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The Story Of Us

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We keep this love in a photograph, we make these memories for ourselves.


Sunlight spilled through the confines of the small apartment room as Edward walked slowly – for what would be the last time – around, taking in all the photographs that were articulately placed among the walls of the room. Familiar faces and distant memories stared back at him from their places, watching as he traced a delicate finger against the smooth surface of their frames in reminiscence; hoping that through his touch it would somehow bring back what had been lost.

“Hey,” Esme sighed, leaning against the threshold of the room’s door. She watched as Edward turned to face her from his place on the far end of the room, his copper-coloured locks sticking up hazardously giving her the indication he had been running his hands through it – also an indication that something was bothering him.

“You, okay?” she asked softly.

“Yeah, course’.” He answered tersely, giving her a breezy smile, though it didn’t reach his eyes.

“Okay… well, everything’s packed and in the car. You all ready to go?” she asked, watching him with hazel-coloured eyes as he smoothed back the little hairs that had fallen in front of his eyes. He was stiff as he nodded his head with his back turned to her, his hand coming up to trace the smiling faces of both his mother and father as they held an infant Edward in their arms – a photograph was worth a thousand words they say.

“Um, yeah, I’m all good to go.” He said tucking the photo frame underneath his arm, giving one last glance around the room full of smiling faces and faraway memories. He walked slowly to Esme who as soon as he was in reach quickly enveloped him into a hug – well from what she could with his tall frame – and squeezed tightly when she felt his arms come up around her. The photograph stared back at her from the grasp within his hand near her turned head.

Yes, a photograph was worth a thousand words – and probably a million more. 


Where our eyes are never closing, hearts are never broken.


Gravel crunched underneath the weight of the Ford Escape SUV, the car coming to a stop outside of the large estate known as a cemetery. Esme looked to the young man beside who sat unmoving in his seat, copper hair in disarray with bright emerald green eyes wide in realisation as he stared out the wide screen window to all the tomb heads and stone graves.

“I thought maybe you would want to say goodbye?” Esme stated gently, though her own hazel eyes were wide in apprehension waiting for the boy’s reaction. Edward shook his head numbly – eyes not meeting her own – before grasping the door handle and stepping out from the car slowly, Esme didn’t leave from her seat within the car knowing the boy needed to be alone.

Edwards steps were cautious as he came to stand in front of his parent’s graves, noting the withering Arum Lilies and Gladiolus flowers that laid limp on the grave’s stones. Staring at the names upon the two stone heads read the names; Edward Masen Senior & Elizabeth Juliet Masen – though the words were eroded with weathering over the years that they had stood.

With his hands in his pockets, he played with the crinkling paper of the photograph he had placed within it and pulled it out, again he was met with the smiling faces of his parents and with a flick of a delicate finger he swiped away the stray tear that had escaped his eye before bending down to place the photograph in between the conjoined space of the two stones.

“This isn’t goodbye, just a promise to see you again.” He whispered thickly, staring at the stones with heavy eyes that stung with tears before turning away with a final ‘i love you’.

Esme was waiting silently against the exterior of the SUV watching as Edward made his way back to the car. From where she stood, she could make out the flush on his pale cheeks and glistening of his emerald eyes but said nothing as he came to stand beside her. She took his hand within hers and gave a light squeeze to let him know that she was here and he was not alone, facing her he gave Esme a small smile before slipping his hand from hers and sliding into his side of the passenger seat.


You won't ever be alone, wait for me to come home.