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Beaten But Not Broken

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Izuku Midoriya could remember the day he was taken as if it were yesterday. His sweet, kind, caring mother, he could just barely remember her face, had taken him out for ice cream to try and get him out of the depressive rut he had fallen into after being diagnosed as Quirkless. Since that fateful day at the doctors he had been closed off from the rest of the world. It was thankfully summer and his best friend, Kacchan, was out of the country so he had time to figure out how to tell him that they couldn't be the Hero Duo they had always dreamed about.

He had just ordered his all time favorite ice cream, chocolate and birthday cake ice creams with a chocolate drizzle and rainbow sprinkles, when the window of the store shattered and blew inwards. He could remember the feeling of the glass shards piercing and slicing his skin before his mother could tackle him to the ground. Izuku remembered the screaming from everyone around them, but the screaming his mother let out haunted his dreams and memories.

The villain in charge of the whole operation had calmly walked towards them, over the glass as if it were nothing to be concerned over, while the others held off a few sidekicks or taken civilians as hostages. Izuku could just see the villain from over his mothers' shoulder; their brown eyes bore into his own as the villain lifted the gun they had clutched in their hands. He could feel his mother shaking above him and heard her pleading for the villain to let them go and that he was just a child.

He wished his mother had done more to help them.

Izuku, despite the roaring he could hear in his ears, heard the dark laughter of the villain before they mocked his mothers' words back at them. He heard his mother plead once more before the crack of the gun going off made his mothers' already heavy body grow heavier. He remembered turning his head and seeing the destruction of his mothers' head beside his own.

The feeling of her warm blood coating his clothes and skin made him want to hurl, but he had no chance to react as the villain kicked his mothers' body aside and grabbed him by the front of his shirt. He heard the villain tell the others to burn the building as the villain carried him out of the back. His eyes were still on his mother until the darkness claimed him.

The next part of the day he remembered was waking up to the cold and was almost blinded at how white everything was. He remembered sitting up in the small cage he had been stashed in and peering around to see more small cages with other children of different ages. Looking down at himself, he was at least glad to see that his mothers' blood had been cleaned off and his clothes had been changed into a hospital gown. Even though he himself was clean the room they were in smelled disgusting, like blood, piss, and shit, as well as the smell of bleach.

The door had banged open revealing a short, scruffy old man, balding, but with a mustache. It almost came to a shock to Izuku that this man was the same one he had seen two weeks ago and who had diagnosed him as Quirkless, Dr. Tsubasa. Tsubasa was followed by a taller, broad man that carried a child in his arms.

"Put it in there," Tsubasa had said as goggle-covered eyes roamed the room. The taller man placed the child in the cage indicated as Tsubasa's eyes met his own.

"Ah! The newest acquisition!" Tsubasa exclaimed before he hobbled over to his cage, "Bring It out, Hiori! I need to begin It's testing!"

Izuku pressed himself back as far as he could, but with as small as his cage was, it was futile. Hiori, the tall man that came with Tsubasa, grabbed him almost gently before pulling him out. He shook in the mans' hold as they followed Tsubasa down the hallway to another room. It looked to be a lab of some sort and it already had someone, a blond woman, in it cleaning the bloodied lab table in the middle of the room.

Hiori kept Izuku in his arms until the table was fully cleared of blood before he had been placed onto it. Izuku watched as Hiori stepped back to the wall next to the door and just stood there until Tsubasa stepped between them. The other person in the room, a strong looking woman, came up behind Izuku and began to strap his body down to the table. He watched silently as Tsubasa brought out various tools and large needles.

He knew he couldn't fight against them. He was too small, too weak, too Quirkless, but if anything he was smart. Izuku was smart enough to know that fighting could make this situation all the more worse. He watched as the pleading his mother had given the villain didn't work, so he knew better than to plead as it would give him nothing, but misery in return. So he didn't utter a word.

"Irene, darling," Tsubasa began effectively breaking the silence, "begin my notes. It is the morning of July 29th, the year is XXXX, and we have a new subject on the table. I had the pleasure of diagnosing our newest subject, Izuku Midoriya now to be known as Subject 113, as Quirkless two weeks ago when its birth giver brought it into my clinic. Other than having no Quirk the subject is healthy. After a few years here in this facility, if It survives all the testing, It will be sent to an associate for further testing."

Izuku shook as Irene, the blond woman, flipped him over so his back was to Tsubasa then let out a scream as a large needle was inserted into his back far enough to scrap his spinal cord.

"The basic testing involves taking fluid from the spinal cord, a bone marrow extraction, a full body x-ray and MRI, as well as a full blood screening along with a few other basic tests," the doctor mono-toned on through Izukus' screaming, "From there It will be taken to a recovery room for a short while before the physical testing will occur. From what we know from before the testing, the subject is 4 years old with no outstanding medical history from either side of Its' family. Its' birth giver was overweight so It may have issues with obesity later on. Correction for the problem: It will have food taken away and It will be fed less until the desired weight is reached."

The needle was finally taken out of his back leaving Izuku sobbing as he was moved back onto his back. The needle that was then shoved into his arm, while it still hurt, was less painful than the one that had been shoved into his back. Through bleary eyes he watched as vial after vial was filled with his blood before the needle was taken out.

He was made to pee in a cup, had his private parts examined, had his belly pressed on, his skin scraped and his nails trimmed down to the parts that hurt and bleed. Irene had pressed on various parts on his arms and legs and he had no clue why she did that. He had his lungs and heart heard and Irene had him hold still while her hands were on his throat.

"Hiori take It to the recovery room and leave it for an hour," Tsubasa said after he stopped the recording and Hiori gently grabbed him off the table after Irene had unstrapped him. Tsubasa continued to talk as the tall man carried him out of the room, "We'll continue the testing afterwards. For now Irene get me-."

Izuku could barely concentrate as they walked down the hall and took a few turns before Hiori opened the door. Inside the small room was a pile of blankets and pillows, where Hiori had placed him, as well as a chair, a small fridge and trash can, and a fan. The tall man knelt down in front of the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water out of it.

The small four year old watched as the man took careful sips of the water and it was only after watching him for any reaction that he felt it safe to drink from the same bottle. The cool water felt heavenly on his throat and the pain in his back began to wear off a bit the longer he stayed still. Izuku knew that it was only a matter of time before he would leave this little comforting place.

Izuku dozed as long as he was able and perked up when he felt large hands on his body to pick him up. In the doorway was Irene, who held a clipboard, and it was her who Hiori followed. When they got to the next room Izuku could tell that he was in for a horrible time. The doctor had him running, weight lifting, jumping, and doing basic gymnastics. All the while he was hooked up to a machine that recorded everything going on inside of him.

By the time Izuku was sent back to his cage he was already asleep in Hirois' arms exhausted and only had gotten a small taste of what was to come.

Izuku had spent ten years in this facility and had just turned 14 years old. He was one of the few kids that survived the doctors testing after a year and was deemed a success. From there he was taken to a different part of the building that looked like it was actually livable. There was a large common area with hallways that branched off the main area. In the hallways was one single door that led to a bedroom each.

The rooms were small, but were much larger than the cages, and had actual beds in them as well as bathrooms. Izuku had spent quite a bit of time in the shower in his bathroom. He felt disgusted being covered by bodily waste, sweat, and blood. He was surprised when he was able to look into a mirror for the first time since he had been taken. After fully washing his hair the once beautiful green curls had turned bright white.

He shared the living area with four other kids, one of which had already been living there before Izuku and the others came.

With him were Yurasova Svetla, a Russian girl at the age of 9 when they had met, was pale skinned with bright blond hair and dark blue eyes. Her Quirk, Crystallization, made her able to create and manipulate crystals.

Kareem Sarkis, an Egyptian boy at the age of 7 when they had met, with dark olive skin, black hair, and bright brown eyes. His Quirk was called Naga and he was able to transform into a half snake.

Kaleo Luana, a Hawaiian girl at the age of 7 when they had met, had light brown skin with dark wavy hair and dark eyes. Her Quirk Aquatonics allows her to manipulate water and any living being that lives in water. She could also breathe underwater.

Lastly there was Ammagaruqnik, or Amma as he asked them to call him, was a small 10 years old, when they had met, Inuit child and much like Kaleo had light brown skin, straight dark hair, and dark eyes. His Quirk was called Wolf. He was able to transform into an Arctic Wolf as well as control snow and ice.

During the ten years Izuku, thankfully he had written his name down to remember his name instead of thinking It was his name, had been deemed as something worthy enough to become part of the experimentation called Nomu. He had been given these three things, he was hesitant in calling them Quirks, as a 'reward' when something went right in his testing.

The first 'Quirk' he had gotten was called Regeneration. It was a passive Quirk that let his body heal from anything other than decapitation or a stake to the heart. He had limbs ripped off that he was able to grow back, he had been skinned during an experiment and grew it back without a scar, he had also had one of his eyes stabbed and it grew back with no problem. The only issue is that the larger the wound the longer it took to heal.

The second 'Quirk' he called Animal Cloak. He was able to fully take on an animal form as well as halfway take on an animal form in a sort of human/animal hybrid. He actually loved this 'Quirk' as it was much more simple to live as a lazy cat or a nesting bird than it was as a child. Sadly he wasn't able to transform into anything smaller than a chipmunk.

His last 'Quirk' and the one he hated the most to use was called Shadow Puppet. He was able to manipulate and control the shadows. He was able to hear the inner thoughts and secrets of a person through their shadow. It was also through that shadow that he was able to take control of another persons' body. He was also able to travel between shadows as long as he could see the shadow in sight. The further the shadow the more he had to focus on it before he could travel. He wasn't able to take others yet.

Together with the other four he learned different combat skills, battle strategies, further schooling than what he already knew, gymnastics, free running, seduction techniques, weaponry, manipulation, and a specialization according to their Quirks. He was thankfully taken out of the Nomu experimentation after showing how… useful he was at using his 'Quirks.'

Izuku, much to his dismay, spent most of his time learning to use Shadow Puppet. So far he was able to control up to seven people at a time or sixteen animals. His traveling was getting better and faster, but it still was hard to do. The whispers were the hardest to ignore.

He learned that Irene was a pedophile, Hiori was here because he killed his family, and their new caretaker Shin was there because he wanted part of the organization that would take down the Heroes that killed his little brother. He learned from Dr. Tsubasas' shadow that his name was actually Kyudai Garaki, was over 120 years old, and had several aliases.

One by one Izuku had to watch as his friends were taken and either came back damaged or not come back at all. Yurasova was killed off early into their ten year stint in the new part of the facility. Her Quirk had gotten out of control during a mission to the outside and by the time her handler was able to sedate Yurasova her entire insides had turned into crystals.

Kareem had gone insane after having gone too long without being fed by his handler. He snapped and ended up eating Kaleo. Kareem was taken out of the room while Amma and himself had been out of the room for their own testing.

Amma was taken to a different facility for elemental testing, but Izuku heard the shadows whisper that Amma got too exposed to heat. Amma had died a short few hours after being taken to the Egyptian facility in the middle of the desert. His body just couldn't handle the heat.

All that was left was Izuku.

He mourned his friends as one should do. He mourned that none of them would reach adulthood. He mourned that they would never be shown an ounce of kindness. He mourned the fact that if they had been able to stay just a while longer they would have gotten out of the facility and into safer hands.

It was towards the end of the tenth year that Izuku had been held captive that the facility he was in was raided. He felt the Heroes outside from the shadows, but he made no indication that he knew they were there. He didn't warn anyone that they were there. Izuku waited all the while strapped to a lab table, emergency lock engaged on the door and emergency lights on as the whole facility's power got cut off, with bated breath as one shadow, one that felt safe and calm, came closer to where he was.

When the alarm was raised Irene, who had been strapping him down, left him here in the lab to escape from being captured. It was because he was alone that he felt safe to raise his voice for the first time in years.


The feeling of the shadow stuttered as if it were surprised, but a feeling of urgency quickly followed. Izuku coughed as the disuse of his voice made itself aware. It took a moment before he heard footsteps come to a halt near the room he was in.

"I-In h-here!" Izuku called out again and coughed once more. He swallowed the small bit of saliva he had, but it did nothing to really soothe the dry mouth and throat he had. The footsteps stopped once more outside of his door before the door was banged against. He flinched as he heard the person outside of the door kick the door a few more times before the door finally gave way despite the lock it had on it.

The man, once Izuku was able to identify him as a man, stepped forward and quickly began to undo his straps. "What's your name?" the man asked once Izuku had been sat up on the lab table.

"I-I'm S-Subject 113," Izuku said as he was helped down from the table, but he held onto the warmth of the man as he was picked up and carried down the hall. He could see the man frown from the corner of his eye and quickly amended his answer, "My n-n-name b-before I was t-t-taken was I-I-Izuku M-Midoriya."

"I'm Pro-Hero Eraserhead," the man said as he walked out of the main doors and into the sun. Izuku had to squint and cover his eyes for a moment. This was the first time in ten years that he had felt the sun on his skin. He had forgotten what it felt like. "You're going to be safe now," Eraserhead said softly and Izuku couldn't help the tears that came to his eyes for the first time in years.