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Knightly Proposal

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   "See anything you like, Sir?" A pushy Waddle Doo leered at the blue knight.

"Yes. Though, I am just looking." Meta Knight answered curtly, he was a bit uncomfortable by the salesman. He looked at the glass display. Different stars shimmered and sparkled, each one having a different hue. They were no bigger than a quarter, some were even as small as a dime.

"Ahaha, I see, I see! Please take your time and don't hesitate to ask me for help! Honestly, I'd be honored to help someone of your status,  O' Great Knight" The Waddle Doo giggled as he wiped the display case in front of the knight.

"Mhm." Meta Knight mumbled as he ignored the flattery from the awestruck Waddle Doo, eyes scanning each glittering star. They looked like expensive candies.

Expensive? Yes. Candies? No.

Bonding stars were what they're called. Small glowing little stars of different colors that had a special property to bond with other stars to create a slightly bigger one. However, to achieve this effect they needed to be filled with the love from a bond between two people, after such a thing were to happen the bonded star would float high into the sky like a paper lantern.

It was truly magical.

Different colors had different meanings. Blues were usually associated with prosperity and resilience between lovers. Greens were used for promising good health and care for one another. Golds meant everlasting happiness and cherishing and so on.

Overtime, these stars became synonymous and used for engagements and weddings. Usually, the one proposing would buy the pair of stars. One that represented how they would treat and care for their lover and one that represented how they feel about and what their lover means to them.

Then one would give the one that represents their partner as a proposal and then bond and release theirs and the partners star at the wedding. Cementing their love for one another into the night sky for them and everyone else to see.

Meta Knight had already picked out his star. A lavender hued one with soft gold edging, similar to that of his pauldrons, and had the meaning of "to protect and cherish"

However, he was stumped on picking out Sailor's star. There were so many, with so many different meanings.

To him, no amount of words could describe how he felt about Sailor. A simple 'I love her' was an understatement to how he felt about her.

Meta Knight hummed in thought, walking towards another display counter.

Sailor, to him, was many things. She was a loyal and respectable comrade, one who was ready to help by any means necessary. She would spend all night going over blueprints, writing and taking inventory reports and all sorts of meticulous tasks with an excellent amount of dedication. She was resilient and dedicated to her craft and work, which to the hardened knight, was very admirable. To say she loved the ship was a bit of an understatement. After all, she hadn't dared to abandon it even when it was crashing down into the Secret Sea.

Years later, he still painfully regrets not going after her.

Sailor was also a great friend and his pillar of support. Meta Knight had plenty of friends. King Dedede was his best friend and fought alongside him a plenty of times and Kirby was always there to lift his spirits no matter the cost, there was Bandanna Dee who fought and trained tirelessly. However, he knew Sailor the longest and more intimately.

He felt comfortable around Sailor, even when exposing his vulnerabilities or woes she'd just listen carefully and calmly, ready to do whatever she could to help. She'd tend to his many wounds from the many upon many adventures he's been plenty of times, never taking 'no' for an answer. Meta Knight would sit in a clam silence with her as she applied, bandaged and cleaned him up with gentle care.

Meta Knight loved the Waddle Dee. He loved how Sailor could get so determined, so headstrong about her passions. He loved hearing her soft hums as she went about her duties. He loved her soft fur and how it felt against his paws. He loved how she was sweet and caring, she was. If he had to compare her to a sweet, it would be a marshmallow. She had her many flaws, but he loved her all the more for it. He. Loved. Her.

Meta Knight huffed in annoyance, his eyes darting from each star over and over. It was only until his eyes caught something beautiful that his annoyance melted into relief.

It was a baby blue star that faded into a light peach with little soft gold flecks at the edge. Truly something to marvel at.

"My lovely everything, I cherish." Meta Knight mouthed to himself what the colors symbolized.  It was perfect.

"Excuse me, Sir." Meta Knight motioned for the Waddle Doo over.

"Yes, Sir? You picked one out?" He giggled as he strode over.
His eye focused on the star in the case Meta Knight had a finger over. "That's a new one, just came in yesterday! I think it was one of the rare out of the bunch collected locally, Planet Aquarius." His eye closed in thought. "Nice shape, very soft. It's luster is a bit low, but it's color is vibrant!"

Meta Knight hummed in thought. "Price? I'm planning to use it for a proposal."

"OH? You're getting married? How nice, how nice! Who's the lucky receiver?" He leaned closer in excitement, eye grinning. "Is it that pink one, Kirby was it? Or maybe it's our Great King? I did hear there were rumors of you two being quite close and having plenty of rendevou-"

Meta Knight strained, taking a step back before cutting his gossip fueled rambling with a strained grumble. "Price. Please."

"Oh...oh my." The Waddle Doo gave a wary bow. "I'm so so so sorry! Please excuse my rudeness, I tend to get carried away with this kind of thing!"

Meta Knight didn't know how to react, he didn't do well with the hyperactive type.

"Ah, it's... It is fine." Meta mumbled, as he shuffled in place.

"It's uh, not either of them as much as citizens like to gossip about my personal affairs with the two." He gave the glass a light tap, pointing to the star that he'd set his eye on before this whole debacle.

"I'd like to purchase this one, it's perfect for her."

"Oh, yes, of course. It's 856 Dee-bills! I gave you a lil' discount, I mean, it's not every day that THE knight of Dreamland comes in here and for their own engagement no less. And with the star you're buying for yourself, the lavender gold one, your total would be 1,813 Dee-bills"

Meta Knight nearly choked on air. He knew it'd be a bit pricey when he was actually researching and reading about Popstar and Dreamland weddings, engagements, marital procedures. He shook his head. No price was too steep for her, he would spoil her as much as she did him. He pulled out a black leather wallet with his trademark insignia painted in gold.

He'd write this off as a business expense.

The Waddle Doo carefully lifted the glass lid, picking up the two stars with care before placing them in a small silk bag. He swiftly got back behind the counter, and quickly typed out something on the antique cash register. He then pulled out a slip of paper, writing the details of the two stars purchased and slipped them into the silk bag.

"Here." Meta Knight handed the Waddle Doo a small card.

"Thank you sir, do you want this in a box?" The Waddle Doo asked as he continued to ring the puffball up.

"That would be acceptable, yes."

The Waddle Doo nodded before reaching down and pulling out a red wine colored box and placed the silk pouch in it.

"Can you tie a ribbon on it? Blue please, if you have it." Meta Knight asked, shuffling a bit.

"Oh? Is that her favorite color? Of course I can!" He quickly pulled out some ribbon from the cupboard behind him, then proceeded to tie a neat bow.

He smiled "That would be it, thank you for doing business with us! Oh, and good luck with your proposal!"

Meta Knight gingerly took the box from the Waddle Dee and shoved the box into his cape. As he fiddled to get his wallet in order he chuckled "Thank you, I'll do my best..."

Meta Knight left the shop in a newfound invigoration.

He'd had one of the main components to his plan, the bond stars. He was almost there. An outsider wouldn't be able to see it but he was positively giddy with excitement under his steel mask. He walked with a bit of pep, hurrying along until he'd left the open air market.

Now he just needed to decide on how he should propose.

He was intently looking at the small filled with the two bonding stars. He slightly grinned as he gave it a little shake, hearing it's signature twinkling noise.

He had to make sure it was perfect.

"What's that?"


Meta Knight jumped back, his wings unfurling from his cape in shock. "K-Kirby?! Don't scare someone like that, it's rude!"

"You shoulda' looked where you were goin'." Kirby merely shrugged, her eyes moved to the box gripped in the knight's hand "What's that anyways, is it candy? Chocolate?"

"It is none of your business." Meta Knight huffed. He brought the box close to his chest as if he were a child protecting a beloved toy.

"Come on...!" Kirby mock whined, "It's okay if it's chocolate! Everyone has accepted, or knows, that you're a bonafide choco-holic." The pink puffball pressed her paws together as if she were praying "Meta, we will always accept you no matter the type of candy ya' like" suddenly Kirby's face went straight and she pointed "Unless it's nougat, that stuff is gross."

"I...see." Again, Meta Knight really didn't understand how to deal with the hyperactive type.

"Anyways, it is just a gift. Nothing more, nothing less"

"Ooh? I don't think it's anyone's birthday...or is it? Did I forget one of our friends' birthdays again?!" She huffed in annoyance. "It happened last month with Magolor, and he still won't let it go!"

"It's for..."


"It's for..."


Meta Knight sighed, putting a hand to his forehead bashfully. "It is for Sailor, just a small gift for her a-"

"Oh! So ya' finally going to propose to her? Guess Bandanna owes me 20 Dee-bills, huh?"

"W-what? How- do- how did you?!?"

"Mmm? I didn't." She grinned.

"Nova be damned." Meta Knight muttered.

"I'm a bit surprised though, I'd never take ya' for the marryin' type!"

Meta Knight sighed, to be completely honest neither did he. "Well, people tend to change as they grow... especially if it is influenced by others." 

"Aaah, now I see. Sailor's givin' ya' an ultimatum huh?" Kirby chuckled.

Meta Knight sputtered at the accusation "H-huh? Not even close! In fact, this was all a surprise!" He punctuated his statement by bringing out the red box and pushing it into the smaller puffball's face. "Sailor hadn't even thought about marriage until I brought it up and we've been dating for years, after all, she can be a bit... head in the clouds...."

"Airheaded, scatterbrained?"


"My bad, my bad!" The pink puffball held up her paws defensively. 

"So you're plannin' on confessin' to her, very nice!" Kirby put a paw to her cheek in thought and gave a small toothy grin "You with a waddle dee, eh? Dedede's goin' to freak!" 

"Absolutely not! I plan to keep this a secret, so listen here you puffy ball full of cheekiness and listen well. You tell anyone, I will piledrive the back end of my sword so far-"

"Nova! Meta, I got it, I got it!" Kirby whined. "That's not even how a piledrive works!" 

"Hmph, just a warning."

Kirby huffed, "I don't see what ya' so worried about, you two are basically married already."

A minute of silence passed.

"Anyways, can I see what ya' picked out?" Kirby asked with a newfound interest.

"Oh? Uh, sure."

Meta Knight carefully removed the top of the box and undid the silver silk pouch's drawstring, revealing the two glittering stars.

"Wow! They're cute, a very nice color choice."

"Hm, thanks... I hope she'll like it." 

"Psh, she will! Kirby exclaimed with delight as Meta Knight put the pouch and box back together before carefully putting the box back into his now-reformed cape.  He sighed in delight "I can only hope Kirby, I can only hope."

Kirby grinned, welcoming this new side to her usually cold friend greatly. "So, how do ya' plan to propose to her? I haven't talked with her much... or know much about her side' when Bandee tells me about her...think they're cousins or somethin'? It's weird, like all Waddle Dees know each other somehow in someway..."

"Cousins I think..." Meta Knight thought aloud as he idly strode next to Kirby. Meta Knight's face softened under the mask, imagining such a scene to himself. "Hmm...that I've yet to think about. I want to take her somewhere nice, probably have a meal... then a walk... then I'll ask her..."

Kirby hopped in excitement, placing a paw to her chin. "Ohh! Just remembered! Bandee told me she likes seafood!" She quickly got in front of Meta Knight, pointing a way towards the village. "Kawasaki got a huuuge shipment of shellfish! Crabs, prawns, cockles, oysters, squids, eels... his fried eels are delicious, so buttery...and then there's those lobster bowls, braised to perfection...melt in your mouth fatty fishes like tuna gril-"

"Kirby!" Meta Knight huffed.

"Right! Right!" Kirby hit the back of her head, abashed. "Anyways! What I'm sayin' is Kawasaki gots a huge shipment, really huge, shipment of seafood of all kinds from Misteen instead of his usual provider on Aquarius. He does seafood nights! There's a fun warm atmosphere, alcohol s' half off, and since he's got so much that he wants to get rid of before it all either rots or he has to put it into his freezer... Which apparently lessens the taste I guess? Oh! The prices for his usual seafood dishes he makes are reduced too!"

Kirby nodded to herself in pride "Not only that, he'll make stuff on request! I can say that I've definitely been helping reduce his stock quite a bit. He's doing one tomorrow, so you can take her there!"

Meta Knight blinked a few times, trying to take in the pink puffball's excited blathering. "I...see.

He thought for a moment. Kirby made a compelling offer, it did sound fun and he'd been there before for various occasions...but Kawasaki's establishment was more of a fluffed up bar. You could come in, get comfortable, grab a few drinks and a few snacks that pair well with your drinks. It was rare you could get a bit of privacy there, since the atmosphere encouraged others to talk with each other...and it worked. Not to mention the other problem.

Meta Knight's face cringed at the thought ever so slightly.

"I...don't know..." he muttered to himself.

Sailor would do and say everything to deny it but she loved alcohol, beer specifically. Especially if said beer came with nice accompanying snacks to go with it. She loved to drink, particularly after a substantial amount of hard work had been done, and she could. She could drink a lot. Sailor was always the one to suggest everyone go drinking after a new modification or remodeling project has been completed.

The problem wasn't her tolerance, it was just that she loved to drink.

Scarily, despite her size, she could easily out drink plenty of her crewmates as if it was water in her oversized mugs instead of alcohol. He had one time been challenged by the crew to a drinking contest against her. He still shudders at the thought. Sailor had come close to beating him, which coming close was a feat in itself. Himself being a puffball meant that his alcohol tolerance was amazingly high, so it was uncommon to get drunk.

Buzzed? Definitely. Tipsy? Sure. Red-faced piss drunk? A rare, rare, occurrence. That contest was one of those rare occurrences.

Somehow, that small woman of a Waddle Dee had managed to get to her 46th pint of beer before passing out. First falling out of the chair laughing after hearing one of Meta Knight's poorly structured and very slurred jokes, to which Meta Knight in his drunken state tried to grab her which led him to fall along with her. That had led the both of them to get into a fit of giggles and curses. Meta Knight, finding enough stability to weakly climb back up to the counter like a toddler grabbed her mug, causing several mugs to fall over and break in his wake, and downed it...before falling back over onto the floor on his back and laughing some more. This small move allowed him to go from 46 pints consumed to 47 pints.

While all of this happened the Meta-Knights could only look on in abstract and surreal horror before carrying the both of them to Meta Knight's private quarters and dumping the both of them on his own bed.

Meta Knight still believes had he not told that joke, she probably would've beat him.

He shook his head, even so. She always did have a soft spot for seafood, and seeing her happily indulge and eat always did warm his heart. He'd like to spoil her with her favorite foods at the very least on this date, and if what Kirby said was true then she'd definitely be elated at the options presented. Not to mention, Sailor preferred more simple pleasures. She never really responded well to showy things like jewelry as gifts or large bouquets. Such things always left her blushy and stuttering 'thank yous'

Meta Knight hummed in thought, taking a glance at Kirby. Perhaps she was right.

They could go a little bit late in the afternoon, when they arrive the sun will be setting but at least the restaurant is a little ways near one of Orange Ocean's beaches so when they leave it'll be in the evening and they can look at the glittering sands. Who said they couldn't dress a little nicer either, maybe he could break out one of his more interesting outfits to please her. He never got around to wearing that t-shirt Sailor gave him coming back from one of her trips on Mekkai to order parts.

The more he thought about it, the more Kirby's idea sounded appealing. She could always just tell her to restrain herself a little when they order drinks. 

"...M-meta?" Kirby asked, worry creeping in her voice.

"I'll DO IT!" he exclaimed, clutching his hand into a tight fist.

"Gah-! Don't do that!" Kirby whined.

Meta Knight looked back at the pink puffball in confusion.

"Ya' were silent...for like the last 10 minutes..."


"Yeah. Anyways, what're ya' goin' to do?" Kirby asked

Meta Knight nodded "I'll take her to Kawasaki's tomorrow, I'll send you more details later."

"How nice! I knew you'd find something, what was with the hesitation?"

"Erm...I'm a bit nervous you see?"

Technically, it wasn't a full lie. He was nervous about popping the question but he also was worried about choosing the right location.

Kirby chuckled, face turning into a smug grin. "Oh, Meta Knight! I'd figured as such, no need to worry. I got ya'!" Kirby gently patted Meta Knight on one of his pauldrons. "If you ever need advice, I got ya'!"

"...Thanks..." Meta Knight said slowly.

It was then that he suddenly took note that they had been walking this whole time. Somehow, he'd been led from going to the hangar to Kirby's dome.

"Since you're here, why don't ya' sit down and relax? I bought some tea..."

"Hm?" Meta Knight gave a questioning glance.

"There's a caterpillar stuck to my ceiling, please kill it. I beg of you." Kirby grimaced.

Meta Knight sighed, preparing his sword.