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Beaten But Not Broken

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Izuku Midoriya could remember the day he was taken as if it were yesterday. His sweet, kind, caring mother, he could just barely remember her face, had taken him out for ice cream to try and get him out of the depressive rut he had fallen into after being diagnosed as Quirkless. Since that fateful day at the doctors he had been closed off from the rest of the world. It was thankfully summer and his best friend, Kacchan, was out of the country so he had time to figure out how to tell him that they couldn't be the Hero Duo they had always dreamed about.

He had just ordered his all time favorite ice cream, chocolate and birthday cake ice creams with a chocolate drizzle and rainbow sprinkles, when the window of the store shattered and blew inwards. He could remember the feeling of the glass shards piercing and slicing his skin before his mother could tackle him to the ground. Izuku remembered the screaming from everyone around them, but the screaming his mother let out haunted his dreams and memories.

The villain in charge of the whole operation had calmly walked towards them, over the glass as if it were nothing to be concerned over, while the others held off a few sidekicks or taken civilians as hostages. Izuku could just see the villain from over his mothers' shoulder; their brown eyes bore into his own as the villain lifted the gun they had clutched in their hands. He could feel his mother shaking above him and heard her pleading for the villain to let them go and that he was just a child.

He wished his mother had done more to help them.

Izuku, despite the roaring he could hear in his ears, heard the dark laughter of the villain before they mocked his mothers' words back at them. He heard his mother plead once more before the crack of the gun going off made his mothers' already heavy body grow heavier. He remembered turning his head and seeing the destruction of his mothers' head beside his own.

The feeling of her warm blood coating his clothes and skin made him want to hurl, but he had no chance to react as the villain kicked his mothers' body aside and grabbed him by the front of his shirt. He heard the villain tell the others to burn the building as the villain carried him out of the back. His eyes were still on his mother until the darkness claimed him.

The next part of the day he remembered was waking up to the cold and was almost blinded at how white everything was. He remembered sitting up in the small cage he had been stashed in and peering around to see more small cages with other children of different ages. Looking down at himself, he was at least glad to see that his mothers' blood had been cleaned off and his clothes had been changed into a hospital gown. Even though he himself was clean the room they were in smelled disgusting, like blood, piss, and shit, as well as the smell of bleach.

The door had banged open revealing a short, scruffy old man, balding, but with a mustache. It almost came to a shock to Izuku that this man was the same one he had seen two weeks ago and who had diagnosed him as Quirkless, Dr. Tsubasa. Tsubasa was followed by a taller, broad man that carried a child in his arms.

"Put it in there," Tsubasa had said as goggle-covered eyes roamed the room. The taller man placed the child in the cage indicated as Tsubasa's eyes met his own.

"Ah! The newest acquisition!" Tsubasa exclaimed before he hobbled over to his cage, "Bring It out, Hiori! I need to begin It's testing!"

Izuku pressed himself back as far as he could, but with as small as his cage was, it was futile. Hiori, the tall man that came with Tsubasa, grabbed him almost gently before pulling him out. He shook in the mans' hold as they followed Tsubasa down the hallway to another room. It looked to be a lab of some sort and it already had someone, a blond woman, in it cleaning the bloodied lab table in the middle of the room.

Hiori kept Izuku in his arms until the table was fully cleared of blood before he had been placed onto it. Izuku watched as Hiori stepped back to the wall next to the door and just stood there until Tsubasa stepped between them. The other person in the room, a strong looking woman, came up behind Izuku and began to strap his body down to the table. He watched silently as Tsubasa brought out various tools and large needles.

He knew he couldn't fight against them. He was too small, too weak, too Quirkless, but if anything he was smart. Izuku was smart enough to know that fighting could make this situation all the more worse. He watched as the pleading his mother had given the villain didn't work, so he knew better than to plead as it would give him nothing, but misery in return. So he didn't utter a word.

"Irene, darling," Tsubasa began effectively breaking the silence, "begin my notes. It is the morning of July 29th, the year is XXXX, and we have a new subject on the table. I had the pleasure of diagnosing our newest subject, Izuku Midoriya now to be known as Subject 113, as Quirkless two weeks ago when its birth giver brought it into my clinic. Other than having no Quirk the subject is healthy. After a few years here in this facility, if It survives all the testing, It will be sent to an associate for further testing."

Izuku shook as Irene, the blond woman, flipped him over so his back was to Tsubasa then let out a scream as a large needle was inserted into his back far enough to scrap his spinal cord.

"The basic testing involves taking fluid from the spinal cord, a bone marrow extraction, a full body x-ray and MRI, as well as a full blood screening along with a few other basic tests," the doctor mono-toned on through Izukus' screaming, "From there It will be taken to a recovery room for a short while before the physical testing will occur. From what we know from before the testing, the subject is 4 years old with no outstanding medical history from either side of Its' family. Its' birth giver was overweight so It may have issues with obesity later on. Correction for the problem: It will have food taken away and It will be fed less until the desired weight is reached."

The needle was finally taken out of his back leaving Izuku sobbing as he was moved back onto his back. The needle that was then shoved into his arm, while it still hurt, was less painful than the one that had been shoved into his back. Through bleary eyes he watched as vial after vial was filled with his blood before the needle was taken out.

He was made to pee in a cup, had his private parts examined, had his belly pressed on, his skin scraped and his nails trimmed down to the parts that hurt and bleed. Irene had pressed on various parts on his arms and legs and he had no clue why she did that. He had his lungs and heart heard and Irene had him hold still while her hands were on his throat.

"Hiori take It to the recovery room and leave it for an hour," Tsubasa said after he stopped the recording and Hiori gently grabbed him off the table after Irene had unstrapped him. Tsubasa continued to talk as the tall man carried him out of the room, "We'll continue the testing afterwards. For now Irene get me-."

Izuku could barely concentrate as they walked down the hall and took a few turns before Hiori opened the door. Inside the small room was a pile of blankets and pillows, where Hiori had placed him, as well as a chair, a small fridge and trash can, and a fan. The tall man knelt down in front of the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water out of it.

The small four year old watched as the man took careful sips of the water and it was only after watching him for any reaction that he felt it safe to drink from the same bottle. The cool water felt heavenly on his throat and the pain in his back began to wear off a bit the longer he stayed still. Izuku knew that it was only a matter of time before he would leave this little comforting place.

Izuku dozed as long as he was able and perked up when he felt large hands on his body to pick him up. In the doorway was Irene, who held a clipboard, and it was her who Hiori followed. When they got to the next room Izuku could tell that he was in for a horrible time. The doctor had him running, weight lifting, jumping, and doing basic gymnastics. All the while he was hooked up to a machine that recorded everything going on inside of him.

By the time Izuku was sent back to his cage he was already asleep in Hirois' arms exhausted and only had gotten a small taste of what was to come.

Izuku had spent ten years in this facility and had just turned 14 years old. He was one of the few kids that survived the doctors testing after a year and was deemed a success. From there he was taken to a different part of the building that looked like it was actually livable. There was a large common area with hallways that branched off the main area. In the hallways was one single door that led to a bedroom each.

The rooms were small, but were much larger than the cages, and had actual beds in them as well as bathrooms. Izuku had spent quite a bit of time in the shower in his bathroom. He felt disgusted being covered by bodily waste, sweat, and blood. He was surprised when he was able to look into a mirror for the first time since he had been taken. After fully washing his hair the once beautiful green curls had turned bright white.

He shared the living area with four other kids, one of which had already been living there before Izuku and the others came.

With him were Yurasova Svetla, a Russian girl at the age of 9 when they had met, was pale skinned with bright blond hair and dark blue eyes. Her Quirk, Crystallization, made her able to create and manipulate crystals.

Kareem Sarkis, an Egyptian boy at the age of 7 when they had met, with dark olive skin, black hair, and bright brown eyes. His Quirk was called Naga and he was able to transform into a half snake.

Kaleo Luana, a Hawaiian girl at the age of 7 when they had met, had light brown skin with dark wavy hair and dark eyes. Her Quirk Aquatonics allows her to manipulate water and any living being that lives in water. She could also breathe underwater.

Lastly there was Ammagaruqnik, or Amma as he asked them to call him, was a small 10 years old, when they had met, Inuit child and much like Kaleo had light brown skin, straight dark hair, and dark eyes. His Quirk was called Wolf. He was able to transform into an Arctic Wolf as well as control snow and ice.

During the ten years Izuku, thankfully he had written his name down to remember his name instead of thinking It was his name, had been deemed as something worthy enough to become part of the experimentation called Nomu. He had been given these three things, he was hesitant in calling them Quirks, as a 'reward' when something went right in his testing.

The first 'Quirk' he had gotten was called Regeneration. It was a passive Quirk that let his body heal from anything other than decapitation or a stake to the heart. He had limbs ripped off that he was able to grow back, he had been skinned during an experiment and grew it back without a scar, he had also had one of his eyes stabbed and it grew back with no problem. The only issue is that the larger the wound the longer it took to heal.

The second 'Quirk' he called Animal Cloak. He was able to fully take on an animal form as well as halfway take on an animal form in a sort of human/animal hybrid. He actually loved this 'Quirk' as it was much more simple to live as a lazy cat or a nesting bird than it was as a child. Sadly he wasn't able to transform into anything smaller than a chipmunk.

His last 'Quirk' and the one he hated the most to use was called Shadow Puppet. He was able to manipulate and control the shadows. He was able to hear the inner thoughts and secrets of a person through their shadow. It was also through that shadow that he was able to take control of another persons' body. He was also able to travel between shadows as long as he could see the shadow in sight. The further the shadow the more he had to focus on it before he could travel. He wasn't able to take others yet.

Together with the other four he learned different combat skills, battle strategies, further schooling than what he already knew, gymnastics, free running, seduction techniques, weaponry, manipulation, and a specialization according to their Quirks. He was thankfully taken out of the Nomu experimentation after showing how… useful he was at using his 'Quirks.'

Izuku, much to his dismay, spent most of his time learning to use Shadow Puppet. So far he was able to control up to seven people at a time or sixteen animals. His traveling was getting better and faster, but it still was hard to do. The whispers were the hardest to ignore.

He learned that Irene was a pedophile, Hiori was here because he killed his family, and their new caretaker Shin was there because he wanted part of the organization that would take down the Heroes that killed his little brother. He learned from Dr. Tsubasas' shadow that his name was actually Kyudai Garaki, was over 120 years old, and had several aliases.

One by one Izuku had to watch as his friends were taken and either came back damaged or not come back at all. Yurasova was killed off early into their ten year stint in the new part of the facility. Her Quirk had gotten out of control during a mission to the outside and by the time her handler was able to sedate Yurasova her entire insides had turned into crystals.

Kareem had gone insane after having gone too long without being fed by his handler. He snapped and ended up eating Kaleo. Kareem was taken out of the room while Amma and himself had been out of the room for their own testing.

Amma was taken to a different facility for elemental testing, but Izuku heard the shadows whisper that Amma got too exposed to heat. Amma had died a short few hours after being taken to the Egyptian facility in the middle of the desert. His body just couldn't handle the heat.

All that was left was Izuku.

He mourned his friends as one should do. He mourned that none of them would reach adulthood. He mourned that they would never be shown an ounce of kindness. He mourned the fact that if they had been able to stay just a while longer they would have gotten out of the facility and into safer hands.

It was towards the end of the tenth year that Izuku had been held captive that the facility he was in was raided. He felt the Heroes outside from the shadows, but he made no indication that he knew they were there. He didn't warn anyone that they were there. Izuku waited all the while strapped to a lab table, emergency lock engaged on the door and emergency lights on as the whole facility's power got cut off, with bated breath as one shadow, one that felt safe and calm, came closer to where he was.

When the alarm was raised Irene, who had been strapping him down, left him here in the lab to escape from being captured. It was because he was alone that he felt safe to raise his voice for the first time in years.


The feeling of the shadow stuttered as if it were surprised, but a feeling of urgency quickly followed. Izuku coughed as the disuse of his voice made itself aware. It took a moment before he heard footsteps come to a halt near the room he was in.

"I-In h-here!" Izuku called out again and coughed once more. He swallowed the small bit of saliva he had, but it did nothing to really soothe the dry mouth and throat he had. The footsteps stopped once more outside of his door before the door was banged against. He flinched as he heard the person outside of the door kick the door a few more times before the door finally gave way despite the lock it had on it.

The man, once Izuku was able to identify him as a man, stepped forward and quickly began to undo his straps. "What's your name?" the man asked once Izuku had been sat up on the lab table.

"I-I'm S-Subject 113," Izuku said as he was helped down from the table, but he held onto the warmth of the man as he was picked up and carried down the hall. He could see the man frown from the corner of his eye and quickly amended his answer, "My n-n-name b-before I was t-t-taken was I-I-Izuku M-Midoriya."

"I'm Pro-Hero Eraserhead," the man said as he walked out of the main doors and into the sun. Izuku had to squint and cover his eyes for a moment. This was the first time in ten years that he had felt the sun on his skin. He had forgotten what it felt like. "You're going to be safe now," Eraserhead said softly and Izuku couldn't help the tears that came to his eyes for the first time in years.

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"Eraserhead told me your name is Izuku Midoriya, is that correct?"

The man sitting in front of Izuku was tall and muscular from what Izuku could tell through his trench coat with short dark hair under his hat and serious, but kind filled eyes. When the man entered his room he introduced himself as Tsukauchi Naomasa, a detective in the police force. His shadow felt kind, strong, and warm. It was almost like Eraserhead's shadow, but without the protective curl to it.

Izuku was more interested in the fact, after the detective told him of it, that Tsukauchis' Quirk let the man know when someone was lying. It even worked on sign language, non-verbal responses, and even written words. It was just response based.

It kind of sounded like what he hears from the whispers in their shadows.

White curly hair bounced as Izuku answered Tsukauchis' question in the form of a nod. He couldn't help the fidgeting his fingers were doing as they pulled, twisted, and dug into the scratchy blanket a nurse had gotten him when she saw him shiver. It was so cold in the room they had brought him to, but he didn't complain. He knew better than to complain.

"Was there anyone else there with you in the facility? Any other kids, or adults that were there against their will?" Tsukauchi asked as he checked the battery on his camera. Izuku was uncertain of the device at first, but calmed down as the detective explained why it was there in the first place.

Izuku nodded once more and with a shaky hand grabbed a pen that had been placed on his rolling table, to write down everyone he had been in contact with in that facility. There were still a lot that he couldn't put a name to because they never made it through the testing phases and therefore was never moved to the rooms he was kept in. He listed off the names, and what they looked like, of the staff members that were there. The doctors, assistants, caretakers, even the ones who cleaned up the place and made their food.

He only hesitated only a moment before writing down the names of the other kids he had shared a living space with. With each name written down a flash of their face came to the forefront of his memory. Izuku held back his tears as he flipped the page and kept writing more names. The last few names, the ones he had met only a few months ago, to be written down were Kurogiri, Chisaki, and Sensei.

"Izuku, who is Sensei? Do they have another name?"

Izuku shook his head and grabbed another piece of paper. There wasn't enough room on the other paper to fully describe what Sensei looked like. Instead of writing down the descriptors he drew. The mask, the neck piece, each tube that went from the top of the head to the back, everything was fully detailed by the time Izuku was done. On the back he wrote Sensei and a few other words such as how tall the man was and how his voice sounded.

He gave the papers to Tsukauchi before letting his hands go back to fidgeting with the blanket. He heard the man thank him softly before placing the papers to the side.

"According to your citizens file before you were taken, you were registered as Quirkless, is that why they took you?"

Izuku couldn't stop his lip from trembling as he opened his mouth to speak for the first time since Tsukauchi entered his room. "Th-They k-killed my moth-mother to ge-get me and burned th-the building down t-to m-make it look l-like I died t-too," he rasped out, his voice hoarse from disuse, "the d-d-doctor said it w-w-was a pl-pleasure to have d-d-diagnosed me as Qu-Quirkless. Th-That I was a perfectly em-empty vessel f-for th-their research."

Izuku let out a few harsh coughs and reached out to take the cup Eraserhead, who was sitting beside his bed and silent the entire time, had graciously filled it for him. He took a few sips before turning back to Tsukauchi.

"Th-The doctor d-deemed me wo-worthy to be a-apart of an exp-experimental pro-project. It i-is called N-Nomu," Izuku stuttered out softly, "th-they g-gave me th-these Quirks. I-I wa-was called a su-successful f-f-failure. I was a-able to h-h-handle th-three Quirks a-at the sa-same time, b-but I cou-couldn't tran-transform into th-their monstrous form."

"Were you the first of this project?"

Izuku shook his head and gestured for the paper. He pointed out three kids' names. "Th-They came b-before me. I wa-watched it all." Izuku whispered softly, "Th-They would tran-transform, but they d-d-died b-because of th-the multiple Quirks. Their b-bodies couldn't handle a-all of th-the Quirks like mine c-could."

"Can you describe you're Quirks?"

Izuku went for the paper once more. It was quicker for him to write than to talk, and his throat was beginning to hurt. He wrote about Regeneration first.

"The first Quirk they gave me is called Regeneration. It's a passive Quirk that is always on, always working. It heals anything abnormal in my body from a simple wound to being sick. I haven't even had a cold since they gave it to me. Depending on how large the wound or how deadly the sickness is, is how long it takes for Regeneration to work. A small cut to my hand or the sniffles will take the shortest, 30 seconds tops. Missing an arm or a ruptured organ 3 minutes at the most. They gave me deadly, contagious diseases and it took almost a day for my body to heal. The only wounds I cannot heal from is a stake to the heart or a beheading. I need those two organs, the heart and the brain, to be in working order for Regeneration to work. A small heart wound I can heal from, but anything that damages over 65% of my heart I will die from."

"The second Quirk is called Animal Cloak. I'm able to take on the forms of any animal I choose. As long as I know what it looks like and its body structure. I cannot turn into anything mythical, magical, or cartoon. I am also able to take on a halfway form where I can take on a few selected characteristics of an animal. Eyes, ears, claws, teeth, wings, tails, those sorts of things. I prefer the feline and aves classes to transform into."

"My last Quirk is the one I hate the most. I call it Shadow Puppet. I can manipulate the shadows to do my bidding like a puppet master controls their puppets. I can travel with it only if the shadow I see is within eyesight. I can take over a person's body to do whatever I want them to. I can use the shadows to kill, detain, or make someone disappear within them. The shadows also whisper. I can hear a persons' deepest secret. Deepest desire. Deepest regret. I can tell when someone is lying or telling the truth. I can feel their strongest emotions through them. I hate this Quirk the most, but it's the most useful out of the three."

"I see," Tsukauchi said as he looked over the paper once it was handed to him. He gently gave the paper back and gave the young man a small smile, "I believe those are all my questions for now. I may need to come talk to you again, but for now I have all I need. Have a good day to you both."

Izuku watched the man get up, gather the other papers, and leave the room before what tension he still had in his body faded away. The detective wasn't so bad. If anything, Tsukauchi was tolerable. After the man left Izuku turned to Eraserhead, who had previously told him to call him Aizawa, but Izuku didn't feel all that comfortable to do that yet. The Hero had stayed with him through everything the doctors and the detective needed and he would always be grateful that Eraserhead hadn't abandoned him in this familiar but strange place.

"W-What now?" Izuku asked as he tilted his head a bit in question. His hair, that had never been cut while he was captive and now down to his waist, moved with the motion causing the waterfall of knotted white curls to move to the side. Earlier that morning the man had said that Izuku was going to be staying with him for his own protection. Izuku agreed quickly as he didn't want to get taken back to another facility with the Doctor and he honestly didn't have anywhere else to go.

The dark haired man sat up straighter in his chair and placed his arms on the bed. "We can leave and go home," Aizawa said as he stood up from the chair. Izuku held back a wince as he heard Aizawas' back pop. The man had stayed in that chair for a few hours.

Izuku nodded and slowly inched to the edge of the bed. His legs were a bit shaky, but he was stable enough to walk. He shoved on the clothes that Aizawa had gone down to the gift shop to get for him, while he was still unconscious, before shoving his socked feet into a pair of slides. As Aizawa walked down the hall Izuku couldn't help but to reach out and curl his fingers into the loose fabric of the mans' shirt.

He was a bit scared as they walked through the hospital and got closer to the exit. This would be the second time he had been outside, fully conscious and aware at least, since he was four. He couldn't wait to feel the sun on his skin again or feel the breeze through his hair.

As they walked through the electronic doors Izuku couldn't help the shaky gasp and the tears that welled up in his eyes before they fell down his cheeks. The wind felt absolutely amazing and broke through the heat from the sun as it caressed his unhealthily pale skin. It was like he remembered. Being outside that is. Memories of playing in the park with his best friend flashed into his head, he remembered playing Heroes and Villains, of playing Rescue, or exploring the old park near his house.

Izuku sniffled softly as he was led to the car Aizawa had. It was like his head was on a swivel as he peered around to take everything in. It all looked the same as before, but at the same time very different. Everything confused him and he really couldn't make heads or tails over it all, but if anything he was adaptive.

"So a couple of things you need to know before we get home," Aizawa spoke, breaking the silence of the car. Izuku turned to look at the man and began to fidget with the seat belt the man had buckled around his body for him. "First, I'm married so it won't be just you and I in the house," the man continued, "my husband is Hizashi Yamada, and he's a bit loud, but he means no harm. He's also partially deaf and tends to walk around the house without his hearing aids."

Izuku furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. He made a soft inquisitive noise in his throat, not unlike a cat's trill. He had heard the word 'deaf' here and there in the facility, but he had no clue what it meant, and he had never heard of hearing aids.

"What do you have a question about?" Aizawa asked as he heard the noise. Having owned cats, and currently had three of his own, he was well versed in the vocalizations of the feline variety.

"Wh-What d-does deaf m-mean? A-And h-h-hearing aids?" Izuku asked, not able to stop his stutter.

"To be deaf means to not have the ability to hear sounds. A person can be partially deaf so they are able to hear a little bit of sounds if they are high enough in pitch. Hearing aids can help those who are partially deaf to clear up and amplify sounds so they can hear better," Aizawa explained and Izuku nodded as he understood what those words meant now.

"Also in the house are three cats," Aizawa continued as he turned at a red light.

"W-What kinds?" Izuku asked as he perked up at the word cats. He loved cats and if he could he would stay mostly in a feline form. It was easier to sleep in his cage that way.

"A black Norwegian Forest Cat, a tortoiseshell Ragamuffin, and a silver Bengal," the adult answered as he pulled into the driveway to their house. His husband had asked them to move into his parents' old place a few years ago as his parents wanted to downsize and move into the city. They had made a few changes and updated a few things, but it was their home now. The house was a bit a ways away from the city, but it was close enough to still be connected to the city's water lines so they didn't depend on a septic tank.

The house was large, being a five bedroom home, two bedrooms having been turned into offices for them both, with a large living area, kitchen, dining room, two and a half baths, a laundry room, and an indoor pool/jacuzzi. The backyard was large and they didn't have a neighbor for a couple of miles.

"B-Big," Izuku murmured as he pressed the button on the seat belt that Aizawa had shown him, and got out of the car.

"Come on," Aizawa said softly as he waved his hand in a 'come here' motion. Izuku nodded and followed the man forward and into the house. The interior of the house was open with high ceilings.

"Sho, is that you?"

Izuku jumped, startled a bit from the sudden voice, and moved so he was hidden behind Aizawa. Izuku could feel the persons' shadow coming towards him before he could see the man himself. His shadow was 'bright' for a shadow, as weird as it sounds. It was filled with sincerity, glee, and love. The last emotion he felt mirrored the emotion Aizawas' shadow took as the man turned the corner and saw his husband.

The man was as bright as his shadow. Bright blond hair (mustache to match) with bright green eyes, lightly tanned skin, and a wide smile on his face. The man stood taller than Aizawa by a couple of inches.

"Hizashi," Aizawa greeted as he tugged off his boots and having seen that Izuku followed suit, "let us get inside fully."

"Us? Oh! Right!" Hizashi said as he nodded and moved back to let them get inside, "Come to the kitchen when you're all situated. Lunch will be done soon."

Aizawa nodded as he led Izuku through the house to show him what each room was and where things were. Then the man led him to his room. A room just for him.

There was a large bed with two side tables, a desk, a bookshelf,and a tv in the room. There wasn't much in the way of decorations, but Aizawa had told him before he left that tomorrow they were going to this place called a mall to get him some things for his room and clothing. When he asked what a mall was, Aizawa said it was a large building with a bunch of different stores for people to buy things in.

Izuku was told he could take a shower in the bathroom through the door next to his bedroom before coming down for some food, and was given some clothes from Aizawa to change into afterwards. It took him a few minutes to figure out the mechanics of the shower, but soon enough he was standing under the torrent of hot water.

He picked at his curls for a bit and managed to pick a few of the knots out before lathering his curls up in shampoo. The shampoo was even different from the ones at the facility. The ones there smelled of antiseptic and nothing pleasant while the one he just used smelled of vanilla. Izuku held his breath as he washed the rest of his body. He hated his scars, the ones he had gotten from before he was given Regeneration.

He had one on his stomach that went from his belly button up to his sternum, he had multiple scars on his back from the whippings, a few stabbing scars from his trainers for messing up during training, and a few scars on his hands from his teachers when he got a question wrong. Regeneration did nothing to take the scars away, but the Quirk did make them softer, less noticeable, and easier to move with.

Izuku shook his head to get those thoughts out of his head before he could spiral down as he had done in the past. He got out of the shower after turning it off and started to dry off without looking into the mirror. The clothes Aizawa gave him must have been his own as they were too big on him. The socks were fine, but the underwear, pants, and shirt were a bit too big on his small frame. He forwent the undergarments and instead threw on the other clothing only to roll up the pant legs, roll down the waistline, and tie off the loose fabric of the shirt.

He may look ridiculous, but at least the clothing won't fall off his body as he moves. With the promise of food from earlier Izuku walked down the staircase to the kitchen. When he entered the room he was met with a familiar scent that he hadn't smelled in years. He stopped short of the table as he saw steaming bowls filled with food.

"K-K-Kastudon?" Izuku stuttered out as he gripped the loose bits of fabric from the shirt.

Hizashi looked over and saw the white haired teen staring at the bowl with tears falling from his cheeks. "Is- Is that okay? I can make you something else!" Hizashi said as he waved his hands frantically. He hadn't even been properly introduced to this little listener and he's already mucked it all up.

"My M-M-Mama used t-t-to m-m-make i-it for me," Izuku said as he reached up and rubbed the tears away, but more soon followed, "I-I ha-haven't had it i-in years!"

"Oh baby," Hizashi said softly and walked around the table only to gather the small teen into his arms. He felt the small form tense for a moment before practically melting into the hug. Skinny arms wrapped around his middle and he could feel his shirt getting wet from both tears and still wet hair. Bright green eyes looked up as Hizashi heard a sound and he saw his husband with a small sad smile on his lips.

"How about we sit down and eat the katsudon Hizashi made for us," Aizawa said softly as he walked forward and placed his hand on top of wet white curls, "It's really good."

Izuku pulled away from the very warm and safe feeling hug before giving the two adults a nod. He really wanted the food. He sat down and dug into the hot meal with relish all the while wiping away tears and letting out little sniffles. Aizawa was right; the food was really good. It was almost like his mother's katsudon from what he was able to remember.

"R-Really g-good," Izuku murmured softly in agreement to the earlier statement before taking his last bite of food. His stomach felt warm and full for the first time in years and it just made him sleepy. The small teen was ushered to the living room where he was greeted by three cats. One large, black, and with bright mint green eyes named Nero. A slightly smaller white, cream, and gray cat with royal blue eyes named Sugar. And lastly a black spotted silver furred cat with gray eyes named Echo.

Izuku couldn't help the purrs that erupted from his throat as the three felines sauntered over to inspect him. When he sat down on the couch Sugar jumped up onto his lap and matched his purr with her own. He ran his scarred fingers through her fur as Nero and Echo laid down on either side of him.

Izuku looked up at Aizawa and Hizashi and saw that the blond had something small and rectangular out and it was pointed towards him, but as it caused him no harm he let it go. He sat there as the two adults spoke softly to each other all the while he ran his fingers through soft fur. He never noticed when it happened, but one moment he was staring into the eyes of Nero and the next he was laying on his side peacefully asleep under the warmth of the cats.

Chapter Text

Izuku looked outside of the car window as the scenery passed by quickly. After he had woken up, somehow in his own bed instead of the couch he had fallen asleep on, Hizashi had announced that they were going to this mall place that Aizawa had told him about yesterday. There he was supposed to get items for his room, clothes, shoes, and a few other odds and ends. Hizashi had said they also needed to get hygienic products and if Izuku wanted, a haircut.

He did like his long hair to be truthful, but perhaps not as long as it was now. Izuku did kind of like it when his hair was to his shoulders when it first started growing out and it was so pretty when he grew his favorite avian feathers throughout it. It was a bit too long now to get the feathers throughout all of it. For now his hair was tied up into a messy bun, mostly thanks to the knots that he wasn't able to get out. Today, still feeling a bit cuddly and curious to his surroundings, he had bright white kitten ears on his head and a fluffy white tail that trailed behind him.

Izuku let out a soft trill as Aizawa parked the car and turned the machine off. He followed the adults as they unbuckled and got out of the car only to grab Hizashis' hand in his own. Hizashi did tell him to stick close to them when they got to this mall place after all.

"Ready to go in?" Hizashi asked softly, "Remember, you can tell us when it gets to be too much for you or when you get tired. We'll stop when you need to."

Izuku nodded and followed alongside Hizashi into the building with Aizawa beside him. The adults had decided to visit the mall during the week making it so the building wasn't too crowded. The first stop was to get shoes in which Izuku got a pair of sandals, athletic shoes, formal shoes, boots, and a comfy pair of slippers to wear around the house. His bedding was simple, he went for solid colors for both sheets and comforters and got black, gray, and white sheets while getting gray, red, and black comforters.

His clothes took the longest. They first gathered his undergarments, something he hadn't worn since he was four, then socks before moving onto pants and shirts. He got a couple of pairs of jeans, sticking to more of a skinny jean style since he didn't like the extra fabric swinging around his ankles, and a few t-shirts. He was prompted into getting a few hoodies from a Hero Merch store and was a bit disappointed that there wasn't any Eraserhead hoodies, but he did find a Present Mic one.

"Soft," Izuku murmured softly as he rubbed the fabric between his fingers.

"Which one is that?" Hizashi asked softly and Izuku held it open for the two adults to see. It was a bit oversized for Izuku, but he didn't mind. The soft fabric was a light blue and had cat ears on the hood.

"W-Want," Izuku stuttered out as he held it close to himself once more. Hizashi could barely hold back from widening his smile and nodded.

"Of course! Do you want to keep looking for any other clothes you might want?" the blond asked as Izuku kept rubbing the fabric between his fingers. Izuku looked up and nodded as he grabbed Hizashis' hand to take him to the counter. He was done in this store, having already looked through it thoroughly, and ready to go on to the next. The small teen had seen some clothing in the next store that had caught his attention and he wanted to look at it a bit longer than just a glance.

"N-Next st-store," Izuku said as a way to explain why he was dragging Hizashi over to the counter.


Izuku watched, standing next to Aizawa, as Hizashi paid for the hoodies and shirts he had picked out before ushering them to the store next to the one they were just in. The original article of clothing that caught his eye was on a mannequin in the window. Izuku pointed at it as he looked back at the two adults before looking back at the overall shorts the mannequin was wearing. They were faded black, but with rips along the front thigh bit before the shorts ended about mid thigh, and with a embroidered cat on the front pocket.

"P-P-Please," Izuku asked. His kitten ears twitched and his tail furled and unfurled as he waited for their answers.

It was surprisingly Aizawa, who spoke first. "Do you want to look at anything else while we are in there?" he asked as he led the way inside of a store that he usually would have never been caught dead inside. But this was for his child so he would bear with the bright white and pinks of the store to see Izuku happy.

Izuku let out a small chirp and quickly followed Aizawa inside with Hizashi letting out small chuckles as the blond walked inside just behind him. In this store he got the overall shorts he had first seen, along with a lighter colored pair without the rips, and a few soft sleeping outfits he had seen. One pair was a t-shirt and pants combo in white with a pattern of silhouetted birds on it, a green pair of pants and a green long sleeve shirt with an embroidered bear on the pocket of the shirt, and the last was a blue tank top and shorts pair with small clouds on them.

"Shou could you take these to the car? Izuku and I can go ahead to see about getting a haircut," Hizashi asked as he once again paid for the things Izuku had chosen and did not even blink about the price. Between their jobs, five in total, they had plenty of money to not care about how much they were spending and what they had already spent hardly made a dent in their joint account.

"Yeah," Aizawa said as he grabbed the bags and placed them on a wagon, for Hizashis' niece and nephew when they visit, they had thought to bring to help carry all their purchases, "I'll be right back."

Izuku watched Aizawa walk away for a moment before turning to Hizashi. The blond asked Izuku if he were ready to go and the white haired teen simply nodded and grabbed Hizashis' hand once again. The place Hizashi led them wasn't too far and Hizashi had to flash a card at a security officer, who stood at the front door, before being able to enter.

The windows that faced the main stretch of the mall were covered in a frosted coating so those that looked in could see that there were people inside, but not who the people were. Hizashi had whispered to him on their way inside that this salon catered to those who were specifically in the business of Heroics and to their families.

"Hizashi, baby!"

A raspy feminine, yet masculine, voice sounded from the desk in front of them. A tall, broad, dark skinned man stood up from the chair and Izuku looked at his hair with wide eyes. It was a really bright pink and was styled in an up-do of dreadlocks. The man had both sides of his head shaved and Izuku spotted a few piercings in the mans' face and ears before his face was covered when he hugged Hizashi.

"Noda!" Hizashi greeted as he hugged the man back, "How have you been?!"

"All good! How have you and tall, dark, and sleepy been doing?" Noda asked as he pulled away with a wide grin that revealed straight pearly white teeth.

"Good! We've been good," Hizashi said, "How are Mei and Suna?"

"Girl!" Noda said as his black eyes widened to an almost manic degree, "MeiMei has been frantic trying to get ready for the UA entrance exams that are coming up and is driving me and Suna up the wall! But enough about that! What can I do ya for today?"

Hizashi laughed as he gestured for Izuku to walk a bit closer. "This is Izuku and he's staying with Shou and I for the next foreseeable future," Hizashi said as Izuku pressed into his side, "Is there anyway one of your employees can fit him in for a wash and cut?"

"Oh for this little suga' I'll do it myself," the dark skinned man said with a wide smile, "anything I should know before we start? Any triggers or things not to do or say?"

Izuku looked at the man with wide eyes before shaking his head. The doctors and his staff thankfully never did anything to his hair in such a way. If anything, having fingers run through his hair was comforting and always reminded him of his mother in the time before he was taken.

"Alright!" Noda said as he ushered the two towards the back after getting one of his employees to take over the desk, "If you'll take a seat here suga' then I can get started with washing, conditioning, and detangling those gorgeous curls of yours."

Izuku sent a look towards Hizashi and was given a nod back so he slowly sat down on the chair and took out the two hair ties that were holding his hair up. His white curls, matted and discolored in places from dirt and other debris, fell down onto the sink with a solid thud.

"Shall I cut some of this off before I start washing?" Noda asked as he settled himself beside the sink, "How short are you thinking of going?"

Izuku hummed softly before reaching up to tap his shoulders. He saw Noda nod before the man gathered his curls just below what he had indicated and the immediate relief he felt as a good portion of the weight he was feeling on his head was suddenly no longer there. Izuku couldn't help but let out a small soft sigh of relief.

"I bet that feels better already, doesn't it suga'?" Noda said as he gathered what he had chopped off and threw it out, "That was easily four to five pounds of hair that I just cut off. Ready to get those curls all clean and fluffy?"

Izuku, feeling loads better than he had in a while, eagerly nodded and leaned back in the chair after he was prompted to. He saw Hizashi beside him smiling widely and giving Izuku a thumbs up. Izuku couldn't help but let out a small trill at the obvious sign that he was doing something good. He willed his kitten ears and tail away just as Noda turned the water on.

"You let me know if this is too hot for you at any time, alright suga'?" Noda said as he tested the temperature of the water on his own wrist as Izuku nodded. The small teen instinctively closed his eyes as he first felt water on his head, but slowly relaxed as the pleasant heat made himself relax. A few minutes into the actual washing process and Izuku was laying there purring loudly. He even purred through the conditioning and detangling processes too.

With one final rinse Izuku was now sitting in a different chair with a t-shirt wrapped around his head to start drying his hair. All the while Hizashi and Noda were beside him at another station a couple of feet away as Hizashi was also getting his haircut. Just a bit of a trim to get rid of any dead and split ends.

"'Zawa," Izuku whispered softly as he saw the man walk into the salon through the door and head their way. Aizawa carried a bag with him, but it was just a plain white bag with no indication of where he got it from.

"Hey kid," Aizawa said as he took an empty seat and sat down, "I brought you something to eat."

Izuku tilted his head as Aizawa ruffled through the bag and the man brought out a couple of boxes. One box had two different kinds of rice while the other had meat and veggies covered in sauce. Other than that in the bag were three different canned drinks.

"Eat what you can and Zashi and I will finish what's left, okay?" Aizawa said as he handed Izuku a pair of chopsticks. Izuku nodded and dug into the food that made his belly grumble. He first dug into the rice and found that he really liked the darker colored rice as it was different from the white rice he usually had to eat. The meat and veggies were also welcome and tasted equally delicious. He managed to get a good portion down, for him at least, before having to back away before he got sick.

"D-Done," Izuku told Aizawa before he grabbed his drink to sip on. Aizawa nodded and tossed Izukus' chopsticks into the bag to throw away when they left the salon. By the time Izuku had gotten done eating, Noda was ready to finish his hair.

"Hey suga'," Noda said as he came up behind Izuku, "Ready?"

Izuku looked at Noda's reflection in the mirror and gave the man a nod. He placed his drink between his legs as Noda placed a dark cape around his body, to protect him from getting hair in his clothes Noda told him. Izuku watched the reflections in the mirror as Noda took off the shirt and began to carefully brush through his still wet hair.

He heard each time Noda snipped off his hair and it thankfully didn't take long to get the length he wanted before Noda began to coach him through the drying process. When Noda was finished Izuku was so surprised at how soft his curls were as he reached up to touch them. Izuku let out a loud chirp and shook his head to feel and watch his curls bounce.

"Pr-Pretty!" Izuku exclaimed and turned to give Aizawa and Hizashi a wide smile.

Hizashi, with tears in his eyes, got up and hugged Izuku softly. "Very pretty," Hizashi said through the emotional lump in his throat. He gave the small teen a soft kiss on his newly washed and dried curls before pulling back. "Thank you Noda," the blond said as he moved out of the way for his husband to come over and give Izuku a hug as well.

"It's no problem, Zashi," Noda said as he gave the blond a wide smile, "I'm always happy to see my customers happy and being filled with confidence after a new do."

After thanking Noda once more, and buying a few products in his salon to take care of his curls, the three made their way further into the mall. After getting the rest of Izukus' essentials Hizashi wanted to go to the electronics store to get a few things for Izuku. The small teen was behind in a few schooling subjects and getting Izuku signed up for some online classes would help him get caught up to the rest of the kids his age. While there Hizashi got him a laptop, a tablet, and a phone so they could all keep in touch with each other.

Izuku was feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the technology, seeing as he was only used to the machinery from the facility. He was hesitant to even look at them, but made the effort to at least hold the phone and put it in his pocket when prompted. As they continued through the mall Izuku kept an eye out for one thing he knew he wanted. In his old room in the facility he had a perch. It was a reward for being good and mastering Animal Cloak after it was given to him.

He had seen a few pet stores, but there was nothing there that he wanted. Nothing that could even hold his largest form, an Andean Condor. If he could find something to at least hold that form, then he wouldn't have to worry if it could fit any other avian form of his. When Izuku voiced the problem the two adults looked at each other.

"Maybe Power Loader can help? I don't know where to get anything like that," Hizashi said as they made their way out of the mall, seeing as they had gotten everything they needed.

"Maybe," Aizawa said, "let's head home for now and see how big the perch Izuku is wanting is. We should know at least that before asking if he can do it. Perhaps we can ask tomorrow after our staff meeting."

Hizashi nodded and once they were in the car the blond started to drive home. Izuku was surprised to see that the sun was already starting to go down, but Hizashi did say that morning that this trip would take most of the day to get everything. He managed to stay awake for most of the trip back to the house, having only dozed off for a few moments here and there before waking up when his forehead touched the window.

He even helped carry all his things in and began to put them in the places he wanted. Clothes and extra bedding in the closet and his undergarments in his dresser, the laptop on his desk and tablet on his side table near his bed with his phone, shoes went into a shoe cubby by his bedroom door, his hygienic products went into the bathroom a bit down the hall, and the rest of the things Hizashi and Aizawa bought was settled around his room.

After getting everything in their places Izuku showed Aizawa where exactly he wanted the perch and how big it needed to be and what weight it needed to hold. He wanted it near the windows if at all possible so that he could look out of them when he was on the perch.

"We'll see if we can't get you something like that," Aizawa said as he wrote down a few measurements and the weight Izuku had told him, "It might not be possible."

Izuku nodded as he gripped the bottom hem of his shirt and fiddled with it. "I-I know," Izuku said softly, "th-th-thank y-you f-f-f-for ev-ev-everything to-today." His stutter got worse as his emotions got the better of him and tears began to fall down his cheeks. He didn't get a reply right away, but he did snuggle into the warm, strong arms that curled around him.

"There's no need to thank us," Aizawa said after a moment of silence, "we wanted to get all of those things for you. We care for you, little cub." Izuku's eyes widened as he heard the endearing term and just gripped Aizawas' shirt harder as he buried his face into his chest.

"Get some rest," the darker haired man said softly as he began to pull away after another moment, "we have to get going early again tomorrow."

Izuku nodded as he wiped the tears from his face and watched Aizawa leave. If he had any reason to not want to be here then they all went away after that moment. Aizawa and Hizashi actually care about him. Perhaps now he could finally feel safe.

Chapter Text

Izuku let out a soft squeak from where he was in Hizashis' shirt pocket. He was nervous as they headed into the school he had only heard snippets of from both the facility's staff and from the Heroes that were watching over him. The teen had asked if he could hide in Hizashis' shirt pocket as they entered the building, and seeing how nervous Izuku was and how bad his stutter had gotten as he asked, the blond caved in and said yes. So there Izuku was, in the shirt pocket, as a small baby stoat with white fur and green eyes.

The room that the two humans had walked into was filled with desks and computers along with two other humans. A loud laughing woman with long dark hair and bright eyes while the man spoke with a weird accent and wore a mask over the bottom portion of his face.

"Ah! Shota, Hizashi you're here!" the woman said as she got up and walked over to them, but before the woman could give Hizashi her customary hug he side stepped her.

"Sorry Nemuri! I'm carrying precious cargo," Hizashi said as he gave her a wide smile.

"What do you mean? You're not carrying anything," Nemuri said as Aizawa walked over to get coffee from the coffee pot along the far wall.

"I am carrying our son!" Hizashi said as he turned to go get into his seat.

"Son!? Did Shota finally get you pregnant?!" Nemuri exclaimed, causing Hizashi to trip on a flat surface, thankfully catching himself before he could fall, and for Aizawa to spit out the hot coffee that he had just taken a sip of. The door to the teachers' room opened and standing in the open frame was a large man that looked like a cinder block and another man covered in a long tan coat.

"Um," the cinder block man let out a hum in confusion before shaking his head to stop himself from saying anything else. The two men walked casually, as casual one can be after walking into a weird situation, to their desks without much other fanfare. The first man, the one with the mask, let out a snort before turning his head, but the shaking of his shoulder revealed that he was trying hard not to laugh loudly. Aizawa, now recovered from spitting out hot coffee, walked over to Hizashi to lean against his desk.

"Well? Are you not going to answer the question?"

Aizawa let out a sigh as he looked over at her. "We are fostering with the intentions to adopt," Aizawa whispered to her so that Izuku couldn't hear what he was saying as the two wanted to keep the adoption as a surprise, "he has a quirk that allows him to transform into different animals. Right now he's hiding in the pocket of Zashis' shirt."

"Really?!" she exclaimed as a wide smile graced her face, "can I meet him?"

"Later, the meeting is going to start soon," the dark haired man said as a few more people walked into the room. There were a few greetings and a couple of soft conversations from different groups of people as they waited for the rest of the staff and the principal to show up.

"How is he doing?" Aizawa asked as Nemuri walked away to speak with Thirteen, who had just walked in.

Hizashi looked down his pocket and saw Izuku curled up, tail over nose, fast asleep despite Nemuris' yelling. "Fast asleep," the blond said with a soft smile on his face, "he's so cute."

"Who's cute?"

Aizawa let out a sigh as Hizashi let out a yelp, startled at the sudden voice, and when they turned they saw Nezu, the principal and their employer, standing on the desk with his ever present cup of tea in his paws. A smile graced Nezus' face as he took a sip of his tea while the other humans in the room collected themselves from the slight scare his sudden appearance caused.

"Our son," Aizawa said as Hizashi straightened up in the chair. The blond looked down into his pocket and saw that the sudden jarring had woken Izuku. He gave his transformed son an apologetic look before giving Aizawa and Nezu his attention once again.

"A son you say," Nezu said, his dark eyes twinkling, "would it be the same person I saw walking up to the school doors with the two of you?"

"Yup," Aizawa replied with a slight nod to his head. Nezu merely nodded before hopping down from the desk and made his way to his chair to start their meeting. The others gathered around as Lunch Rush handed out packets of papers that Nezu had given him. The cover papers simply stated the school year on them.

"As you all know the school year starts up in a few months," Nezu said as he picked up a piece of paper signaling to everyone to flip to the next page in the packet, "and the usual testing will occur with our prospective students battling our robots in our mock cityscape. I however managed to slip a secondary test under the HPSC's noses for those that do not have a more flashy or physical Quirk to combat the robots. Nemuri and Aizawa I would like you two along with another two of the staff of your choice to watch over this test. Of course those who are not watching the other tests can watch the recorded footage and give your opinions over the children."

"What will this test involve?" Aizawa asked as he leaned back in his seat. He had been waiting for the year that Nezu would do something like this. He would take careful watch over the students as he didn't want another student to fall through the cracks like he had.

"I will have to discuss that further with you Aizawa," Nezu said as he looked over at the man, "I would like to have your input on the tests and how they will commence. That'll have to wait for the moment until we both have a bit of free time to talk."

"Of course," Aizawa said as he mentally checked how his schedule was looking. The most pressing things were his patrols, starting signing lessons for his son, talking to his son about therapy, and working on helping his son get comfortable with his Shadow Puppet Quirk. Of course he would have Zashi to help with helping their son. All in all he could speak with Nezu at any time.

"Do we already have a list of recommendation students?" Kan asked as he folded his arms over his broad chest.

"We do. So far those in the list are Shoto Todoroki, Inasa Yoarashi, Momo Yaoyorozu, Setsuna Tokage, and Juzo Honenuki. There is room for three more recommendation students. Also this year we are going to have a change in staffing," Nezu said, effectively breaking Aizawa out of his thoughts, "this year All Might will be working alongside the Hero Courses."

Before anyone could say anything a small white head popped out of Hizashis' shirt pocket with a squeak. Izuku, while he had been in captivity, still remembered about All Might and had managed to catch a few clips from an old computer the Doctor had when he was able to use it. The man was still in his favorites list even though Aizawa and Hizashi had bumped him down to number three from number one in the list. Heads turned to look at what had let out the squeak and saw Izuku, tiny paws clutching the pocket hem, looking at them.

The stares made Izuku duck back down into the pocket to keep from being looked at. There were a lot more people in the room than he was prepared for. The shadows in the room didn't let him know how many people there were. It all felt like a large conglomeration of shadows that writhed with different emotions and secrets. He didn't like it and all the emotions and their whispered words spoke faster and louder in his head making him feel sick.

"Was that him?" Nemuri piped up and looked at Aizawa, who simply nodded, not wanting to bring more attention to his traumatized, socially anxious son. Nezu cleared his throat to gather everyones' attention once more to finish the meeting they were in, which didn't take long as quite a few of the staffs' attentions were elsewhere. Nemuri kept shooting glances to Hizashis' shirt pocket, as was Nezu when he wasn't looking at the other humans and the papers he had. Aizawa was on the verge of falling asleep, Hound Dog kept his gaze focused out of the window, and Kan was staring at Aizawa, almost glaring at him.

After the meeting broke up, with several people getting up and dashing out of the room after Lunch Rush promised some food, Aizawa and Hizashi were the only ones left in the room besides Nemuri. Of course she wanted to meet their son, but Izuku wasn't budging from his spot in the shirt pocket.

"Perhaps later after Izuku settles down," Hizashi said as he refused to force his son to meet someone when he was feeling uncomfortable.

"Aww," Nemuri said as she pouted, but nodded anyway since she didn't want to overstep any boundaries. The two men said their goodbyes for the time being before leaving the room. They did head down to see Power Loader, but when Izuku was asked to show his largest avian form he refused. Aizawa did give Power Loader the measurements he had taken, but the man couldn't promise anything right now since the school year was getting close to starting and he didn't know the weight he needed to know to support.

Hearing that, Izuku poked his head out of the pocket and let out a small squeak. He really wanted the perch and if coming out of his hiding spot would help in getting it then he would muster up the courage to do it. Getting their attention the small stoat reached out with his paw and gestured to the only empty table in the room. After getting the hint, Hizashi placed him on the surface and stepped back to give him room.

Izuku had to concentrate a bit harder on changing his small form to a much larger form as it was harder for him to change animal to animal than animal/to human/to animal, but he didn't want to change back to his human form to make it easier. Izuku has had enough social interaction today and he didn't really interact with anyone all that much. But at least this man got his weight for his perch. It was now just a waiting game until he finished it.

After that was done, instead of changing back into a stoat, Izuku changed into a small crow, all white like his hair, and settled down onto Aizawa's shoulder half hidden by the mans' hair. The three made a few more stops within the school namely each of their classrooms and to a room that Izuku had to wait outside of with Hizashi. He could just barely hear growling from inside of the room, but not much else. Izuku let out a soft croon in curiosity, but Aizawa said that he would talk to him about it later.

Seeing that his shadow was clear of any deceitful intentions Izuku let it slide for the moment. He would bring it up later if Aizawa forgot to, after the nauseating feeling in his stomach went away. The car ride back to the house didn't help much with his nausea, but curling up with the cats and falling asleep did.

"Do you think he would be able to do it?" Hizashi whispered from the couch as his bright green eyes looked over the small kitten form of their son curled up beside Sugar.

"I hope he can," Aizawa said as he brought over tea for Hizashi and coffee for himself, "Hound Dog said that Izuku can stay in any animal form of his that he wanted. He would be able to understand Izuku thanks to the more animalistic characteristics of his Quirk. Being able to stay as an animal could give Izuku that little bit of edge he'd need to speak to another person."

Hizashi took a small sip of tea and nodded. "What about schooling? We may need to get him placement tests to see where he's at," Hizashi said as he brought his knees up to his chest, "he's smart. We know he is, but we don't know how far his education got in that place."

"I'll talk to Nezu about it when I meet with him later," Aizawa replied as he wrapped an arm around Hizashis' shoulder. He felt his husband nod against his shoulder as the two fell silent. A feat really if one knew his husband for even a moment. The silence and comfort of his husband curling into his side was almost enough to send Aizawa into a nap, but that was all dashed when Hizashi stood up. He watched as his songbird picked up their son and Sugar, carefully as to not wake Izuku, and carried them out of the room and upstairs.

Aizawa took their cups to the kitchen sink before walking up the stairs after his husband only to see him walk out of Izukus' room and close the door softly behind him. He caught those beautiful green eyes and felt his body heat up as his husband winked at him only to turn around and dash to their room as quietly as he could, losing his shirt along the way. Aizawa gave chase, only after making sure that Izukus' door was fully closed, and when he entered their bedroom Hizashi was already on the bed waiting for him.

"You fucking tease," Aizawa said as he pushed the door behind him closed with his foot. Hizashi chuckled as he spread his legs, still fully clothed, but it was enough of an invitation for Aizawa to climb between them.

"It's been a while," Hizashi said as Aizawa settled between his legs and leaned over so their faces were parallel to each other. He reached up and wrapped his arms around his husbands' strong shoulders. Aizawa leaned down into the embrace only to take Hizashis' lips with his own, and the familiar feeling of his warm lips caused Aizawa to let out a deep slow breath as he closed his eyes.

"Make love to me," Hizashi said softly against Aizawas' lips after his husband pulled away a bit. Without answering Aizawa took Hizashis' lips against his own once again as he ground his hips down against Hizashi.

Izuku woke up hours later in his own bed to Sugar gone and to weird sounds coming from down the hallway. They sounded familiar, but foreign at the same time. There was a repetitive slapping sound and groans as if someone was in pain, but there were also words mixed into the groans.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck me!"

Curiosity got the best of him so Izuku got up and crept out of his room, not even remembering how he got there in the first place. He tiptoed down the dark hall to where he could see a small stream of light coming from a cracked open doorway. The sounds were getting louder as he approached the door and he had to stifle a gasp as he peered through the crack. On the bed was Aizawa and Hizashi mating.

Izuku backed away and ran back to his room as the moans got louder and the smacking of skin on skin started to repeat more frequently. The small teen crawled back into his bed, the covers over his head, but he couldn't get the imagery of his parental figures mating out of his head. He didn't even know two males could even mate like that. He had only ever seen and heard a male and female pair mating when the doctors wanted them to.

He had so many questions! How could a male penis enter the anus like that when the anus doesn't even produce any fluid to ease the way? How does it feel good? How did they know who was the dominant one? Can a male become gravid with a child like a female can?

Izuku sat up in his bed and reached out to grab his tablet and headphones. Hizashi had shown him how to use them and he liked how the headphones blocked out the outside noises. He brought up the web browser and typed in a few words before looking through what this 'google' had brought up. It didn't take long before Izuku was laying in bed watching two men on the screen mating like Aizawa and Hizashi were doing.

The videos had answered a few of his questions, but not all of them and not into the detail he wanted. He would just have to ask his questions to the adults when they finish mating. As he watched video after video of two men mating he could feel this heavy heediness between his legs making him press his legs together to try and get the feeling to stop. He didn't know what was going on there, but the pressure made him feel a little better.

He could feel his face heat up as one of the men on the screen yelled for their 'Daddy' to 'come inside of his little hole.' Izuku had learned what cumming meant after the second video and watched fascinated as this cloudy white liquid dripped out of the mans' stretched open anus. He wondered how it felt like for a moment before the video switched to the next one in line.

As he watched the videos he had kept up the pressure between his legs to the point that the tight heated coil he had began to feel burst making his lap wet. The sudden wetness scared him so much that when he threw his tablet across his bed, taking the headphone he wore with it, it almost fell off and onto the floor. He sat up and looked down to his lap only to see the fabric turn darker. He grabbed the hem of his pants and lifted the stretchy fabric revealing the mess inside of his underwear.

"I'm cumming?" Izuku questioned softly to himself as he saw the cloudy white liquid covering his penis and clothes. He didn't know that he could do that. He hadn't done it before no matter what the doctors had done to him to get it to happen. Not that he had ever been mated or anything. Shaking his head of those thoughts Izuku got up off the bed on shaky legs to get cleaned up.

Thankfully when he left his room, clothes in hands, the mating noises from Aizawa and Zashi had stopped.

"Izu? Is that you?" Hizashis' voice came from downstairs startling Izuku. The small teen let out a loud trill in response only to be met with a notice from Hizashi that dinner would be soon. He let out an answering trill as he opened the bathroom door to quickly get cleaned up.

By the time he was finished getting cleaned up and dressed in a new pair of pajamas and socks dinner was finished. He grabbed his phone, seeing as there was a text to speech option on it that made communication easier for him until he could learn sign, before heading down the stairs with Echo following him from where he was hiding.

"I have a question." The robotic voice from his phone made both Hizashi and Aizawa look at him. Hizashi had just placed the last plate of food on the table and was walking to grab some drinks.

"We have answers," Hizashi said with a wide smile on his face.

"How do two men mate?"

"Mate?" Aizawa asked as he set down three sets of chopsticks beside three plates.


The curse word silenced the room quickly as the two men stared at their small son. Izuku just stood there with a curious look to his face, as he asked the question again after getting no answer.

"How do two men fuck?"

Chapter Text

Izuku looked between the two adults, eyes wide and filled with curiosity, as the two men looked at each other. Hizashi placed the glasses he had in his hands down onto the table while Aizawa let out a deep sigh. Izuku let out a small 'mrrp' in question and wondered why the two men hadn't answered his question and why they had a weird look on their faces.

"That isn't really a topic of discussion to have with dinner," Hizashi said as he grabbed a pitcher of water to fill the glasses, "Let's talk about it after we eat, okay?"

Izuku nodded as he walked over to the table and sat down. He placed his phone, face down, on the table beside his plate. Izuku copied both Aizawa and Hizashi as they said their meal blessing in thanks before he dug into the food Hizashi had prepared for them. It was tasty, and Izuku did want to finish what he had, but his stomach still got too full too quickly to the adults' liking. The small teen just barely ate enough for a toddler.

As they ate, Aizawa showed Izuku a few signs to practice as the two adults ate since Izuku had gotten done faster than the two of them. He showed Izuku how to begin to finger spell the alphabet and told the teen that once Izuku was able to get through the alphabet forwards and backwards with little to no problems then he would show Izuku how to form sentences in sign. But the all of a sudden lesson came to an end as the two adults finished their food.

"So what do you know about mating?" Hizashi asked once they were all settled in the seating area of their home. Hizashi had tea for them steeping for the moment and figured that a light calming tea would help both him and his husband from not spontaneously combusting in embarrassment from the conversation they were about to have.

"Not a lot. I know that one person penetrates the other person and that the person on the bottom needs to be stretched out. But doesn't it hurt? Men cannot lubricate their anus like a woman can lubricate their vaginas, so how can that even feel good?" Izuku replied, after having to type it out into his phone.

"Well as you said, men do not lubricate," Hizashi said as he nodded, "we do use a very slippery liquid called lubricant, or lube for short. It eases the way and makes it so the experience is enjoyable for both parties."

Izuku nodded and made a note in his phone to look up lubricant and all that it could be used for. "So can men become gravid like a woman can?" Izuku asked after making the note.

"Gravid?" Aizawa asked.

"It means to be with child, as in pregnancy, and that is a loaded question Izu," Hizashi said as he shook his head, "It'll end up giving you more questions, but we'll answer them if you want it, okay?"

"Okay," Izuku nodded as his phone gave his response.

"Okay. So there are some men that can get pregnant," Hizashi said, "and there are some that cannot. Men who were born male and stayed male cannot become pregnant while there are women that were born female, but feel as though they should be in the body of a man instead, can become pregnant before they undergo a surgery to make them fully anatomically male and unable to become pregnant."

Izuku furrowed his eyebrows for a moment as he thought over the information before nodding in understanding. "So because I was born male, I cannot get pregnant," Izuku stated with a small trill.

"Correct," Hizashi said as he gave Izuku a wide smile.

"Have you ever thought about it that way?" Aizawa asked as he looked at Izuku, "I mean, about if you feel like a female in a males' body?"

Izuku shook his head, making his curls bounce. "I never once thought that I would be better off as a female," Izuku typed out, "I've seen a lot in the facility. Seen a few matings between male and female and not once did I think I would want to be a female. I personally do not find the appeal of their female form, but I must admit I do enjoy wearing their clothes. Does that mean anything? Wanting to wear womens' clothes, but staying male?"

"No. No, it doesn't," Hizashi said as they strayed off topic from sex, which he was relieved about. Izuku nodded and let out a small cheerful chirp as his question had been answered.

"Did you have any other questions?" Aizawa asked as he poured the tea his husband had set to steep a bit ago.

"No. Not at the moment," Izuku replied, adding a shake of his head to the verbalized answer.

"Okay," Aizawa said and handed the teen a cup of tea, "There is something we wanted to talk about with you."

Izuku tilted his head in question as he didn't have his phone in his hand to type out a reply. He took a small sip of his tea before setting it down to cool further.

"We want you to think about speaking to someone about what you went through in the facility," Aizawa said bluntly as if he were ripping a band-aid off a wound, "You've gone through something traumatic and had to live in that situation for most of your life."

Izuku looked at Aizawa confused. He spoke to the adults all the time, why would he have to talk to someone else? He posed the question on his phone to ask them why he couldn't talk to them like he has been and who would he have to talk to if he couldn't talk to them. He didn't like being around others all that much.

"You can talk to us of course," Aizawa said as he gave the small boy a tired smile, "but just talking to us wouldn't fully help you heal from the past trauma you have. Talking to someone who is qualified to help others heal from something like you have gone through would be the best option right now. There may be times that you can't talk to us about something, but you'd be able to tell this person about it because they are someone that can remain unbiased, calm, and be able to give you better help than Zashi and I can."

The small white haired teen looked between the adults before giving Aizawa a small nod in acceptance. He asked if he could go upstairs and was told that he could so he shot up from his seat only to race upstairs to his room. As he dashed up he could hear Hizashi whisper-yell to Aizawa that they needed to make sure they fully closed their door before they did anything ever again.

Two weeks had passed since Izuku had caught his guardians mating and it started bright and early as the residents of the house got ready for their day. For Hizashi, he was called into the station as the person he had gotten to cover for him for the next few days called off due to falling down the stairs and breaking a hip. Aizawa was quickly replacing the batteries in one of his husbands' hearing aids as it had unexpectedly died during the night. And Izuku was getting ready to go to UA with Aizawa for the day.

Aizawa, along with the other teachers minus Hizashi, were watching the recommendation students today. Nezu had sent the teachers an email a few days ago about the finalization of the recommendation list after two other teens had been added to the list. Izuku made sure to grab his tablet, chargers for it and his phone, and headphones to put in his bag before walking down the stairs to the living room to wait for the adults to be ready.

Today wasn't really a good day for Izuku. He had a couple of nightmares the night before and had hardly gotten any sleep. His head was pounding a bit and his face felt just a bit too warm for his liking, but he was excited to go back to UA. At least this time the visit wasn't going to be for a session with Hound Dog, which Izuku had thought was going well.

"Ready?" Aizawa asked Izuku as he came to a stop at the edge of the couch that Izuku was sitting on. Izuku looked up at him and nodded, but jumped a bit when he felt a cool hand on his forehead. He leaned into it and saw a small frown on Aizawa's lips before the man pulled his hand away. "You feel a little warm," the man said.

"Head hurts," Izuku signed as he gave the man a small frown of his own.

"Let me get you some pain relief medicine," Aizawa said as he heard Hizashi coming down the stairs, "Do you want to take a nap when we get to UA?"

Izuku shook his head and winced as the pain in his head throbbed with the movement. He really wanted to watch the other kids do their test since he couldn't take the Heroics entrance exam. While he wasn't fully caught up with his peers in certain subjects he would at least be able to shadow Aizawa in his Heroic classes so it was like he was still going to be in the Heroics path at the school. The times that he wasn't in class with either Aizawa or Hizashi then he would be in lessons with Nezu, as he had already tested out of a few of the other classes UA offers, so he could catch up in the lessons he was never taught in.

"Ready?" Hizashi asked as he placed the hearing aids into his ears and got them to the level he was comfortable with. Izuku quickly took the medicine when Aizawa came back with them and gave Hizashi a small nod. He shouldered his bag and followed the two adults out of the house so they could get in the car.

Izuku was sad to say goodbye to Hizashi when they stopped in front of the agency he did his radio show in, but the soft head kiss almost made up for the sadness he felt. And that Hizashi promised that they would stop to grab mochi for dessert later to make up for him having to leave. The next leg of the drive saw the pain relief working and the arrival to the school with Izuku almost vibrating in his seat. This would be the first time he would see a person around his own age since his friends dying in the facility. He was excited even if he was able to interact with them until after they took their written portions of the exam.

Izuku would have lunged out of the car after Aizawa parked and turned the vehicle off, if not for the fact that he still had his seat belt on. He made sure his bag was secure on his shoulders and back as he waited for Aizawa to grab what he needed to get out of the car. The small teen followed Aizawa through the underground parking garage the teachers had to the elevators that would take them up to the main building.

"Excited?" Aizawa asked, a bit amused with the way Izuku was acting. Izuku nodded, making what curls he had left loose from the bun he had put his hair up in bounce with each shake. He signed that he was excited as the doors opened and he dashed out with Aizawa following at a slower pace. They stopped at Aizawas' classroom for the man to grab a pack of folders from his desk, and then made their way to the teachers' lounge to wait for the other teachers to get there.

"What time?" Izuku asked Aizawa in what little sign he knew.

"The teachers should be getting in within the next half hour while the students, with their parents and who recommended them, will be coming in a half hour after that," the man answered as he sat down on one of the couches in the lounge. Izuku nodded and got on the couch beside the man and took out his tablet. Hizashi had downloaded an app for him, while showing him how to download them, to draw in after seeing how much he liked to draw. The man had even gotten him a special pen he could use with the tablet as well as a special glove so he could rest his hand on the screen and have it not register the touch. He really enjoyed the gift.

He was working on a special piece for Hizashi and Aizawa of all three of them and the cats.

Just as Izuku was getting ready to try and get the correct shade of blue for Sugars' eyes when several adults entered the room interrupting the silence that had fallen between himself and Aizawa. Nemuri and Snipe, along with Thirteen and Hound Dog, entered the room laughing at something Snipe had said. Soon after they entered Lunch Rush, who was going to make lunch for everyone who was going to be here for the testing and them of course, Ectoplasm, Cementoss, and Recovery Girl entered. Vlad King and Power Loader came into the room a few minutes apart from each other.

"Now that all of us are here let's get started!" Nezu said startling all of them except for Izuku, who had felt his shadow a few minutes ago, and Aizawa, who was used to the rat popping up unexpectedly, "In just a half hour we will be meeting the parents of our potential students, the students themselves, and the Heroes that have recommended them at the entrance of the school. The parents and Heroes will be taken to one of the observation rooms we have while the students will be taken into their testing room for their written portion of the exam. Afterwards the students will be taken to Gym Beta. Hound Dog if you would try and watch the students and form a basic profile on them. Recovery Girl, we will have a set up down in the gym in the case of any injuries. Lunch Rush we will have a lunch break in two hours. I want Snipe, Ectoplasm, Cementoss, and Aizawa on the ground watching the students and to be close just in case of an emergency. The rest of us, myself included, will keep an eye on the monitors to watch for anything the rest of us may miss while on ground."

Izuku watched as the adults nodded and began to get up to move. He was wondering what he was supposed to do as he wasn't a teacher or worked for the school when Aizawa gestured for Izuku to follow him. Izuku let out a soft kitten-like sound as he popped up from his seat and quickly gathered his things as Aizawa turned to follow the other adults out of the room. He was led down the hall and up some stairs to an empty room that had many monitors and a large window on one side revealing what looked like a cityscape.

Izuku tilted his head in confusion. He knew he was in the school still and the city through the window was completely empty and void of life. He turned to Aizawa then back to the window as he signed a question about it.

"It's one of the gyms UA has," the man answered, "we have a cityscape, an industrial factory, and a forestry area. This one is where the students are going to be put through their physical entrance exams."

Izuku nodded as he placed his bag onto a seat and walked over to the windows to look around. He really wanted to fly around and see what all the gym had to offer, but they were there for the other kids, not him. He would have the opportunity to fly around it, he was sure.

"Do you need any water? Snacks?" Aizawa asked as he dug out a sleeping bag from a cabinet in the room.

"Water would be nice," Izuku signed and watched his father figure unroll the sleeping bag. Aizawa nodded and opened another door to reveal that it was a disguised fridge with bottles of water, some string cheese, and a few other items. Izuku happily sipped on the water when it was handed to him and sat next to the sleeping bag.

"I'm going to take a nap for a bit," Aizawa said as he settled down on the sleeping bag, "you can join me if you want. Otherwise you know where the bathrooms are if you need it, right?"

Izuku nodded and set his water to the side, after making sure the cap was fully on, and decided that he was going to take a nap. He recently had seen the cutest little creature when he looked up some animals and decided that was his third favorite form. So he settled down beside his father figure in the small form of a white sand cat to sleep.

Izuku stretched out his body as he felt several shadows getting closer to the room he and Aizawa were in. The man was still asleep and Izuku had moved from being inside him to being curled up on his chest. The door to the room opened up just as Izuku stepped down from his napping place revealing several people he didn't know and a few he did.

There were seven, well five, heroes that he didn't know and seven other adults he had no clue who they were. Endeavor was the first Hero he saw that he recognized, and also the first person besides Nezu to enter the room, and he couldn't help but sneeze as the scent of ash and expensive body spray entered his nose. Besides him Izuku knew who Crimson Riot was, who stood next to a small womanly figure. He overheard who the other Heroes were as they spoke among themselves, but he had never heard of them before. There was Edgeshot, Majestic, Uwabami, and someone named Mister Blaster.

The last figure had him frozen in excitement. Tall, muscular, and with a large smile on his face All Might entered the room while letting out a booming laugh as he heard the joke Crimson Riot had said. Walking next to the man, and then sitting at the table next to him, had Izuku staring at him with wide eyes that were quickly filling up with tears. He hadn't seen that man in over ten years. He couldn't help himself as he let out a soft whimper before running over to the man and jumped up onto his lap startling him and the others in the room. He didn't care about it though. He finally found someone from Before. Izuku found his Uncle Masaru Bakugo and through him, his Kacchan.