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OffGun+ December 2021

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Khai squeals and hugs Third to him tight. “Thank you so much, tee rak. This is amazing. I love it. I’ll wear it and think of you.”

Third pinches Khai’s side and Khai lets him go with a wince.

“What? Did I do something wrong?” Khai pouts, the hideous hat Third had knitted—attempted to knit—still in his lap.

“Khai.” Third sighs, but his annoyance softens and he takes Khai’s hand into his. “I’m grateful that you try so hard, but you don’t have to like something just because I gave it to you.”

Khai frowns. “Third made it. Why can’t I like things that remind me of the person I love the most?”

With a huff, Third takes the ugly thing and places it atop Khai’s head. “Are you sure this is what you want to associate with me?”

Khai nods and smiles. “Third means good memories.”

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The majority of their stuff is still in boxes, but Pick had managed to set up the bed and get their most immediate necessities ready, but the place is still pretty barren.

Rome frowns. “It doesn’t feel like home, P’Pick.”

Pick shrugs. “First night. Of course it doesn’t.”

This answer doesn’t satisfy Rome, but Pick ignores him and gets ready for bed. Rome has all day tomorrow off to do whatever he wants to it while Pick is at the clinic, so it’s not like it’s the end of the world if tonight isn’t completely perfect.

Pick hasn’t even told his family that he moved in with Rome yet, scared of how his father will react. It’s not like his father’s reaction will change anything: he’ll still be in love with Rome, he’ll still be living with Rome, he’ll still be planning for a future with Rome. He’ll tell his dad. Soon. Probably.

He’s fretting over it, rubbing the towel over his head, when he gets back to the bedroom.

Rome stops him in his tracks and kisses him, which he immediately grumbles about despite not meaning it.

It’s just a peck, a little acknowledgement as they pass each other and Rome goes to shower, but it’s one of those things that remind Pick how great living with Rome will be.

Then, he sees the photo sitting beside the bed.

Rome doesn’t need another day—he’s already fixed it. This is home.

Pick sucks in a breath…and calls his dad.

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Off is in love with Gun and, luckily, Gun hasn’t noticed.

And Gun shouldn’t notice because Off shouldn’t be in love with Gun.

It’s a mistake that he needs to fix by whatever means necessary, but it had happened so gradually that he hadn’t realized the problem until it was too late. How does he fix that? How does Off undo literal years of his feelings slowly developing?

He needs a miracle, but he’s not sure how wrong it is to pray you fall out of love with someone.

...Because you’re supposed to still be in love with someone else.

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Usually Khai picks up food on the way home, but Third had told him it was taken care of tonight. He’s glad because he’s getting back late, doesn’t want Third to be hungry and angry waiting for him.

He expects take out in the fridge when he finally opens the door, but the whole house smells good, and there’s food on the table--plated and everything.

“I haven’t cooked for you in a while,” Third says, pulling out Khai’s chair for him.

Khai takes a seat and watches Third take a seat across from him. “You haven’t eaten yet?”

Third shakes his head. “I wanted to wait for you.” He shrugs like it’s no big deal, but his stomach grumbles and gives him away.

“Ai’Th-- Tee rak,” Khai quickly corrects. “Take care of yourself first, na.”

“Mh.” Third gestures. “Eat.”

After dinner, Khai thanks Third and cleans up. Then, Khai opens up the fridge.

“What are you doing, Khai?”

“I want to have something sweet,” Khai explains.

Khai feels warmth against his back, Third’s arms wrapping around his waist. “Want to have me?”

Khai doesn’t know whether to eat up his willing dessert or take his husband to the hospital.

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Rome has been taking a lot of photos for his final classes, arranging everything as he needs it. Everything is about precision, his hands moving everything little thing until it’s perfectly in place, his tongue sticking out in concentration, the way he smiles at the picture.

Pick even joins Rome again in the dark room a few times, gets to enjoy the anticipation as Rome sees his final work.

There is, however, a problem with watching Rome do his work.

Rome is really good at his work and he’s so capable and…

It’s really hot to see Rome so confident.

It makes Pick want to do all sorts of filthy things to Rome and, well, maybe have Rome tell him everything he wants Pick to do.

“P’Pick,” Rome says, interrupting Pick’s thoughts. “Rome needs a human model for some shots. Would P’Pick be willing to pose?”

Pick shrugs, but his mind is starting to understand what this actually means.

Rome is cautious at first, but Pick is secretly eager to do as Rome says and Rome gets bolder, eventually slipping and ordering Pick around.

“P’Pick, you have to--” Rome catches himself. “Sorry, P’Pick.”

Pick shifts. “It’s fine.”

Rome goes to fix Pick’s shirt and stops. “Wait. Does P’ when Rome orders him around?”

“No!” Pick says, but Rome looks up into his eyes. “But...what do you need me to do now?”

Rome picks up the camera, giving a few instructions, taking a few shots. “Now I need P’Pick on his knees.”

“W-what?” Pick stutters, staring at his boyfriend.

Rome moves close enough to rub a hand against Pick, to make Pick’s breath catch. He backs away, cheeks flushed, but keeps his voice even. “Get on your knees.”

As if possessed, Pick swallows and slowly drops down. “Krub.”

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“Sean, it’s too much.”

That’s what White had said and since then, Sean hasn’t tried to sleep with him. Which, in the beginning, was what White wanted.

White is too shy to deal with the way Sean makes his moves, but now he’s in the opposite position.

...In which Sean isn’t trying to put him into any sort of compromising position.

“What’s wrong with you?” Black asks, when White snaps at him for the third time that hour.

“I’m just...frustrated,” White says.

Black scowls at him. “Wait. Do you mean...sexually? Ew.” Black hesitates. “I thought Sean was desperate to give you the D twenty-four-seven.”

“Phi!” White scolds. “I told Sean to back off.”

“But you want it, right? I wish I could fault you for it, but when you want dick and you can’t get it? Well...I can’t relate with the last part. Want me to find you some dick? I could get you a guy in five minutes. Great dick.”

“You…” White stops the question. It doesn’t matter. He’d rather not know whether his brother had ridden the proffered dick himself. “I’m not interested in... I just want Sean.”

“Ew,” Black repeats. “So send him a nude. Or I can.”

“He knows the difference,” White tells him.

Black raises an eyebrow. “So?”

White pulls a face at his twin.

“Don’t make that face with our face,” Black says, pinching White’s cheek. “Really though. If you’re that eager to get to pound town, sext him. Send a nude. Eat a popsicle in front of him.” Black makes a sucking gesture.

“Black!” White hides his face.

“Here.” Black snatches White’s phone, undoes a few of White’s buttons, snaps a photo. A moment later, he returns the phone. “Three, two, one…”

The phone dings.

Black smirks. “My job is done.”

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It’s not like Off doesn’t know Gun is trying to get his attention, it’s just that Off is trying to be social and respectful of everyone else. Eventually, Gun gets up, probably to beg attention or cause mischief elsewhere for a while.

Off is laughing at something Mond had said when his phone buzzes in his pocket. He figures he’ll slip it out to check who’s messaging him, decide whether he needs to answer or if it’s more polite not to,’s Gun.

Off pulls his phone all the way out and opens it up, can barely process that he should be shoving his phone back into his pocket when several more roll in. It’s a series of selfies, which isn’t unusual, but…

Gun is stripping in them.

With each new photo, one less article of clothing.

Off clears his throat. “Excuse me. I have to go.”

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Off finds Gun in one of the dressing rooms, had known where to go from the pictures.

“Ai’Gun,” he says, but Gun is so nearly naked, so Off’s complaint dies on his lips.

“Gun didn’t say Papii had to come,” Gun tells him, but they both know it’s as good as if he had.

Off snorts but moves closer. “Oh? Was nong sending pics so the group could see?”

Gun gets shy for a second, and Off can already hear the whine, but instead Gun says, “What if Gun wanted everyone to see?”

“Ai’Gun,” Off says again, but he’s peeling the last layers from Gun’s body. “Is that what you really want, baby?”

Gun shakes his head and starts pulling at Off’s clothes. “Papii, we have to be quick.”

Off backs Gun up against the door. “How do you want it, Gun?”

“However Papii wants to give it to me.”

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“My life is hell,” Chimon says, dropping his head onto the table in the cafeteria.

Nanon and Ohm share a look, then each take a side, rubbing soothing hands over Chimon’s back.

“What happened?” Nanon asks.

“Did you hot dads ground you?” Ohm follows up.

“I wish!” Chimon cries. “It’s so much worse.”

“What happened? Your brother?” Nanon tries.

Ohm hums. “Did your favorite series get delayed? Canceled?”

Chimon shakes his head. “You were right. About it being my dads,” he mumbles.

Nanon and Ohm stifle their laughter. “Oh?” Ohm tries, polite as he can.

“They’re talking about more kids,” Chimon tells them.

Ohm frowns. It wasn’t at all what he had expected. “You don’t want another brother or sister?”

“It’s not that,” Chimon says. “It’s that when my dads start thinking about adopting another kid, Dad likes to joke about ‘making babies’ and then…” He shudders.

Nanon laughs, but quickly covers his mouth. He looks over to see that Ohm isn’t laughing. Ohm looks upset of all things, so he nudges Chimon.

“What did I say?” Chimon asks. “You’re usually--”

“I’m jealous!” Ohm bursts out. “I want your life.” He pouts at Chimon.

“We could become sons-in-law,” Nanon suggests.

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T-Rex informs the rest of the house that he and Maetee will be hosting a “fancy party” at the house and Watee tries his best to forbid it, but T-Rex says it’s happening anyway.

Friends and family are all invited, and Maitee insists on doing much of the cooking despite the number of guests.

Only after everyone has arrived do T-Rex and Maetee reveal the real intention of the event.

“Welcome to our wedding,” T-Rex announces.

Watee looks like he’s about to go into conniptions, but Maitee calms him and leads the toast.

Maetee grins stupidly at his new husband.

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Sean enjoys the quiet nights with White.

White thinks Sean is scheming, which makes the time all the sweeter, knowing White is on edge for a while, the tease of it. Then White is giving himself to Sean because he can’t stand the waiting anymore, certain that Sean was about to try something and unable to admit he’d been wanting it, too.

Once it’s over, Sean gets to press kisses wherever he likes and White gives no complaint, kisses Sean back sweetly, cuddles into Sean’s arms.

Sometimes Sean longs for those first nights when they’d met again, when White was uncertain how to pretend he was Black, when Sean could pretend he was living with White instead.

He’s been thinking about getting a place just the two of them, but there’s no need to rush things.

As it is right now, everything is as it should be.

Maybe even better.

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Too had gotten the eggnog and Bone had spiked the hell out of it.

Now Khai and Third are making out on the couch with their friends passed out on the floor.

“Khai, we can’t,” Third is complaining, but he’s the one unbuttoning Khai’s shirt.

“What… What are you doing, Third?” Khai asks, breaks into a chuckle.

“Sh!” And Third kisses him for emphasis, but then he’s working between them, still trying to kiss Khai, as ineffectual as he is.


Third bumps Khai’s arm. “Hold,” he says, but doesn’t indicate what he means. “Here,” he adds, and Khai gets the idea he means his waist, holds Third up, half-aware of what’s going on.

And then Third is fumbling between them, under himself, and Khai’s hips jerk up to meet him.

“We shouldn’t,” Third says, but he’s rocking himself on Khai’s dick.

Helpless, Khai just nods, holding on a little tighter, helping angle himself better.

“Holy shit,” Khai hears. Bone’s voice, sounding close and far away, what with the way Third is panting here. “Too. Too. Free show.”

Third seems not to have noticed, too focused, so Khai clutches Third in closer and puts a silent finger to his lips.

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They’re out of immediate danger and the tension breaks, crashing down on all of them, giving them a moment to reflect.

Sean’s mind is a whirlwind of warring pressures, confusion, White. He hasn’t seen White in so long, has been waiting so long, and he’s already had White under him.

Not quite how he wanted him, but he’d held White down, had found himself between White’s thighs, bodies rubbing against each other. He had straddled White…

In his bedroom, already stripped down to boxers, it’s easy for Sean to take himself in hand and start to stroke and tease.

White had fought him, but playfully, had laughed, seemed to maybe enjoy…

“Mn,” Sean groans, giving himself a squeeze. If Kumpha hadn’t arrived, they could’ve gone on a little longer.

What if White got hard against him, what if they rubbed against each other with more purpose, what if he managed to get White’s clothes off— Sean had already been between White’s legs.

Sean’s hand moves faster at the thought, the contact, the position, White’s legs around his waist as he presses in and—

Sean muffles his groan as he comes over his fist.

Now to make that fantasy into reality.

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Tay is cut off by Gun’s hand over his mouth, not wanting to distract Off during the shoot.

After a moment, Tay asks Gun, “Are we pretending you haven’t seen Jumpol naked a hundred times before?”

“It’s different,” Gun says.

Tay stares at Off posing for a moment, then looks back at Gun. “Nong Gun is blushing,” he teases. “Is Peng really so handsome?”

“P’Tay, don’t,” Gun whines, turning redder, grabbing Tay’s arm to shake it, but still watching Off.

“You look like you’re going to eat him,” Tay says.

Gun bites his lip, doesn’t respond.

The shooting breaks and Off checks in with the crew, glances over to Tay and Gun.

Tay gives Gun a nudge. “Go, Pet. Be the strong honey badger you are and claim your mate.”

Gun makes a noise of embarrassment, but Off is walking over. “Papiiii,” he gushes, rushing to meet him halfway.

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Thawin is quick, seals what he can with what he’s able.

“Need,” Punn says. This Punn says.

The Punn wreathed in desperation, emanating that uncontrollable power. But Punn had gotten so weak he could only give in, had waited and wanted long enough.

Punn’s suffering has been well-masked, but if Punn were fine, those black eyes wouldn’t be begging him.

Thawin kisses Punn, mollifying, making more magic in the hopes of hiding this Punn away once again.

“Thawin,” Punn whispers, voice cracking.

It hits Thawin then: no matter the eyes, Punn is still Punn.

“It’ll be okay, nong,” Thawin murmurs.

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Thawin has that voice in his head now that always asks if he’s doing the right thing, that tries to keep him in check, that shames him one moment for giving in to his feelings for a student and lauds him the next for saving his soulmate (after being the one who had nearly killed him in the first place).

That voice has gone eerily quiet as he assesses their new needs, as he makes meticulous work of stripping Punn, of stripping himself.

Punn looks thinner, sicker, the bond magic breaking him apart in its incompletion, but he’s beautiful, too, black eyes and all.

Punn is shivering again, pulling Thawin to him, seeking whatever warmth he can, and finally, finally, finally, Thawin gives in, opens him, presses into Punn.

Thawin murmurs spells of healing into the skin of Punn’s neck as he starts to rock their bodies together.

Punn’s eyes flutter closed and Thawin kisses him, pours love into him, seals them together.

When Punn’s eyes open once more, the darkness is gone. “Thawin,” Punn says, and, “I’ve never--” and he breaks off. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Thawin replies, kissing Punn again. “I’ve been waiting forever for you, Punn, my soulmate.”

Punn lets out a gasp like a sob and curls into Thawin’s embrace as they tip over the edge together, holding each other, loving each other, healing each other.

Their magic meets, fusing them together as they’ve always been meant to be.

And fate is satisfied.

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The day of the holiday feast, Ohm is dipping into the mulled wine while Pang and Wave, already tipsy, are surreptitiously exchanging kisses in the corner, Wave letting out little sparks every time their lips touch.

Ohm is enjoying the people-watching with Namtan as everyone gets happily inebriated when Punn makes his way over and starts loading his plate with food.

Ohm and Namtan share a look.

“So…” Namtan starts.

“You got the D, right?” Ohm exclaims, no tact whatsoever.

Punn glares, but then he’s looking past Ohm and Namtan, who swivel around to see Khun Thawin watching.

“He got the D,” Ohm stage-whispers now to Namtan.

Punn clears his throat. “What happened between me and Khun Thawin might not have happened if not for your help, so…thank you.”

“I told you!” Ohm shouts, as Punn and Namtan shush him. “I knew you wanted him and then he wanted you and-- Yes!” He pumps his fist.

Thawin walks over. “Everything alright?”

“Great! You and Punn finally f--” Namtan’s hand slaps over Ohm’s mouth before he can finish the sentence.

“We’re just happy for you,” she says. “Soulmates are so romantic.”

Thawin blushes, but he nods, and he stands overly close to Punn, who leans ever-so-slightly Thawin’s direction as if magnetically pulled.

Ohm grins smugly. “Congratulations,” he settles on.

Punn and Thawin exchange a glance, a silent conversation, smiling with their eyes.

“Thank you, Nong Ohm,” Thawin says. “Now stop talking about it.”

Ohm gives his most sincere salute in response.

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Rome has been hinting and testing and casually asking Pick about what he wants for their future for a while now.

With everything more settled, Pick is going to finally pop the question, has had the ring for ages, has waited to get everything in perfect alignment for a grand proposal. In one week, they have dinner reservations at a place Pick would normally never eat and he’s been practicing saying things just right, knowing how much he struggles to say what he means. He’s ready. He’s going to do this.

Today, when they get home from work, Rome suggests they go to a spot nearby, the one they’d gone to when they’d swapped, and Pick agrees.

There are a lot more candles set up than usual, however, as they approach the tables.

Pick takes a seat, glancing around.

Rome walks to the other side.

…And drops to one knee.

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They’re breathing hard.


Gun can usually drop a character immediately, but he excuses himself to the dressing room, adjusts himself. That had been way too hot. The way they’d been kissing, how Off had mouthed his neck, how he was supposed to look turned on, to moan wantonly, but it hadn’t been much of an act.

He just needs to calm down.

Or maybe just come real quick and get over it.

He rubs himself through his pants and decides on the second option.

He’s fumbling with his fly when the door opens and he whips around, makes sure his back is to it, tries to ready some excuse.

“Gun,” Off calls.


“What, Papii? Just need a minute.”

Gun feels Off come up behind him and he turns to be defensive, but Off is too close, smirking.

“Gun was…” He swallows. It’s too obvious.

“I think I’m obligated to help you out, nong,” Off says.

“Papii doesn’t have to,” Gun says, but Off’s gaze travels down his body, makes him feel hot all over, nervous in a good way.

“Oh, really?” Off asks. “Why exactly does Gun ‘need a minute’?”

“Because… Because of the last scene,” Gun says, knows he must be red.

“This one?” Off asks, and he kisses Gun like he had, deepens it further, licks into Gun’s mouth as Gun clutches his shoulder. Off breaks the kiss. “Was that the one?”

Gun has nowhere to hide but against Off, pressing his face into Off’s shoulder. Off turns him around, makes him face the dressing room mirror instead.

“But it was such a good scene,” he says. “Maybe a bit too short.”

They both watch as Off’s hand slides into Gun’s pants, and Gun whimpers.

Off’s lips trail kisses up the length of Gun’s neck as Gun watches, as Off frees him, Off’s hand circling Gun’s cock.

Gun can’t take it. He turns, scrabbles with Off’s pants, his own, too flustered to get anywhere.

“Bend over,” Off tells him, and Gun, embarrassed, complies.

Off slides himself between Gun’s thighs and Gun groans, Off taking Gun in hand again.

“It’s like a scene,” Off says. “Not quite real, but good enough for now, mh?”

Panting, Gun presses back, nodding frantically.

Off jerks him to completion, comes fucking Gun’s thighs, and they manage to clean themselves up, tension ever-so-slightly eased.

“Come on,” Off says. “We have another scene.”

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“I still don’t know if Third likes me,” Khai whines.

“Give him a truth potion,” Two says. “Then he’ll have to say it.”

“Unless he can’t talk,” Bone says, which seems pointless and ominous at the same time.

“Just tell him you have a gift for him and give him…” Two glances around. “This.”

“Your orange juice?” Khai asks, confused.

“I think after the blood thing, Third might be suspicious.” Bone shrugs. He snaps his fingers and pulls out an unopened bottle of tea. Carefully he manages to take off the cap without actually breaking the seal. Khai and Two clap while he takes a mini-bow.

“But I don’t have the potion yet,” Khai tells them.

Two pulls a flask from his bag, causing Khai and Bone to look at him with concern.

“Why do you have that?” Bone asks.

“No reason,” Two replies, voice cracking. He clears his throat, schools his features although his cheeks are red. “You don’t need much.”

Bone and Khai share a look, then Khai is drinking some tea to make room as they dose the bottle and re-cap it.

It looks unopened.

With new determination, Khai takes the bottle.

…And runs straight into Third.

Chapter Text

Third isn’t having a good day when he runs into Khai, but he does his best not to show it, instead acting annoyed.

“What are you doing, Ai’Khai? Pay attention,” he scolds.

Khai nods, then shakes his head, making Third raise an eyebrow. “Er.”

Third waits.

“Are you alright, Third? Are you thirsty?” Khai pulls a drink from his bag and offers it.

Khai hasn’t tried anything since the blood magic, but he’s acting a bit suspicious. Third takes the drink and looks it over. It’s still sealed and, of course, Third likes receiving things from Khai even if he doesn’t like admitting it, so Third cracks open the cap and Khai watches him drink.

Two and Bone are making faces in the background as he does and there’s something slightly off about the flavor of the tea. Third thinks to spit it out as he realizes it’s too late.

“What the hell did you just give me?” he asks.

“Third… Don’t be mad, na?”

Third starts to panic and Two and Khai usher him into another room.

“It’s a truth potion,” Two explains, as Third starts hyperventilating.

“Truth?” Third’s eyebrows furrow, then his eyes narrow. He stares at Khai in betrayal. “You drugged me?”

“It’s not like that! And it was Ai’Two’s suggestion!” Khai says, throwing Two under the bus.

Third puts his face in his hands, then feels a hand on his shoulder, hears Two saying, “I’ll give you guys a minute.”

“Third, I’m sorry,” Khai says. “I didn’t think it through.”

“That’s the problem, Khai,” Third mutters. “You never think things through.”

“I just…wanted to know for sure if you liked me. Since I like you.”

Third manages to look at Khai. “You say you like me, but then what? You don’t think things through. You tried to get rid of your feelings for me already. You tried to steal my blood. You got jealous of P’Un. You drugged me. If I like you, then what? Then you like me back until you get bored of me in a day or two? A week? Maybe a month if I’m lucky?” Third shakes his head, tears slipping down his cheeks.

“I’m serious, Third,” Khai says, but he sounds uncertain.

“There are days, like today, where I can barely face myself, when I realize--” Third covers his mouth to shut himself up, curses Khai and the truth potion.

“But I could be there for you,” Khai tries.

Third keeps his mouth shut another moment. “Could you really, Khai? Or would you just become one more thing that makes me…” He stops himself again. “Forget it. I like you, okay? I said it. Now you can get over whatever this curiosity was and let it go.”

Khai chugs the tea. “Now I have to tell the truth, right? I like you, too, Third. Can you believe me?”

Third laughs humorlessly. “The potion works based on what you believe, Ai’Khai. Just because you believe yourself doesn’t mean I can believe you.”

Chapter Text

The words hurt, but Third is obviously hurting, too. And Third expects admitting his feelings to Khai will only lead to more hurt.

Will Khai hurt Third?

He already drugged him, it’s true. Drugging himself doesn’t exactly make up for what he’s done.

“I’m sorry,” Khai says again helplessly. “Do you want space?”

“Tch. You drug me with a truth potion then leave me? How noble.”

Khai accepts the lash and takes a seat next to Third. “Third,” he starts softly. “I really mean it.” Third is trying to suppress the sobs that are taking him and Khai’s own eyes well up with tears. “I like you. I didn’t want… I don’t want to hurt you, Third. The only reason I tried to get your blood was because of how much liking you was hurting me. I didn’t think about how you felt under all that. I’m stupid, you know that. And you’re more powerful. And you’re--” Khai tries to catch himself, but the word tumbles out. “Beautiful. So beautiful, Third.”

“I’m hot. So what?” Third replies, although something shifts under the surface.

“Third is beautiful and smart and,” he lets out a chuckle, “hot. And I think about Third a lot. So much. And I was jealous of P’Un because I was afraid Third liked him. And I was scared Third would leave our coven. Mostly because I was afraid Third would leave me. And--”

Third puts a finger to Khai’s lips. “Stop talking, Ai’Khai. The potion…” He trails off, his own reddened eyes searching Khai’s.

“Let me kiss you, Third,” Khai suggests, taking Third’s wrist. “The magic will tell us if it’s right.”

Third is silent, but seems to not find any words or ways to fight back, slowly nods.

Third’s eyes flutter closed as Khai leans in.

Chapter Text

Rome feels a thrill with Pick like this, feels something come over himself as he realizes the power he’s been given. Tentatively, he runs his fingertips over Pick’s jaw, thumb coming to rest on Pick’s bottom lip. “Open,” he instructs.

Pick opens his mouth just a little.

“More,” Rome says.

Pick opens his mouth further and a shiver runs up Rome’s spine.

Rome steps back. “Wait.”

Pick’s eyes look a bit panicked, but he does as he’s told. Rome takes himself out and Pick whimpers.

“Suck,” Rome tells Pick, placing his hand on the back of Pick’s head gently.

Pick takes Rome into his mouth and does as he’s told, wants to touch himself and tries for it.

“Hands on me only,” Rome says, so Pick complies again. “P’Pick is being so good.”

Pick moans around Rome at the compliment and Rome is intoxicated in watching Pick, in the way Pick is responding, is close.

“P’Pick, st-stop,” Rome manages, less sure of himself.

Pick lets out a groan of disappointment, but he stops. “What does Nong Rome want?”

A beautiful question. One that gives Rome ideas. Rome pulls away, has to get hold of himself. “How far will P’Pick go?”

Chapter Text

Third has been in a mood.

And Khai doesn’t mean grumpy or sad or anything like that.

Third has been so horny lately that even Khai is a bit daunted keeping up.

The legendary Khai Khunpol is tired out from work, but he’s doing his best to take care of Third, too.

They’re at a house-hosted holiday party tonight, mingling, having a couple of drinks, and Khai catches Third looking at him in a way with which he’s become intimately familiar. But just this morning, Third had woken him up by rubbing against him. He’d fucked Third twice before breakfast.

Third used to complain when Khai would try again so soon.

…But it’s not as if Khai hadn’t come prepared.

They find the bathroom and Khai bends Third over in front of the sink, gets a nice view of Third’s face in the mirror as he fucks him.

Khai glances down, watches their bodies meet, then finds Third’s gaze. “Ai’Third-- tee-- tee rak, you’re so hot.” Third whimpers and Khai can tell he’s already getting close. “You’re so good at taking my--”

The door opens, but Third is coming, is taking Khai with him because it’s already too late.

The door is closed again when Khai looks up and he grimaces, although secretly he’s still proud of his prowess. Third is clearly embarrassed, almost panicked, and Khai helps him get cleaned up.

“It’s okay, tee rak,” Khai is saying, but it really all depends.

They’re out quickly, Khai hoping to find out who saw, but it’s Un and Two waiting not-so-nonchalantly in the hallway, pretending not to notice them.

Khai grins. “Your turn,” he tells them.

Two smiles back, a bit chagrined. “Great minds think alike.”

Third watches the bathroom door close after them, letting out a sigh of relief.

Chapter Text

“You don’t have to act like that, P’Bright,” Tam mutters as they walk out from his class, his classmates all making comments behind as Bright tosses an arm over Tam’s shoulder.

“Act like what?” Bright asks, tilting his head. “Like I love my cute little faen?” He pulls Tam into his arms, there in front of everyone. “You know, we first kissed in that closet over there,” he says, pointing.

Tam looks and realizes Bright is telling the truth. He’s been to a class over here the past two months and hadn’t thought about it, but it’s been a long while since they moved to using Bright’s room instead of fooling around in closets.

“That was the best day of my life,” Bright continues, tugging Tam in the direction of the closet. He glances around, then secrets them both inside. “Found some cute little nong trying to hide from his troubles and ate him up.” He hugs Tam to him. “This place should be holy. Sacred. Worship should take place here.”

“Worship?” Tam asks, but he’s playing along with Bright, feeling better. “In a broom closet?”

“The sacred broom closet.” Bright nods assuredly, pushing Tam up against the wall as he had all that time ago.

Tam wraps his arms around Bright’s neck and kisses him, thinks about that first time, the first time Bright had kissed him and the second time Bright had saved him.

Bright breaks the kiss, eyes sparkling. “How ’bout it, nong? Can I worship you?”

Chapter Text

Off has been thinking about it for a long time.

But every time he tries to talk about it, something inevitably comes up.

He tries to be prepared, wants to make it some romantic evening with dinner and proper ambiance and to tell Gun how much he loves him, how much Gun has changed his life, hopes Gun will say something similar or cry happy tears or something and then maneuver them into the bedroom and they’ll make sweet, sweet love. Or something.

Maybe tomorrow will be the night when everything works out, one of the few days with their current schedules where they’re both free.

Tonight, they’re just watching a movie, relaxing, when Gun huffs and turns to Off in what definitely feels like an accusatory way.

“What?” Off asks, trying to figure out if Gun is just sulking or if he actually did something wrong.

“Gun thought…” Gun stops. “Are Papii and Gun… What are we?”

Off is pretty sure they’ve had this conversation. There had been confessions and kisses and awkward handholding. “I thought we were…” Off gestures between them.

“But Papii doesn’t want Gun?” Gun pouts. “Gun has tried to let Papii know that Gun is interested.”

“No, no! I want you,” Off assures quickly. “I had a whole thing planned for tomorrow night--”

“Papii wants Gun?”

“Er.” Off isn’t sure what he should say.

“Then why didn’t Papii ever tell Gun?!” Gun tosses a leg over Off’s lap and settles down on top of Off.

Chapter Text

The alarm starts ringing and Rome rolls over to get it.

Pick pulls Rome into his arms before Rome can get up and Rome only thinks to struggle, letting Pick hold him tight.

“Doesn’t P’Pick need to get up for work?” Rome asks, as nice as this is.

He feels more than sees Pick shake his head. “Holiday,” Pick murmurs, placing a sleepy kiss to the nape of Rome’s neck. “Took the day off.”

“Why didn’t you tell Rome?” Rome asks, snuggling back.

“Wanted to surprise you,” Pick says with a hint of a shrug. His grip around Rome shifts and tightens.

Rome feels warm all over and it’s not just because Pick is cuddling with him. “Rome loves P’Pick,” Rome can’t help voicing, taking Pick’s hand in his where it holds him, tangling his legs with Pick’s.

“Oi,” Pick scolds, no heat to it. He clears his throat, nuzzles the back of Rome’s neck. “Shhh. Let’s sleep a little longer, nong.” His breathing begins to slow and Rome thinks Pick is already sleeping again, but, quieter, Pick speaks, “I love you, too.”

Rome falls back to sleep after Pick kisses him again, a gentle reassurance pressed to his shoulder.

Chapter Text

In the dark, it’s easy.

In the middle of the night, Gun doesn’t care if he’s making mistakes or being reckless, only that someone cares about him, if only then. That he gets what he wants, for what little time he’s allowed.

In the morning, he knows it’s wrong.

Under the lights, he can plead and cling and act cute, but within limits.

He can’t swallow Off down just to hear the noises Off will make.

He can’t ride Off until Off is gripping his hips so hard he leaves bruises, until Off is coming inside him.

He can’t take Off’s hand to him and come while whining for his Papii.

Gun can only be Off’s friend and his shipping partner and the rest is never mentioned, never even considered. After all, it isn’t like Off is Gun’s.

In the dark, Off takes him.

In the light, Off is taken.

Chapter Text

With a new group bonding and establishing a place together, there come new traditions.

Some of the traditions in the Tee house are rather absurd, like how they allow for each other’s quirks.

Some are practical, like how they take care of the house.

Some are sweet, like how they have dinner together at least once a week, or how they have a meeting each month to discuss their lives and appreciate one another.

Due to certain recent changes, their newest tradition is to always knock at least three times at a door with only Maetee and T-Rex behind it.

Chapter Text

Tam doesn’t want to get rid of a moment he’s spent with Krathing, even the ones in which Krathing has slowly pulled loose the threads of all that had happened, why it had happened. Krathing brews more potions to ease the nightmares that talking exacerbates. He holds Tam in his arms.

His touch is welcome and he is understanding, and he eventually lets out his own woes, as insignificant as he says they are in comparison.

They aren’t insignificant to Tam.

All their memories have shaped them into who they are, led them to meet.

Like Krathing himself, they’re important.

Chapter Text

A number of them are running around and Off is scolding the younger actors while laughing the whole while. Most of the company is here for the get-together, excited for the new year, but not all of them are causing chaos.

“P’Off, P’Off,” JJ says.

“What?” Off asks, snorting a laugh as AJ joins them, followed shortly by Nanon, Ohm, and Chimon.

“You have to come this way!” AJ commands, and then the group of them is sweeping him away.

“What the hell—” Off complains, but he doesn’t fight them, curious what shenanigans they’re up to now.

He ends up ushered over to Gun, who takes in his posse with amusement. “What is Papii doing?”

“You think I have any idea?” Off returns.

“This!” Chimon shouts, and he’s holding mistletoe triumphantly above their heads.

Off glances around, sighing as if annoyed, but a smirk takes over and he leans down.