kakashi shrugged, one hand moved to fix his glasses—something he never got used to, wearing glasses, ugh, "I watched Choi Jihoon kissed Han Iseul again even after he promised Eunwoo he would stay faithful—"

"Okay, I really don't want to hear about your cheesy Korean drama. Stay here, I'm getting you coffee so you can stay awake for the next 3 hours."

He totally forgot that he promised Shisui to help with his calculus homework today.

Waking up to 20 missed calls was never a good thing, especially when you only got a wink of sleep last night. When he finally answered, Shisui told him that he was already outside his door with breakfast and Kakashi jumped from the bed to open the door and let the younger man in before he rushed to shower and get dressed. They left 15 minutes later, and Kakashi shoved a bagel into his mouth while Shisui drove to a local coffee shop nearby.

The thing that confused Kakashi was the fact Shisui was smart, he definitely didn't have to ask him any of these. Kakashi barely helped with his homework, only corrected him a few times with his miscalculations and the wrong usage of formulas. It's like their bloodline or something, to be smarter than the people of their age. He had seen Sasuke who easily became the top student in his class, and he had 'helped' Itachi study for his university entrance exam as well—only to watch him finish complicated questions like it was nothing.

And then there was this one other Uchiha who Kakashi witnessed firsthand what he was like in school days. Not exactly academically bright like his other cousins, but kicked his ass in every other subject.


He pulled Shisui's book and started to write in an attempt to do one question before the younger man came back. Distraction, distraction.

"Hey, sorry—"

A voice came from his side, and Kakashi looked up just before he got to write the answer to the question. Beside him was a man with gray hair.

Kakashi blinked. Unsure why this man came to him.

"Yeah? Do you need something?"

The man nodded, "Yeah, my name is Hidan. And over there is Deidara," he pointed at a blond, slightly younger man who looked at them with a sheepish smile, "He's an artist, studying arts, and… well, it's a bit weird, but artists are weird, so here we go. He had been stuck for weeks with this assignment to draw a portrait. See, my friend is a very perfectionist person and he refuses to draw just anyone —heck, he even refused to draw me—then he said that when he saw you, he suddenly got an… I don't know, overflowing inspiration? So what I'm saying is, is it okay if we take a picture of you for his reference?"

What an odd request.

A soft laugh escaped his lips.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh at it. I just find it cute, and I know this kid who’s also an artist… I have to agree, they’re weird—in a good way, though” he replied, “Sure, if you want to. I don’t mind.”

Suddenly he remembered Sai who stored his painting equipments in the library.

Hidan thanked him, and pulled out his phone to take a picture.

Just Kakashi, wearing his glasses while his left eye’s still covered with an eyepatch, smiling at the camera.

“Thanks again!”

He left, and Deidara from his table nodded at him still with the sheepish grin as a thank you gesture.

Shortly after that, Shisui came back with hot Americano.

“Thanks,” Kakashi sipped the coffee, and noticed the writing on the cup when he put it on the table, “Look at that, the barista left you something. Give him a call.”

“Nah, I told him it was for you. You call that number. Now, back to number 11... whoah, did you do it? You’re an angel, Kakashi, I love you so much—”

After they finished, of course, Kakashi tossed the cup into a trash can with no following thoughts about the number.

Far, far away from the coffee shop, there was an abandoned warehouse at the outskirt. Screams were heard, but nobody was foolish enough to get close to even hear it.


“Shut the fuck up. I told you what would happen if you mess up the delivery.”

A man was lying helplessly on the floor, with trace of blood on the corner of his mouth after coughing so much of it. Bruises were everywhere, especially from the side of his stomach, a result of being beaten and now he tried to crawl near the feet that had been kicking him.

The feet of a man who now sat on a crate in front of him.

“Boss, please… I’ll do better, I promise you,”

“Oh, really? You promise? Like you promised to get the delivery done?”

When the man was about to get up, the ‘boss’ kicked him on the chin.

“And who told you you could get up?” He sighed, and then gestured to one of his men who was standing behind him to give him his gun. “Honestly, you’ve been doing so bad lately. I think it’s better if you just—”

—a ting! sound cut interrupted his words.

“Ah, sorry,” the boss said, “It’s mine. Excuse me for a bit.”

He put the gun on his lap while searching for his phone in his pocket. A frown appeared on his forehead when he saw the notification box; a text from Hidan, which was an image attached with a caption, ‘Thank me later, I accept your old car too’ .

This motherfucker better sent him something important if he brought up his car like that.

So the boss opened the message to see the image.



His heart raced, and he could feel his face heated up.











Why does he look like that?


Like what?


Be more specific



Wait not that

Although I would love to be
more specific but I’m kinda
In the middle of something


Get help


YOU get help

Has he been sleeping? Why is
there an eyebag under his eye????


…look you’re my boss and i
(kinda) respect you&shit but how
the fuck did you notice that?????


I asked the question


Idk i heard he said smth abt
korean drama



He didn’t stream anything
last night


And you know that why???


Send him something


Dark tho he doesn’t like sweet

And tea?? Chamomile?


No offense boss but
NOBODY likes chamomile



I expect him to receive it tonight

You can have my car then

I'm gonna kill you if he doesn't tho



Hey, Boss. It’s Deidara.
Hidan threw the phone to me.
We’re on our way to buy
chocolate now ;)



You’re the only man I can trust


Hidan said,

exactly his words,



The text stopped there, he figured Hidan must had taken the phone back.

Now. Back to this failure in front of him. God. He’s so tired. He just wanted to go back home and stare at the image his subordinates just sent him all night.

So he turned his head at Kisame, “Take him to the infirmary, fix those wounds. I’m in a good mood.”

The man gasped. “Thank you, Boss! Thank you!”

The boss waved his hand dismissively and got up from the crate as Kisame took the man away. Another notification popped up; from Shisui, this time.

Neat handwriting of a calculus solution, with no caption.



I’m not doing your calculus bullshit








I don’t know!

Nobody ever knows what
ur thinking!!


Dinner on me tonight

Bring Sasuke and Itachi

I’m framing that



Chapter Text

“Thank you for the hard work, Detective Mitarashi.”

“Get the fuck out of my chair, Kakashi.”

The silver-haired man grinned, “Not a good day?” But got up from the chair and leaned a bit on the side of the desk as the detective sat on her chair, “Wanna tell me what happened?”

“Say, where did the captain find that new forensic?”

“Oh, Kabuto? I heard he’s Dr. Orochimaru’s student.”

Anko groaned, “Well I guess that is why he’s so insufferable.”

A chuckle left his lips as he straightened his back and walked a few steps away from her desk; the details about what happened were something he couldn’t bring himself to ask, “Give him a chance, he’s good at what he does. He helped Gai with his last case about… well, his last case,” Kakashi waved his hand dismissively, “Talking about him will just upset you more, though. Take a break. Do you want some tea?”

“What do you have?”


That earned him a frown from Anko.

“You hate chamomile.”

“Not true. I like chamomile. Chamomile is my favorite tea. I think I'll die if I don't drink chamomile. It’s been 3 days now and it’s all I drink.”

“Because you hate yourself.”

“Because it’s the only tea I have at the moment,” Kakashi paused, “And yeah. That too. But that’s not the point.”

Anko gave him a side-eye.

“Oh my God,” the librarian sighed, “Fine. Someone dropped like 200 bags of chamomile and, I don’t know, 50 boxes of chocolate in front of my door.”

“Now we’re talking,” Anko leaned forward and looked at Kakashi with her eyes lit up in interest and a smirk on her face, “So, who’s this someone?”

“I know no more than you do,” Kakashi shrugged and pulled a roll of paper from his jeans pocket and showed it to the detective, “It has the receipt. And the fact that I’m still alive after overdosing myself with chamomile means it's probably not poisoned.”

He could see Anko squinting her eyes to see the paper in his hand.

“It’s… paid cash, no name.”


“And you think it’s not suspicious? Someone just dropped a shit ton of tea in front of your door with a receipt but nothing else?”

"Oh, it had a letter attached." Kakashi put the receipt back in his pocket, "I threw it away, though."

Another disbelief frown from the detective.

"Don't you even want to know who sent you that?"

"Nope," again, he shrugged nonchalantly, "If they have any business with me, they gotta man up and knock on the damn door rather than calling me with a burner phone, sending me a creepy letter, or some other things I probably missed."

The detective sighed loudly, considering to ask some more about what he just said but decided not to since if it really bothered Kakashi, he'd say something; and this time she earned a finger gun from the silver-haired man before he left for the pantry.

"Hey, Kakashi,"


"Mind if I ask you something?"

"Go ahead,"

"When was the last time you talked to Rin—?"

"Ow," Kakashi suddenly frowned, putting down his own cup to the desk after tasting a sip of the tea, "Chamomile is terrible, do you want some mint in your tea?"

Anko stared at her friend for a moment before she decided to drop the topic since Kakashi was very obviously avoiding the topic.

"That's what I told you!"

And Kakashi was grateful; he would thank Anko for distracting Rin at the party three days ago, but this was the most that he could do to thank her without bringing up the topic.

"Hello, Sasuke. Your favorite cousin is here to pick you up!"

Sasuke got into the passenger seat, "I don't see Shisui."

Which made the older man staring at him in disbelief.

"Listen, you little shit, you're lucky because Itachi threatened me that if I'm late even one second or if there's one scratch on your body he's going to kill me in my sleep—"

"Ouch," Sasuke grimaced, looking at blood trailing from the top of his finger which was caused by opening a foil wrapper of chocolate that he was holding, "Papercut."

The purposeful grazing of his finger on the sharp side of the foil wasn't missed, which made the man behind the wheel step on the gas almost flat with the floor surface.

"That's it. We're going to the ER."

Made the younger man panic, "Wait, wait, wait, wait, Obito—!"

Obito did not slow the car down.

"It's a papercut it's not like Itachi's gonna notice—"

"Have you ever met your brother? He's one overprotective, obsessed bastard—"

"And you're not?"

Sasuke decided to ignore his cousin's overreaction and continued to tear the wrap, revealing a bar of dark chocolate in it.

The car slowed down as Obito took a glance at Sasuke, "What's that supposed to mean—hey," his gaze fell on the chocolate the younger was holding before going back to the street, “Where did you get that?”

“Oh, I think you know.” Sasuke cleared his throat and then spoke in a slightly deeper voice, "'You see, I know that this might be too bitter for your taste, but someone decided to drop 50 of these in front of my house because he's a wuss who would rather do shady things instead of talking like a normal person,'"

"...he doesn't talk like that."

"And how do you know? You don't talk to him."

HHHHHHHHH this kid.

"I tried talking to him,"

"Creepy phone calls and creepy letters don't count. Oh, putting your phone number on his coffee glass also doesn't count."

"Who told you that?"


"That jerk—"

"I'm telling Itachi you swore."


Kakakahi checked a calendar in his room.

It has been four years since the last time he talked to Rin. So when Anko asked that, she actually witnessed Kakashi and Rin's last interactions, and maybe she kinda hoped that they talked after that? Kakashi resigned, and he heard that Rin also left a year after he did and moved to the Konoha Medical Center—a big, local hospital in the city.

When Kakashi started to come back to the precinct, not as a detective, he never saw Rin again.

His meeting with Rin two years ago in the hospital, though, of course, didn't count as talking.

Especially since he escaped the hospital room through the window once he could move, ignoring the fact that his room was on the sixth floor because he was a pathetic coward who would rather run away than deal with a problem shoved right at him.

Needless to say, everyone was disappointed in him and the captain himself cuffed him to the bed once they caught him—after a lot of effort, he landed on the top of the dumpster behind the hospital and Gai was already there, arms crossed, leaning against his car as if he already knew where Kakashi would land.

"I wasn't going to fall," He defended himself after being dragged back to his room, "I actually have a really good balance."

"Shut up, Kakashi."

It was a rare occasion of Captain Namikaze Minato telling him to shut up, so he did.

Kakashi sighed and walked to the mirror that's hung on his wall. Gai was right, his hair grew longer; it almost reached his shoulders now, but well, it didn't bother him that much. He never had long hair before, the longest it had been was two years ago when it finally reached his back, and Kurenai gave him a haircut after he left the hospital—with actual permission and legal papers, of course.

His hand moved to take the eyepatch off, because people kept telling him to take it off when he's at home or something. When he opened his left eye, he clicked his tongue and closed it again before turning away from the mirror.

Yep. That's enough looking at his eye for the next 20 years.

To his men, Uchiha Obito was an easy man to please, also easy to anger.

But the easiest thing to do was to forget that the man was controlling 80% of the underground business, and could turn someone's perfectly fine life into a living hell.

The biggest part was played by Hatake Kakashi, by literally doing nothing but minding his own business.

Obito sighed, "He's so hot and for what?"

Kakuzu had to stop counting the money they just collected from a desperate company who borrowed from them a few months ago but was unable to pay the interest to look at his boss who took out a photo from his wallet.

"Is that… the photo Hidan sent you last week?"


"Did you print that out?"


"...there's a corpse next to your feet."

As Kakuzu said that, a bloody hand gripped the boss' coat, "Please… give us one more chance to pay—"

Obito kicked the hand away and stepped on it without even looking away from the photo in his hand, earning a pained yelp.

"I'll get back to you soon, baby," he placed a quick kiss on the photo, and Kakuzu groaned—hurriedly going back to the money and muttering, 'I totally did not see that.'

After he put back the photo carefully into his wallet, the daydreaming expression on his face disappeared without a trace. He inhaled deeply, and irritation was quick to replace his expression when he took a step to let go of the hand, but then pinned it on the floor again with his knee as he kneeled, putting one finger under the CEO's chin and tilted it so he'd face him; Obito was staring at him with his mismatched eyes.

"What did you say about chance?" He asked, "I gave you too many chances already, don't you think?" Then he turned at Kakuzu, his voice was a bit louder when he called the treasurer out, "How many chances did we give him, Kakuzu?"

"Five," Kakuzu answered.

" Five. " Obito repeated, "That's like, 4 too many—hold on," he turned back at Kakuzu and said in disbelief, "... five? You let me let them go five times?!"

"Nah, the first time you got a call from Itachi that he was with Hatake Kakashi at the moment and you spent 17 minutes to convince him to take a picture," Sasori, who walked past him, said, "The second time, you were notified that a robbery was happening and Hatake Kakashi was in the store. The third time—"

"Okay, okay, you can stop listing now,"

"You have the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to Hatake Kakashi."

"Well, I'd have a shorter one if you keep mentioning his name!"

Sasori shrugged, and he continued minding his own business; opening a drawer grabbed an expensive-looking watch, "Can I take this?"

Nobody answered but he placed it around his wrist anyway, "Looks nice."

"You crow," Obito rolled his eyes, and put his attention back on the CEO, "Okay, how about this: one last chance, because I'm just that generous. If you fail this time, though, I'm gonna… hmm, oi Sasori, make up a threat for me."

The red-haired man was still admiring the watch, sitting on the edge of the table, "You'll kill his employees one by one?"

"What good would killing his employees do?" He groaned, "And they're not the ones owing me money, this motherfucker probably doesn't even care about his employees anyway."

"Eh, I don't mind killing just anyone."

Obito side-eyed his assassin.


"I'd say drain his bank account."

" sure are quick with money. Argh, you guys are useless. I have to do everything around here."

"That's why you're the boss," Sasori chimed, and then stood up from the desk. "I'll be outside if you need me."

"Well, I'll be leaving too, then. You distract me from counting the money."

When they both left, it was only Obito and the CEO—who exhaled in relief, which didn't go unnoticed by the boss.

"Really?" He frowned, "You're relieved because they left, huh? Feeling more at ease now that they wouldn't be around to feed me ideas? I'll tell you what, they wouldn't feed me ideas, yes, but they also wouldn't be around to stop me, so—" he pressed the other man's hand to the floor with his knee even harder, ignoring the denials leaving his mouth; while Obito spoke his next words in lower voice, made it sound as soft as it could be with enough sharpness of emphasizes, "You better listen to me very, very, carefully."

When Obito left the room, he found his men with the two executives.

"That's a lot of blood," Sasori commented, which made Obito lift his coat and frowned in disgust, "Bad day at work?"

"Grab the kid," he commanded, not exactly in the mood to play along, "We're taking him."

The red-haired man quickly turned around to follow the order, knowing well enough to not say anything when Obito's not in the mood.

There was a young woman, the CEO's secretary, who was hugging a kid—red-haired, looked no older than Sasuke—caressing her back as if she was trying to calm him down. When Sasori took the kid, though, the woman resisted, telling him to take her instead of the kid, which was countered by the assassin, 'Boss wanted the kid,' 'Sorry, the secretary position is currently occupied, I'll let you know when Yahiko dies.'

"You scum," Obito muttered in a low voice, "He's not even her kid and she put up more of a fight than you did."

Sasori finally succeeded in taking the boy from her when he looked at the assassin and asked him to not hurt anyone; made the assassin shrug and said, "The boss actually hates hurting people who are not involved. So, a win-win situation for us."

 ...was that really the CEO's kid?

This kid, who had more courage than that fucking coward? And the kid was like, what, 14 years old?

"Here you go, Boss," Sasori pushed the kid to him.

The kid was staring at him, with no fear in his pale-blue green eyes.

Which made Obito smile, and he kneeled down to his height.

"Hey," he said, "What's your name?"

No answer from the kid, so Obito said again, "My name is Tobi, and I'm not going to hurt you. Or the lady. Do you like the lady? Is she nice to you?"

"...she is nice to me," the kid finally answered, "My name… Gaara,"

"Gaara," Obito repeated, "Good name. So, I was going to leave your father at your mercy, but then I thought it's not really a good idea to make a kid kill his own father—that, and he pissed me off so bad so I kinda went overboard," the grimace on his face was as if he did a little oopsie, "And… well, he's dead."


That's it?

Obito broke the news to a kid that he just killed his father, and all he had to say was 'oh'?

"I'll be honest. I'm planning to take you with me," he said, "If that's okay with you, of course. I won't lock you up, this isn't a kidnapping—although when the police arrive, it'd count as one, of course, but screw the police. You'd be free to go anywhere you like. I'd give you everything you need—everything you want.   What do you think?"

"What do you want from me?"

A chuckle left the boss' mouth; this kid really knew how the world worked, huh? He'd get along with Sasuke.

"Easy, I want you to take over this company one day, and we can work together. Until then, the lady will be in charge—who's her name?"


"Pakura, yes, she'll take care of the office while you're gone, and once you're back you'd be the boss. This company will be free of the loan—don't give me that look, Kakuzu—and you'll make me the proudest man in existence."

The kid was smart. Obito could see it in his eyes that he was thinking about how unbelievable the offer was; too good to be true, it was as if there was no downside at all. And maybe it really was too good to be true. But it's there.


Why, indeed.

"I'll tell you, someday. Not today. If you take the offer, of course." He shrugged, "So, your answer?"

"If I say yes, am I still allowed to see my siblings?"

"Are you still… what?" Obito's eyes widened in disbelief hearing the question; why would he even need to ask that? "Nah, you don't even have to agree to see them. In fact, we can see them now. Do you want to buy something for them? Of course you do. We're going shopping!"

"Good," Sasori suddenly interrupted, "Because Hatake Kakashi is currently in the town square mall, and we have time to hijack things if we're going there."

Oh, that's so nice.

"Get me a new coat, I gotta look good."

"As if you're going to talk to him," Kakuzu said.

"Oh. I'm going to talk. Watch me, losers."

The sequel of a novel he was currently obsessed with was released, and the book store near his place didn't sell them.

Too vulgar, they said.

They were really missing the modern Shakespeare.

So he went to the mall in the town square, driving Gai's car that was parked near the police station. Shouldn't be a problem, he didn't plan to be long. Hatake Kakashi, alone in the middle of a crowd? No thank you. He'd grab the book and leave. And that's what he did. The book was easy to find, the best seller shelf was standing out with the teal color and a big 'Icha Icha' was written on a standee.

When he was about to pay, though, there's a voice from the intercom speaker.

"Detective Hatake Kakashi,"

...oh God.

He rememebered the phone call from about two months ago, it was hard to not notice. Just because he never thought about it, didn't mean he just forgot.

There was another voice.

"Dear costumers, we apologize for the inconveniencr. Our system's hijacked by—"

A bzzzt and the voice was changed again into the voice with a voice-changer.

"Did you remember Uchiha Obito, Detective?"

"I'll pay cash," Kakashi said, took out a few from his wallet and dropped it on the chasier's table, also an earphone and quickly plugged the jack and put both of them on his ears, "Keep the change."

"Do you know what actually happened—"

He picked the last song that he played and turned up the volume from his phone.









That's enough to muffle the voice out.

He hummed the rest of the song as he left the mall.

Whoever that was hijacking the intercom, they were not talking to him. Detective Hatake Kakashi who? They're 4 years too late. He didn't do that anymore. His police friends even avoided talking about a case with him because they knew he didn't want to get involved ever again, who was this person thinking they could do what his friends couldn't?

When he got into the car, once he's sure he couldn't hear the intercom anymore, he pulled out the earphone and threw his phone on the passenger's seat. Letting the song continued playing as he drove.



Chapter Text


“Oh, Kakashi-san,”

Exam week was happening in the Konoha Middle School, and any club activity wasn’t allowed so most of the students left the school right after they finished, which caused the school to be almost empty. Yet here he was, finding one of the students that he knew pretty well still standing near the gate and it had been hours since the last exam for the day was held.

Sasuke’s house wasn’t exactly close to the school, but usually Itachi would pick him up. Kakashi had known Itachi well enough to know about how protective he was to his brother, so it didn’t really make sense if Itachi still hadn’t shown up and made Sasuke wait for hours like this.

“Is Itachi—”

“Busy,” the boy replied before he even finished the question, “My cousin should be here soon, though.”

“I see,”

Kakashi pulled out his phone to send a quick message to Shisui.







Sasuke is still in school?



Kakashi if u dont hear
from me again, just know
that it’s Itachi


Shisui’s reply made him snort in amusement.


Itachi doing God's work.


HEY >:(

Not nice!!


Sorry ♡

I can call a taxi if you
really can’t come.


No no no no I alrd made a phone call

He should be there in five minutes


Who did you call?



Also u might want to
talk to the driver

He’s single



Due to the price, he wouldn’t say that Uber was his favorite transportation method, but hey, he knew that the Uchihas were loaded, old money and everything, so he wouldn’t say anything about it. They lived in a whole different economy class Kakashi could never relate to, especially with him kept spending his money as if he didn’t plan to live for another day. While he was pretty content with what he had, sometimes he couldn’t help but wonder if rich people ever thought twice before spending money.

And then it hit him that maybe the local bakery owner thought the same too every time Kakashi went there to practically haul every single thing they had.

He had no excuse.

“Shisui said he called Uber,” Kakashi told Sasuke, “Five minutes, I can stay with you until then.”

Sasuke blinked at him, as if he was confused about what he was talking about, but just nodded anyway.

“Thanks,” the boy said, “Did you close the library late again today?”

Which made Kakashi raise a brow.

“You’ve been doing it since last Friday.”

“Ah,” Kakashi shrugged, “Yes, I was waiting for the kids to finish. Kiba and Chouji dragged Shikamaru to study together with them, maybe you should try that too.”

Sasuke rolled his eyes, “You try to study with them and see if you can get anything besides headache and broken eardrums.”

The silver-haired man let out a small laugh, “Alright, alright, point taken.”

There was, okay, maybe, a hint of hypocrisy in his words since he noticed that he and Sasuke shared the same preference to do things alone, and he knew how loud the kids could be when they’re put together. But that took the young Uchiha’s attention from the topic about closing the library late, so it’s still a win for Kakashi. They stayed there for a bit longer, sometimes they talked but mostly the time passed in silence.

Until a car stopped in front of them, and the window was lowered a bit—

—only for it to be raised again, hiding the figure behind the dark glass.

But it was enough for Kakashi to see a figure behind the wheel; a man with black hair that looked familiar and made him freeze on his place where he stood. For a moment, his gaze was deadlocked at the dark tinted window that covered his sight from the driver. His heart skipped a beat before racing at an abnormal pace, making him unconsciously hold his breath—

“—san? Kakashi-san?”

Sasuke tugged his sleeve, which snapped Kakashi back to his senses.

“Huh—oh—” he blinked at the boy, briefly glancing at the window again before focusing his eye back to Sasuke, “Uh, that’s your ride?”

“Yeah,” the boy nodded, “Do you… want to talk to my Uber driver?”


Kakashi let out a small laugh, “Do I look that lonely?”

First Shisui, and now Sasuke. These Uchihas.


He raised a brow.

“Okay. A bit, maybe,” Sasuke shrugged, “But he also looks lonely, it’s like you’re both made for each other.”

The silver-haired man couldn’t not laugh at that.

It’s cute, really.

“Just take care on your way home, alright?”

While his tone was light, it was also dismissive. So Sasuke nodded again, and entered the car.

Kakashi was left alone.

On his way home, Sasuke had to bear witnessing his cousin stopping the car on the side of the road and then slamming his head on the steering wheel before screaming for 20 seconds straight, because Shisui sent him a message consisting of a screenshot of Kakashi’s text message; the one where he said, ‘Sorry’ and a heart emoticon beside it.

“He doesn’t even know you exist,” Sasuke rolled his eyes, “And honestly? I envy him.”

Obito screamed for another 20 seconds.

Sasuke wanted his brother to rescue him.

When Kakashi arrived at home, Gai was already standing in front of his apartment; arms crossed, leaning against the wall beside the door.


Kakashi slowly stepped backward into the lift that he just left a moment ago, but the lift door was already closed right before he could get in.

And Gai turned his head at him, noticing the ding! noise from the lift.

“Oh, Kakashi!”

Dammit, lift.

“Gai, hey,” Kakashi waved his hand at his friend, lips curved into his usual light smile, “I didn't know you're coming.”

“I called you five times since noon, but you never answered.”



He had his eye on his phone's screen all the time while it was ringing, waiting for it to go off by itself.

“Sorry,” he said, “Busy day.”

“I called you yesterday too.”

Uh. He did that too yesterday.

“And the day before,”


“And before—”

“Wait, I was busy for real that day.”

Gai shot him a look, and Kakashi had the audacity to grin.

“Sorry,” Kakashi added.

The sergeant sighed, “Hate when you don't answer my call, Buddy. Next time at least leave me a message.”

“I know, I'm sorry,” Kakashi said, more genuine now, “It won't happen again.”

“Thank you.”

He kinda regretted it now, ignoring Gai's calls like that.

If anyone asked if Kakashi had been avoiding the precinct, then the answer would be no. Nope. Not avoiding it at all. He just hadn't been visiting for the last seven days or so, even though no matter how busy he was, he always made a bit of time to visit for like 5 minutes.

Well, okay, maybe he accidentally closed the library later than usual and it made him have to take another bus that not only took a way longer route but also didn't pass by the precinct, but that still didn't mean he was avoiding anything.

The reason was, of course, the mall hijacking incident that happened a week ago.

Gai called him when Kakashi was already at home, and the silver-haired man only laughed it off.

Are you okay?” The sergeant asked.

Kakashi would be lying if he said it didn't affect him at all.

Eh, it doesn't affect me at all,” he told Gai, because he was a dirty liar, “I almost didn't hear it.”

That one wasn't a complete lie, he did hurriedly leave the mall so he wouldn't have to hear anything.

It's so ridiculous.

One mention of his name, and Kakashi's life that barely had a decent foundation was threatening to collapse.

Kakashi pulled out his key card to open his door, “Wanna come in? I think I still have pizza from like, two days ago.”

“Oh, no, I just wanted to know if you're okay,” Gai said, “Everyone misses you, by the way. The fuss about the incident has stopped, so come by once you feel like it. And,” he shoved a plastic bag toward Kakashi, “bought you Chinese food for dinner, so you can throw away the pizza.”

A chuckle left his lips as he took the bag.

“Thanks. I haven't had dinner.”

“You never have dinner, so I know.”

“That's fair.”

Ah. What did he do to deserve Gai, again.

“Aright. See you soon! I'll go home now, and once you're back I'm challenging you to a sushi eating contest!”

He smiled at the other man, “Don't cry on me if you lose.”

That weekend, Kakashi spent his afternoon in a coffee shop, and when he was on his way back home, he walked past a souvenir shop.

There, he could see a giant teddy bear displayed from the glass window.

Kakashi stopped for a bit.

It's even bigger than him.

“Would be nice to have you in my living room,” Kakashi said, more to himself, before continuing walking.

The next afternoon, he heard his bell ringing. So he opened the door, revealing a delivery man.

“Package for Hatake Kakashi,” the man said, and handed him a paper to sign.

Kakashi glanced around to see what package could be delivered to him, and he saw the giant teddy bear he saw yesterday, covered in transparent plastic.

What the fuck.


That night he slept on the giant teddy bear, sitting in his living room, with Icha Icha next to him.

In his dream, he saw a man with short black hair.

The trembling that started when he woke up didn’t stop until later in the afternoon.


“Obito, I’m late.”

“And I’m the boss of the fucking underworld, shut up.”

Sasuke’s school schedule wasn’t going to get in the way between him and the Starbucks coffee that he was getting from the drive-thru.

Like, come on. This was supposed to be his day off—which didn’t come often, remembering what he did for a living; the organization wasn’t going to run itself, come on—and he had to spend it babysitting his youngest cousin, great.

“Isn’t school supposed to be over?” He asked, “You just did your exams last week.”

“Well, there’s no class,” Sasuke replied; he stopped complaining when Obito got him a big sandwich with extra tomato, “We’re going to have a class event for the spring festival, so I probably only have to stay at school for a few hours—”

“So you’re not late if it’s just a meeting to discuss the event,”

“I’m supposed to lead the meeting,”

“And you’re troubling yourself for what?”

“You literally lead a criminal boyband, leave my class alone.”

Obito frowned, stopped talking as if he was offended with the term criminal boyband.

“Then what am I supposed to do while you’re… leading your meeting, Your Highness? Wait outside?”

Sasuke shrugged, “If that’s what you want, but I heard Kakashi-san will be around—”

“Say less.”

The older man stepped on the gas to make the car run faster.




There was no class today, but some of the students were still coming to the school to discuss things about the spring festival. So Kakashi opened the library just in case anyone wanted to return a book, or maybe discuss it in the library.

Only three students came in since he opened the library in the morning, though, but well, Kakashi didn't have anything better to do anyway. And since he already planned to stay until the usual closing time, he pulled out Icha Icha Tactics from his bag and sat on one of the chairs to read it; the kids weren't around, he could focus on his novel now.

He didn't really have to go today.

But it's better than staying at home.

Sometimes, he still could feel his hands shaking; probably the residue of what happened this morning, but he just ignored it.

But sometimes it also made it hard for him to turn a page.

His hand refused to move for a moment, and Kakashi just watched it hovering above his open book, shaking.

It really got worse, huh.

Kakashi was too deep in the book, and then his own thoughts; he lost his sense of the surrounding, and that wasn't supposed to be a problem since there weren't a lot of people coming to the library, anyway. He's pretty much alone.

That's what he thought.

Until suddenly he heard someone speaking behind him, "Are you reading porn?" that startled him, and by reflex, he closed the book; not wanting a kid to see.

But when Kakashi turned his head to the source of the voice, it wasn’t a kid.

Instead, it was a man.

The man that he saw in his dream last night.

He looked older than the last time, and his hair was also longer, and there was a heavy scar on the right side of his face. But despite all those differences, Kakashi only needed one look to recognize the man.

Especially with those mismatched color eyes; red on the right and black on the left, he could stare at them for hours.


“Hey, Kakashi,” the other replied, “Long time no see.”

Too long—


Obito took a seat beside him, and Kakashi only stared at him. The book on his hands was almost forgotten.

“Your hair grew longer,” Kakashi made a comment.

“Yours too. It looks nice.”

“Gai made a fuss. He doesn’t like it.”

“You can’t blame him for not liking it after what happened.”

Kakashi shrugged, “I guess so, yeah.”

When Kakashi opened his book again, he noticed that his hands had stopped shaking.

“Really?” He heard Obito’s laugh, “You’re going to ignore me by reading porn?”

“It’s literature,” Kakashi shot back, “Do you want me to read it to you?”

“I do.”

“Eh. Next time. When we’re in somewhere more private. Children could come in.”

“So you’re admitting that it’s porn.”

Kakashi glanced a side-eye at Obito without moving his head.

“Part of it, okay.”

“It starts with a man’s wet dream—”

“Leave my porn alone, Obito.”

“So it’s porn.”


He wouldn’t be able to focus on his book, now. But he was going to keep the book open and stare blankly at the pages, because he couldn’t keep staring at Obito. Not without making it look weird.

“It’s been years,” he said, “What are you doing here?”

Obito took a moment before replying, “Picking Sasuke up.”

“…I see.”

“What are you going to do after this? If you’re free, come join me and Sasuke to have dinner.”

Hearing that, Kakashi had to hold back a bitter smile.

“I can’t,” he replied, “I’m planning to visit a friend.”

“Is this friend more important than me?”


“What’s their name?”

Kakashi let out a small laugh, but said nothing. That made Obito sigh, and then got up from his seat.

“Fine, if I can’t convince you,” the dark-haired man said, “I gotta go now, Sasuke’s probably already waiting. Call me sometimes?”

The silver-haired man only smiled at Obito, now completely distracted from his book and he watched as the other man walked toward the door.

But then Obito turned around, “Oh, Kakashi?”


“Domestic life doesn’t suit you. Just saying.”

He looked at Obito for a bit before replying, “...I know.”

Then Obito left the library.

That evening, Kakashi visited a friend.

And he brought flowers.

“Hey, sorry I haven’t been visiting,” he said, “I promised, uh, everyone, that I wouldn’t come here anymore, at least not alone. But hey, wouldn’t be my first time disappointing them.”

An awkward laugh escaped his lips.

“I still don’t want them to know, though, so I’ll be quick. Um. I don’t know what to say, honestly, I just wanted to see you. Can I tell you about Rin? Not much, actually, I haven’t been talking to her as well, but a few weeks ago I saw her at Naruto’s birthday party and… well, she looked sad. She always does when she sees me, so maybe it’s better if she doesn’t see me at all?”

All that replied to him was silence, and the wind softly blowing against his face.

Kakashi sighed, the awkward smile on his face faded, “’s ridiculous, isn’t it. I know it is. I promised I’d move on, but here I am, talking to you,” he then kneeled, and put a bouquet of purple hyacinth beside the tombstone.

On it, a name was carved: Uchiha Obito.

“The hallucinations are back,” he whispered in low voice, now that he’s kneeling in front of the tombstone, he stopped trying to sound cheerful, “But the worst part is that I don’t want them to be gone.”

He closed his eye for a moment before continuing, “...I don’t want… you to be gone.”

Ah. He hated himself like this.

“You would’ve hated to see me like this, I know.”

After another deep sigh, he got up and looked at the grave with sorrow reflected in his eye.

“I’m sorry, Obito.”

Then he turned around and left.

Chapter Text

“So the Boss called me three days ago and said, ‘Yo, I talked to him,’ and I went, ‘Who?’ because, you know, it's not like he’s going to actually talk to him but then he said, ‘Kakashi! Suck it up, loser,’ and then he went on a 7 minutes rant about how pretty the guy is up close—it got pretty explicit, but well, normal Boss behavior, you guys know about that—and it actually spiked some hope in me, you know, he’d finally get that dick, but noo! I asked if he would ask him for dinner and he told me—” Hidan had to stop talking because his next words were only heard as a wheeze, “He… he told me that Kakashi rejected his dinner offer because he’s going to visit a friend, and that friend turned out to be—”

Obito reached his gun and shot it blindly at Hidan.

There was silence after the gunshot,

followed by Hidan’s burst of laughter that’s even louder, and. he continued, “The Boss’ fuckin’ grave!

And the others also laughed.

These sons of bitches really would laugh at their boss’ misery.

He let out a groan, “You’re all fired. Go be farmers or something. Doctor, maybe. Go to art school. Pursue your childhood dreams.”

“How about Uber driver, Boss?” Sasori chimed in.

Which earned him a squint from the boss, “Did Sasuke tell you that?”


Obito threw his gun at Sasori.

They were sitting around the warehouse after a long day handling the weaponry deliveries and moved the rest away from here because they got a piece of reliable information that the police had been eyeing this warehouse. Would be bad if they found a bunch of weapons in here, and now this place was pretty much empty besides a few crates that they planned to take too later.

Just for now, he’s letting his men rest.

And fucking Hidan decided that it’s a good time to tell everyone about what happened yesterday.

“Fuck all of you. Take care of those crates before you leave, I’m going to take Gaara for shopping while you’re all working overtime.”

Deidara who was leaning against one of the crates let out a small chuckle, “Worth it, hm.”

Obito groaned and stood up to leave the warehouse, but then Kisame walked in with a phone in his hand.

“Boss,” he said, “I got a call,”

“From who?”

The taller man looked reluctant when he answered.

“...your father. He’s awake and he wants to talk to you.”

Those words made the atmosphere inside the warehouse that was full of playful teasing now turned into an awkward silence.

Obito gritted his teeth, and he pulled out his car keys from his pocket; threw them at Hidan on the other side of the room, “Go to the penthouse and get Gaara. Take him wherever he wants to go, buy him everything he wants. Heck, buy him a fucking plane if he asks. And Yahiko—” he turned his heel at the man with orange hair, “You know what to do,”

Yahiko managed a grin over his concerned expression, “Got it, Boss.”

And he left the warehouse with Kisame, avoiding his men’s eyes on him.

“Peaceful days are over, Detectives,” Kakashi walked out of the lift with a grin flashing on his face, holding a picnic basket in his hand, “I’m back here to disturb your lives forever.”


Gai jumped from his desk and pulled Kakashi into a tight, giant hug.

“I missed you so much. Never leave, ever again—”

“Gai," Kakashi shrieked, “—can't breathe,”

He could hear the others laughing, and honestly Kakashi would smile too if he were not too busy getting crushed by his best friend.

“Sorry, sorry—”

Since Kakashi couldn’t move from the place where he stood, he had to wave at Asuma for help because he couldn’t keep holding the basket while hugging Gai. The lieutenant, thankfully, understood and immediately got up to get the basket from him. Full of food that he cooked last night with the intention to bring them to the precinct as a peace offering for disappearing for more than a week, and ignored most of the calls too.

Once his hands were free, he hugged Gai back and patted his back, “There, there.”

It’s nice to be back here, really.

Behind Gai, Asuma smiled at him and said, “Glad to see you back,” which Kakashi replied with a soft chuckle.

He would hate to see them looking at him with worry in their eyes, that’s why he avoided talking to any of them for the past week—and, yeah, he could admit it now that he might or might not had avoided them a little bit; he had worried them enough in the past, and as far as they knew, he was already recovered, so there’s no point in making them worry ever again.

He just had to make sure that he didn’t bleed in front of them, and everything would be fine.

Avoiding them again would be bad, though, they might notice that something’s wrong.

And he knew that they would come running to help.

… he didn’t deserve that.

“Come on,” he said to Gai, gently requesting him to let go, “They’re going to eat all of the brownies.”

But… just for a moment, he would like to enjoy it.

Obito left the hospital room, covering his head with a cap underneath the hood of the hoodie he was wearing, and Kisame waited until there was enough distance between him and the boss before following him from behind.

Gave him the space he needed as they walked in the corridor.

Talking to his father was never a good thing, it always left him feeling upset and angry. Ever since he was a child, he never liked it; it’s wrong to feel relieved when you heard that your father’s health is getting concerning, but that’s all he felt when he heard that his father had to be hospitalized to even stay alive. Happy, even. Not for long, though, because then the situation went much, much, worse for him, and talking to his father who could only lie on the hospital bed was even worse than when he was a kid.

There was a moment when buzzing noises of rage in his head deafened his ears, blocking his father’s words, and all he wanted to do was to plug off his life support.

He didn’t.

Maybe he would’ve left the room in a better mood if he did.

He took a lift, and looked at Kisame who looked hesitant to get in or not.

Obito knew that Kisame was only trying to give him the space since the taller man knew how bad his mood was and would hate to him feel even more uncomfortable by having someone near him, but it didn’t stop Obito from sighing, “I would need you to stop me if I were to shove someone’s neck between the lift doors and press the button up,”

“Please don’t do that,”

“That’s why, get the fuck in.”

Kisame didn’t argue.

As they walked toward the parking lot, Obito stopped when he recognized one of the cars parked next to the car 

He squinted his eyes.

“Is that..?”

The window was rolled open, and a man with grey hair waved at him, “Boss!”

“Hidan, what the fuck?”

So Obito walked to him, still in confusion about why the fuck would Hidan be here, waiting in the parking lot? He specifically gave an order, and although the man sometimes acted like a highschooler who had too much free time, he knew Hidan wouldn’t just ignore his orders.

“Sorry,” Hidan said once Obito approached him who was still sitting behind the wheel, “I asked the kid where he wanted to go and, uh,” he moved a bit to the back, and only then did Obito realize that someone else was sitting there, “He wanted to see you.”

Gaara didn’t say anything, but he looked at him with big eyes as if this was what he expected.

…to see Obito?

“Out,” he told Hidan, who immediately opened the door and got out of the car.

Obito slid in, and he could feel all of the negative emotions in him just disappear when he looked back at the kid.

“Hey you,”


This kid was so darn adorable, Obito couldn’t stop himself from smiling as he pulled down the hood and took off the cap.

“Hidan said you wanted to see me.”

“Yes,” Gaara nodded, “He said you’re busy and the chance is small for me to see you. Am I bothering you?”

“No, no, no, not at all. I just finished, actually, thank you for waiting,” he moved his hand to stroke the boy’s red hair gently, “Say, what about we go somewhere? Cinema? Do you like movies?”

“I’ve… never been to cinemas,”

The spike of anger was back, but for a totally different reason.

Suddenly he was glad he killed the kid’s father.

“Well then, first time for everything. Gotta make it special.”

He then turned to Hidan and Kisame, told them that he was going to take Gaara and they could take the other car to go back.


Kakashi had been staring at his homescreen for a solid 4 minutes; to be more specific, at the contact icon on the screen.

Call me sometimes?

He would be lying if he said that he hadn’t been hovering his thumb above Obito’s name in his contact list ever since that day. Fortunately, he still had some self-control to not throw himself back into the hole of despair after he finally managed to build a pretty much normal life. The hallucinations were back, okay, and what about it? Totally not his first rodeo. He had dealt with those before.

He didn't think he could stand hearing the operator's voice telling him that the number was no longer active. How long had it been, 4 years? Usually, a cell company would take 90 days of inactivity, one year tops, before reassigning the number to someone else.

Imagining a voice other than Obito's on the other side of the call was much worse.

So, for the sake of his barely existing sanity, he turned his phone off.

It's 11 PM, and he felt like he'd go insane so quick if stayed at home. So he got up from his position that was lying on the giant teddy bear's lap—he didn't even go to his bedroom anymore to sleep since the teddy bear was there—and got his jacket before he left his apartment.

But right when he opened his door, he saw a man with orange hair, looked like he wasn't older than him, standing in front of it.

And the man looked as surprised as he was.

“Uh,” Kakashi took a step backward, clenching his fist in anticipation as if he was expecting the man to attack.

The orange-haired man panicked seeing how alarmed Kakashi was, “Wait, wait, wait, please don’t be afraid! My name is Yahiko, my girlfriend lives on the 9th floor and I just found her cheating and I got bummed out so I left and was just passing through this corridor because I wasn’t really thinking and I just stopped in front of your door not knowing you’re going to open it and—”

“Okay, okay,” he cut the man’s words, Yahiko, as his fist was loosened, “I’m… uh, sorry to hear that?”

Yahiko blinked a few times, then he nodded, “Yeah, thanks. It sucks.”

There was a brief silence between them, and Kakashi could feel Yahiko’s eyes on his jacket.

“Are you going out? At this time?”

Kakashi raised a brow, “I’m not exactly a teenager who needs his parents’ permission to go outside.”

“Well, true,” Yahiko shrugged, “Still, though, as a concerned neighbor—okay, technically, my girlfriend who cheats on me is your neighbor, but hey—can I at least ask where are you going?”

“...not sure yet,” the silver-haired man said truthfully, “Just need to get out of here for a bit, I guess.”

A wide smile flashed on Yahiko’s face, “Then can I tag along? I know a good place around here that's still open!”

Now, now. That’s definitely what people can call suspicious. Asking someone you barely know at this time? Judging from how easily he accepted things from mysterious senders, one might assume that Kakashi was just naive. Contrary to popular belief, he wasn't. He knew the danger. He had a calculation about the risk.

—and maybe, just maybe, he didn't care that much even if it was something dangerous for him.

So he nodded, “Sure. That would be lovely.”

Yahiko took them to a cafe a few blocks from the apartment that Kakashi never knew existed.

Soon he realized that the cafe only opened from 9 PM to 5 AM.


There weren't a lot of people in here, so they sat at a table near the window. Kakashi didn’t talk much, and apparently, he didn’t really have to, because Yahiko already ranted about how it was supposed to be their anniversary and he already planned a whole surprise for his girlfriend after work only to witness her kissing another man in her apartment. So he only listened while sipping his peppermint hot chocolate, occasionally responded with an, ‘uh-huh,’ and ‘is that so,’.

“Are you going to confront her about it or what?” He asked when Yahiko finished and chugged his coffee down like a psychopath.

“I don’t know,” the other man said, “Should I? Wouldn’t that make me dramatic?”

“Or maybe you can just stop contacting her for a bit, take a breather, and once everything’s cooled down, break up with her. You don’t even have to explain yourself why. You don’t owe her that.”

“Is that what you’d do?”

Kakashi shrugged, “Minus the confronting. I’d just cut her off completely and move on, honestly.”

“You’re a distant one, aren’t you?”

“Am I?”

“It’s like you’re so… detached. I don’t mean anything bad by it, though!”

…how did this conversation suddenly become about him?

He exhaled softly, “Anyway,” oooh, a very smooth way to change the topic, Kakashi, “What's her name?”

“Uh. Konan.”

Kakashi raised a brow at the brief pause before Yahiko answered him, but didn't say anything about it.

Nor did he say anything about not knowing Konan in the apartment, while he, despite being an introvert and only left the apartment when absolutely needed, knew everyone in the building—at least by the names.


“I see,” he simply replied, “Well, it's your choice. If you want an explanation, then go ahead. If you'd rather save your energy, you can do it. By the way,” he got up from his seat, “I think I'll go back now, thanks for accompanying me—”

Suddenly Yahiko grabbed his wrist, his eyes were widened but they were staring at the window.

Get down, Kakashi.”

As he said that, the orange-haired man kicked the table until it fell to the side and pulled him down while quickly hiding behind the table.

Then, a loud bang of gunshots was heard.

The window broke. Some of the bullets went through the table above their heads, while they were covering themselves behind it.

Then he saw Yahiko pulling out a gun.

“Where did you get that,” Kakashi said; the absence of questioning tone in his voice implied an urge for the other man to answer.


“I never gave you my name,” he continued, “I didn’t show you anything with my name on it. And there’s no Konan in the apartment. Who are you?”

“Hey. Later, okay? I just gotta make sure you don’t get shot—”


“Kakashi, please! I’ll explain after this!”

Kakashi gritted his teeth.

He knew how fucked up his priorities were, to urge Yahiko to answer his questions about unrelated things regarding the definitely more urgent situation they were in at the moment. Maybe not to Kakashi. He couldn’t feel like he was in danger; unable to feel so, and maybe there’s something in him that just didn’t care about it. But Yahiko was a different matter; he even said that he had to make sure that Kakashi didn’t get shot.

It made him feel even more anxious than the fact that he could get shot anytime.

Why would he do that?

And Yahiko definitely lied about the whole getting cheated on stuff.

“Please, Kakashi?” Yahiko said, pleading, “You’ve protected enough people in the past. Please let me protect you this time,” a pause, then he continued, “...please let me protect what’s dear to Obito.”

Kakashi felt sudden dizziness hit his head.

One name, and it’s enough to make his world collapse.

“You know him,”

“Yeah. He talks… he told me a lot about you. That’s how I knew you.”

Even in death, Obito still protected him.

Kakashi hated that.

“Okay,” he said, “ Okay. But we’re getting the cafe ower out of here.”

“Oh, don’t worry. The cafe owner is, uh, experienced.

“...and the other customers?”

“Emm,” a peal of nervous laughter left Yahiko’s mouth, “I can explain,”

“What? But—” Kakashi blinked, and when the realization finally hit him, he squinted at Yahiko, “...there were no other customers.”

“Yeah, the people you saw were… uh, acquaintances,”

“You knew this was going to happen.”

“Yeah, sorry,”

“Are they targeting me? Is that why you were in front of my door?”


“Does any of this have anything about what happened four years ago?”

Yahiko didn’t answer.


“Kakashi,” the other man interrupted, “The less you know about all these, the safer you are. And I’m not doing this because I think you’re weak, I’m doing this because I know how much you don’t want to go back to your old life. Isn’t that what you’ve been avoiding?”

How much did Yahiko know about him?

He would have to ask about that.

After this.

Even if Yahiko escaped, Kakashi would find him.

So he nodded as he let out an exhale, “Okay. I’ll call backup real quick.”

“Yeah, do that. I’ll call mine too.”

Kakashi pulled out his phone and searched for Gai’s name on his contact list, totally ignoring Obito’s name on the top of the list when he scrolled down to the ma section.

Beside him, he saw Yahiko doing the same, and he heard, “Boss, hey, so, bad news—”

He couldn’t listen more to it, because Gai already answered his call.

Chapter Text

Boss, hey, so, bad news—”

“Konoha Medical Center, I already booked emergency rooms there. I just dropped Gaara at Shisui’s, so I will be there in 15 minutes. Make sure Nagato doesn’t handle his own wounds, for fuck’s sake, the last time he did the doctor said he was so close to getting amputated and that shit was traumatizing.”

He was replied by a long silence from the other side of the call. 

Did you… did you just automatically assume I called because Nagato got shot?

“When was your bad news ever actual bad news unless it’s about him?”

Well. Fair. We're getting shot at, though, does that not count as bad news?

“You get shot at all the time,” Obito scoffed, now holding the phone between his ear and his shoulder while he used both of his hands to turn the steering wheel. “So, did Nagato get shot or did you just miss me?”

It’s actually about your boyfriend—”

“I’ll be there in five minutes.”

Drive safely, Boss, holy shit,” Yahiko groaned, then continued in a lower voice—Obito wasn't even sure how it was still audible, since Yahiko was already whispering, “It’s… he… he’s not as oblivious as I thought he would be. I had to reveal myself… kinda, so if you’re sending anyone here, uh, ignore the original plan. It would make us look stupid if they’re coming in disguise and then he just goes, ‘Actually, I already knew,’

A whole five seconds of silence,

and Obito laughed.

The way Yahiko sounded worried, maybe—just maybe—he expected him to be angry or at least disappointed with the fact that Yahiko had to reveal himself, when they had been doing this not-even-subtle thing to the silver-haired man and Yahiko was the first to actually reveal himself as someone who’s not who he said he was.

But instead, Obito found it hilarious.

“Right, I forgot he does that now,” he said, sounding a bit proud, even, “He’s gonna pretend to go along with your lies and then boom, pulls out the ‘Proofs Why You’d been Lying the Whole Time: A Thread’,”

I hate the way that’s actually pretty accurate.

“Yeah, it wasn’t always like that. He used to just simply call you out, listing all of the things you did wrong in front of everyone.”

That sounds even worse—oh, shit, be right back,

Another round of bullets being shot could be heard, and he also heard Yahiko calling Kakashi’s name, telling the silver-haired man to go to the back door while he covered him. Meanwhile, Obito put the phone on speaker and dropped it on the empty passenger seat next to him just so he could focus on the road for a moment until Yahiko got back to the phone.

The truth was that he didn’t actually have to come

If there was anyone he could trust with his life, then it’s those three. ‘Just say the word, Boss’ and boom, the job was done even before he realized it. He could say the same about all of the Akatsuki executives, actually. In his field of work, trusting people was definitely not a good idea. People like Hidan, Deidara, and Sasori would betray him whenever they felt like it, and Kakuzu would definitely shoot him for money.

But at the same time, they also wouldn’t.

So, yeah, he didn’t really have to come. Plus, he knew for a fact that Hatake Kakashi was more than capable of protecting himself. It’s just, Obito had seen how easily Kakashi could have solved his problems, and at some point, it looked like he just decided that he didn’t want to solve those problems. So, would Obito take a risk to find out whether would Kakashi protect himself when he’s being targeted like this?

He would kill anything before it killed Kakashi, and it wouldn’t be the first time.

But fuck, he felt so anxious.

Maybe he could take Kakashi to his place, just to be safe?

If he were to do that, he’d make sure that nothing could threaten that man ever again. He’d be under his care. He wouldn’t even have to work anymore, Obito would just provide everything Kakashi needed—everything Kakashi wanted, anything that he desired, as long as he stayed with him. Safe. Alive.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

But add Kakashi’s personality to it, and his imagination got ruined. Kakashi would never agree to that. And that’s not even counting the fact that the ex-detective believed that Obito was dead, even after he talked to him face to face just a few hours before that. He didn’t know what Kakashi said to the grave, probably apologies and everything, but his assumption was that Kakashi thought he was hallucinating.

Knowing Kakashi, he could be right.

Knowing the notes about the silver-haired man’s therapy appointments that he abandoned after a total of 4 meetings, actually, but that’s unimportant.


He already dropped Gaara off at Shisui’s house, and god bless the kid, honestly, for being the most understanding human being in this world. Gaara didn’t even ask why, he just said something along the line, “If it’s important, you should go.” even though Obito promised 200 things to do tonight. He’d make sure to get the kid again once it’s all done, but for now, Kakashi.

Honestly, the thing that made him worry the most was because Kakashi had this talent to fuck up all of his calculations and he wasn’t even aware of that.

Boss? You there?” He heard Yahiko’s voice again.

“Yeah,” Obito answered, “How was it?”

I managed to get him to the kitchen safely, we should be able to leave through the back door, and Nagato shot everyone outside.”

“Everyone who was shooting at you, right?”



A peal of nervous laughter was all he heard from Yahiko, and Obito wanted to slap himself.

He also made a mental note to tell Nagato to chill.

“I’ll have Itachi to cover the situation later,” he said with a groan; he hated involving his cousins in this business, but Itachi was the most capable person to convince people, especially the police, to not take a deeper look at it. “Things are going according to plan though, except Kakashi knowing things, but that doesn’t matter. Still don’t let your guard down just yet. I don’t know, I have a bad feeling about this.”

“Roger that, Boss, your boyfriend will be safe and sound by the time he gets back home.

A chuckle escaped his lips, “Okay, I’m getting closer now. Oh, and Yahiko?”

Yes, Boss?

“Don’t give him a gun,” Obito said, “Anything you do, don’t let him touch a gun.”

Oh,” Yahiko replied, “...yeah, I know. Will do.

When Yahiko entered the kitchen, Kakashi was sitting on the counter… with a woman with blue hair.

“Oh, Yahiko,” Kakashi waved at him, “Finally you’re here? Have you met my new friend?”

The woman crossed her arms in front of her chest, looking at Yahiko with a brow raised; waiting for the orange-haired man to say something. Or rather, explain something.

“Uh,” an apologetic grin appeared on Yahiko’s face, “So, Kakashi, I see that you have met Konan,”

“Your girlfriend who cheats on you?”

Konan scoffed, “Really?

Which earned them a groan from Yahiko, “I thought we’re already clear that I’m a dirty liar and I lied about everything!”

Kakashi let out an amused chuckle hearing that from Yahiko, and as if he was satisfied with the explanation he got off from the counter but still leaning against it.

They got to the kitchen safely after the shootings suddenly stopped, Kakashi figured it was Yahiko’s doing because he noticed the other exhaling in relief when he heard another round of bullets that sounded a bit different from the other right before the shootings stopped. Yahiko pushed him first to the kitchen, where he met Konan who was loading a handgun when Kakashi stepped in.

It was easy to tell that she was the ‘experienced owner’ that Yahiko talked about.

“So, what’s the plan here?” He asked, “Since I’m not allowed to ask about anything else.”

“Right. Plan. I’ll get a backup in about fifteen minutes, how’s your end?”

“Oh, he’s not coming.”

Yahiko frowned, “...what?”

Which made Kakashi shrug, “Yeah, he’s busy. I don’t want to bother him.”

“Did you tell him you’re getting shot at?”

Again, Kakashi just shrugged; a silent answer of, ‘No, I did not.’

He did call Gai, and Gai answered. And he knew for a fact that Gai would drop everything he was doing to get here, especially with a situation like this. He had no doubt toward his friend, really. Gai had made it clear a thousand times that he would be there for Kakashi if he needed him, It’s just… when Gai answered the phone, he heard a woman’s voice. He didn’t remember Gai ever telling him that he was seeing someone, but that stopped Kakashi from telling him about what was currently happening.

Whether it was a girlfriend or a family, they sounded like they were having a good time.

They sounded happy.

Kakashi didn’t want to ruin that.

Gai deserved to be happy. He deserved to have a good time without Kakashi’s problems bothering him.

So he told Gai, when the sergeant called his name after he fell silent, “...oh, right, sorry I was distracted. Hey, if you can’t contact me for the next two weeks, don’t worry much about it, okay? I’m planning to visit my relatives since winter holiday is coming, and I’m not sure about the signal there. Take care of yourself, buddy.

Just in case something happened.

“Well then, the good news is that we don’t have to deal with the police tonight,” Konan said, filling the silence because Kakashi refused to say anything else, “I’ll get the car, we can go to the safehouse until things calmed down. So, Kakashi, do you want a handgun or—”

But Yahiko interrupted, “Wait, no! He’s not allowed to have guns,”

Konan frowned at him, and he could see Yahiko a bit panicking.

“He, uh, a civilian’s not supposed to have a gun.”

Kakashi snorted hearing that, looking at Yahiko who’s holding a gun, and Konan who’s reaching at the handgun she was reloading, “And you guys are allowed?”

“We’re a menace to society.”

“Fortunately,” Konan added, “Sorry, Kakashi, you can’t join the cool people club.”

“Aw, that’s okay. I have you two.”

When he heard the two laughings, Kakashi suddenly felt a bit strange. As if something’s not right. Well, he was being targeted, practically getting shot at, and being saved by two people he didn’t even know before. Of course, something was not right about this, but that’s not what he felt strange about.

He felt strange because instead of feeling wrong, he felt comfortable.

Laughing with the two, teasing, as if they already knew each other from a long time ago.

Or as if he’s familiar with this kind of situation.

… huh.

He swallowed the thoughts down.

Konan, still holding her gun, moved toward the back door and opened it, revealing an empty road with only a car parked in front of the bar in sight.

“It’s supposed to be clear,” Yahiko said, “Six people on the back, and four on the front—”

Before Yahiko could finish his words, a loud explosion was heard from behind them.

Yahiko clicked his tongue, “Okay, so maybe this isn’t as easy as I thought it would be,” he told them, “Go. I’ll help Nagato to hold them back.”

“What? No,” Kakashi said, “We can’t just leave you.”

“Kakashi,” Konan interrupted before Yahiko could reply, “He won’t be alone. Nagato is out there, and he’s one of our best. Yahiko won’t admit it, although Nagato is a bit questionable, he’s better than any of us. Trust me. And we also have people around this place. He’ll be safe.”

Still, Kakashi looked reluctant when he finally agreed to leave.

“Don’t die,” he said to Yahiko, “Just… don’t.”

A grin flashed on Yahiko’s face, “Yeah, I promised you that I’d explain things, didn’t I?”

Kakashi stood still for a bit, silently considering to say that it’s not about the promise.

But he decided to not say anything.

They were leaving for the safehouse that Konan talked about, and neither of them had said anything.

Kakashi felt anxious, and not because of the fact that people were trying to shoot him or whatever.

He didn’t feel right leaving Yahiko, although Konan said that Yahiko wasn’t going to be alone. And he knew that they had people around the cafe who could help, especially this ‘Nagato’, but that didn’t really help to make him feel more at ease because that would mean that he just left more people in the middle of a shootout.

Never thought he would get into this kind of situation again, but well.

Voices inside his head were something he got used to for the past four years, usually he could tone them down but he wasn’t really in the condition to be able to do that at the moment. And there was this particular voice that was clearer than the others: a low voice, somehow menacing, telling him, “You can’t outrun your past.

And then there was laughter.

“Shut up,” he hissed quietly.

Konan glanced at him and he could feel like she was going to say something, which made him curse himself because he let himself hissing like that, but then a buzzing noise could be heard and Konan used one of her hands to pull out her phone and answered the call.

“Yahiko,” she said, “Are you okay?”

His heart sunk. Did something happen? He tried to listen to the conversation, trying to guess what Yahiko said from the other side of the call.

But it was hard because Konan didn’t say much.

“The Boss is… what? Oh, damn it,”

The Boss what. Who was the boss. What happened.

“Yes, yes, I can see them.”

The road was empty, they only passed a few cars on their way there. The only thing that was in front of them was a light from a truck’s front lamp.

“It’s okay. I have a plan,” she said again and dropped her phone, looked like she didn’t even wait until Yahiko replied.

“Konan,” Kakashi tried to say, “What’s happening?”

The car slowed down, moving to the side of the road before she turned her head toward him and the car stopped altogether.  She didn’t say anything for a moment, only staring at him with a conflicted expression. Kakashi stared back, waiting, until Konan leaned forward toward him; the silver-haired man flinched a bit, but stayed still when she placed her chin on his shoulder.

“The Boss is coming, you’ll be safe with him,” she whispered.

Kakashi didn’t have a chance to say anything when she added, “...I’m sorry.”

Then he heard a click, and the door behind him was opened.


In front of them, there was a truck running at full speed on the other side of the lane.

Realizing what was happening, Kakashi tried to grab something in the car, but Konan shoved him toward the door until he fell to the ground. Once he was out, Konan quickly slammed the door shut and Kakashi tried to get up as quickly as he could, but Konan had already run the car toward the truck in front of them.


He could only watch when the crash happened, frozen in his place.

“Obito, I—”

Ssh, hey. Things only can get better from now on, yeah?

Silence replaced the aftermath of the loud crash.

It felt like everything was muted.

The only thing he could hear was a high-pitched ringing in his ears.

He felt nothing but numbness all over his body when he walked toward the car; it flew a bit, hitting the roadblock which destroyed both sides of the car while the other got direct contact with the truck. But once he got there, there was a man; wounded rather bad with blood trailing from his forehead, but he stood beside the door of the car where Konan was.

With a slam on the cracked window, the man opened the door and dragged her body out of the car. When the man turned around and saw him, he laughed.

Kakashi couldn’t register what the man was saying. The ringing noises got even louder in his head, deafening his ears from the situation outside. But he saw the man dragging Konan out from the car and pulled her until she’s forced to stand up supported by his arms, with his hand around her neck. She looked like she was struggling to say something too, but that didn’t matter. Kakashi couldn’t hear anything.

He didn’t say anything.

Instead, he pulled out a gun, pointing it at the man; the gun he grabbed in the car before Konan managed to push him out.

Konan looked even more scared than the man, even though he wasn’t pointing it at her. She tried to struggle, shaking her head, and at that moment he could read her lips moving to say ‘no, don’t.’ repeatedly. But the man held her even tighter.

Behind the ringing noises in his head, Kakashi heard the man saying.

Go ahead, Kakashi. It’s about damn time you stop playing the innocent damsel in distress. The Boss is going to be so happy about this. He misses you so bad, you know?

He cocked the handle of the gun.

You can’t outrun your past.

And a deafening gunshot was heard, followed by the man’s body dropping to the ground.

But it wasn’t from his gun.


Konan lost her balance, and Kakashi moved to catch her before she fell. Kneeling on the ground, holding her in his arms, letting her head resting on his lap.

He moved his hand to caress her face, gently, sweeping away her hair from her face. He watched as her eyes were closing and she fell unconscious, but he still felt her breathing normally, which made Kakashi breathe in relief. He tried to pull out his phone from his pocket to call the ambulance, 

but suddenly his movement was frozen when he felt someone walking closer and stopped in front of him.

When he raised his head to see the person, he saw—

“Hey, Kakashi.”



The ringing noises in his head had calmed down, but maybe things were still there. The fact that he was looking at Obito at the moment explained that enough. Obito was dead. He couldn’t be here. Kakashi tried to rationalize the situation: this Obito was his hallucination, but the fact that someone just shot the man meant someone else was here.

So he pulled his hand that was still holding the gun, and pointed it at the man in front of him.

Which earned him a chuckle from the person with Obito’s face, “Come on.”

“Stay away.”

“Your hand is shaking. Don’t think I don’t see that.”

Kakashi gritted his teeth, “Just because my hand is shaking doesn’t mean I won’t shoot you.”

The chuckle faded, turned into a simpler smile; looked gentle, even, which made Kakashi can feel his heart suddenly aching, especially after the numbness that he felt. ‘Obito’ kneeled in front of him, didn’t pay the gun in his hand any mind when he touched the gun and pulled it away from his hand.

Kakashi was surprised when he let ‘Obito’ take the gun.

His fingers were trembling against empty air.

“You didn’t shoot him,” ‘Obito’ said, now took his hand with a strong grip. He flinched at the touch, but didn’t move to pull away, “And you don’t have to shoot a gun ever again if you don’t want to, you hear me?”

Kakashi turned his face away from the other, but then he nodded.

When ‘Obito’ let go of his hand, he felt like his skin was burning.

“I’m with her, and Yahiko, I believe you’ve met him? Also Nagato. We’ve taken care of everything. Now let me take Konan to the hospital, and you can go home and forget about tonight.”

Reluctantly, he let two other men that came took Konan from his arms. Leaving just the two of them in silence.

“I assume you know who I am,” Kakashi said, after a long silence.

“...I do.”

“Then why are you saving me?”

Once again he raised his head to see the man in front of him; he hoped he’d see his real face instead of Obito’s, but Obito’s face was still there.

Looking at him with fond gaze from his mismatched eyes.

“Because I still think domestic life doesn’t suit you,” ‘Obito’ answered, “In fact, despair looks good on you,”

‘Obito’ touched his chin to tilt slightly tilt his head, and Kakashi didn’t have the energy to pull away. So he just let him, staring onto the other’s eyes with his singular eye.

“...but I don’t think I like it.”

His fingers moved to the string of his eyepatch, slipped one of his fingers behind it, and revealed his other eye for the world to see.

“Sorry,” ‘Obito’ said, “I just want you to see me with both of your eyes.”

“It doesn’t really work anymore,” Kakashi replied, taking the eyepatch from ‘Obito’’s hand, but only put it in his pocket instead of putting it back to cover his eye.

This was the least that he could do, if the other wanted him to see him with both of his eyes. Guilt crept inside his heart, thinking that even though he’s looking at the other with his own two eyes, what he saw wasn’t really him.

He didn’t know that. But. Still.

“But you can still see.”


The smile was back on ‘Obito’’s face, “Then that’s enough,” before he got up; one hand was outstretched to offer a help for Kakashi to get up, but the silver-haired man ignored it and got up on his own.

“I’ll take you home,” ‘Obito’ said.

Kakashi wanted to ask, who are you. How much do you know.

But what left his mouth was, “Are Yahiko and Nagato okay?”

“Nagato broke a leg and Yahiko got shot on the shoulder,” he said, and Kakashi felt his heart dropped to the ground, “But they’ll be okay. It’s like their Tuesday, really. Konan included.”

That didn’t really help, but okay.

“Come on, let’s get you home.”


He felt a twist in his stomach, but he followed ‘Obito’ as the other man walked away.

(And how he wished he could do the same to the real Obito.)

Chapter Text

Control the damage.


As far as the police knew, Hatake Kakashi was never involved. Maybe only God knew what they did to cover it up, but he wasn’t going to complain. He really didn’t mind staying away from that and pretending as if nothing happened for the rest of his life, really. The less people who knew about whatever the fuck happened would be better for everyone.

A day after that incident, Gai texted him asking whether he would need a ride or not, and Kakashi replied that he would be okay. The sergeant didn’t say anything about the shootout, though. It would be one hell of a case for the police, and Kakashi would be lying if he said that he didn’t feel guilty for hiding things and lying to his friend. But what was he supposed to say, that his past was catching up to him after he ignored it for four years?

He shifted his position while lying in bed with eyes open, shuddering at the thoughts.


Control the damage.


So that’s what he had been doing: controlling the damage, the less people who knew, the less people who would get hurt. Even though just a few days ago, he saw people getting hurt, but that’s because they knew. Anxiety piling up in his chest thinking about Konan and Yahiko, also Nagato even though he didn’t see him at all. ‘Obito’ said that they would be okay, but he couldn’t help but feel worried.

He wasn’t sure whether it’s night or day, the lights in his apartment were kept at minimal since he was pretending to not be home and he had been lying in bed for days. Nobody could see him in this state as much as nobody should know about what happened. That would be counterproductive of what he was trying to do.


Control the damage.


One night, he jolted awake gasping with his body trembling as he tried to sit.

He looked at his hands, watching them shaking uncontrollably.

When he tried to close his fist, all he could imagine was a gun in his hand.

So he immediately jerked away, almost hitting the headboard behind him.


Control the damage.


Maybe it was past midnight, Kakashi wasn’t really paying attention to the time, but he got off from the bed and walked toward the bathroom. He took off his shirt and stood in front of the sink, staring at his reflection on the mirror. Since he came home from that night, he hadn’t bothered putting back the eyepatch to cover his eye. The dark color of his left eye was a direct contrast from his right one; lighter color, almost white, but not quite, with scars on the skin around it.


The Boss misses you.


Kakashi let out a sigh.

It was exhausting.


What is?


Everything was.

He barely had a solid ground for his own sanity, yet it felt like everything was trying to bury him in the void, keeping him there while he was struggling to hold on to a single string. Countless times, he told himself that letting go would be a mercy.

But then images of his friends who were pulling the other end of the string flashed in his mind, and once again he found himself holding on.

He couldn't keep making them pull him back to the ground, though. So he put everything under the rug to pretend that everything was okay so that everyone wouldn't be burdened with his problems.


Maybe also because
you always choose
the easiest path.


Shut up.


Control the damage.


He saw a razor on the sink.


Control the damage.


The sound of the shower being turned on and water pouring onto the floor could be heard, along with quiet whimpers as silver drew red.

This was him, controlling the damage.

The door swung open, revealing Uchiha Obito behind it.

“Hey, losers.”

Yahiko almost let out a shriek, “Boss?! What… what are you doing here?”

“Visiting? Am I not allowed?”

“No, no, not that, uh,”

The orange-haired man who was laying down on the hospital bed tried to get up to reach the chair beside the bed to pull it closer, “Please sit down—”

But Obito hurriedly walked closer to stop the chair with his foot.

“Hey, calm down. I can do that on my own,” the dark-haired man rolled his eyes, leaning forward to push Yahiko by his shoulder back to the bed—careful not to touch the bandaged part of his shoulder, “Get some rest.”

“Sorry,” Yahiko said, “Wasn’t expecting you to come.”

Then he fell silent, and he didn’t even look at Obito which made the boss raise a brow in confusion. This behavior wasn’t usual for Yahiko to do. He would understand if it was Nagato or Konan, but Yahiko was always the talkative one, and he was also one of the guys who would ridicule him the most. So no matter how much Obito complained about his men, the thoughts of them actually acting respectfully toward him made him cringe.


“What the fuck are you so gloomy about?” Despite the harsh words, there was no venom in his voice when he sat on the edge of the bed, looking at Yahiko with concern in his eyes, “Come on, talk to me.”

Yahiko opened his mouth, and then closed it again, as if he was hesitant to say it. Obito didn’t say anything else, only looking at the other with a brow raised, waiting for an answer.

Then finally Yahiko spoke, “Boss, I’m… sorry,”

…that made the frown on his forehead even deeper.


“About Kakashi, I…” Yahiko swallowed, trying to find the right words, “You told me to keep my guard up, but he’s still… I couldn’t protect him—”

To stop his subordinate from talking more, Obito lightly flicked Yahiko on the forehead, which made him hiss in pain.

“You’re talking as if he’s fatally wounded or dead,” Obito said, clicking his tongue, “Don’t think too much about it. You did your job well, and so did Konan and Nagato. He’s alive and well, maybe hasn’t left his apartment for days and maybe I should check but that has nothing to do with what you did, so, yeah, quit beating yourself too much about it, okay?”

There was a pause before Yahiko nodded, mumbling a, ‘Thanks, Boss’ and Obito grinned seeing that even though the orange-haired man still looked gloomy about it.

“Talking about Konan and Nagato, where are they? I went to their rooms but neither of them was there, they’re not even supposed to leave the bed yet.”

“Uh,” Yahiko hesitated, “I haven’t seen them either?”

“I see,” Obito got off the bed, “Say, did you get hurt on the leg?”


He walked toward a wardrobe, touching a pair of crutches that were leaning against one side of the door, “Why did they give you these?”

Panic was visible in Yahiko's expression, especially when Obito tried to open the wardrobe, “Wait, Boss—”

But Obito ignored that. He opened the wardrobe, and sitting half-lying on the bottom of the empty wardrobe was a man with red hair, squinting his eyes at the sudden light that crept in from the opened doors.

A sigh escaped his lips, “Really?”

He glanced back at Yahiko who was grimacing apologetically, then back to Nagato in front of him.

Still squinting his eyes, Nagato tried to reach the door to close it back, but Obito held it in its place, “...Boss,”

“None of that,” Obito said, and he opened the other side of the door to expose Nagato even more. “Come on, let’s get out.”

Obito half-kneeled to get his hand on Nagato’s back, while the other was under the red-haired man’s knees. He waited for a bit just in case Nagato was going to struggle, but he didn’t move and just turned his face away from Obito while Obito carried his body from the wardrobe and made a gesture for Yahiko to scoot over a bit so Nagato could sit beside him.

“I’ll tell the nurse to get you a wheelchair so you can go back to your room, wait here,” he huffed, “Okay, now there are two of you. Where’s the other one?”

Konan. Of course. He almost glared at Yahiko, daring him to lie again.

“Rooftop,” he answered, finally, “Said she wanted to get some fresh air.”

Obito let out another huff. Louder, this time.

“How do you people already can walk around?” He mumbled, “Alright, I’ll go get her. If I see you doing some weird shit, I’m gonna fucking handcuff you to the bed.”

He walked toward the door, suddenly stopping. Frowning.

“That was less kinky in my head.”

Once Obito left the room, Nagato turned his head at Yahiko and muttered, “...I didn’t even think about that until he said it.”

He didn’t say anything when he sat beside Konan on the edge of the rooftop; she looked surprised at first, but she didn’t say anything either. Just staring at Obito for a moment in silence before gazing back at the scenery in front of her: the city lights under the dark sky with the moon hanging above them.

Out of the three, her injuries were the worst. She had to wear an arm sling, her forehead was wrapped with bandages, and so was her chest. Obito still hadn’t had the answer of how was she able to walk here on her own with that condition, but honestly, it wasn’t the first time he saw her doing this.

After a few minutes of silence, Obito finally spoke, “I know that the three of you share brain cells sometimes, so I’ll just say what I told Yahiko—and technically Nagato: don’t beat yourself up, Kakashi is fine, Itachi covered for us, so all you gotta do right now is to get some rest and recover fast.”

Konan still didn’t say anything, and Obito could only sigh.

“...come on,” he said, “Everything is okay.”

“You specifically told Yahiko to not let him hold a gun,” Konan said, quietly, almost as if she was whispering, “ was my gun that he was holding.”


“After everything you did for us, I couldn’t even do that one thing you asked me to do.”

“Now, listen—”

“If you didn’t arrive on time, I don’t know what he would—”


The sharp tone in his voice seemed to snap her a bit, stopping her from continuing her words.

“Tell me,” Obito said, “How did you get injured?”

Konan blinked, “I crashed the car,”

“Why did you crash the car?”

“I…” she hesitated, “I was going to slow them down until you arrived.”

“Yeah? So you risked yourself to protect him?”

Again, she fell silent; she pursed her lips, answering Obito with a small shrug. Something inside Obito felt sad thinking that it was a yes or no question—leaning to a just yes or yes, even—and Konan still had a problem answering that. He sighed, “Is it that hard for you to acknowledge that you just protected someone to the point you would rather beat yourself up over something insignificant? God, you’re just like him.”

Her eyes widened a bit, and Obito chuckled.

“I never told you about it? It’s just like this. Long story short, he risked his life to protect so many people for years,”

He let out another sigh before saying, “And yet the only thing he seems to remember is only the part where he shot me.”

His phone rang just right after he entered the car, leaving the hospital after he was sure that the three were back in their own rooms and not doing some weird shit like hiding inside a wardrobe or sitting around the rooftop. Pulling his phone from his pocket, he read the name on the screen.


It didn’t even take him half a second to answer after he saw the name, ignoring how it made his heart jump. For a moment, he didn’t say anything, waiting for Kakashi to speak because he didn’t want to scare him.

When Kakashi spoke, it almost sounded like he was slurring, “... Obito..?

Fuck. Did Kakashi finally realize that he hadn’t been hallucinating? Obito tried to calm himself down; this was Kakashi, if there’s one person who deserved a fucking medal for denying reality for so long, then it’s him. He tried to not get his hopes too high when he replied, carefully, “Hey,”

A soft chuckle was heard, and fuck. Obito felt like he was falling in love again.

Sorry,” he said, and Obito frowned; what’s with people apologizing to him today? “I know you’re just humoring me… I probably won’t remember this tomorrow but—” his words were cut by a hiccup, “I’m not sure who you are, but you sound just like my friend.


Wait, why did he sound like that?

“Kakashi,” Obito said, starting his car, “Are you drunk?”

“... hmm… no,

“You’re the worst fucking liar I’ve ever met in my goddamn life,” he rolled his eyes, but his voice held fondness in it, “Where are you?”

That’s okay. Sorry for bothering you. This number was my friend’s who died four years ago, I guess I just wanted to… talk… to him before… well,

“Hey, hey, wait, don’t hang up,” Obito quickly interrupted as he drove out of the hospital’s parking lot, “If… if I were your friend, what are you going to tell him?”

Hmm, it’s a bit private.

“I’m good at keeping secrets.”

Are you, really?

“Yeah. It’ll stay between us. You can tell me the weirdest shit nobody would understand.”

Again, a chuckle. As much as he loved hearing Kakashi laugh, panic rose up in his chest thinking that Kakashi might be alone and drunk at the moment. If he could get to Shisui, he might be able to track the signal. He really hoped Kakashi was at home, but he knew Kakashi didn’t keep alcohol in his house.

You’re so nice,” Kakashi said, “You can hang up anytime you want if you’re tired of listening to me, I won’t bother you again.

“I won’t. Come on, just tell me.”

Okay, so…” he took a deep breath before saying, “...I’m tired of seeing people around me get hurt.

That’s so him.

I tried so hard to live a normal life, but at the end of the day, people still get hurt. Because of me. Simply because I exist. Maybe he was right. As long as I’m alive, people around me will keep getting hurt. I will always be a murderer. There will always be blood on my hands.

Obito could feel his heart racing in anxiety waiting for Kakashi’s next words.

“... maybe if I go back to Madara—

He hit the brake, and almost yelled to the phone, “DON’T.”

“...” There was only silence for a moment, “...don’t?

“Don’t,” he repeated, “Don’t even think about that. It’s not like what you think. I promise you that. Okay, Kakashi? Fuck. Just. Can you tell me where you are?”

Why do you want to know?

Dammit, Kakashi. Obito took a deep sigh, he would hate himself for saying this, but call it an emergency measure, “Because I listened to you, don’t you think you owe me something?”

Fuck. Fuck. He knew how much of a low blow that was, especially knowing Kakashi’s self-worth issues. But he had to know where Kakashi was. He needed to know.

After a pause, finally Kakashi said, in a lower voice, “...yeah, I think so.” and Obito knew that Kakashi really took his words hard, but at least he gave him an address.

“Wait for me,” he told him while restarting his car, “Please. Don’t move.”

Okay. I’ll wait for you.” Kakashi replied, “ really remind me of Obito. I don’t drink often, but one day I got drunk and accidentally called him so he had to pick me up—

He let Kakashi talk some more while he was driving to where Kakashi was as fast as he could; nostalgia clenched his heart for every word Kakashi said, and how he wished things would go back to how it was before.

Chapter Text

The bar was rather far from Kakashi’s apartment, Obito assumed Kakashi did that on purpose so he wouldn’t accidentally meet someone who knew him.

Getting Kakashi out of the bar was easy. Relief washed over him seeing the silver-haired man sitting at the table on the corner; one of his hands was loosely holding an empty glass, which Obito suspected had already been refilled a few more times after they ended their call, while the other hand was folded on the table with his head resting on it.

“Kakashi,” Obito softly whispered, not wanting to alarm the other man, and gently tapped Kakashi on the shoulder.

He could see him flinching and immediately raising his head, almost knocking the glass in his hand. The first thing that Obito noticed was the absence of the eyepatch, exposing the scars on his left eye. And although his eyes widened in surprise, they also looked unfocused, in a way, a clear sign that the man was drunk.

“Obito,” Kakashi said, and his stiff shoulders relaxed as he let out a sigh, with his lips turned into a crooked smile, “...hey,”

Maybe it was about time Obito got used to it, but he would be lying if he said that it didn’t at least sting his heart a bit.

At first, when he actually showed up in front of Kakashi for the first time, he expected anger. He expected the silver-haired man to slam him to the wall and punch him in the face. He expected him to tell him that he hated him and never wanted to see him ever again. As much as that was the worst-case scenario that he could imagine, there was, apparently, something even worse.

He didn’t expect Kakashi to smile, and as much as he loved to see the other man showing expressions, he hated how back then he couldn’t even see that his smile looked like something was broken inside of him. He didn’t expect Kakashi to call his name as if he never left. He didn’t expect Kakashi to talk to him so casually.

He definitely didn’t expect Kakashi to think that he was a hallucination and yet he still interacted with him as if it’s just a normal thing for him to interact with his hallucinations.

“Hey,” Obito said, “Let’s get out of here, okay?”

Kakashi looked at him for a moment before slowly shaking his head, “No, I… I’ll be fine—”

“Kakashi,” he called his name again, firmer this time, “Let’s go.”

Here’s what he concluded: Kakashi still thought that he was a hallucination, especially now that he was drunk, so just like back then in the library, he refused his invitation because, of course, why would you accept an invitation of a mere hallucination?

A part of him was glad, though, because that would mean that Kakashi was careful enough.

He watched as Kakashi swallowed, and tried to speak, “Obito, I’m sorry. I can’t… I can’t join you. Yet.”

“And why is that?”

“I promised that I won’t,” Kakashi said, “But I promise, I’ll join you when it’s time. Soon. I won’t even fight it. I just—”

That’s when it suddenly clicked for Obito.

Kakashi wasn’t saying that he couldn’t join him to go home.

He was saying that he couldn’t join him because as far as he knew, Uchiha Obito was dead.

…was this really how bad he had broken this man?

Obito felt warmth pooling in his eyes, so he blinked it away, “No,” he kneeled on the floor and placed his hand on the other's knee—Kakashi flinched at the touch, “I’m taking you home, where you can get some rest for a bit from the weight on your shoulders. Tomorrow, you can have it again. But for now, Kakashi, please.

Kakashi pursed his lips, and hesitation was clear on his face. Obito waited. He knew better than to rush Kakashi, so he waited until the silver-haired man hovered his hand above Obito that was resting on Kakashi's knee, as if he wanted to touch it, and that's when Obito realized that Kakashi probably did want to touch his hand, and yet the fear that he could just touch empty air instead stopped him.

So Obito moved his hand and caught Kakashi's, gently squeezing it, hoping that Kakashi would feel how real it was.

But Kakashi let out a held back hiss as if it was painful.

He pulled his hand away with slow movement, and Obito let him. Then he turned away, back to the glass in front of him, staring at it for a moment before he took it and chugged the alcohol, followed by an exhale.

"Ah, it's really getting worse," he murmured to himself, "Okay. Okay. Go home. Get some rest. Pull yourself together. Call Tsunade-sensei tomorrow, probably, but she's probably busy so maybe just find your old medicine—"

Still talking to himself, Kakashi stood up from his seat. He swayed to his sides a few times, but he managed to walk toward the door. Waving the bartender a goodbye, he left the bar.

Leaving Obito, still kneeling on the floor.


So, yeah, getting Kakashi out of the bar was easy.


The hard part was… that.


Obito could almost hear a crack somewhere inside of his chest.

Obito was supposed to go home.

He was supposed to go home and tell his men, " Guess who just got dumped because his man can't tell which one is hallucination and reality. " They would've laughed. They would've ridiculed him. They would've told him, " Congratulations, Boss, you're getting dumber, " and honestly, not only would he be okay with that, it would be easier for him to take any of this. To just have his men laughing at him.

Itachi said something though, just a few days ago when Obito asked him to take care of the police—which he did regretfully because he promised that he wouldn't involve his cousins ever again—and he looked at him disapprovingly, not because he asked for help, but, " When are you going to stop messing with his mind like this?"

Honestly, Obito didn't have an answer for that.

It was never his intention to do so. Especially after knowing how bad the whole thing affected Kakashi. He just didn't know what to do, at this point, because no matter what he did, Kakashi just wouldn't see him. As if it's a normal thing for him to see Obito around and now that Obito's actually around, he just took it as a relapse.

Obito took a deep breath. He wasn't sure if he could go back and see his men at the moment; no matter how much of an asshole they could be sometimes, he just felt like if he went home right now, they would take it as a serious matter.

Like when it involved his father.

And Obito wasn't sure if he could joke about it, too, without feeling like his heart was being stabbed from every possible side.

So he went to Kakashi's apartment and waited for the silver-haired man to show up. It had been long enough, though. Kakashi should've been home by now. So Obito pulled out his phone and sent a message to Shisui.


U in front of computer?


Where's Kakashi?

Why would i know
ur the stalker

Didn't u say ur saving for
one of those fancy motorcycles

What if you dont have to save
Imagine if all you have to do

is just


send me what type do u want

and it shows up in front if ur door tmr


and the only payment is


kakashi’s location rn


[live location, tap to open]


Ur my fav cousin

I'm everyone's fav cousin
I’ll send u tonight


He opened the location and it showed that Kakashi was only a few blocks away from the bar he was in. Okay. What the hell. Kakashi left before he did, by the time Obito left the bar, that man was already gone. Why would he still be around the bar? Clicking his tongue, Obito put his phone back in his pocket and ran toward the elevator—

that's when the elevator stopped with a ding! and the door was opened, revealing Kakashi behind it.

His right hand was on his left shoulder, and there was a bruise on the right side of his face.

When he saw Obito, he looked like he was seeing a ghost.

"What happened to you?" Obito asked.

Kakashi didn't say anything. Of course. He walked out of the elevator toward his apartment door and opened it. Obito followed from behind before Kakashi closed the door, frowning at how dark it was inside and Kakashi didn't seem to bother to turn the lights on, so Obito did. The silver-haired man turned around to see Obito who had his hand on the lamp switch but still said nothing and he walked toward the bedroom.

Obito, of course, followed him. He watched as Kakashi stood in front of the mirror in his room, lightly touching the bruised side of his face.

"What happened," Obito asked again, now standing beside Kakashi.

The silver-haired man didn't even look at him when he said, "I fell."


It was frustrating. Really. He knew that Kakashi could be extremely stubborn, but looking at the context about how Kakashi didn't even know that Obito was around despite the fact that he's literally right there but he still lied anyway… It's just sad.

How many times had he lied to himself?

“Are you really going to keep lying to me?”

And Kakashi winced hearing that.

“I…” he swallowed, taking steps away from the mirror and sitting on the edge of his bed, “I got mugged.”

Obito blinked.


"Mugged. On my way home. Right after I called a taxi."

"And you lost your phone?"



He shouldn’t have let Kakashi leave on his own.

Seriously. Kakashi was drunk. Even sober, he could only barely register what was real and what was not. What was Obito thinking, letting him go like that? What he should’ve done was drag Kakashi to his car, take him home, and by home, Obito didn’t mean this poor excuse of a place. He should've taken him to his place, away from here, somewhere where he could be safe. Where he wouldn't have to feel guilty anymore. Where he wouldn't, ever, have to think about Uchiha Madara ever again.

Obito sighed. He pulled out his phone to send a quick message to Sasori, sending him the location of Kakashi's phone with a single knife emoji as a caption. To which Sasori replied with a set of emojis consisting of two big eyes with lips in the middle.

"Alright," he said, putting back his phone as he walked toward the bathroom, "Stay here. I'll be back."


He pretended to not hear Kakashi's mocking scoff; he knew it wasn’t directed at him, but rather, at Kakashi himself.

Obito went to the kitchen to get a bowl of warm water and a towel, thinking about how Kakashi really didn’t change a bit. It was always like this. Even since they were children, Kakashi often showed up with unexplainable wounds and bruises and he never said why. Obito tried to follow him one day, worrying that it might be bullies because Kakashi was younger than any of them in the class, and yet he found nothing after two weeks of following Kakashi home.

It got even worse when they got into the police academy.

The first time it happened, Kakashi showed up with a broken arm and nasty bruises on his face. Then he said he fell from the stairs. Obito believed him the first time, but then it happened for the other 20 times and he had enough. Kakashi still refused to say anything about it, though. Until one day, a year after they graduated, they got into a big fight because Obito insisted that Kakashi should’ve said something, but apparently Kakashi would rather fight him than be honest for once.

That was the reason why it pissed Obito off hearing Kakashi said, “ I fell, ” and also because he used to be creative with his excuses.

He entered the bathroom to get the first aid kit, grateful for the fact that at least Kakashi still cared enough to have a first aid box in his bathroom. But then again, it was probably Kushina who put it here. Honestly, Obito had no expectations. He took the box and made his way to leave the bathroom.

But then he saw something silver near the shower.


And that moment, Obito could feel a sick twist inside of him.


He got back to Kakashi’s bedroom and found the silver-haired man lying on the bed with his eyes closed, but from his breaths, Obito noticed that he wasn’t asleep. So he poked Kakashi by his knee, which made the other man snap his eyes open and moved to get away from the touch.

Then he saw Obito.

“Get up,” Obito said.

Kakashi did, blinking a few times as if he was trying to process what was happening. But Obito didn’t give him time to register anything, once Kakashi was up he kneeled in front of the silver-haired man, dropping the bowl and first aid kit on the floor, and then told the other man, “Show me your wrist.”

He could see Kakashi’s shoulders stiffening, but then he moved to pull the sleeve of his left arm.

There were darker lines on his pale skin, which made Obito feel another twist, but he tried to calm himself because those scars were already healed. But even with that, he couldn’t really let out a relieved sigh just yet.

“The other one.”

Kakashi looked reluctant.

And Obito held his breath.

Fuck. He knew.

“Kakashi,” he urged.

With a slow movement, Kakashi rolled up his other sleeve and showed it to Obito.

There were even fewer scars on his other wrist, and only then Obito could breathe relief. His expression softened. He wasn’t sure when he got so tensed, but probably he just had a really low expectation of Kakashi, “Sorry,” he said, once again placing his hand, on Kakashi’s knee, “I was just worried—”

By the time his palm touched Kakashi’s knee, the silver-haired man let out a sharp hiss.

As if he was holding back pain.

That’s when Obito suddenly felt numb from the sudden realization that just hit him.

He pulled his hand away, and then he said, “Take off your pants.”


“Take them off.”

Kakashi shook his head, “Please,”

He looked at Kakashi, and he hated how miserable he looked. The bruises on his face made him even look more pitiful, and he hated it. Right now, he knew that he was the cause of Kakashi’s constant suffering, but he didn’t know what to do with that. He knew that even when he was begging him, Kakashi still didn’t think that he was real. Why was he even so casual about it. As if it was something normal for him.

“Let me see,” Obito said, softer, this time, “I won’t be mad, okay? I just want to see if you’ve already treated them.”

Again, Kakashi shook his head, and Obito sighed.

“Okay,” he said again; he had to find another way, then. So, he got up from the floor and turned around, walking toward the wardrobe, “Just sit still, I’ll—”


He heard something drop to the floor, followed by a clink of something being knocked off, then he turned around again and found Kakashi on the floor, with his hand reaching toward him.

Immediately, Obito kneeled on the floor to help Kakashi to get up, “Hey, hey, hey, come on,”

But Kakashi gripped Obito’s shirt with no effort to stand.


“ me,” he whispered.


The silver-haired man raised his head. His face was even redder than before, and his eyes widened.

There was frantic in his eyes.

Don’t leave me, ” he repeated, slower this time, but his voice was barely a whisper, “Take me with you.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Obito said, then he took Kakashi’s hand and pulled his body from the floor, “I’m not leaving you, okay? Come on, get up,”

He managed to pull Kakashi to stand up, but then the other man leaned against Obito’s shoulder while his own shoulders were shaking.

So naturally, Obito wrapped his hands around Kakashi. Pulled him closer.

“...I’m tired, Obito,” Kakashi said, “I just want this to end.”

“I know, I know,” he replied, stroking the other man’s back gently, “I’m sorry.”

Kakashi hummed, then he said again, “...I want to be with you.”

Obito felt something stinging his heart.

They were in that position for a few more minutes, and Obito didn’t say anything. Guilt was creaming in his stomach, and all he could do was hold Kakashi tight.

Then he felt Kakashi’s breaths were slower.

That’s when he loosened his hold, to see that Kakashi’s eyes were closed. Snoring softly.

So he put Kakashi back on the bed, sitting on the edge of the bed while stroking the silver hair lightly. Carefully, to not disturb his sleep.

Obito let out another sigh, “What am I going to do with you…”

Maybe tomorrow he would know what to do.

“When it’s time, I’ll take you with me, but not in the way you’re thinking, okay?” He leaned closer to Kakashi and pressed his lips on his temple, “Goodnight, Kakashi.”

Then he got up and left the bedroom after he turned off the lights.

Not realizing that behind him, Kakashi’s eyes were open. Watching him leaving the room.

Chapter Text

He wasn't only holding a gun.

He was gripping it tightly as if his life depended on it.

… well, maybe it was.

"No," he said, firmly, and yet it sounded so  broken, "I can't. "

Standing in front of him was Uchiha Obito, smiling gently, warmly, but at the same time so brightly, Kakashi could mistake it for the sunlight at dusk if it weren't for the fact that the gun he was holding was pointed at the Uchiha, and the one in front of the gun was also gripping it tightly with the only difference was, while Kakashi was trying to lower the gun, Obito's hand was as firm as iron to keep the gun pointing at him.

"It's okay, Kakashi," Obito said, softly, "Everything's gonna be okay."

It was everything but okay.

He looked Obito in the eyes, he could feel Obito's finger pressing his against the trigger—not quite pushing it. Yet. Hopefully never.

"Please don't make me do this,"


Obito laughed.


A dark, amused, mocking laughter, while his smile turned into something twisted.

"Why? I'm not even your friend,"


An invisible arrow felt like piercing his heart.


"Kill me, Kakashi."

"I don't—I can't—"

"Kill me. And remember that it's all your fault."


Obito forcefully pushed his finger,

made him pull the trigger.


There was a loud bang—


—and Kakashi woke up to darkness, gasping for air, with his heaviness dwelled inside of his chest.


He could feel his head spinning, and it was even worse when he tried to get up from the bed. Ignoring it was definitely a bad idea, and he ended up falling on the floor with his back leaning against the corner between the wall and bed. Could barely feel anything but numbness and dizziness all over him. His eyes were open, but it was as if something was blocking his vision.

Then he heard a sound,

and voice.

Although it sounded muffled in his ears, he heard someone calling out his name.

A voice just like his.

God, how pathetic he was. A self-deprecating scoff escaped his lips as he reached to touch his thigh, pressing against the clothed skin until he could feel a surge of pain from the wounds below; they weren’t deep, but they hadn’t gotten the chance to heal, just enough to cause him to feel pain. Enough to ground him to reality. Hopefully. Just like what had happened many times before. He knew better than to just believe that Uchiha Obito was there. After all, it wasn't his first rodeo.

He pressed the wounds even harder, and he heard an annoyed click of tongue before a hand yanked his wrist away.

“Stop doing that,” the voice scolded.

That was very Obito, indeed.

But that couldn’t be Obito. Maybe it wasn’t completely a hallucination, though. Maybe it was really a person, which actually made it even worse. Kakashi made a mental note to apologize to whoever it was for the trouble once he could grasp the reality.

It could be anyone. It could be Gai who probably got suspicious. It also could be Kushina, from the way he scolded him. Could be Asuma. Could be Minato. Could be Anko. Heck, it could be Genma. Anyone.

Anyone but Obito.

And not just because Obito was dead.

But also because Obito wouldn't touch him so gently like this person was doing to him at the moment. He wouldn't pull him into a tight hug until his forehead was pressed against his shoulder, as he stroked his hair. He wouldn't softly whisper to him reassurements that he was here and he wouldn't leave him.

Obito wouldn't.

Not after what Kakashi did.

Not after what Kakashi said.

His tense body slowly relaxed in the embrace, and he leaned in.

"I'm sorry," he whispered.

Just for a moment, was what he wanted to say. I'll apologize to you properly later.

But all he could say was,

" I'm sorry, Obito ."


As if after all, despite all of the denials inside of him, he just longed to be forgiven by none other but his old friend whom he had failed.


And everything went dark, once again.



Obito fell asleep on the floor, leaning against Kakashi’s bed, and woke up to an uncomfortable feeling of someone staring at him, and when he opened his eyes he was right.

Kakashi was kneeling right in front of him, their faces only inches away. One hand was stretched out, palm almost touching Obito’s cheek.

But then it looked like he got startled seeing Obito opening his eyes, and he quickly backed off.

Obito scoffed. Hah. Of course.

“Good morning,” he said, smiling, voice heavy with sleepiness, “Slept well?”

He spent all night giving it some thoughts about the whole situation. As bad as it caused a sting in his heart, he could see it now: his very existence caused nothing to Kakashi but immense suffering, and that’s a fact. A fact he couldn’t take very well at first, but now he was getting it. He saw with his own eyes how he had broken someone important to him, and it was his fault.


When are you going to stop messing with his mind like this?


Now, probably. It wouldn’t affect anything to Kakashi, too, because after all, the silver-haired man only saw him as a hallucination, and maybe if Obito didn’t show up in his life anymore, he’d think he’d gotten better. He heard from Shisui and Itachi, even Sasuke about how Kakashi was when Obito was gone. The jokes and pranks he was pulling. One might think he had recovered from the things that happened before.

Well, look at what happened.

Kakashi didn't answer him, and Obito understood. Of course. He fought back a bitter smile and decided to say, “It’s okay. I’ll be out of your life soon.” before he stood up, ignoring the protests from his back.

His back might hurt but damn saying those words hurt even more.

He promised Kakashi last night that he wasn’t going to leave him, and he wasn’t lying. He stayed, and he was grateful that he stayed although it ached his heart to think about how many times Kakashi had woken up in the middle of the night shaking, hyperventilating, alone?

But he was the cause why Kakashi had to suffer like that.

Kakashi was staring at him in silence, and Obito offered his hand to help him get up. It was slow, but the silver-haired man finally took his hand and Obito had to fight back an urge to pull Kakashi tightly into his embrace and never let go of him.

And he lost the fight.

Not complaining, though.

If this was the last time he could see Kakashi, then let him be selfish until the very end. He hugged Kakashi tight, ignoring the other’s body that grew tense although he wished Kakashi would just accept the comfort.

“But I won’t be too far away. So, the moment you’re ready to see reality,” he whispered against Kakashi’s ear, “Look for me, okay?”

He let Kakashi go, and doing so made him feel as if warmth had been ripped away from him. But he smiled; a sad smile which he forced himself to not show and yet he failed horribly.

“Take your time. I won’t rush you. I won’t bother you. But know that I’ll always wait for you to see me.”

Then Obito walked out of the room, grabbing his jacket on the couch when he reached the living room and stepped toward the exit door. Contemplating to around and see Kakashi, who could feel following him from the bedroom and staring at him at the moment, but if he saw him once again he might wouldn’t be able to leave.

So he swung the door open, and closed it behind him once he was outside.



Only then, Kakashi who was watching the door closed, felt laughter escape his lips.

It was quiet.

He walked to the side to find a wall to support him, and he had his palm covering his eyes.

Then his laugh turned into voiceless whimpers, as he fell to the floor with warmth pooling in his eyes.