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December collection of drabbles and short stories

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Gun was turning from side to side in front of the big mirror, observing his outfit for tonight's program. His nose scrunched a little as he pouted in dissatisfaction. 

"Papii, are you sure it's fancy enough?" The petite actor asked the man sitting on the edge of his queen-sized bed. 

"Of course. You would look fancy even in the sack, baby." The taller man answered, grinning at his boyfriend.

"Not helping at all." Gun pouted, even more, turning to face him. 

"You are beautiful. Come here." Off opened his arms, waiting for the tiny guy to move over and hug him. Gun giggled as he cuddled into Off's chest. 

"We will be late, Papii," Gun whispered, yet he let the older man hold him in his arms. 

"I don't care." Off replayed, placing a sweet kiss on his full lips. 

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The car ride was taking long, and Khai started to fidget in his seat. He was nervous. They were on the way to visit Third's family. His parents knew about them dating and didn't have anything against it. Third was their beloved child, and they were supporting him in every way. Khai was still nervous, though. 

"Stop." Third spoke up, placing his hand from the steering wheel on Khai's thigh. 

"You don't have to be nervous. My parents already like you." He tried to assure him. 

"But it will be the first time meeting them as your boyfriend," Khai whined, taking Third's hand in his. 

"Unreasonable." Third remarked but smailed at his man anyway. 

"Third." Khai sighs. 

"I don't want to ruin it." He admits. Third's hand squeezed his in comfort. 

"You won't ruin anything, Khai. I love you, and you love me. That's all my parents need." 

"I hope so," Khai whispered, lifting their intervened palms, kissing the back of Third's hand. 

"I am not sure about my older brother, though." Third remarked, taking a glance at his terrified boyfriend. 

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The lights in the room suddenly flickered before the whole house fell in the complete darkness. The small boy scooted further under the table, hiding away from whatever was passing through the kitchen. He could see pale bare feet from his hiding spot slowly pedalling around. The room was quiet, making the boy even more scared. If he makes the noise, the intruder will notice him. The feet stop in front of the table, and the boy gasps in surprise. The time seems to stop for the child when the table cloth suddenly raises, revealing the grinning female face. 

"Wow, Maetee!" T-Rex gasps in surprise. 

"Is it good?" Maetee asks the tiny man unsurely.

"It's perfect. I didn't know you could write the horror so well." T-Rex prised the taller man, giving him an assuring kiss on the cheek. 

"Do you think I will pass this class?" Maetee asks again, pouting when his boyfriend only nods without giving him another kiss. 


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"You should be grateful." Porsche scolded his friend, anger evident in his eyes. 

"For what exactly?" Pick retorted, his eyebrow raised as he felt more annoyed.  

"That you are not dead yet?" Porsche scoffed. 

"When Rome finds out, he will freak out." He added, pointing at his friend's hand in a cast and the patch on his forehead.

"He doesn't need to know what exactly happened." Pick warned his friend. 

"What will you tell him anyway?" Porsche huffed, waiting for Pick's answer, helping him into the car in the process. 

"That I fell?" 

"Tell him a true," Porsche said, starting the engine, driving off of the hospital parking lot. 

"That the fucker Din hired thugs to beat me up to take his revenge?" Pick growled at his best friend. 

"No way in hell." He dismissed the idea, looking out of the window, ignoring his best friend for the rest of the ride home. 


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As soon Gun stepped inside the grand hall, he got welcomed with the exaggerated decorations. The organizer of this party was painstakingly obvious in showing off his wealth. The festive vibes almost disappeared with the enormous amount of gold and silver. Gun would never step inside a place like this if his boss didn't insist. Being secretary of the famous Tay Tawan Vihokratana had its disadvantages. 

"Gun, stop glaring and come here. I need to introduce you to my best friend." His boss called, and before he could protest, he got dragged further into the mansion. 

"I am not important, Tay. You don't have to introduce me to anyone." Gun groned.

"And that's where you are wrong." Tay retorted, pulling him near the buffet table. 

"Sure, everyone here would be so excited to know a mere secretary." Gun rolled his eyes, letting Tay do whatever he wanted. Before being his boss, he was his friend too, after all.  

"Peng!" Tay yelled, letting go of his arm to greet the tall man standing beside the table, observing the treats on it. 

"Fuck, Tay. You startled me." The man cursed as he turned around to face his boss. He was taller than Gun, with sharp futures and piercing eyes. You could easily mistake him for a foreign celebrity if you didn't know he was Thai. By Gun's standards, he was more than handsome. 

"Peng, this is Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat, my dear friend and personal assistant."

"Gun, this is my best friend Off Jumpol Adulkitiporn." Tay introduced them. 

"Nice to meet you, Gun." Off offered his hand for a handshake. Gun blinked a few times, realizing he was staring at the handsome man for longer than necessary. 

"Likewise." He slipped his palm in Off's, avoiding eye contact as much as he could. His cheeks were probably red due to embarrassment. 

"You are cute." Off spoke up, chuckling before he let go of his hand. 

"Stop flirting with my Pet." Tay scoffed, pushing the shorter man behind his back. 


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The smell of red wine, cinnamon, star anise and clove filled the humble apartment. Third was fidgeting and running around the small kitchen counter, preparing the hot drink for his guest. 

"You should calm down," Rome said, eying the older guy from the couch. 

"I can't, Rome. Khai is an idiot. I can't even imagine what he will do." Third sighs as he stirs the boiling wine. 

"I think it will be fun. P'Pick tends to be stupid too." Rome giggled, receiving a glare from his friend. 

"Come here and help me." He gestured to the younger one. Rome stood up from his place, moving towards the kitchen. 

"Why did you make a mulled wine, anyway ?" He curiously asked as he grabbed the cups, taking them into the living room. 

"Khai likes it." Third, answered. Both of them turn around as the doorbell rings. 

"This will be a disaster." Third commented and walked over to open a door. 

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"Hey, is Khai okay?" Kao asked as soon as he spotted Third walking down the stairs. The younger male shrugged with a sigh and walked over to his friend. 

"He says he's fine, but I can see right through him." Third, join Kao on the couch. 

"I am sorry. Pete shouldn't have lashed out at your boyfriend like this." The taller male apologised.

"Not your fault. The one who should apologise is my idiotic brother." Third dismissed the attempt. 

"But to Pete's defence, he saw you cry over Khai numerous times, and now you two are together. His overprotectiveness strikes out. He's your big brother, after all. Don't be too hard on him, please." Kao spoke up, trying to defend the other man.

"I know, but that doesn't give him a right to call Khai a man-whore. He wasn't one in the first place. Sleeping around here and there doesn't make him one. Khai loves me, and I love him. That's what matters." Third pointed out before standing up. 

"You know, Kao, it's nice to see you defend your boyfriend once in a while. I am going back to accompany my boyfriend before he falls into a depression. Tell Pete that if he wants to apologise to Khai, he's always welcome." Third spoke up, taking a few steps up the stairs before he stopped again

"Please explain to him the difference between acting as a big brother and total jerk." He added before he moved back to his room to his boyfriend. 

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Maetee was pacing through the living room. His anxiety struck once again as he saw Watee glare his way. He didn't mean to yell at T-Rex. But his probably soon to be ex-boyfriend was overly clingy at the wrong time. Maetee was behind with writing his script, and he had to complete it today. He certainly didn't want to yell at T-Rex to get lost. He realized too late what he said, watching anxiously how T-Rex's eyes watered before he stormed out of the room. And to his luck, Watee witnessed it all. He can only thank Maitee for stoping his boyfriend's brother before he could do any damage to his handsome face.

 Maetee gathered the courage after a while and walked to their shared bedroom. He stopped in front of the door, hesitating before knocking. He received no answer. 

"T-Rex?" He tried to call out his boyfriend's name. 

"I am sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you." He continued as he heard the rustling from the other side.

"Maetee is so sorry. Will the baby T-Rex forgive him if Maetee promises not to do it ever again?" He spoke up in a soft tone, waiting. He almost gave up when the door opened, revealing the little man with wet cheeks. 

"Maetee won't yell at T-Rex anymore?" He asked with a tiny voice. Maetee shook his head, gathering his boyfriend in his arms, reminding himself to treat his baby the right way next time. 


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The scent of the salt and the cool air was Thawin's favourite. His ship anchored on the small island in the middle of the ocean to replenish their stock. His smile was wide as he watched his men leave the deck and go straight to the nearest village. He contemplated if he should join them or stay behind and relax. His right hand was a capable man, and he had no problem leaving a crew in his hands.  

Thawin didn't realize he fell asleep until he got woken up by a loud noise. He stretched to shake off the sleepiness before he walked out on the deck to welcome his crew. 

"Captain!" The tall, handsome man smiled his way. 

"Hey, Good, how was a raid?" Thawin asked his right hand. 

"We got everything, and I brought a gift for you." The man smirked, signalling to the two others to bring the gift over. Thawin curiously observed the group step back, revealing the tiny male getting dragged in from of him. He was short, with a pale baby face and full lips. Thawin could swear he had never seen a guy so beautiful before. Good did know him so well. 

"What's your name, pretty?" Thawin asked him. 

"Why should I answer to a mare pirate?" The guy snapped back, almost receiving the punch from one of the men. 

"I prepare a word corsair," Thawin smirked, liking the guy's sharp tongue. 

"I am Thawin, and I would like to know your name." He continued, waiting for the answer. 

"I think you wouldn't like to hear me ask again. I am not a very patient person." 

"Punn, you fucker." The boy looked him right in the eyes, showing that he was not afraid of him. 

"I like you. Let's see what else can you do with that sharp tongue of yours." Thawin laughed, grabbing Punn's arm, leading him to his cabin. 

"Get ready to leave!" He shouted before he disappeared below the deck with his gift.


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Gun was sulking in the corner of the Club Sapan Fine set, glaring at his co-actor. 

"Give it back." He tried one more time when the tall man approached him. 

"No can do." Oab laughed, swinging the half-empty bag in front of the smaller one. 

"You ate it!" Gun shouted, the tears treating to fall from his pretty eyes. 

"Come on, Gun. They are delicious. Who wouldn't eat them? It's your fault you didn't want to share." Oab commented as he took a bite from another cookie. 

"I made them for Papii." Gun wailed, blinking away the tears. 

"He was supposed to visit me on the set today." He added, observing the paling man in front of him. 

"Why didn't you say it sooner?" Oab panicked.

"I did, but you didn't listen." Gun snarled. 

"Babii!" The loud voice echoed through the building, announcing the said man arrival. 

"Here, Papii!"Gun shouted back, standing up and running towards the tall figure, which appeared from behind the corner. Oab watched how they hug, and how Gun whispered something into the Off's ear. The older male glared his way, and he knew right away, his short co-actor complained about him, revealing the whole story about the cookies. He swallowed hard, preparing himself for a long talk from his senior. 

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Rome was pacing through the living room, biting his nails anxiously, waiting for Pick and Porsche to come back from the hospital. The moment he got a call from Porsche about Pick being at the hospital, he knew for sure what happened. He blamed himself for not telling Pick about the message he received from Din a week ago. He didn't think Din would still be so hung up on the past. 

The door suddenly opened revealing Porsche, and Pick. Rome gasped, seeing his boyfriend's state. The tear escaped his eyes as he ran to his side, carefully hugging him. 

"I am sorry." Rome sobbed out a apologise. 

"Why are you apologising? You didn't do anything." Pick petted Rome's back gently. 

"I should have told you. I didn't think Din would hurt you." Rome cried more.

"What did you say?" Porsche's eyes bulged out, not believing his ears. 

"Rome?" Pick pushed the shorter male away from him. 

"How do you know about this?" He asked coldly. Rome bit his lip, the nervousness and fear overcoming him. 

"I got a message from an unknown number threatening me, and I knew it was him. I am sorry, Pick. You would have been prepared if I had told you." Rome sobbed. He looked up at Pick with a face stained with tears. 

"Are you mad at me?" The petite man asked, still hiccuping. 

"Yes, Rome. I am mad." Pick spoke up. 

"That fucker dared to mess with my boyfriend again, and I didn't even know about it." He added as he pulled Rome back to his chest with the healthy arm. 

"You need to tell me everything from now on. I can't protect you if you keep it secret from me. Dou you understand?" He continued, waiting for confirmation from the tiny man in his arms. 

"I will." Rome nodded, snuggling closer to his boyfriend, seeking comfort.

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The tension in the room was awful. All the School Rangers were fidgeting in their seats,  observing the pair occupying the opposite corner. The shorter actor was sulking, ignoring any conversation the other one tried to start. 

"Gun, please. Are you still mad you lost in the games?" Off asked the younger one, tugging at his sleeve to grab his attention. 

"It was just a game. Don't get so worked up about it." He continued, ignoring the surprised gasps from the others in the room. 

"Papii is sorry." He tried once again, sighing as the smaller one just pouted more. 

"Meane," Gun whispered, avoiding Off's confused face. 

"Me?" Off asked, observing Gun nodding his little head. 

"Papii laughed at Gun." The guy muttered, snuffling a little. 

"Holy hell, Gun. Come here." Off exclaimed, pulling the tiny man in his embrace. 

"Papii didn't mean to laugh. Papii was excited he won. Will Gun forgive me?" He apologised, kissing the top of Gun's head tenderly. 

"Gun will forgive Papii if Papii takes Gun on a date." The guy pouted, expecting nothing more than agreement from the older actor. 

"Where do you want Papii to take you?" 

"Home," Gun whispered, hiding his redden face in the crook of Off's neck shyly. 

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"I am taking you for a husband in this sacred place, in front of our closest family and friends." The deep voice echoed through the room.

"I will cherish you and love you for the rest of our lives till the death do us part." The vow continued making the shorter man smile. 

"I am taking you for a husband in this sacred place, in front of our closest family and friends." It was his time to make a vow. He giggled in the middle of the sentence, feeling giddy. 

"T-Rex, you are not supposed to laugh." Maetee pouted, clutching the younger's hands tightly. 

"I am sorry, Maetee. But it's strange." T-Rex giggled, squeezing Maetee's hands in response. 

"What's strange? You don't like the idea of getting married to me?" Maetee frowned, feeling somehow hurt. 

"It's not like that. It's just weird to say it in the middle of the living room with others watching us with the popcorn in their hands." T-Rex pointed at the other Tees having the time of their lives as they rehearse for Maetee's upcoming school play. 


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Third lay down on the queen-sized bed beside his boyfriend, wrapping his tiny arms around his waist. 

"Khai? I know you are not sleeping." Third spoke up, waiting for the taller to speak. 

"I didn't make a good impression on your brother." Khai decided to open his mouth after a while. Third had to snort at his boyfriend's stupidness. 

"You are perfect, Khai. Pete is just a jerk who doesn't know how to act." Third, placed a kiss on the back of Khai's neck, waiting for him to turn around. 

"You know Third. I think your brother was right. I don't deserve an angel like you." Khai answered as he wrapped his long limbs around his slim waist, pulling him impossibly close. 

"Stupid. Don't let my idiotic brother's words pressure you. You are more than I can ask for." Third replayed, nuzzling his face in his boyfriend's chest. 

"I love you, Khai. And I will kick Pete's ass if he hurts you again." 

"You would do it for me?" Khai laughed for the first time since they arrived at his family house. Third smiled, happily kissing Khai's clothed chest. They stayed in comfortable silence, enjoying the presence of each other when the knock on the door interrupted them. 

"Third? Khai?" Pete's weak voice echoed from behind the door. 

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A stack of documents lay on the edge of Gun's table, waiting to be taken to his boss for signature. He could easily stand up and take it in the office if it wasn't for the unannounced guest. Tay was neglecting the obligations to his company for a while now, and Gun started to get annoyed. He peeks through the glass wall separating him from Tay's room, observing him talking to his best friend. Off visited quite often these days, making Gun think about the possible reason. They laughed about something, making him even more curious. He stood up from his seat, took the documents in his hands, and walked over to the glass doors. Gun hesitate before knocking. 

"Tay?" He spoke up unsurely. The two looked his way, stopping their conversation, waiting for him to continue.

"You need to sign these." Gun show the papers in his arms, slowly walking over to Tay's desk. He felt Off's eyes follow his every step. 

"Gun, have lunch with me." Off spoke up, startling the poor guy. 

"What?" Gun's eyes widened.

"Hey, Peng, why would you take Gun to lunch and leave me here alone?" Tay whined. 

"Because you need to focus on your work, and Gun can use a little break. Right, Gun?" Off reasoned, winking Gun's way, making him blush. He didn't even know how he ended up nodding in agreement and leaving the office with Off. 

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Weird. Third felt strange looking at Khai and Pick. They look similar in the way he and Rome looked. It was a little funny. Third sipped from his hot drink, eying Khai glaring at his small friend Rome. 

"Stop staring at Rome." Pick snapped at Khai.

"I am not staring," Khai replied, frowning. 

"P'Pick, please." Rome tugged at Pick's sleeve in an attempt to stop the argument. 

"P'Khai didn't stare," Rome added, using his puppy eyes on the older man. Third was watching their interaction with the slight smile. He must agree that they looked very adorable. His flat never felt so warm like this, and he admitted he wouldn't mind for all of them to visit more often. 

"And why are you smiling?" Khai growled, making Third flinch. 

"I was just thinking." 

"About what, P'Third?" Rome asked, tilting his head sideways. 

"That I wouldn't mind for this gathering to become a tradition." Third smiled at Rome, letting him jump on him, and squeeze him in a tight hug. 

"Only if you stop that unnecessary touching." Pick retorted, pulling Rome back to his side. 

"Agree with this one." Khai nodded as he stood up from his seat, plopping himself next to Third, pulling him on his lap. 

"Khai!" Third squeaked but didn't attempt to move away.

"Show off." Pick snorted before he forced Rome to sit on his lap too. 

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Pick paced around the table, the dinner he attempted to make didn't look so grand, yet he hoped Rome would like it. The tiny man was always the one to cook for them and do most of the housework. Pick didn't pay much attention to it until the incident from last week. 

It was around midnight when he arrived back from work. He expected a dark, quiet house, but instead, he got welcome with the light and talking coming from the living room. He followed the noise, thinking about the possibility of his cute little boyfriend waiting for him. Pick was about to speak to get Rome's attention when he realized the position of his boyfriend sitting on the couch looked somehow weird. He walked closer, taking a better glance at Rome. Pick suppressed a gasp. Rome's head was twisted at an awkward angle, making his snores louder than normal. His legs lied secured under his tiny body, and Pick was sure he won't be able to feel them when he wakes up. He was still clutching Pick's shirt. He must have fallen asleep while folding laundry. Pick carefully took the clothing from the guy's hands, putting it aside on the pile of already finished pieces before he pick Rome up and carried him to their bedroom. 

"I am home," Rome announced as soon as he walked inside the house. 

"In the kitchen!" Pick called for him, waiting. 

"What's this? You cooked?" Rome smiled, placing a kiss on Pick's cheek. 

"Hmm. I thought you would like to relax today." Pick answered, scratching the back of his neck nervously.

"Let's eat. It looks good." Rome giggled, sitting on the chair, ready to dig into the meal before him. 


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Off was lying on the mattress with Gun wrapped around him, his eyes fixed on the thin cloth above them. His right hand automatically went in the younger's hair, stroking them lightly. Gun hummed in satisfaction, burning his face more in his chest. Off smiled, glancing back at his partner. Gun was such a precious creature, and he still cannot believe he belonged to him. What if he never realized how much Gun meant to him? What if he didn't accept that his feelings ran deeper? Would Gun still wait for him? Or would he move on?

"You are thinking too much, Papii." The younger actor mumbled sleepily. "

Sleep." He added, kissing his exposed neck before he falls asleep again. Off watched his boyfriend a little more before he decided to put aside unnecessary thoughts and shut his eyes too. 

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"Touch me. It's so easy to leave me. All alone with the memory of my days in the sun. If you touch me, you'll understand what happiness is!" The loud voice screamed through the whole apartment, making Third flinch. When the flat became silent again, he rolled his eyes and went back to wash the dishes. 

"Memory, all alone in the moonlight, I can smile at the old days. I was beautiful then!" The voice shouted again, startling him. The plate slides out of his hand, breaking into pieces. Third, swear as he kneels to pick up shattered pieces. 

"What happened, Tee Rak?" Khai paddled still with wet hair into the kitchen, observing the shorter man curiously. 

"You are not allowed to watch musicals from now on." Third, hissed at his boyfriend before he tossed the broken plate into the garbage. 


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The airport was in utter chaos. No one expects this much amount of Babiis to show up. The crowd was huge, screaming Off's and Gun's names. They just arrived back in Thailand after a fan meeting in Korea. The security made a path for the two actors to walk through, but it was too narrow for walking side by side. The taller one took the lead, letting Gun hold his jacket, making sure he was following him. They waved to fans, stopping for a small talk here and there. The further they came, the bigger and more enthusiastic the crowd got. A constant pulling made Off irritated, yet he tried to smile all the way, quickening his steps as much as the path allowed him. 

He sighed in relief when he got out of the airport hall. Spotting the black van already waiting for him and Gun, he turns around to inform the shorter male. His eyes widened when he didn't see his better half behind him. The time seemed to stop as he wondered where did Gun disappear. Off looked around frantically, trying to locate the cute man. His eyes widened once more when he found him surrounded by the Babiis, without a way to escape. His doe eyes shouted how scared he was, even though he tried to act all cool. Off quickly run back inside, forcing his way to Gun. As soon as the petite man felt Off's presence beside him, he let out a relieved sigh, clinging to him like a cute little koala he was. 

Off's heart was at ease again as they were inside the car. Gun was glued to him, seeking comfort, and he was not surprised it must have been a scary experience for the younger. 

"I am sorry, Gun. I lost you." Off spoke up, hugging Gun tighter. 

"Not your fault, Papi," Gun replied, inhaling the baby scent from Off's neck. 

"Gun is safe now." He added, kissing his neck. 

"I won't let that happen again." Off smiled, kissing the top of Gun's head. 

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"Third? Khai?" Pete's weak voice echoed from behind the door. The two lying boys looked at each other, wondering. 

"If you want to be a jerk again, then go away." Third spoke up, irritated, receiving a glare from his boyfriend. 

"I want to apologise," Pete answered. 

"Let him in," Khai whispered, nudging his apathetic boyfriend to stand up. 

"You sure? I can kick him out." Third asked once more before he moved to the door. Kahi nodded, assuring him to let the poor man in as he stood up from the bed. 

"Hi." Pete smiled awkwardly, trying not to look at his brother's frowning face. 

"Hello," Khai replied, stepping closer to the shorter male, wrapping his arm around his slim waist to keep him calm. Pete's gaze followed the movement, taking a deep breath before he started to talk. 

"I am sorry, Khai. I shouldn't have lashed out at you like that. I know you love my little brother. But I saw him crying over you for a long time, and I couldn't stop myself from being protective." Pete looked at Khai, trying hard to poor all his feelings in the apology. 

"I understand. Third is a precious angel. I am sorry too for causing him so much pain." Khai spoke up, sending a smile to Pete. 

"Why are you apologising?" Third pouted, pinching Khai's side, turning his attention to his nervous brother. 

"You are forgiven for now. But if you pull a stunt like this again, I am going to break the peace and hit you." Third threatened, making Pete node eagerly. 

"Now, move. I am going to sleep with my boyfriend." Third pushed his brother into the hallway, shutting and locking the door in front of his face before he had a chance to utter any nonsense. 

"Third! Not on my watch! I am going to kill you, Khai, if you dare to lay a finger on my baby brother!" Pete shouted, banging desperately on the closed door. 

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It was supposed to be just a launch with Tay's friend. But Gun couldn't stop thinking of it as a date. Off took him to the nearby restaurant, the place looked too fancy for his liking, but his protests didn't come through the older's head. The time flew so fast with Off, and Gun didn't want to let go just yet. 

"Thank you for a meal, but I could have paid for myself." Gun pouted as they stood in front of his company building. 

"No way. I dragged you with me, so I should be the one paying." Off waved him off with a grin. They stood in the place neither of them wanted to leave. Gun fidget nervously, pondering if it would be weird to ask Off for his phone number. 

"Shit." Off cussed, startling the younger man. 

"I was never so nervous to ask someone out." Off admit, making Gun tilt his head in confusion. 

"You want to ask me out?" The corners of Gun's mouth raised. 

"Yes. Tonight, movie?" Off asked.

"Yes, of course! I mean, I would love to." Gun shyly looked away. Off sigh in relief. 

"Tay will kill me, though." He laughed, sliding his phone into Gun's hands.

"I won't let him." Gun smiled, typing his number into the device and handing it back to him. They parted ways, and Gun couldn't wait for the evening to arrive. 

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It's near midnight, and the firework is about to start. The short man nervously played with his fingers waiting for his roommate to come out on the yard. 

"You are late," T-Rex shouted at the taller male. "It will start soon." 

"What will start soon?" Maetee asked, shoving his confused and scared face. It was too dark for his liking, and he would rather be inside the house.

"3,2,1." T-Rex counted before the sky lit up with the colourful firework. He took a deep breath, turning around. He swiftly grabbed Maetee's collar, pulling him down and connecting their lips. 

"Happy New Year." T-Rex giggled, observing his gasping friend. 

"It's only 23rd December," Maetee commented, eyeing the blushing tiny man, smiling himself. 

"Practise." T-Rex shrugged, running back inside the house, leaving stunned Maetee alone. 


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The waves were high, rolling over the deck as the ship swung from side to side. The pirates were on their new journey for the month now, attacking traders, fighting the kingdom's fleet. Punn was still sleeping in the captain's cabin, tired. He got used to the ship, and certainly, he accepted the reality that he belonged to Thawin. The door opened with the loud creak, revealing the tall corsair, waking him up. 

"Awake?" Thawin spoke up as he lied down next to the younger's tiny body. His mouth attacked Punn's naked shoulder, leaving a dark mark on pale smooth skin. 

"I am." Punn nodded, moaning when Thawin's tongue travelled up his neck, leaving the wet trail behind. 

"The countdown for our next landing begins today," Thawin spoke up as he climbed on the Punn's hot unclothed body. His mouth attached to the younger's full lips. 

"How long will it take?" Punn managed to ask in between the kisses. 

"Why? Hoping for the way to escape?" Thawin smirked, biting the sensitive skin on Punn's neck, making him moan in pleasure. 

"No. You know I can't." Punn breath out, grasping Thawin's handsome face with his little hand's, making him look up at him. 

"Not anymore." He added before he connected their lips together once again. 


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Rome let out a heavy sigh. He was so looking forward to this holiday. He planned a peaceful, romantic day for him and Pick. They would cuddle in front of the TV with a lot of unhealthy food and maybe go out for a small walk later only to end in their bed, doing things. But it won't be that case. Rome huffed, glaring at this best friend and her boyfriend, sitting at the end of their sofa, laughing at whatever Pick was saying. He placed the cups on the tray, along with the cookies he managed to bake in the morning before their idiotic friends decided to ruin his plans. 

"Here." He lay the dishes on the coffee table and plopped beside his boyfriend, sulking. 

"It's good, Rome. Did you make it yourself?" Porsche asked, munching on the cookie with gusto. Rome only nodded, not wanting to talk. 

"He woke up early to bake them for me," Pick spoke up, sneaking his arm around Rome's slim waist, pulling him closer.

"I was planning to cuddle my boyfriend all day, and you ruined it." He added as he glared at his best friend, making him choke on the sweet treat. 

"Sorry." Emma apologised softly. 

"I told him you could have had plans, but he didn't listen."

"Emma!"Porsche whined, receiving a light smack on the head from her. 


Chapter Text

Mistletoe, the only decoration Khai was eager to hang in every corner of their house. He woke up earlier than usual. Accompanying Third out of the door and making sure he won't come back from Two's flat before noon. He skipped happily to the closet, taking out the giant paper box, grinning evilly as soon as he pulled out the first twig. 

It took him two hours to hang them all up. Khai smiled at his work, sitting on the sofa, waiting for his lover to come home. The door clicked a few hours later, revealing tired Third. He made a step inside the living room, stopping as he bumped into the Kahi's chest. Third looked up at him, confused why in the hell is his boyfriend puckering his lips? 

"What?" He asked, slightly annoyed. 

"Kiss." Khai grinned, pointing to the ceiling and back at his lips. The shorter male's eyes glanced up, spotting the mistletoe right above their heads. His gaze travelled along with the calling, realizing it wasn't just one twig. The mistletoe decorated the whole thing, not leaving the space anywhere. 

"Khai?" Third spoke up, eying his boyfriend in utter shock. 

"You have no choice. It's tradition. You must kiss me everywhere now." Khai smirked, pulling the still stunned Third for the deep kiss. 


Chapter Text

Gun eyed the glass that was shoved in his hand by Tay suspiciously. The yellowish fluid with the whipped cream looked mouthwatering, and the fragrance was lovely too. 

"Just taste it." Tay urged the younger actor. 

"It won't kill you." He added, waiting for him to drink. 

"I don't trust your homemade eggnog," Gun uttered, looking at Off, who was giggling at the other side of the sofa, trying to crawl closer to his side. 

"I am not going to drink it. Look what it did to Papii." He pointed at his drunk boyfriend. 

"You are no fun, pet." Tay huffed, trying to hand another glass to his best friend, who successfully managed to get closer to his tiny boyfriend. 

"No more for Papii!" Gun yelled as he kicked Tay away from them. 



Chapter Text

"You should be happy, Peng!" Tay laughed hysterically. 

"It's a miracle Gun is talking to you." Arm joined the fun. 

"You two should be helping me, not making fun of me." Off glared at his friends. 

"It's your fault anyway." He added, pointing at the ruined Gucci bag lying carelessly on the table in front of them.

"Hey, we didn't know it was Gun's." Tay tried to defend them. 

"Who would have known that he have his precious bags in your closet." Arm smirked knowingly. 

"Don't play dumb. You know we practically live together." Off growled, making Tay and Arm laugh even more. 

"So it wasn't Papii's fault, after all." The angry voice coming from the door startled them, making Tay and Arm gulp in fear. 


Chapter Text

Rome pouted as the needle poked into the skin of his palm. He turned away from the sight, burning his still tear-stained face into his boyfriend's chest. He felt Pick's hand patting his head in a comforting manner even though he was sure the taller male was still mad at him. 

"We are done." The doctor said as he finished the stitching and bandaging Rome's hand. 

"Be careful next time you try to make a wreath. See you next week for a checkup." The doctor said before leaving the two alone. 

"Are you mad?" Rome dared to ask as they left the hospital. The atmosphere was a bit tense for his liking. 

"Yes." Pick answered, opening the car door for the tiny injured man. Rome bit his lower lip, trying to hold the tears back, watching Pick, closing the door for him, and walking to the driver's seat. 

"I am sorry." He peeped, not daring to look Pick in the eyes. 

"I just wanted to make the decoration myself. I always did it with mom." He added silently. He heard the man sigh beside him and soon after a warm hand, turned his head around. 

"You scared me, Rome. We will do it together next time." Pick warned him before he placed a soft kiss on his forehead.  

Chapter Text

The fork with the piece of a chocolate dessert disappeared in between the full reddish lips, making the owner moan in pure pleasure. The silverware left the mouth again, only to be licked by the most sinful muscle later. Off gulped, watching the action with hawk eyes. He and Gun were waiting for their turn to film. And in between the waiting, they decided to try the food from their fans. 

"Papii, it's so good." Gun moaned, pointing at the brown, sweet treat lying half-eaten on his plate. 

"Wanna try?" He asked before another bite disappeared in his mouth again. The older actor let out a shaky breath, leaning closer to the shorter male. His arm found its way around Gun's slim waist, pulling him closer. Their mouths collide. Gun gasped, opening his lips in shock, and let Off's tongue slip inside his hot cavern. 

"Sweet." Off commented as they parted, receiving a light punch on the chest from the blushing Gun. 


Chapter Text

His eyes were sparkling with anticipation as he quickened his steps to get back home faster. The keys in his hand jingled as he unlocked the door. Stepping inside the darkened apartment, the happy expression on his face suddenly left, leaving him with a frown. He switched the lights on, walking dejectedly into his bedroom. His eyes landed on the photo frame standing on his nightstand, and the corners of his lips raised, drawing a small smile back on his handsome face. 

The sudden bang of the front door and hurried footsteps from the corridor ripped him out of the trance. He only managed to turn around when the tiny body collided with his. 

"Sorry I am late." The short man mumbled as he hid his face in the crook of his neck, kissing it in the process. His arms find their way around the guys slim waist, pulling him closer. 

"I missed you, Gun." He managed to say before he leaned down for a welcome kiss. 

"I missed you too, Papii."