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New Beginnings

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Holding the cream-colored mug in his pale hands as he approached the wooden dining table, Yami slipped into his chair beside his smiling soon-to-be-husband Yugi and brought the cup to his lips, a sigh of contentment escaping as he gently placed the cup down and blinked his eyes slowly.

His head tilting to the side as something –more specifically a voice- continues to nag at the back of his mind, was he supposed to be listening to something…?

"So Yami, good plan or what?" Joey's voice from across the table snapped him out of the haze he'd slipped into, his violet eyes blinking slowly, his mind tries to draw on the conversation that he'd tuned out in favor of making tea and drew a blank.

"What?" He asked, blinking slowly once more as everyone stared at him blankly.

Everyone rolled their eyes in unison as Yami offered a shrug and leaned back against the wooden chair and popped his back.

"You weren't listening, were you?" Joey accused with a frown tugging at his lips, his arms crossing in front of his chest, his eyes narrowing in irritation.

"Sorry." Yami offered with a sheepish grin, his hands twisting his cup absently as Joey softly snorted and dropped his hands palm down on the wooden table, his lips twitching as he slowly leaned forward and narrowed his eyes again.

"We were talking about the plan. The Plan, Yami. The house plan?" Joey stated exasperatedly, his chin resting on the table now as Yami slowly arched a brow lazily.

"Oh yeah, good plan." He answered with a shrug of his shoulders, returning his attention to his slowly cooling tea; Joey's hand reached forward and pushed his head down before withdrawing and falling back on the table.

"Uh huh… Well, we're all going to start moving our things into the house so by the time you and Yugi have officially 'tied the knot' the house will be fully furnished and ready to go" Joey stated with a grin, his honey-brown eyes gleaming with excitement.

"We won't be there for the first night though" Ryou pointed out with a smile, his eyes focusing on his companion beside him as a soft snort escapes his lips.

"Yeah, we're letting you and Yugi get 'acquainted'" Bakura smirked, lowering his cup down and lacing his fingers together with an arched brow. Yami's eyes narrowed at him with mild agitation as Yugi laughs awkwardly beside him.

"You're so thoughtful" Yami replied sweetly, his eyes rolling as he takes another sip from his cup once again, hooking his foot under Yugi's chair he tugs and smiles when Yugi slides closer to him, he happily nuzzled into his neck and Yami heard him giggle lightly.

"Okay… well, now that's all settled and organized… we're going to get going" Joey said as he stood up, "Come on, guys" he gestured to the group with a wave of his hand, the others rose and made their way slowly towards the front doors, pausing to slip their shoes back on before exiting, Yami waiting patiently for them all to leave their cramped, small, apartment.

"I'm pretty excited" Yugi piped up after the door shut softly behind the group. "A nice big house, living in the countryside, our friends and of course finally being married to you" he expressed softly, lightly nudging Yami with his elbow, a smile on his lips as peaceful silence filled the apartment once more.

"Mm, I especially like the sound of the last part" Yami stated quietly with a smirk as he reached forward and pulled Yugi in for a brief kiss, Yami smiled warmly at him and took a moment to admire Yugi's beautiful amethyst eyes he loved so damn much.

Just three more weeks. Yami reminded himself softly, a grin tugging at his lips as he watched Yugi lazily stretch his arms over his head, his simple black shirt lifting to reveal a small expanse of pale skin, blinking and focusing his gaze on his tea again Yami willed his heart to stop it's sudden frantic beating.

"Whelp, I'm hungry" Yugi announced as he jumped up, his empty cup in his hands. "Want something?"

"No, I'm good" Yami watched Yugi walk away and disappear into the too-small-for-two-people at a time kitchen. "Actually Yugi, Can I have another tea please?"

"Okay~" he sang out.

Getting up and dragging his bare feet across the floor to the faded blue door frame of the kitchen and holding out his now empty, cold cream mug, Yami waited for Yugi to notice. Yugi snatched it up and put it on the laminated bench next to the boiling kettle. He tapped his fingers rhythmically on the bench humming a sweet little tune.

"You're adorable" Yami states with a small chuckle.

"I try" Yugi states with a smile, his gaze focusing on the stove once more.

"I know" Yami states teasingly, his arms crossing in front of his chest.

Yugi swung around with an expression of mock-offense on his face, the grin breaking the composure he was aiming for. "You're supposed to say, 'You don't need to, Yugi. You're just so perfect and wonderful and perfect all on your own'"

"I think you forgot adorable, Little One." Yami teased, Yugi pursed his lips, huffed, and turned around to pour the now boiling water into the mug.

"I'm just playing" Yami said, chuckling softly as he steps forward and wraps his arms over Yugi's shoulders with a smile on his lips.

"Mhm, whatever" he answered pouring the milk into Yami's tea. "Here" He states softly, carefully handing Yami his hot cream mug, he sighs in contentment and presses a kiss to Yugi's temple before stepping back and taking a sip and stepping out of the kitchen to lean against the doorframe.

"Thank you, Yugi. You're so perfect and wonderful. I'd die without your tea making abilities"

"I know you would" he grinned happily, turning towards the opposite counter and beginning to make his a sandwich.

"Yugi?" Yami asked after few moments of silence.

"Yeah?" Yugi asked curiously.

"I want to be married to you now, I'm tired of waiting" Yami stated childishly as he absently turns the mug in his hands, a frown on his lips as Yugi focused his bright amethyst eyes on his before focusing back on his sandwich.

"Me too" he sighed softly and placing his sandwich on a plate and gesturing with his hand towards the worn but comfortable light-blue couch.

"I love you" Yami said softly as he smiled and turned, heading towards the couch and plopping down with a long sigh, Yugi plopping down beside him and placing his plate on the wooden coffee table before reaching for the remote.

"I love you too" Yugi answered sincerely, his voice soft and sweet as a smile spreads across his lips, Yami's stomach tightens and for a moment he feels nauseous. Only Yugi could still do this to him, even after five years of being together, and only Yugi will be able to affect him this way. No matter how many years they spend with one another, it's one of the reasons why Yami loved him so much.