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December collection of drabbles and short stories

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Gun was turning from side to side in front of the big mirror, observing his outfit for tonight's program. His nose scrunched a little as he pouted in dissatisfaction. 

"Papii, are you sure it's fancy enough?" The petite actor asked the man sitting on the edge of his queen-sized bed. 

"Of course. You would look fancy even in the sack, baby." The taller man answered, grinning at his boyfriend.

"Not helping at all." Gun pouted, even more, turning to face him. 

"You are beautiful. Come here." Off opened his arms, waiting for the tiny guy to move over and hug him. Gun giggled as he cuddled into Off's chest. 

"We will be late, Papii," Gun whispered, yet he let the older man hold him in his arms. 

"I don't care." Off replayed, placing a sweet kiss on his full lips.