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“She’s looking.“

“Fives, stop it.“

“But it’s the fifth time in the last couple of minutes.”

“It’s nothing, you’re just imagining that. I wish I’d never told you about it.”

Rex continued to poke his food with his fork, annoyed by Fives’ constant comments about Ahsoka. About a week ago Fives had caught him starring at Ahsoka a bit too long during training. Ever since then his vod hadn’t stopped to ask him about it, until he finally gave in. He couldn’t even tell what it was himself, but every time he looked at her, he felt that tingle in his stomach and his heart began beating faster. When he told Fives about, he just got the biggest grin ever in response.

“Sounds like someone’s got a crush.”

“Don’t be silly, Fives.”

He didn’t want wo admit it, but ever since then Rex couldn’t stop thinking about it. Did he really have a crush on her? What if she didn’t feel the same? What if she did? He turned his head a bit, to look at her sitting at a table across the cafeteria. She was chatting with Barriss, laughing at something her friend just said, when she moved her head and looked right at him. For a split moment their eyes met, before he immediately jerked his head back to face the plate in front of him.

“Six times.”

“Fives,” his growled, signaling his brother to better not say anything more.

“Did you see that? He just looked at you!”

“Yeah, but that doesn’t have anything to say.”

Despite her own words, Ahsoka’s thoughts circulated around the brief moment in which their eyes met. Why was he looking at her? Did he notice her starring? Did he suspect something? What if he found out that she might have developed some feelings for him that were about more than the usual commander-captain-relationship they had? Did he feel uncomfortable around her? In the last couple of days, she often felt like he was trying to avoid her, finding excuses to not talk to her and never seeming to look at her properly like he usually did. She didn’t want to risk the relationship they already had. Maybe it would be best to just ignore her feelings and act as if nothing ever changed.

Her gaze wandered to him once again. She could only imagine how wonderful it would feel, if he felt the same as she did. Sharing their feelings, being close to each other, holding his hand, laying in his arms, kissing his lips. But none of this would happen. She couldn’t imagine him ever feeling the same for her. She would just have to keep admiring him like that, knowing fully well that the two of them would never end up together and that her feelings would remain unrequited. But at least she would be able to keep him as a friend. She would rather have to keep her feelings to herself for the rest of her days, than imagine ever being without him in her life.