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Affiance Of The Priestesses

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Sanae was heading to the Hakurei Shrine, approaching its grounds to see several figures scattered around.

There was Reimu shirking her responsibilities as per usual, allowing herself to be doted on by Alice but upon closer inspection, it appeared that the magician was stitching up Reimu's capelet.

That was a quotidian enough scene so Sanae thought nothing of it and touched down near the veranda, waving to them before her words trailed off.

As for the other individual, Sanae could only assume that it was either Yorihime or Sannyo given the hair.

As it turned out, it was neither.

"Hi, Rei-" she stopped, staring at the woman she hadn't seen in a while.

Reimu snickered as Alice managed to keep her own amusement concealed at the way Sanae was eyeing up the swordswoman.

"Mu, Sanae, my name is Reimu" the brunette added, unhelpful and definitely utilising the situation to mess with the other priestess "What's the matter, samurai got your tongue?".

Said samurai in question gave Reimu and Alice a confused glance before turning to Sanae.

"Hello" she greeted in all her refined glory whilst placing her katana down to the side since she was practicing, "You must of the Moriya Shrine?".

Alice used Hourai to float to the priestess and nudge her out of her daze, chuckling when she realised Meira had addressed her.

"Oh! Hi, that's me" she grinned and walked forward, "Kochiya Sanae. You're Meira, right?".

"Indeed. It is a pleasure to meet you again" Meira inclined her head.

"I'm sure the pleasure is all hers".

Though Reimu muttered the sentence, Sanae had heard it which meant Meira did too.

"Alice, do something about her" Sanae pleaded, the faint rubicund hue to her cheeks increasing as she felt Meira's sharp eyes on her.

As much as Alice would have loved to intervene, her lover's assiduous tendencies when it came to goading Sanae could not be halted.

"I haven't been able to do anything about her since we met, unfortunately" Alice replied sympathetically, "You know how she is".

Reimu had the shame to appear hurt at Alice's quip but the blonde was quick to reassure her, their hands interlaced and on the brunette's lap.

"Ah, but Reimu has changed drastically and I am sure you have contributed to that, Alice" Meira added, now understanding why it seemed like Sanae wanted to engage in physical combat with the brunette, "For example, I am certain that Reimu is less likely to attempt to bury an opponent alive after defeating her".

Sanae just gawped at the samurai, "She did not?!".

"She did indeed" Meira smiled, the minuscule yet oh so inviting movements of her lips enhancing her features and Sanae assumed she had perished, "Please, join us. I would be happy to inform you of Reimu's past habits. As can Alice".

"You will not!" the brunette interjected, pointing her gohei at Meira, "And let that go already. I was a kid!".

"For some reason, that makes it even more worrying" Sanae grinned, "But I definitely want to take you up on that offer".

Reimu saw the opportunity and seized it, "Sure, that's all you want to take from Meira, is it?".


Alice gave her lover a look of feigned exasperation whilst taking in Meira's contemplative expression.

The swordswoman had learned enough of the modern ways of communication but some archaic definitions had remained engrained into Meira's mind.

She turned to Sanae again, stepping closer and looked down into wide blue eyes.

"You wish to marry me?".

Sanae wanted to die.

Not necessarily a no either but death would be welcomed as she took in the way Meira peered at her.

A steely yet intense sheen in her purple eyes and usually composed countenance softened drastically.

Sanae gulped, hands up to her chest, "Uhm".

She could hear Reimu cackling in the background as the seconds between them seemed to extend like a certain endless night.

Sanae weighed up the pros and cons.



- Hot samurai wife.

- Turn it back on Reimu.

- Learn sword wielding skills so that she could have sensual sword fights with said samurai wife.

- Kanako and Suwako would like hot samurai wife.

- Bodyguard/hot samurai wife.

- Cute babies.


- None.


Decided, Sanae reached for Meira's free hand and brought it up between them, eyes gazing up as she smiled.

"Wanna marry me, Meira? Marrying into the Hakurei lineage is cool and all but I have way more to offer".

Reimu was now choking in the background, Alice patting her back and laughing at the turn of the events.

"You're not being serious, Sanae?" the brunette managed.

"Oh, I am" Sanae reiterated, "I mean, what's not to want?".

Meira's surprise had waned too, giving the priestess a charming smile, "Your words are most complimentary, Sanae".

"I'm just getting started" she said, "Reimu's dating methods are so primal, I mean, who attempts to bury their crush alive? Poor Alice should sleep with her eyes open and away from soil".

"That's it, you're finished!".

"Reimu!" Alice exclaimed and wrapped her arms around the bellicose woman, holding her back from lunging at Sanae.

Not that she would get a chance as Meira had sheathed her katana from its scabbard stepped in front of Sanae, her hands on the hilt of her weapon.

"I am afraid I cannot allow you to do that, Reimu" she said with a smile, though it was a kind which belied a more threatening nature.

Meira's facundity couldn't be misinterpreted, her cultivated tone as sharp as her katana.

Such was in Meira's style and Reimu sighed, "This did not just happen".

Sanae was grinning wider now as she placed her hands on Meira's shoulders, peeking out from one of them.

"Did I get a sexy samurai wife who will cut you if you mess with me? I just did".

Meira glanced back, eyes meeting Sanae's, the two close enough to feel the wisps of their breathing.

"As my future wife, it is my duty to protect you".

Sanae blushed, chuckled at the declaration, "I'm all yours. Hey, Reimu, you're gonna be my maid of honour".

"Maybe in hell I am".

"But the wedding will not be held in hell so I am sure you can attend".

Reimu groaned into her palms, "This is not happening".

"Alice is going to make our wedding outfits" Sanae continued on, enjoying her counterpart's anguish as well as the feeling of Meira in front of her, "I can't wait!".

"I would love to, Sanae" the blonde easily replied as her lover gave her a look of betrayal, "You both actually do complement each other well. Though I'm sure Reimu had other intents, something positive was a result of it".

She laughed, squeezing her arms around the brunette.

"I've had the best idea.." Sanae suddenly said and stood next to Meira, the samurai's hand finding her own, "Alice, Reimu..".

Reimu had such an unpropitious feeling about this as they waited for Sanae to continue.

The exultation was palpable, radiating from Sanae.

"Double wedding!".

And that's the story of how Gensokyo had its first double wedding with two priestesses getting married to a magician and samurai.

Or so, that would have been the case if the whole thing hadn't been a ruse to enact some vengeance on Reimu. 

Though it did procure a mutual interest for Sanae and Meira to build a relationship from.

Which eventually led to Meira finally acquiring a priestess of her own.

All's well that ends well, only in Gensokyo.