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Knightly Proposal

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Meta Knight let out a sigh of relief as he removed the heavy armor on his shoulders, unclasping the small leather straps he let them fall to the floor with a large clang. The pressure on his shoulders were quickly relieved as he began to work up a gentle massage against the joints with his paws.

" That's better... " he yawned as evening drowsiness kicked in.

After having to precisely swing his sword around Kirby's small dome of a house for several hours to kill a single insect his arms were very sore. So was his head, mostly from Kirby's screaming .

He looked over to his large oak desk, his cape folded neatly with the box of his bonding stars placed neatly on top. He felt a small bit of giddiness bubble up within him when he gazed upon it, he truly couldn't wait for tomorrow.

He wondered how she'd react, maybe she'd jump into his arms and hug him tightly. Meta Knight smiled at the thought as he made his way over to his desk and picked up the box, undoing the ribbon and removing the cover he pulled out the silk pouch.

Pulling out the cushioned chair, he got himself comfortable and scooted forward.

Meta Knight opened the drawstring and pulled out the two stars, gently placing them onto the smooth surface of the desk. They weren't fragile by any means but he'd hate to have scuff them if he wasn't careful. He picked up Sailor's star and held it up against the desk light, gazing at the reflected light scattering across his desk with delight. The sparkling mix of baby blue and peach colored light was a marvel to look at.

He smiled as he turned the glittering star around to see it from different angles against the light bulb. Even with his thick cotton gloves it felt warm to the touch.


"Maybe, I should get a case?" Meta Knight thought aloud. Handing her a fancied up cardboard box felt kind of cheap to him. He wanted everything to be the very best for her, always genuine. After all, he knew she would do the same in a heartbeat. She deserved to be luxuriously spoiled.

Sailor's generosity and selflessness was an endless ocean.

Meta Knight leaned back and sighed, maybe it was a quirk of their relationship or just natural in Sailor's personality of always needing to help and work but she could be too giving to him. Way too giving that it felt one-sided at times. He wasn't a selfish lover by no means, it was just that anytime he he did try to reciprocate the same kind of overwhelming care she'd happily give to him it always caught her off guard and caused her to fluster and stutter excuses as to why it was 'odd' or how she 'didn't deserve it' or it was 'too much'. While her flustered expression was cute, it would worry the knight at times.

On their first anniversary he'd gone out of his way to book a fancy sea-side restaurant on Planet Moisten, and had bought her an expensive hat that he'd seen Sailor eye occasionally in the market place when on their weekend walks. She nearly cried on the spot out of joy. To this day, the hat is kept in a locked box full of other keepsakes. 

The year after that he bought her a lovely pearl and clam necklace for their 2nd anniversary. He hadn't seen it worn once , but he does know she polishes every other night before sitting it out on a little stand on her dresser.

When he did ask why she could be so jittery with affection, she flushed and averted her gaze mumbling that she wasn't ' used to such a large amount of attention, especially from you Sir ' which would be understandable if it weren't for the fact that they've been dating for three years. It wasn't bad as before but it was still a noticeable quirk to him.

He huffed, Meta Knight wanted her to relax around him. He wanted to see that content dreamy face as she would snuggle up to him when it was particularly cold on the ship, or when they'd jovially talk late into the night while going over cargo reports, coffee in hand and the low volume of the radio filling the background.

Perhaps... was it the fact that they were dating?


He knew that he was nervous and clammy at the start of their relationship, always worried about what to say or do and how to say and do it. He also knew Sailor could be a tight-wound bundle of nerves at times so maybe it was taking time for her to adjust to their new dynamic. Going from subordinate and commander to girlfriend and boyfriend .


Meta Knight rubbed his temples in thought. Nova, she even still addressed him as ' Sir ' even. Sailor had been working on the Halberd for 16 years, joining when she was one year above the minimum requirement to join. Having a promising amount of knowledge in seafaring, first aid and nursing, route management, and cartography. Skills, while relating to the sea, could be very useful when managing a ship. Sailor was now 35, somewhat sheltered by her job on the Halberd so it wasn't too surprising that things like romance weren't exactly common knowledge to her. I mean, neither was it to him .

Meta Knight's mind continued to traverse down memory lane. He could remember the first time he felt that spark for her. He was much younger, wilder and brash. It was a year or two since the Halberd crashed thanks to Kirby thwarting his plans for invasion. Sailor had to have been 22, maybe 24?

She was definitely younger, that's for sure.

It was right after coming back from one of his adventures, he was stressed about something but couldn't remember what it was for the life of him. He was covered in a manner of scratches, bruises, cuts and more. It was one of his usual ' blow off steam ' training expeditions.

He was shambling to his room to prepare to patch his sore body up until he ran into Sailor. Who at the sight of seeing all the wounds and scratches dotting his body, completely freaked out and tried to get him to come with her to the med-bay. Despite his fervent protests she dragged him by the hand to the med-bay with a stubborn passion like no other. When they finally had arrived she had him seated on one of the beige cots.

" I w-won't look at your face, nor will I do anything you d-don't want... I just want to make you're a-alright... " she gently soothed as she fumbled around for a first aid kit.

At the time, Meta Knight didn't really know Sailor all that much beyond the few details about her recruitment. It was, odd so to speak, back then most of his crew kept to themselves and wouldn't dare butting their heads into Meta Knight's business either out of respect or fear. Then here was Sailor, not even a part of the Meta-Knights yet and who Meta Knight barely even knew, determined to patch up his wounds with such kind and gentle care and wouldn't take no for an answer.

In fact, while patching him up she inadvertently scolded him for his lack of care for his own body.

Eventually this became a common occurrence. He would come back from an adventure and Sailor would be quick to patch him up. During these ordeals as Sailor would quietly wrap bandage after bandage, dab cotton ball after cotton ball and apply sparkly bandied after sparkly band-aid they eventually began to talk with each other about a manner of things.  Being with her in the med-bay, having calm relaxing small talk...It made his heart feel funny for the first time.

From then on, Meta Knight began to try and get to know her more and by proxy his crew.

Meta Knight glanced at the metal wall clock, and cursed. It was quite late and Sailor would be preparing herself for bed soon.

With a strained grunt he got out of his chair, pushing it in. He quickly and carefully put the two little stars back into the pouch and the pouch back into its box before putting it into his desk drawer. After locking it to make sure it was secure he adorned his mask and cape.

He quickly left the room, briskly walking down the metal hall. Most of his crew would be returning to their rooms for their downtime around this time so it was dark and quiet. As he walked he could hear the distinct cursing and laughing of Mace, Trident and Ax. They were most likely drinking, playing cards, and gambling candy he presumed as he passed by. He'd join but he was on a mission.

Meta Knight made a sharp turn and a few more paces were at Sailor's room. He gently knocked on the metal door that had been decorated with ropes arranged in small patterns and a wooden name tag.

"You may enter!" A small voice from behind the door.

Meta Knight gently opened the door, stepping in with a smile. "Evening darling, how're you?"

Sailor blushed before turning around from her worktable. Over her pink nightcap she had tiny black headphones on that were connected to a large radio multi-communication device on the birch bench. Several maps had been rolled out across her work table along with a manner of pens, markers and pencils laid out.

The Waddle Dee blushed at the nickname. "I'm doing fine, Sir! What about you? I knew you took the day off to go into town. Did you get to meet any of your friends?" Sailor giggled before turning around in her swivel chair, turning another knob carefully.

Meta Knight scanned the scene before him. He chuckled, " seem rather busy..."

"A little! Actually, I'm just about finishing up! So go ahead, I don't mind at all."

"I see..." Meta Knight stepped closer to Sailor, leaning over her shoulder.

"What might you be working on, Sailor?" he asked warmly.

Sailor looked up back at Meta Knight "Ah? This? Well, it's one of the transmission devices to a new communication device that Vul, Spear and I have been working on! Not only is it strong enough to connect to the surrounding hangar buildings and all rooms on the " her eyes sparkled in excitement and she shook a little "But it's also able to connect 3O , out of orbit!" 

Meta Knight nodded in acknowledgement, he wasn't knowledgeable in such technology but he was happy to see her passion. "Ah, I see. So it is able to allow our operation to have a wider reach of communication, eh?"

Sailor nodded rapidly, almost causing her nightcap to fall off. "That's correct! Gosh, I'm so excited Mety! We're able to establish communications with a military base on Planet Mekkai, that's six planets away! Six whole planets!" to punctuate her excitement she pointed to a map rolled out on her desk. In red marker, several lines have made from planet with frequencies jot down under them. "Thanks to the calculated launches of the reception antennas we're able to get such a fast improvement. Right now, I'm just looking around for what connections we can get with the ones we've launched." she gleamed.

Meta Knight nodded, becoming more relaxed being exposed to Sailor's cheerfulness. Meta Knight watched as she slid off the headphones and turned off the device. She turned around once more and cocked her head to the side. "Oh, my! Excuse my rambling, was there something you wanted to ask me, Sir?"

"No, no, it is quite alright. I love hearing you explain such things, I am not well versed on the technological aspects of the Halberd so it is greatly appreciated..." He averted his gaze ever so slightly "Not to mention, it is very cute to see." he grinned.

Sailor leaned closer "Hehe, really? I'd think it's a bit boring..."

"Nonsense, it's informative!"

"I-I see! Thank you, Sir!" Sailor Dee giggled.

Meta Knight suddenly remembered what he came here for. "Sailor, do you have anything important to do tomorrow afternoon? Meta Knight asked, he prayed in earnest that she'd be free.

"Mmmm, no I don't think so! Why? Is there something special you want to do?" Sailor asked with grin

"Date. I figured we'd go on one. It has been a while, no?"

Sailor hopped out of her chair, getting close to Meta Knight and looking up at him excitedly. "Really?! It has, it has! I'd love to go out on a nice date with you. Where are we going?"

Meta Knight smiled wide and chuckled at her excitement, it was practically infectious.

"Well, it's not exactly a fancy restaurant..."

"Oh, Sir! You know I don't mind about things like that, if it's with you I'm happy..."

Meta Knight blushed at the comment. "Well, I decided on a nice place...Kawasaki's establishment. That's good?"

"Yup! I like his food quite a lot, always a nice choice of seafood."

"That's the thing..."

Sailor cupped her chubby cheeks with her paws in worry. "Oh my! Don't tell me he's stopped making his seafood, I love his crab bowls..."

Meta Knight had to physically will himself not to laugh. "No, no, nothing like that. In fact, it is the opposite. See, I met Kirby today while I was...running some errands."

"What's with the pause, Sir?"

"Don't worry about it."

"Got it!" She squeaked happily 

He quirked an eyebrow at her quick response before continuing. "I had met Kirby and she had told me that Kawasaki has a bit of an overstock of seafood, to get rid of excess he's been hosting seafood nights. Some sort of promotion, I guess. If I remember correctly... Beer is half off and so is most, if not all, of his seafood dishes. Right, and he'll make any seafood dish you have in mind on request."

Meta Knight cleared his throat. "So, after hearing that...I thought you would like to go. We'll go, we'll sit down and unwind, enjoy a nice meal or two, and end it with a nice walk along the beach nearby..."

Unbeknownst to the puffball, Sailor had begun to drool at the thought of being able to to eat plenty of seafood and drink to her heart's content.


She jolted " Wha!? Ahm, yes! I wanna go, that sounds like a lot of fun!" her bright grin turned to confusion "Should I wear something nice?"

"Uhm, if you want?" Meta Knight answered with an equal amount of confusion.

Her smile returned with a newfound determination "Alright! I'll make sure to wear something nice. You too, alright?"

"Of course, I will... so it's a date? We'll leave at say 5:35?" Meta Knight chuckled, as he removed his mask.

"Yes! I can't wait."

Without saying a word Meta Knight leaned down, gently cupping her chin and giving her a soft peck on her cheek. He noticed Sailor's breath hitched and a slight shudder from her body, it always filled him with a sense of glee when he could get the naval Waddle Dee flushed from these moments of intimacy, small as they may be.

"Y-you should'a told me you w-were, ah, going to do that ..." she huffed, her cheeks ablaze.

"Hmm, I guess I could have...but I sometimes like surprising you."

"Heheh, I see Mety..."

"There will be more surprises to come too, my pearl." Meta Knight stated with a smirk, reaching for his mask.


Just as Meta Knight was reaching towards the mask placed on to Sailor's worktable he was suddenly caught off guard and frozen in place as Sailor reached up and planted a kiss on his mouth, putting both of her paws onto his shoulders to steady herself.

She pulled away and smirked a little herself.

" Me too.. ." she purred, watching as Meta Knight started flush fuchsia himself as he quickly scrambled for his mask.

Sailor let out one of her signature soft and sweet giggles before pulling back, adjusting her nightcap, and returned her attention back to the messy bench. She began to collect the many pens, markers and pencils into the little blue cup in the corner of the wooden work table before starting to roll up the large map.

She let out a tiny yawn as she felt around for a rubber band in the drawer below. "It's getting late Sir, you want to join me here for tonight?"

"Hmm, I would love to but I have a call to make before bed."

"Oh? I see, rest well and have good dreams Mety!"

Meta Knight made his way to her door, before turning around to face her. "You rest well yourself, dear."

Meta Knight heard a flustered sound of agreement as he closed the door.


Did he just call her 'dear'?

Meta Knight resisted the urge to bash his face into the metal wall in front of him out of embarrassment. Either way, it was a success and now he was officially on the road to proposing to her. He clenched his fists in victory as a wave of giddiness took over.

As he made his way down the now silent halls, only lit by the small metal lanterns above, he ruminated on the upcoming changes that would take place if they were to marry. He was excited, happy, and nervous all at the same time at the thought. He'd have to change up his room a little to suit some of Sailor's needs, the thought of being able to wake up to her by his side every day almost made him trip on the metal panels below him.

Meta Knight softened at the thought of Sailor on their wedding day. Her form dressed in a simple white dress with lace, white gloves covering her paws, and soft viel adorned with blue hydrangea. He could see her gentle face, cheeks colored from blush and not just from the makeup she'd wear on special occasions.  

He opened the door to his private quarters and entered. Meta Knight hummed as he began to remove his mask and cape, folding his cape and sitting it on his desk and laying the signature mask on his bedside table. Opening the dresser he pulled out a blue striped nightcap and adorned it before getting under the luxurious sheets and comforter. Just as he was about to drift off something hit him.

Kirby .

He felt around on his bedside table, grabbed his small black flip-phone and turned on the bedside lamp. Turning it on he was already met with a notification from her. He went ahead and responded.

KIRBY - "hey!!!! sooo did it go well?!? ^^" [8:55PM]

Meta Knight - "Good evening, Kirby. Forgive me for my late response. Yes, it went well. Sailor will be accompanying me to Kawasaki's tomorrow. Thank you for your suggestion. Have a good night." [10:53PM]

As Meta Knight was about to hold the power button to shut it off, his phone vibrated.

KIRBY - "YAAAAHH!!!! good! good job meta!!! heheh me and dede will be there as well!!! what time are you guys going to be there??" [10:54PM]

Meta Knight clenched his phone and huffed as he eyed the monochromatic green screen.

Meta Knight - "Thank you. But, If I may ask, what do you mean? Kirby, I did not plan for a double date." [10:55PM]

Meta Knight - "I do not mean to come off as sour, but if you mean for me to bring her so you may gawk at us... I will have to respectfully decline your suggestion." [10:55PM]

KIRBY - "AH?! nononono!!! absolutely no!! that's not  the mean reason I even suggested it. dedede was going to take me there and i thought 'ooooh maybe meta might like this' so i suggested it!!! i promeise me an' dedede will be sitting in a booth in the faaaaaaarrrrr back!!" [10:58PM]

Meta Knight - "It's "promise" and "main"...Understood. I can see that as being acceptable. I apologize for the accusation. At this point, I do not even think Sailor would want me to choose another place. Ha. Ha. :]" [11:00PM]

Meta Knight reached over to the glass of water next to him, taking a small sip as he focused on the three little dots moving. He began typing anyways, answering the puffball's question on their arrival.

Meta Knight - "Me and her will be arriving around 5:35 PM, tomorrow if the weather permits." [11:02PM]

KIRBY - "please do not "Ha. Ha." ever again. it is creepy meta. and GOOD!!! at most we might greet you but that will be it!! after all i'll be too busy talkin with dededeee amd eating on dededes wallet to talk X>" [11:04PM]

KIRBY - "im watching ppptv with dede its gonna be sunny all day tomorrow!" [11:05PM]

Meta Knight - "Wait, you are with King Dedede? I see, tell him that we'll be arriving at the time aforementioned." [11:06]

KIRBY - "MHM!! m' all snuggled in his lap in his stupidly biiiig robe. i want him to pet my head but he said no and that it is weird but still it is very comfy!!!" [11:08]

Meta Knight - "I see." [11:08]

Meta Knight - "Wait. Kirby. You did not tell King Dedede of my plans, correct?" [11:09PM]

KIRBY - "Meta Knight..." [11:10PM]

Meta Knight - "Nova, Kirby I ask of you one thing." [11:10PM]

KIRBY -  "I am so so sorry. :'>" [11:11PM]

Meta Knight choked a little, gripping his phone tightly in annoyance. He was miffed but wasn't too surprised, it was near impossible to get that pink puffball to keep even the smallest of secrets. It was then that he received a call from Kirby. Meta Knight, against everything in his being telling him not too, he answered it. He was met with King Dedede's deafening boisterous laughter, along with small playful whines from Kirby telling him to stop.

"Gyahahah! Meta Knight ya' son of a' gun! Now I owe B-Dee a sack o' coins!" Meta Knight held the phone out away from him as he heard more loud cackling from his friend.

Meta Knight, holding back a rather colorful curse, hung up before he sunk into the sheets with a huff. To help himself sleep he decided to go back to fantasizing about Sailor in a wedding dress.

It worked .