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“Haa… ngh..”


Cale’s voice reverberated all over the room, his sweat rolled over to his chest as he struggle with his hold.


“Ugh,. hnghh C-Choi Han-ahh..”


Choi Han gritted his teeth as he felt frustrated while looking on the flustered Cale-nim of his, he clenched his jaw and pushed himself up to get a better positioning.


“J-just a little bit.. hgn.”


“A little more Cale-nim..”


Cale bit his hand while looking at Choi Han who was sweating bullets. He reached for the swordmaster’s arm when he felt a sudden thrust,


“W-wait! S-slow down!”


Choi Han forcefully push and pull while feeling irritated when he saw Cale’s reddish legs, it looked ravishing for a man’s legs.


“Cale-nim, almost there..”


Choi Han said as he groaned and wiped a sweat of bullet in his forehead.


“Uhnn.. haa.. ah..”


Alberu’s brows twitched as he glanced over the two individual inside his room, he clenched his fists and hardened his jaw.




“Sorry Hyung, its just the boots is unique.”


Cale answered as he looked towards Choi Han who was helping him pull the stuck zipper of the knee boots he tried to wear.


“Cale-nim the zipper is rusty, the skin of your legs is now bruise. How dare this boots!”


Choi Han said as his eyes fired again, he pull slowly, trying not to hurt the redhead who was groaning.


“This is absurd.”


Alberu clicked his tongue and continued his work.






















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The children in their human form jumped and ran towards the shore of the pink sandy lake Cale bought for their winter vacation, unlike any other places in the continent, the lake seems have no signs of winter season. The area was sunny, giving off the vibes of sunshine and summer. 


Cale's hair fluttered with the cool breeze his clothes danced with the wind as his gaze reached towards the blonde man who was stripping. 


"Uh, Hyung what the hell are you doing?" 


Cale gave Alberu a what the fuck look as he stood from the wooden chair he was sitting. Choi Han beside him had a happy and innocent smile with his black shorts, and the sword on his waist, yes the sword. Ron motioned his hand with a cold lemon iced tea toward Cale. 


"Young Master, His Highness came without informing Ms. Tasha and the servants, he also didn't bring any changing clothes with him." 


"So? He's swimming naked? Are you crazy?" 


Cale snapped his head towards Alberu who was already bare naked, Choi Han was sitting on the ground digging a hole. 


"Hyung! What the hell? If someone sees you, you will lose your dignity as the Crown Prince!" 


"You said it was private! Don't worry I asked Raon to put an isolation spell on the area." 


Choi Han looked up and gazes on Cale.


"Let him be Cale-nim, there's no harm in the sea." 


Cale started to walk as Alberu ran like a child towards the waters. Choi Han followed him while skipping in the sand. Beacrox put some sun block on his skin as his gaze settled on the individuals in the distant. 


"It would be nice if we caught a fish." 


Ron nodded with his son's statement. Cale stared at the children and back to Alberu's bare shining butt as he jumped on the waters, knee length. When Alberu dive on the water, Cale sat on the sand while the water brushes his pale feet, Choi Han beside him picking shiny stones. 


"It's peaceful and pretty. " 


Cale said as he gaze on the horizon in front of him., he had a small and peaceful smile on his face. Choi Han smiled and nodded. 


"I will slash anyone who will ruin this peace." 


He said, making Cale shivered. He looked on the lake once more when Alberu suddenly swam out of the water, as if struggling. 


"Cale help!" 


The Crown Prince yelped as he tried to ran to the shore. 




"What the hell Hyung?!" 


Cale suppressed his laugh and his face was painted with red when he saw a large fish hanging on Alberu's dick. It swallowed the shaft whole. 




Cale's eyes shook with anticipation and suppression as he can't bring to touch the large squirming fish. Alberu ran like a whining kid towards Cale's direction, Cale yelped as he pushed Choi Han. 






Choi Han said with a nervous voice with the sword on his hands, he was eyeing the fish. The fish is as large as Cale's arms, it has a shiny blue scales with big pouty lips, in Choi Han's eyes, the fish squinted its eyes and smirking. It swayed its tail and squirmed asking for air.






Alberu shouted and ran away while trying to remove the fish on his dick, he pulled it with all his might but the fish's lips were stuck on the edge of the shaft, it really swallowed the dick whole. 




"Your Highness?" 


Ron had a shock look on his face while pouring a sauce on the steak he was preparing, Beacrox beside him has a more shocked face while looking at the royalty. 






Alberu said with a very flustered and embarrassed face while pulling the fish from his length. 


























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Alberu cleared his throat as he heard Choi Han’s stomach grumbled angrily, he leaned towards him.


“Instructor-nim, are you hungry?”


Choi Han looked at him with a nervous expression, while Cale looked at them shamelessly. They were sitting on the front pews as the Thanksgiving mass was being held. The pope was giving his homily and the three of them are on the front lines, making everyone at the back notice them easily.


“I am fine Student-nim.”


Choi Han said as he was sweating bullets. Cale tapped his shoulders.


“Choi Han if you are that hungry you can go, and eat.”


“No. Cale-nim. I. am. not. hungry. at. all.”


Cale and Alberu’s brows twitched as they continued to stare at him.


“Human, Choi Han will be more embarrass if you continue to look at him like that! Here, I will give him apple pie.”


“Eat Choi Han nya!”


“That’s right! Don’t starve yourself nya!”


Choi Han aggressively shook his head as soon as apple pies appeared in front of him, while the kids are looking at him eagerly, asking him to eat. Cale grab one apple pie and shove it to him, touching his lips.




Cale ordered him. Alberu hold his hand and tried to make him hold the pie, he shakes his head.


“Please Cale-nim, the priest is giving homily, I really am not hungry.”


“Who cares about that? Just eat, I don’t want you to starve yourself.”


“Right, the lord will understand the situation of your stomach.”


Alberu and Cale puffed their cheeks proudly as they said those words, Choi Han still refused. Hi hands trembled as if holding something back. His expression doesn’t look good.

“Oh no! You look bad Choi Han!”


Raon exclaimed making the priest stopped for a while, he continued when the Crown Prince’s secretary asked him to continue his talk.


“I. am . really. fine. Not . hungry.”


“Don’t say that nya! Just eat the apple pie!”


On said while rubbing her forehead on Choi Han’s legs, Hong was sitting on Cale’s lap when he scratched his ears, furs flew in the air, tickling Choi Han’s nose.


“The lord sees everything, you cannot hide something from him-”






Choi Han couldn’t contain it anymore. He sneezed and fart at the same time. Raon, On and Hong was so shock that they were frozen in place, Cale and Alberu quietly backed away from him, the priest stopped mid sentence.


There was a moment of silence in the church.


“PFTT. Ahem.”


Not until Beacrox laughed. His shoulders were shaking, Ron beside him had a benign smile on his face and smacked his son’s nape. Everyone was holding their laughs as the priest was holding his laugh too while continuing his homily.

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“So you really aren’t going to back off Dongsaeng? You really be testing my patience lately.”


“Oh yeah? Did I get full marks in testing your patience Hyung?”


Alberu smacked Cale’s hand which is on top of his. He huffed in annoyance and his brows twitch as he hear his little brother talking back at him.


“Cale I swear to god, you better not anger me.”


“Wow Hyung you are such a little bitch, behind your holy and angelic face I can’t believe you can swear to God.”


“HA! Cale, who are you to smart mouth me, you did much worse than me, you cursed and sealed a God.”


Alberu exclaimed while pointing his finger to the redhead who had an annoyed look on his face.


“Well, wow! Aren’t I amazing?”


Alberu gritted his teeth as soon as Cale plastered an annoying smirk on his face. He chuckled in response, as if laughing in disbelief.


“Wow, so this is where our relationship ends huh? I’m never giving you your slacker life!”


“Excuse me? I can slack all day long since I have nothing to do anymore!”


“Yeah? Did you forget who I am? One word you can become the Prime Minister of this empire.”


Cale’s eyes shook in disbelief and nervousness.


“Ha! You are finally showing your true colors!”


“That’s right I am!”


Alberu reached for the plate on the table when Cale smacked his hand, preventing him from doing so.


“That is not yours!”


“Everything in this palace is mine Cale.”


“Why are you like this Hyung?”


“I wonder too Dongsaeng.”


Alberu grinned as he saw Cale’s reddening cheeks in annoyance. The redhead crossed his arms, and looked at him like a spoiled brat.


“Loser. White Star’s cookies are much tastier than here.”


“Wha- what?”


Alberu can feel his face’s hotness, from his nape to his entire face.


“I know you are still feeling envy when I praised White Star’s cookies instead of yours.”


“What the hell are you talking about Cale? Since when did I express myself like that?!”


“I know! It’s written all over your face!”


“No its not!”


“Yes it is!”





“Choi Han nya! Why are they fighting over that one piece of brownie on the plate? Grandpa told us that it is bad to fight in front of the food.”


Hong asked as he munched on the chewy cookie on his plate, On shake her head as she continue to eat. Raon fluttered his wings and licked his lips as the chocolate from the cupcake he was eating stick to his lips.


“Choi Han can’t we just give the Emperor this cupcake here, human seems to really want that brownie.”


“It’s fine Raon, Cale-nim is an adult already, he knows what he is doing.”


No he don't!


Ron thought, he heard this statement of Choi Han and he wanted to smack the back of his head. He just arrived from getting tea when he heard his young puppy and the emperor bickering over the one brownie left on the palate.


“Wow! So adults fight over this kind of things too!”


“Right nya! When we grow up let’s fight like that too!”




Maybe its time for me to retire, I feel like I might die in stress.


Ron thought to himself.

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“Hyung, Choi Han, I like you both, romantically.”


Cale declared as soon as he finished eating his cookies, he was sitting in the Emperor’s couch, in front of him was the Emperor Alberu Crossman, and beside the coffee table was the sword master Choi Han. Both had a shock expression on their faces, their jaws hanged open while their eyes widen in surprise with the sudden confession.


“Wh-what are you saying Cale? Stop making jokes.”


“Cale-nim, are you alright? You are not controlled by some demon right?”


Cale’s brows twitched as he sighed in annoyance.


“Seriously? You think I am that kind of person who will joke about this kind of thing?”

Cale was feeling irritated by their reactions, if he wasn’t sexually frustrated and bored he wouldn’t do this confession! Besides, Eruhaben pushed him to do so.


“I get it, I get it. You like me but not in the way that I like you right? No worries, I just want to confess.”


Alberu and Choi Han looked at each other, and back to Cale.


“Cale I appreciate your feelings but I, I don’t see you that way. You are a precious brother to me. I am sorry.”


“Cale-nim, I promise myself to become your sturdy sword, hence I am not worthy of your affection Cale-nim. I apologize.”


Cale rolled his shaking hand on his wet hair and squinted his eyes.


“What are you guys apologizing for? There’s nothing to be sorry for, it’s not like it’s your fault. Anyway, it’s fine, as I have told you I just want to express this feeling.”


Cale smiled genuinely at them, Alberu smiled back and Choi Han scratched the back of his head as they continued to chat over trivial things as if nothing happened.






“Hngh! This is all your fault Eruhaben-nim! I am done with your pushing and teasing!”


Cale covered his head with a pillow as he whined like a child in front of Eruhaben and Ron, Clopeh who was also in the room was drawing something in the floor, as if sketching a ritual for curses.


“Did they really rejected you? That was dumb.”


Eruhaben asked him, thinking if his calculations was wrong.


“Young Master, do you want me to take good care of them?”


Ron asked while holding his precious dagger. Clopeh snapped his head and was about to say something when Cale cut him off.


“Shut up Clopeh.”


Clopeh frowned and continued what he was doing.


“Cale did they say that they can’t accept your feelings?”


Cale only hummed as he tried to suppress his tears. Ron poured tea on a cup and tried to console his young master. Eruhaben sighed, maybe he was wrong with his observation? He was never wrong tho, he knew that those like Cale romantically.


“Eruhaben-nim, maybe they haven’t realized it themselves yet? The confession was enough to throw them into confusion.”


Ron said as he arranged the cookies and cupcakes on the plate. Eruhaben hummed, and rubbed his chin with his thumb. Clopeh stood up and brushed off his clothes.


“Cale-nim, you said you are bored and sexually frustrated about them right? That is why you confessed to them, and if ever they accept you guys might go all the way?”


Clopeh asked while wearing a deerstalker hat and a pair of eyeglasses, he was writing something on a paper as he looked at Cale. Cale was already sitting on his bed, binge eating cookies and cupcakes with tears on his eyes.


“That’s right.”


Ron answered on his young puppy’s behalf, he was currently wiping the traces of chocolate on Cale’s face as if the redhead was a 5 year old kid.


“Then why don’t you call for a male harlot? Its not like there’s a harm for you to do it.”


Silence fell in the entire room as Clopeh said that, he was shaking his quill pen while observing their reactions. Cale’s eyes were fixed on Clopeh who had a strange look on his face, staring back at him.


Ron and Eruhaben contemplated with the suggestion. Eruhaben looked at Cale with a sly smile on his face.


“Do it. Throw the bastards who won’t accept you feelings and enjoy yourself. The children were on vacation, send the harlot to your villa.”


Eruhaben suggested as he smirked. Ron nodded his head as he poured Cale another cup of tea.


“Should I look into it Young Master?”


Cale scratched his finger and gave Ron his answer.


“Okay, it’s not like I will like them forever after their rejection.”


Cale said yes, that was Clopeh’s signal to approach the hero.


“Then Cale-nim,”


Clopeh crouched as he held and kissed the back of Cale’s hand.


“Can I apply for the first spot? I am good with my mouth.”


Clopeh displayed a lustful expression towards Cale, his emerald eyes screamed lust and desire, his cheeks were beet red.


Eruhaben and Ron only shake their heads with the white haired man’s actions. Cale laughed in disbelief and caress Clopeh’s cheeks.


“Crazy bastard, is this your plan all along?”


Clopeh plastered a wide grin, and bit one of Cale’s finger.




He hummed as he left some saliva on Cale’s skin and puckered his lips.


“Send a word to the palace that I won’t be receiving any of their presence.”


Ron nodded when his young master gave out an order.


“And as for him, send him to the villa.”


Cale’s heart beat loudly with both excitement and sadness, but joy overwhelmed his heart now that he know that he can sate his bodily desires.

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“Send everyone away.”


Cale ordered Ron as soon as he entered his chamber with Clopeh behind him.


“Yes, Young Master. But, I will be going to the market to do some business, no one will be here, will you be okay?”


Cale clicked his tongue in annoyance as he sat on the edge of his bed.


“Ron who do you think am I?”


Ron nodded and closed the door. Cale fumbled over his clothes, as he started to remove the upper clothes he was wearing.


“Go. Clean.”


Cale pointed his finger towards his bathroom, ordering Clopeh to clean himself. The white haired man rushed like a cheetah towards the bathroom to clean himself. Cale let his back fall on the bed as he stared in the ceiling.


Is this enough to forget the two of you?

He asked himself while listening to the running waters from the bathroom where Clopeh was.














Alberu accepted the call without hesitation as he put down the sword he was holding, Choi Han on the other hand stopped from attacking when he saw the Emperor accepted a call from a video communication device.


“Who is it?”


Choi Han asked as he approached Alberu. Ron’s face was on the screen, the background was the Super Rock Villa’s kitchen.


“Good afternoon Your Highness.”


“Good afternoon, why did you call? Is there a problem?”


Ron shake his head and plastered his benign smile on camera. Eruhaben suddenly popped beside him and waved.


“Good afternoon Eruhaben-nim.”


“Eruhaben-nim where is Cale-nim?”


Choi Han asked without hesitation, Ron and Eruhaben looked at each other and smiled.


“Choi Han you can stay in the palace for the next few days. Your Highness please take care of him, we will just contact you if you can be home again. I’m counting on you.”


Eruhaben said as he munched on a red apple. Choi Han’s brows twitched.


“What do you mean Eruhaben-nim? Is something wrong with Cale-nim? I will head over there.”


“No need. You can’t help anyway.”


“What is this all about?”


Alberu asked this time.


“Oh, its just Cale has something to do these days, he don’t want to be disturbed that’s why he told us that he don’t want to see anyone’s presence during those time.”


Alberu and Choi Han looked at each other, contemplating.


“We will head there to talk to Cale.”


Alberu declared as he motioned his sword towards his personal butler.


“That is not necessary


Ron was about to say something when Eruhaben cut him off.


“Alright, but don’t cause ruckus here. Whatever he was doing, its out of your business. Both of you.”






“That’s it. Good luck!”


Eruhaben ended the call immediately and started to fluctuate his golden dusts all over the villa. He put a noise cancellation spell. He nodded at Ron and both of them left.









Cale stepped out of the bathroom and saw Clopeh sitting on the sofa with a hopeful gaze, he immediately stood as soon as he saw Cale.


“Now that I think about it. You are really obedient to me Clopeh.”


Cale started to walk towards Clopeh as he strip the robe he was wearing.


“Pleasure me.”


Cale said as he sat on the edge of the bed, taunting the white snake in front of him. Clopeh kneeled and slowly touched Cale’s manhood, he wetted his lips and licked the tip of the shaft he was holding.




Cale let out a moan and gripped on the sheets. Clopeh swallowed the head of his manhood and started to suck it, making loud slurping sounds. It was a fast movement, harsh and a little painful, but Cale arched his back and grasp Clopeh’s hair, his face heated up and his breath rigged due to the aggressive action.


“ugh, ahh, ahhhh, wait-,”


“S-slow down! Ah, ah ah!”


He fell on his back, burying himself on the bed sheets, grasping for air. Clopeh traced his lips from the tip of his dick down to his balls, making kissing sound.


“Haa, haa, haa,,”


He huffed, and shivered when he felt a finger trying to insert on his butt hole. He immediately reached for Clopeh’s hair.


“W-wait! I’m the one receiving?”


He asked innocently, Clopeh looked up to him. Seeing the redhead with a very flustered face turns him on more and more.


“You don’t want to Cale-nim? You can be the top, but your hips may gave out when thrusting. Considering your stamina.”


Clopeh said with a small smile on his face, looking directly at Cale. Cale contemplated.


“Don’t worry Cale-nim, I am not Clopeh Sekka today, remember I am your Harlot.”


Clopeh climbed to the bed and spread Cale’s pale legs, he closed the distance between them, he grab the opportunity to lick Cale’s earlobe.


“I will be doing the work. I will work hard Cale.”


That sent him shivers. Cale didn’t respond but he bit his lips when he felt a finger entering him.


“Hold me.”


Clopeh ordered and Cale did so.









“Ah! Ah! Ah! Hngh!”


“E-enough! Ahh, ah!”


Cale arched his back when he felt another finger inserting and pumping the hell out of him. Four fingers are already thrusting inside him.


“Ah, ugh ah C-clopeh s-stop you bastar-urgh!”


Clopeh chuckled as he suck on Cale’s already reddish nipples, as if milking him.


“Alright, alright.”


Clopeh removed his fingers and spread Cale’s legs, staring at the mess he made on Cale. Cale was catching his breathe when he felt a larger thing entering him.


“Ah, ah, ah It hurts!”


He squirmed underneath Clopeh but the white haired man grabbed and pulled him into a hug before thrusting his entire shaft inside the writhing redhead.




Cale hitched on his breath and tried to feel the pulsating dick inside him.


“Ugh, ah, haha, I almost came as soon as I entered Cale-nim.”


Clopeh said as he stared on Cale’s face, he positioned his arms beside Cale’s face, staring directly at him. Cale’s hands were loosing grasp on the sheets, as if telling him he calmed down. Clopeh did a slow push and pull, watching Cale’s expression beneath him.


“Ah, ah, ahh,”


When he confirmed that he wasn’t hurting anymore, he did not held back a second and started to thrust aggressively.


“ugh ah, ah , ah!”


“F-fast! Too fast! Agh!”


Cale grasp the sheets tightly as he receive the delirious pleasure. His head has hanging on the edge of the bed, giving him a full view of his bathroom and the door. He shouted in pleasure when Clopeh pounded him like a hungry man, lifting his waist and thrusting non stop. Moans filled the room.


“Aah! Agh! Ahh!”


He couldn’t recognize his own voice while being pounded, he was drooling with pleasure, smiling ear to ear.


“Yes! Yes! Aahh! Aahhn! More!”


“More! Fuck me! Wreak me! AH!”


His toes curled and his grip tightened, feeling the climax building inside him. He deliriously called Clopeh’s name.


“Clopeh! Aah! Aah! Oh!”


“Cale! Cale! Ohh! Ohh!”


Clopeh replied him with moans. Cale arched his back  as he rolled his eyes due to the pleasure he was feeling.




He almost lost consciousness as both of them came at the same time. A hot gushed of semen filled him, adding more pleasure. He did not stop moaning Clopeh’s name, and asking him to stop, the white haired was still pounding him hard while cumming inside him.


“Clopeh~! ah! s-stop!”


He wanted more, the pleasure was seeping to his bones, his head was hazy and the only thing he was thinking was the pleasure he was feeling,  not until the door of his room burst open.







Choi Han and Alberu entered the room only to see Cale getting fucked Clopeh, who had ha happy smile on his face. Ofcourse, they thought Cale was being molested. Their vision darkened.


Cale was drowned in pleasure and lust, and was on his own world, he did not even know that Eruhaben was already in the room stopping Choi Han and Alberu from killing Clopeh who was licking his fingers, taunting them.



"I wanna top.."





“Ah, fuck me more~”


Cale said while sucking two fingers, he totally lost it.

Chapter Text



Alberu was fuming mad when he saw Cale’s hickeys and bruises all over his body, Choi Han was reaching Clopeh who was behind the golden dusts of Eruhaben.


“I told the both of you to not create a ruckus here!”


Eruhaben exclaimed, he immediately ran towards Cale's room as soon as he felt two presence who entered the villa, he knew something was up,  he clicked his tongue and threw a blanket to Cale, covering his body. Cale’s mind was blurry and hazy, but he managed to crawl from the center of the bed towards the edge, trying to reach for Clopeh. He seems drowned and addicted.


“Clopeh I wanna top, no, whatever position, ah, please.”


Cale tried to reach for him but Choi Han held out his arms and grab Cale by the waist, he then gave him a back hug.


“Cale-nim.. please don’t.”


He begged Cale to stop, but Eruhaben pulled Cale out of his grasp.


“That’s useless. He was intoxicated, he suggested that the room  should be filled with aphrodisiac scent. He won’t stop unless he gets what he wants.”


“Why?! Why would you do that?!”


Choi Han exclaimed angrily, Eruhaben raised his brow and replied arrogantly.


“How about you two? Why are you doing this? Butting into people’s sexual activities. You shouldn’t care what would Cale do to sate his needs.”


Eruhaben approached Alberu who was beside Choi Han,


“Remember, you are just his sworn brother, Emperor Alberu.”


He said coldly, staring eye to eye with Alberu, he then snapped his neck towards Choi Han and pointed his index finger to his chest.


“And you have nothing to do with his sexual activities even though you are like a family to him! Didn’t you vowed to just be his sword? Why are you ranting like a jealous man?”


Choi Han and Alberu fell in silence, Eruhaben snapped his fingers and the golden dusts disappeared, freeing Clopeh.


“Cale-nim, I will give you a head.”


Clopeh immediately approached Cale who was standing beside the bed, the redhead nodded and take his seat, moments later the silence, moans are the only sound that can be heard in the room.




Cale regained his senses, nervous with their dark expressions he ordered them, Eruhaben tried to dragged them  but they remained standing, and stoic.”


“ah, ah, ah!”


Cale grasp Clopeh’s hair as he receive the pleasure from Clopeh’s mouth.


“Didn’t you hear me? I said leave!”


He shouted while drooling over the pleasure.




Choi Han dropped his sword creating a loud noise on the floor, he then started stripping his clothes.


“Choi Han?”


Alberu called the black haired man out but sniffling sounds are his only reply.


“Hngh.. uhhn, Cale-nim, I don’t like this. I’m sorry, I like Cale-nim too. I’m sorry I lied. I love you Cale-nim, please don’t be like this.”


Choi Han was crying while standing on the edge of the bed naked. Alberu had a shock look on his face, and Eruhaben beside him while grinning from ear to ear, almost chuckling.


“Cale-nim please.. I don’t like it, Cale-nim, I want to embrace you too. Don’t cast me away.”


He cried like a kid whose lollipop was stolen. Cale stared at him and smiled, Clopeh stopped sucking him and gave him a deep kiss.




Choi Han bit his lips and clenched his fists as he saw the white haired man kissed his liege,  Cale was staring at him while receiving the kiss. Clopeh motioned his face to Cale’s ear.


“Call me anytime when you wanna top Cale-nim, I’m always ready to spread my legs for you.”


Cale nodded his head, Clopeh walked and picked his clothes up.


“You’re done?”


Eruhaben asked, Clopeh shrugged his shoulders.


“Well, there seems an interview for the empty slots.”


Eruhaben managed to dragged Alberu out, the blonde man was just staring at the door where he just left.




















Cale gestured his hand, Choi Han almost run to reach the redhead, he embraced him tightly while calling out his name.


“Cale-nim, Cale-nim,  I’m sorry Cale-nim.”


Cale caressed Choi Han’s hair, Choi Han lifted him up, making Cale wrapped his legs to Choi Han’s sturdy waist. The redhead looked down to Choi Han who suddenly dumped themselves in the bed. Their hard manhood touched each other, sending shivers.


“Ugh? I thought you don’t want me Choi Han-ah.”


Cale teased him, he shake his head vigorously and planted small kisses on his face.


“I’m sorry, I thought it was for the best, I thought you don’t deserve someone like me Cale-nim, who can’t offer anything, because you are the one who saved me, who gave me family, I thought it was for the best, I was contented with just being your sword, but when I saw you being embraced by other, it tore me Cale-nim. Please give me a chance to redeem myself.”


“Choi Han-ah..”


Their eyes locked, Choi Han brought his hand towards their manhood and started rubbing them.  


“Hngh, ahh.”


“Cale-nim, ah..”


Choi Han’s rigged and full of calluses hand were only adding pleasure to their skin, Cale wrapped his arms to Choi Han’s neck as he arched his back. Choi Han clenched his jaw and fasten the job as he felt shivers with his liege’s sweaty moans.





A large amount of semen spurted, scattering in Cale’s  stomach and on Choi Han’s hand. Choi Han and Cale’s eyes locked as they stare at the mess they made, they both giggled with their actions. Choi Han cupped Cale’s cheeks and gave him a full and deep kiss, he inserted his tongue inside the redhead’s mouth, scooped and licked every corner, as if cleaning something.




Cale flinched when he felt something hard poking in his hole, and Choi Han intentionally bitten his lower lip.


“Haa.. Cale-nim.”


Choi Han’s  gray eyes met his gaze, he saw lust and anger in them.


“Cale-nim, I think I need to do a little clean-up inside you. I want to make sure I will dig up every dirt that bastard left on you.”


Cale shivered with the coldness in Choi Han’s voice, he bit his lips and nodded. His heart beat loudly with excitement and overwhelming joy now that finally he can have the man that he like, seems like the Harlot plan was really effective.


Effective. Yes, they had been at it for 8 hours now.


“Ah! Haa, hnghh! N-no more..”


“C-choi han-ahh.. ah! I-I’m going to die-agh!”



Choi Han grabbed both of his hands as he continued to fucked him from behind, Cale’s tears cascade from his eyes down to his cheeks, his saliva was dripping like waterfalls from his mouth, his eyes were blurry and his mind was hazy.


Cale’s bed was wrecked, the legs broke when Choi Han slammed his dick to Cale’s hole from the back the first time, it couldn’t contain the shaking and pounding, so it gave up and now they are in the sofa, dripping in sweat and steaming in pleasure.




Cale’s mind went blank, his eyes shoot up as he moaned loudly when Choi Han thrust his shaft inside him hardly, and released another load of his juices. His womb was so hot and so full, it was bloated, as if he had a baby bump. Choi Han huffed as he let go of Cale’s arms, the redhead slumped and fell like a withered vegetable in the sofa.


“Hic! No more!”


Cale shouted when  he felt Choi Han was trying to enter him again.


“One more time Cale-nim, this will be the last one. Haa…”


Choi Han said as he part Cale’s legs, however, Cale tried his best to close them while listening to the voices inside his head.



“Cale’s cause of death will be sex.”  Super Rock


“That’s a new way to die.”  Sound of the Wind


“Legendary death from Choi Han’s dick.”   Fire of Destruction


“Cale, the vitality can’t just continue to keep healing your broken asshole for straight 8  hours you know.”  Retrogressive Water



Cale’s face heated as he bit his lip in embarrassment while kicking Choi Han, trying his best to stop him.


I’m never getting a harlot again!



























Extra scene:




The glass door from the veranda of Cale’s bedroom creaked open, the man carefully stepped inside.




A large amount of semen exploded towards Cale’s pretty face.


“So you’ve come.”


“To think that you are more wicked than I thought you were.”


The man stride hurriedly, approaching the redhead who was kneeling in the floor, Cale seems unconscious but at the same time was awake. When he was about to reach the redhead, he bumped to something invisible, like a barrier.




“Hmph! Hmph!!”


Beside Cale was another man who was tied with mana restrictions, and was inside a weird looking orb, Choi Han, who seems begging to release him.


“The aphrodisiac seems to work really well, don’t you think so? Emperor Alberu?”


Alberu slammed his fists towards the barrier, the veins on his neck almost erupted.




Alberu exclaimed angrily, banging his fist on the barrier. Eruhaben plastered a wide grin on his pretty face as he caressed Cale’s soft hair, he squinted his eyes and licked his lower lip.


“Arrogant fools. Cale will always come back crawling to me.”





Chapter Text

Eruhaben’s ears perked as he heard little giggles coming from the garden, he stealthily looked at the giggling children who were stealing ripe strawberries. He squinted his eyes when he saw Raon stuff 6 strawberries in his mouth, Hong even biting on the strawberry stem itself, and On was the look out, biting a bright red strawberry.


Cale’s gonna be so mad.


Eruhaben thought of Cale’s fuming face when he was scolding the children after eating too much chocolate last month, he even stopped buying chocolate products. He was about to jump on them when he saw the redhead fast approaching the same spot where Raon and the cat siblings were.


“Raon! On! Hong!”


The redhead’s face were flustered and crumpled, as if displeased. They were caught in 4k, Raon was chewing a ripe strawberry, Hong was licking his paw and On was trying to bite another piece again.




“C-cale nya, this isn’t what you think it is!”


“T-that’s right nya! W-we were just checking for pests nya!”


On and Hong reasoned out to the redhead, Cale’s brows raised. Raon jerked his head and immediately wiped his mouth and nodded.


“T-that’s right! Luckily there were no pests!”


Cale crossed his arms and stared at them.




The three children nodded vigorously, while trying to hide the berries they had picked behind them. Raon was opening his magic bag, and attempted to put the strawberries.




Raon froze in his spot as soon as he heard Cale’s voice.


“How many strawberries did you eat?”


On bit her lip and answered in behalf of her brothers.


“Just a little nya..”


“Just a little?”


Cale roamed his eyes on the strawberry farm, two rows of strawberry bushes were emptied out, the ripe ones were eaten. The redhead massaged his forehead and scratched his nape.


“Choi Han.”


The sword master  popped beside Cale, with his head down. Fidgeting on his fingers.


“Take the kids to their rooms, and tell Ron that they are not allowed to eat the chocolate cake I have prepared for their afternoon snack.”






“Nya, were sorry!”


Eruhaben just stayed quiet as he watched Choi Han dragged the children away, saying sorry, asking Cale to let them eat the cake, the redhead just shake his head and scratched his brow. Eruhaben stood up from crouching and revealed himself to Cale. The redhead was startled.


“Eruhaben-nim! You startled me.”


“Hey, you looked stressed.”


Cale just nodded and looked at the strawberries he planted.


“Well, they ate a lot.”


Cale and Eruhaben looked at the strawberry bushes and looked at each other, they sighed in unison.


“Seems like Choi Han has done something unimaginable again.”


Eruhaben commented as he walked beside Cale. The redhead sighed heavily.


“Haa, he accidentally destroyed the entire training ground, is what he said to me.”


“What? Isn’t that the fourth one this month?”


“Yes, I think there will be more coming. What about you Eruhaben-nim, why were you hiding anyway?”


Eruhaben froze and continued abruptly, he sighed heavily while thinking about it.

"I was mad, I don't want to vent it on them, it was my fault, so I decided to ignore them."


Cale looked at Eruhaben who had a very red face. The redhead knew that something happened.


"What happened? Is this about last time you went with the children to the market?" 





"Goldie Gramps are we going to buy something too? Can we bring our wallets?!" 


Raon exclaimed happily, beside him was Hong who was tying the strap of his wallet to his neck, and On who was looking at him with sparkly eyes. 


"You can do what you want, wait for me in the living room, I'll just take a quick bath." 


The children giggled and and ran to the living room as Eruhaben took his quick bath. When he stepped out of his room, he was rushing. He made an appointment with a craftsman by 10, he was running late. 


"Let's go. He said as he ripped a teleportation scroll with the capital's coordinates. The children ran towards him excitedly, but they fell quiet when the golden dragon ripped the scroll, a flash of light illuminated the room, and stares of children pierced him. 






When they arrive in the noisy capital, a straight stare welcomed Eruhaben. The children stared at him deeply, unwavering. 


"What is it?" 


He asked, On looked at his brothers and shake her head. 


"Nothing Gramps!"  


Raon awkwardly chuckled as the cat siblings nodded their heads. Eruhaben just raised his brow and fixed his clothes and walked. 


"Stay with me. Make sure you don't get lost." 


He reminded, the children walked beside him while digging stares. The people was also staring at him, some women giggled and blushed on the sight of him. There were confused elders, and vendors on the sidewalks were giggling and chuckling. He was feeling irritated as he reached the place were his appointment was scheduled, the children followed him as he entered the building.


"WELCOME ESTEEmed dragon-nim..."


The attendant assigned to greet him froze in his spot, his eyes shook as he composed himself again, he closed his eyes while smiling, and continued.


"I will call the craftsman sir, please wait for a moment." 


He nodded, the children were quiet on the corner, as if holding their own meeting, they were glancing on Eruhaben and whispering. Eruhaben brushed it off since it is normal for children to act that way. A minute later, the craftsman arrived and greeted him with smiling crescent eyes. The man was sweating bullets and fidgeting while showing him the item he requested. It was an alarm clock. He checked the features he suggested and nodded his head. 


"This is perfect. I will pay it now." 


Eruhaben said as he reached for his buttocks, touching his butt looking for his wallet. He fumbled but he didn't touched anything. 




"Oh no, I forgot my wallet." 


He remembered he put it on the top of his bed, beside his pants but he forgot to bring it. Besides that, he did not bring his magic bag. The craftsman fidgeted, and decided to speak. 


"That, dragon-nim. You forgot.." 


"Yes, I forgot my wallet." Eruhaben smiled awkwardly while fumbling on his waist. 


"Yes. But you forgot to put on your pants too dragon-nim…" 


Eruhaben looked at him, and glanced on his legs. His shook as he saw his white legs, he was wearing black socks and a pair of leather shoes. 


He not was wearing his pants but his golden silk boxers! 


The red cherry patterns on the silk were very visible, emphasizing his fine white legs. Eruhaben's face heated up, he trembled in embarrassment, as he snapped his head towards the three children who turned their back on him, shoulders trembling. 





















Cale's shoulders shook as he trembled in laughter. 


"So you walked in the capital wearing cherry patterned silk boxers?" 


Cale laughed hardly as he imagine why the people were staring at him. Eruhaben slapped Cale’s shoulders, the redhead stumbled and dropped on his knees due to the sudden force.




“Oh, I’m sorry! Unlucky Bastard, how are you so weak?”


Cale snapped his neck towards Eruhaben as the golden haired dragon helped him up.


“Wow, you don’t have to rub salt on the wound Eruhaben-nim.”


Eruhaben just shrugged and helped Cale up.


“How about you? I have heard there was trouble yesterday.”


Cale stayed silence and sighed heavily, feeling stressed.




Cale messed his hair as they continued to walk, he was clicking his tongue.


“Aigoo, my poor life. I asked Choi Han and Lock to accompany Bud in travelling the Northern Continent yesterday, but the pain in the ass drunken bastard offered a drink on the two, both of them got drunk, and started killing the monsters on the Forest of Darkness.”


“It was so noisy that I even in my sleep I can still remember the horrified screams of the monsters. The children dragged me to the area, it was gory, I almost believe that Choi Han and Lock were the monsters there.”


“Lock got drunk?”


Eruhaben has a cold voice, Cale gulped as he stuttered  while answering.


“D-don’t worry! I put him detention! A-and I have Bud punished already!”


The dragon hummed and nodded his head, they headed in the small gate of the farm, only to see Hans running towards them, huffing and sweating.


“Young Master!”


Cale raised a brow,


“What is it?”




“It is said that have of the Emperor’s training ground were wrecked in half! Choi Han-nim went there for their sword lessons, it seems that he used his full force…-”






Hilsman ran towards them with a messy appearance, he was fidgeting, beside him was Hans who was also nervous with the sudden silence and dropped of temperature.




“That troublemaker…”


Cale clenched his fists, while Eruhaben was blankly just staring at Hilsman.


“Brother! Raon and the kids ate the whole chocolate cake!”


Lily was running towards the redhead who lost all hope in his slacker life, beside him was Eruhaben who went as blank and pale as a sheet of white paper.












Chapter Text

“Stop laughing, we haven’t started it yet.”


Cale scolded Choi Han who was carrying a large white cloth, wiping the tears on his eyes, the kids also giggled as they hop all the way to the living room of the Super Rock Villa. Ron who was following his young puppy plastered a tired and benign smile on his face as soon as he saw the Emperor sitting comfortably on the couch, with only his pajama on.


Another poor soul.


Ron thought to himself as he nodded to the redhead when he gave the sign to send the signals. He sighed and sent the signals to the people Cale contacted earlier.


Lock knocked at the opened door as he entered in the living room, he smiled gently while secretly gulping.


“Y-young master! What’s going on?”


The teen wolf asked innocently, he showcased his cute smile. The redhead sparkled as he answered.


“I’ll be showing Hyung my special magic trick with no magic!”


“How would that be a magic trick if you won’t use magic?”


Alberu said as he sat lazily on the couch, Choi Han was wiping his nose behind Alberu.


What a bad actor.


Cale thought as he raised a brow on the sarcasm of his brother.


“I am more than pleased to be questioned by the light and shining star of the empire, I would -”


“Enough, just show me.”


Cale shrugged his shoulders as he ordered Choi Han to cover the blonde man.


“What are you doing?”


Alberu asked as the cloth covered him completely, it was quite thick, but not to the point of suffocation.


“I told you I’m pulling a trick, you will be invisible.”


Cale replied as he pull Alberu’s head.


“Ack! Invisible? Don’t fuck with me, you’re just going to cast a spell on me.”


“No Hyung! I will really make you invisible using this cloth! I ain’t cheating, you know me!”


Cale protested while winking at everyone at the room. There entered Rosalyn who was wearing a pair of glasses.


“Oh you’re starting already Young Master Cale?”


Rosalyn asked as she winked at Cale, Eruhaben then followed the tower master as he nodded to Cale and everyone.


“We will be inspecting if you or Raon will use magic.”


Eruhaben said, reassuring the doubting Emperor, Alberu sighed in defeat and shrugged.


“Alright! I will now start my ritual.”


Cale touched Alberu’s head as he activated his ancient power, Sound of the Wind.


 You’re so shameless, why are you using me for this? (Sound of the Wind)

 Poor Alberu, getting caught up with Cale’s pranks. (Super Rock)

 Sounds fun to me! I like pranks! (Retrogressive Water)

 If we are used for this, aren't we called, Ancient Pranksters..? HAHAHA!(Fire of Destruction)

 Your joke is as old as you, can’t you think of something new? Like shutting up? (Retrogressive Water)

 How about you shut up? (Fire of Destruction)

 No, you shut up- (Retrogressive Water)


Cale ignored the bickering voices in his head as he maximized the speed of the wind. The white cloth fluttered, and when the wind chimes clanked with each other, Cale started speaking Korean.


“Geuga hangsang yego eobs-i yeogie kkieodeulgi ttaemun-e naega igeos-eul haneun geos-ibnida,” (I'm doing this because he always barged here unannounced)


“geulsse, nado yego-eobs-i geuui jalie kkieo deunda” (well, I do barged in his place unannounced too)


“Cale, you’re not cursing me right?”


Alberu asked when he heard Cale talking with the language Korean, Choi Han was huffing while covering his mouth with his both hands, suppressing his laugh. Cale ignored him and continued.


“jaemiss-eoyo i hyeong-i tumyeong-ingan-i doeneun jaemiga iss-eoss-eumyeon johgess-eoyo” (It's fun, I hope this hyung of mine will have fun being an invisible man)


“geuga i jag-eun jangnan-e hwaleul naeji anhgileul balabnida,” (I hope he wont get mad over this little prank)


“geunde igeo nog-eum anhamyeon jaemieobs-eoseo keullopehante jeonhwahalyeogo jinjja baejjang chass-eo,” (But it won't be fun if we wont record this, so I really pushed my guts to call Clopeh over)


Clopeh’s head popped over the sofa, there was a hidden camera planted all over the place. Cale nodded at him, while Clopeh gave him a thumbs up with puckering lips.


“Ahem, jeongmal nolgi joh-eun nal-iya, igeon uisig-iya, al-ass-eo nan kkeutnass-eo.” (ahem, this is really a great day to play, this is the ritual, okay, I'm done)


Cale then grabbed Alberu’s shoulders and pulled him up. He ordered the blonde man to turn 3 times. Cale then clapped his hands.


“Joh-a, nolja. Choi han igeo pogpasikimyeon jug-yeobeolilgeoya.” (Okay, let us play. Choi Han if you blew this up, I'm going to kill you. )


Cale said while glaring to Choi Han, he then removed the cloth. Everyone in the room gasped in unison.


“Ohhhh, where is he Young Master? I didn’t feel any magic at all.”


Rosalyn played along as she passed by beside Alberu who had a confused look on his face.


“I’m here! I can still clearly see my reflection in the mirror!”


Alberu shouted with his hands on his waist. Eruhaben passed by him.


“Is it because of the cloth? Or the ritual, it’s the first time I heard of it.”


Alberu snapped his neck towards the individuals talking in the room.


“Oh! Human you are really amazing! I can’t feel the presence of the Emperor at all!”


Raon flew in circles in the room, the cat siblings jumped over the couch.


“That’s right nya!”


“I don’t smell him at all nya!”



“Uh? I’m right here you know?”


Alberu said as he sat on the couch, grumpily.

“He didn’t went to another weird place right? Is he still even here? I can’t feel his presence anymore.”


Beacrox said seriously while wiping the tables. Alberu looked at them as he stood up.


“Seriously? Stop messing around guys! I’m clearly here!”


He shouted as he tried to reach for Cale,


“If Hyung is here, we can ask him to throw that cookie to the floor.”


Alberu grabbed the entire plate of cookies and throw them on the floor, the glass plate shattered. Everyone jumped in surprise.


“Human! That’s not the Emperor! I told you it’s the ghost!”


“That’s right nya!”


“A ghost? Maybe it was a poltergeist, oh no!”


Lock said with a horrible face.


“It’s not a ghost it’s me! Alberu Crossman! Bloody hell Cale!”


“Cale-nim! Look at this! When I recorded the video of you taking off the cloth, the Emperor really did vanish in the video too!”


Clopeh ran towards them, Alberu was just beside Cale, who was looking at the video. It was a pre recorded one, with no Alberu. The emperor’s face fell into chaos as soon as he saw that he really vanished.


“What the hell! Cale, turn me back this instant!”


He said with a horrified face, only then Choi Han grabbed Cale’s shoulders, pushing him aside.


“C-cale-nim! You. Made. A . fatal. Mistake!”


Beacrox rolled his eyes, Choi Han was so red that his eyes were blood shot.


“What, what is it?”


“You forgot to read this line, its on the script!”


mili sagwadeulibnida hyeong  ( I apologize in advance Hyung)


Cale plastered a shock face and covered his mouth with one hand.


“ani eotteohge… how could i forget this part..”


“What,what is it? What does this say? What do you mean you forgot?!”


Alberu exclaimed as he grabbed Cale in the arms, the redhead yelped in surprise.




Cale kneeled, brushing off Alberu’s grasp.


“I need to bring him back within 2 minutes! Or else-”


“Or else what?”


Eruhaben asked him with a worried expression.


“Or else he will remain like that for the rest of his life..”






Alberu’s face was so red, each and everyone of them was on the verge of laughing. Ron approached Cale.


“But Young Master, how are you going to take him back if we can’t see him?”


Everyone fell in silence.

Chapter Text

Alberu fell into deep chaos and despair while sitting on the dining table, they were currently eating afternoon snacks right now, and its been an hour since he has been turned into an invisible man.


“Hyung, if you are here, eat something. I made Beacrox bake your favorite cookie.”


Cale said with a gentle smile. Alberu banged the table, making everyone flinched. Eruhaben cleared his throat as he munched on his Blueberry Friands.


“Seems like he’s really angry.”


Eruhaben was biting his tongue right now, he wanted to smile but he know he can’t. Cale wiped his lips with his napkin and nod.


“Right, I can just perform the ritual again after we eat.”


Choi Han bowed his head as he grinned, he then ate the cupcake he was holding.


“Why are you laughing Choi Han?”


Alberu asked, he was stabbing the cake on his plate when he noticed Choi Han secretly grinned in front of him. Choi Han froze, a moment of silence for everyone, not until the golden dragon’s laugh echoed throughout the room.




Eruhaben’s shoulders was shaking as he covered his mouth with his both hands.


“Were busted!”


Rosalyn ripped and activated a teleportation scroll, pulling the kids who were eating and Lock towards the circle.




Alberu shouted when he tried to reach Cale who was on the verge of running.




Cale exclaimed when he saw Eruhaben banging his hand on the table, with small tears on the corner of his eyes.


“Haa.. haa. I-I’m sorry Cale, its just, his expression is so funny, he really believed you.”


Eruhaben said in between his laughs, Choi Han on the other hand was crouching under the table while covering his mouth, his shoulders were shaking.


Ron and Beacrox turned their backs as they shut their mouths, biting the insides of their cheeks, suppressing a laugh.


Alberu was slapping Cale’s shoulders like a mother scolding his kid. Clopeh on the other hand was filming while kneeling in front of Cale and Alberu, Cale kicked the white haired man’s butt when he was about to fell. That made Clopeh shivered. (Smells like masochist.)


Alberu then approached Eruhaben and slapped his shoulders, Eruhaben was so shocked by the action that he constantly froze on his spot with his mouth gaped open.


Alberu dragged Choi Han out of the table and slapped his shoulders three times, Choi Han was laughing while covering his face. Rosalyn ran with the children in her hands, and Alberu didn’t even noticed that.


Ron and Beacrox also received three hard slaps on their shoulders, that was the moment they laughed while saying sorry to the blonde Emperor.


“Let me get this straight, you think it’s funny that you have the guts to prank an Emperor?”


Alberu asked Cale who was coughing while rubbing his nose, the redhead sighed as he plastered a wide grin on his face.


“I do, and I’m kinda proud of today’s achievement.”


 Alberu clenched his fist and squinted his eyes.


“Wait until I get my revenge on you.”


He declared while clicking tongue.


“Oh, I’m so scared that I’m trembling.”


Cale provoked him even more, Alberu’s face was so red in annoyance.


“You know what, fuck you and those people who like you.”


“Well, that’s a lot of sex.”


















"You think that was funny?"


Chapter Text

Cale drank the cold water from the glass as his eyes hovered around the glossy and clean kitchen of the Super Rock Villa. The room was deafening silent, it was expected because it was the middle of the night when he wake up from having weird wet dreams. He groaned as he poured another glass of cold water.




He flinched when he heard his name being called. He was the only one sleeping in the villa right now, since he ordered Ron and Choi Han to be with the kids in Harris Village, he also sent Hans and Beacrox to the Duchy to get ingredients for fruit tarts. He observed the surroundings, and shrugged his shoulders, ignoring it.


*rustle*  *rustle* 


The redhead squinted his eyes when he saw a little light coming from the storage room at the end corner of the kitchen. He started to walk by it but he stopped in his tracks.


Horror movies are horror movies because the stupid main character walks right into where the ghosts are. I’m not stupid, let’s not get involved.


Cale thought as he felt shivers all over his spine, he turned around and grabbed his glass of water, only to hear a whispered scream from the storage room.


“Young Master!”


It was raspy and hoarse, as if suffering. Cale frowned.


“Okay, I’ll be stupid tonight.”


Cale said to himself as he walked all the way to the storage room. The door was slightly opened, and the lights were on. He peeked inside, only to see Beacrox shoving a large fresh and green cucumber into his ass.


“Young Master Cale!”


The man shouted in pleasure, Cale was startled that he loose his grip on the glass he was holding, creating a loud shattering noise in the kitchen. Cale’s face was bloodshot red as he stepped back a little when the door swayed opened, revealing the sweating Beacrox holding a knife.


Beacrox eyes shook, he could hear bells ringing inside his head, his hands turned frozen cold and bullets of sweats rolled down his cheeks, his young master saw him!


Young master saw me lusting over him!


And Cale’s shock expression was expected.  Beacrox fall in his knees and bowed his head.


“What the hell are you doing?!”


Cale shouted angrily, as he tried to reach Beacrox.


“I-I’m sorry Young Master!”


Cale grabbed Beacrox shoulders and pulled him up.


“There were broken glass on the floor! What the fuck are you thinking?!”


Beacrox’s face was as pale as a white sheet, and was on the verge of crying.


“I-I’m sorry.. I’m so pathetic and disgusting..”


“I’m sorry..”


Beacrox pleaded forgiveness as he tried to distance himself. Cale sighed, and massaged his forehead.


“Clean the glass, and we’ll talk in the dining.”


Cale turned his back and started walking as he snatched an apple from the kitchen table.


“Yes, Young Master.”


Beacrox bowed his head, and when he knew that Cale already reached the dining room, he grabbed his own hair and hardly pounded his head.


“Beacrox, you fucking little shit.”


I’m busted, its either I’m gonna get kicked out, or father will knew that I am lusting over a man 10 years younger than me!


Beacrox thought as he started to clean the glass, while formulating the things he needed to explain. When he finished cleaning the floor, he threw the glass on the garbage container, only to see the large green cucumber he used in his ass. He glared at it.


This is this freaking cucumber’s fault!


He blamed the poor  vegetable, and tried to fixed his cloth, only to see that he was only wearing his white tunic, he remembered he left his chef coat hanging on one of the chairs in the dining room. He almost ran to the dining.


“Y-young master-”

Cale turned his head, and put a little smile on his face. He turned around, showcasing his pretty figure wearing Beacrox’s chef coat. He let his butt fall on one of the chair, parting his legs, leaning on the table, he asked.


“How do I look? Does it suit me?”


Beacrox gulped with the sight. Cale’s hair was a little messy, and that was emphasizing his sharp eyes, his lips were wet , and little sweats were rolling down from his jaw to his delectable white neck.


“Y-yes, young master.”


“Tsk. It’s not ‘Young Master’.”


Cale rubbed his chin as he waved with his other hand.




“It’s chef Cale, because tonight, I will be the one doing the cooking.”


Beacrox panicked when he heard that.


“What? No-”


“I want you to do the eating.”


*rustle* *zziiiipppppppp!*


“You don’t want to? I specially prepared a rock hard steak just for you.”


Cale unzipped his pants and his hard rock cock sprang, it bounced and shined under the moonlight coming from the dining windows.


“It’s rock solid don’t you think?”


Beacrox face heated up as Cale taunt him to beat the hardest steak he had ever seen.






















Chapter Text



Beacrox almost vomit as he received Cale’s shaft into his mouth, his saliva were dripping on the sides of his lips, little tears were escaping from his eyes and bullets of sweats were rolling down his jaw.


“Haa.. haa.. bitch, you suck.”


Cale said with a crumpled expression, his jaw was clenched as his hands grasped Beacrox’s hair, shoving his cock into his mouth.




Cale fasten the thrust as Beacrox’s mind went blank and hazy, he was having a hard time breathing due to the pressure. With one full thrust, Beacrox choked with the redhead’s warm and bursting semen.


“We’re done if you spill anything.”


Cale ordered as he pull Beacrox’s hair, staring at the man below him, he smirked when Beacrox swallowed his juices whole.


“Good boy.”


Cale stood up and brushed his hair back. He pulled a piece of paper from the table and a fountain pen, he saw them underneath the table in the living room, and decided to bring them. Cale was still wearing his clothes, from top to toe, only revealing his ever standing hard shaft.


“Steak, hmm, how would you like your steak sir?”


Cale asked, teasing Beacrox who was fully naked. His clothes were scattered all over the dining room. His face was flushed and beet red.




“I want it immediately.”


Beacrox said with finality, Cale scoffed and chuckled.


“You want it immediately? Hahaha! You don’t like it rare, medium rare or done, but immediately huh?”


Cale laughed so hard, he squinted his eyes and his brows furrowed.


“Ha! Were you always like this? Hmm?”


The redhead asked as he crouched down, facing Beacrox.




“You were lusting over your master who was 10 years younger than you, what loyalty!”


Beacrox eyes shook, and bit his lower lip.


“On your knees, and grab the edge of the table.”


Cale motioned his head, ordered Beacrox to kneel and grab the edge of the table. Beacrox’s eyes were filled in confusion.


“You said you want the steak immediately.”


Beacrox’s face was so flustered and he hurriedly do so. He grabbed the edge of the dining table, and kneeled down, facing the open living room he furrowed his eyes when he felt something hard poking him.


“You’re so lewd sir, what will you do if someone barged in here?”




Beacrox’s eyes shook in pleasure and pain when Cale’s long and hard cock entered him without warning.




*thrust* *thrust* *fwop!*


“So tell me..”


Cale said as he continued to pound Beacrox, the dark brown haired man loose his grip on the table and was eventually almost crawling on the floor. His eyes were rolling up due to the pleasure while his saliva was dripping on the floor.


“Ah! Ah! Ah! ah!”


He moaned like crazy, he want this. This is what he had been dreaming of ever since.


“Tell me, you are not feeding me food that the ingredient was from being shoved in your ass right?”


Cale said with a ragged voice, as he weakly lift Beacrox’s waist.




Beacrox bit his tongue when the young master suddenly hit his prostate. His eyes widen and his mouth gaped open, he was having a hard time breathing with the intense action. Cale’s cock harden even more when he felt that Beacrox was tightening around him.


“Agh~! Wait! Young M-master!”


Beacrox tried to reach Cale’s hand on his waist, however, Cale hugged him from behind, and thrusted him even faster.


“Agh! Agh! Too much!”


“This, this, hot-augh!”


Beacrox’s vision was shaking as his legs almost gave out when he orgasmed both in the back and front.


“Ah, ah , ah..”


He moaned as Cale cummed inside him, filling him with hot juices. The redhead let him go and  he slumped on the floor as if he had used all of his strength. Without minding whether the floor is dirty or not.


Cale brushed his hair back when he felt a presence inside the villa.


“Why are you here?”


Cale asked Choi Han who was holding a wooden sword, seems like he had just finished training. He had a serious look on his face while staring at Cale.


“Cale-nim, I came here fro my midnight snack.”


Choi Han answered as he let go of the sword. Cale raised his brow.


“I thought I was the only customer tonight Cale-nim..”


Choi Han and his sulking voice, as if displeased and disappointed, Cale chuckled.


“Well, someone was starving, I had to feed him.”


Cale glanced over Beacrox who fell asleep on the floor. Cale motioned Choi Han towards Beacrox.


“Drag him to his room and take a shower after.”


Cale said as he removed the chef coat and walked towards the living room.




“Do not worry Choi Han, I have prepared a new dish for you. Do you like Chicken Lollipop?”


Cale asked as he glanced to the sword master. Choi Han plastered a gentle smile as he stare on Cale’s pants.


“Yes, with extra white sauce please.”

Chapter Text




Y oung master silver shield, a H ero who will never be seen in the W orld again!




Clopeh raised his martini glass while glamorously nodding his head to his fellow group members.


“Tonight, we are celebrating a 4th year annual commemoration towards the heroic deeds of our one and only Legend! CALE-NIM!”









Clopeh grinned as he motioned a toast to his comrades. His subordinates, the Guardian Knights Brigade were also cheering, they are having a feast on the Sekka Duchy. The white haired man proudly plastered his face on the video recording device that was floating around the place.


The place was decorated with fairy lights, and if I said fairy, it was literally fairies. Clopeh hired them to lit up the place. There were 4 enormous fountains with different colors of water. Symbolizing the hero’s famous powers. Silver for the shield and trees, red for the fire, blue for the waters and green for the rocks.  The magical recording devices were floating around as if automated technologies, capturing every single detail in the event.


The Duchy’s gate was opened, and various vintage chairs and tables were lined up outside, citizens were also coming to eat and to celebrate. However, the star of the show seems like not going to show up. Cale Henituse. Everyone anticipated his presence, even Clopeh who haven’t seen the hero 2 weeks now.




Clopeh tapped his chest as his nervousness aroused when a bright red light immersed from the video communication device in front of him. It was specially made just for Cale. He giggled and cleared his throat as he answered the call.


-Crazy Clopeh! Gramps said that we will be late for 30 minutes! The human had just woke up, he haven’t showered yet!


“Ohoho, yes Raon-nim! I understand! I will make sure to reserve the most expensive and delicious cookies and cakes for you!”


-Hhehehe, then I will expect that!




Raon ended the call as Clopeh squealed like a fan girl in the hall.  Everyone had heard the call and saw how Clopeh reacted, they chuckled because they knew how crazy Clopeh is towards Cale. Rock Sekka, who was holding a glass of wine sighed and shake his head as he watch his son giggled and hopped like a kid.




“Human! Human! Let’s go humaaannnn!”


Raon exclaimed excitedly as soon as Cale stepped out of the shower. Cale’s brows twitched as soon as he saw three kids jumping in his bed. He scoffed and chuckled as if seeing something funny.


“Human what’s so funny?”


“Haa.. my life. My life is a joke.”


Raon and Hong stopped jumping and made a frown on their faces. They looked at Cale curiously.


“Why human! Your life is not a joke!”


On stared at Cale and stared back on her younger siblings as she started to laugh. Cale saw that, he made an annoyed face and clicked his tongue before choosing clothes. However, a knock came before he could even wear the long sleeve he chose to wear.


“Young Master? The Duchess sent you pair of clothes.”


Hans said it aloud making the kids hear him. Raon flew over the door and immediately opened it.


“Oh my! Raon-nim!”


Hans exclaimed as soon as he saw Raon, he then chuckled as he entered the room. Cale stared at him with a bored expression before motioning his hand towards the maroon colored box Hans is holding. Cale gathered the clothes and showed it in front of him.


He raised his brow and looked at Hans.


“Do you expect me to wear this, this kind of clothes?”


Cale asked with an annoying voice, Hans just looked at him and smiled widely.


“The Duchess send you that clothes basing on the theme of the event.”


“I won’t wear it.”


“Human! I think it will look great on you!”


“That’s right nya!”


“It’s a little revealing but. I think so too Cale-nya!”


The children now averaging 13 years old exclaimed as they hovered over the redhead figure in front of them.




He said with finality. But Hans scoffed and acted like sobbing.


“Sob.. but young master, the Duchess seemed to be excited to see you in this clothes! Sob! Ho! I can fathom her sad expression if she see you not wearing the clothes she prepared.


“Haa.. fuck.”


He cursed and started to wear the clothes.



Cale is sometimes a pushover.























Various of shouts and cheers throughout the Paerun Kingdom when the citizens learned that the heroes are staying in the Sekka Duchy. The shouts and cheers are even louder in the Duchy itself, young ladies and married women and squealing with the Commander’s appearance. All of the people there are wearing fairy clothes, including Clopeh.




A bright blue and sparkling teleportation circle appeared in the center of the hall, making everyone flinch and stare at the beautiful figure who stepped out of the circle. The red and silver cats jumped out of the circle first, both of them are wearing bells and collars with flower headbands in their kitty heads, next to them was the black dragon who was also wearing flower crown, but his wings were wiped with silver glitters. Followed by the shining bright shade of long red hair. The hero was wearing a wisteria colored fairy clothes. His shoulders and collar bone was greatly exposed, there were purple and white like glitter in his skin, his jaw was emphasized with the glitter, his clothes have shining small crystals. His fairy belt matched the silver colored slippers he was wearing, there were slits in the bottom of his clothes revealing his legs as he walked, there was a beautiful flower crown on his head with beads of red and mulberry colored crystals, his hair was so long, up to his waist, its was shining and almost blinding. His ears were turned into fairy ear with crystal piercings on them. The wind fluttered his clothes and his hair, the sparkles from the teleportation circle who had just vanished had just helped him became the most beautiful redhead fairy the people had ever seen.


Cale bowed and greeted everyone with a gentle smile on his face.


“Good evening, thank you for humbly inviting me.”


Cale said, Clopeh approached him with an awe on his face.


“Cale-nim! You, you are truly amazing! Your presence is to dazzling that I almost went blind! Your beauty is lethal!”


Cale awkwardly smile as he turn his gaze towards the white haired’s father. Rock Sekka has a ‘meh’ expression on his face.



Do something about him.



Cale said in is mind while eyeing the Duke towards Clopeh who was babbling bullshit in beside him. However, the Duke just smiled at him.




I leave him to you, Hero!





Chapter Text

“No! That’s my cookie! I got it first!”


Raon exclaimed as he argue to a noble kid with a slicked back platinum blonde hair.


“Really? Because as far as I remember I was here first! This is mine!”


The kid looked like a typical dumb spoiled brat who would die first in Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. The kid’s brows were furrowed and his white cheeks were flushed with annoyance. His appearance only reminded Raon of Venion Stan, his eyes twitched as he pulled the Raon and Cale printed cookie towards him,


“No! My siblings knew I got this first! This is the last one, and this is mine!”


Raon shouted gathering the attention of everyone in halls. Hong hissed to the kid as he yelled too.


“That’s right! My brother was here first!”


On tried to console his brothers but also got angry when the kid called Raon names.


“Shut up scar face! I got this first! Don’t lie!”


The kid shouted with annoyance, he pulled the cookie back but unfortunately it broke to pieces before falling to the floor, it crumbled, that makes Raon angry, the mana fluctuated on the place, the strong individuals perked their eyes towards the mana and hurriedly came over. Raon formed a black orb of mana while squinting his eyes towards the kid whom he see as a threat.


“Raon Miru!”


Cale’s cold voice echoed throughout the halls, Eruhaben covered the kid as he faced Raon with a confused face.


“Raon, what are you doing?”


Eruhaben asked as he saw Cale walking over them in the corner of his eyes. Cale had his usual stoic face while wiping his hands with a towel, Ron and Choi Han was following behind him.


“What is happening Raon?”


Cale said as soon as he reached towards the dragon. The kid pointed at the dragon as he yelled.


“He-hero! He wanted to have the cookies I got first! He got angry at me!”

“That’s not true! I got that first! It was mine! It was you who pulled them back!”


“He also called me scar face!”


Raon replied with a yell. Cale’s brows twitched as he tried to massage his temples. He looked at the kid, as the mother approached them too.


“I truly apologize for my kid's actions, I will discipline him once we got home.”


The woman sounded stoic and apologetic at the same time, she gripped her son’s shoulders, the kid yelped.


“It’s fine, kids are like that.”


Cale replied, as he roamed his eyes tow3ards the mother and the son.


“However, if I ever hear nasty and bad words towards my kids I will not be tolerating it.”


He threaten, not activating the aura because it might scare the brat. The mother and son ran off right after that, Clopeh then manage to change the atmosphere.


“Raon, I understand your feelings, but you told me that you’ll behave, you promised you won’t be using your mana.”


Cale scolded the dragon who was already sulking, Raon bit the inside of his cheeks and fluttered his wings, not answering Cale he left the venue. The cats purred as Eruhaben tried to follow him.


“I’ll do it Eruhaben-nim.”


Eruhaben sighed and waved his hands, and he followed the dragon with the cats behind him, he waved his hand on Choi Han as he tried to follow his liege. Choi Han bowed and retreated.











Cale called out the sulking black dragon sitting atop of a grassy boulder, there were in the quiet garden. The rustling of the wind fluttered Cale’s long red hair, the splash of water from the fountain and the moonlight under them adds beauty to the redhead.


Raon flinched and ignored him as he frowned even more when he felt that Cale was patting his head, his siblings meowed to him, calling him out.


“Are you upset hmm?”


Cale asked with a gentle voice, On and Hong jumped over the boulder and nuzzled their nose on the dragon.


“Are you mad at Cale?”






Cale asked as he stare at the dragon.


“I hate my scars.. I am great and mighty but when I tried to polymorph to my human form last week, my scars are visible even when I wore my clothes. And that kid called me scar face..”


“Hmm,.. are you upset that you have scars?”


“No.. It’s just.. I’m ugly with them..”


“That’s not true nya!”


“That’s right! You are the cutest!”


On and Hong hissed and looked at Cale who sighed heavily. He glanced over the bright moon above them. Cale then started singing.




“You with the sad eyes..”


Raon snapped his head as soon as he heard his human sing, Cale was already looking at him. He tilted his head as if speaking to the kid directly.


“Don't be discouraged..”


He said with a soft voice,


“oh I realize..

It's hard to take courage,

In a world full of people

You can lose sight of it all..”


Cale motioned his hands towards the fountain, he activated his retrogressive water, the water in the fountain jumped and formed an image of thousands of people.


“The darkness inside you
Can make you feel so small..”

The water then fall splat to the ground the kids looked at him curiously as he walked towards the grassy garden, he twirled, fluttering his fairy clothes, he faced the kids and made a big smile.


“Show me a smile then
Don't be unhappy..

Can't remember when
I last saw you laughing..”


Cale then twirled his hand over his head and made a funny look.

“This world makes you crazy..”

The children giggled with the gesture, the redhead approached the children and looked at them one by one.


“And you've taken all you can bear,
Just call me up
'Cause I will always be there..”

A sparkling tiny fiery bolts exploded behind him, following the floating droplets of water than looked like crystals being carried by the wind, the leaves and trunks swayed as if dancing, Cale and the three children floated with the sparkling power fireworks he made for them.


“And I see your true colors
Shining through..”

Cale pulled them into a hug as they watched the fiery bolts and water collide making tiny fireworks.


“I see your true colors
And that's why I love you..”

Cale sang with a very soft and gentle voice, he then kissed the foreheads of Raon, On and Hong. Tears exploded in their eyes as they snuggled in the arms of the redhead. He felt that his chest was getting wet by the tear, he patted them and smiled gently while looking at the moon.


“So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful..

Like a rainbow..”


“Yes Human..”

“Yes nyaaa..”

“We love you too nya..”

The children replied with a weak and soft voice. Cale hummed with satisfaction as soon as he heard their answers, they stayed like that for minutes without knowing that everything have been captured by the automated video recognizing device. It was flashed to the main hall where the biggest video screen was located,thousands of people were watching the warm scene.


“C-cale-nim! Sob!”


Clopeh exclaimed with tears in his eyes and dirty liquid running down his nose.


























I'll try to fix his dress a little later since this is kinda rushed. LOL. Anyways, he is still pretty, and I liked it. Cale-nim is pretty whatever he wears. 🤧🤧🤧


Song: True Colors by Justin Timberlake & Anna Kendrick

Chapter Text







Clopeh struggled as he grinned widely in front of the man choking the hell out of him.




Choi Han exclaimed when he saw how sweaty Cale is while choking Clopeh.


“Stop Cale-nim!”


Cale stopped with an angry face and looked at Choi Han ridiculously. He raised a brow and glared.


“Let me do it, don’t push yourself too hard.”


Choi Han said as he held Cale’s arms, pulling into him, however, the redhead didn’t let go and tightened his grip more. He gritted his teeth.

“This is the 4th time now, the bastard really never learn his lesson.”


Alberu said while sipping his tea beside the kids, Rosalyn and Eruhaben.


“Unlucky bastard.”


The golden dragon commented a she wiped the vanilla filling on the faces of the kids.


“Who would’ve thought that Clopeh will accidentally tripped and pull Cale’s loose cotton linen pants.” Alberu said.


“While doing a live vlog.”


Rosalyn and the kids said in unison.


“Well, I didn’t expect that Cale will be wearing Raon patterned boxers.”


Silence fell over the group as they remember how the boxers look like. The children stopped eating and pouted their lips as if holding laughter, Raon was grinning while fluttering his wings, the Cat siblings wagged their tails. Rosalyn covered her face with her hands while her shoulders is moving up and down. Eruhaben scratched his cheek while slowly putting down the teacup he was holding with a trembling hand. Alberu was biting his lips while staring at the floor.


“We saw 12 sets of those nya!”


“With our faces nya!”


Alberu, Rosalyn and Eruhaben snapped their heads towards the kids, they looked like they are grumbling about them.


“We told him not to wear them, but he sleep with them.”


Raon said with a little blush on his face. Eruhaben covered his face as he faked his sigh, while Alberu and Rosalyn were trembling.


“He’s into it.”


Alberu and Rosalyn said as they laugh, Eruhaben activated a noise cancellation shield around them as he laugh with them.


Meanwhile, Cale was shaking Clopeh with his neck.




Choi Han’s voice was trembling as he just heard what Alberu and Rosalyn was talking about. Cale ignored him and continued to choke Clopeh. Choi Han’s eyes widen when Cale said something. Clopeh’s eyes shook as he felt his consciousness was fading.


‘I love Cale-nim’s choke and stroke comb so much, but, did I heard him right?‘


“Lord, I offer you this sacrifice.”


Cale said while slowly activating Super Rock towards his arms. Tonight, a soul will join that motherfucking God of Death.





















Chapter Text

“Human! Human! Hummaannnnn…”




Raon entered the empty room with a confused look. The bed was already fixed, the room was cleaned ad if no one ever slept there.


“What is it nya?”


“Where is Cale?”


On and Hong asked in unison as he saw their youngest dragon stare at the room.


“He’s not here. Not anywhere here.”


Raon said, hearing this, Ron stepped inside the room and checked. His brows furrowed as he contemplated in his mind why the young master was not around.


“I’ll tell Choi Han-hyung nya!”


Hong said and ran towards the black haired sword master who was sparring with Lock in the training ground.


“Hyung! Hyung! Hyung! Nya!”


Hong squeaked while running towards them, the men snapped their heads to the red kitten.


“Cale-nya is not in the mansion nya! No one knows where is he!”


Choi Han’s eyes shook and he let go of the wooden sword.




A teleportation circle appeared in the middle of the training ground, Rosalyn, together with Eruhaben, Alberu, Bud, Glenn, the Whale Siblings, Toonka, Sun God Twins and Clopeh.


“What is happening?”


Eruhaben asked as soon as he saw the group of people crowding in the training ground. Ron approached them immediately.


“Eruhaben-nim, can you feel the young master around the area? He was not around by the time we checked him.”


Ron said, by that time, they saw Hilsman running towards them with a teary expression.


“Sobb! I saw the young master just moments ago, he was holding flowers and boxes, but he have a depressed expression! I think he was rejected when he confessed!”


Hilsman said with exaggeration while sobbing.




Everyone said in unison, making their way to the redhead.
























Cale opened his eyes as soon as he heard a familiar voice. He then saw Kim Rok Soo in front of him.




He asked when the black haired man shook his shoulders. Kim Rok Soo, who was formerly Cale Henituse raised a brow and smacked Cale’s head.


“It’s Kim Rok Soo punk, didn’t we agreed to go by our names now?”


Cale sighed and scratched his head as he waved his hands.


“Yeah, yeah what is it?”


He saw that Rok Soo was wearing his pajamas while sitting beside him in the only bed in the room.


“It’s mother’s death anniversary today.”


Kim Rok Soo said with a slouched shoulders, his head was low.


“I haven’t visited her grave ever since.”


Rok Soo looked at Cale who was already looking at him with his usual stoic face.




“Got it.”


Cale said and stretched his arm towards Kim Rok Soo.


“Thanks. Do it for me.”






With a croak voice Rok Soo said as he started to crumble together with the room. Cale jolted in his sleep, it was already morning and the children who slept with him last night were already giggling outside. He felt a piece of paper on his hand, he folded them and saw a familiar lines over the paper, he felt a throb on his head and chest, memories and emotions came flooding to him while hearing Rok Soo’s voice saying thank you to him.


It was early morning, and he was already not feeling well.


“Oh! Young Master! You’re awake! Do you want me-”


Hans was cut off when he saw Cale’s hand motioned him to leave. The redhead didn’t said anything while staring outside his window.


“Yes, young master..”


Hans obliged with a bow, he left the room with a confused expression. He looked at the door and shake his head.




Cale got up from his bed and headed to the bathroom, he took a quick shower and immediately choose his clothes. He picked a bag full of money and ripped a teleportation scroll towards the capital market.




A sparkling teleportation circle appeared in the corner of the market, Cale on his disguise stepped out and breathed the morning mist in the market. There were quiet a few people buying breakfast. He the walked around while eyeing things he wanted to buy.


Cale bought a bouquet of pink camellias and a box of red apples and grapes. He also bought candles and a box of chocolate coins, he picked a picnic clothe over the store and silently paid for them. When he arrived back to the territory, it was already beyond lunchtime, he didn’t eat breakfast, nor anything, he was not feeling it.


Hilsman took a glance on him as he walk towards the back of the mansion.


Every step he take was heavy, his hands were shaking as if he was really Jour’s son, maybe because the memories and emotions he was feeling. It was the real Cale’s feelings and memories. He breathed slowly when he reached the cleaned gate in the territory. He the slowly opened the gate, making a loud creak. As if the weather was joining him, the sky started to rumble, and dark clouds hover over the area, the wind rustled, fluttering his hair and clothes. He heard the voices of his ancient powers, comforting him.


From where he was standing, just 5 meters away, he saw a tree with falling leaves, beside that was his mother’s grave. No, Cale’s mother.


Why are you sad? 


 His eyes almost watered when he heard the young Jour’s voice in his head. He knew these tears and emotions are Cale’s but he can’t helped it, he accepted them the way he accepted Cale. The wind howled, Hilsman was covering his mouth as he saw his young master standing just meters away from his mother’s grave, behind him were the people who was looking for him.


They saw how his hands trembled, he was just standing there, he walked, and a few steps before reaching the tomb he stopped, his feet were glued on the ground. He put the things he was holding, and took something from his spatial bag. He lighted the candles far away from the grave, and a cracked voice echoed through the silent area. He recited what was written in the paper Kim Rok Soo gave him.


“What are you doing here?”


Deruth asked the individuals who were quiet, they glanced over the man. He was holding a bouquet of flowers and a box. Ron who was watching put up a worried expression on his face. Eruhaben clicked his tongue when he tried to hug the children. He wanted to tell the group that they should leave, but the Duke called them out first.


“It’s fine. Can you stay? In case he faint, he always catch a fever during these times.”


Cale’s voice was loud, but low at the same time.



“It's been a few years mommy,


I really really miss you..”



He said and kneeled to the ground where the picnic cloth was placed.



“Daddy said you're safe now,

In a beautiful place they called heaven.”



Deruth covered his eyes with his arms as he heard his son talking to his mother. Raon shifted his gaze towards Eruhaben who was holding them and snuggled closer.



“We had your favorite dinner last night,

I ate it all up.


Even though I don't like carrots.”



Cale’s tears were in the verge of falling, Alberu was clenching his fists, and when he tried to walk away he stopped with Cale’s words.



“I learned how to swim that summer.

I can even open my eyes,

While I'm under water..

Can you see me?”


“I miss you..”



It was a painful statement he didn’t expect to come out from Cale’s mouth, he snapped his head to his brother and he saw his shoulders were trembling. As if his voice was from a five year old kid, he said them with trembles.



“I try not to cry,

Daddy says it's okay!

I know you don't like it when I cry.

You never wanted me to be sad.”



“I tried, Mommy but it hurts..!”



Cale was reading a letter from a grown man, it was written as if he was holding back the thing he wanted to say for years now. A sound of paper rustled in their ears, they knew he was reading his own letter for his mom!



“Can you see me?

I miss you mommy..”



“It's been few  years mommy..

I'm 18 now,

I really like hard cash..

but life  is hard.

Daddy doesn’t know I still  sleep in one of your pillows,

I think it's still smell like you.

I’m an adult now, I don't need to sleep with the light s  on anymore. .

I try not cry mommy ... but it's hard.

I really miss you mommy .



“Can you see me?”



Cale’s tears continued to fall when he heard the young Jour comforting him.



Don’t cry cutie! It makes me wanna cry too! I’m sure mommy will hear you, she don’t want you to cry too! Cutie..



Hearing that, Cale’s loud sobs echoed throughout the area. His tears continued to fall, unending,  while clenching his aching heart. The people behind him went back one by one, the loud cries was stirring their hearts. They were crying too, they also longs for a loved one who left them early.


Raon hiccupped while clenching Eruhaben’s clothes, he then let go and fluttered his wings to his human. On and Hong jumped from his arms and ran towards their father figure.




Cale said with a hoarse voice, he was a mess, his fever was rising and he was hyperventilating.


“D- daddy!”


The children’s broken voice echoed in the graveyard, Choi Han and Ron immediately approached the struggling redhead, catching his breath while closing his heavy eyes.




Everybody was quiet eyeing the cold and sturdy commander who was enveloped by sadness, looking fragile and vulnerable. Moments later that, Cale was tucked in bed with a very high fever and swollen eyes.
























































Duke, I don’t know what happened during my son’s stay there but this time, it was really bad.


“Why? What did he do?”


Deruth asked the Duke Rock Sekka with swollen eyes, he have been crying ever since Cale visited his late wife’s grave.


-Usually, he’s very energetic and excited if he visits his mom, telling the stories and journey with the hero happily.


But now, he has been crying while telling how Cale grab the back of Adin’s neck.



“. . . “



“My apologies.”

Chapter Text

Cale hummed a she rock his body while sitting on  the rocking chair inside his room, he munch on the red grapes that was placed on his lap. He twirled his fingers over the air and hummed some random song.


-Cale (Super Rock)

-Hey, Cale (Fire of Destruction)


“Yeah? What is it?”


He asked while licking his lower lip, he sat up and stretch his arms, he can hear his bones cracking.



-Cale, we are going to sleep for a while. We do not feel any potential threat in the world, so we decided to give ourselves a rest. (Vitality of the Heart)


-We are telling you because you might hurt yourself while we are sleeping! When I woke up you should treat me some real hard cash! (Fire of Destruction)


- You shouldn’t hurt yourself, Vitality will be sleeping since he’s an old man. You won’t have the regeneration power if you bleed!” (Retrogressive Water)



“Why would I get hurt? And who would hurt me? It is fine, you can sleep. May you have a good rest.”



Cale said with a gentle smile on his face and a calm voice. The Ancient Powers went quiet for a while and contemplated if they can really leave Cale alone.



-  Uh, o-okay.. If you say so. (Sound of the Wind)


-  Are you really not going to be hurt? (Super Rock)


- Oh, come on! He’s an adult already! Besides there are strong people around him, they can protect him! Let’s sleep, I’m so sleepy! (Retrogressive Water)


-  But- (Super Rock)



“Good night.”


Cale cut them off, moments later that Cale realized that the powers were quiet and have settled down. Cale then looked out the balcony of his room from the Harris Village mansion they had built for him.  He looked left and right, he then grabbed his top and called the elementals around, however, only one was present as of the moment.




-  Yes?  What is it Cale!


“Is someone around me?”


- Hmm, if you are talking about those people who always follow you around, then no! No one, they were gathered in the left wing, around the garden and the training grounds!


“Oh, alright. Thank you very much!”



The elemental just brushed off a cold breeze in his cheek as a sign of leaving. He then cleared his throat and sat on the top rail of the balcony. The wind roared, fluttering his hair, the thick and thin vines around the large Balete tree near the balcony sway with the wind. Cale put his strength on his arms, as he rock his body where the wind was going. However, life is really full of mysteries.

A thin vine landed on Cale’s nape, startling him. He fell backwards, his mind went blank and immediately activated the Sound of the Wind.


“Fuck-! ECK!”


The thick and thin vines caught his neck and his limbs as his weight betrayed him. He got choked with the largest vine who seem rolled on his neck, it was the oldest and the roughest of the vines amongst the vines of the tree.


He forgot that his powers were sleeping!


The vines holding his limbs snapped, the large vine strangled him, blocking his airway. Cale’s face turned red as he tried to remove the vine, he moved to reach the top rail who was just a feet away, until the vine snapped.




Cale fell with his head first, he literally fell from the third floor. He huffed, before losing his consciousness he felt a warm liquid oozing from his head.



Shit, I’m so dead.






“Young Master-nim, here’s your afternoon snack.”


Hans pushed a tray cart inside Cale’s room, however no one answered him. He raised a brow and checked the bathroom.


“Young Master?”


He reached over the balcony, the grapes were on the floor, and the book he prepared for Cale was also in the floor. Hans scratched his nape and looked over left and right.


“Where did he go?”


The reached over the top railing and jokingly called Cale.


“Young Master, what trouble are you stirring this time?”


He said with an awkward smile and looked down, only to see his young master lying on the ground with bright red blood splattered around his head.




His freaked shout echoed all over the Harris Village. A bucket of water fell on Hans, he ran like a madman. Cale fell from the third floor! He didn’t even know that his tears was streaming down his cheeks. He bumped into a figure.


“What is happening?”


Ron asked the Deputy Butler, Hans immediately answered without stopping from running. Choi Han and others entered the mansion, but they were bumped with Hans.


“There’s a scent of blood.” Eruhaben commented.


“Young Master fell from the third floor!”


Everyone froze on their spot, when Hans reached over Cale, he immediately tried to check the redhead, but he was pushed aside by Eruhaben.




He immediately scattered his golden dusts.






“Cale nya!”


“Young Master!”


“Here’s a potion Eruhaben-nim.”


Ron was shaking while handing potions over the golden dragon. He did not know what happened, but he could see a large and thin vines around Cale, specially the vine around his neck. Eruhaben quickly removed the vines and throwed it away. The golden dragon’s hands were now shaking.


“Breathe Cale! Breathe!”


Bullets of sweats formed in Eruhaben’s forehead, when he felt Cale stopped breathing. He continued to chant those words. Raon was beside the redhead while rubbing his human’s hand. Rosalyn picked the children and pushed them towards Choi Han who had a very pale face. Rosalyn channeled her mana as he helped Eruhaben heal the large wound on Cale’s head, Eruhaben was multi tasking, healing and supplying air to Cale’s lungs at the same time.




Eruhaben collapsed on the redhead’s side, while Rosalyn massaged Cale’s hands and huffed.


“Let’s move him.”







Cale was lying on the large bed in the ground floor, actually, on Eruhaben’s bed. There were people around him, Saint Jack was checking Cale who had a bandage on his head. The people were sensitive and specially frantic.


“What happened? Why did he fell?”


Ron asked the crying Hans, however the deputy butler shake his head.


“I do not know, when I entered the room he wasn’t there, I checked the bathroom, and he wasn’t there, and when, and when I checked the balcony, I saw the book and the fruits he was eating was on the floor, and when I looked below I, I saw him there.”


All of them sighed, seems like Cale really fell on his own accord.


“Did he just strangle himself?”


Alberu asked with an annoyed voice. No one answered him as he scratched his brow. Raon and the Cat siblings snuggled over Cale. Jack fixed Cale’s blanket over his chest when he saw Cale’s eyelids flutter.


“Young Master Cale?”






“You stupid human! How could you fell from the third floor?!”


Voices rumbled with questions as soon as Cale woke up, but he just tilted his head to them.




Alberu snapped as he pointed Cale. Cale pointed himself.




He repeated with a confused voice.


“That’s my name? Sounds cool.”


Everyone’s jaw dropped, Cale seems to have lose his memories.

Chapter Text

“Wow, so you mean, I am someone famous who saved the eastern and western continent? That I tend to sacrifice myself for the sake of others?”


Cale excitedly asked Raon who was fluttering his wings, On and Hong was telling him who he is. The cat siblings are wagging their tails, Raon’s lips are twitching as it was their first time seeing Cale beaming like a bright shining sun, he was smiling from ear to ear, like genuinely.


“Yes human! You are weak and stupid! That’s why you hit your head and forget those things!”


“Wow! Really? Then what are you? You look like a fat lizard, you’re cute!”


Raon’s mouth gaped open, Cale called him fat lizard. Choi Han, Alberu and Eruhaben’s shoulders were shaking, they were covering their mouths.


“W,what?! I am not a lizard! And I’m not fat!”


Raon rumbled with a flushed face.


“I’m a great and mighty Dragon!”


Cale tilted his head, and saw the wings flutter, he then smiled.


“Wow! You’re a dragon!”


He then poked Raon’s squishy stomach.


“You’re fat and it’s cute! That red kitten is kind of fat too, I hope he doesn’t hurt himself if ever he jump from this bed. You guys must have eaten very well! That’s good!”


Cale exclaimed while smiling widely at the black dragon. Raon and Hong was stoned in their seat, On  snickered and purred towards Cale. The redhead tickled her head and rubbed her cheek. The redhead then leave the bed, the staggered and almost stumbled the moment he stood.




“This bastard!”


Alberu and Choi Han was there to assist him. He held in both of their arms, he looked up to the two men assisting him and plastered a beaming smile.


“Thank you!”


Alberu’s eyes shook, as if terrified.


“S,stop that! It look weird!”


However, Choi Han had a blush on his face and squeezed Cale’s cheeks. That left everyone speechless.


“You’re welcome..”


He had a gentle warm voice. It was his first time seeing Cale like this, his face was really happy, as if he didn’t go through any hardships. Choi Han liked that. Cale just hummed and walked over the room, checking on things. He noticed something in the corner of his closet.


“What is that?”


He reached over the large wooden chest, Raon flew towards the redhead with a sulky face, Hong sat beside Cale who was crouching. Cale opened the chest and saw a bunch of things there. There were magic stones, gold coins, some small clothes, rocks, even dried leaves.


Cale reached over the folded, and almost old wallets, there were three of them.


“That’s our old wallets human! Why do you have that? I was looking for those!”


Raon asked curiously, he then peeked over the chest.


“This is Choi Han’s  old sword isn’t it? And this, this is the first golden plaque the Crown Prince gave you? Oh! Oh! This one! This is genius Rosalyn’s broken mana crystals! This one is from Goldie Gramps lair! This one! You said you hated the pattern of his cup! Good Butler Ron used this to give you lemon tea!”


Raon exclaimed happily, he remove the things from the box one by one.


“This leaf is from one of the trees good Mary purified! This? Is this a piece of ice from the Whales!? Human! Human! This one! I used this blanket when I experienced my first growth phase!”


Raon continued to yell the things in the chest,


“And this..”


“It’s the container of the potions you gave me when we first met..”


Raon’s eyes shook when he realized something, the people in the room gathered around them.


“Human.. are you collecting these things?”

Raon asked him with teary eyes. Cale tilted his head and panicked when he saw that the children in front of him was on the verge of crying.


“O,oh no! W, why are you c,crying? D,don’t cry!”


Raon’s tears bursted and he jumped to Cale’s chest, the kittens followed seconds later that. Cale just scratched his cheek and answered doubtfully.


“I, I don’t really remember. M,maybe I did..?”


He asked with a confused tone, but the people in the room knew that was the case indeed.




Alberu said but his eyes were on the window, Choi Han reached for his old sword and glanced over Cale. Mary picked the leaf and examined them. Eruhaben eyed the redhead and checked the things on the chest.


“The young master seems fond of collecting things, he even collected the teacup he used to gave glares to.”


Ron said with a benign smile on his face.


“I,is that so?”


Cale replied, Ron nodded his head.


“Yes, young master.”


Rosalyn’s eyes were full of tears as she held the broken mana crystals.


“Haa.. young master I really can’t understand what’s going on inside that head of yours.”


Cale tilted his head in confusion as he saw the redhead magician, Rosalyn, who introduced herself a while ago, was crying while holding the crystals.


“Nothing’s really going on inside my head though?”


Everyone just sighed on Cale’s reply.

Chapter Text

“So you are saying I’m your God?”


Cale’s brow raised while looking at Clopeh who was shining brightly, almost blinding. The white haired knight nodded excitedly as he grabbed Cale’s hand, and offered a help.


“Do not fret. I, founder of the Marshals of the Legendary Hero, Cale Henituse, Silver Activists of the Roan Empire, with the never-ending heroic deeds and adventures, hero who will never be seen again. Me, Clopeh Sekka, will assist you in regaining thy lost memories. Now, let us go, towards the light of your recorded videos!”


Clopeh hugged Cale over the shoulders and pointed in the sky. The redhead can hear church bells around him, there were weird angels floating around them and feathers falling. Cale looked at the golden haired man just few meters away from him.


‘Who is this weird guy Sir Eruhaben?’


Is what Cale want to ask to Eruhaben who was just awkwardly smiling towards him. The emperor, whom he know, Alberu, was massaging his temples in the corner of the room. Choi Han now is approaching them.


“Stay away from Cale-nim, Clopeh.”


He grabbed Cale’s hand and pulled him, however, Clopeh pulled Cale again.


“What is wrong with you? I told you I’m going to help. Me and Cale-nim, shall ride the wyvern I have bought with me!”


Cale’s ears perked as soon as he heard the word wyvern.




“Yes Cale-nim.”


“No, Cale-nim, you won’t be riding that thing.”


Choi Han interrupted and pulled him again, however, Cale put an irritated expression and slapped Choi Han’s hand, he pouted his cheeks and scolded the black haired knight.


“Let go of me. Why can’t I go with him? I want to ride the wyvern, I’m not a child. Hmph!”


He said and then wrapped his hands over Clopeh’s arms. Clopeh almost looked like a champion, he snickered towards Choi Han who was stoned in his place. Clopeh hissed like a snake, his imaginary tail wag as he assist Cale.


“He’s definitely gonna regret that.”


Alberu said with a tired face. Eruhaben nodded his head and sighed.


“Yup. Definitely.”


Alberu and Eruhaben sighed.


“Unlucky Bastard.”


They said in unison as they drag the stoned Choi Han over Cale who was now balancing himself in the wyvern.






“Human! Human! Have you gone insaneeeeee!”


Raon was following Clopeh and Cale who was furiously flying in the sky, Cale was the one maneuvering the wyvern.


“Oh yeeaaahh!”


Cale shouted happily, Clopeh was laughing behind him, hugging his waist.


“That’s it Cale-nim! You truly is amazing!”


The white haired knight shouted, Cale jus nodded in him and shouted,


“I am amazing.”


He motioned the wyvern to drop in the ground.










Cale was just laughing and smiling widely as he felt the rushing wind brushed over his entire body. The wyvern’s eyes shook when he saw that they are almost hitting the ground, he slammed his wings and flew painfully upwards.


Cale bumped his head, head on the wyvern’s hard neck. Clopeh followed after, he was a bit taller than Cale, his forehead hit Cale’s nape.






Cale felt dizzy and felt a liquid running down his nose.


‘What the fucking? Is that a fucking golden eagle? Why the hell am I seeing a golden eagle?’




A voice came out from his back, he then looked at it.


“This bastard-!”




He didn’t finish what he is about to say when the wyvern staggered and stopped flying. It fainted.




Cale shouted with all his might, he don’t have his sound of wind right now. Clopeh behind him was hugging him like they were in some kind of shoujo manga.




The redhead elbowed Clopeh’s stomach, the white haired knight grunted and tried to look for the wyvern’s pedal in their fall.


“I, I kinda lost it?”


“BASSSTAAARRRRDDDDDDDDDDD-! ohmygodhelpmepoorsouldsavemefromdyingihavesinnedfogivemegodofdeathsungodsealedgodillbegoodiwontlootandscamsomeoneanymorepleasejustkillclopehinsteadfuckingbitttcchhh-!”


Cale never prayed that hard for his entire life, he called out the gods he knew this lifetime and chanted series of curses in his prayer.





*swish* *swish*




The wyvern’s body slammed in the ground, it shook the entire grand villa, the running comrades were so pale and shaking as they approached the fallen wyvern.


“Human! Human! Are you alive!”




“This bastard!”


“Young Master Cale!”


Choi Han jumped like a devil over the wyvern, he followed Raon who was now pulling something with his paws. It was Cale with a big bump on his head, there were dried tears in the corner of his eyes and he was panting like crazy.




He called the redhead, but Cale just look at Choi Han and continued to whine over the things he have done with Clopeh, who had fainted.







‘I am Cale Henituse, the legendary hero of the Roan Empire. Don’t you dare take your eyes off me!’


‘I shall punish these thieves for harming these pretty ladies.’


‘Of course, I, the great Cale will come to your tea party.’


‘Look at this cape Emperor, it looks great on me.’


‘I am amazing!’




“Shut up Hyung!”



Cale shouted with irritation and embarrassment. He covered himself with the blanket and holed in his bed, he can hear the people teasing him.



“Human, you should treat me with ice cream!”


“That’s right nya! You called me fat nya!”






“Young Master is such a cutie.”


“It’s my first time seeing him felt so proud over his achievements.”


“Well, it’s a karma. He literally hit himself.”


Cale covered his ears as he heard the individuals in the room laugh with the last statement.


We really can’t leave you alone Cale (Super Rock)


‘Shut up.’





































Chapter Text

“You want chocolate or vanilla, Twin?”


Rok Soo asked his twin, which a minute younger, Cale, who was sitting in their sofa bed in the living room.


“Vanilla please.”


The redhead squashed himself in the pile of pillows and blanket on the sofa bed, he then continued watching the movie they put in, while munching on the caramel corn his brother made. Rok Soo jumped on the sofa, he then handed Cale a bucket of vanilla caramel ice cream.


The redhead mouthed thanks and paused the movie as he looked at his brother. Rok Soo has a pitch black hair, but they have the same face, Cale, who inherited his hair from their mom, Jour. He stare at his twin, Rok Soo notices this while eating a mouthful of popcorn.




He asked with a mouth full of food. Rok Soo and Cale has the same face, the only difference is their hair, height, and body figure. Rok Soo has light muscles, but they are not buff, while Cale and his lazy ass don’t have, Rok Soo has wider shoulder than him, he leaned forward to his twin.


“Do you know that Soo Hyuk-hyung and Jung Soo-hyung likes you?”


Rok Soo shrugged his shoulders and replied.


“Well, they said I’m their dongsaeng, they are just a year older tho.”


“No, that’s not it. I mean, romantically.”


Rok Soo’s eyes widen and he spits the popcorn he was eating.


“Wh-what? Are you out of your mind?”


Cale snorted, and chuckled.


“You are so dense.”


“Wow! Coming from you? Alberu and Choi Han has a crush on  you, y’know?”


Cale throw a pillow on his twin with an irritated face.


“No they are not! They are just my friends! And stop meddling with it, just take care of your ‘admirers’.”




Rok Soo jumped to him and wrapped his hands to the redhead’s neck.


“Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo are just my friends too! So if you don’t want to be teased shut your mouth.”


The redhead pouted and kicked his twin, the popcorn bowl rolled on the sofa as Rok Soo caught Cale’s feet and started to tickle them.


“No! Hyung! Stoooopppp!”


Cale yelled with a laughter, Rok Soo teased him more when a voice rang behind them.


“Ahem. Our young masters are really having fun, Madam.”


Ron, who was standing in the door way said. He was holding a boxes, behind him is Jour Thames, peeking from the door.






Rok Soo and Cale exclaimed with excitement as they both ran towards their redhead mother.


“Hi Ron.”


Rok Soo greeted the old butler while Cale just nodded at him, they then welcomed their mom with a big warm hug. Ron smiled in the sight, after Jour and Deruth’s divorce almost 10 years ago, this two had moved out with their mom. Ron and his son, Beacrox, who was now the family chef of the Henituse were still tasked to check their young masters and the madam from time to time. The twin is distant from their father, but they do ask money for them.


“The condo seems to be smaller with the two of you here, you’ve grown too fast honey.”


Jour said, Cale rolled his eyes and wrapped his arms on his mother’s waist.


“You always say that all the time mom. You should kick out hyung then, he keep teasing me.”


“You started it first Cale.”


“No I don’t.”


The twins started bickering, Jour just chuckled with the sight and squeezed her sons for a hug.


“Mommy missed you.”


Rok Soo and Cale looked at each other and returned the hug.


“Welcome home, Mom.”


They said.




They were eating snacks when Cale asked his mom.


“Are you really going to Hawaii today?”


“I’m sorry Honey, your uncle requests my presence in the meeting. He sent you guys Food voucher as an apology right?”


Rok Soo wrapped his arm towards his twin’s neck and consoled him.


“Don’t worry Mom, I’ll take good care of our puppy.”


“I’m not a dog Hyung.”


“Sure sure.”


Everyone chuckled at Cale’s response and continued eating.





“Hyung, why is your nickname Rok Soo? Isn’t Kale a little shorter?”


Cale hopped towards the door of the convenience store. Rok Soo grabbed his twin’s collar when he noticed that the redhead almost stumbled.


“Tsk, stop prancing like an idiot, and, for your information, that nickname means a man with a stoic but handsome face.”


Rok Soo proudly said, Cale snorted and left him outside.


“That rude punk.”


When he entered the store, he then saw his brother surrounded by larger guys with black hair and a blonde one.


“Where’s your brother Cale?”


“Cale, how are you?”


“Cale-nim, are you out alone? You shouldn’t do that.”


“Cale, its a miracle you went for a stroll!”


Cale raised his brow and replied while reaching out for a box of chocolate crackers.


“I went out for air with my dog.”


“What dog are you talking about?”


Rok Soo gave Cale a bonk in the head. Lee Soo Hyuk, Choi Jung Soo, Alberu Crossman, and Choi Han turned  their heads to the black haired man.


“Hey, what are you guys doing here?”


Soo Hyuk almost wag his tail as soon as he saw Rok Soo, Jung Soo wrapped his arms around the man’s neck and explained.


“We were supposed to surprise visit you both!”


“And why is that?”


Cale answered this time, while being followed by Alberu and Choi Han, they were walking around with a cart.


“We we’re bored so….”


“Heh, just say you miss my brother.”




Rok Soo immediately covered his brother’s mouth while pinching his side. Jung Soo and Soo Hyuk’s face paled, but later turned amused.


“We miss your brother! Yes!”


“But he’s so cold to us.”


Both men said with a sulking face, Choi Han held Cale’s wrist and pulled him away from his own brother bickering with his friends. Alberu grabbed the cart and pushed it.


“Cale-nim.. can we stay for the night?”


Choi Han whispered, enough for Alberu and Cale to hear. Cale raised a brow and licked his lips, with that, Choi Han and Alberu froze, it looked sexy as hell.


“Stop whispering it sounds like a crime.”




Alberu said with a frown face while putting chocolates and chips on the cart, however, Rok Soo stopped him and put the things back on the stand.


“Please stop feeding Cale with chocolates. He’s been eating sweets since yesterday, Ron will kill me if he finds that out.”


Rok Soo said with a small smile in his face, he then glanced over his twin who was glaring at him.


“If you continue feeding your crush with chocolates, he’ll be surrounded with ants within a minute.”




Cale’s face flushed red by his brother’s remarks mentioning ‘crush’. He grunted.


“I will tell Ron you were dumping his lemon tea on the sink!”


He then turned his back and continued walking, both Alberu and Choi Han stood frozen, Rok Soo followed his brother while convincing him.


“Looks like we’ve been busted.”


Soo Hyuk said with a serious expression, Jung Soo was beside him holding a pack of instant ramen, Choi Han nodded as Alberu sighed. They formulated their plans.






The guys behind them was just quietly following them up to their apartment. Cale was holding his laugh while he saw his brother put a little blush on his face. He stopped poking his brother when his phone vibrated.



*Park Jin Tae calling…*


“Ugh, he’s so annoying.”


Rok Soo frowned when he saw who was calling his brother. He glanced behind and saw the four guys was just staring at them, holding the bags.


“Park Jin Tae, that brat he hasn’t given up yet? I clearly told him to fuck off.”


“He has been bugging me like forever.”


Alberu and Choi Han’s ears perked when they heard Park Jin Tae’s name was brought up. This guy has been head over heels over Cale. Rok Soo grabbed his brother’s phone and throw it towards Alberu and Choi Han’s direction.


“Prince charmings will deal with our baby’s problems.”


Choi Han caught the phone and glanced over Cale, the redhead had a little blush on his face, he nodded as a permission to open his phone, Rok Soo giggled and he then picked up his brother and opened the door of their condo.


“What the fuck Hyung?”


Rok Soo just laughed him off.


“Right hyung? Prince charmings should deal with our problems?”


Rok Soo teases, glancing over Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo, motioning the bags and the kitchen. Both men had a shock look in their faces. Leaving four men dumbfounded in the entrance, the twins entered their bedroom and quietly bickered their hearts out.

Chapter Text

Warning: Slight horror (?)













Rok Soo puffed his cheek as he moved downstairs with his wet hair, when he reached downstairs he saw Soo Hyuk  and Alberu were cooking something in the kitchen while Choi Han and Jung Soo were folding the scattered blankets Cale used. He sighed.


“Sorry about that, Cale’s so lazy to fold them. I think I’ve been spoiling him too much.”


Rok Soo spoke startling Choi Han and Jung Soo. Jung Soo smiled widely, and immediately shook his head.


“It’s fine! It’s nice to have a brother!”


“It’s fine Rok Soo-hyung.”


Rok Soo shrugged his shoulders and grabbed the remote, when the telephone near the kitchen rang. He immediately went to answer it, Soo Hyuk and Alberu noticed him seriously walking towards the ringing telephone. Jung Soo and Choi Han was following him, and went to Soo Hyuk’s side.


“Hello, good evening. Henituse & Thames residence, how may I help you?”


Rok Soo said with a formal tone, Jung Soo whistled and winks at the man, Rok Soo mouthed him to shut up.




“Cale? He’s in the shower.”


“Alright, I’ll tell him.”


He then put the phone down and shouted from the end of the stairs.


“Cale! Ron said you were not taking your vitamins!”


Rok Soo shouted with an irritated voice, that makes everyone in the kitchen startled.


“I don’t want it! How about you take them?!”


The redhead answered from his room.


 “I’m going to shove it to your ass next time if you don’t take them!”


“Nye! Nye!”


“Cale you brat!”


Rok Soo huffed in irritation and marched his way to the kitchen, the men were just quiet on the side while waiting for the food to cook. This is an amusement in their eyes, a new side of their crushes. Sounds like highschoolers.


“He always do this.”


Rok Soo said and checked the vitamin bottle, Soo Hyuk interrupted.


“Maybe he doesn’t like the taste?”


“Taste bullshit, that brat is anemic. He had to take them.”


Rok Soo replied and put 2 tablets on his palm. He was about to walk when he heard his brother’s frantic voice in the stairs.




Before they could even react, the redhead stumbled on one of the steps and fell down the stairs.






Rok Soo turned pale and ran over his brother who was now on the floor.


“Bastard I told you to wear fucking slippers!”


“Hyung, I swore I saw someone in one of the rooms upstairs!”


The redhead said while holding his head, he looked like he was not hurt, but there was a bruise in his arms. Rok Soo’s blood boiled as he hear his brother telling him scary stories again.


“There’s no one upstairs! Ron checked it a million times Cale! And for the record stop watching horror movies.”


He picked his brother and throw him to the sofa, Alberu and Choi Han attended the redhead who was sulking in the corner. Rok Soo marched to the kitchen and got a first aid kit and throwed it on Cale’s side.




“I don’t want any word from you.”


Rok Soo huffed and settled himself in one of the kitchen chairs, Jung Soo and Soo Hyuk comforted him, he listened to Cale’s tantrums on the living room.


“Brothers always quarrel like that Rok Soo-ah.”


Jung Soo said as he caressed Rok Soo’s back.


“He has been saying those kinds of things these past few days! There’s no one upstairs!”


“I swore I saw someone! Why won’t you believe me?”


Cale marched in the kitchen with an annoyed face.


“You saw it when Ron and Beacrox searched up every corner and every crook of the other rooms!”


“Yes! But did you realize they didn’t checked our room?!”


“Cale stop being anxious.”


“I saw what I saw Hyung.”


Things were getting out of control, the twins were fighting. Cale was insisting he saw someone.


“Cale-nim let us calm down first okay?”


“Cale just sit on the living room first.”


Choi Han and Alberu tried to convince the redhead.


“No! If you want evidence then let’s take a look on the cameras I have secretly installed this dawn upstairs! It’s connected in the smart TV in the living room.”


Rok Soo sighed and scratched his brow.


“Fine, if no one was there we’ll stop this fight and you will take these tablets.”


Cale just shrugged and went to the living room as he set-up the recorded videos from the camera.





Rok Soo spit the water he was drinking when the recording played during 12:53:02, a man with white hair wearing a mask walked over Cale’s door. He was just standing there, a few minutes of standing over there, he opened  Cale’s door quietly and entered, in the screen they could see that the man crawled under Cale’s bed and hid there, he could then see himself walking, passing his brother’s room where the man was hiding and his brother was showering, and went downstairs.


Later that, the man stood up from hiding and walked towards left, where Cale was showering, the camera didn’t caught what he did, but moments later that the man went out of Cale’s room holding a scissor, prancing over the camera, when he was about to stab the camera, Cale went out of his room and they saw how Cale turned his head towards the camera, and practically jumped over the stairs, falling.


“We’re fucking leaving.”


Rok Soo declared and immediately sprinted over the TV and grabbed the flash drive, Soo Hyuk picked the redhead. Everyone almost fled to the ground floor, Cale was in the state of shock that his brother was hugging him and caressing his back.


Alberu dialed Ron’s number in Cale’s phone while Soo Hyuk dialed the police. As soon as the elevator pings open they ran outside the building, Choi Han ran like a devil to the car they brought, tossing the key to Jung Soo.


“Someone was in the house! Hurry and bring police!”


Alberu was the one explaining the situation. They stayed inside the car while Rok Soo was trembling with a pale face.


“Hyung is an idiot, I told you there was someone in the condo.”


Cale said with a calm yet shaky voice, Rok Soo hugged him more.


“Yes, hyung is an idiot. Hyung is sorry.”


A few moments later, the police arrive on the scene, and then the Henituse butler also arrived, literally running over the car Alberu told them.


“Young Master!”


Ron huffed in nervousness as he opened the door of the car. Cale was sleeping in Rok Soo’s embrace. Rok Soo had a serious expression while tossing the flash drive on the butler.


“Take care of it, that bitch should be castrated.”




The police retrieved the man from their condo, but before they could even hand it over to the local police station, the Henituse private armies took over the man.


An army disguised as a local police hopped over the car where everyone was, it was so quiet that the silence in the car was deafening. Hilsman, the Assistant Commander knocked on the car window.


“Young Master.”


“Was it Clopeh Sekka?”


Rok Soo said with a very cold voice, the moment he saw the white hair of the unknown man upstairs he concluded it was the same obsess jerk who had been stalking his brother since childhood. Hilsman nodded and reported once more.


“We apprehended him in Young Master’s shower, he was..”


“He was jerking off holding young master’s towel.”






Rok Soo punched the car’s side, with glaring eyes he stared right through the Assistant Commander’s eyes.


“Tell father I’ll come over tomorrow. We’ll stay at a hotel or what tonight, Cale needs to rest.”


“Young master, the lord asks you to come home-”


“I said we’ll staying in a hotel or whatever!”


Rok Soo shouted with an angry voice, making everyone flinched. His voice echoed throughout the entire parking lot. Hearing this, Ron approached them and pushed Hilsman aside. He put a benign smile on his face.


“I called madam, and she’ll be here after two days.”


“Then may I ask Mr. Lee Soo Hyuk to let our young masters stay over your apartment for the time being? This lowly servant will settle things over here first, tomorrow is school day, but I do not think our red puppy can sleep peacefully after what happened.”


A loud company may comfort him.


 Is what Ron wanted to convey in his statement. Soo Hyuk nodded his head and assured the old butler.


“Don’t worry sir. They will be safe in our apartment, besides there’s still space in the area, the six of us can occupy them.”


Ron just nodded as the car started the engine, he stared at Rok Soo who was eyeing him and nodded with the message. As the car vanished from his sight, a loud scream from behind him echoed throughout the parking lot.


“Drag him to the copter.”


Ron ordered while staring at his reflection of the dagger he saw holding.


Time to mince some meat.






“Sorry for the damage on the car Hyung, I’ll pay for the repair.”


Rok Soo said while wiping Cale’s sweat. Soo Hyuk turned his head at the back, he saw Rok Soo with a grim look in his face while staring at his twin who was sleeping on Choi Han’s shoulder, he was also holding Cale’s hand. Alberu was fanning the sleeping redhead.


“To think that he could’ve stabbed my brother a hundred times during those all hiding.”


Choi Han and Alberu flinched when Rok Soo spoke, Jung Soo glanced from the rear view mirror and asked.


“Who’s Clopeh?”


“He’s a childhood friend. He has been obsessed with Cale’s redhair ever since we we’re kids. He was sent to America for a rehab after drug addiction, I didn’t knew he was back. Fuck.”


Rok Soo bit his lower lip and sighed in defeat. He squeezed his eyes shut.


“Is it okay if we stay over?”


“It’s fine!”


The four men immediately responded to his question, he raised a brow over them and chuckled.


“Alright. Thanks.”





Alberu, Choi Han, Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo were having a small meeting in the corner of their apartment kitchen. Their hearts were pounding like crazy as they glanced over the men who were sleeping in the floor of the living room.


Rok Soo insisted to sleep in the floor, because Cale might freak out if they were in the bed. He might remember the man who was hiding underneath his own bed, and now the four of them were having problems.


Rok Soo invited them over to sleep with them! The living room was so spacious that he felt the walls were to distant, that’s why he asked if they could sleep with them. Just like camping. Yes camping.


Here comes the problem.


Each one of them want to sleep beside Cale and Rok Soo.


“I should sleep beside Cale-nim, Alberu, he was comfortable holding my hand in the van.”


“Shut up, why is it you huh?”


Seeing this, Jung Soo offered a deal.


“Let’s just play rock paper scissors, whoever wins got to sleep with Rok Soo or Cale’s side.”


Everyone agreed with the thought, however, a voice came from behind them.


“What are you guys doing?”


Rok Soo asked, they turned their heads and saw Rok Soo yawning while holding Cale’s wrist who was rubbing his eyes.




The redhead greeted them with the usual stoic face, as if nothing happened.


“Are you okay Cale?”


“How are you feeling Cale?”


“Drink this water Cale.”


“We we’re just, deciding who would sleep beside each one of your sides.”


Cale looked towards his twin and put a shocked face.


“The fuck hyung? Are you already going in that direction? These guys haven’t even courted you yet.”


He blurted out his thoughts, Rok Soo’s eyes went wide and slapped his brother’s shoulders. With a beaming blush in his face, he answered his twin.


“Wh, what are you talking about?! I didn’t said to sleep beside us! What I meant was on the sofa! They can sleep in the sofa! They have many sofas around!”


The four guys was shocked with what Rok Soo meant, their faces bloomed red.


“A, and I was worried about you! You might developed a trauma or something!”


“What am I a kid? Do you really think I would get scared over that puny drug addict?”


“You fainted brat.”


“I was anemic.”


“That’s why you should take your vitamins!”


Cale pouted and looked towards Jung Soo and Soo Hyuk who was covering their mouth.


“Hyung always move in his sleep, he practically tossed and kicked every pillow around him, so Soo Hyuk-hyung and Jung Soo-hyung should be careful. If you try to sleep with my brother, you should be covered in armor, he might kick your dicks.”




Cale advice them and ran over the living room, Rok Soo was so red that he didn’t say anything and just chased after his brother. Both Jung Soo and Soo Hyuk looked at their pants and shivered with the thought.


“How about Cale-nim?”


Choi Han asked while walking towards the bickering twin brothers, the others followed them with a wide smile as they saw both of the Henituse were grinning at each other, unlike hours ago. Their moods were lifted, and forgot that something happened in their apartment.



Rok Soo looked at his twin, who was glaring at him now. He contemplated, and looked at Choi Han who was staring at them curiously, behind was Alberu with also had a curious face. Rok Soo put a blank and pale expression before replying.


“He sleeps like he don’t care about the world. I have a hard time waking him up during school days, I had to play honking cars in the speaker just to wake him. He doesn’t move around but he makes this cute puppy faces during his sleep.”


“No I don’t! Stop spouting bullshit.”


He then glanced over Choi Han, and Alberu who had an amused expressions in their faces.


“Don’t believe him.”


“I swear, there’s this one time where me, him and mom slept together in the living room after the marathon, and he woke half asleep, and  was like, ‘Hyung hug me I’m cold.’”


“Shut up Hyung! I didn’t do anything like that!”


“You can asked mom.”


Cale grumbled and hit his brother with a pillow, Rok Soo’s mouth gaped opened.






That night, with shivering hearts and twitching lips, 6 men played pillow fight, and 4 of them are experiencing butterflies in their stomachs.

Chapter Text

“Na na, na, na, na.. Feels so good being bad.”


Cale singed with a low voice, Kim Rok Soo tapped his feet on the shiny floor as he mix the pancake batter on the bowl, he then sing the next lines.


“There's no way I'm turning back”

”Now the pain is for pleasure”


Cale then started tapping his palm on the kitchen counter as he sat on the chair while looking at his twin making pancakes, it’s currently 5:30 in the morning. Last night, they insisted that they will cook breakfast for everyone, actually, Rok Soo insisted, Cale and his lazy ass was heating water in the pot, he will do the coffee.


'Cause nothing can measure..


Love is great, love is fine.


Rok Soo added when his brother coughed a little, he raised a brow and poured another batch of batter on the pan. Cale just smiled, an evil one.


Out the box, out of line..


Cale then sang and motioned his brother to continue the next line, he then stood up from the chair, and stood away from the counter, Rok Soo looked at him with a crazy look, and continued.


The affliction of the feeling leaves me wanting more..


He then watched his brother danced while singing.


'Cause I may be bad but I'm perfectly good at it

Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it


Sticks and stones may break my bones

But chains and whips excite me~


Cale swayed his hips left and right and did a twerk while winking at his twin, Rok Soo grabbed an apple and throw it on his brother, who was now laughing.


“Hyung! Hahahah! You have to continue it!”


“No! This brat!”


Rok Soo laughed him off, but Cale keep insisting him, the redhead was wiggling his butt to his brother, Rok Soo grabbed the slipper he was wearing and throw it on his brother.


“Hyung is a loser!”


Rok Soo glared at him, he turned off the stove as he finished the last batch of pancakes. He cleared his throat,  started singing and did a little dance.


'Cause I may be bad but I'm perfectly good at it

Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it


Sticks and stones may break my bones

But chains and whips excite me~


Rok Soo did a little thrusting movement and swayed his hips, slightly wiggling his butt in the air. Cale bursted laughing, Rok Soo’s face flushed when his brother shouted at him.


“You’re terrible! Why did you thrust your hips!”


“It’s your fault!”


The twins started running out of the kitchen only to be welcomed by Alberu, Choi Han, Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo. Both of their faces flushed red, remembering what they did in the kitchen. Four of the men who had a troubled look in their faces stared at them, Cale and Rok Soo and greeted in unison.


“G,good morning.”


The redhead and his twin then ran over the attic room, last night the guys offered the room to them, they totally forgot that there was a room in the attic and that it hasn’t been used for a while now, that’s where they were staying.


“That’s so embarrassing.”


“Says the idiot who started singing out of the blue.”


They then stared at each other and laugh. Downstairs, Soo Hyuk sighed in defeat while massaging his temples.


“I don’t think I can focus in today’s class because of what I saw.”


Jung Soo tried copying what Rok Soo danced but Jung Soo slapped his shoulders. Choi Han was covering his nose, Alberu was handing him tissues.


“Stop bleeding idiot.”


Alberu and Choi Han’s faces where so red that it can be compared to Cale’s hair.


“This is really bad, Hyung.”


Alberu said while realizing that they might it up dead with a spurting nose bleed and hardened dicks.







Cale stared intensely at the black haired man who was sitting across the table in the kitchen. Choi Han had an apologetic look in his face while straying the boxes of sweets away from the redhead. 


"Are you really sure that classes were cancelled today? Don't even try to lie to me Choi Han." 


Cale said while trying to reach the opened bottle of Nutella across the table. Choi Han sighed and nodded his head. 


"It's really cancelled Cale-nim, there was a storm coming that's why the weather has been bad. Alberu will come home a little later because he was called in the student council." 


"How about Soo Hyuk-hyung and Jung Soo-hyung?" 


Cale asked with a sulky and irritated voice, Choi Han has been trying to move the sweets away from him. His brother, Rok Soo, went with Ron right after they finished breakfast, and he was left alone in the apartment when Choi Han, together with the other three went to their morning classes in the university. Alberu, Choi Han and him were on the same 2nd year, and his older twin, Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo were in 3rd year. Rok Soo went to school earlier than Cale because Cale doesn't want to go to school yet. He has been lazy since childbirth that Jour almost force him to go to school the following year. The twins meet these bunch of guys by their Junior high school years and has been friends with them ever since. 


"They were doing a group project Cale-nim." 


Choi Han said that with a playful gaze. Cale squinted his eyes, and confronted the innocent looking friend. 


"Choi Han I have been noticing this kind of action these following years."




Choi Han hummed. Cale stood up from where he was sitting and approached the startled Choi Han who was still sitting on the chair. He reached towards him and tried to trap the man in his arms, holding in the edge of the table counter, Choi Han was holding the opened Nutella. 


"Hyung keep teasing me about you and Alberu liking me romantically, is that true?" 


Choi Han's eyes widen in surprise, a bright red blush painted over his face, his lips trembled, and his sweaty hands loosen grip on the Nutella bottle he was holding. It rolled over his pants, spilling the chocolate content over it. Silence feel over the room. 


"Based on your reaction and silence, I can say it is true." 




Choi Han called out as the redhead bowed his head, he wonder how would Cale would react over this. Alberu and Choi Han had been battling over how to make Cale realize that they like him, but now, the tea has been spilled. Whatever response they might receive, they just have to accept it. But contrary to what Choi Han was thinking, Cale was happy. His hyung was really right, he had been contemplating what to say when he noticed the spilled chocolate on Choi Han's pants. 


"When did you say Alberu will arrive?" 


Cale asked with head still down, Choi Han answered with a shaky and hopeful voice, he was staring at the redhead. Cale lifted his head and stared at the gray orbs with a playful and beaming gaze. 


"Then I guess he will miss something fun. His fault." 


Cale kneeled in front of Choi Han, in between his legs, facing the pants with chocolate on top. He laid his head just on the side of Choi Han's crotch, and smeared more of the chocolate on Choi Han's pants. Flinching, Choi Han exclaimed with shock with the sudden action. 




Cale's eyes formed crescent, he put a mischievous smile on his face, following with his words. 


"Han-ah doesn't want to give this Cale chocolate right?" 


Cale licked the chocolate just right above Choi Han's already hard dick, as if struggling to get out. 


"Han-ah should now by know that this is my response.." 


"I just licked the chocolate, but you're already hard, what should Cale do?" 


Choi Han breathed heavily with the sight, it burns his chest as well as his swelling dick. This is Cale's response to their feelings. The redhead licked and bit his lips as he scooped out a palm full of Nutella, grunting, he unzip Choi Han's pants and his very hard dick sprang, greeting him. 




Choi Han immediately tried to reach over the redhead but Cale spoke faster. 


"It's Cale for you, dear boyfriend. Thank you for the meal." 


Cale smeared the chocolate on Choi Han's dick, and started eating, nibbling and sucking them. Choi Han shivered and instantly breathed fast and heavy, calling out Cale's name. 




Choi Han was going crazy with the stimulation, he gritted his teeth as he felt Cale's tongue circling on his dick's head, and then sucking them. His eyes shook with pleasure and his saliva was dripping from the corners of his mouth. 


"Ah, ah, ah Cale!" 


He shouted and gripped Cale's hair, motioning him to go faster. 




He hissed with the sight. Cale was staring at him, tears were formed in the corner of Cale's  eyes when he thrusted his hips over his warm mouth. 


Stupid big dick! 


Cale thought when Choi Han grunted and fasten his thrusts more, the chair where Choi Han was sitting was thrown in the floor and he was now standing, holding Cale's head while bobbing and fucking his mouth. 


"Cale, Cale, Cale, Cale!" 


 He chanted his now, boyfriend, is what Cale said, name as he continuously thrust, reaching Cale throat that almost choked the redhead. He clenched his jaw and and opened his mouth, moaned loudly. Finally. Finally. He thought to himself. Mine. Mine. Every thrust means claiming, and possessiveness over this man kneeling in front of him. Shivers and goosebumps poured over him as an intense orgasm erupted on him. 




With that last one thrust, he released all his frustrations and doubts on Cale's throat, pulling his dick from his mouth, still ejaculating, semen fell splat over Cale's face, dripping from his eyelids to his jaw. Choi Han literally experience that one hell satisfying orgasm he ever had in his entire life. 


Cale's face was a mess, smeared chocolate and hot cum was on his face, his jaw hurts too,  but seeing the satisfied look on Choi Han's face. He could never ask for more. 


Or so he thought. 


A pen rolled over, creating a weird noise, that it caught both of their attentions. They turned their heads over the door, and saw Alberu's serious face staring right at the scene. 


"I think I'll be overeating today?" 


Cale said while wiping his lips, he saw how Alberu snapped his sanity and drag him to their bedroom as soon as Choi Han said something to him. 




"Ah, ah, a, no more!" 


Cale shouted in pleasure as Alberu sucked his dick, this has been the third time now, he was lying on Choi Han's chest, and he was pinching Cale's nipples while sucking and biting Cale's shoulders, avoiding his neck for some reason. The three were bare naked, practically discovering their flesh. There was no penetration. Yet. 


"N,nothing will come out a,anymore.." 


Cale cried out as Alberu licked his dick, the blonde eyed Choi Han and the both of them motioned their hands to Cale's peachy butt cheeks. Choi Han parted Cale's legs , literally wrapping them in his arms as Alberu positioned his fingers on Cale's twitching hole. 


"Wh, what are you doing?" 


"We will know if nothing will come out if we do this Cale." 


"What? What are you doing-!" 


A finger entered his asshole, Cale's eyes were fixed on Alberu' finger who was sliding in and out, it feels weird. He voiced that out with a hazy voice. 




Choi Han chuckled and whispered something to him. There are now two fingers inside him, when he was about to say another word to Alberu a sudden jolt of pleasure hit and shook his entire sanity. 




He gasped and panted. 


"Here it is." 




He shouted the blonde's name with a moan, his eyes shook and his mind went blank with the pleasure. Alberu was hitting something with his fingers inside him. 


"Yes?" Alberu answered with a playful voice. 


"W,what i,is this-! Ah! Ah!" 


He moaned so loudly that Choi Han had to kiss him to shut him up. Choi Han was smiling on their kiss, sucking the redhead's tongue, the stimulation on the mouth did help the stimulation inside him. It burned him more. 


"Cale, did you know? I'm finger fucking you by violating your prostate." 


Alberu said with a grin, as he continued the motion, he fasten sliding in and out, making Cale arched his back. He was going crazy, he knew that. His mind was filled with the idea to 'release', nothing more and nothing less. Alberu leaned in and nipped over Cale's swollen nipples.


With another full thrust on his prostate, Choi Han left Cale's lips, and Alberu burned the sight with his eyes. Cale shouted in pleasure, eyes fluttering, his body was trembling with the fountain of hot cum, together with hot liquid, he peed while cumming. Spluttering his juices to the air and around the bed. Choi Han and Alberu's eyes formed crescent and they plastered a wide smile on their faces, while staring at the huffing and panting boyfriend. 




That night, Rok Soo gave Choi Han and Alberu a very long lecture, about certain things because when they arrived together with Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo in the apartment, they saw the soiled crime remains spluttered in the kitchen floor and on their bedroom door. 


Rok Soo also scolded his slutty brother who literally parted his legs right off the first day of being in a relationship.

Chapter Text

Rok Soo frowned when some of the college girls in the corridor eyed him. There were whispers and irritating glares, he was wearing his usual stoic but gentle expression. He was feeling irritated when he came to the university, yesterday after visiting his father’s house, he didn’t get the chance to see the fucking bastard who hid under his brother’s bed, but his father attended his presence, asking how was Cale and if they need something.


Assuring Rok Soo that he would handle everything, he just nodded and told his father that he would visit again. He overslept because he was busy lecturing his brother and his boyfriends about their sexual activity in the apartment, he ended up arriving at the university around 1 pm in the afternoon, only to know that his professor was not around even though he said in his email that he is.  He was walking in the ground hall and was about to turn right in the corner, when a loud woman’s voice called his name.





That was Elisneh’s voice, the woman with short green hair, her lips were painted with bright red lipstick, and her axe looking eye brows were furrowed while she was furiously dashing towards Rok Soo, who goes by the name Kale Henituse in the university. He lazily turned his head, when a hand almost hit his face, he caught it and he raised a brow.



“You gay slut!”




The gossip and murmurs erupted loudly, this woman has been on his nerves since his university life, like a thorn poking on his feet. He didn’t know what did he did wrong with this woman, but he think it’s all about Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo again. She’s head over heels over the two.


Elisneh’s causing a scene again.


Who posted that article in the university website that she’s the queen bee?


LOL, Kale-nim should finally shut that bitch up.


I loved Rosalyn-nim when she flipped tables with Elisneh.


Kale’s really handsome today.


Stop being a simp.


Rok Soo sighed and let go of her hand, the students crowded over them, as if they gathered just to watch the show.


“What is it this time?”


“I saw you leaving Lee Soo Hyuk’s apartment! Why are you there? Huh? Did you finally get your hands on his pants huh? You bitch!”


His mouth gaped open when it’s really about Soo Hyuk this time.


“You sound creepy, have you been stalking Lee Soo Hyuk? And why are you that concern about other people’s lives? As far as I remember you have no relationship with hyung or whatever.”


“Hah! Look at you go! Are you that proud to prance around the school grounds because you have Mr. Student Council President, Lee Soo Hyuk, and School Prince, Choi Jung Soo wrapped in your palms? You don’t deserve them you gay!!”


Elisneh pointed his shoulder and pushed him. The murmurs and the crowd were getting bigger and bigger, someone was even recording. Lee Soo Hyuk and Choi Jung Soo was happily walking down the halls when some students reported over them about the commotion and rushed towards it.


“Why do you care about me having Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo wrapped in my palms? Are you jealous that I can get my hands in their pants and you can’t? Mhm?”


Everyone choked with Rok Soo’s choice of words. He brushed over his shoulder where the shocked Elisneh pointed, even Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo who was standing just few meters away from the man was so shock.


“How about you stop prying in my “sexual” and private life Elisneh and get 2 or more boyfriends to quench your thirsty veins. It’s not like we are in 17th century where men can’t have a relationship with another “men”, right? Can you please fucking grow up? Or maybe you can change your hair color because it looked like, that algae looking paint is affecting your mindset, looks dirty.




Rok Soo stated and walked away, leaving Elisneh dumbfounded and raging in anger, the crowds were laughing and giggling with Rok Soo’s remarks.


“Bloody hell.”


Rok Soo cursed and brushed his hair, he felt so irritated and dialed his brother’s number. A few seconds after dialing his brother picked up.




“Cale.. you doing anything?”


He asked while kicking a stone while walking. The other lane went silent.


“If you are flirting right now stop it. Don’t do things on the apartment.”


We are not doing anything Hyung!


“Right. Then let’s date. Hyung will treat your favorites.”


-What happened? No, never mind. Alright. I’ll be there.


The other lane, and he saw two figures rushing towards him in the corner of his eyes. Rok So started to walk away when a hand grabbed him by the wrist.


“Rok Soo-ah..”


Rok Soo, feeling really irritated pulled his hand and sighed in annoyance. He glared on Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo, before confronting them.


“Fucking hell, why am I fighting with your fucking admirers Hyung? This is the 5th one this month.”


“Rok Soo..”


“Look, I’m not that dense to not notice your feelings for me okay? I know okay?”


Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo’s eyes widen, Rok Soo brushed his hair due to stress.


“We aren’t even in a relationship yet but I’m already this stressed out. What the fuck. Kindly deal with it.”


He then walked out. Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo was smiling as they chased Rok Soo who was now  meters away from them.


“We’ll deal with them Rok Soo-ah!”


“Rok Soo wait up!”







“Did you guys have a love quarrel or something?”


Cale asked as soon as he get off from Alberu’s motorcycle, Choi Han held his waist and guided him down, he slapped Choi Han’s hand.


“I’m not a girl Choi Han, I can get off just fine.”

Alberu just chuckled and parked his motorcycle in the rented space in the parking lot.


“We aren’t in a ‘love quarrel’. And why did you bring them, I told you this is our date.”


Rok Soo grumbled, as he pulled his brother away from Choi Han and Alberu.


“Nope, not anymore.”




“I’ll be dating my ‘boyfriends’ Hyung, how about you date Soo Hyuk-hyung and Jung Soo-hyung.”


Cale pushed his brother towards Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo’s direction, he then winked to the hyungs.


“What the hell Cale?”


“Hyung should fix your lovers’ quarrel and try to be more honest mkay? Don’t just hole up in the corner and study gay porn.”




Cale ran as fast as he could when Rok Soo started chasing him with beaming bright red blush on his face. The redhead was laughing, circling around the parking lot, his brother caught him and strangled him.


“Stop! Stop! Fine! Fine! We’ll date, date!”


Cale tapped Rok Soo’s hands, and wrapped his finger towards it. Rok Soo smiled and pulled his brother, leaving the guys behind them.









“Hyung, Eruhaben-nim will arrive next week.”


Cale excitedly announced, Rok Soo’s face beamed happily. As he grab another piece of tteok-bokki and shove it on Soo Hyuk’s mouth, they were playing truth and dare, then he was dared to feed Soo Hyuk.


“Yes really! I want to see the kids, let’s do a sleepover hyung,  pleaseeee.”


“Yeah, sure why not. Eruhaben-nim can’t say no to us anyway.”


“Who’s Eruhaben?”


Alberu asked with a suspicious voice.


“Oh, it’s mom’s long-term fiance. He had three adopted cute kids, they’re our siblings now! He’s super handsome and super rich. Hyung has a crush on him when we we’re in highschool.”


“Shut up Cale.”


Cale laughed and teased his brother having a crush on his mom’s boyfriend.


“So, Rok Soo has always been that way?”


Jung Soo asked this time, eyeing Rok Soo. Cale licked his finger and tilted his head.


“What do you mean Jung Soo-hyung? Me and brother doesn’t really care about gender. I mean, brother even had a girlfriend and a boyfriend before.”


“He had what?!”


“Stop exposing me Cale.”


Cale hushed his brother, and began story telling his brother’s first and last failed relationship.


“It was during his 2nd year in highschool, bet you didn’t know because he doesn’t really say anything.”


“That’s right, I was shocked.” - Choi Han


“It’s pretty normal though.” - Alberu


“I can’t believe, I am single since birth y’know.” -Jung Soo


“So here’s what happened. Hyung got his first girlfriend during a science lab, his girlfriend’s name was Jopis Molden, Elisneh’s sister. To tell you the truth Elisneh liked Hyung back then, when he was together with Jopis-unni, she tried to seduce him, but hyung, y’know..”


“That Jopis? Jopis that famous actress?”




“Seriously? I didn’t know that.”


“Me neither, so why did they broke up?”


Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo said in unison as they continued to eat. Choi Han was eyeing Cale who was licking his fingers.


“Oh, because Jopis went abroad to study, and that Hyung don’t want a long distance relationship so he broke up with her.”




“I’m lazy to woke up in the middle of the night just to call her. Thinking about it the time difference is too big that it will affect me.”


Rok Soo said with a lazy tone in his voice, he then took a sip on his brother’s cucumber juice. He clicked his tongue and shove a fork full of carbonara to his twin’s mouth.


“The boyfriend. It was our butler’s son. Beacrox.”


Cale’s eyes turned crescent as he gulped down the food he was chewing, Soo Hyuk, Jung Soo, Choi Han and Alberu went silent after hearing that, Rok Soo’s tone got bitter.


“Hyung and Beacrox was in a secret relationship, and then one time Ron discovered them. He got really mad.”




“I don’t know. He just said that his son is not someone worthy for Hyung, so they broke up. LOL.”


Cale said as he stare at his brother who was nodding.


“Hyung really liked him.”


“Ofcourse, he has a big dick.”




Cale’s face flushed red and throwed bread crumbs on his brother. His brother snickered and whispered something to him, making him yelped.




Rok Soo laughed at him and licked his lower lip.


“I still see him sometimes though.”


Jung Soo and Soo Hyuk just stared at Rok Soo while contemplating plans in their heads.


They just continued to eat and shared stories with each other until evening.








“What do you think you guys are doing?”


Soo Hyuk was hugging him from the front and was groping Rok Soo’s ass, while Jung Soo was  hugging Rok Soo, rubbing his forehead on Rok Soo’s shoulder.


“Were jealous Rok Soo-ah..” Jung Soo said


“Super jealous. To think you are so open talking about dick sizes with your brother.”


Soo Hyuk said while directly staring at the shorter man in front of him. Rok Soo scoffed and tapped Soo Hyuk’s shoulders.


“How bold. Just minutes ago you guys were acting like puppies, you look like a beast right now.”


“Rok Soo should know that we aren’t playing tricks here, stop provoking us.”


Rok Soo raised his brow and smirked.


“Bullshit, me provoking?”




Jung Soo said at his back, Rok Soo laughed with the two men who was touching him.


“I said it right? If you can’t handle your admirers in pissing me off. Then you get nothing from me.”


“We’ll handle it.”


Rok Soo stared at the eager Soo Hyuk in front of him and sighed, he pushed him and Jung Soo, letting go from their grasps, he fixed his clothes.


“I do not know why are you guys so impatient.”


“We’ve been waiting for 5 years already Rok Soo.”


Rok Soo’s breath hitched, he almost tremble with Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo’s intense gaze.


Fuck. I’m horny. Crazy.


Rok Soo massaged his eyes with his hands and sighed.


I can’t believe this. Is it because it’s been 3 years since I have sex? I just lectured my brother yesterday about sexual activities, I can’t face him if I try jumping on these guys now.


He then covered his mouth with hand and stare into nothingness, Jung Soo and Soo Hyuk was just observing him, he was about to say something when his phone vibrated.


*My little brother calling…*


He immediately picked it up while motioning his hand to the two men staring at him.




Hyung, we are not going home tonight.


“What? Are you crazy?”


I’m going to have sex with my boyfriends! Stop being fuzzy! I’m going to lose my virginity tonight!


Rok Soo couldn’t believe what he is hearing, it feels like all the blood on his body went up to his face, he yelled over the phone.


“S,s,sex?! Are you crazy? It’s just the 2nd day of you being in a relationship! And we are under Ron’s surveillance! Do you think Alberu and Choi Han will see the sun rise tomorrow! Ron is-!”


He knows, Hyung. I told him.


“What the fuck?”


Don’t worry hyung, just like you told me. We are going to use protection.


“I didn’t asked you to tell me that! Whatever! It’s not my fault if you come home broken!”


If I know you’re going to have sex with Soo Hyuk-!


Rok Soo ended the call with a very bright red face. He hissed and coughed, not looking at the intense gaze directed at him.


“Let’s go home.”


He said and walked away. All through the ride, there was silence in the car. Rok Soo was thinking what to do, while staring outside the window. Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo seemed to have calmed down but they were still quiet.


It must have been really hard for  them right? They said it was 5 years already. I liked them just 2 years ago.


Rok Soo was fiddling his fingers and tapping his feet, a sign that he is thinking and worried about something. Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo didn’t miss to notice this. When they arrived in the apartment, it was Rok Soo who got off first while texting something on his phone.

To: Ron


I’ll be at the apartment with Hyungs. Just protect Cale from wherever he is.


✓✓  Sent 07:10 pm




To: My little brother


Stay there for a while. I’ll just call you, ask Ron for anything.


✓✓  Sent 07:12 pm




From: My little brother


I knew it, Hyung is a clown!


✓✓  Seen 07:15 pm



Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo was just looking at Rok Soo’s back as soon as they entered the apartment, Rok Soo throwed his phone in the sofa and remove his upper clothes. He first removed the coat he was wearing, and then the inner black sweater. His hair and lashes fluttered as he gaze at the men who were still standing in the entrance. He raised his brow over them, Jung Soo tilted his head. He turned his back on them, flopped on the sofa, half naked.


“Take a shower.”


He ordered while pretending that he is checking something on his phone.




Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo said in unison, there was a hint of nervousness and hope in their voices, Rok Soo clicked his tongue and stared at them.


“What are you doing? I thought you waited 5 years?” Rok Soo said.


“W,what do you mean?”


“This is all your fault, now I’m horny. If you won’t wash up within 10 minutes then I’m just going to sleep.”


Rok Soo said, before he could even stand up, large bodies embraced him. Flattening him in the sofa.






Rok Soo grunted and groaned with their touches.


“You still have 9 minutes.”


Without further wasting time, Jung Soo and Soo Hyuk almost fled to the 2 bathrooms of the apartment.


Damn, I’m such a joke. I can’t believe I’ll be parting my legs in the very first day of being in a relationship.

Chapter Text



Rok Soo groaned and panted as two hot and large dicks shook his entire body, Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo was pounding him like crazy. Unable to catch his breath, he tightened his grasp on Soo Hyuk who was in front of him as he slam his nape in between Jung Soo's neck and shoulders. 


His legs were widely spread like a cleaned chicken, his asshole was burning hot with the stimulation. Jung Soo at his back was holding his left leg, spreading it more, and Soo Hyuk held his right leg while biting his nipples.


"Rok Soo..."


"Oh fuck-!" 


The two men moaned in pleasure as they continued to ram their dicks on the other. Rok Soo shouted as an intense thrust ripped his sanity away, causing to release his third orgasm. His saliva was dripping from the corner of his lips, eyes are cloudy, his breaths was ragged. 


"Bloody hell, s,slow d,down-! Ah ah!" 


He chanted when he felt another orgasm surging in, he tried to push Soo Hyuk who was still pounding him like crazy, but Jung Soo at the back did the most mind-blowing thing he could ever imagine.


He pulled his dick, almost out of other’s ass, and slammed it back so hard again. 




For the fourth time, Rok Soo cummed with his ass and his dick, strings of love juices spurted like fountain. The men fucking him hasn't even cummed yet, it feels like eternity in the living room. He arched his back and clenched the inside of his hole, receiving a grunt from both men. 


"Fuck, don't tightened like that-ah!" 


"Shit, dammit." 


Tears formed in the corner of Rok Soo's eyes as waves of pleasure enveloped his entire being once more. He continued to bounce in the air while both of the men were thrusting like raging bulls asking for release. Rok Soo gave out a whispered shout, curling his toes, gone now is the stoic expression he was making from the beginning, yet his face was a mess, calling out his boyfriends' names with a dragging and stuttering voice.


"Ah, ah, ah, Ssoo hyukkkk...soo" 


"Jjunggsoo-ah, ah!" 


Hearing this lovely moan, Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo almost lose their mind, an overwhelming orgasm erupted between the three. Seeding the man in between, juices fell to the floor as they release themselves inside Rok Soo. 




Once unbuckled, Rok Soo's hip gave out, slamming into Soo Hyuk's hard chest. Jung Soo grabbed his hips from the back and positioned himself once again, but Rok Soo muffled a yelped. 




"What do you mean? We are not done yet."


Jung Soo said while still catching his breath, giving his dick a few pumps. Soo Hyuk held the other's shoulders, leaning in and gave him a deep kiss, sucking the other's tongue. 




Rok Soo said something in between their kisses, Soo Hyuk let him go as he tilt his head, trying to listen to the smaller man. 


"Bed hyuuunnnggg.." 


Dragging his tone and calling out to continue to bed, Soo Hyuk snapped. His lips cracked open to a smirk with his jaw clenched as he burn Rok Soo's expression in his mind.


Rok Soo's eyes were bright, at the same time they were cloudy and luscious, his swollen lips were lifted into a seductive smile, cheeks flushed pink, tongue licking the corners of his lips, bullets of sweat dripping from the forehead to his collar bone.


“Fucking hell.”


He curses as he swooped the man in his arms, sending signals to Jung Soo. However, with the following words the Rok Soo muffled, both Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo lose all rationality to be gentle as possible. 


"M,more, give me more Hyuuuunngg.."  








"Oh fuck me- Just like thaaattt!" 


Rok Soo shouted as Jung Soo slammed his dick inside him so hard. He was drowning in lust and pleasure, leaving all shame and embarrassment in the back of his head. 


"Fuck! Yes! I'm fucking you! Yes! Yes!" 


Jung Soo rammed, he draped over Rok Soo's torso and hugged him as he continued to pound the boyfriend's warm and still tight asshole. Soo Hyuk in the other hand was gripping Rok Soo's pitch black hair, bobbing his head, mouth-fucking him with all his sanity. 


"Ha! Fuck, Rok Soo."


"You look good with my dick in your mouth." 


Rok Soo moaned loudly as Soo Hyuk held his head and started to thrust in his mouth faster and faster. The pleasure was overwhelming. Jung Soo behind him grabbed his dick, and pumped the hell out of him, while still violating the prostate. 


Rok Soo's eyes squezeed shut when he felt an orgasm forming inside him. 




He moaned voicelessly, with Soo Hyuk fucking his mouth, he can feel the corner of his lips were torn. And Jung Soo behind him picked up his pace once more, Rok Soo's body started to shake so hard, his legs gave out as soon as the man in the front and at the back convulsed, trembled and moaned in pleasure. 


Strings of cum splattered in Rok Soo's face. Soo Hyuk pumped his dick and released his juices in the other’s face.




While Jung Soo's seeds surged its way inside him, he can feel the warm shots being injected to the rim. He slumped in the bed, face first, finally catching breath.


Or so he thought. 


Jung Soo held his arms and picked him up, as they stood in the top of the bed, and started lifting him up, this time, Jung Soo was facing him. 




Rok Soo yelped and pushed Jung Soo, however, his entire body flung to the air, legs locked and parted wide by the man behind him. 


"E,enough! N,no more!" 


Rok Soo yelled with a nervous and terrified voice, this has been the 4th time since they went to bed, he will be penetrated for the 4th time by the both, this can't be, he was penetrated 3 times in the living room, he knew that for sure he's going to die at this rate. 




He shrieked when he felt a bite on his shoulder, Soo Hyuk bit him and positioned himself in his entrance, Jung Soo also positioned at his entrance, teasing his asshole, who was also fucking twitching with the cum dripping from inside. 


"N,no, hyung! S,stop!" 


"We'll give you more..." 


With a harsh and croaked voice, he felt that Soo Hyuk was smiling behind him,


"Yesh more, you want more right Rok Soo-ah? I can't get enough, I want more of you." 


Jung Soo stated, holding Rok Soo's hips, he started to enter him. 


"N,no! I'm going to die-! A,ah!" 


With one full thrust, Jung Soo slammed his dick right into the sensitive prostate. Rok Soo's dick leaked a pre-cum, his eyes were wide and were trembling, saliva dripping in the corner of his mouth, his head laid low as he felt another hard thing poking his way inside him. 


"N,no, no, stop hyung.. You'll kill me-!" 


*SLAM*     *SLAM* 


"Ah! Ah! H,haaghh…!" 


Rok Soo's mind went blank when Soo Hyuk entered him, following two full thrusts, enough to shake his entire sanity. 


"Oh no, we can't have that. You can't die Rok Soo.." 


Soo Hyuk said and Jung Soo hummed, dipping over his nipples.


"I,I'll die i,if you f,fuck me,… please, e,enough.." 


Rok Soo wanted to congratulate himself for successfully speaking while shivering in pleasure. He was really feeling it, his insides was so sensitive that he can feel two dicks pulsating inside him, he was so full, as if he had eaten a full course meal. 


"Then we'll fuck you enough that you won't die." 


The latter declared as they started thrusting their hips with full vigor, as if claiming every corner of him.


"N,no-agh! Ah! Ah! Hyung! Hyung!" 


The bed where they were standing creaked with their thrusts, Rok Soo was moaning so loudly, Soo Hyuk rested his head in the crook of Rok Soo's neck, chanting curses and praises and Jung Soo was sucking Rok Soo's collar bone, muffling silent moans. Both thrusting with the same pace, Rok Soo can see the poor lizards running away from the noises in the ceiling. 


"Hyung! Soo Hyukhyung! Ah ah!" 


"Oh! Oh! Ugh! JungSoo, wah!-" 


He was bouncing in the air, moans continued to fill the room. His eyes went wide when he heard a not-so-good creak and noise from the bed were the two was standing. A hard thrust hit his prostate, shaking his mind violently, he arched his back. He fluttered his gaze on the ceiling again as he tried to listen to the creaking sound. 


"Aah! Ah!"  He moaned, almost reaching zenith.


"Rok Soo! Fuck!" 


"Shit,, shit, shit!" 


It was the bed. The weird creaking sound was from the bed. He realized that while staring at the spider that seems like waving its legs on him, saying goodbye.


He snapped his head to the latter in front of him and tried to shake his shoulders, however, that's when another surging orgasm build inside him. 


Instead of alerting his boyfriends, he shouted the other words that was on the tip of his tongue. 


"I'M CUMMING! Ohhhhh I'm cumming!" 




He felt that his world tilted,Soo Hyuk held him so tightly that it felt like he will break into two, waves of pleasure enveloped him, as seeds of cum planted inside him. He smiled bitterly when he saw Jung Soo pursued him like a devil, Soo Hyuk was moving but he clenched his eyes and savor the moment of pleasure. Fucking hell, it was a good sex.



Goodbye Mr. Spider. This idiot choose to die while cumming. 






The two legs of the bed broke, the headboard got separated from the bed body, the side rail and the bed frame was completely shattered, the mattress and the bed sheet was in completely covered with the broken wood, the pillows and blanket were on the floor. Poor sinful bed.


It was a funny sight. 


Before they could fall after the bed tilted. Soo Hyuk held Rok Soo so tightly as he ran backwards, jumping to the floor, with his dick still inside him. Jung Soo who was in the front was seriously chasing Rok Soo's asshole to the point that the moment his dick tried to slip out from Rok Soo, who was being carried by Soo Hyuk, he ran with them held Rok Soo's arm tightly and jumped at that same time Soo Hyuk jumped. 


It was crazy, really. If the spider can clap, they will be receiving a round of applause. The bed was a nuisance, they just wanted to come. 


That moment they landed on the floor, both of them cummed so hard while laughing and moaning. Rok Soo was shouting their names while slapping them with all his might, breaths were ragged, still feeling sweaty and nervous. 


Sex is good when you break the bed.






“Are you both crazy?”


Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo was kneeling in front of Rok Soo, still naked. They muffled a laugh. Rok Soo hit them with the pillow they collected from the bed.


“Do you think that was funny huh? You could’ve broke your dicks!”


Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo laughed to loudly, Rok Soo was so bright, beaming with the crimson red blush. He muffled a cry and covered his face with the blanket and drift off to sleep, ignoring the loud laugh from the both men, slamming their hands on the floor and continued to laugh the wholesome sex experience.

Chapter Text

“Ha! Ah! C,Choi Han, what the hell!”


Cale shouted when his hips were lifted by Choi Han, the man spread his ass on the air and started to nibble on his holy hole.


“N,no! D,dirty, that’s dirty-! Haghhh..”


Cale’s eyes rolled in pleasure when Choi Han inserted two fingers inside him, hitting his prostate, again. Alberu on the other hand was finger fucking his mouth, while pumping his dick, staring down at Cale.


“Cale’s so cute Choi Han, he rolls his eyes and bit his lower lip when you hit the spot.”




Alberu hummed when Cale replied.




“Fuck me already..”


Alberu and Choi Han went silent with the reply, they then stared at each other, and laughed.


“Hahah.. Did you hear that Choi Han?”


“Cale is impatient, I wonder why Alberu.”


“He thinks he can do it without foreplay.”


Alberu and Choi Han exchanged stares and smirked.


“Well, if he insist.”


Alberu nodded to Choi Han, he stood and lifted Cale up. Spreading his ass on the air. He leaned in and whispered to the red-haired lover.


“If you insist.”


The tip of his dick stretched Cale’s holy hole, he grunted with impatience and irritation when he felt how tight and warm the man is, he hasn’t entered himself fully, yet he felt like he’s going to cum.


“Fucking hell..”


He groaned and pushed himself, fully entering the redhead.

“Ah, ah, ahh..!”


Cale moaned as he felt that his ass was being stretched by Alberu from the back, Choi Han, who was in front of him was just eyeing him, watching his reaction, huffing while pumping his dick. 


"There's more room Choi Han." 


Alberu said as he motion Choi Han in Cale's hole, Cale's eyes went wide with the sudden declaration. 


"W,wait! T,this isn't what I watched on porn! P,please one at a time!" 


Alberu went silent, Choi Han stopped pumping his own dick and stared at Cale. 


"Pfft, hahahhaha!" 


"Did you hear that Alberu?" 


Alberu was giggling behind him, he could feel the man's shaking shoulders. 


"Ahh, he's so cute, fuck." 


Choi Han positioned himself in front of Cale's twitching hole, he leaned in and held his lover's cheeks. 


"I do not know.." 


Choi Han pushed his dick's head into the hole, stretching it more. 


"what you watched in porn sites Cale.." 


Cale's mouth gaped open, tears flowed from his eyes, he can feel his asshole was spreading to much. 


"Did you forgot there were two of us-!" 


Choi Han slammed his dick inside the redhead without warning, he saw how Cale's eyes tremble, his lips pursued open leaving ragged breathes and cute muffling sobs. 


"Hush.. You'll feel good." 


Choi Han then gifted his lover a deep kiss while slowly thrusting, Alberu hence followed the rhythm. He was groaning while biting to Cale's pale nape, he spread Cale's legs more and clenched his jaw, feeling a little jealous to Choi Han. 


"Choi Han, I'm his boyfriend too. Don't be selfish and give his lips to me." 


Choi Han let go of Cale's cheeks and maneuvered his legs, he held Cale's ankle, spreading the legs so high, almost breaking Cale into two. 


"Agh, agh ah, ah ha!" 


Cale moaned so loudly, the stimulation is overwhelming, he didn't know where to put his hands, so his right hand held Alberu's blonde hair, and the left one on Choi Han's shoulder. 


He bounced like a cowboy in the air, receiving the thrusts from in the front and in the back.


" Cale..ha.. Fuck, mhm you're driving me crazy.." 


Alberu said in between their kisses, slamming himself to the rim, Choi Han followed then after he pull, pushing himself deeper to the redhead. 


Cale clenched, his toes curled so hard that it turned white. His insides were hot, as if burning due to the stimulation, his breathe stopped for a moment, feeling something building inside him. 


"Hic! Ah, ah, oh mh god! Oh, oh!" 


His eyes trembled, and tightly grasp into Alberu's hair and Choi Han's shoulder, as if telling them to wreck him. Alberu and Choi Han felt it too, Cale clenched his insides, and his moans are getting desperate. Cale moaned and muffled sweet words to the two, as if drunk with the moment they were in, his eyes were rolled up and saliva was dripping in the corner of his lips. 


"Hnghh.. I love you..aahhgh ah!" 


"Choi Han! Alberu! " 


"Hgnhh!! Please! Please!" 


The redhead stated in between his moans and pleads, making Alberu and Choi Han lose all their sanity. 


“Cale, Cale, Cale!”


Choi Han chanted his lover’s name as he fasten his pace, Alberu on the back bit Cale’s shoulders to the point of bleeding, moaning and groaning.


“Ugh, Cale.. fuck, you’re so good.”


Cale couldn’t comprehend anything, his mind went blank as sudden waves of pleasure enveloped his entire being.


“Ah! Ah! AH!”


The redhead trembled and convulsed in between them, he couldn’t hear anything, the only thing in his mind was the pleasure he was feeling.  He cummed so hard that he didn’t even noticed his finely stretched leg cramp.


Choi Han followed him, seeding his juices inside Cale, shortly, Alberu’s entire being shook so wildly as he came inside the redhead. They panted, and huffed, savoring the moment of their semen being released inside the lover.




Choi Han called the redhead who was now slumped between them.




Alberu called him when he didn’t answer. Checking if the lover had fallen asleep, Choi Han let go of Cale’s legs and held him tightly, the redhead’s eyes were close.


“Fuck, Alberu, call an ambulance.”




Choi Han panicked when he saw his lover’s nose was excessively bleeding, and his eyes were closed. Cale fainted,has a nosebleed, and was running a high fever.





“How was he Aunt?”




“This bastards! What did you shove into Cale’s ass huh?!”


Tasha slapped Alberu and Choi Han’s shoulders, she continued to slap them until she was satisfied.


“What did you do huh, he even broke a rib! You bastards!Are you planning to cripple that cute kid! Stop shoving your dicks inside him! Can’t you do it one at a time!?”


“Aunt! S,stop!”


“What stop! Ron’s gonna kill you, I told him what happened!”




“Auntie Tasha..”


“Don’t Auntie me bastards, Cale has laceration in his anus, that’s why he had a fever! You cannot touch him, ever! For two weeks! Do you understand me?!”


“Yes., Aunt.”




Ron entered the room that moment and gave Alberu and Choi Han a hard punch on their guts.


“Good morning Doctor, may I ask how is our young master?”


Ron put up his usual benign smile right after he punched Cale’s boyfriends. Tasha shivered and just nodded her head.


“Um, yes. Kindly follow me sir, as I explain his condition.”






Ron nodded his head and throwed a glare to the men who was grunting in pain.


“Wait here you punks, we are not done talking.”


Ron said before following Tasha, guiding him to a private room. Choi Han grunted and rubbed his abdomen, while Alberu scratched his head. They just stared at the door, while contemplating what to tell Cale’s twin.

Chapter Text

 “Ha.. fucking hell. Everything hurts.”


Rok Soo grunted in pain as soon as he woke up, he was laying on his back, and as soon as he tried to get up he felt millions of needle wrecking in his back, he felt like being punched and kicked by a hundred men.


Jung Soo and Soo Hyuk who was sleeping beside him was snoring, sleeping peacefully like babies. He suddenly felt irritated in the sight, I will get back at them, I can’t be the only one receiving this pain!


Rok Soo hobbled his way through the bathroom, grunting and groaning in the immense pain. His back hurts, his shoulders hurts, his hips hurts, his abdomen hurts, his neck hurts, and his asshole hurts a lot!




Bullets of sweats dripped over his cheeks as soon as he reached the shower, his cheeks were slightly flushed.


I’m sure I’m going to have a fever, Ron’s gonna kill me.


He winced in pain the moment the lukewarm water from the shower touched his skin, semen seeped out of his ass as he tried to take them out. Tears formed in the corner of his eyes while he finger himself.


Shit, shit shit. This is the consequences of your horny ass Kale Henituse!


He cursed himself continuously while cleaning himself up. As soon as he finished cleaning himself, he rubbed his chin and stared at his reflection in the mirror.


“What the..”


He mumbled at his reflection, he has hickeys and bruises all over the place, even his jaw and his cheeks has hickeys on them , he also had bite marks on his nipples and in between his thighs.




He chuckled with and evil smile on his face.


“I’m going to kill those bastards.”


Rok Soo picked his clothes and stared intensely at the lovers who was still sleeping on the bed. Both were naked, and was having an erection, he was about to approach them when he saw his phone on the corner, vibrating.

1 missed call from Eruhaben-nim >>


30 missed calls from Ron>>


Eruhaben-nim left 2 messages >>


Ron left 15 messages >>



His eyes went wide as soon as he saw many missed calls from Ron. That sent goosebumps all  over his body.


From: Ron


Young Master, are you still alive?

From: Ron


Young Master Cale is in the hospital right now.

  From: Ron



From: Ron


I hope you reply soon, young master puppy is in a not so good condition.


From: Ron


I hope you are fine, I can have two young masters lying in the hospital bed because the sex was too rough that they broke their ribs and rip their ass.


From: Ron


Why are you not answering? I cannot come over.


From: Ron


Young Master, I have sent Hans to pick you up :)


From: Ron


Our young masters are so naughty, we will be having a long conversation later ;)


Rok Soo throwed his phone to his opened bag and rummaged through the cabinets, he grabbed two heavy metal objects and and clanged them together.


“Hey! Hey! You Bastards!”


Jung Soo and Soo Hyuk flinched in their sleep and woke up from the noise of objects clanging.


“Wha, what is it Rok Soo-ah?”


“Rok Soo, why are you holding those?”


Jung Soo and Soo Hyuk shivered, they curled in the corner of the bed while calling out their lover’s name.


“Hey.. drive me to XXX hospital if you don’t want to die.”


Rok Soo said with a glowing reddish eyes, swinging the objects in his hands.



Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo shrieked in nervousness while staring at the almost devil looking lover in front of them.





































Nurses and guards rushed over Rok Soo as he ran towards the private room 201, where his brother was confined, he immediately saw Choi Han and Alberu, sitting together, and Ron standing in front of them. When Ron heard

 the commotion, he snapped towards the noises. His eyes went wide when he saw his young master Kale holding a big pair of grass scissors and a metal t-square, being dragged by guards and Jung Soo and Soo Hyuk, but the man was so red and screaming to let him go.


“Y,young master!”


Ron shouted hysterically for the first time in his life. He quickly ran over to calm the man down. Rok Soo stopped struggling and smiled towards him.


“Ah, Ron.”


“I’m sorry I’m late. Cale’s alright right? Since you attended him first he’s alright, just tell him that hyung will be the one punishing the bastards.”


“I can do it Ron. You don’t have to worry.”


Ron flinched and took a step back when he saw a glint of anger and seriousness in the man’s eyes. He remembered that this was the same man who ordered them to cut off Clopeh’s dick.


“That bastards. I didn’t even let a mosquito bite my brother, how dare they broke his ribs.”


Rok Soo said with a menacing voice, clenching his grips on the scissors he had in his hands.


“Young Master, calm down and let’s talk these things out okay?”


Hans said while trying to convince Rok Soo, however,


“I am not a character of Naruto Shippuden, Hans, talk no jutsu won’t work on me.”


“I choose violence.”


“And you cannot change my mind.”

Chapter Text

“uhm, J,Jung Soo.. ha..”


Jung Soo licked Rok Soo’s lower lip, and nibbled his tongue while rubbing his nipples underneath his clothes.  Soo Hyuk was behind him, rubbing his hard dick on Rok Soo’s butt. They were in the back stairs, calming the raging lover who was about to commit murder because of his twin brother.


“Have you calmed down?”


Soo Hyuk asked Rok Soo who was now panting and huffing, his face was flushed bright red, and he looked calmer now. Rok Soo nodded and bit his lip.




He said with a low voice, he sighed and peeked a kiss towards Jung Soo’s cheeks. Jung Soo blushed and smiled, Soo Hyuk eyed the man in front of him.


“How about me?”


He sulked, Rok Soo turned towards him and pulled him for a kiss. Jung Soo motioned his hand behind his back, eyeing Soo Hyuk.


‘Where do I hide this?’


He asked internally, Soo Hyuk got that and motioned the empty boxes stacked just beside them. Jung Soo nodded and grabbed Rok Soo’s head, leaning for a kiss in the forehead.


“Go. Visit Cale, I’ll just go to the restroom.”


Rok Soo nodded as Soo Hyuk intertwined their fingers and opened the door, he nodded to Jung Soo who was hiding the large scissor and ruler at his back. When the two left, he sighed, he was so relieved. He rummaged over the boxes and hid the objects there.



“Where did he even get this?”


He asked himself as he clicked his tongue. He then followed the two.





CALE woke up with a heavy feeling. He feels like he had been punched and kicked by a thousand times, he can’t even move a muscle. He flinched as soon as he saw his mother glaring at him.


‘Ah shit.’


He cursed himself, his mother, Jour was peeling an apple, and beside her was Alberu and Choi Han kneeling on the floor with their  hands held up high. Ron was behind them, holding a stick.


“Good morning, my dear Cale. Did you enjoy your sexcapade?”


His mother gave him a wide smile, her eyes were clear as a day. The door opened and there stepped his brother who was also wearing the same smile.


‘Fuck, fuck, fuck.’


Cale shivered and closed his eyes, trying to sleep again. However, his brother, his evil brother slapped his thighs, earning a loud shout from him.




“Oh, that hurt?”


Cale glared at him, and called his mother.


“Mom, hyung is bullying me again!”


“Don’t bully him too much.”


Jour said, his brother snickered and tried to tickle his feet, he felt betrayed.


“Stop it, Hyung! My body hurts, you are making it worst!”


“How about no?”


Alberu and Choi Han looked at them with a worried expression, they called the older twin and tried to convinced him.


“H,hyung.. Cale might over exert himself.”


Choi Han said only to receive a cold glare from Rok Soo. Alberu flinched with that and bowed his head. Rok Soo turned his head towards his brother and inspected his appearance.


Cale  has hickeys all over his neck, even his hands, Rok Soo didn’t even peeked over his brother’s hospital gown anymore, he knew that his twin’s body has hickeys and bite marks all over them. He sighed when he saw the corner of his brother’s lips were somehow bruised, that reminded him that the corner of his lips were kind off reddish too. Cale smirked and snickered at him.


“Hyung, you did make out before coming here right?”


Cale tapped his lips, and mouthed, they were swollen.


Rok Soo blushed, stood up and cleared his throat. He rubbed his chin and mouthed his brother to shut up.


“Hmm.. Kale? Is that true?”


Jour asked his black haired son who was still facing his brother, Cale saw how his hyung froze and flinched, he then teases him by loudly declaring,


“Is that a hickey in your cheek?”


Rok Soo grabbed his brother’s lips and tried to shut him up.


“Kale Henituse.”


Jour said with a demanding voice, Rok Soo gulped and mentally cursed his lovers. He turned his head towards his mom, who was now eyeing both of them. Jour scanned Rok Soo’s face.


“Lift your sweater.”




“Do not make me repeat myself, Kale.”


Jour warned him, he had no choice but to internally cursed his boyfriends. He lifted the beige sweater he was wearing, he then heard a loud sigh from his mother.






Jour called Beacrox who was just outside the room, the handsome man entered with his usual emotionless face.


“Bring me Kale’s lover.”


Jour ordered Beacrox, he glanced over Rok Soo while clenching his jaw and followed the order given to him. Cale, who saw the whole clenching thing clicked his mouth.


“Sit beside your brother, we’ll wait for your lover-”


“It is lover’s’, Mom, there were two of them.”


Cale corrected his mother, who was now shocked with the sudden development. His two sons has two freaking lovers. She sighed and ate the apple she was peeling a while ago. She heard a click, and Ron entered the room, followed by Jung Soo and Soo Hyuk, behind them was Beacrox.


Jour knew the two, it was Kale’s friends since highschool.  She just sighed, and looked at Ron who revealed to her that these two kneeling beside her, Alberu and Choi Han, whom she knew was Cale’s friends were also her son’s boyfriends.


“Hohoho, seems like my young masters’ charms were to completely wrap two men in their fingers.”


Jour glared to his long time friend, Ron, who was now wiping his nose with a clean handkerchief.  Beacrox beside his father was staring at Soo Hyuk and Jung Soo who also kneeled beside Alberu and Choi Han. He clicked his tongue and left the room.


“Haa.. leave Ron. I’m going to talk to these people.”


Ron nodded his head and squinted his amused eyes, clearly teasing the two young masters who was eyeing him.


‘God bless you.’


Ron mouthed before closing the door, Rok Soo and Cale were gritting their teeth, fidgeting on their fingers.





Soo Hyuk was sweating so much, he never sweated like this in his entire life. His nervousness was contagious, Jung Soo was nervous too, he was so nervous that he had to hold on Choi Han’s hand, who was kneeling beside him. Jour Thames, was just quiet while munching a piece of apple. Jour was now in front of them, observing, and their boyfriends, Cale was behind her, and Rok Soo was beside Jour, sitting on Cale’s bed.


“Break up with my sons.”


She said with a vicious voice, she earned a complain from her sons.




Cale and Rok Soo shouted in unison. She stomped her foot.




Jour warned the grumbling twins, and looked at the men who were kneeling in front of them. This time, the four had clear eyes and determined expressions.


“I am sorry madam, I am afraid I cannot do that.”- Lee Soo Hyuk


“That is the one thing I cannot imagine doing, Ms.” - Choi Jung Soo


“I love Cale very much, I can’t afford to lose him. Not now, not ever.” -Choi Han


“Ma’am, we know our actions hurt Cale, but please, not this.”-Alberu Crossman


Jour listened to their pleas for a whole 2 minutes, she clenched her hands and leaned over.


“Just one thing. I want one thing from each of you. “


“Keep my sons safe and sound.”


Jour said, pondering her thoughts over the Clan fights and successions.


“Our family is very prominent, in which side you look at it. Thames and Henituse are very known to the public, I can’t afford seeing my twins getting hurt, or being bruised. That is what we are avoiding. I want them safe.”


“Please, I know I am prying over your private and sexual lives, but, please don’t be harsh on my sons.”



She looked over Alberu and Choi Han.


“Cale is as weak as a stick, he needed to take vitamins for his health. I was mad when I found out that he broke a rib, while having sex at that. I do not want to know what you guys did but please be gentle on my Cale. Please be reminded that there were two of you, are planning to break my son’s hips?”




“I said quiet Cale!”


Jour said, sending warning to the redhead, Rok Soo held his brother’s hands and shook his head, he was sweating too.


“I am not asking you to hold back or anything, there’s nothing I can do about it, but I just don’t want to visit the hospital because my sons were sick after being fucked.”




This time, it was Rok Soo. His mother’s words were blunt and straight. However, he just earned a glare from her. She sighed and turned her head towards Jung Soo and Soo Hyuk.


“Kale is a wild and spoiled brat, unlike his twin he works out and do a lot of things. I am aware of his secret relationship with my butler’s son, years ago. I will say this to remind you that my son is not a food. If you are going to suck him, suck him right, but don’t eat him. I saw a lot of bites in his stomach, some are kinda bleeding. You aren’t born a dog or a mosquito, so don’t do that. Blood is dirty.”


“’No’ means ‘no’, ‘stop’ means ‘stop’. Hear out your partners to avoid these kinds of incidents, I admit. I was shocked by that, Cale might have punctured his lung with the broken rib, or Kale might broke his hips or whatever, knowing that there were two of you..”


“I want you to respect each other’s body. If the other can’t keep up, please adjust, you have all the time in the world to do these stuffs, there is no need to rush like a bull. Breaking bones, ripping skins, digging bruises in each other. Cale and Kale too should know this.”


Jour looked at her sons, she held Cale and Rok Soo’s hands.


“Mother is just worried, I am sorry for prying over this matter, but I want you to know about this. Mother don’t want to come back in the hospital just because of this. This is a personal matter, keep it to yourselves, safe and sound. You have to understand that this isn’t just a tiny incident.”


Cale nodded his head, touching the place where his broken rib was. Rok Soo bit his lip and nodded. Jour rubbed her thumb over the twins’ hands and looked over the men still kneeling. The four of them had a calm expression now, nodding their heads.


Jour just smiled, she don’t know if this is really applicable since she was aware about these men’s affection towards her sons, for years now.


‘I hope I won’t come back to a hospital just because of this sex injury thing.’


She seriously prayed to the Gods, while staring at her sons.

Chapter Text

Cale sat on the bed when his ears rings so loudly and his head was like being banged into the walls, pounded and hit. He grasp his hair, and tried pulling them. He huffed and fell into the bed while silently cursing.


‘It hurts so much.’


He gaped his mouth open while rolling in the bed, banging his head in the mattress. Bullets of sweat escaped his forehead, tears swelled in the corner of his eyes, his  nails were digging into his scalp that it was now bleeding.


‘It hurts. It hurts.  It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts.’


He chanted those words in his mind, he can’t hear anything, nor feel the surroundings, all he care was the pain he was feeling. As if they were  thousands of needles prickling his head, loud ringing of screams and shouts in his ears.


Cale was so pale, his eyes were fuzzy as he crawled in the bed, reaching over the table beside the bed where the glass of water was. He was the only one here, and he refused to ask for help every time this pain emerged. This started 6 months after White Star’s defeat, his ancient powers had gone quiet, as if they weren’t there in the first place.


The first incident was when he was taking a bath, the pain suddenly poured into him like a waterfall, it took him 30 minutes to calm down, and that continued over the past 6 months, and now the pain is seeping his eyes and shoulders. Knowing Cale, who hates pain, groaned and bit his hands until it bleed. He wanted to shout, to release this rage he was feeling. But he was afraid to worry the others.


He crawled, and crawled. Just to reach that water. Maybe if I drink that I will feel fine. Fine. Fine. Fine. Hurts. Hurts.


A piercing shot of pain passed his heart, that earned a yelp from him. He clutched his chest so hardly while trying to catch air, gasping. He can’t do this anymore. I don’t want this anymore.




He called the black dragon’s name, but the kids were at the black castle, so no one answered him.


“Hngh.. C,Choi H,Han..”


He tapped on the glass water, and it fell shattering on the floor. The noise made the ringing on his head worst.




He shouted so loudly, as if ripping his vocal chords when no one responded him, he banged and clasped his head on the bed, scratching his ears. Blood, sweat and tears mixed in the white sheets.




The door swayed open and the ancient dragon stepped inside, only to find the redhead scratching his head, bleeding and banging on the mattress. Ron was behind him.




His voice thundered in the room, they immediately approached Cale who was now crying while clutching his head and chest. He held the redhead and Ron grabbed his hands to avoid him from hurting himself.


“What are you doing?!”




Cale went wild and hit his head on Ron’s chest. People were hovering at his door, witnessing the redhead’s messy appearance, and was calling his name. However, all he could hear were mixes of their voices, which was disturbing in his ears, and was making the pain even worse.




He shouted once more while being hugged by Eruhaben, he was crying himself.


“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Please, calm down.”


Eruhaben whispered to him while caressing his head, Ron was wiping his forehead full of scratches and wounds, Beacrox was now the one holding his hands. Everyone who was in the room was quiet, observing the redhead who was now slumped in Eruhaben’s arms.


That took them almost 2 hours to calm the redhead down. Cale fell asleep on Eruhaben’s arms, still groaning and panting. Jack was clasping his hands on the corner of the bed, he was huffing, and was sweating.


“The, the aura of blood and death surrounds the y,young master!”


Jack exclaimed with a terrified voice.


“What do you mean by that Good Jack?!”


Raon yelled while flying atop their heads, circling on the sleeping redhead. Jack shakes his head and bit his lips.

“I am trying to talk to the Sun God, this, I don’t know what this is.”


Eruhaben clicked his tongue and wiped his sweat. On and Hong was snuggling at Cale’s hands, Raon flew near Cale’s chest and tried to listen to his heartbeat.


“What did you see when you enter Eruhaben-nim? Why is Cale in so much pain?”


Alberu asked through the video communication device Mary was holding, beside him was his Aunt Tasha, with a worried expression. Choi Han had a dark expression in his face while eyeing something in the room. That didn’t go unnoticed by Rosalyn, she tried to searched towards that gaze.


“I don’t know, I immediately rushed over when I heard him shouting. When we opened the door Cale was already banging his head on the bed, scratching his skin while shouting ‘stop’.”


“I’m worried, I have sensed a bad aura when I entered the room, it is much a heavier dead mana.”


Mary said with a distressed voice, Gashan stomped his feet with shaking hands and knees.


“N,nature has spoken!”


He shouted, and he kneeled and clasped his hands. Cold breeze of wind entered the room, until it howled, swaying the curtains, disturbing the hanging frames and accessories at Cale’s room.


“Time never froze in that person in red, he will engulf the man who will lose himself.”


“For fate has been sealed, but has changed, do not think that it had ended. The man who lost his history will fall, flesh by flesh, torn apart, everything for those he cherish-”


Gashan stopped, as his eyes shook greatly, he then roared loudly, banging his hand on the floor.


“Nature! N,Nature! What are you saying! Let go?! Who! Nature! Speak to me!”




Lock attended the Old Tiger, but Eruhaben was already there clutching Gashan’s collar.


“What? Let go? Who? Tell me!”


Gashan’s lips trembled, his bowed his head, scratching the floor.


“L,let go of the falling, falling hero..”









Mana fluctuated in the room, the sky above them rumbled as the wind howled. Gashan was shaking in the floor as Eruhaben activated his Dragon Fear, and Raon’s mana enveloped his entire body.


“Calm down!!”


Rosalyn shouted, trying to shield the sleeping Cale. Her eyes landed on Choi Han who activated his Black Aura and slashed the cabinet.




*banggg!* *crash!*


Choi Han slashed the cabinet, everyone was so shocked that they froze, processing what Choi Han was doing, not until Hannah grabbed his hand.


“What the fuck are you doing?! You are going to wake up Cale!”


“Let me go!”




Ron was holding his other arm, Choi Han huffed and stare at the object he just aimed a while ago. Cale’s golden turtle badge.


“I swore I saw it, this bastard snickered his eyes.”


They noticed the badge where Choi Han was glaring, the golden turtle was glowing red, as if enchanting a protection spell. Eruhaben picked up the badge and inspected it.


“This is..”


“It is where the Blood-drenched Rock ancient power was sealed.”


“Cale-nim told me he did hear the Ancient White Star’s voice before sealing it.”


Choi Han answered the golden dragon, everyone gasped with the sudden development. The emperor was as anxious as everyone in the room.


“T,then-!” -Lock


“Let’s kill it. Destroy it. We can do anything!”


Choi Han said with a very scary expression, his eyes were dilated and cloudy, as if losing rationality, he clenched his sword, but Beacrox was there, holding his shoulders.


“We aren’t sure yet. What if the snake bewitched everyone here.”


“A mere snake won’t hurt Cale-nim. I saw it, this fucking power glistened towards Cale-nim’s direction!”


“Let’s destroy it!”


Choi Han added, earning a gulped from everyone, not until the atmosphere and temperature in the room dropped. That sent all the hair of their body standing.


“I can’t have that.”


Someone spoke beside Rosalyn, who was now sweating bullets, trembling in fear. She turned her head, and called out.


“Y,young M,master C,Cale?”


Cale was now sitting at the bed, his eyes were glowing red while a wide grin was plastered on his mouth.


“It took me a while to manifest in this body, to think that I can really possess him.”


Cale said with a very scary voice, no, it wasn’t Cale. This was not him.


“If I was a little late, I could have died in that cramp badge.”


“Ancient White Star..!”


The redhead laughed and snickered, not until he clutched his head and started shouting.






Eruhaben grabbed Cale’s shoulders and pinned him on the bed, golden dusts scattered all over them, Choi Han was glaring on the bedside, Ron was clenching his dagger, Beacrox held his longsword tightly, everyone was ready to battle.




But they couldn’t, because it was Cale. No, Cale might still be inside.


“Where is Cale?”


Eruhaben asked while activating his Dragon Fear, the ancient White Star flinched as a bucket of blood poured out of Cale’s mouth, he smiled while coughing blood.


“Wait for me, I will make sure to kill you myself after I kick out this weak ass bastard-! AGH!”


Cale’s body started to convulsed under Eruhaben, they could feel the atmosphere of the room was going back to normal, and that Cale stopped squirming.




Eruhaben called out the redhead’s name, while slightly shaking the shoulders, everyone was tensed when the redhead squinted his eyes open.





Cale was confused while watching his family members wearing a very complicated expressions, he pushed aside the thoughts and went back to sleep, leaving everyone devastated.

Chapter Text

Cale jolted awake, only to find himself in the unending darkness void like surrounding. He let out a huff and looked left and right.


He groaned when he felt a presence behind him.


“Hello, Cale Henituse.”


Cale snapped his head towards the voice behind him, however, no one was there. He knew this voice, this is the voice of the Blood-drenched Rock before embracing him in the golden turtle badge.


“Ancient White Star.”


Cale stated with a menacing voice, he stood from his seat and tried to walk in the void.


“Where are we?”


“What do you want?”


“Aren’t you dead yet?”


The voice continued to taunt him as he put a scowl in his face.




“I guess, I am a bastard.”


Wearing an elegant white mask with black and gold spiderweb like carvings on the edges of the mask. His blood red hair, where his pale white skin was emphasized greatly. His snickering darker shade of brown eyes were squinted, looking amused staring right at Cale. He was wearing a clean but torn dirty white with gold ornaments in his tunic, black smoke was covering the bottom part of his body. Ancient White Star stood in front of him with a somehow smoky legs. He looked like a dark and evil genie in the yes of Cale.


“Can’t you just shut up just like a dead bastard you are?”


Ancient WS grinned more widely, he floated in the void, circling around Cale.


“If only you hadn’t trapped this world’s White Star on the same badge as me, then I should’ve given up on conquering the world and the heavens.”


“As if you can do that.”


Ancient WS stared at Cale and laughed so hard. Cale wanted to punched his face but he felt like he had no ounce of strength in this void.


“Haa.. You are really amusing. I might do it this time. I can have you. I want you.”


Cale shivered with his statement, his brown orbs reflected back to the Ancient WS’s eyes, he raised a brow, while clenching his fists.



“There is no way I’m going to let you do that.”


Ancient WS shrugged and nodded.


“I know. But I’ll give you something.”


“I don’t want it.”


“Don’t be like that. It’s something that’ll make you surrender. Surrender to me.”


“Never in this lifetime, nor the next ones.”


Ancient WS flickered his fingers, disappearing. Cale felt a pull on his consciousness and drifted away while throwing daggers of glare to the grinning man.



Fluttering his eyes, Cale felt a throb on his head as he opened his eyes. He let out a light cough and touched his temples, feeling a little dizzy.





Raon squinted his eyes open and tapped his older siblings, Hong and On awake.




Raon’s eyes watered and jumped towards Cale’s chest, sniffling, Hong followed while On stared at him.


“Are you hungry nya?”


On asked, she knew the redhead had not eaten anything since he had been asleep for a week. Cale nodded and mouthed please to the silver kitten, On stared at him for a moment before she nodded and ran her way out of the room.


The redhead sighed and tried to shake off his sleepiness once more since he really is hungry. On immediately ran towards the living room where everyone was discussing. When she looked at Cale, he looked like he was tired even though he was just asleep. There was a small smile in his face, but his eyes were somehow dead but clear. That intrigued and worried her at the same time. She hasn’t sleep properly these past days because the redhead was groaning in his sleep. When she opened the door, Lock noticed her first.




That made everyone snapped their heads to the running silver kitten, she had a complicated look at her face.


“Cale is awake nyan!”


On’s voice sounded frantic, she tapped on Beacrox’s legs.


“He said he is hungry nya!”


The silver kitten suggested, she was on the verge of crying because she was really worried about their father figure. There was a light crack on her voice while continuing her words. Everyone was silent.


“Make him lots of foods nya! Hngh, He looks sad, he will feel better after eatinghh..!”


Rosalyn picked her up when she started crying, she let out a sniffle and rubbed her cheeks on Rosalyn’s chest. Before Ron and Eruhaben could leave the room to attend Cale, they heard On spoke at that moment.


“Cale look so sick Noona, what should we do? He really looked like he’s hurt.”


On said while frowning, trying not to cry.




Cale was staring outside his window, leaning towards the window sill, it was autumn season, leaves were starting to fall out of the trees. His gaze remained on the branches and twigs swaying by the wind. He sent the kids away from the villa and settled them at the Black Castle, the adults and elders are the only one here with him.


With his companions.


 The Whale Tribe, Witira, Archie and Paseton was standing near the door with the Sun God Twins. Mary was sitting on Cale’s bed, beside Rosalyn. Ron and Beacrox was standing beside a cart tray full of food. Choi Han was clenching his sword behind the emperor, Alberu who was standing just a meters away from the redhead, arms crossed in his chest. Clopeh, who was personally invited was staring at the picture frames in Cale’s wall with a complicated expression. Toonka was quietly observing everyone in the room while sitting beside Bud and Harol in the sofa. Glenn was sighing. A black bat was flying above Cale’s head, wanting to say something.


Everyone was literally here.


Cale’s room was cramped up, not that he care. He knew what really happened as soon as he woke up from a whole week coma he had been. He played his records and realized that some memories were missing, and that his ancient powers’ voices had completely vanished.


His last memories were the Ancient White Star’s voice, telling him to stop struggling and give his body to him.


As if i would do that, bastard. I worked really hard to have this life and you’re gonna take it?




Everyone flinched when Cale started to speak, everyone was tense and nervous, waiting for the redhead who was weakly rocking his chair.


“I completely hate the idea of death and pain.”


Alberu wanted to scoff with the word pain but he remained silent, listening to the redhead.


“I am aware of what is happening inside my body.”


He continued without looking anyone at the room, he rocked his chair slightly and feel the breeze lingered at his pale skin.


“Some of my memories are starting to fade.”


Everyone froze at this statement, they are informed and well aware of the situation they are currently facing right now.


The hero is currently a threat to everyone here, or should they say the Ancient White Star inside him.


Choi Han opened his mouth to say something, but Cale wasn’t done yet.


“I can’t seem to remember how did I meet Choi Han and the kittens.”


That sent Choi Han a bucket full of ice, his gaze settled on the red locks swaying with the wind. That moment was a serene picture. Cale looked towards them with calm eyes, he was holding his hair as the wind blows hardly, fluttering the red locks. There was a small smile on his face.


“I’m sorry, Choi Han. But you’ll still help me right?”


Choi Han’s eyes watered, he walked over Cale and kneeled in front of him. He let out a sniffle and held Cale’s hand, just like the knight he is, he kissed the pale skin of his liege.


“That goes without saying Cale-nim.”


Eruhaben clicked his tongue as he bit the inside of his cheeks in annoyance. Alberu sighed and walked over his sworn brother.


“So, what’s the plan? Do we have to contact the God of Death through Cage or do we go first to the World Tree?”


Cale shook his head, and he looked at his hand.


“No, Hyung. I will not be going with you.”


“What do you mean?”


Cale looked at everyone with a hesitant gaze, before sighing and continued.


“I can feel White Star had been surging inside me even faster. I should not go outside. I’m afraid I’ll just hurt someone if he posses me again.”




Eruhaben tried to talk but Cale was faster.


“I will have my own battle guys. I want Ron to prepare the cleanest dungeon in the territory.”








Everyone protested with the idea, especially Ron, Beacrox, Choi Han, Rosalyn, and Eruhaben. Their brows were narrowed, not liking anything of what he said.


“We cannot have the Ancient White Star walking in the territory using my body. I am a bomb right now.”


“He hasn’t fully possessed you! We can find a solution! So stop your stupid antics!”


Eruhaben exclaimed with a vicious voice while eyeing the redhead, Cale opened his mouth to say something, but Eruhaben was seriously mad.


“Shut up, we won’t agree to any of your bullshit.”




“I told you to shut your mouth.”


Eruhaben dropped his final warning, directly staring at  the redhead. Cale bit his lip and bowed his head, he remained silent while everyone was discussing Eruhaben’s plan on the matter.




He sniffle a painful moan when a burning pain emerged his head, that made his clutched his head with his two hands.






Cale let out a painful groan while gripping his hair. That sent everyone in the state of panic, Ron immediately attended the crouching redhead, rubbing his shoulders. Cale reached out for the nearest arm and held into that tightly. It was Eruhaben’s.


“I’m scared..”


Cale said while groaning, he was scared of the pain, the memories slowly fading. He was silently calling the God of Death to talk to him, but with failure, it seems like the Ancient White Star’s presence inside him is keeping any Gods away.


Everyone in the room has keen senses, and Cale’s words break their hearts.












Raon called out Cale who was just standing still in the dark room. It was past midnight when he felt that his redhead was not beside him. Raon tapped his brother and sister’s tail, jolting them awake.


“Cale nya?”

“Nya, what are you doing?”


Cale’s face was hazy, maybe due to the moonlight illuminating the room. His whole face was dark. He was on his night gown and bare footed standing in the room, facing them.


Choi Han, Ron and Eruhaben, who was supposed to be on the night watch wasn’t present on the room. Raon crawled towards the edge of the bed when he felt that something was wrong. Cale staggered as he tried to walk towards them.




Raon was about to fly over him when Cale suddenly jumped towards the bed, pinning the black dragon down.




“What are you doing nya!”


On and Hong smacked Cale’s hands when he he wrapped them on Raon’s neck. Strangling him.






Cale let out a short laugh before eyeing the black dragon in his hands. His eyes were full of malice and killing intent, glowing brightly red under the moonlight. Raon shivered as he struggled on his breath while his human, under Ancient White Star’s possession choke him.


“Cale Henituse will surely fall into despair once I kill you right?”

Cale, no the Ancient WS inside Cale said. Tightening his grip on Raon’s neck.

On and Hong jumped over Cale’s back and started smacking and biting him hardly, crying.


“Stop it you bastard! How dare you hurt our youngest!” -Hong


“Cale nya! Snap out of it.!” -On


However, the redhead just laughed and stared at the black dragon he was choking, Raon was gasping for air while silently crying, tapping Cale’s hands.




He called out to the redhead, Cale smiled widely while shortly chuckling. Raon’s blue eyes settled on the redhead’s face, he was smiling but tears were pouring out of his eyes.


“I,it’s a,alright h,human.”


Cale’s eyes started to shook, waking up from the unconscious state he was in. He gasped, and looked at Raon and his hands wrapped in his neck. He can then feel On and Hong growling and biting him.




Cale fell backwards, hands shaking, realizing what had happened. He gasped for air, crawling in the floor. Raon coughed so badly, getting up from the bed while On and Hong was growling at the edge of the bed towards Cale.


“I,I’m sorry. I’m sorry.  I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”


They then stopped growling and wag their tail when they heard Cale saying sorry, his eyes were filled with tears, scratching his hands. He cried so hard while saying sorry to the kids.




“H,human it’s alright!”


Raon and the cat siblings tried to approached Cale but he shook his head and crawled backwards. He was on the floor, weeping.


“N,no! No! Stay away! Stay away!”


“It’s alright Cale, I’m not hurt!”


Raon yelled, frustrated and scared, begging Cale to just let him be.


“It’s not alright.. I, I,”


He crawled to the corner, few meters away from the crying children. Their eyes were bloodshot.




“Hnghh, wahhhh!”


Raon and Hong cried so loudly, as if telling everyone to come here and help them. On stepped forward to reach Cale while silently crying, however, Cale shakes his head saying no to her.


“Stay away.”


He warned as the kids tried to approached him, he stood and bumped his elbow on the edge of the table, the vase fell and shattered on the floor. Raon and Hong want to hug Cale right now, but the redhead was backing away from them, even On was struggling to get close. Cale was super alert and anxious.


They was about to stepped once more, when the door opened. At that same moment, Cale’s cracking and loud shouting voice welcomed everyone who ran their way to the room.




It was directed to the crying children. The kids flinched with Cale’s voice and cried so loudly, their tears were pouring like a dam out of their eyes.


“What is happening?”


Eruhaben attended the crying kids while Ron approached the redhead who was curling himself on the corner of the room.




Ron stopped on his tracks when Cale shouted angrily, eyeing him, and Choi Han behind him who was persistent.






Eruhaben picked the struggling kids and held them tightly in his arms, Ron grabbed Choi Han’s shoulders but he refused to leave. He stood still, looking at Cale whose shoulders were shaking, hands covering his face. Silence fill the room, until sobs and groans break the quiet room.


Cale was crying, and Choi Han was there to listen.




Cale left a sniffle, putting his hands in front of him, aware of Choi Han’s presence.


“Th, that kid, R,raon..”


Choi Han crouched, slowly crawling towards him, listening.


“I tried to kill him..”


Choi Han was taken aback, and gulped. Cale was shaking uncontrollably.


“W,with this hands.. that fucking bastard..”


Choi Han held Cale’s wrist and pulled him into a hug, calming him down. Cale struggled for a moment and slumped his weight on the black haired swordsman. He huffed and cried, apologizing.


Choi Han listened with a bitter taste in his mouth and vicious glowing eyes.

Chapter Text

Cale scrambled in the bed when another shot of pain passed his chest, he tightened his grip on Choi Han’s hands, panting, eyes were cloudy and saliva trickled down his jaw from the corner of his lips.




He muffled a painful moan , Choi Han held the redhead’s trembling hands with gentle care as worry passed through his glistening black eyes.


“C,Choi Han..”


“Yes Cale-nim..”


Choi Han answered Cale who was slightly writhing in pain. Cale’s reddish brown orbs settled on Choi Han’s and the people behind him, wearing the same expression as the protagonist’s.


“Can you just, knock me out every time Ancient WS came surging in?”




Choi Han’s thoughts shambled with the sudden question.


“I’m telling you to beat me up, not really beat me up, I hate pain, maybe you could just knock me out-”


“No! Why would I even do that?!”


Cale clicked his tongue, and flickered Choi Han’s forehead with his pale fingers. It didn’t hurt the man tho.




He responded in shock. As if.


“You even kicked me during the past war, and you can’t knock me out now? Really?”


“That’s different Cale-nim!”


“I see no difference on that, and this.”


“Can I do it Cale? Because I really wanted to punch you right now.”


Cale shivered when he heard Alberu requested it instead. Eruhaben raised his hand also, while silently nodding, agreeing to the Emperor. Cale formed a distorted expression with just that.

He sighed and settle his breath, slowly and surely gaining his composure back. Choi Han shakes his head and replied to him.


“We can’t have that Cale-nim.”


Cale just raised his eyebrow and gave the black haired swordsman an -I don’t believe you, look.


“Don’t try to act innocent on me, I know you want to punch me too.”


“No, I don’t!”


Cale scoffed. It was sudden, his hearing went ringing, and another set of screams and voices reverberate in his head. His eyes turned bloodshot, gripping, digging and almost clawing Choi Han’s arms. He turned his gaze on the man beside him, Ancient WS is surging again. Choi Han’s eyes shook.  Cale lost his control over his body, as the presence possessing him swing his hands, trying to hit a punch on the swordmaster's face, however.




Choi Han slapped him. Hard.


The ringing on his ears stopped as he dropped on the bed, eyelids half closed, realizing that he can now control his body again, and that the slap was stinging and painful, he can feel his cheeks were going numb. He fell asleep, no, fainted.


He wanted to laugh.



When Choi Han saw the redhead’s eyes turned to him, bloodshot, nails digging on his flesh, he felt a sudden rush of emotions in his chest. The eyes gleamed red as Ancient WS, who was possessing Cale swing his fists, slowly backing away.


And as a response, he unintentionally, unintentionally slapped his liege.


It was an accident. He swear, an understatement.








Ron pushed Choi Han away, Archie complimented Choi Han, only to receive a hard slap on the shoulders by Witira, and there’s Alberu who was tapping Choi Han’s shoulders, as if saying he did a good job.


Ron checked the young master, who was now calmly breathing, laying flatly on the bed. Ron turned his head to the swordsman, who was fidgeting over his fingers.


“He fainted, you didn’t have to slap him that hard. Look at his cheek, your hand left a mark!”


There was a large hand mark on Cale’s left cheek, it was red and slightly beating. Everyone almost feel bad for the redhead.


“You said you won’t do it, but it was you who slapped him.”


Beacrox clicked his tongue and handed the first aid box on his father.


Choi Han is a clown.






Cale woke up feeling the stinging sensation in his left cheek, it wasn’t a dream. Choi Han really slapped the hell out of him.


He sighed and clicked his tongue, touched his cheek and almost let out a laugh when he felt that his cheek.  He roamed his eyes in the unfamiliar room he was in, it was blinding, gold and jewels are embedded in the wall, no the wall was made of gold and diamond plates.




“Oh you’re awake.”


Eruhaben noticed the redhead’s movement in the bed and decided to check Cale’s condition.


“Well, what do you think? Isn’t my lair nice?”


Cale looked at the golden dragon, who was puffing his chest, as if waiting to be complimented.


Nice? This dragon said that this gold and diamond plated walls are just nice? Crazy.


“It, looks, dazzling and super rich.”


“Right? I looted a lot of corrupt officials to make this happen.”




Cale was stupefied on the bed he was in looking at the golden dragon. Eruhaben stared at him before speaking.

“You’ll stay here as we look for something helpful in your condition. We can monitor you, everyone can visit you everyday-”


“No. Don’t let anyone, or the kids visit me.”




“Eruhaben-nim, I know my body well. The bastard has been surging more frequently. I don’t want another incident like Raon’s.”


Eruhaben clicked his tongue, Cale has been avoiding the children since the incident happen, the golden dragon could see that the redhead was clearly guilty and scared of what he did. He couldn’t accept it. The ancient dragon sat on the bed, stared at Cale.


“Cale.. you can’t avoid the kids forever. Besides that, Raon, On and Hong always cry because you won’t see them. They think it’s their fault.”


Cale held a breath and clenched his fists together with the blanket. Eruhaben held Cale’s trembling hands.




Cale had a deep frown and expression in his face, Eruhaben messed his hair when he saw Cale nodded at him.


“I’ll go get them m’kay?”


Cale looked at him, nodded and replied.


“Bring some food when you came back.”


Eruhaben almost snorted when the younger ordered him, he chuckled and nodded before closing the door.




“Goldie grampssss!”



Raon flew over Eruhaben’s head, fluttering his wings, the kittens meowed on him and taps his legs like asking about Cale.


“He’ll see you. He’ll see you. Did you prepare the things you want to give to him?”


Raon and the kittens’ eyes sparkled as they nodded excitedly, they rushed to the kitchen and quarreled to who will carry the basket of food prepared for Cale.


“I’ll carry it nya!” - On


“Nya! I can carry it!” - Hong


“I’m the strongest, I’ll carry it! Give it to me!” - Raon


The look like playing a war of tug, pulling the poor basket into their embrace. Eruhaben shakes his head and clicked his tongue and pulled the basket into his arms. The children looked at him with grumpy expressions.






“Noooo grandpa nyaaa..”


“Hush. Fix your clothes so we can now get inside Cale’s room.”


Eruhaben eyed them as they fixed their clothes, Raon was fidgeting on the table top.


“What is it? Hmm?”


Eruhaben patted his head while checking the insides of the basket.


“What if human is still distant to us..?”


On and Hong then hovered towards them in their human form, they looked the golden dragon with curiosity and cautiousness. Eruhaben looked at them.


“Hmm.. if that is the case, then you can visit him everyday so that he won’t feel alone, and if that doesn’t work, just smack the back of his head and tell him what you feel.”


The children looked at him while nodding their heads, Eruhaben patted each of their heads and crouched slightly, enough to level his head with the children’s.


“Remember the drill? If the White Star suddenly surges in? What will you guys do?”



“Cast a shield around him..” - Raon


“Immediately call grampa Ron or grampa Eruhaben, or Choi Han or Rosalyn..” - Hong


“Don’t easily approach him and we should stay hidden under youngest invisibility magic..” - On


Eruhaben nodded his head and grabbed the basket.


“Very good, now let’s go.”











Eruhaben called out the redhead before opening the door. He heard an answer from the room, and opened the door, he glanced over the kids who was nervously waiting behind him.


“Come in..”


Cale’s weak voice echoed through the room, Raon’s wings fluttered, he peeked his head from the edge of the door frame, same as the cat siblings. He let out a sniffle, a liquid run down his nose.




He called out to the redhead who was staring at the sky like ceiling of the room, Cale’s eyes settled at the black blob and the shivering kids peeking from the door frame, Eruhaben was now arranging the food in the table. He sat up from his bed and eyed the kids once again.


They look like abandoned puppies.


Cale thought, he sighed and opened his arms wide, putting a small smile on his face,


“Did you miss me? Won’t you give me a hug?”




“Wahhhhh! Humannnn!”





The kids scrambled and jumped into Cale’s embrace. The room suddenly went loud, the cries of the children felt like a warm blanket to Cale’s cold nights, and Cale soothing the kids puts Eruhaben’s heart at ease.


For now.

Chapter Text

Cale tightened the dagger he was holding while looking up to the gloomy gray sky, rain continued to pour, he was drenched by the cold water, his dirty white night gown was now wet and muddy, his body was so cold to the point of shivering, his bare foot who was touching the grassy field near his mother’s tomb were bloody and wounded.


He had dark circles under his eyes while breathing calmly, staring at the roaring sky.


Last night, the god of death visited him.


I told you didn’t I? You were supposed to die. That has not changed.


GoD said with a ragged and exhausted voice, he exerted his power to get through Cale’s mind, breaking the laws of heaven and earth, he poured his power to communicate with his favorite person, Cale, who was sitting in the luxurious bed inside the room Eruhaben had provided him.


“I refuse.”


He answered while staring blankly at the empty room, a painful stab in his heart made him flinched, blood poured out from his mouth while clutching his chest.


“I said, I refuse. What more do you have to hear?”


Cale.. you can’t live.


“Why not? I want to, am I in the wrong here?”


Cale.. to remove the essence of the Ancient White Star from your heart, you have to remove your own heart-ugh!


T,that’s the only way.. your ancient vitality has merged with your b,bloodurgh-! Without a heart, no human can live- haa..


Cale didn’t react and clenched his fists, he then looked the shining blue crystal he had purchased from an unknown witch outside the continent.


Puppet’s spare heart, the Marionette.


He didn’t know to use this, nor he don’t know a specialist who can use this. The witch said that only him can install the heart.


She literally said I should dig my own heart and install it myself. What the fuck.


He could hear White Star’s voice at the back of his head, he just sighed and thought what will happen if he fail to install it. And he can’t openly talk about it with anyone, he doesn’t want any of his family members to watch him dig his won heart and replace it with an artificial one.


Even Eruhaben-nim and Miss Rosalyn was still doing their research to help me, should I share this solution to them? They will probably kill me instead.


He thought, besides that, he could feel Choi Han and Beacrox’s presence outside his room, they were guarding him. He can’t just go outside and perform the surgery openly, if he do it in this room, the two people outside will smell his blood and will enter the room.


He was running out of time. He had to do it before the essence of the Ancient White Star will take over his entire heart and may replace his blood full of vitality.


What should I do?


 He thought, leaning in the door. He slumped in front of it and placed his head on the cold wall door.




“Young Master.”


Choi Han and Beacrox called him out after feeling his presence just beyond the door. He hummed, but didn’t answer, he continued to eye the room glistening under the bright luminance of the full moon.


He glanced over the crystal laying atop of the bed and sighed, furrowing his brows while listening to White Star’s bullshits inside his head.


“Stab yourself now.”


“Do it. Do it.”


“It’s only a matter of time..”


“If you don’t do it now, my  essence be stronger..”


“Do it, Cale Henituse..”


‘Shut up freak.’


He replied while massaging his eyelids, he is sure that if ever he perform the surgery now, Ancient White Star may take that opportunity to seize his body and entirely take over it.


He sat over the door until the wind hailed roaring his curtains in the windows, he stood and walked over the window, he looked at the classic analog clock on the wall of his room, it was 4:10 a.m in the morning, but the clouds in the sky weren’t as bright as usual. It looked like the heavens were cooking a storm again.




He called out to his ancient powers but there were no response, he could still activate them but it seems like he can’t communicate them anymore.


It’s quiet.




He thought, walking towards his bed, and stared at the crystal that was as large as his fists. Looking back to the opened window, he grabbed the crystal, taking out one of the fanciest dagger Raon has been collecting from his spatial magic bag.


He stepped to the bottom sill of the opened window, he looked down to the ground, back to the sky and to nothingness. He activated his Sound of the Wind and flew over his mother’s grave. While flying so weakly, he staggered, stumbling on his way to the grassy field, the red tree covering his mother’s tomb was somehow wilting, leaves were moist and weak.


He could see the broken branches, rusty metal plates from the broken old gate that was still barricading the lifeless tomb.


*drip* *drip*


The hem of his night gown fluttered when he landed on the grass, it then started raining so hard that he immediately got wet. That made him awake, shivering on the wet cloth that was now hugging his pale skin.


*huff*  *huff*


He exhaled a warm breath and meekly made his way in front of his mother’s grave. He stood there blankly, weakly gripping the blue crystal in his right hand, and the unsheathed dagger on his left hand. Moments later that, just 50 miles away from the grave where he can see the mansion he was confined, a large mana storm was forming just above the roof of that mansion. Black and Gold.


He looked away and started walking away from the grave, towards the dry forest. The grass on his feet was uncomfortable, and they were getting taller and taller as he made his way further and further from the grave.


The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and so are his breathing.




Eruhaben’s voice combined with Dragon Rage roared in the entire territory.

He then started to laugh while pulling his legs to take another step.







Choi Han was drenched in the rain while calling the name of his liege outside the mansion, there was a cut on his lips, behind him was Hilsman who was contacting the Duchy. Ron and Beacrox was heading towards the deeper side Forest of Darkness, Eruhaben was extending his mana towards the entire territory to search for the redhead, Rosalyn was consoling the children who was now wildly crying.


Choi Han was making his way to the back of the mansion and ran like a wild animal to the forest once he caught the familiar scent he was just looking.




He called once more, the veins on his neck were bulging, his bloodshot eyes were confused, angry and worried, searching for Cale. His eyes landed on the Jour’s grave.




He stared at the tomb while eyeing to what look like muddy foot prints on the wide slate on the ground, he then looked towards the grassy part of that forest before hearing Eruhaben’s shout from the mansion.




It was so damn loud that even Alberu who was at the capital heard the shout, it thundered and awake everyone in the continent. Loud and clear.


Choi Han looked back and he saw Eruhaben floating in the sky, facing in the direction where the grassy forest was, Raon was now rushing his way to Choi Han’s direction. And without wasting any second, the black haired swordmaster ran towards the forest.




Raon’s shout was bloodcurdling, as if seeing something terrifying. As Choi Han was nearing the site, he could hear someone laughing so maniacally and loudly, as if he was being tickled by a devil. Eruhaben passed by him and in without just a second, he gasped and called the person he is seeing.


Choi Han weakly stopped, just few meters away from the redhead who was kneeling in the ground. Ron stood beside him, shocked and frozen. Rosalyn was crying, the kittens too, Lock and the wolf children were covering their mouth while sobbing, Hannah and Jack, together with Mary who had just arrive on the scene, just stared at the person who was drenched by the rain, muddy, barefooted, laughing loudly under the heavy rain.


Cale was kneeling on the ground, and his bloody hands were stabbing the blue crystal on  the ground. He was stabbing it like he was murdering someone.




Stab. Stab. Stab.


The dagger pierced through the crystal, breaking it into two, he was holding the dagger so tightly that both of his hands were bleeding from gripping.


“Die! Die! Die! Cale Henituse! Die!”


It was the Ancient White Star, he was grinning from ear to ear while stabbing  Cale’s only hope to live.




The redhead flinched and stopped, his red bloodshot eyes looked directly at Choi Han, he smiled widely, tears were flowing from his eyes.


“There’s no Cale-nim here..”


Harsh voice speak, followed by a laugh,


a sob,


And a cry.


Cale weakly let go of the dagger and brought the crystal into his hands.


“Ah.. ah.. why..”


Cale was shaking so violently while trying to put the crystal back to it’s shape. Raon attempted to get close to him but,


It’s my heart.. I want to live”


“I don’t want to die.. I want to be with everyone.. its my heart..”


The crystals crumbled and fell to the ground, Cale picked them up again, this time Choi Han helped him.


“We just need to put the crystals back.. r,right..?”


Trying to fix his breaking voice, he asked, but Cale looked at him, crying.


“What should I do Choi Han..?”

“What should I do to be with everyone? I worked very hard, is it not enough for me to live? Why do I have to die?”


Choi Han’s eyes watered hearing such words from the stoic person in front of him, Cale brought his hands to his chest and slammed them.


“I just had to replace my heart with this.. everything will be alright again..”


“But why.. why is it so hard to live?”


“Choi Han, answer me, Choi Han..”


Choi Han broke a sob while staring right into Cale’s tearful eyes, Eruhaben was standing behind Choi Han while biting his lips, he picked the crystal pieces and tried to paste them together, however, the blue glow from the crystal disappeared.


Cale was also staring at Eruhaben’s actions, so weakly, he reached out for the dagger when he saw that the crystal pieces were back together, but it wasn’t glowing anymore.


He huffed and brought the tip of the dagger in front of his chest.








“What? Let’s do it.”


He answered. But everyone who somehow got close to him, shakes their heads, eyeing the fixed crystal without any speck  of mana nor aura in it.


“C,cale-nim.. w,we could find another s,solution-”


“I’m short of time Choi Han! M,maybe if we do it now the glow will come back! We don’t know yet!”


Choi Han shakes his head and held Cale’s hand firmly, he removed the dagger from Cale’s right hand and threw them away, Ron immediately attended the redhead who was staring at the dagger, glancing back to Choi Han.


“Please Cale-nim.. don’t do this.. not this..”


Ron hugged Cale in the shoulders and rubbed his thumb on Cale’s shoulders.


“Don’t worry about it Young Master. We are here, this Ron will make sure that the y,young master will not die.”


Trying not to crack his voice, the elder assured, Cale’s body was cold, and unmoving when he said that.


“We will make sure that bastard of a White Star will perish.”


Eruhaben said while tightly gripping the thing in his hands, however,




A chilling laugh came out from Cale’s mouth.


*sob* *sob*   *sniffle* *sniffle*


Raon’s wings weakly fluttered towards Eruhaben.


“G,gramps.. what is that in your hands gramps.. put it back gramps..”


Eruhaben snapped his head towards Raon, and back to Cale who was now speaking.




Cale raised his head. A pool of blood was coming out of his mouth, his eyes were lifeless and dull.


Choi Han’s breath hitched and shook, Ron was frozen while hugging the young puppy. Cale twitched a brow as he asked,




“..why are you holding my heart..?”


The golden dragon’s eyes looked down into his hands. His heart sunk when he saw what he was holding.


Instead of the crystal pieces he tried to put back together, it was a bloody organ who had just stopped beating.


The dagger who was thrown a while ago was the broken crystal pieces, and the real dagger was on Cale’s left hand, hiding from the sight of Choi Han.













“If I couldn’t make you surrender, then I will take you with me.”