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Rocking around the Christmas Trees

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Advent Calendar - Tree Shopping

Bob Evans searching for their Christmas tree only to run into a handsome single father and his son

Evan "Buck" Buckley and Bobby Nash were celebrating their first Christmas together as partners, but lacking their third. They tried with women, when they realized it didn't work. Until then, they were gonna celebrate as a couple and the first thing they were doing was shopping for their Christmas tree.

Maddie, his sister, had reappeared not long ago, but she was too scarred from Christmas, and was currently staying with Athena Grant. Her husbands were after her, and she was safest in the house with not one, not two but three cops.

There was a bit of a chill in the Los Angeles night air, so Buck was wearing a jacket, while Bobby was wearing just a long sleeved shirt, hand intertwined with Buck's.

They had responded to a tree lot, after someone crashed into it, so the owners of it offered to let them choose their tree for free.

"What about this one?" Buck asked, pointing to a 6 foot tree, branches somewhat full. Bobby stops, cocking his head to the side, probably planning out how to decorate it in their house.

"Too short. Remember we have higher ceilings, baby. We are tall, we can reach higher. Plus can you imagine what it looks like in our windows." Buck nods, going to the end of the lot where there were taller trees when he hears a kid's voice.

"But Dad! We have to get this one!" he hears, turning the corner to reveal an exceptionally handsome man and an exceptionally cute kid.

"I know, mijo, but I don't start work and that's way too expensive. We have to look for something a bit smaller." The man says, kneeling down and looking at his kid with a sad smile.

"Mommy should help out, but she won't," he huffs, "Bruce didn't like me and Mommy still left."

Buck's heart broke at the sad tone the kid had, knowing exactly what it felt like to not feel loved. "But you know what's better? You and me, kid. Against the world."

"I hope you find your partners, Daddy." The kid says, getting a hair ruffle, noticing Buck standing there.

"Oh, are we in your way?" the man asks, when Bobby rounds the corner, running into Buck's back.

"No, no. I just heard a kid, and he just sounded cute. I didn't mean to eavesdrop," Buck rambles, feeling Bobby steady him. "I… we… uh...helped save the owner and he said we could get a tree for free, but maybe we could get it for you guys?"

His partner's hands squeezed his sides, getting a brilliant smile from the cutest kid. "Dad, can they? Please? We need it to be a good Christmas!"

"Oh, you're first responders?" the guy asked, sizing them up.

"Firefighters, actually. I'm Bobby and this is Buck, we are part of the 118 firehouse. And really it wouldn't be an issue. We can absolutely help you two out," Bobby says, when the man stands and holds out his hand.

"Eddie Diaz, I'm supposed to start at the 118 next week. Christopher here and I just moved here," Eddie says, shaking Buck and Bobby's hand, his eyes twinkling.

"Ah, Chief Wilson told me he assigned you to us. Sorry I wasn't there for your interview, but we had a long call. Former Army Medic, Silver Star recipient. Pretty impressive and a single dad to boot." Bobby says, when Christopher ambles up to them with his crutches.

"You're firefighters too? Awesome!" he says, smiling brightly.

"And we are going to be working with your dad!" Buck exclaims, kneeling down to his level. "Between you and me, someone had to keep Bobby here in check."

"Excuse me, I'm the captain. We got Eddie to keep you in check," Bobby retorts, getting laughs from the two Diazes. "So you want to take us up on our offer?"

"What about you two?" Eddie asks, his teeth biting his lip.

"Technically, we could get three trees, but the firehouse already has one. We can afford it, Buck invested his trust fund fairly well, so we can afford the one we want. And we both know what it's like to start over." Bobby says, smiling at Buck. "Why don't we get the trees and then maybe we can go get dinner. The owner can hold the trees for us until we are done?"

Eddie looks at his son, who just continues to smile. "Yeah, we can do that. Maybe this is the start of a beautiful relationship. What do you say kiddo? Wanna go eat with Bobby and Buck?"


"Well there we have it, the yays win. Why don't we choose our trees, and start this night right?" Eddie says, looking at the two men. "And probably a relationship."

"No harm in trying," Bobby says, kissing Buck on the cheek to go grab the owner.

"I think… Los Angeles may work out after all."