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Gusu's Drag Race

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Meet the Queens of Gusu’s Drag Race Season 5!


Oh my god, we’re back again. 

Hot on the heels of the shocking finale of season 4, Gusu’s Drag Race is back, with perennial judge Lan Qiren, Gusu’s grumpiest shufu, and featuring the return of the grandmother of drag, Baoshan Sanren. 

And this season is already a promising one. Says Lan Qiren, “We’ve never had such a strong cast of refined, professional queens. It has the makings to be the greatest season of Drag Race yet.”

Big talk for the Emmy-award-winning show that has shot dozens of queens to fame, bringing drag to the mainstream.

“The mainstream may be taking notice, but there’s nothing mainstream about drag done right,” says co-host Baoshan Sanren. “Drag is about disobedience. It’s rebellious and anti-mainstream by its very definition, and we’ve got some queens this season with the chops to prove it.”

With all that to look forward to, let’s meet the Queens who’ve already captivated our judges.


From: Kuizhou

A self-described horror Queen, XXY says she’s here to bring the darkness. 

Quote: “Everybody else can be pretty. I’m here to be disgusting. They can take the applause, I’m here for the retching.”


Peony Gold 

From: Lanling

Drag Mother of the Jin, Peony Gold is a Lanling queen through and through.

Say it with us friends: OPULENCE.

Quote: “Some people say it’s cheating if you buy your drag. I say, if you’ve got the money, why not use it to look great?”


Jinny Xun 

From: Lanling

Another Lanling Jin queen, Jinny Xun isn’t here to make friends. 

Quote: “It’s not about being good or bad. I’m here to make the world remember my name.”


The Little Mistress

From: Lanling

A young queen with something to prove, the Little Mistress might be inexperienced, but she’s a queen of the Bring Your Own Fans variety, amassing a huge social media following for her extravagant looks.

Quote: “Let the other queens count me out. They’re all idiots anyway.” 


Jiggy Stardust 

From: Lanling

That’s right, there are four—count them—FOUR queens from Lanling this season. But no one can claim that Jiggy Stardust got here on anyone’s coattails. This newest member of the Jin has been a staple of the Lanling drag scene for nearly a decade.

Quote: “You say ‘perfectionist’ like it’s a bad thing. I say, there’s no excuse for being a mess.”


Hanguang Jun 

From: Gusu

Hanguang Jun is a well-known name on the pageant circuit, with poise and beauty rivaled only by her sister—previous Drag Race competitor and runner-up Zewu Jun!

Hanguang Jun is a Lan queen, so you can count on her to deliver elegance on the runway. 

Quote: “Mn.”


Miss Jingyi 

From: Gusu

Miss Jingyi is another queen from the Lan drag family, although this queen says she’ll be delivering more than just glitter on the runway.

Quote: “I’m a Lan, so of course I know how to do the pageant stuff. I can walk a runway with the best of ‘em. But I’m a comedy queen at heart!”


Yuanna Wen 

From: Gusu

The third and final Lan queen of the season, we can already tell that Yuanna Wen has the stuff to prance right into our hearts.

Quote: “Of course I want to win! It’s right there in my name! But why not win some friends along the way?”


Sandu Shengshou 

From: Yunmeng

All hail Yunmeng’s dancing queen! A professional dancer who has toured around the world with a dazzling list of stars, Sandu Shengshou will be one to watch on the dance floor.

Quote: “I’m not afraid to lip sync, nobody here is going to out dance me. But I also don’t plan to be in the bottom.”


The Yiling Patriarch 

From: Yiling

Where to start with the Yiling Patriarch? This queen has already made waves with her public social media beef with the Wen and Jin. An underground queen making a name for herself in the club scene, the Yiling Patriarch refuses to be put in a box.

Quote: “I get asked all the time, why not the Yiling Matriarch? And to that I say: why can’t I be a queen and a patriarch? I’m here to fuck gender, and look good doing it.”



From: Qinghe

Despite being in the drag scene for over five years now, little is known about Fangela beyond her iconic fans and a penchant for knowing all the gossip.

Quote: “Who do I think is going to win? Oh, don’t ask me, I’m sure I don’t know.”


Minge Gay

From: Qinghe

The oldest queen of the bunch, Minge Gay is a veteran queen who has done it all.

Quote: “Any queen worth her salt should be able to sew, dance, act and run a show. These kids are out of their league.”


Sue Me

From: Moling

Formerly a Lan queen, Sue Me broke away to found her own drag family. Since, she’s been making a storm in the pageant scene, as renowned for drama as she is for her gowns.

Quote: “I’m just as glamorous as the next queen. Nobody had better look down on me!”


Zizi Green

From: Baling

Zizi Green wants to be known as a comedy queen, and whereas some of the other younger competitors might still be finding their way, this is one queen who knows her schtick.

Quote: “Maybe I am playing a character, but who’s to say that the character isn’t based off of me?”


Are you as excited as we are?

Season 5 of Gusu’s Drag Race premieres Friday at 8 PM on JinLinTV.

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