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Lost In The Color Burgundy

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Zoro grunted under his breath, adjusting the stiff cuffs of his dress shirt while attempting to loop the tiny piece of plastic through the hole. After a few frustrating moments, and working up a sweat battling with his large fingers, he gave in. 




He didn’t need to tell his long time partner what he needed, the blond would know just by the frustrated tone in his voice that it was the buttons, again. The two had been getting ready for their longtime friends, Robin and Franky’s wedding. They had been together for quite a while before Franky had popped the question. Unbenounced to Zoro he had assumed they were already married until Sanji shoved a fancy invitation in his face over breakfast one morning. 


Normally Zoro couldn't stand dressing up for events like these where suits felt more like a straight jacket than anything else, but over the years he’d learned to appreciate when a suit needed to be worn.


A pair of leather shoes clicked against the wood floors, alerting Zoro that help was on the way. He had not yet seen what the man planned to wear, as it was customary in these situations that he wouldn’t allow Zoro to see the finished suit until the day of the occasion. When he wasn’t cooking, Sanji was tailoring suits, a hobby that turned into a passion. A man of many talents not only owning his own restaurant but also a suit shop, and Zoro was damn proud of him.


Carding a sweaty hand through his hair, Zoro slightly turned to get one last look at himself in the mirror before a flash of deep red caught the corner of his eye.


Locking his eye on Sanji he couldn't help but smile, beautiful blond strands swept over his left eye, the right tucked behind his ear, flashing one of Zoro’s golden earrings that he’d gifted him as an anniversary present. He had seen Sanji in dozens of different suits, but nothing quite like this one. 


A beautiful shade of burgundy complemented his fair skin tone, the one visible blue eye almost glowing from the color surrounding his body like a match made in heaven. A black shirt and a silk red tie were tucked into a matching burgundy coat with his signature golden buttons, a staple of his craftsmanship. 


“Marimo? Your wrist?” Sanji’s fingers lightly brushed over his hand, gripping at the fabric snapping Zoro out of his daze. 


“Uhh right.” Feigning a blush, Zoro cleared his throat, avoiding the way Sanji chuckled under his breath at his embarrassment.


“You know, a tweed suit was a great choice for you Mossy.” Finishing with the cuffs, the blond proceeded to reach for the tie laying on the bed as Zoro sat in silence. There was nothing he loved more than watching Sanji’s skilled hands work their magic, the spark in his eye evident that no doubt he was congratulating himself on yet again making Zoro look good.


As he finished tightening the knot around his neck, folding over the collar, and smoothing down the lapels of his coat, Zoro couldn't help himself. Reaching out he gripped his lithe waist in a firm hold around his large hands, pulling him flush to his front. Sanji let him, as he always did, snaking his hands around his neck and melting into the embrace. 


Tracing his nose up the length of the man’s neck, Zoro inhaled the familiar scent of lingering cigarettes mixed with one of his more spicy colognes that he’d worn countless times before.


“Burgundy is your color, Cook.” Licking at the shell of his ear, Zoro nipped at the skin by his earring, Sanji’s body responding beautifully to the sensation. 


Tugging desperately at his hair Sanji begged, “Zoro…we can’t do this right now or we’ll be late.” 


Grabbing a handful of ass, Zoro ghosted his lips over Sanji’s, “Hmmm I don’t think they’ll mind.” Pressing himself delicately against his lips, Sanji smiled, allowing nothing more than an exchange of tongues for a few beating moments. His hand found Zoro’s tie and yanked him off, the moment gone too soon. But the pink blush dusting Sanji’s cheeks as he licked at his bottom lip made him hunger for more.


“I promise you can take this off of me tonight.” Before Zoro could make another comment, Sanji released the tie from his grip and waltzed out into the hall, leaving Zoro behind with a stiffy and a loose tie. 




They had left the house and gotten to the wedding on time (thankfully), the ceremony was beautiful, but Zoro could not help but keep his eyes off Sanji. Every time he caught a glimpse of him, a jolt of strong need pulsed through his body. Seeing Sanji all done up in a suit wasn't anything new to him, and he had his fair share at unraveling him out of his many tailored creations. 


His favorite one that he could remember was before they were even together. The man had shown up to Luffy’s new years eve party dressed in a silk orange pin-striped button-down, paired with a tight black vest that left nothing up to the imagination around his lean figure. That night Zoro had made his move on the man, and it's the reason they are together. It was also the last time Zoro could remember being so smitten over him in a damn suit.


Eventually, his curiosity had gotten the better of him and he was sucked into his little world. Listening to Sanji talk for hours on end about the many fabrics, thread counts, various buttons, and cufflink options for each suit. As he fell more in love with the man, Zoro found that his favorite pastime was to watch the blond work. Moments in the early hours of the morning on the floor in their living room together. The whirr of the sewing machine, the several fabrics strewn about the furniture while sharing a coffee and letting him murmur on about the details and nuances of the suit he was working on.




During cocktail hour Sanji did what he does best, socializing around the room saying hello to their friends and a lot of people Zoro had never met before. Of course, he would follow along, allowing Sanji to introduce him as his partner, occasionally throwing his hand around his waist in a subtle but protective hold. Giving a little squeeze here and there to notify Sanji of his earlier promise. 


The cook had wandered off to share a cocktail with Nami before dinner, and Zoro found himself at the bar slamming down a few shots to cut the nerves in his system. Finding their table, after a few failed attempts of locating it, Zoro relaxed, a glass of whisky sitting comfortably in his hand while he scanned the room for Sanji again. There at the corner of the room near the cake, he spotted him, his one hand clutching tight to his drink while the other flailed about, no doubt telling some story about the shop or gawking over how wonderful Nami looked tonight. 


After a few minutes of creepily staring him down for fun, Sanji’s gaze found Zoro’s, a smirk spread while he pointed Nami in his direction, Zoro gave a curt wave. Taking another swig of his drink he watched as Sanji finally excused himself, striding through the small groups of people, eyes still locked on Zoro.


“You’re such a creep when you do that.” Sanji gulped down the rest of his cocktail, Zoro's grey eye followed his blue one, making no attempts at eyeing him in that suit lest he suffer all night long. 


Scooting his chair a little closer, the cook’s hand found the top of his thigh, Zoro all but choked on a swig of whiskey. Placing his cheek against his, Sanji whispered against his ear, “Not long now and you can take off this suit and have at it.” The alcohol on his breath filled his nose, goosebumps ran down his skin under the tight confinements of the uncomfortable clothes.


“You’re a fucking tease.” Zoro frowned back at him, the mic screech from the DJ booth cut their small confrontation short. 



Dinner had been delicious, and Sanji of course gave his critiques to Zoro’s listening ear. They had both had a few more drinks, the sweet buzz of the alcohol in full effect. The DJ had started playing music, and Zoro knew it wasn’t long before he was going to get dragged out to join, but Sanji allowed for him to watch for now. Happily slumped in his chair, Zoro watched the way the man’s slim body swayed to the music with their friends. He had taken off his jacket and tie, a few loose buttons revealed his toned chest. Sweat beaded down his forehead, a few strands of hair curling at the ends from the moisture, causing Zoro to lick at his lips. The colorful lights illuminated off his features, his cheesy drunk smile making his heart swell. 


As Sanji moved his hips and spun around more, Zoro found his eyes wandering even further. The fabric on his body was tight and stretched over his pert ass, his strong thighs that had pinned him down to the bed many times, filled out the matching slacks almost too perfectly. Soon Zoro found himself shifting under the table trying his best to ignore the tightness that grew behind the zipper of his pants. Sanji knew what he was doing, occasionally making eye contact and sending a grin his way, making sure Zoro never lost sight of him in the crowd while the music thrummed throughout the room.


A few more songs and with the rest of his drink downed, Sanji had come over to pull him in to join. Usually, he would refuse, as he was not good at dancing, but the alcohol was strong and his lover’s hands roamed across his chest, so there was no way he was going to refuse. 


Zoro let Sanji loosen his tie, his slender fingers tracing the muscles underneath his shirt as they moved about the large crowd. Gripping onto his waist,  Zoro closed the gap between them, letting Sanji’s hips grind into him. Finding the crook of his neck Zoro breathed him in, dusting chaste kisses that had Sanji pressing himself harder against his front. 


It was then Zoro knew he couldn't wait. 


Moving to kiss his cheek, Sanji got the hint and lifted his head so their lips could meet. The taste of liquor on his tongue and a few cigarettes he’d somehow managed to smoke had Zoro’s head swimming. Before they could do anything stupid in front of their friends, Zoro waited till another song came on. While everyone got excited, it was just enough of a distraction to grab Sanji’s hand and pull them out of the room. 




Entering the dark hallway of the building and away from the main ballroom, Zoro shoved Sanji into a nearby wall, his lips attacking him in feverous kisses, their tongues sloppily fighting as the blond arched his back into Zoro. 



“Fuck, Zoro.” Sanji moaned into their kiss, his erection begging to be released from the tight zipper of his slacks as they rubbed against one another.


“Hang on.” Letting go of a very red and flustered Sanji, Zoro looked for a room they could slip into. In his tipsy and almost drunken state, he found a small supply closet, pulling Sanji in before he could say another word.


“God, you look so fucking beautiful in that suit, Do you have any idea how hard I’ve been all night?” Yanking at the belt buckle of Sanji’s pants the man moaned into him, frantically working at the stubborn buttons of Zoro’s shirt. 


“You stupid horny moss couldn’t wait till we got home to do this huh?!” Finally setting Zoro’s chest free, he pushed down the fabric and admired the expanse of tan skin on taut muscles. Kissing and biting up his chest, Zoro groaned beneath him. 


“You’re one to talk to, Curly.” After removing the rest of their clothes over a few failed attempts and some drunken trips, Zoro pushed Sanji against the wall returning the favor and licking and biting hard on his neck.


“Wet my fingers for me.” Zoro breathed heavily, shoving two fingers into Sanji’s hot mouth to suck on. Letting out a moan he hadn’t realized he was holding in, his dick twitched while Sanji’s tongue swirled around the pads of his fingers.


“Good boy.” Dripping with saliva, Zoro pulled his fingers from his mouth, adjusting the grip on his thighs before moving to press a finger against his entrance. Letting the slicked digit enter into him slowly, Sanji's body tensed around him. 


“Aggnnn fuck! Zoro!” Focusing his breathing and keeping Sanji hoisted against his body, he pushed inside and started slowly pumping into him. He allowed the ring of muscle to stretch before adding a second finger, scissoring inside of him as Sanji’s moans filled the room, his hands tightly gripping the back of his neck. 


Biting onto his shoulder Sanji cried out, “Fuck me already you brute!” Listening to the command Zoro stopped and instead grabbed a handful of his cock, pre-cum leaking from the tip.


“Mmm not yet, you teased me enough tonight, now it's my turn.” 


Pumping his dick at a painfully slow pace, Zoro placed his length against the curve of his ass, Sanji’s strong legs locking tightly around his torso letting him know he was ready.


After working a few more slutty whines from the blond, Zoro spat into his hand and slicked up his cock, lining himself up with Sanji’s entrance. Allowing the tip to enter into the tight muscle they both moaned in unison as Sanji’s weight pressed into him till he was fully seated inside.  Finding his lips, Zoro kissed him hard, their tongues lapping at one another while Zoro placed both hands around his ass, lifting him up and pumping him back down onto him hard.


“Shit..I wanted to do this all night.” Zoro purred into his ear, his hot breath causing Sanji to claw at his back. 


“I’m not going to last long, Zoro.” Whimpering in his hold, Sanij held on, his orgasm fast approaching while Zoro pounded his thick cock into his quivering hole. Crying out his name in a series of pants and sloppy kisses Sanji came, his body convulsing around Zoro as he wrapped both arms around his waist and pumped into him one last time before finding his own release.


Untangling his legs, Sanji stumbled to catch his balance while Zoro held onto him in a secure hold, pressing soft kisses to his temple. After a few minutes of letting their heart rates relax and their breathing came back to normal, the cook managed through shaky breaths, “We should go back, they're probably going to cut the cake soon.” 


Zoro only hummed in response, tracing small circles into the small of his back.




The two put themselves back together, in hopes no one went down the hall while Zoro was busy fucking Sanji senseless. With their itch scratched the alcohol wearing off, they approached their table only to see two pieces of cake already waiting.


Too blissed out to care, Zoro watched Sanji fumble and attempt to put his tie back on before he snatched it out of his hand, the red flush still present (along with some love bites on his exposed neck).


“The fuck?” Sanji questioned trying to get at the tie in his hand. Zoro smirked, pulling out his chair for him to sit. 


“I like when you have your chest out like that.” Pocketing the tie, Sanji sat, blushing at him even harder, mumbling something about green hair and needing a cigarette.


“I see you two found your way back to the reception? I thought maybe Zoro got lost and Sanji had to go off to find him.” Robin emerged from the crowd, her deep purple wedding gown glimmering under the colorful lights of the ballroom. She gave them her menacing I know what you were up to smile. 


Stumbling over his words Sanji smiled and fought the truth, “Yeah he meandered off again and I had to go catch him, you know Marimo, always getting lost.” Nervously laughing into his cake, Sanji poked his fork at it. Seeing as she giggled and walked away the cook let out a sigh, it was impossible for even Usopp to tell such a shitty lie. 


Zoro chuckled, waving his plate of cake in the air for Luffy to spot, smirking to himself at the beautiful man sitting before him. 


I was lost, lost in the color burgundy.