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Exchange student program gone wrong (at least for Lila and co.)

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“Did you hear? Our class is receiving three exchange students from Hope’s Peak Academy in Japan!” Alya’s excited voice carries throughout the classroom, prompting other students to jump into the conversation. From her desk, Marinette quietly listens in, intrigued by the statement but reluctant to join in due to a certain Italian girl’s presence.


“Dude, isn’t that the school that only accepts students with Ultimate-level talents?” Nino asks. “That’s sick!”


And of course, Lila has to butt in and make the conversation about her. Marinette sighs. “Well, I’m quite fluent in Japanese, so I’m sure I can make them feel welcome. You know, I actually received an invitation to attend that school during my time in Japan! But because I was always moving around the globe, I had to decline it.” Immediately, several other students latch onto her words and Marinette has to turn away before she throws up from the fakeness of it all.


“Oh my god, does she ever shut up?” At another table, Juleka Couffaine mutters the statement under her breath, though she’s ignored as usual.


Thankfully, Miss Bustier walks into the classroom a few minutes into Lila’s bragging, with three other girls trailing behind her. The first girl has two large twin drills on either side of her head and is wearing a fancy gothic-lolita-style dress. The second has light purple hair, with similarly colored eyes and clothing. Marinette can appreciate her dedication to the aesthetic, at least. The third wears a noticeably more displeased expression, with the longest hair Marinette had ever seen, the tips of it nearly brushing against the floor and worn in twintails.


“Alright class, as I’m sure you’ve all heard, we have three exchange students from Japan joining us this month!” Miss Bustier smiles. “Please make them feel welcome.”


“Well, Lila says she’s fluent in Japanese, so it won’t be a struggle!” Alya pipes up eagerly. At the intrigued looks from the exchange students, Lila giggles lightly and says, “I am! In fact, I was chosen to attend your school too!”


Is that so?” Purple Hair asks. 


Lila dons a fake apologetic expression. “I’m sorry, I’m not very good at Chinese.”


“That was Japanese.” Purple Hair deadpans. “Also, you were never selected for Hope’s Peak. I would know since my father is the headmaster there.”


As with every time she gets caught lying, Lila immediately bursts into tears. “I’m so sorry, that was my lying disease acting up again!” she sobs. “I can’t control it.” The three girls exchange skeptical glances and Marinette rolls her eyes.


“Now, now, class, let’s not argue. Why don’t the three of you start by introducing yourselves?” Miss Bustier suggests, like the absolute doormat she is. 


Do we introduce ourselves with our surnames first or is it the other way around?” Twintails asks.


Other way around,” Purple Hair answers.


“I suppose I shall start. My name is Celestia Ludenberg, though you may just call me Celeste. I am the Ultimate Gambler,” Gothic Loli says politely, doing a small curtsey. “And before you ask, yes, I am indeed Japanese, though my name may not sound like it.”


“Kyoko Kirigiri. Ultimate Detective,” Purple Hair says bluntly. “Celeste and I are dating, so don’t try to flirt with either of us, thanks.”


All eyes are on Twintails now, who crosses her arms over her chest. “Maki Harukawa.”


“What’s your Ultimate talent thing?” Kim shouts from across the class, backed up by Alix a moment later.


“Kim, please don’t yell in class,” Miss Bustier scolds lightly.


Maki shifts slightly. “I’m the Ultimate Assassin.”


There’s a short period of silence before Lila ‘timidly’ speaks up. “I-Is it safe to have an Ultimate Assassin in the class?”


In response, Celeste smiles sweetly at her, then says, “Kindly fuck off, you lying bitch. Please don’t talk about my daughter like that.”


And obviously, Lila chooses to focus on one specific part of the sentence instead of being, you know, a respectful human being. “Daughter? Aren’t you both a bit young to know-”


“Well, aside from the fact that it’s none of your fucking business, she’s obviously not our biological daughter, like anyone with basic common sense would be able to tell. God, I hate you already and I haven’t even known you for five fucking minutes, you goddamn piece of shit.” Celeste replies in the same polite tone of voice. Kyoko squeezes her hand.


“Anyways, I hope you settle in well,” Miss Bustier says cheerily, oblivious to the situation at hand. “Marinette, as the class rep, you’ll take charge of them, won’t you?”


Marinette frowns, unhappy with the responsibility being forced onto her yet again. “All three of them? Isn’t that a bit much?”


Miss Bustier smiles patronizingly. “Marinette, you’re the class rep,” she chides gently. “You should take responsibility-”


“Actually, Bustier-sensei, I agree with Marinette-san. You wouldn’t want her to fall behind in her studies, would you?” Celeste cuts in. Her smile is poisonous as she says, “After all, that’s not what a good teacher would do.”


Miss Bustier blinks, obviously stunned by the turn of conversation. “Y-Yes, of course. In that case, Lila-”


“Once again, I apologize for interrupting, though you don’t deserve any apologies, you absolute fucking doormat. But I believe it would be better if we could choose our companions, for ease of mind. You understand, don’t you?” 


“I suppose it would be alright,” Miss Bustier relents. Celeste smiles triumphantly and beside her, Kyoko sighs, shaking her head lightly.


“In that case, the boy with the red hair and the purple-haired girl, would you mind? At least the two of you don’t look like complete idiots.” Nathaniel and Juleka both jump, obviously not expecting to be chosen. 


“Sure?” Juleka squeaks out, with Nathaniel following suit. 


“Wonderful!” Miss Bustier’s smile returns and she beams widely. “If that’s settled, then the six of you can sit at the back together! Marinette, dear, would you mind getting some more tables?-”


“She doesn’t need to. I already got them,” Maki speaks up, opening the door to reveal three more desks and benches. 


“Are you sure you can-” Miss Bustier is cut off once more by Maki, who effortlessly lifts a table with one hand, marching to the back and setting it down with a thump. Kim whistles appreciatively. “A-Alright then…”




“It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, Marinette-san,” Celeste smiles, bowing to the designer, who bows back. Luckily, Kagami had taught her the basics of Japanese etiquette during one of their outings together. It looks like that was coming in handy. 


“Same to you, Celeste-san,” Marinette says politely. “And you can just call me Marinette.”


“Ah, of course. In that case, please address me as Celeste.”


Beside them, Juleka and Maki are sitting in awkward silence, with the former fidgeting nervously in her seat. 


“What’s your name?” Maki asks bluntly.


“J-Juleka. Juleka Couffaine.”


Maki nods. “Nice to meet you, Couffaine-san.” They sit in more awkward silence until Maki speaks up again.


“You know, your hair looks like my brother’s.”


“You have a brother?”


“Yup. Two, actually. And a sister. The one I was talking about is Kokichi, the little gremlin. Then there’s Nagisa, my other brother, and Kotoko, my sister. I’m the oldest.”


“I have a brother too, but he’s older than me.”


Maki gives Juleka a half-smile. “That’s nice.”




“So you’re an artist?” Kyoko asks.


“Yeah. I write comics along with my boyfriend, Marc. He’s in another class,” Nathaniel responds.


“Interesting. Maki has a classmate who’s the Ultimate Artist. Maybe I could introduce you two.”


“Would you really? That would be amazing!”






Classes pass uneventfully up until lunch, when the rest of Marinette’s classmates decide to strike. 


“So I was thinking, we could go to the cafeteria first to get some food, and then-”


“Hey, guys! Why don’t the three of you come and sit with us today?” Alya interrupts Marinette, pushing her aside to talk to the exchange students.


“You mean with you and the girl who claims she has a lying disease?” Kyoko asks skeptically.


Lila plasters on a pitiful expression. “I know we got off on the wrong foot, but I was hoping to clear up any misunderstandings! I have several illnesses, including a lying disease that makes me lie uncontrollably. I hope you understand.”


“There’s no such thing as a lying disease. The closest you can get is pathological lying disorder, in which a person’s lies have no benefit to themselves. However, this is clearly not the case for Lila, as the lie she told was created to impress you all, proving that she is fully aware of the consequences of her lies,” Kyoko informs them. It would be impressive enough that she can apparently recite all this information at the drop of a hat, but from the expressions on Celeste’s and Maki’s faces, this appears to be something that happens quite often. Ultimate Detective indeed.


“Girl, I get that you three are new here, but there’s no reason to be so hostile towards Lila! She’s sick!” Alya frowns, wrapping a hand around said liar.


And I’m sick and tired of all your bullshit,” Maki mutters in the background, though only Juleka hears.


Celeste smiles patronizingly at the two of them, like a parent reasoning with a particularly dense child. “We have a schoolmate who is dying from stage 3 malignant lymphoma and frontotemporal lobe dementia, and he doesn’t act even half as entitled as you are right now.”


Marinette blinks. What the fuck.  


“Ugh. whatever. If you’re going to be so mean to poor Lila, maybe we shouldn’t sit together after all,” Alya huffs and sweeps Lila away.


“You were saying, Marinette?” Celeste smiles and turns back to her as if nothing had happened. Marinette blinks again. “What the fuck,” she repeats out loud. Celeste just laughs.




Lila seethes. She’d ditched the idiot reporter as soon as they were out of the classroom, saying she needed to go to the bathroom. Now standing in front of the sink, she glares at her reflection.


It’s clear that the stupid exchange students don’t believe her lies. Well, fine. She’ll try one more time since she was oh-so-nice, but if they still refuse to bow to her...Well, they can get the same treatment as Mari-brat.


She cackles evilly to herself, oblivious to the creeped-out stares she gets from the other students who just want to use the bathroom, goddamnit.




“So you didn’t believe Rossi’s lies, she threatened you, framed you for stuff, got you expelled, got you re-enrolled for some reason, and then turned the whole class against you?” Maki summarises.


“Basically,” Marinette sighs, slumping against the table.


“We don’t believe Lila,” Nathaniel offers, gesturing to himself and Juleka. 


Marinette gives them a tired smile. “I know. Thanks, guys.”


“For the record, the three of us don’t either. Honestly, that Lila girl is pathetic. I was a better liar at three years old than she will ever be,” Celeste says, rolling her eyes.


“Why is that something to be proud of- never mind, I don’t want to know.”


“I’m a gambler, dear. It’s quite self-explanatory.”


“Well, with her actions so far, it would be quite easy for me to collect evidence against her to convince your classmates that she’s lying. In fact, she would likely also face some severe consequences for bullying, stealing, destruction of property, breaking and entering, suicide baiting, etcetera,” Kyoko says, her voice nothing short of professional.


“Really?” Marinette sits up abruptly. “You would do that for me? Why? And how do you even know I’m telling the truth?”


“My girlfriend is a professional gambler, and I’m a detective. It’s quite easy for me to tell when someone is lying. As for your previous question, I can tell that you’re suffering because of her. Also, all three of us already hate that lying bitch.


“And we have nothing better to do,” Celeste adds.


“Fair enough. What was that last part?”


“...Nothing you need to know.”




I am not teaching her how to cuss in Japanese. Just look at her face. She’s too pure for this.




“Hey, Maki! Is it true that you’re-” Maki cuts Kim off with a glare so fierce that the entire group immediately recoils in fear.


“If you had even the slightest knowledge of Japanese etiquette, you would know that you only call a person by their first name if you’re close to them, or if they explicitly tell you to. And I don’t remember allowing any of you to call me by mine. So you will either address me as ‘Harukawa-san’ or ‘Harukawa’ unless I tell you otherwise. God, even five-year-olds have better manners than you lot.”


Appropriately cowed, Kim and Alix slink off with their tails beneath their legs, completely forgetting about their question. Celeste smiles smugly.




[Chat: Operation Take Lie-la Down]


-Celestia created a new chat-


-Celestia added Kyoko and 4 others-


-Celestia changed the chat name to ‘Operation Take Lie-la Down’-


Celestia: The purpose of this chat is quite obvious so please don’t ask


Marinette: Hey, there are some other people who want to help outside of class, can I add them?


Celestia: Go ahead


-Marinette added Marc and 3 others-


Kagami: Marinette?


Marinette: This is Kagami. She’s also Japanese btw :)


Celestia: Is that so?


Kagami: Indeed, though my mother chose to move to Paris for work reasons


Kagami: My name is Kagami Tsurugi, though you may address me as Kagami


Celestia: Pleased to meet you, Kagami-san. I am Celestia Ludenberg, but address me as Celeste


Maki: Maki Harukawa


Kyoko: Kyoko Kirigiri


Celestia: Don’t worry about them, they take a while to warm up to strangers


Kagami: I understand. I, too, used to be like that


Marc: hi nath <3


Nathaniel: hey <3


Marinette: Wow, rude


Marc: hi to u too, mari


Marinette: Just realized I don’t have Luka’s number lol


Juleka: i’ll add him


Marinette: Thanks, Juleka :)


-Juleka added Luka-


Luka: hey guys


Aurore: Hey! Just got back from dance practice, sorry! :(


Marinette: No worries! Do you know where Mirielle is?


Aurore: Shes busy rn, but she says shell check in later


Marinette: Alright


Celestia: Don’t worry, we are not doing anything of great importance right now. I simply created the chat in preparation for future use. In the meantime, carry your phones everywhere, especially in school, in case you get the chance to record evidence. If you do manage to catch anything, send it here and Kyoko will add it to her folder


Kyoko: I already have a significant amount of evidence to disprove Rossi’s lies, including her medical information, which, to absolutely no one’s surprise, is empty, except for a singular case of pneumonia when she was 11


Aurore: O_o


Marinette: That’s incredible!


Juleka: i feel like i should be worried


Celestia: Unless your name starts with L and ends with ila Rossi, you do not need to worry :)


Marinette: That smile is sending chills down my spine


Celestia: :))))))))


Nathaniel: pls stop thats terrifying




“Can I talk to the three of you? Privately?” Lila stands in front of Celeste’s desk, wearing a smile so fake she could practically taste the artificial flavoring.


Marinette shoots the gambler a worried look, but Celeste simply smiles and waves her off, turning to face Lila. “Of course. Marinette, would you be a dear and wait for us outside?”


Though she still looks worried, Marinette obeys, hurrying out of the classroom as quickly as possible. Maki crosses her arms, glaring at Lila with burning red eyes. Despite herself, the liar flinches slightly, which makes Maki smirk internally.


“So I know we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot-”


“Twice,” Celeste points out helpfully. Lila silently grits her teeth, forging on determinedly. “-but I wanted to maybe have the chance to talk it out with you, without Marinette.”


Kyoko and Maki both raise an eyebrow skeptically, somehow perfectly in sync despite not looking at each other. “Why does Marinette’s presence matter so much?” Kyoko questions.


Immediately, Lila’s eyes well up with big crocodile tears, rolling down her cheeks as she sobs, “W-Well, you see, M-Marinette’s been bullying me! And she’s been spreading all these awful rumors that I’m a liar, a-and-”


“Drop the act, Rossi. We don’t need Marinette to tell us that you’re lying when anyone with half a brain cell can figure it out for themselves. Scratch that. Even someone with a quarter of a brain cell could tell that the words you spew are absolute fucking bullshit,” Maki deadpans.


Lila’s tears disappear in an instant, her face contorted into a scowl. “Well, I tried. And now, you can either be obedient little subjects and keep quiet, or I can ruin your life like I did to Mari-brat,” she hisses.


Celeste smiles condescendingly at her. “I’d like to see you try,” she says, her voice as sugary and saccharine-sweet as syrup. The three exchange students turn and exit the classroom, leaving Lila alone in stunned silence. 


The school building echoes with her scream of rage.




[Chat: Operation Take Lie-la Down]


Celestia: Good news, we got a recording of Lila trying to threaten us


Maki: Key word being trying. She’s not as intimidating as she thinks, lol


Juleka: harukawa is way more terrifying


Aurore: Seconded


Marc: thirded


Nathaniel: fourthed


Mirielle: fifthed


Luka: well, i’ve never met the three of them yet, so i can’t say


Marinette: We could meet up at my place to like, hang out if you want


Celestia: I do not mind


Luka: sure


Juleka: (simp)


Luka: (shush)


Kyoko: I meant to ask, but what’s the deal with Agreste? You did mention that he knows Rossi is lying, but he isn’t in the chat


Luka: that’s because adrien is such a passive little shit, he told marinette to not do anything about lila and ‘take the high road’


Maki: That is fucked up


Celestia: He would faint if he saw our school chats


Maki: Lmao yeah


Juleka: why?


Maki: We have quite literally murdered a man in revenge before and it probably won’t be the last time


Juleka: that’s so cool


Luka: our mom is a pirate btw, she taught us how to kill a man with a toothbrush when we were five


Marinette: She wHAT?????


Nathaniel: that explains so much


Juleka: wait, can’t you just like...kill lila?


Marinette: Juleka!!


Aurore: No, no, she has a point. Do continue


Maki: Technically yes


Maki: But it would draw attention to us since our arrival coincides with her death


Celestia: Death would be too good for her anyways


Juleka: i see


Marinette: Please, no murder


Maki: No promises




“Alright class, I will be passing out your quiz papers now. But before that, I need to address something,” Miss Bustier announces. “I received an anonymous tip-off that someone in the class stole an answer sheet and has it in their bag right now. Thus, I’ll be conducting a quick bag check.”


Marinette stiffens in her seat, shooting a glance at Lila, who is smirking. This can’t be good.


“Well, it looks like the anonymous tip-off was correct. Celeste, would you mind explaining why you have an answer sheet in your bag?”


Lila dramatically sniffs. “It’s just like Marinette, remember? She must be influencing them to do all these horrible things!”


Celeste rolls her eyes, standing to face Miss Bustier. “Bustier-sensei, with all due respect, not that you deserve any, this entire situation seems highly unlikely. As an exchange student, I will not be affected by my grades on a measly pop quiz. Not to mention, something like this has happened before, which makes it all the more suspicious. God, do all the teachers in this school lack brain cells??


Kyoko stands up beside her. “I suggest that you check the security cameras in the classroom, as I suspect that Celeste was likely framed for this,” she states calmly.


“I- our school doesn’t have security cameras,” Miss Bustier stammers out.


What kind of lousy school is this? Fujisaki would have a seizure if they knew!” Celeste sighs.


Nonetheless, Miss Bustier doesn’t punish them and wordlessly gives out the papers. Lila fumes.




“My bracelet!” Lila gasps overdramatically. “It’s gone!” 


Immediately, half the class clusters around Lila, who is loudly sobbing into her hands. “What does it look like? We can help you look for it!” Kim suggests. Max adjusts his glasses and asks, “Where did you last see it? There is a high possibility that it is still there.”


“I still had it before lunch! But when I came back to the classroom, it was gone!” Lila cries.


“Did you see anyone standing near your bag when you left?” Alya questions, rubbing Lila’s back soothingly. 


Lila sits up as if the thought had just crossed her mind, though she’s internally smirking with glee. They’re too easy. “I did! I-It was K-Kyoko…” She trails off, faking hurt and disbelief as the class turns to glare at said girl.


“Listen, I don’t know why you hate Lila so much, but stealing? That’s going too far,” Alya scolds, crossing her hands in front of her. 


“I found it!” Alix yells, swinging open Kyoko’s locker door. The glares on Kyoko intensify and Lila internally celebrates. “My bracelet!” she gasps, grabbing it from Alix.


“You better have a good explanation,” Alya warns.


“I was with Celeste and Maki for the entirety of lunch break, so I don’t see how I could have stolen it,” Kyoko responds bluntly. Alya scowls. “They could just be covering for you!” she snaps.


“We were with Lavillant. Are you calling her a liar too?” 


Rose nods along with Kyoko’s statement. “I was with them!” she confirms.


The class hesitates, uncertain now. “Well, maybe someone from the other class stole it. You know, as a prank?” Mylene suggests hesitantly.


There’s a murmur of agreement throughout the class and they drop the subject, instead choosing to talk about the latest season of a show several of them were watching. Lila grits her teeth.




[Chat: Operation Take Lie-la Down]


Nathaniel: nice job getting rose to be a witness


Marinette: Luckily she loves welcoming new students


Kyoko: Does your school really not have any cameras?


Marinette: Unfortunately


Celestia: The teachers are clearly more incompetent than I thought


Aurore: Yeah. The principal spends a lot of funding on his comics and figurines


Celestia: Kyoko?


Kyoko: Already on it


Maki: Lmao they don’t stand a chance


Marinette: Uh


Marinette: Chloe apparently heard about our plan to take Lila down and she wants in


Marinette: She even apologized for bullying me in the past and everything


Marinette: Should I add her?


Juleka: idk if she’s being sincere but more people on board would be useful


Kyoko: Add her


Marinette: Alright


-Marinette added Chloe-


Chloe: What’s up, losers


Marinette: Chloe, if you’re going to be here, you have to be nice


Chloe: Fine, whatever


Chloe: Anyways, what can I do?


Kyoko: I’ve already gotten my classmate to hack into Damocles’ computer, so that’s no longer a problem


Kyoko: However, I need some assistance in getting in contact with the school board. I doubt they will be very pleased with Damocles’ actions


Chloe: Done and done




“-Lila? Has anyone seen Lila?” Miss Bustier asks, looking up from her attendance sheet. There’s a bunch of muttering but everyone shakes their heads.


“I’m here!” As if waiting for her cue (which she probably was), Lila bursts into the classroom, clutching her arm tightly. There are several gasps of horror at what seems to be huge bruises scattered across Lila’s arms and legs.


“Lila, what happened?” Miss Bustier asks worriedly.


As usual, Lila bursts into tears. “I-I was attacked!” The class gathers around her, including the three exchange students. The minute Lila sees Maki, she immediately flinches back, her eyes wide with terror. “You attacked me!” she sobs.


“I mean, she is an assassin,” Kim points out.


“According to my calculations, there is an 87% chance that Harukawa would have attacked Lila,” Max says.


Celeste turns to face Lila, her face devoid of emotion. “If you’re accusing my daughter of attacking you, even though she was in the classroom the whole time, just because she’s an assassin, you better shut the fuck up, before I fucking kill you myself, you little bitch.”


“Celestia!” Miss Bustier scolds, but Celeste ignores her. “I suppose it is a good thing I called them over today so that I don’t need to dirty my hands with your filthy germs.”


“Who did you call?-”


Officer Roger steps into the class, flashing his badge. “I believe I was called here for a certain Miss Lila Rossi?” Behind him, a large group of parents follows along, including a certain Italian woman.


“M-Mama?” Lila’s face pales so rapidly, it’s a wonder that she even manages to stay on her feet.


“Oh, officer, have you come to do something about the group bullying her? They’ve made Lila very-”


“Actually, we’ve received reports about the things conducted by Miss Rossi and her friends, including the destruction of property, breaking and entering, and many other offenses,” Officer Roger states. 


“Oh, and Caline? You’re being fired.”




[Chat: Operation Take Lie-la Down]


Chloe: That was fucking awesome


Juleka: i feel a bit bad for rose, since she wasn’t as bad as the others


Marinette: Mylene and Ivan too


Celestia: Don’t bother. If they didn’t choose your side, they’re not worth it


Kyoko: By the way, we’ll be leaving tomorrow night


Mirielle: Awww, it was nice having you here!


Marinette: Yes, thank you all so much!!!


Celestia: It was no problem. They deserved it anyways


Marinette: Hey, why don’t we go on a picnic tomorrow afternoon, before you guys have to leave? Like a goodbye party


Luka: that sounds great


Kagami: I have nothing on, so I can attend as well


Celestia: That would be nice


Marinette: I’ll get my parents to make some pastries then!




“Marinette, I-” The chatter ceases at the appearance of Marinette’s old ‘friends’, including Alya and Adrien. The girl in question regards them with a cool expression. “If you’re here just to apologize and beg for my forgiveness, don’t bother. Though I hate her, Lila has shown me who my true friends are, and it isn’t you guys. Please leave.”


“But Mari-” Alya protests.


“Don’t call me that. Only my friends can call me Mari. And you were the ones who renounced our friendship, right?”


“Listen, Marinette,” Adrien steps in with a picture-perfect smile, but Celeste cuts him off. “She said leave. Or do we need to file a restraining order too?”


Faced with no other choice, the class leaves with their heads bowed, uncharacteristically quiet for once. Marinette smiles. “Thanks, guys.”


“Don’t worry about it. Anyways, we should eat the pastries before Maki devours them all.”


The assassin scowls, wiping her mouth free of crumbs. It comes off as oddly cute and endearing, despite her glare. 


“If you eat all the lemon tarts, I will fucking destroy you,” Chloe threatens.


“Shut up, Bourgeois.”






Celeste looked at the message from Chihiro and let a delighted grin overtake her face.




"Actually, I-" Lila's annoying voice was cut off when loud noises suddenly began emanating from her phone. 


"Lila, is" Alya asked, echoing every student's inner thoughts at that moment. 


"What? No, of course not!" The liar in question lunged for her phone, frantically trying to turn the noises off but failing. 


At the front, Miss Bustier frowned. "Lila, is there a problem?" 


"I think my phone is broken!" Lila exclaimed, now stuffing her phone under her textbooks to try and muffle the noise. 


"Oh dear. Maybe you could try to resolve the problem outside?" Miss Bustier suggested, prompting Lila to immediately run out of the classroom, leaving her very disturbed classmates behind. 


Celeste hid a smirk. 




"Hey, Lila, could you show me the photos you took while you were in America?" Mylene asked eagerly. 


"Of course!" Lila smiled, all sugary sweetness. "Here!" 


"Oh, thank you- What the fuck." 


"Huh?" Lila asked in confusion, frowning. Mylene wordlessly gestured to her phone. Lila and the other students leaned over to look at the screen. 


"What the  fuck , Lila?" Alix screeched, jumping away from the table immediately, rubbing her eyes in a futile attempt to remove that cursed sight from her brain. 


"Is that porn? Again?" A horrified Alya asked. "What? No! My phone must be broken again!" Lila screeched, swiping violently at her phone screen. 


She finally succeeded in turning her phone off and immediately threw it across the cafeteria, cursing up a storm. 


Watching her from behind a pillar, Celeste, Kyoko, and Maki were far too busy snickering at Lila's misfortune to notice the odd looks being thrown their way from other students present.




Finally, a drama-free class- LOL, just kidding! 


The school building echoed with the insanity-inducing sounds of...*drumroll noises* the  Nyan Cat song.  


Inside Miss Bustier's class, the students were going crazy, trying frantically to shut off the awful noises coming from Lila's phone. 


"Lila, if this is a prank, it's not very funny!" Miss Bustier yelled over the music. 


"I'm not doing anything!" Lila yelled back. 


Sitting at the back, the whole group of Nathaniel, Juleka, Marinette, Celeste, Kyoko, and Maki were practically rolling on the floor with laughter. Nathaniel had literal tears streaming from his eyes. 


"Tell Fujisaki-san they did an amazing job," Marinette managed to gasp through her laughter.


Sure, this may not have been as serious as a full-blown takedown, but  god  was it just as satisfying.