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Knightly Proposal

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   "See anything you like, Sir?" A pushy Waddle Doo leered at the blue knight.

"Yes. Though, I am just looking." Meta Knight answered curtly, he was a bit uncomfortable by the salesman. He looked at the glass display. Different stars shimmered and sparkled, each one having a different hue. They were no bigger than a quarter, some were even as small as a dime.

"Ahaha, I see, I see! Please take your time and don't hesitate to ask me for help! Honestly, I'd be honored to help someone of your status,  O' Great Knight" The Waddle Doo giggled as he wiped the display case in front of the knight.

"Mhm." Meta Knight mumbled as he ignored the flattery from the awestruck Waddle Doo, eyes scanning each glittering star. They looked like expensive candies.

Expensive? Yes. Candies? No.

Bonding stars were what they're called. Small glowing little stars of different colors that had a special property to bond with other stars to create a slightly bigger one. However, to achieve this effect they needed to be filled with the love from a bond between two people, after such a thing were to happen the bonded star would float high into the sky like a paper lantern.

It was truly magical.

Different colors had different meanings. Blues were usually associated with prosperity and resilience between lovers. Greens were used for promising good health and care for one another. Golds meant everlasting happiness and cherishing and so on.

Overtime, these stars became synonymous and used for engagements and weddings. Usually, the one proposing would buy the pair of stars. One that represented how they would treat and care for their lover and one that represented how they feel about and what their lover means to them.

Then one would give the one that represents their partner as a proposal and then bond and release theirs and the partners star at the wedding. Cementing their love for one another into the night sky for them and everyone else to see.

Meta Knight had already picked out his star. A lavender hued one with soft gold edging, similar to that of his pauldrons, and had the meaning of "to protect and cherish"

However, he was stumped on picking out Sailor's star. There were so many, with so many different meanings.

To him, no amount of words could describe how he felt about Sailor. A simple 'I love her' was an understatement to how he felt about her.

Meta Knight hummed in thought, walking towards another display counter.

Sailor, to him, was many things. She was a loyal and respectable comrade, one who was ready to help by any means necessary. She would spend all night going over blueprints, writing and taking inventory reports and all sorts of meticulous tasks with an excellent amount of dedication. She was resilient and dedicated to her craft and work, which to the hardened knight, was very admirable. To say she loved the ship was a bit of an understatement. After all, she hadn't dared to abandon it even when it was crashing down into the Secret Sea.

Years later, he still painfully regrets not going after her.

Sailor was also a great friend and his pillar of support. Meta Knight had plenty of friends. King Dedede was his best friend and fought alongside him a plenty of times and Kirby was always there to lift his spirits no matter the cost, there was Bandanna Dee who fought and trained tirelessly. However, he knew Sailor the longest and more intimately.

He felt comfortable around Sailor, even when exposing his vulnerabilities or woes she'd just listen carefully and calmly, ready to do whatever she could to help. She'd tend to his many wounds from the many upon many adventures he's been plenty of times, never taking 'no' for an answer. Meta Knight would sit in a clam silence with her as she applied, bandaged and cleaned him up with gentle care.

Meta Knight loved the Waddle Dee. He loved how Sailor could get so determined, so headstrong about her passions. He loved hearing her soft hums as she went about her duties. He loved her soft fur and how it felt against his paws. He loved how she was sweet and caring, she was. If he had to compare her to a sweet, it would be a marshmallow. She had her many flaws, but he loved her all the more for it. He. Loved. Her.

Meta Knight huffed in annoyance, his eyes darting from each star over and over. It was only until his eyes caught something beautiful that his annoyance melted into relief.

It was a baby blue star that faded into a light peach with little soft gold flecks at the edge. Truly something to marvel at.

"My lovely everything, I cherish." Meta Knight mouthed to himself what the colors symbolized.  It was perfect.

"Excuse me, Sir." Meta Knight motioned for the Waddle Doo over.

"Yes, Sir? You picked one out?" He giggled as he strode over.
His eye focused on the star in the case Meta Knight had a finger over. "That's a new one, just came in yesterday! I think it was one of the rare out of the bunch collected locally, Planet Aquarius." His eye closed in thought. "Nice shape, very soft. It's luster is a bit low, but it's color is vibrant!"

Meta Knight hummed in thought. "Price? I'm planning to use it for a proposal."

"OH? You're getting married? How nice, how nice! Who's the lucky receiver?" He leaned closer in excitement, eye grinning. "Is it that pink one, Kirby was it? Or maybe it's our Great King? I did hear there were rumors of you two being quite close and having plenty of rendevou-"

Meta Knight strained, taking a step back before cutting his gossip fueled rambling with a strained grumble. "Price. Please."

"Oh...oh my." The Waddle Doo gave a wary bow. "I'm so so so sorry! Please excuse my rudeness, I tend to get carried away with this kind of thing!"

Meta Knight didn't know how to react, he didn't do well with the hyperactive type.

"Ah, it's... It is fine." Meta mumbled, as he shuffled in place.

"It's uh, not either of them as much as citizens like to gossip about my personal affairs with the two." He gave the glass a light tap, pointing to the star that he'd set his eye on before this whole debacle.

"I'd like to purchase this one, it's perfect for her."

"Oh, yes, of course. It's 856 Dee-bills! I gave you a lil' discount, I mean, it's not every day that THE knight of Dreamland comes in here and for their own engagement no less. And with the star you're buying for yourself, the lavender gold one, your total would be 1,813 Dee-bills"

Meta Knight nearly choked on air. He knew it'd be a bit pricey when he was actually researching and reading about Popstar and Dreamland weddings, engagements, marital procedures. He shook his head. No price was too steep for her, he would spoil her as much as she did him. He pulled out a black leather wallet with his trademark insignia painted in gold.

He'd write this off as a business expense.

The Waddle Doo carefully lifted the glass lid, picking up the two stars with care before placing them in a small silk bag. He swiftly got back behind the counter, and quickly typed out something on the antique cash register. He then pulled out a slip of paper, writing the details of the two stars purchased and slipped them into the silk bag.

"Here." Meta Knight handed the Waddle Doo a small card.

"Thank you sir, do you want this in a box?" The Waddle Doo asked as he continued to ring the puffball up.

"That would be acceptable, yes."

The Waddle Doo nodded before reaching down and pulling out a red wine colored box and placed the silk pouch in it.

"Can you tie a ribbon on it? Blue please, if you have it." Meta Knight asked, shuffling a bit.

"Oh? Is that her favorite color? Of course I can!" He quickly pulled out some ribbon from the cupboard behind him, then proceeded to tie a neat bow.

He smiled "That would be it, thank you for doing business with us! Oh, and good luck with your proposal!"

Meta Knight gingerly took the box from the Waddle Dee and shoved the box into his cape. As he fiddled to get his wallet in order he chuckled "Thank you, I'll do my best..."

Meta Knight left the shop in a newfound invigoration.

He'd had one of the main components to his plan, the bond stars. He was almost there. An outsider wouldn't be able to see it but he was positively giddy with excitement under his steel mask. He walked with a bit of pep, hurrying along until he'd left the open air market.

Now he just needed to decide on how he should propose.

He was intently looking at the small filled with the two bonding stars. He slightly grinned as he gave it a little shake, hearing it's signature twinkling noise.

He had to make sure it was perfect.

"What's that?"


Meta Knight jumped back, his wings unfurling from his cape in shock. "K-Kirby?! Don't scare someone like that, it's rude!"

"You shoulda' looked where you were goin'." Kirby merely shrugged, her eyes moved to the box gripped in the knight's hand "What's that anyways, is it candy? Chocolate?"

"It is none of your business." Meta Knight huffed. He brought the box close to his chest as if he were a child protecting a beloved toy.

"Come on...!" Kirby mock whined, "It's okay if it's chocolate! Everyone has accepted, or knows, that you're a bonafide choco-holic." The pink puffball pressed her paws together as if she were praying "Meta, we will always accept you no matter the type of candy ya' like" suddenly Kirby's face went straight and she pointed "Unless it's nougat, that stuff is gross."

"I...see." Again, Meta Knight really didn't understand how to deal with the hyperactive type.

"Anyways, it is just a gift. Nothing more, nothing less"

"Ooh? I don't think it's anyone's birthday...or is it? Did I forget one of our friends' birthdays again?!" She huffed in annoyance. "It happened last month with Magolor, and he still won't let it go!"

"It's for..."


"It's for..."


Meta Knight sighed, putting a hand to his forehead bashfully. "It is for Sailor, just a small gift for her a-"

"Oh! So ya' finally going to propose to her? Guess Bandanna owes me 20 Dee-bills, huh?"

"W-what? How- do- how did you?!?"

"Mmm? I didn't." She grinned.

"Nova be damned." Meta Knight muttered.

"I'm a bit surprised though, I'd never take ya' for the marryin' type!"

Meta Knight sighed, to be completely honest neither did he. "Well, people tend to change as they grow... especially if it is influenced by others." 

"Aaah, now I see. Sailor's givin' ya' an ultimatum huh?" Kirby chuckled.

Meta Knight sputtered at the accusation "H-huh? Not even close! In fact, this was all a surprise!" He punctuated his statement by bringing out the red box and pushing it into the smaller puffball's face. "Sailor hadn't even thought about marriage until I brought it up and we've been dating for years, after all, she can be a bit... head in the clouds...."

"Airheaded, scatterbrained?"


"My bad, my bad!" The pink puffball held up her paws defensively. 

"So you're plannin' on confessin' to her, very nice!" Kirby put a paw to her cheek in thought and gave a small toothy grin "You with a waddle dee, eh? Dedede's goin' to freak!" 

"Absolutely not! I plan to keep this a secret, so listen here you puffy ball full of cheekiness and listen well. You tell anyone, I will piledrive the back end of my sword so far-"

"Nova! Meta, I got it, I got it!" Kirby whined. "That's not even how a piledrive works!" 

"Hmph, just a warning."

Kirby huffed, "I don't see what ya' so worried about, you two are basically married already."

A minute of silence passed.

"Anyways, can I see what ya' picked out?" Kirby asked with a newfound interest.

"Oh? Uh, sure."

Meta Knight carefully removed the top of the box and undid the silver silk pouch's drawstring, revealing the two glittering stars.

"Wow! They're cute, a very nice color choice."

"Hm, thanks... I hope she'll like it." 

"Psh, she will! Kirby exclaimed with delight as Meta Knight put the pouch and box back together before carefully putting the box back into his now-reformed cape.  He sighed in delight "I can only hope Kirby, I can only hope."

Kirby grinned, welcoming this new side to her usually cold friend greatly. "So, how do ya' plan to propose to her? I haven't talked with her much... or know much about her side' when Bandee tells me about her...think they're cousins or somethin'? It's weird, like all Waddle Dees know each other somehow in someway..."

"Cousins I think..." Meta Knight thought aloud as he idly strode next to Kirby. Meta Knight's face softened under the mask, imagining such a scene to himself. "Hmm...that I've yet to think about. I want to take her somewhere nice, probably have a meal... then a walk... then I'll ask her..."

Kirby hopped in excitement, placing a paw to her chin. "Ohh! Just remembered! Bandee told me she likes seafood!" She quickly got in front of Meta Knight, pointing a way towards the village. "Kawasaki got a huuuge shipment of shellfish! Crabs, prawns, cockles, oysters, squids, eels... his fried eels are delicious, so buttery...and then there's those lobster bowls, braised to perfection...melt in your mouth fatty fishes like tuna gril-"

"Kirby!" Meta Knight huffed.

"Right! Right!" Kirby hit the back of her head, abashed. "Anyways! What I'm sayin' is Kawasaki gots a huge shipment, really huge, shipment of seafood of all kinds from Misteen instead of his usual provider on Aquarius. He does seafood nights! There's a fun warm atmosphere, alcohol s' half off, and since he's got so much that he wants to get rid of before it all either rots or he has to put it into his freezer... Which apparently lessens the taste I guess? Oh! The prices for his usual seafood dishes he makes are reduced too!"

Kirby nodded to herself in pride "Not only that, he'll make stuff on request! I can say that I've definitely been helping reduce his stock quite a bit. He's doing one tomorrow, so you can take her there!"

Meta Knight blinked a few times, trying to take in the pink puffball's excited blathering. "I...see.

He thought for a moment. Kirby made a compelling offer, it did sound fun and he'd been there before for various occasions...but Kawasaki's establishment was more of a fluffed up bar. You could come in, get comfortable, grab a few drinks and a few snacks that pair well with your drinks. It was rare you could get a bit of privacy there, since the atmosphere encouraged others to talk with each other...and it worked. Not to mention the other problem.

Meta Knight's face cringed at the thought ever so slightly.

"I...don't know..." he muttered to himself.

Sailor would do and say everything to deny it but she loved alcohol, beer specifically. Especially if said beer came with nice accompanying snacks to go with it. She loved to drink, particularly after a substantial amount of hard work had been done, and she could. She could drink a lot. Sailor was always the one to suggest everyone go drinking after a new modification or remodeling project has been completed.

The problem wasn't her tolerance, it was just that she loved to drink.

Scarily, despite her size, she could easily out drink plenty of her crewmates as if it was water in her oversized mugs instead of alcohol. He had one time been challenged by the crew to a drinking contest against her. He still shudders at the thought. Sailor had come close to beating him, which coming close was a feat in itself. Himself being a puffball meant that his alcohol tolerance was amazingly high, so it was uncommon to get drunk.

Buzzed? Definitely. Tipsy? Sure. Red-faced piss drunk? A rare, rare, occurrence. That contest was one of those rare occurrences.

Somehow, that small woman of a Waddle Dee had managed to get to her 46th pint of beer before passing out. First falling out of the chair laughing after hearing one of Meta Knight's poorly structured and very slurred jokes, to which Meta Knight in his drunken state tried to grab her which led him to fall along with her. That had led the both of them to get into a fit of giggles and curses. Meta Knight, finding enough stability to weakly climb back up to the counter like a toddler grabbed her mug, causing several mugs to fall over and break in his wake, and downed it...before falling back over onto the floor on his back and laughing some more. This small move allowed him to go from 46 pints consumed to 47 pints.

While all of this happened the Meta-Knights could only look on in abstract and surreal horror before carrying the both of them to Meta Knight's private quarters and dumping the both of them on his own bed.

Meta Knight still believes had he not told that joke, she probably would've beat him.

He shook his head, even so. She always did have a soft spot for seafood, and seeing her happily indulge and eat always did warm his heart. He'd like to spoil her with her favorite foods at the very least on this date, and if what Kirby said was true then she'd definitely be elated at the options presented. Not to mention, Sailor preferred more simple pleasures. She never really responded well to showy things like jewelry as gifts or large bouquets. Such things always left her blushy and stuttering 'thank yous'

Meta Knight hummed in thought, taking a glance at Kirby. Perhaps she was right.

They could go a little bit late in the afternoon, when they arrive the sun will be setting but at least the restaurant is a little ways near one of Orange Ocean's beaches so when they leave it'll be in the evening and they can look at the glittering sands. Who said they couldn't dress a little nicer either, maybe he could break out one of his more interesting outfits to please her. He never got around to wearing that t-shirt Sailor gave him coming back from one of her trips on Mekkai to order parts.

The more he thought about it, the more Kirby's idea sounded appealing. She could always just tell her to restrain herself a little when they order drinks. 

"...M-meta?" Kirby asked, worry creeping in her voice.

"I'll DO IT!" he exclaimed, clutching his hand into a tight fist.

"Gah-! Don't do that!" Kirby whined.

Meta Knight looked back at the pink puffball in confusion.

"Ya' were silent...for like the last 10 minutes..."


"Yeah. Anyways, what're ya' goin' to do?" Kirby asked

Meta Knight nodded "I'll take her to Kawasaki's tomorrow, I'll send you more details later."

"How nice! I knew you'd find something, what was with the hesitation?"

"Erm...I'm a bit nervous you see?"

Technically, it wasn't a full lie. He was nervous about popping the question but he also was worried about choosing the right location.

Kirby chuckled, face turning into a smug grin. "Oh, Meta Knight! I'd figured as such, no need to worry. I got ya'!" Kirby gently patted Meta Knight on one of his pauldrons. "If you ever need advice, I got ya'!"

"...Thanks..." Meta Knight said slowly.

It was then that he suddenly took note that they had been walking this whole time. Somehow, he'd been led from going to the hangar to Kirby's dome.

"Since you're here, why don't ya' sit down and relax? I bought some tea..."

"Hm?" Meta Knight gave a questioning glance.

"There's a caterpillar stuck to my ceiling, please kill it. I beg of you." Kirby grimaced.

Meta Knight sighed, preparing his sword.

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Meta Knight let out a sigh of relief as he removed the heavy armor on his shoulders, unclasping the small leather straps he let them fall to the floor with a large clang. The pressure on his shoulders were quickly relieved as he began to work up a gentle massage against the joints with his paws.

" That's better... " he yawned as evening drowsiness kicked in.

After having to precisely swing his sword around Kirby's small dome of a house for several hours to kill a single insect his arms were very sore. So was his head, mostly from Kirby's screaming .

He looked over to his large oak desk, his cape folded neatly with the box of his bonding stars placed neatly on top. He felt a small bit of giddiness bubble up within him when he gazed upon it, he truly couldn't wait for tomorrow.

He wondered how she'd react, maybe she'd jump into his arms and hug him tightly. Meta Knight smiled at the thought as he made his way over to his desk and picked up the box, undoing the ribbon and removing the cover he pulled out the silk pouch.

Pulling out the cushioned chair, he got himself comfortable and scooted forward.

Meta Knight opened the drawstring and pulled out the two stars, gently placing them onto the smooth surface of the desk. They weren't fragile by any means but he'd hate to have scuff them if he wasn't careful. He picked up Sailor's star and held it up against the desk light, gazing at the reflected light scattering across his desk with delight. The sparkling mix of baby blue and peach colored light was a marvel to look at.

He smiled as he turned the glittering star around to see it from different angles against the light bulb. Even with his thick cotton gloves it felt warm to the touch.


"Maybe, I should get a case?" Meta Knight thought aloud. Handing her a fancied up cardboard box felt kind of cheap to him. He wanted everything to be the very best for her, always genuine. After all, he knew she would do the same in a heartbeat. She deserved to be luxuriously spoiled.

Sailor's generosity and selflessness was an endless ocean.

Meta Knight leaned back and sighed, maybe it was a quirk of their relationship or just natural in Sailor's personality of always needing to help and work but she could be too giving to him. Way too giving that it felt one-sided at times. He wasn't a selfish lover by no means, it was just that anytime he he did try to reciprocate the same kind of overwhelming care she'd happily give to him it always caught her off guard and caused her to fluster and stutter excuses as to why it was 'odd' or how she 'didn't deserve it' or it was 'too much'. While her flustered expression was cute, it would worry the knight at times.

On their first anniversary he'd gone out of his way to book a fancy sea-side restaurant on Planet Moisten, and had bought her an expensive hat that he'd seen Sailor eye occasionally in the market place when on their weekend walks. She nearly cried on the spot out of joy. To this day, the hat is kept in a locked box full of other keepsakes. 

The year after that he bought her a lovely pearl and clam necklace for their 2nd anniversary. He hadn't seen it worn once , but he does know she polishes every other night before sitting it out on a little stand on her dresser.

When he did ask why she could be so jittery with affection, she flushed and averted her gaze mumbling that she wasn't ' used to such a large amount of attention, especially from you Sir ' which would be understandable if it weren't for the fact that they've been dating for three years. It wasn't bad as before but it was still a noticeable quirk to him.

He huffed, Meta Knight wanted her to relax around him. He wanted to see that content dreamy face as she would snuggle up to him when it was particularly cold on the ship, or when they'd jovially talk late into the night while going over cargo reports, coffee in hand and the low volume of the radio filling the background.

Perhaps... was it the fact that they were dating?


He knew that he was nervous and clammy at the start of their relationship, always worried about what to say or do and how to say and do it. He also knew Sailor could be a tight-wound bundle of nerves at times so maybe it was taking time for her to adjust to their new dynamic. Going from subordinate and commander to girlfriend and boyfriend .


Meta Knight rubbed his temples in thought. Nova, she even still addressed him as ' Sir ' even. Sailor had been working on the Halberd for 16 years, joining when she was one year above the minimum requirement to join. Having a promising amount of knowledge in seafaring, first aid and nursing, route management, and cartography. Skills, while relating to the sea, could be very useful when managing a ship. Sailor was now 35, somewhat sheltered by her job on the Halberd so it wasn't too surprising that things like romance weren't exactly common knowledge to her. I mean, neither was it to him .

Meta Knight's mind continued to traverse down memory lane. He could remember the first time he felt that spark for her. He was much younger, wilder and brash. It was a year or two since the Halberd crashed thanks to Kirby thwarting his plans for invasion. Sailor had to have been 22, maybe 24?

She was definitely younger, that's for sure.

It was right after coming back from one of his adventures, he was stressed about something but couldn't remember what it was for the life of him. He was covered in a manner of scratches, bruises, cuts and more. It was one of his usual ' blow off steam ' training expeditions.

He was shambling to his room to prepare to patch his sore body up until he ran into Sailor. Who at the sight of seeing all the wounds and scratches dotting his body, completely freaked out and tried to get him to come with her to the med-bay. Despite his fervent protests she dragged him by the hand to the med-bay with a stubborn passion like no other. When they finally had arrived she had him seated on one of the beige cots.

" I w-won't look at your face, nor will I do anything you d-don't want... I just want to make you're a-alright... " she gently soothed as she fumbled around for a first aid kit.

At the time, Meta Knight didn't really know Sailor all that much beyond the few details about her recruitment. It was, odd so to speak, back then most of his crew kept to themselves and wouldn't dare butting their heads into Meta Knight's business either out of respect or fear. Then here was Sailor, not even a part of the Meta-Knights yet and who Meta Knight barely even knew, determined to patch up his wounds with such kind and gentle care and wouldn't take no for an answer.

In fact, while patching him up she inadvertently scolded him for his lack of care for his own body.

Eventually this became a common occurrence. He would come back from an adventure and Sailor would be quick to patch him up. During these ordeals as Sailor would quietly wrap bandage after bandage, dab cotton ball after cotton ball and apply sparkly bandied after sparkly band-aid they eventually began to talk with each other about a manner of things.  Being with her in the med-bay, having calm relaxing small talk...It made his heart feel funny for the first time.

From then on, Meta Knight began to try and get to know her more and by proxy his crew.

Meta Knight glanced at the metal wall clock, and cursed. It was quite late and Sailor would be preparing herself for bed soon.

With a strained grunt he got out of his chair, pushing it in. He quickly and carefully put the two little stars back into the pouch and the pouch back into its box before putting it into his desk drawer. After locking it to make sure it was secure he adorned his mask and cape.

He quickly left the room, briskly walking down the metal hall. Most of his crew would be returning to their rooms for their downtime around this time so it was dark and quiet. As he walked he could hear the distinct cursing and laughing of Mace, Trident and Ax. They were most likely drinking, playing cards, and gambling candy he presumed as he passed by. He'd join but he was on a mission.

Meta Knight made a sharp turn and a few more paces were at Sailor's room. He gently knocked on the metal door that had been decorated with ropes arranged in small patterns and a wooden name tag.

"You may enter!" A small voice from behind the door.

Meta Knight gently opened the door, stepping in with a smile. "Evening darling, how're you?"

Sailor blushed before turning around from her worktable. Over her pink nightcap she had tiny black headphones on that were connected to a large radio multi-communication device on the birch bench. Several maps had been rolled out across her work table along with a manner of pens, markers and pencils laid out.

The Waddle Dee blushed at the nickname. "I'm doing fine, Sir! What about you? I knew you took the day off to go into town. Did you get to meet any of your friends?" Sailor giggled before turning around in her swivel chair, turning another knob carefully.

Meta Knight scanned the scene before him. He chuckled, " seem rather busy..."

"A little! Actually, I'm just about finishing up! So go ahead, I don't mind at all."

"I see..." Meta Knight stepped closer to Sailor, leaning over her shoulder.

"What might you be working on, Sailor?" he asked warmly.

Sailor looked up back at Meta Knight "Ah? This? Well, it's one of the transmission devices to a new communication device that Vul, Spear and I have been working on! Not only is it strong enough to connect to the surrounding hangar buildings and all rooms on the " her eyes sparkled in excitement and she shook a little "But it's also able to connect 3O , out of orbit!" 

Meta Knight nodded in acknowledgement, he wasn't knowledgeable in such technology but he was happy to see her passion. "Ah, I see. So it is able to allow our operation to have a wider reach of communication, eh?"

Sailor nodded rapidly, almost causing her nightcap to fall off. "That's correct! Gosh, I'm so excited Mety! We're able to establish communications with a military base on Planet Mekkai, that's six planets away! Six whole planets!" to punctuate her excitement she pointed to a map rolled out on her desk. In red marker, several lines have made from planet with frequencies jot down under them. "Thanks to the calculated launches of the reception antennas we're able to get such a fast improvement. Right now, I'm just looking around for what connections we can get with the ones we've launched." she gleamed.

Meta Knight nodded, becoming more relaxed being exposed to Sailor's cheerfulness. Meta Knight watched as she slid off the headphones and turned off the device. She turned around once more and cocked her head to the side. "Oh, my! Excuse my rambling, was there something you wanted to ask me, Sir?"

"No, no, it is quite alright. I love hearing you explain such things, I am not well versed on the technological aspects of the Halberd so it is greatly appreciated..." He averted his gaze ever so slightly "Not to mention, it is very cute to see." he grinned.

Sailor leaned closer "Hehe, really? I'd think it's a bit boring..."

"Nonsense, it's informative!"

"I-I see! Thank you, Sir!" Sailor Dee giggled.

Meta Knight suddenly remembered what he came here for. "Sailor, do you have anything important to do tomorrow afternoon? Meta Knight asked, he prayed in earnest that she'd be free.

"Mmmm, no I don't think so! Why? Is there something special you want to do?" Sailor asked with grin

"Date. I figured we'd go on one. It has been a while, no?"

Sailor hopped out of her chair, getting close to Meta Knight and looking up at him excitedly. "Really?! It has, it has! I'd love to go out on a nice date with you. Where are we going?"

Meta Knight smiled wide and chuckled at her excitement, it was practically infectious.

"Well, it's not exactly a fancy restaurant..."

"Oh, Sir! You know I don't mind about things like that, if it's with you I'm happy..."

Meta Knight blushed at the comment. "Well, I decided on a nice place...Kawasaki's establishment. That's good?"

"Yup! I like his food quite a lot, always a nice choice of seafood."

"That's the thing..."

Sailor cupped her chubby cheeks with her paws in worry. "Oh my! Don't tell me he's stopped making his seafood, I love his crab bowls..."

Meta Knight had to physically will himself not to laugh. "No, no, nothing like that. In fact, it is the opposite. See, I met Kirby today while I was...running some errands."

"What's with the pause, Sir?"

"Don't worry about it."

"Got it!" She squeaked happily 

He quirked an eyebrow at her quick response before continuing. "I had met Kirby and she had told me that Kawasaki has a bit of an overstock of seafood, to get rid of excess he's been hosting seafood nights. Some sort of promotion, I guess. If I remember correctly... Beer is half off and so is most, if not all, of his seafood dishes. Right, and he'll make any seafood dish you have in mind on request."

Meta Knight cleared his throat. "So, after hearing that...I thought you would like to go. We'll go, we'll sit down and unwind, enjoy a nice meal or two, and end it with a nice walk along the beach nearby..."

Unbeknownst to the puffball, Sailor had begun to drool at the thought of being able to to eat plenty of seafood and drink to her heart's content.


She jolted " Wha!? Ahm, yes! I wanna go, that sounds like a lot of fun!" her bright grin turned to confusion "Should I wear something nice?"

"Uhm, if you want?" Meta Knight answered with an equal amount of confusion.

Her smile returned with a newfound determination "Alright! I'll make sure to wear something nice. You too, alright?"

"Of course, I will... so it's a date? We'll leave at say 5:35?" Meta Knight chuckled, as he removed his mask.

"Yes! I can't wait."

Without saying a word Meta Knight leaned down, gently cupping her chin and giving her a soft peck on her cheek. He noticed Sailor's breath hitched and a slight shudder from her body, it always filled him with a sense of glee when he could get the naval Waddle Dee flushed from these moments of intimacy, small as they may be.

"Y-you should'a told me you w-were, ah, going to do that ..." she huffed, her cheeks ablaze.

"Hmm, I guess I could have...but I sometimes like surprising you."

"Heheh, I see Mety..."

"There will be more surprises to come too, my pearl." Meta Knight stated with a smirk, reaching for his mask.


Just as Meta Knight was reaching towards the mask placed on to Sailor's worktable he was suddenly caught off guard and frozen in place as Sailor reached up and planted a kiss on his mouth, putting both of her paws onto his shoulders to steady herself.

She pulled away and smirked a little herself.

" Me too.. ." she purred, watching as Meta Knight started flush fuchsia himself as he quickly scrambled for his mask.

Sailor let out one of her signature soft and sweet giggles before pulling back, adjusting her nightcap, and returned her attention back to the messy bench. She began to collect the many pens, markers and pencils into the little blue cup in the corner of the wooden work table before starting to roll up the large map.

She let out a tiny yawn as she felt around for a rubber band in the drawer below. "It's getting late Sir, you want to join me here for tonight?"

"Hmm, I would love to but I have a call to make before bed."

"Oh? I see, rest well and have good dreams Mety!"

Meta Knight made his way to her door, before turning around to face her. "You rest well yourself, dear."

Meta Knight heard a flustered sound of agreement as he closed the door.


Did he just call her 'dear'?

Meta Knight resisted the urge to bash his face into the metal wall in front of him out of embarrassment. Either way, it was a success and now he was officially on the road to proposing to her. He clenched his fists in victory as a wave of giddiness took over.

As he made his way down the now silent halls, only lit by the small metal lanterns above, he ruminated on the upcoming changes that would take place if they were to marry. He was excited, happy, and nervous all at the same time at the thought. He'd have to change up his room a little to suit some of Sailor's needs, the thought of being able to wake up to her by his side every day almost made him trip on the metal panels below him.

Meta Knight softened at the thought of Sailor on their wedding day. Her form dressed in a simple white dress with lace, white gloves covering her paws, and soft viel adorned with blue hydrangea. He could see her gentle face, cheeks colored from blush and not just from the makeup she'd wear on special occasions.  

He opened the door to his private quarters and entered. Meta Knight hummed as he began to remove his mask and cape, folding his cape and sitting it on his desk and laying the signature mask on his bedside table. Opening the dresser he pulled out a blue striped nightcap and adorned it before getting under the luxurious sheets and comforter. Just as he was about to drift off something hit him.

Kirby .

He felt around on his bedside table, grabbed his small black flip-phone and turned on the bedside lamp. Turning it on he was already met with a notification from her. He went ahead and responded.

KIRBY - "hey!!!! sooo did it go well?!? ^^" [8:55PM]

Meta Knight - "Good evening, Kirby. Forgive me for my late response. Yes, it went well. Sailor will be accompanying me to Kawasaki's tomorrow. Thank you for your suggestion. Have a good night." [10:53PM]

As Meta Knight was about to hold the power button to shut it off, his phone vibrated.

KIRBY - "YAAAAHH!!!! good! good job meta!!! heheh me and dede will be there as well!!! what time are you guys going to be there??" [10:54PM]

Meta Knight clenched his phone and huffed as he eyed the monochromatic green screen.

Meta Knight - "Thank you. But, If I may ask, what do you mean? Kirby, I did not plan for a double date." [10:55PM]

Meta Knight - "I do not mean to come off as sour, but if you mean for me to bring her so you may gawk at us... I will have to respectfully decline your suggestion." [10:55PM]

KIRBY - "AH?! nononono!!! absolutely no!! that's not  the mean reason I even suggested it. dedede was going to take me there and i thought 'ooooh maybe meta might like this' so i suggested it!!! i promeise me an' dedede will be sitting in a booth in the faaaaaaarrrrr back!!" [10:58PM]

Meta Knight - "It's "promise" and "main"...Understood. I can see that as being acceptable. I apologize for the accusation. At this point, I do not even think Sailor would want me to choose another place. Ha. Ha. :]" [11:00PM]

Meta Knight reached over to the glass of water next to him, taking a small sip as he focused on the three little dots moving. He began typing anyways, answering the puffball's question on their arrival.

Meta Knight - "Me and her will be arriving around 5:35 PM, tomorrow if the weather permits." [11:02PM]

KIRBY - "please do not "Ha. Ha." ever again. it is creepy meta. and GOOD!!! at most we might greet you but that will be it!! after all i'll be too busy talkin with dededeee amd eating on dededes wallet to talk X>" [11:04PM]

KIRBY - "im watching ppptv with dede its gonna be sunny all day tomorrow!" [11:05PM]

Meta Knight - "Wait, you are with King Dedede? I see, tell him that we'll be arriving at the time aforementioned." [11:06]

KIRBY - "MHM!! m' all snuggled in his lap in his stupidly biiiig robe. i want him to pet my head but he said no and that it is weird but still it is very comfy!!!" [11:08]

Meta Knight - "I see." [11:08]

Meta Knight - "Wait. Kirby. You did not tell King Dedede of my plans, correct?" [11:09PM]

KIRBY - "Meta Knight..." [11:10PM]

Meta Knight - "Nova, Kirby I ask of you one thing." [11:10PM]

KIRBY -  "I am so so sorry. :'>" [11:11PM]

Meta Knight choked a little, gripping his phone tightly in annoyance. He was miffed but wasn't too surprised, it was near impossible to get that pink puffball to keep even the smallest of secrets. It was then that he received a call from Kirby. Meta Knight, against everything in his being telling him not too, he answered it. He was met with King Dedede's deafening boisterous laughter, along with small playful whines from Kirby telling him to stop.

"Gyahahah! Meta Knight ya' son of a' gun! Now I owe B-Dee a sack o' coins!" Meta Knight held the phone out away from him as he heard more loud cackling from his friend.

Meta Knight, holding back a rather colorful curse, hung up before he sunk into the sheets with a huff. To help himself sleep he decided to go back to fantasizing about Sailor in a wedding dress.

It worked .

Chapter Text

"Sailor? Sailor, are you ready?" Meta Knight called as he gently knocked. It was already 5:25 and it was about time to leave for their date. Meta Knight couldn't help that he felt a bit anxious to get started.

There was a small sound of fumbling and containers closing, then a loud thump. Meta Knight would have opened the door out of concern if he hadn't heard the muffled 'I'm fine' and then more shuffling. After a few moments of silence the door finally opened revealing Sailor.

Sailor lightly chuckled and did a twirl on the tips of her toe. She had adorned herself with a large sun-hat with a baby blue bow tied at the band, a bit of ribbon flowed behind her. She had powdered her cheeks with a soft blush, giving it a peach tone. She giggled, noticing Meta Knight's lingering stare. "Do I look nice, sir?"

"Y-yes'm, you look lovely" Meta Knight stuttered, face growing red behind his mask.

"Well you do too!" Sailor laughed.

Meta Knight looked down on himself, turning to the right to give her a better look. After  4 hours of decision making and a long call with Kirby for advice he decided to play it simple, swapping out his usual armored attire for a graphic tee that Sailor had given to him a year or so ago and layering a dark brown leather jacket over it. He swapped out his sabatons for some simple black boots. He even decided to leave his sword locked tightly in it's chest. It was to look casual...

At least that's what Kirby had suggested.

He was more acclimated to sword fighting but he still could throw more than a good punch if needed.

"Gosh! You look so so cool, Meta!" Sailor fawned as she moved around him, taking starry-eyed ganders of him at different angles. "Ah! You even wore the shirt I got you!"

"Of course! It's very comfortable." Meta Knight said with a warm smile. It was a gift from her so he'd treasure it...even if the shirt's image was a bit corny for his tastes. 

"We should probably get going if we want good seats... I mean, it's not a movie or anything! However, uhm, I figured we'd sit at the bar seats. It'll allow you to order faster I assume."

"Oh, I see! Very smart, sir! Let's go then!" 

With a small skip Sailor grabbed Meta Knight's hand and with that they both made their way down the many halls, lifts and stairs before exiting the ship. It was a bit of long trek exiting the Halberd's base of operations, Meta Knight didn't mind too much as it gave them time to chat with Sailor as they walked down the dirt path to the restaurant.

Hands in his pocket, he gripped the small velvet box he'd bought this morning. It contained their two stars securely. He spent half an hour trying to tie the blue ribbon on into a bow and it still didn't look right. 

Tonight was the night.

Finally they had arrived, Meta Knight let out a soft chuckle as he heard Sailor's small awe of excitement.  He could hear lots of laughing and idle chatter from within. He pushed aside the wooden sliding doors and let Sailor through first.

"Ey! Eey', Meta Knight!" he heard a boisterous voice called over as soon as he entered. Turning to his left he was met with King Dedede and Kirby sitting at a booth. Before Meta Knight could give a polite nod and continue on his way, Sailor giggled and piped up before him.

"Ah! Evening Your Highness, Kirby, how are you all?" she gleamed.

Dedede grinned as Kirby greedily reached for her plate and mug, "Awh, we're doin' mighty fine an' all! An' how bout' you Lil' Miss?" 

"Very well, in fact, Sir Meta Knight is taking me on a date!" she motioned towards the Puffball idly standing behind her.

"Well aint' that somethin' so am I!" he laughed as he pointed a thumb towards the pink Puffball who was currently occupied shoving as many fried mackerel filets down her throat as physically possible and socially acceptable. King Dedede put a finger to his cheek. "Y'know what'd be fun? We could make this a doub-"

"Absolutely not!" both puffballs exclaimed, agitation leaking into their voices, Kirby giving a sharp jab into Dedede's shoulder and Meta Knight stepping forward in front of Sailor protectively.

Meta Knight pulled Sailor closer, eliciting a squeak of surprise from the Waddle Dee, "After all, you both look like you're having fun... we wouldn't want to intrude." he huffed.

"Yeah, and remember ya' said this our night Dedede..." KIrby added with an equally sharp huff as she began to subtly grip Dedede closer to her protectively, pressing her cheek against his arm. 

King Dedede gave an abashed laugh at the sudden realization, "Ah! My bad, my bad! Maybe next time?"

"That...That doesn't sound too bad." Meta Knight nodded in agreement. "I will have to keep that in mind, you two have a nice date..."

"You too, and good luck!" Kirby grinned with a wink.

Meta Knight simply responded with a thumbs up before motioning for Sailor to follow, swallowing his bubbling annoyance with the pushy king. 

When they finally sat down at the bar seating Sailor chuckled abashedly, "I'm sorry, I got all excited..."

Meta Knight put up his hands defensively "Oh, no, no... It is quite alright. Er, Dedede can be like that, a bit boisterous... the idea of a double date does not sound that bad!" he forced a laugh in an attempt to clear the tension. 

"No, no! It's my bad, Sir. I hadn't realized you were a bit focused on our date... Gosh, I got a bit carried away..."

"As I said, I did get a bit huffy back there so it is not 'your bad'." Meta Knight inisited

"Even so..." Sailor said quietly 

"Sailor, it is fine. Please relax, okay?" Meta Knight soothed, as he placed a gloved hand on her paw. 

Sailor gave a hesitant nod before returning to looking around the bar, taking in the simple decor to relax. Posters featuring various dishes and drinks littered the wooden slatted walls. It was loud with various chatter and the small establishment was filled with various delectable smells.

"Thank you for cominー Oh, Sir Meta Knight!" Chef Kawasaki greeted "What can I get you for tonight?"

Meta Knight gave a polite nod before motioning towards the Waddle Dee next to him, too enraptured with a poster showcasing fried butterfly shrimp to notice. Kawasaki jolted, quickly giving several apologetic bows to Sailor Dee.

"It's fine, it's fine!" she chuckled, fixing her hat a little.

Kawasaki took out a notepad. "Alright, now what can I get you both for tonight?"

Sailor clapped excitedly, "An ounce mug of beer, a large seafood bowl, grilled tuna, and... a fried shrimp platterー Oh, and a small bowl of braised scallops!"  

Sailor turned to Meta Knight who simply gave her a nod, it was hard to tell but she could tell he was smiling under the steel mask. 

Meta Knight calmly raised his hand, "Rice wine, please. For me, I will have the fried squid, buckwheat noodles and grilled mackerel."

The orange chef cocked his head to the side "Do you want more than one bottle?"

"No thank you, just one."

"Got it, it'll be right out in a moment!" Kawasaki gleamed as he began to head back into his kitchen.

Sailor rested her cheek on one of her paws, "You ordered so little, that's a bit of a surprise!"

"Well, I figured I would start off simple. I am glad you plan to eat well though." he chuckled. 

"Of course! Gosh, it's not like I get to eat like this all the time... It might not be good for my waistline but I will enjoy myself tonight."

"Hm? You needn't to worry about that. You look fine, a sign of eating well is a sign of a healthy looking body"

"I see! I'll make sure to eat well tonight if that's the case..."

"Good, good. ...I am a bit worried that you do not eat enough, so it makes me happy to hear that." 

"Heheh, I tend to get a bit distracted by my projects and work that I forget sometimes..."

As if on cue, Kawasaki came out to the bar table carrying a large wobbling tray. He greeted them both before cautiously beginning to set out Sailor's order. First an over-sized bowl, filled to the brim with slices of tuna, salmon, crab and octopus legs, clams, a small pile of scallops, and to top it off a bit of roe all of it on top of warm fluffy rice. Then there was a rectangular plate of crispy golden shimp, fried to Kawasaki's signature known perfection, placed next to it on the right. On the left was a small bowl of reddish brown scallops that were still steaming. 

Meta Knight gave a knowing smile, noticing Sailor's small line of drool.

Kawasaki finally sat the mug of beer down and sighed in relief. "That should be it, please enjoy!"

The cat-mouthed chef turned to Meta Knight and gave an apologetic smile "I apologize, your meal will be coming out in just a second."

"It is quite alright." Meta Knight assured as he absentmindedly eyed Sailor's food. It all looked so delicious. 

Bowing, he turned back around and hurried back into the kitchen.

"Should I wait...?" Sailor asked cautiously, despite this, she had already begun picking up the pair of sticks a mere few centimeters before digging it into the bowl..

Meta Knight laughed, amused by Sailor's excitement by the meal. Said laughter earned him a few glances and a small huff from Sailor. "Yes, you can eat dear." 

"Really!?" Sailor gleamed as she pulled the bowl closer to her, leaning it slightly towards her mouth. Meta Knight watched as she began to gleefully enjoy her meal. 

"Mmm! Isht's delicioush!" Sailor exclaimed warmly with puffed up cheeks, she was using her pair of sticks to quite literally shovel food into her mouth.

Meta Knight forgot that Sailor herself could be a bit of a glutton. He felt something warm well up inside him, it was cute to see her enjoy her food so much. Her cheeks were puffy like a hamster and there were the occasional grain of rice dotting her flushed cheeks.

He chuckled "Slow down, you might give yourself a stomach ache." 

"Mm? It's fine, it's fine!" Sailor laughed as gently placed the bowl back down. Surprisingly enough, a substantial amount had been eaten from the deluxe bowl of seafood. Sailor reached for her beer mug and took a few sips to wash down her meal. 

"If there's too much, I'll finish it for you" Meta Knight offered, taking note of the amount of what's left in the bowl and that's not even counting the other stuff that she'd ordered.

Sailor shook her head quickly, forming an 'x' with her paws “Absolutely not! Gosh, it's been such a long time since I've been able to eat seafood this fresh and flavorful so I want to savor every last bit of it."  

Sailor picked up her small bowl of braised scallops and ate one, she grinned both at Meta Knight small huff and the melt-in-your-mouth tenderness of the scallops "Sorry Mety, but your sly attempt of eating my food isn't going to work this time!"

"Hmph, it was but a suggestion!" Meta Knight replied with a small chuckle. 

"Your food Sir Meta Knight, I'm sorry it took me this long!" Kawasaki called out sheepishly, carrying a tray. With the expertise one would expect from running a restaurant for a long time Kawasaki quickly laid two small plates, grilled mackerel and dried squid respectively, and a bowl of noodles onto the counter before placing a small glass bottle and cup next to it. 

Meta Knight politely nodded as the chef left the two back to their talking.

He propped up his mask so that only his mouth was visible, grabbed his pair of sticks and cut into the grilled mackerel before taking a bite. Delicious as always, as clumsy as Kawasaki was, he was a fantastical cook.

"Another refill please!" Sailor exclaimed with a giggle!

Kawasaki, carrying a large beer bottle promptly began to refill her mug, "fourth refill for the madam,"

Wait, fourth? Meta Knight glanced over to see Sailor gently sway side to side, staring at her mug filling with the golden liquid with a smile. He took note of the blush forming on her face.

Meta Knight continued to eat, taking care to not catch any bones in his mouth.

"How's the food, Sir?" Sailor asked, eyeing his fish.

"Hm, it is divine. Goes well with rice wine." Meta Knight took a sip from the small ceramic cup. 

Sailor had finally finished her seafood bowl, braised scallops, and sliced tuna. Full and slightly drowsy, Sailor idly chewed on the crunchy shrimp. Even if it was no longer hot, the sweet and salty flavor was delightful to her taste buds. "Thank you again, I needed this..."

"Of course, you looked like you could use the small break. You work so hard." Meta Knight chuckled, bringing his bowl to his lips to drink the savory broth.

"You think so? Gosh, I'm glad to hear that..."

Sailor stared at her mug before taking a deep swig. 

"Sailor, do you not feel you work hard enough?" Meta Knight asked curiously, pouring himself another cup.

"Mmn, it's not that I feel I don't feel I don't work enough...I at least think I do?" Sailor's face went red. "I try my best of course!" 


She took another heavy drink, greedily lapping at the beer. "I mean, ah, compared to the others I feel I don't really, uh, do important things."

Meta Knight's face softened. "Sailor, do not say such things. You are an irreplaceable asset to the Halberd."

"Mmn, sure...even though I can't fight or anything like that."

"Sailor, while you may not posses combative skills, the skills you do have are important in their own right." Meta Knight chuckled "You are Captain Vul's right hand navigator, and the Meta-Knight's, and my, personal nurse." Meta Knight watched as she began to beam, her flushed cheeks warming up further. Whether it was from the alcohol, Meta Knight's compliment, or the coldness of the room, it was anyone's easy guess.

Sailor finished off her third glass, letting out a happy exhale. "Ehehe, thank you Meta means a lot!" 

"Nonsense Sailor, you are irreplaceable, especially to me..."

Sailor hiccuped, before grinning. "Awwh, don't get all sentimental on me! I can easily say the same!" 

Sailor waved her chubby little paw, calling over Kawasaki once more. Without saying anything, he began to refill her mug once more. "Now, let's have some fun!"

From then on, the two began to jovially talk over their drinks. The couple went through a myriad of topics, from the Halberd's latest advancements to sweets they both quite enjoyed. As they talked Meta Knight felt around in his leather jacket, a small velvet box meeting his hand. It was a gentle reminder for his true intentions for tonight. He felt his heart race and an odd feeling rise in his stomach as he thumbed the box, he can do this. 

Meta Knight didn't know why he felt nervous, everything was going smoothly. Sailor was happy, well fed, and warmed with good drink. He had been waiting weeks in advance for this moment so there would be no backing out from some mere nerves. No matter how bad they may be. Perhaps it was the excitement from the idea of asking Sailor to join him in arms for a new life together, maybe it was fear. Thoughts of 'what if she refuses' or 'would I even be good husband material' and other such self-limiting thoughts slowly trickled into his mind. 

He huffed, he would not allow such thoughts to cloud his thoughts, especially in front of Sailor no less. Sailor was his one and only, no one in this wide universe of stars and dreams could come close. He liked Sailor and Sailor liked him, what was there to worry about.

He needed to calm his senses, and the drink in his hand was a bit weak.

"Ah, excuse me. I'd like to order a pint too." Meta Knight called, earning a quick nod from Kawasaki who was currently serving a Waddle Doo.

"Eheh, that's the spirit Meta!" Sailor said with whimsy.

He took a look at Sailor, who beamed back at him and held up her mug to drink with gusto. She was practically glowing under the warm light...

Possibly buzzed too.

Meta Knight probably should have said something once she ordered her fifth refill and another bowl of braised scallops but he just couldn't say no when she asked him with her natural air of cuteness. He simply turned to refilling his cup with the now diminishing bottle of rice wine before taking a drink, he sighed. Even so, he didn't want to have his plans fall apart before they've even begun.

"Sailor, I know you are enjoying yourself but try to put a limit on the...drinks if you will"

"Oh, gosh! I'm sorry, Sir! Eheheh, I was getting carried away, huh?" She snickered, taking a small sheepish sip from her mug.

"Mmn, I wouldn't go that far. I would just rather not have to carry you home, and I have a little surprise for you after we finish here." he chuckled, taking a mug filled to the brim from Kawasaki with one hand. The chef promptly took away the plates littering their area at the bar stand.

"Surprise? Ahah, that sounds very nice!" she put a paw to her cheek and tilted her head "Is it a necklace?" Sailor guessed.

Meta Knight took a few sips, enjoying the small bit of warmth that was slowly spreading within him. "No, much better than that..." At least Meta Knight hoped what was in his pocket and the words accompanying it were better than a necklace.

"Oh, now I really can't wait! Gosh, I guess I'll have to get you something even better in return!"

"No, no, no, there is no need for that!" Meta Knight sputtered, face growing red under the mask. "Your company is more than enough! You needn't spend on me, Sailor."

"Awh, I haven't gotten a chance to repay you for the anniversary gifts you given me... I treasure that necklace you gave me so much, Meta Knight. I want to be able to give you something that'll let you do the same!"

"Even so, it is expected so you needn't do the same for me. That, and you already do so much for me, Sailor."

Sailor hummed in thought, swirling her mug before taking a sip. "Mm, how about a scarf? It's getting colder, right? Eheh...I can make you one, it's not as fancy as the things you've gifted me but it'll be very fluffy, soft and useful!" 

"A-ah, that sounds nice..." Meta Knight mumbled as he stared down at his own drink. A scarf made by her sounded delightful, he could already imagine it. Knowing Sailor, it'd be baby blue with a white insignia patch sewn on. While a pearl necklace was nice, and cost him a pretty penny, such a thing could never come close to something handmade. He felt a bit ashamed that he hadn't thought of something as good as that.

Sailor slammed her mug down, laughing heartily. "Well then it's decided! Gosh, I'll finally be able to return the favor! I'll make you the best scarf you've ever seen, Meta!"

"I do not doubt it." Meta Knight laughed.

The blue puffball took a deep swig, clearing the rest of the alcohol from the glass mug. He gently sat it down on the counter. He pulled out his phone, flipped it open to check the time. It was getting late, and he already received a text from Kirby. Taking a glance at Sailor, who was currently looking at a poster depicting various fishes found on Aquarius, Meta Knight decided to check the message.

KIRBY - heeeyyyy me an deeddede are gonna heada on out!s i havea ate myu fill and finaannced kawasaaki for the next thraewe months!!!!!!!! [07:24PM]
KIRBY -  my paws aree so asslippery, probs the oil is the cauuse!!! [07:24PM]
KIRBY - AH! gooidd luuck with the praoposal you have thiss in the bag cuz you and sailor are like aaaalready married in a way so it like you twoa are just going official! is weird is not? [07:26PM]

Meta Knight looked around the small establishment, truth be told, Dedede and Kirby were no longer there. The only remnants of them having been here was the mountains of plates, bowls and glass mugs at the long abandoned booth. Meta Knight sighed and squinted at the incoherent text.

Meta Knight - I see, you two left quite the heap. As long as you paid, I guess. [07:29PM]
Meta Knight - Considering the raised incoherence in your writing, I assume you (and possibly His Highness, King Dedede.) are intoxicated. I hope the both of you get home safely without causing too much trouble. [07:31PM]
Meta Knight -  Ah,Thank you Kirby, me and Sailor are about to leave the premises as well. I will report to you how it goes in the morning. Have a good and safe night. [07:33PM]

"Meta Knight, what'cha looking at?" Sailor poked the Knight, rousing him out of his focus. 
Meta Knight quickly snapped the phone shut. "Nothing, I was simply checking the time. I apparently received a text from Kirby as well."

"Oh, from Kirby? What'd she say?"

"Nothing of importance, she had left with Dedede and wanted to wish me a good-night." Meta Knight decided to leave out the part in which Kirby was possibly piss-drunk.

"Ahah, I see. She's so nice, although I'm still a bit wary of her."

"As am I, as am I." Meta Knight sighed, resting himself against the bar counter surface. "Sailor, are you ready to leave, it's getting late is it not?"

Sailor perked up. If they left that'd mean the surprise he had in store would happen. The Waddle Dee nodded with excitement, already swinging herself off the little stool. "Mhm! Let's go, I'm ready Meta Knight!"

Meta Knight pulled out a solid 65 dee-bills, laying them on the counter before using a mug to pin the notes to the counter. "Kawasaki, we're leaving, payment is on the counter. Thank you for the food and drink!" Meta Knight called out. The orange cat-lipped chef came waddling out with a smile, he took the money and placed it within his pouch.

"Thank you Sir Meta Knight, please come back and dine any time! I'm honored to have been able to serve you!" Kawasaki flattered back.

Meta Knight gave a curt nod and began to stroll out, Sailor following close behind.

Sailor shivered as the cold air hit her, even so she continued to walk alongside Meta Knight. They had long since left Kawasaki's restaurant and were now strolling along the beach, enjoying the soft noises of the tide. It was evening, and the moon illuminated the sands beautifully.

"Sailor, dear, are you chilly?" Meta Knight asked quietly.

"Not really, I'm fine Sir. It's beautiful tonight isn't it?"

With gruff noise, Meta Knight removed his jacket in one sweeping motion before quickly wrapping it around Sailor. Sailor let out a small squeak as the jacket, already warm from Meta Knight's body heat, was placed onto her back like a cape. She shoved her paws through the arm holes, taking a small sense of delight at how big it was, leaving her with somewhat floppy sleeves.

Meta Knight smiled, even with the mask on Sailor could tell he was blushing. "There. Better?"

"Mhm! Thanks, Meta Knight!” Sailor Dee chirped. 

Both of them continued to stroll in comfortable silence, enjoying each-other's company. Meta Knight slowly inched closer to Sailor, lightly brushing his hand against hers before gently holding it. Sailor's breath hitched ever so slightly before falling back into her usual soft breathing. Sailor gently swung his arm back and forth rhythmically and softly hummed. Meta Knight closed his eyes as he walked taking it all in, it was wonderful if he could, he’d capture this moment and live in it forever. Suddenly, Sailor let go of Meta Knight's hand and sprung forward with a sound of excitement.

"Meta Knight, look!" Sailor exclaimed back.

Meta Knight quickly followed behind, feeling a smile tug at his lips. Sailor was crouching in the glittering white sands, looking back at Meta Knight and was holding up a soft blue seashell. He laughed, as he got closer, sitting down in the sand himself. 

Sailor looked at it and then back at Meta Knight, she placed the shell into his open hand. "It's pretty, isn't it?"

"Yes...yes it is." Meta Knight murmured as he thumbed the ridges of the blue seashell, it shimmered in the moonlight.

"Have it, I insist!"

"Oh, no, no, no. I know how much you like to collect these Sailor. I could not do such a thing."

"Hahah, I appreciate it but it reminds me of you...I want you to have it. It's so have it!"

"I see..." Meta Knight hummed as he stared at the shell, he put it into his shirt's chest pocket. "Thank you Sailor..."

"Hey, Meta Knight?"


"Can you take off your mask, I want to see you..."

Meta Knight shuffled for a moment, taking a quick look around to make sure nobody could see. "Sure, dear."

Meta Knight reached for the clasp of his mask's strap, carefully clicking on it, and removing the metal veil. He blinked his eyes a couple of times, adjusting his eyes to the new lighting. Without the protective visor, everything was a tad brighter. The puffball looked at Sailor and gave her a shy grin, even after all these years he was still somewhat bashful to show her his face. "It is off..."

Meta Knight took note of Sailor's bright red cheeks, which in turn, caused him to fluster ever so slightly as well. Sailor reached out with a tentative paw and caressed his cheek. 

"A-ah, Sailor..."

Sailor leaned closer, carefully inching herself to Meta Knight. 

"S-Sailor, wait!"

Sailor pulled back, giving him a questioning look and tilted her head to the side. "W-what's wrong Sir? Did I do something wrong..."

Meta Knight feverishly shook his head, putting up his hands defensively. "No, no, no! Absolutely not, there's just, uh, something Iー No, we need to do."

Without another word, he reached closer to Sailor and reached into the jacket pocket's fishing around until he felt the velvet box. He quickly pulled it out.

"Sailor, stand up if you please."

Sailor stared at him, and then at the box. She stood up, paws pressed against her cheeks and eyes wide.


Meta Knight chuckled, he got into a proper kneeling position. "Sailor Waddle Dee, I love you. Not enough words could properly describe my love, respect and adoration for you. You are the hardest worker on the ship, going above and beyond and while not versered in physicalities, you are one of the smartest people I know. You're friendly, warm, generous, kind, and more words I can't even begin to think of. I truly know that I can rely on you for anything."

Sailor felt tears begin to well in her large hazel eyes.

"As such, I want to be able to protect you. I want to repay you tenfold, in any way I can. My body is your shield, your sword, and your armor. For the many years that you've healed my wounds, inside and out, for the times you have lended your shoulder for my sake, for the times we have talked together, held each other and more I cherish them dearly and wouldn't trade them over my life. I wish to and will be a person that you can rely on the same. I want you to be able to confide into me as I have done to you, no matter the problem."

Meta Knight took a deep breath, and popped open the box revealing the two twinkling stars. In the nighttime the pair of stars glew with a bright aura casting colored light on the both of them.

"I wish to be with you, to protect and to serve you for as long as you live. I truly mean it, I swear in my life that every word I say is the truth. For the 16 years I have known you, I love you Sailor Waddle Dee and you are one of the brightest stars in my life, please allow me the honor of being your husband." 

Meta Knight opened his eyes and was met with Sailor whose eyes were wide with fat tears dripping down her plump cheeks. The Waddle Dee began to cry loudly, forcing herself against Meta Knight. Meta Knight quickly closed the small box, as the Waddle Dee planted herself against his body tentatively resting a hand against her back.

"Oh! Meta Knight!!!"

Meta Knight stumbled backwards a little, was she happy or upset? This wasn't the reaction he expected, he'd expect Sailor to excitedly say yes but not bawl her eyes out. "S-sailor, what's wrong? Please speak to me!"

Sailor slowly pulled her head away from Meta Knight, looking up at him with a small tear dripping down her cheek. "I-I'm sorry, I just, I feel so happy...I only dreamed of something like this happening. Yes, my answer is yes!"

Meta Knight felt a bubbly warmth well into him, like he was a shaken soda can ready to blow. Sailor had said yes, she had accepted his proposal. Without thinking he pulled her into a deep bear-like hug, wrapping his arms around her and squeezing her closely to him and swaying side to side. Uncharacteristically, Meta Knight began to laugh, a rumbling joyous one as happy tears began to fall from his eyes. He was so so happy. He would be able to start a life together with the woman he loved, and he would cherish every second of it.

Meta Knight pulled back, staring deeply into Sailor's eyes. He laughed once more, and began to plant kisses on her right check. 

"Oh, I love you Sailor! I love you so much!"