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Future Unbound

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Forks, Washington – Cullen Residence
Bella Swan

"You guys really didn't have to do this," I told them but I couldn't help but smile as I looked at Cullen's decorated living room.

It had been two weeks since the incident in Phoenix and I was feeling back to one hundred percent.

I guess Alice foresaw this because when I came over to the Cullen place, the whole place was decorated in my favorite colors, violet, and gold, with balloons, a cake, streamers, and a huge banner that read "Welcome to the Family" on it.

"We know we didn't have to," Esme told me with a large smile on her face. "We wanted to!"

"Yeah Bells," Emmett added on, also with a large smile on his face. "I mean, we all adore you and you're pretty damn neat. That's more than enough to make you family!"

I looked to Rosalie, who gave a faint nod in agreement but Jasper didn't even look at me. Instead, his eyes were locked on the ceiling, a confused look on his face.

I wonder what he was looking for…

It was then I noticed that Edward, Esme, and Carlisle weren't there. "Where are Edward, Alice, and Carlisle?"

"They let to feed a while ago but they should be back soon," Esme replied before she happened to see Jasper looking at the roof and smacked his stomach, which made him swat at her.

"Stop it…Something is amiss…" Jasper murmured.

"Like what?" Rosalie asked as she looked at Jasper, which also prompted Emmett to look at him as well.

"I don't know…" Jasper murmured before he glanced at the three vampires and asked "You guys don't sense it?"

The three shook their heads.

"We're back!" Carlisle's voice announced as he, Edward, and Alice entered the room with smile, although Alice looked distracted. Edward headed straight towards me to give me a hug, which I returned happily before I glanced at Alice in confusion.

"What's with her?" I asked Edward as he placed a kiss on my cheek.

"She's been acting weird for the last few minutes. Her mind is replying "Careless Whispers" so I can't read her thoughts," Edward replied with a small shrug. "Ah well, it's her business."

"Jasper has been weird too," I told him. "He's been staring at the ceiling for the past little bit."

Edward glanced at Jasper then narrowed his eyes. "And he has Achy Breaky Heart running on playback in his. He knows I hate that song."

It was then I noticed the small smirk on Jasper's face.

Such an ass move but I couldn't help but grin myself. Not everyone had a shield over their mind like mine so I guess they do what they must to hide their thoughts from my Edward.

"Hey dear," Carlisle said as Edward moved away so his father could give me a hug, which I returned tightly. "Like the surprise?"

"I love it," I gushed. "I usually don't like surprises like this but it means a lot to me that you guys want me in your family…I hope I live up to your expectations…"

"Don't be so down on yourself honey," Esme's voice said from behind me as she also gave me a hug, which made me jump but I instantly calmed down and relaxed. "You will do perfectly fine."

I smiled at the pair and said "Thank you."

"No need for-" Carlisle paused as Jasper let out an alarmed shout.

"Oh my god!" Alice exclaimed as she leaped away from the large, triple tower cage that had my name spelled on it.

"What? What is going on you weirdos?!" Emmett exclaimed and it was then I saw them all tense and look up at the ceiling.

Seconds later, a large crash was heard from upstairs and then the ceiling exploded, sending tons of debris on top of my delicious-looking cake.

Aww, I really wanted some.

But then I noticed a large orb slam down from the ceiling and through the ground into the basement, causing a large amount of smoke to billow around them.

Esme and Carlisle pushed me behind them and Edward stepped in front of me as all the vampires began to growl but then a look of confusion overcame them.

"Um…So it's not just me then that's confused as fuck?" Emmett asked as he relaxed.

I was surprised Esme let him get away with swearing but considering whatever the hell was going on, it had stunned her and Carlisle into silence.

"It's not just you," Rosalie said. "But the question is, how is that possible?"

"How is what possible?" I asked Edward, who had a blank expression on his face. "How is what possible? I asked louder but no one would respond. Finally, I scoffed and walked past the three vampires and glanced down into the hole…Only to feel Edward's arms slide around my waist protectively when I began to slip.

"Thanks, Edward," I said with a smile before I heard a groan come from the basement hole.

"Oh! I think I broke my ass," An unfamiliar female voice said, which made me look to Jasper, who had a look of shock on his face.

"Not that ass, that's my favorite thing," Another voice said, a male this time, which prompted a gasp from Alice.

"It can't be…" I heard Jasper whisper as he peered into the hole and shouted "Peter! Charlotte! What are guys doing here?!"

"Major what are you doing up there?" The male, I guess was Peter, asked in confusion.

"Major?" I asked Edward, who shook his head in response

"Why did you crash through my roof?" Jasper asked.

"Your roof?" the female, I assumed was Charlotte, asked in confusion.

"That really hurt mom…" Another unfamiliar female voice said with a groan, her voice was that of a pre-teen. I couldn't place it but it was very young.

I then heard Alice gasp and ask "Are you alright little one?" but I was looking at Alice and her mouth was wide open with shock.

She didn't speak.

"I'll be okay," The unfamiliar voice said. "Oh no! Leah's unconscious!"

"Leah…Oh no, wake up love. Wake up…" Alice's voice said with a hint of franticness that only Alice could give.

But who was Leah?

"Well Major, mind helping us up there then?" Peter's voice asked. "Be mighty neighborly of you."

Jasper opened his mouth to answer but then we all heard him say "Help you with what?" Jasper's voice said but when I looked to Jasper, he was across the hole, a gobsmacked look on his face.

"What the fuck…" Emmett murmured as he looked to Alice and Jasper then back at the hole in the floor.

"What the hell?" Peter's voice asked. "Major, have you been down here the whole time?"

I looked to Edward and he looked so stunned. I have never seen him look this way before. "W-What's going on?" I stammered.

"My aching head…" I paled.

That was my voice…

My voice was coming from the hole.

What the hell was going on?

"Bella, are you alright?" Jasper's voice asked with such tenderness, it took both me and our Jasper by surprise.

"I'm fine…Just a little banged up," I had replied and from my tone of voice, I knew it was true. "The shield…Aww damn it, it took all the energy I had to create that."

"Doing it mid-fall saved us, Bella, I'm proud of you," Jasper's voice replied and from the tone in his voice, I knew he meant it.

"Thanks…" My voice replied.

"Guys…I recognize this basement," Alice's voice began softly. "We're back in Forks…This was our home back then."

Back then?

"Holy fuck, we're back in Forks?!" The unfamiliar female voice asked. "Fuck yeah! Wait, Fuck no…."

I could see Jasper smirk at the response but he definitely looked frustrated. He looked up to Carlisle and said, "Okay, I've had enough," before he jumped down into the hole.

Forks, Washington – Cullen Residence
Jasper Hale

I slammed to the ground in a crouch and slowly stood up, dusting off my tan suit pants then adjusted the aqua berry-colored sweater vest that Alice had me wear and narrowed my eyes.

How bizarre. I had sensed them before I leaped through the hole but now that I was down here, they were nowhere in sight.

"Look, I know you are down here and I will not hurt you," Jasper said.

"I know," My voice replied, which prompted me to turn around to face my doppelgänger and there were a few things I noticed. His eyes were crimson, the eyes of a blood drinker. He also wore a bitchin' black leather jacket and what looked to be a white tank top and blue jeans.

"Going for the Logan look?" I asked him.

"It works for me. Howdy there," He replied, his…my…our southern accent strong in his voice. "I see Alice is still dressing you," he said, referring to my clothing.

"Yeah, For now. Look, let's not pretend this is not some weird shit. This shouldn't be happening and yet it is," I told him. "I can tell you're me. Our scent alone gives it away so I know this isn't some trick but the scents of the others. Peter, Charlotte, Alice…Bella…There were two more but I couldn't place them where did they go?"

"Our secret for now," He replied. "I don't know how we got here. We were…It's a long story, which you all have the right to know but for now, we need to hunt."

"Speaking of that, you don't feed on animals?" I asked.

He chuckled and said "No sense to. We both know our control was slipping…"

I nodded in agreement. That familiar itch had been coming back and I knew that it was when, not if, I would slip up again. "So tell me something Whitlock," he said but I shook my head.

"Hale, I go by Hale…" I told him.

"I haven't gone by Hale in years…Speaking of which, what year is this?" He asked me.

"Two-Thousand and eight," I answered.

It was then he looked surprised. "I'm sorry what?" he asked. "Impossible…"

"Oh, so talking to yourself you can take easily but being in the year two-thousand and eight isn't?" I asked with a raised brow.

"Well, when you were in the year Two-Thousand and Nineteen one minute and then suddenly free-falling eleven years in the past, you tell me," He replied.

It was my turn to be surprised.

"O-Oh…Well…" I stammered out.

"Holy shit!" Emmett's voice screamed out.

"Heh…Emmett. Still a goof," The other Jasper said as he slipped his hands into his pockets. "I miss that big lug."

I glanced at Jasper with some confusion but he gave me a look that I knew very well and merely nodded.

In time, I know.

"Well…Let's get up there shall we?" I asked.

"Yeah let's," He replied with a small grin.

Forks, Washington – Cullen Residence
Bella Swan

"This can't be guys. This can't fucking be!" I heard Emmett mumble in disbelief, his hand rubbing at his face. "I mean, we all heard the conversation right?"

"Honey, remain calm," Rosalie's soothing voice replied to her husband.

I looked to Edward, who had a blank expression on his face but before I could tell him it would be okay, he shot me a small smile and said "It'll all be fine."

"I know. You're the one that looks troubled," I replied with a cheeky grin.

He snorted and nodded "Admittedly, I am. I can't read their minds or their scents. Just the two Jaspers…That sounded weird to say."

"I'm sure it's going to get a whole lot weirder," I muttered but I couldn't help but feel excited about it. Something like this was never supposed to happen and I was stoked to hear it all.

"Wait, they're talking again," Esme said with a quirked brow.

"Okay, let's just figure this out. First, Bella, Darlin', do you mind?" The other Jasper's voice asked.

There was silence for about a minute before we all felt a brief rumble and my voice rang out with a successful "Please board the Whitlock orb in a safe and orderly fashion. Any cutting will result in an automatic ban."

"Must you always say that Bells?" Peter's voice asked, which caused Emmett to growl. That was his special nickname for me so I could see why he would be miffed at hearing someone other than him say it.

"Hey, I don't get to whip out this bad boy often so shut it Peter, and let me do my shield magic," I heard my voice reply, which made both Jaspers chuckle.

"It's true, she only whips it out on special occasions," The other Jasper said with amusement in his voice.

It sounded nice to hear him like that. I was so used to his…Not emotionless but kinda distant self. Unlike our Jasper, this one sounded so full of life ironically enough…This other Jasper I mean. This is confusing.

A few seconds later, this beautiful pearl-like orb began to rise up from the hole and hovered in the air. "Move aside please," my muffled voice said from within it.

Esme, Edward, Carlisle, and I quickly moved out of the way to allow the orb to hover to the floor and the minute it did, the orb vanished to reveal our uninvited guests.

The first one I observed was the new Jasper and there was certainly a whiplash between old Jasper and him. That leather Jacket was doing some might work on him and those crimson eyes.

They looked so natural on him compared to the amber eyes our Jasper had. They seemed to draw me in and despite why he has them, it was…a warmth in them. I then looked into Jasper's eyes and there was a cold indifference in his.

I wonder what it would take to see that warmth in his eyes.

The second person I looked at was Alice. Still the same old Alice of course but she didn't look all pampered and well dressed like our Alice was. She wore leather pants and a white tank top beneath a black jacket. It kind of reminded me of Trunk's Jacket from Dragonball Z but this one seemed a little bigger than Alice's frame.

The next person was another female. She was human surprisingly and had short black hair and perfect copper skin and she was wearing a light gray tank top that seemed to be a little too big because I could see the sports bra beneath it and skintight black pants that may be part of a jumpsuit or something but she has the upper part of it wrapped around her waist and her right shoulder was a tattoo and beside her was a smaller vampire.

She looked to be a child, not too sure of the age but she had dark brown hair that curled up halfway down and she wore a cute little brown shirt with a little gray wolf curled up on the front of it. She also had a longer unbuttoned dark black flannel shirt above the brown shirt, a pair of jeans and some sneakers and she was hiding behind the taller female.

The next person was a male and he stood at the same length as Jasper and he had wild, almost untamable brown hair and a large grin on his face and he wore a black t-shirt that had "Dagger, Dagger, Dagger" written on the front with white lettering and raven feathers floating from the words and black pants.

The female vampire that stood beside him had short pale blond hair and she wore a long-sleeve black shirt with leather accents on the front of it and black pants with two leather strips going down each pant leg.

And last but not least, I gazed at myself.

It was like looking into a mirror almost…except she was actually beautiful. She was slender but there was a curvy to her body. Her chest seemed a little ampler than mine as well.

She had shoulder-length hair but there was red –beaded earring on her right ear but when I squinted my eyes, I noticed that a lock of hair was woven into the red beads and there were gold rings around the larger middle bead.

She wore a two-toned midnight blue and black skintight suit with a long black scarf that reached to her knees, black boots that had metal heels and toes, and a leather jacket similar to the other Jasper, and her hands had torn red wrapping around them.

But it was her eyes that caught my attention. They were filled with this brimming confidence that admittedly, I never saw in them before but what also caught my attention was that they were crimson.

She was a vampire.

I became a vampire!

Holy shit!

But when I turned to Edward to exclaim my excitement, I paused. He had this dark look on his face. One I had never seen before. Not even when I nearly died out a few weeks ago.

"So…" The second female in the room of vampires said with a drawn-out tone. "What's up?"

"Wow. That's what you lead off with Leah?" The other Alice asked in amusement.

"It's all I got at the moment," Leah admitted with a shrug. "Well hello. Names Leah Clearwater. You guys don't know me yet but you will."

"Wait! Clearwater!" I exclaimed. "I remember now, you're Harry Clearwater's daughter! Holy shit, it's been forever since I've seen you!"

"Wow Bells, she remembered quicker than you did," Leah joked to Other Bella, who gave her a sour look.

"I said I was sorry for forgetting. I was under a lot of stress at the time," Other Bella said with a pout on her face.

"I'm still going to dangle that over your head until one of us dies," Leah joked but then she looked to me and said "Got it in one Past Bells. Nice to see you again with blood in your veins."

"Why is everyone calling you Bells? That's my special nickname," Emmett said with a pout on his face.

"Long story Em," The other Alice said with a small grin.

"I know I'm not insane but what the hell?" Alice said with a stunned expression.

"Wow, so this is past mom huh?" The smaller vampire asked with a large smile.

"No differences in look but attitudes? Totally different," The other Alice said as she petted the small girl on the head.

"It's time like this I remember you lived for so much longer before me," the girl murmured softly.

"Don't stress it, Bree," Leah said she knelt down and rubbed her head. "You're with us now. All that matters. Plus, you can see how much of a diva your mother used to be."

"I am not a diva!" Alice exclaimed with a pout but when Leah gave her a side-eye, I noticed Alice looked…Bashful…No that's not the word, is it?

"I'm sure," Leah responded before she stood up and said, "Well, you guys got a lot to talk about so I should head out to La Push."

Carlisle's eyes widened in surprise at this. "Wait…La Push? Are you…?"

"I am but I'm also so much more. By the way, thanks for that little perk Doc. It saved our ass on many occasions," Leah said with a grin.

"You're…welcome?" Carlisle said.

It was so fun to hear him sound so stumped.

"Can I come with you? I wanna see your past home too?" the smaller vampire asked with excitement in her voice as she grasped Leah's hand.

"I don't think that's a good idea," Other Alice said with a worried tone.

"I doubt anything is going to happen to Bree on my watch Ally-Cat," Leah said with an easygoing grin, which seemed to disarm Alice enough for her to give a small sigh of surrender. "Besides, if something happens, you guys know I can finish it," Leah added with a challenging smirk.

"Leah. No starting fights…" Other Alice paused enough to let a knowing smile on her face before she added "Not yet at least."

"Yeah, yeah," Leah said with a wink and a smile on her face before she motioned for Bree to follow her.

The two were near the door before the other Alice said "Wait!"

Leah turned around with a questioning look. "Yeah Ally?" Leah asked before the other Alice leaned up and kissed Leah on her lips.

Holy shit!

"Holy shit!" Emmett and Rosalie shouted in unison.

"W-What?" Edward stammered out.

"Dear?" Esme murmured as she looked at the equally stunned Carlisle.

"I-I don't…" He murmured.

"Well that's a discovery," Jasper said in shock.

The two broke apart slowly, both of their eyes still closed but then Leah opened hers to smile down at other Alice. "I'll be back Ally," Leah whispered softly before she kissed the other Alice on the forehead.

"I know you will," other Alice said confidently before Leah and Bree walked out of the house.

"Okay! Questions! So many questions right now!" Emmett shouted.

"We know," Other Jasper said with a small grin. "But before we begin…Does anyone need to hunt?"

"I do," Peter said with a raise of his hand. "I knew we should have done it earlier but I was dumb."

"I know you were," Other Jasper said with a smirk.

"Bree and I fed before this happened so I'm fine," Other Alice said.

"I do as well," Charlotte

Jasper was silent for a moment before he said "Same."

"Very good," Other Jasper said with a grin. "Step one to becoming stronger again and a lot earlier to boot."

"Jasper!" Edward exclaimed while the others gasped in shock.

"Honey…Is this something you really want to do?" Esme asked.

"More than any of you know," Jasper admitted. "It's honestly been a long time coming. This diet has been the toughest thing I have been a part of and sooner or later, I'm going to slip up but seeing my future self here and being able to withstand both our Bella and their Leah without slipping shows me that in the future, I not only go back to it but that I managed to control that hunger and not allow it to control me."

"Perfectly said Major Past," Peter said with a supportive grin on his face.

"But this is craziness!" Edward said. "You can't just drop it all at a second tho-"

"Edward," Other Jasper interrupted with a stern tone. "I believe it's time he stops hiding behind a mask. It's better he did it now than when I actually did it…"

"What do y-" Edward began but Carlisle raised his hand to stop him.

"Leave it be Edward," Carlisle said as he lowered his head and glanced at the two Jaspers. "It is obviously something that has been weighing on our Jasper's mind for a long time and from the look of this Jasper, it is inevitable that he will go back to it and succeed where we've failed so many times so why fight it? Besides, I doubt it will change how any of us feel about you."

"Thank you father," Jasper said.

"Besides," Charlotte said. "If we can get Major P. back into fighting shape sooner…It could save a lot of lives."

"Save a lot of lives?" Rosalie asked with a quirked brow.

"I will explain it all in due time, Rosalie. Pete, Char, Bella. You guys take my past self to get situated. I will remain here."

"Got it, boss," Other me said with a grin before she glanced at me and then Edward and said to Edward "And once I get back…You and I are going to have it out because knowing what he's going to tell you, you will be mad and we don't need that tantrum right now."

Other Jasper paused and glanced at other me and said "Be safe Isabella."

I'm sorry what?

"Always," the other me told him. There was this look that passed between them. It was a look I have never seen before but it made me feel this strange sense of longing. I looked to Jasper and he seemed to have the same look I had.

And then our own eyes connected for the briefest of moments. In that brief moment, I felt his confusion, his own longing and this faint sense of…Something but before I could do anything, Peter said "Well, let's jet!"

"Finally!" Other me said before they all dashed off, leaving us with other Jasper and Alice.

"Well…Let us begin," Other Jasper said.

And without knowing why, a deep sense of dread filled my soul.