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Buck was nervous.

No, nervous wasn’t quite the right word because nervous would mean that he could sit down or even eat one of the meals he had skipped all day. Instead, he was pacing around his room while his stomach was screaming at him to stop exerting himself so much without sustenance. He probably could also breathe if he was just nervous and maybe he shouldn’t be sweating so much?

God, what was happening?

He checked his watch, and the wooziness that spread through him rivalled whatever nervousness he thought he had before. He sat on the bed with his face in his hands, taking a few deep breaths to try and get himself in control again. He couldn’t remember the last time that he had felt so out of control and before he knew it, his breathing was much more erratic than he wanted it to be and when he pressed his finger to his pulse, it was beating way faster than normal.

That was how Bobby found him a half-hour later. He was laying back on the bed, his hand over his face and tears falling down his cheeks, unable to fully catch his breath. It wasn’t until Bobby’s voice broke through the heartbeat thundering in his ears that he could calm down enough to take an actual breath.

“Evan, I need you to breathe, okay? Breathe for me, nice a deep,” Bobby instructed.

He settled himself on the bed and pulled Buck’s head into his lap, stroking at his hair before thumbing across the birthmark on his eye. Second by second, Buck felt himself relax. He pressed his face into Bobby’s stomach and noticed that he still had his uniform on when the cold belt buckle brushed against his chin. He sat up quickly, wiping at his face just as Bobby reached to do the same.

“Bobby, I’m sorry. Jeez, you shouldn’t have had to come home to this after a long shift,” Buck apologized, plastering a smile on his face to try and hide the panic still welling up inside of him.

“You gonna tell me what that was about?” Bobby asked. It was something he always said. It wasn’t quite a command for information, but it wasn’t really a question either.

“I just— I don’t know. Tough day?” Buck said, but the words sounded fake as he said them. Bobby wasn’t convinced either if the raise of his eyebrow said anything.

“Why don’t we get you cleaned up and then we can talk about it?” His tone was again something between a request and a demand, so Buck nodded his head and took a deep breath in. He closed his eyes to focus on the feeling of his lungs filling with air, his chest pushing out and reminding him he was alive, and then panic struck again when he heard the bathroom door squeak open.

“Wait, Bobby, no!”

But it was too late. Bobby was staring down at the sink with an unreadable expression on his face. He reached toward the sink counter and Buck could see his hand trembling, his fingers struggling to pick up what Buck had left on the counter. Buck wasn’t sure that Bobby even so much as blinked.

After a few long moments, Bobby’s eyes darted to where Buck was leaning against the door. There were tears in his eyes and his lower lip was trembling, a sight Buck had rarely seen and never failed to destroy him.

“I didn’t mean for you to find out like this, I— Bobby, I’m so sorry. I know this isn’t what we had planned or even crossed our minds whatsoever, but whatever you need, I’ll do it. You can yell at me or ask me to get out and I’ll leave, whatever you need to do, just—” Buck took a deep breath, his tears falling once more. “Please say something.”

“You’re pregnant?” Bobby asked, his voice cracking at both words.

“Yeah, I, uh, thought that was pretty obvious,” Buck tried to joke but it fell flat to his own ears. He cleared his throat and ran his hand over his face. In the clearest voice he could muster, he said, “But yeah, Bobby. I’m pregnant.”

Bobby moved forward and before Buck could even think to flinch away, Bobby’s arms were around his waist and he was being lifted off of the ground. The first thing he noticed was how Bobby’s laughter was flooding through the room and the second was the nausea that churned in his stomach.

“Not that I don’t love this newfound enthusiasm, but pregnancy means sickness and the little nugget is not happy with the spinning,” Buck noted.

Soon, his feet were on the ground, but Bobby made no move to pull away. The tears that had welled up in his eyes were flowing freely down his cheeks but Buck didn’t mind them because they got caught in the corners of his wide grin. He was beaming at Buck, his eyes darting from Buck’s face to his mouth to his stomach like he couldn’t figure out what his next move would be.

“You’re happy?” Buck asked, his own voice cracking with emotion. Damn hormones.

“Happy? Sweetheart,” Bobby practically cooed.

With a shake of his head, he leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his forehead and his nose before kissing all of the fallen tears off of Buck’s cheeks. He passionately connected their mouths but when Buck went to deepen in, Bobby dropped to his knees.

Buck was about to make a comment, maybe thread his fingers through Bobby’s hair ask if it was really the time for more sex considering what happened last time, but his words died in his throat. Bobby held onto Buck’s hips like a lifeline and leaned his forehead against Buck’s stomach, muttering something unintelligible before placing the gentlest of kisses on Buck’s still flat belly.

“I’m going to love you so much,” Bobby whispered. Warmth flooded through Buck and all of the nerves, the anxieties, the panic that had consumed him just minutes before seemed as if they never existed. “All of us will,” he added.

Buck froze again, a new wave of nausea washing over him as he remembered Bobby was only half of the battle. He had to tell Eddie next and even though Bobby had reacted next to perfectly, Buck couldn’t help the anxiety that overtook him.

Of course Bobby noticed and immediately cupped Buck’s face in his hands, breathing in and out slowly and urging Buck to mimic him.

“We’ll tell him together, okay? No matter what, you’ve got me.”

Buck needed both of them, though, and that was the problem.

The next few days passed slower than Buck wanted them to. Eddie was staying with Abuela for a few days after she had yet another nasty fall and while it wasn’t unusual for Buck to miss his partner—in every aspect of life—it didn’t help that Buck was holding onto such life-changing news. Bobby tried his hardest to keep him calm but if Buck had to hear, ‘the stress isn’t good for the baby,’ one more time, he might just throw himself straight into a fire.

“You know, staring at your phone isn’t going to make him respond faster,” Bobby pointed out from where he cooked up dinner at the stove. Buck knew he was right, but he couldn’t stop watching the three little dots appear and disappear as Eddie typed back to him.

“I feel like I’m lying to him, Bobby,” Buck admitted with a pout. Bobby shook his head and turned to face him, resting his hands on his hips. It was a Captain’s pose and while it usually caused Buck to shiver in anticipation, it did nothing but annoy him then.

“You can’t tell him something like this over a text message, Buck. We talked about this.”

And they had, in great detail. Buck had sobbed into his arms multiple times the last few days about betraying Eddie’s trust and then cried a few more at the prospect of Eddie not taking the news well. Buck couldn’t bring himself to feel bad for Bobby though because he knew his hormones were only going to get worse.

“That doesn’t mean I’m not entitled to feel bad about it,” Buck retorted before continuing, “or anxious or embarrassed or fearful or—” Bobby cut him off with a spoonful of chicken noodle soup he’d made especially for Buck’s nausea and cravings.

“It’s Eddie,” Bobby said simply. When Buck said nothing in return, he sighed and rested his hands on Buck’s shoulders, massaging gently. Buck leaned into the touch. “Which means,” Bobby drew out, “that there’s nothing for you to be anxious, embarrassed, or fearful about. He loves you just as much as I do and he’s going to be excited for this.”

“What if—”

“Excited for what?” Eddie’s voice sounded like absolute heaven but a lot closer than it should have. At first, Buck stared back down at his phone, thinking that maybe he dialed Eddie on accident but then his eyes were drawn like magnets to where Eddie stood with his bag over his shoulder and a small smirk on his face. “Is this about why Bobby asked me to come home early?”

“You’re here,” Buck breathed. Tears sprung to his eyes and before he could stop them, they bubbled like waterfalls from his face.

Eddie, through all of his panic at the unexpected emotion, ran to Buck’s aid, kneeling in front of his boyfriend to wipe furiously at his tears. Bobby—the bastard—was chuckling to himself, stirring the soup like he had already gotten used to Buck’s overreactions in the last week or so since he found out.

“Hey, hey,” Eddie cooed, pressing his forehead to Buck’s gently. “What the hell happened?” The question was directed at Bobby who Eddie was eying suspiciously over Buck’s shoulder.

“God, nothing, I’m just— I didn’t know you were coming,” Buck said before adding, “and I’m happy you’re here, I am! I’m just… a mess.”

“But you’re our mess,” Eddie teased, wiping at Buck’s face again. He thumbed underneath Buck’s eyes until all of the tears were gone as if they were never there and stood up, leaving a hand to rest of Buck’s shoulder.

Eddie placed a gentle kiss on Bobby’s lips in greeting when he walked over and then his eyes darted between the two of them suspiciously.

“So, are either of you going to tell me why I’m here?” Eddie asked when neither of them spoke.

“Because it’s where you’re meant to be?” Buck offered. Both Bobby and Eddie sent him unimpressed glances so he sighed slowly. “Maybe we should eat some dinner, sit down? Eddie can tell us about his trip! How’s Abuela? Did Christopher have fun with Pepa?”

“You’re avoiding something,” Eddie said suspiciously before glancing up at Bobby.

“Don’t look at me,” Bobby surrendered, holding his hands up as he moved back to his pot. “I’ll get dinner ready. Eddie, why don’t you take Buck into the living room so you two can have some privacy,” he suggested with a soft smile.

Buck nodded and stood, taking a deep breath before threading his fingers in Eddie’s and leading him to the living room. When he sat, he couldn’t get comfortable, switching positions at least three times before settling. Eddie was just staring at him and it took everything Buck had not to clutch onto his stomach, a habit he didn’t realize he had picked up over the last few weeks.

He hated that he felt the need to protect himself—from Eddie of all people—but he couldn’t help the fact that he was nervous. He had been nervous to tell Bobby but Eddie was… different. They’d always had a different dynamic because Buck had fallen in love with Eddie’s kid before he fell in love with Eddie. It was just how much Eddie cared for his son that really solidified how important he was for Buck and even though that should have reassured him about telling Eddie the news, it barely made a dent in Buck’s worries.

What did, though, was Eddie’s hand instinctively pressing against Buck’s shoulder, his thumb finding Buck’s pulse point in under two seconds. Tears bubbled in Buck’s eyes again but he closed them so they didn’t fall. Even with how nervous Eddie was by Buck’s weird behavior, he still comforted Buck to the best of his ability and Buck loved him so much for it.

“I don’t want to rush you into telling me, but can you answer a question for me?” Eddie asked gently, squeezing so that maybe Buck would look in his direction. Buck did and nodded slowly. “Did I do something wrong? Is this— Are you break—?”

“I’m pregnant!” Buck blurted. He smacked a hand over his mouth as Eddie’s jaw dropped as far as it could possibly go. “God, that wasn’t how— I had this whole speech prepared and of course fucking Bobby was right when he said it was pointless.”

“You…” It was like Eddie’s words got stuck in his throat on their way out and his eyes darted from Buck’s face to where his hands wrapped protectively over his stomach. “What?” Eddie asked.

“I’m— I’m pregnant, Eddie,” Buck repeated. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Eddie’s and he could practically see the information silently sinking into Eddie’s mind. Eddie took his hand off of Buck’s shoulder and stood, wiping his hands on his jeans before dragging them down his face. “Eddie, say something,” Buck whispered.

“Eddie?” Bobby asked when he finally walked into the room to watch the scene unfold.

Eddie looked like he was in a trance. He was staring into space, at the nothing in front of him, and Buck wasn’t sure that he was breathing. His entire body was too still like he was frozen in time trying to process Buck’s words. Buck hadn’t expected as enthusiastic of a reaction as he got with Bobby, but he really didn’t expect Eddie to waltz right out the door.

But that’s what he did.

“Eddie!” Bobby called but it was too late.

Eddie grabbed the jacket he had just hung up and walked out into the night without saying another word.

Buck didn’t break like he might have expected himself to. Instead, he laid his head in Bobby’s lap when he sat on the couch and let Bobby stroke his hair and whisper empty promises into his ear. Suddenly, he didn’t feel like eating anymore. He didn’t feel… Full stop. He couldn’t feel anything, so he fell asleep, hoping that when he woke up, it would’ve all been a dream.

In the end, it was harsh murmurs that broke him from his slumber. They were inaudible but Buck could hear the sternness in them, the nerves and fear, the slight tinge of anger and betrayal. When Buck finally opened his eyes, Bobby was holding onto Eddie tightly, Eddie’s face pressed into his neck, face red with tears that just keep flowing. He had a box in his hand, one that Buck didn’t recognize, and his body was shaking against Bobby’s.

He should’ve been mad at Eddie for leaving, but when Buck loved someone as much as he loved Eddie, it was impossible for him to feel anything but worry.

More hushed words were exchanged, Bobby holding Eddie’s face between his palms and pressing a kiss to his forehead before resting their heads together. Eddie nodded and accepted one final, chaste kiss from Bobby to his lips before he took a deep breath and they both turned toward where Buck was laying down. Bobby sent him a small nod that Buck accepted with a smile before he made his way back to the bedroom, leaving Eddie and Buck all alone again.

Because that went so well the first time, Buck thought bitterly.

“You left,” Buck broke the silence after Eddie refused to.

Eddie nodded and agreed, “I did and I’m sorry.” Buck scoffed as he sat up. “I leave when— When things get rough, I leave. It’s— what I’ve always done.”

“Not with me,” Buck pointed out. Eddie let out a laugh but it lacked the humor neither of them really needed.

“Did I ever tell you about the night I found out Shannon was pregnant?” Buck shook his head, pushing down the guilt that built up in him. “I panicked. Like actual full-on stunned panic that I had to pretend I didn’t have because she told me in front of both of our entire families.”

“Yikes,” Buck said unhelpfully. Eddie raised his eyebrows in agreement.

“It made sense for us, you know? We had gotten married in case something happened when I was overseas and the next step was obviously children. I should’ve been more excited—would have been if I could have predicted how Christopher would grow up. But I panicked instead and the next day, I went to base and I reenlisted for active duty. I left.”

“That’s different, Ed—”

“It’s not,” Eddie said firmly, “and I can’t change that. I wish I could, but I can’t and I’ve spent years forcing myself to stay, to be present, to go with the flow as much as I could because of that one choice I made when I didn’t know what to do.” Eddie paused and placed the box in his hand on the coffee table so he could hold Buck’s hands in his as he sat. “You’re the reckless one in this relationship,” Eddie began.

Buck interrupted, “Okay, ouch.”

“I don’t mean that as a bad thing, Buck. It’s part of why we love you,” Eddie reasoned. “You’re reckless, Bobby’s a leader, and I’m— Sometimes, I don’t know where I fit. In my own life, in yours, in Bobby’s, with the team…”

“You do fit,” Buck argued.

“And that’s why I’ve always stayed and why I haven’t—won’t—leave.” Eddie reached for the box and opened it away from Buck so he still couldn’t see what was inside. “I wasn’t there when Shannon was pregnant with Christopher and I was barely there while she raised him on her own. This box,” he turned it slightly, “was my reason to come home.”

Buck glanced inside and saw a stack of pictures—ultrasounds—wrapped up in a neat blue ribbon. There were photos of Shannon on hospital beds with gel on her belly and a smile on her face. There was a small card with a heartbeat pattern etched into it and a worn Saint Christopher prayer card wedged underneath it. Buck didn’t need to see the rest to know it contained everything that Eddie had missed while he was away.

“I panicked when you told me that you’re—” Eddie breathed out the word, “pregnant. It brought me back to a time where all I wanted to do was run away.”

“And you did,” Buck said, more bitterly than was warranted.

“I didn’t panic because I wanted to leave, Buck, I panicked because of how much I wanted to stay. Here. With you, and Bobby, and Christopher, and—“ Eddie reached out tentatively to press his palm over Buck’s still mostly flat stomach.

“Nugget. I’ve been calling them nugget,” Buck explained almost shyly. Eddie let out a bright laugh and leaned forward to rest their foreheads together.

“And Bobby didn’t stop you?”

“I tried,” Bobby said softly. Buck hadn’t realized he was watching, waiting for them to be okay, but that’s who he was. He wandered over and rested a hand on both of Eddie and Buck’s shoulders, squeezing softly.

“You were saying,” Buck urged, brushing his nose against Eddie’s before placing a gentle kiss to the tip.

“This, us, all of us? I don’t want a box full of memories like I have for Shannon and Christopher. I want a home full of happiness and a future full of love that I’ll remember each time I’m around you. Around our little nugget,” Eddie said with a fond roll of his eyes. “I love you, Buck, and I’m sorry if I made you doubt that for even a second.”

“I never doubted it, Eddie,” Buck whispered.

“Eh, he doubted it for a little,” Bobby interjected with a wink. Buck smacked his arm and was met with twin laughs from the two men he loves most in the world. “Now, will you eat so that our little nugget doesn’t starve?”

“Are we really going to stick with that?” Eddie asked as they moved toward the dining room. Eddie had his arm wrapped around Buck’s waist, his palm pressed against Buck’s stomach protectively while Bobby held Buck’s hand tightly in his, giving it a reassuring squeeze.

“Hey, I talked him out of calling them his ‘inhabitant’ and ‘extraterrestrial’ is next on the list, so…”

Bobby and Eddie shared a gaze that was filled with both love and a little regret, but Buck knew which feeling outweighed the rest.

Telling the team was something they had to wait on. Bobby was still Buck’s captain and, while not completely against the rules, it was definitely frowned upon for them to be in a relationship without going through the proper channels. The brass had taken Buck’s relationship with Eddie better than any of them expected but it wasn’t without whispers throughout the other stations in their area. Every time Buck and Eddie did anything reckless—which was often—there was a closer eye put on both of them.

Buck couldn’t help but take a little bit of the blame because he pushed Bobby to keep it a secret. If anything were to go wrong, he knew it wouldn’t fall back on Buck or even Eddie, but the captain of each of them. It would most likely mean that the two firefighters would no longer be able to work with Bobby and he would be transferred out of the one-eighteen.

Bobby had agreed because while it would have been easy for him to prove himself at another station with his track record and incredible leadership skills, no one would ever take him seriously again. On the off chance they resolved the situation by transferring Buck or Eddie, they would always be known as the ones who were removed because they were fucking their captain. Bobby also knew that Buck and Eddie could work with him, but without each other? Impossible.

Buck didn’t want that, Eddie didn’t want that, and gratefully, Bobby didn’t want that for either of them. As much as Bobby hesitated to keep their relationship secret, it just made sense.

By the time Buck was three months pregnant, they knew that none of them would be able to keep the baby a secret much longer, and realistically, none of them wanted to. Buck was tired of lying to the team about the reasons behind his sudden nausea and was sick of keeping his shirt on all day in the hot Californian sun.

To top it all off, Bobby was being constantly reminded by the team to stop being such an overprotective parent to Buck—with Eddie now joining Bobby instead of the rest of the team in their teasing—and none of them realized how true that was.

(Bobby had mostly gotten over the awkwardness of people referring to them as father and son once Buck dropped a ‘daddy’ in the bedroom. He and Eddie hadn’t quite gotten over it yet.)

When Buck brought the topic up again, he was receiving a delectable foot rub from Bobby on behalf of his continuously swelling ankles and was reading through a magazine dedicated to pregnancy with his head perched on Eddie’s lap. He was stroking at Buck’s hair and smiling down at his phone. When Buck furrowed his eyebrows, Eddie showed him the most adorable picture of Christopher holding a color pencil drawing with family scribbled across the top. The three men stood with Christopher laying across their laps like he was Superman. Buck figured he was the one with the bulging belly.

“C’mon, guys, three months is the time when most pregnant people announce their baby!” Buck whined kicking his feet a little in Bobby’s lap. “We’ve already told Christopher and by the look of the most adorable drawing in the universe, he’s taking it incredibly well, so I think it’s time to tell the rest of the important people in our life.”

At Buck’s complaint, the magazine was ripped from his hands and tossed to the floor of Bobby’s apartment, landing a few feet away. Buck reached after it with a pout on his face, but Eddie was holding him still before he could move too far and Bobby was hovering over him, pressing him into Eddie’s lap.

“I know you love research and I would never want to change who you are as a person, but please, will you stop reading that thing?” Bobby pleaded, staring at Buck with the sternest look he could muster.

“I know nothing about pregnancy, Bobby. I didn’t even consider it an option until I read the stick. I have to know everything or else I’ll be insufferable,” Buck reasoned. Bobby raised an eyebrow and glanced up at Eddie.

“As if you’re not insufferable all on your own?” Eddie asked, ruffling Buck’s hair softly.

Buck gasped, bringing a hand to his chest in mock surprise, but Bobby grabbed it and handed it right to Eddie who pinned it over his head. Eddie reacted even quicker, grabbing Buck’s other hand before he could retaliate further. All Buck could do was stare up at his partners in annoyance with a lot of fondness mixed in.

“I can’t do my research about how my body is going to change, I can’t tell my best friends about being pregnant, what else can’t I do, huh?” Buck asked and it sounded like a challenge.

Both Bobby and Eddie just rolled their eyes in response but held Buck a little tighter in response. Eddie didn’t know what to say, either, because he hadn’t been able to tell his family (besides Christopher) and most of the friends he had were also Buck’s. Bobby would’ve told Buck and Eddie so he didn’t quite understand their predicament, but he felt for them nonetheless.

Bobby wrapped his arm around Buck’s waist before sliding down so that his head fall against the small bump forming on Buck’s belly. He pressed his ear against it, trying to hear their movement through Buck’s shirt and skin. Instant relaxation flowed through Buck as he reached down to mimic Eddie’s gentle strokes to his hair with Bobby.

He scratched Bobby’s scalp, trying to lull him into the nap both Buck and Eddie knew he needed with how high strung he had been lately, but instead of falling asleep, Bobby sighed happily and turned his face so that he could place the softest of kisses against Buck’s stomach. Buck thought he would stop at one, but his lips continued in a small circle around his barely-there bump. Buck closed his eyes and settled into the feeling for a moment before he opened them to glance up at Eddie. He was watching on fondly, his gaze darting between Buck’s relaxed face and Bobby’s careful kisses.

“I think Buck’s right,” Eddie said softly, directing his statement at Bobby who rested his chin on Buck’s stomach with surprise laced in all of his features.

“Do you have a fever? Are you feeling ill?” Bobby asked, only half-joking. Buck swatted at him as Eddie chuckled. He reached down to stroke a thumb across Bobby’s cheek and Buck watched him lean into the gentle touch immediately.

“I’m happy,” Eddie said simply, “happier than I have ever been. And it’s because of you, both of you, all three of you.” His hand moved to cup the side of Buck’s stomach as he continued, “I want everyone to know that my happiness, our happiness, is because of the life we’re creating together, both figuratively and biologically.”

“We’ll tell them, all of them, as soon as you want to, okay, Sweethearts?” Bobby agreed softly.

“Which part do you think we don’t know?” A voice that sounded annoyingly like Albert’s spoke up beside them.

Bobby jumped up, placing himself as far away on the couch as he could, while Buck’s hands instinctively wrapped around his stomach in protection of the little nugget he was already growing to love. Eddie didn’t bother moving or else he would have jostled Buck and it wasn’t like they didn’t know Buck and Eddie were dating.

“The part where Bobby’s been part of this little throuple from somewhere between a year and a year and a half?” Chimney offered.

“Or the part where Buck is definitely with child?” Hen added.

They all had giant smirks on their faces, just as the aforementioned throuple should’ve expected.

“Surprise?” Buck said, clearly unenthused. Both he and Eddie glanced at Bobby, waiting for him to take the reins as he always did, but he was just smiling over at Buck as if waiting for him to do the honors. He cleared his throat and explained, “A year and three months, actually. The year mark was when this one was conceived.”

Hoots and hollers erupted in front of them and before Buck knew it, he was wrapped in Chimney’s arms with Albert patting his back solidly. Hen opted to pull Bobby into a tight hug, whispering something that had his face glowing red. Buck made a mental note to ask him what that was about later, but he was too focused on the people around him to think much more about it.

His team was just as happy as he was and judging by the grin on his partner’s faces, they were just as full of joy and excitement which was all that Buck really needed. His biggest worries were squashed within minutes all because of the people that surrounded him.

For once, Buck felt like he was worth something and he pressed his hand over his stomach gently to remind himself that now, he was worth everything.

Buck wasn’t sure how he was going to feel about being pregnant. He had written off the possibility by the time he was a teenager so he never really paid much mind to the fact that it was possible for it to happen to him. He was regretting that whole-heartedly from where he laid down on the couch, fatigue washing over him.

He had his hand pressed to his belly and was trying to arch his back into comfortability, but he couldn’t seem to make any move that didn’t pull at a muscle he didn’t know existed. He hadn’t been able to do his normal workouts for weeks and he was growing an entire human inside of him so he didn’t feel like his usual self.

He wasn’t sure how he was going to feel about being pregnant, but at that moment, he absolutely hated it. He had googled symptoms to figure out what was going on, but could barely find the information he needed to make sense of the feeling inside of his stomach before another round of dizziness and difficulty breathing overwhelmed him.

Eddie was due back soon but Buck found himself wishing he had never left. They had barely seen each other in the last few months due to the shift changes the higher-ups made them do until they could figure out the correct way to handle the working relationship the three shared and it was starting to nag at Buck. Eddie had been allowed to work underneath Bobby and although Buck understood why he was the one to be penalized more harshly, that didn’t mean he had to like it.

He felt alone and it was a feeling he despised. He had felt loneliness like that before, when Maddie moved in with Doug and his parents stopped caring about him unless he was in severe pain, and he knew that he couldn’t let his mind get the better of him. He rubbed at his belly to remind himself of the reasons he needed to be calm and collected when his stomach seemed to tumble again.

Buck jumped, pulling his hands away and holding them at a hover over his belly while he glared down at it. His eyebrows furrowed and when he went to feel the still-growing bump again, butterflies erupted almost as fast as his tears did.

“It’s called quickening,” Eddie’s voice offered from a few feet away.

When Buck glanced up at the sudden voice, he saw his boyfriend in plain clothes with a soft smile on his face. He had a take-out bag in hand—Buck might have insinuated that he was really craving fried chicken lately in approximately a dozen texts during the day—and he was looking so fondly at Buck, his heart almost couldn’t stand it.

“What?” Buck asked, pressing a hand to his stomach again.

“What you’re feeling, it’s called quickening,” Eddie repeated. He set the food on the coffee table and kneeled beside Buck to rest a hand in his hair. “It has different names—Shannon called them flutters—but it all means the same thing. They’re learning how to move, letting us know they’re still in there.”

“As if we’d ever forget,” Buck said softly.

Buck went to put his hand back on his stomach to feel the small kicks and rolls inside of him, but decided to grab Eddie’s instead. He pulled up his shirt with one hand and together, they rested their palms on his bulging belly. The second Eddie’s hand pressed against his skin, the squirms intensified and Buck let out a bubble of gleeful laughter.

“I think they like you,” Buck commented.

“I didn’t know—” Eddie cut himself off like he wasn’t sure he should finish his thought and Buck cupped his face gently to urge him on. He had gotten better at communicating, but he still needed a little push now and then. “I left before I could feel Christopher. I never got the chance to—“ Eddie shook his head as a tear fell down his cheek. “I came back just in time to see him but… It doesn’t feel like enough. Especially not now.”

Eddie flattened his palm against Buck’s belly, touching every accessible inch to try and feel the life growing inside of him. Buck had stopped staring at his stomach in favor of watching Eddie’s eyes fill with tears, a few escaping as he sniffed to try and hold them back. That didn’t matter because Buck could see it in the way his lips pursed and his eyebrows pulled together. Buck might have worn his heart on his sleeve, but Eddie’s was plastered into every expression on his features.

“They can probably feel how much I love you, how much you love them,” he added, moving his hand to cup Eddie’s jaw.

Eddie nuzzled into Buck’s palm immediately, breathing in deeply as if trying to maintain control of his emotions before pressing his forehead to Buck’s stomach gently.

“I love you both so much, you know that?”

Buck nodded and as Eddie laid his lips against the bare skin of his belly, that warmth that seemed to follow him around anytime either of his partner’s was near fluttered in his stomach.

Except that time, it wasn’t only the love Eddie had for him, it was the little nugget inside just waiting to be loved by all of them, too.

“I can’t believe you refer to your unborn child as Nugget,” Maddie chastised from where she slaved over a pot of boiling water. “Most people go with cute names like peanut or blueberry. Leave it to you to refer to your child as a piece of chicken.”

“Hey, they resent that,” Buck complained as he pressed his hands over his stomach. “Don’t worry, little Nugget, Maddie is just mad that you’re going to beat her peanut out into the world.”

“Hey, that’s my fetus you’re talking about!” Chim chimed in from the living room. He was sitting on the couch beside Bobby who had Christopher planted in his lap. They were exchanging ultrasound pictures of their babies with bright smiles on their faces while Buck caught up with his sister and Eddie helped prepare their dinner. It was the most content all of them had been in a while.

“I can’t believe he refers to our unborn child as a fetus. Some people just shouldn’t be parents,” Maddie joked.

Buck saw the way Bobby’s shoulders tensed, how the smile on his face dimmed for only a second before he cleared his throat and stuck his phone back in his pocket.

“Excuse me for just a moment,” Bobby muttered, placing Christopher gently on the couch much to the child’s dismay. He pouted up at his dad and Buck, his eyebrows furrowed in worry as Bobby skittered out of the room.

To anyone else—Maddie and Chim included—it would have sounded like an easy pardon with nothing more behind it, but Buck knew exactly what was going on in his boyfriend’s head. When he glanced back to Eddie, he was nodding hurriedly and Buck could tell he was trying not to run after Bobby on his own.

“I’m going to—” Buck was out of his chair before he even finished his sentence, leaving a slightly stunned Maddie and Chimney in his wake.

When he got to the bathroom door, he could hear the sink water running and a small sniffle that he knew Bobby was trying to keep quiet. Buck sighed and without knocking, tried at the handle. Locked. Buck took a deep breath to compose himself because it was his job to be strong when Bobby couldn’t be.

“Bobby? Can I come in?” Buck asked softly, resting his forehead against the door.

“Just a second, Buck. I’m just finishing up!” Bobby called. The tremor in his voice confirmed Buck’s suspicions that he had been crying or on the verge of tears.

“The others are still in the kitchen. Why don’t you let me in, darling?”

It wasn’t often that Buck dropped a pet name with Bobby—he wasn’t too fond of them citing that he was too old to be called anything but his name—but Buck knew that he secretly liked that particular one so he used it in special circumstances just like the one they found themselves in.

The door opened to reveal a slightly red-cheeked Bobby with a barely-there smile on his face. Buck instantly pounced, wrapping his arms around Bobby’s shoulders before he had a chance to brush off what had happened. Much to his surprise, Bobby wrapped his arms around Buck’s waist and held him close, taking a deep breath when he nuzzled his face into the crook of Buck’s neck.

They stood there for a few moments, basking in each other and the love each of them was all too aware that they had, before Buck pulled away to cup each side of Bobby’s jaw in his hands.

“You were an amazing father,” Buck began, silencing Bobby with a hand over his mouth when he instinctively went to argue, “and you’re meant to be one again. I know it’s hard for you, I know, but Bobby, this baby is nothing short of a miracle. You believe in those, right?”

Bobby nodded and even though his tears were welling up again, it was all Buck needed to continue.

“You believe that things happen for a reason, that a higher power out there put people on earth for a reason and they go through the struggles they do for a higher purpose right?” Another nod. “Then you have to believe that this little nugget right here,” Buck brought Bobby’s hands to his stomach, the bump obvious no matter how much Buck tried to hide it, “she’s our miracle, our reason, our higher purpose, right?”

“What if it happens again? What if she’s not even mine? What if I—”

“Stop it right there,” Buck interrupted sternly. “This baby is ours. We all agreed that DNA aside, we’d raise her knowing all of three of us are her dads. You are her father, you understand me?”

“I didn’t mean it that way,” Bobby whispered, resting his forehead against Buck’s gently.

“I know that, but you have to remember something for me. We know better than anyone else that life, ours and others, is a gift and not every day is guaranteed. We can sit here and think about the ‘what-ifs’ or we can live each day with excitement and joy that soon, she’s going to be here.”

Bobby’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped and Buck instantly realized the information he had let slip.

“She?” A tiny voice asked, a wonder in his voice that rivaled any sound Buck had ever heard. They glanced over to see Christopher waiting at the end of the hallway, his mouth wide open and inexplicable joy in his eyes. Before Buck could tell him to wait, he was already running into the kitchen. He went to follow after the kid, but Bobby held his hands tight, a look of awe lacing his features.

“I was going to wait to tell you, I— I couldn’t not know, you know? And I know the whole ‘gender is a construct’ thing and it doesn’t really matter until they’re older and can decide for themselves but I just couldn’t help myself and you know impulsive I can be and—”

Bobby pushed him back against the wall behind them effectively cutting off his rambling by capturing his mouth in a passionate kiss. He had Buck’s arms trapped, holding onto the bump between them, and Buck was sure that if there wasn’t another life inside of him, he would have died from the heat behind it.

His head hit the wall as Bobby kissed his way down his throat, biting small marks that Buck knew wouldn’t go away by the time they made their way back to the kitchen. He couldn’t bring himself to care what Maddie and Chim would think because Bobby was kissing his way down Buck’s chest until his lips pressed against the mound of his belly. Over and over again, soft, delicate presses full of love and hope covered where their child was growing and laughter bubbled out of both of them before they could stop it.

Maddie and Chim must have heard the commotion because all of a sudden, they ran around the corner. Maddie looked like she was ready to fight, but Chim had his arm wrapped around her waist before she could get too close.

“In our house? Really?” Chim chastised playfully, tugging his hot-blooded wife back a few feet.

“We’re having a girl! A baby girl, can you believe it?” Bobby exclaimed pridefully.

There was so much joy in his voice that Buck immediately burst into tears and because of their matching pregnancies, the display caused Maddie to follow.

“You might wanna go check on your third in there. He seemed to be pretty in shock when Christopher delivered the news,” Chimney noted as he wrapped Maddie in his arms. Both Buck and Bobby froze before sprinting into the kitchen and running straight into Eddie as he rounded the corner.

“A girl? Are we— A girl?” Eddie repeated, holding Buck’s stomach so gently in his hands, Buck would have started sobbing again if he didn’t already have tears rushing down his cheeks.

As if giving them a moment alone, Bobby walked into the living room and picked Christopher up, twirling him in joyful circles as both of their laughter filled the air. Eddie kissed Buck like no one was watching and held him like he never wanted to let go. It wasn’t until Christopher pushed their way between them that they finally pulled apart.

When Maddie and Chimney walked back in, Eddie brought them both to the living room and left the remainder of the cooking to Bobby and an enthusiastic Christopher who loved to help in the kitchen.

Everyone had their place together and there wasn’t a drop of doubt or regret in the room any longer. There was no part of Buck that was worried about starting a new life for himself and growing a new soul because even after everything all of them had been through, they were still the most gentle, most comforting, most beautiful people Buck had ever had the pleasure of knowing.

He couldn’t believe there were only two more months until he could make sure his partners knew that.

Christopher had initially been incredibly excited about the prospect of a new sibling which was to the relief of all of the parents, but as time went on and Buck grew bigger, he seemed almost shy and hesitant around Buck in a way that he had never been before. Buck didn’t like it one bit so he and Eddie came up with the idea of having Christopher be a bigger part of the planning. Buck couldn’t contain his excitement when he grabbed Christopher from school early and helped him into the backseat of his car one Friday afternoon.

“I thought daddy was picking me up,” Christopher said, which was… not a great start.

“Your dad had to go help Abuela with some decorating so he asked me to pick you up,” Buck explained, trying to be as enthusiastic as possible. “It’s been a while since we had a day to ourselves so I convinced him to let me take you out of school early.” That seemed to pique Christopher’s interest.

“Are we doing something?” Christopher asked suspiciously.

“Well, I mean, if you’d rather go back to class then…” Buck trailed off, watching in the rearview mirror as Christopher’s eyes widened comically.

“No! I wanna hang out with you, Buck!” He practically begged, wiggling in his seat. “Where are we going?”

“Well, I figured since it’s such a beautiful day out, we could head over to the aquarium. They have a new octopus that we haven’t met yet and I know that they are your favorite,” Buck pointed out.

Christopher clapped excitedly and all of Buck’s worries for the day breezed right away. Christopher chatted away as they drove, blasting off questions left and right about the aquarium and marine animals that Buck could only answer half of and he made a mental note of a few of them to ask the instructors once they arrived.

As they walked into the aquarium, Christopher’s eyes lit up the second he spotted the penguins front and center in their wide-open enclosure. He ran as best he could over to the edge and when Buck caught up to him after paying for their tickets, Christopher begged to be picked up. Buck couldn’t find it in himself to say no, so he leaned down and held Christopher in his arms, making sure he was careful of his now extraordinarily round belly.

“If you take a look at the largest rock to my left,” one of the instructors said, “you’ll see Sylvester protecting who has decided to take little Allie under his wing—metaphorically and physically. They were both born and raised in this aquarium and share a father.”

“That’ll be just like you and little nugget here,” Buck suggested. Christopher scrunched up his face and squirmed for Buck to put him down. “Chris, hey, I didn’t mean anything by—”

“What if I don’t wanna be a penguin?” Christopher asked quickly.

“Buddy, you aren’t going to be a penguin,” Buck said even though he knew that’s not what Christopher was getting at with his question.

“What if I wanna be like Elmer?” Christopher gestured to the lone sea turtle in the winding glass case filled with fish.

Buck sighed because he realized exactly what Chris meant. They had learned during their last trip that sea turtles preferred to be alone. Once they hatch as babies, they swim through the ocean by themselves and rarely have another by their side. Christopher might only be ten but he was entirely too on the nose with his aquatic references.

“C’mere,” Buck said, taking Christopher’s hand and pulling him over to a seating area. He sat down and pulled Christopher into his lap, letting him nestle his head into Buck’s neck. “I thought you were excited for your baby sister?” Buck asked because he really thought it was true.

“What if you—” Christopher stopped himself and peered up at Buck like he was nervous. It was a face Buck hated to see so he held Christopher’s chin in his hands and stared straight into his eyes.

“I’m not going to be mad for you expressing how you’re feeling, okay? I know this is a big change but I don’t want anything to change between us. I’m still your best friend and you’re still my superman.”

Christopher nodded and pursed his lips in a way that looked so much like Eddie, Buck thought his heart might explode.

“What if you like Nugget more than me?” Christopher asked and Buck’s heart shattered.

“Christopher, no,” he replied hurriedly, tugging Christopher to his chest and squeezing him tight. “Why would you ever think that?” Buck asked as he pressed a kiss into Christopher’s curly hair.

“You’re not my dad,” Christopher said. That hurt Buck but he didn’t let any indication of that show. “You’re going to be her dad and not mine and—” Christopher broke off with a sniffle.

“None of that, okay?” Buck nudged him back enough to wipe the few tears that had fallen and kissed his forehead gently. “I may not be your dad on paper, Christopher, but you’re my kid in every single way that counts.”

“I am?” Christopher asked with a pleading gaze up at Buck.

“Of course you are, Chris. There is no way that I am going to love you any less just because I have another kid to love. I have so much love to give and it’ll always go to you and your dad and Bobby. Now I’ll just have more to give Nugget.”

“You mean that?” Christopher asked hesitantly.

“I promise you that,” Buck said sternly, holding Christopher close again. “You’ll always be my first kid, Christopher. The first kid to show me that I could be a dad and the one who made me want to be one in the first place,” Buck admitted quietly.

“I like having three dads,” Christopher whispered, clutching onto Buck’s shirt like his life depended on it, “but you’re my favorite.”

“We’ll just keep that between us, yeah?” Buck asked.

Christopher nodded and as he jumped down from the bench, he stopped to press his cheek to Buck’s pregnant belly softly.

“I already love you, too, Nugget.” Christopher placed a small kiss to the stretched fabric over Buck’s stomach and if he wasn’t in the middle of a crowded aquarium, he might have burst into sobs at the gentleness of it.

Instead, he kissed the top of Christopher’s head and stood, holding his hand out for his son to take.

“Ready to go see the octopi?”

“It’s octopuses, Buck,” Christopher corrected immediately.

“Well, aren’t you just the smartest kid I’ve ever had,” Buck teased.

“I’m the only kid you’ve ever had,” Christopher said with a roll of his eyes.

Buck pressed his palm to his stomach to feel Nugget squirming inside of him at the sound of her brother’s voice. Christopher was his only kid but not for too much longer.

Loving Eddie was immediate, like second nature Buck hadn’t considered and then bam, there he was. From the moment they met each other, sparks flew, fireworks ignited, butterflies erupted in his stomach. All of the cliches that Buck had only ever heard about came true the moment he laid eyes on Eddie.

After falling so quickly and thoroughly for someone like Eddie, Buck had a harder time figuring out how to get close to Bobby. Being the person Buck was, he made it his personal goal to get as close to Bobby as professionally possible. Those lines blurred quickly when he realized just how perfect Bobby was. He was the father figure Buck had never had, the Captain he had always wanted, and the partner he never thought he could get.

Because of that, falling in love with Bobby was a slower process. Buck had never met a man so willing to sacrifice everything for those around him or one that treated each individual like they meant the world no matter their past. It was why the two clicked so instantly. The age difference, the power dynamic, Buck’s feelings for Eddie and the skeletons both of them hid deep in their closet made it difficult for Buck to realize that he was, in fact, in love with Bobby, but once he knew it, nothing had ever felt more right.

It was Eddie, in the end, that made them realize the care they had for one another was more than just familial. He had always been the glue in their relationship, the thing that stuck to both Bobby and Buck even when they tried to pull away—and trust them, they both tried. When Eddie brought this up to them, both Buck and Bobby were proud of Eddie for opening a line of communication while being scared shitless for what was being offered.

It wasn’t a Buck and Eddie and a Buck and Bobby. It was an offer for the three of them to explore what they meant to each other.

So after a few months of trying to squirm his way into Bobby’s heart—it was really only a matter of breaking Bobby’s steadfast resolve—Buck was kissed outside of a burning building, pressed up against the back of a firetruck where no one could see them, all because Buck had almost been killed by his impulsivity.

It was exactly how Buck had imagined it, really.

Eddie made sure no one interrupted them because even though he wanted to ensure Buck’s safety, he trusted that Bobby was doing a fine job on his own. When it was safe, Eddie moved in, pulling Buck into a tight hug and gripping at Bobby’s hand when he tried to pull away and leave them be. From that moment on, neither Bobby nor Eddie had been shy about their desire for touch. It was similar to the way they were with everyone on the team and others in their lives, but Buck always thought there was something more when his partners touched him.

If Eddie patted Chimney on the back, he pulled Buck into a hug. If Eddie hugged Hen at the end of a shift, he squeezed Buck’s hand a little tighter when no one could see. When Athena kissed all of them on the cheek after a visit, Bobby and Eddie snuck a few feather-light kisses against Buck’s lips that had him chasing more for days after.

Once they started having sex, it was like neither of them could control it. Buck felt like he was constantly on a high that he had searched his entire life for and never thought he would reach all because of the way that they touched him.

Bobby would slide his hand over the small of Buck’s back when he passed and grip his waist to assist him in cleaning the firetruck. Eddie would bite down on Buck’s shoulder in retaliation for whatever Buck had accidentally blurted out and pat Buck’s ass when no one was watching in a faux-friendly manner.

But when Buck got pregnant, he couldn’t believe how insatiable his partners became.

Every second one or both of them were with Buck, they had their hands on him and, to the annoyance of the team, nothing seemed to deter them away. Whether they were brushing their hands on Buck’s skin, wrapping their arms around the giant waist Buck had been growing into, or providing comforting pats to his hair, Buck couldn’t be around his boyfriends without some sort of contact.

When they were alone, though, that’s when they really went wild. It had been difficult for Buck at first to let his partners take advantage of him while he had their child inside of him, but soon, Buck learned that fact didn’t deter either of them away as it did Buck.

In fact, it seemed to arouse them. And wasn’t that just the most interesting thing.

Buck tested his theory with Eddie first because he wasn’t about to make accusations without backup. One night when they were alone, he rode Eddie and let his hands wander over the bump so obviously between them. He was a few months along by that point and the skin of his stomach was starting to stretch, that glow Buck had been told he had starting to be more evident. It was the first time Eddie didn’t stare in his eyes as he came. Instead, he pressed his palm to the small protrusion and closed his eyes in pleasure.

Eddie never talked about it again but Buck couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Bobby was next but his affection to Buck’s stomach was even more obvious than Eddie’s had been outside of the bedroom. Each little change Buck went through while being full of their child had Bobby hard with just a mention and he’d excuse himself more nights than not to get himself off in the shower when he thought Buck and Eddie hadn’t noticed.

When they had a night alone, Buck let Bobby worship his body, requested it of his partner, and Bobby was quick to please. He spread Buck out on their satin sheets and caressed each exposed inch of skin, noting how bright and flawless it had become. Bobby threaded his fingers through Buck’s hair when he pushed his cock into Buck’s mouth and commented on the softness of it and how long it had gotten in the last few months. When he fucked Buck, his hands held onto his bump so softly, delicately, that it brought Buck to tears.

With only about a month left in Buck’s pregnancy—or so he hoped—he decided he had collected all of the data he needed to test the limits of both of his partner’s sanity. While Bobby and Eddie finished their shift, Buck took a long shower, scrubbing his entire body clean before he got out and smoothed lotion on every inch of his skin. He pulled on a pair of briefs that hugged his ass and after pondering his closet and turning up with nothing that made him feel sexy, he decided no other piece of clothing was needed.

Then all he had to do was wait patiently on the bed for both of them to get home and figure out what he was going to say.

When he heard the door shut and his name called, Buck sat at the end of the bed and waited for Eddie to wander in. They had told him they were stopping off at the store which meant Bobby would take a few extra minutes organizing the kitchen while Eddie checked on “the patient”—a name that Buck absolutely hated that they called him.

Eddie inhaled sharply before whispering, “You look—” He cut himself off, shaking his head as if he wasn’t sure which words to use.

He didn’t need any, though, because he dropped the bag over his shoulder to the side to make it easier for him to kneel down in front of Buck, holding his almost fully grown belly like it would break any moment. He stared at with wide-eyed hope and a joy Buck would never be able to forget before his gaze wandered back to Buck’s face.

“You smell good,” he said, pressing his nose against the bump to sniff, leaving a small kiss in its wake when he pulled away.

“Yeah? I took a nice, long shower today,” Buck said, a teasing lilt in his voice. Eddie picked up on it immediately as he always did.

“Oh, you did? How do you feel?” Eddie asked, his voice laced with worry. He moved one hand down to Buck’s forehead, pressing the back of it as if checking for a fever, and Buck couldn’t help but let out a small huff of laughter.

“I feel great. Fantastic, even. But I could feel better, I think.”

“Hmm, how so?” Eddie asked, immediately taking Buck’s bait.

Buck had no doubt in his mind that his plan was a good one.

“Can you get Bobby up here? I want to talk to you both,” Buck asked.

He pulled Eddie into an open-mouthed kiss, letting his tongue trace a slow line on Eddie’s bottom lip to make sure that any nervousness that he felt was washed away. It seemed to work as Eddie hummed into it and then pushed himself away to walk a little faster than normal to the kitchen. When he came back, he was hand in hand with a slightly flustered-looking Bobby whose bottom lip was just slightly swollen. Buck smirked up at his partners as they both blushed.

“Is everything okay, baby?” Bobby asked, kneeling in front of Buck just as Eddie had done earlier. Eddie took a seat beside him and rested a hand on his thigh. He rubbed comfortingly but still snuck a finger underneath the loose fabric of his briefs.

“Can you believe this is almost over?” Buck asked. He rested his hands on his belly and immediately, one of Bobby’s and Eddie’s joined him.

“And here I thought you couldn’t wait to not be pregnant anymore,” Eddie teased, pressing a soft kiss to Buck’s cheek. Bobby chuckled and swatted at Eddie’s hand lightly, playfully. God, Buck loved them so much.

“Do you remember the night you put this baby inside of me?” Buck asked and it was like he had drained all of the oxygen from the room. Both Eddie and Bobby stared at each other before gazing at Buck with slow nods. Buck wasn’t sure either of them remembered how to speak and it was a power he wasn’t quite used to. “You promised me I’d never forget that night and, well…” Buck trailed off, rubbing his own hand over his bump before removing his own so that he could press Bobby’s and Eddie’s directly to the skin.

I’ll never forget,” Bobby whispered, pressing his lips to the skin right underneath his palm.

“Neither of us could,” Eddie added fondly.

“You guys couldn’t stop touching me, remember?” Another nod as Buck moved his hand a little lower. “Do you remember what you said to me before you fucked me, Bobby?” Buck directed in Bobby’s direction.

When he didn’t move an inch, Eddie answered for him, “You told him that he was going to look so amazing with you inside of him.”

“I remember,” Bobby whispered, eyes unmoving from Buck’s.

Bobby’s hand that wasn’t in Buck’s control moved up his thigh, gripping the sensitive skin tightly, nails digging into the flesh as Buck continued to push his hand down. Bobby’s palm pressed against the warmth radiating from in between Buck’s legs and he wouldn’t have been surprised if Bobby could already feel how wet he was.

“I want you to tell me again,” Buck muttered, urging Bobby to look up at him with a nudge of his chin. “I want you to show me how amazing I look with you inside of me, with your baby inside of me.”

“Jesus, Buck,” Bobby said breathlessly, a half-laugh half exasperated sigh falling from his lips.

Then Buck directed at Eddie, “I want both of you inside me this time. I want everything I love most in this world to fill me up until I can’t speak, can’t move, can’t breathe without the reminder of what I have.”

Neither of them moved for a moment, neither of their chests rising and falling, so Buck pressed each hand to their hearts and felt their rapid beating. The hand on Eddie’s chest moved to cup his cock where it was already bulging through the thin fabric of his sweatpants and he dragged his foot inside of Bobby’s thigh for confirmation that he was hard, too.

“You have no idea what you do to me, do you?” Eddie asked, glancing down at Bobby like he wanted reinforcements.

“To us?” Bobby added easily. He curled his hand so that it cupped Buck’s warmth more thoroughly and Buck held back a moan he wouldn’t allow them to have yet.

“I know exactly what I do to you,” Buck teased. “I’ve noticed you, Bobby, the last few months. I’ve seen how you stare at my stomach, how you touch it whenever you can,” He glanced at Eddie and repeated, “I’ve noticed how you can’t seem to keep your hands off of me no matter where we are or who we are with.”

Buck punctuated his words by moving Eddie’s unoccupied hand to the waistband on his briefs, pushing just enough so that Eddie’s fingers could slide through the wetness they both caused him. Bobby pressed harder, pushing Eddie’s fingers against Buck’s cock until he threw his head back with even the small amount of pleasure. Bobby inhaled sharply, eyes darting from Buck’s stomach to his face and back down to where his hand controlled Eddie’s like he wasn’t sure where to look. Buck cupped his jaw in one hand, the other still holding Eddie’s wrist in place.

“I thought to myself, hmm, what could it be and then…” Buck remembered the nights where he tested his hypothesis and a shiver raced down his spine. “Knowing I have your child inside of me, that you both bred me like a prize stud, used me until I belonged to both of you. And that you love it? God, that’s so hot.

As if Buck’s words had burned him, Bobby pulled back, his jaw dropping to the floor in shock. Eddie’s hand stayed still, rubbing circles around Buck’s cock like it was instinct, but his forehead dropped to Buck’s shoulder as if he didn’t have the mind to hold it up anymore. Buck couldn’t help but laugh in sheer delight.

“Surprised?” He asked them, stroking his thumb over Bobby’s jaw before threading his other hand through Eddie’s hair and tugging lightly. Both of them let out twin sighs at the contact.

“I didn’t think— uh, that you noticed,” Bobby muttered, clearing his throat as if he was embarrassed by the fact.

To make sure that Bobby understood just how unashamed he should be, Buck moved his hand back to where it had been, where it belonged, so that Bobby could feel the warmth and wetness that his partners caused him. Eddie pulled his hand out of Buck’s briefs as if to give them their moment and licked the juice off of his fingers slowly, savoring the taste.

“I noticed, my loves,” Buck whispered, reveling in the way Bobby’s shoulders lost a smidge of tension at the pet name. “And I love that you love it. I was so worried about this pregnancy and because of my own stupid insecurities, I thought there was no way you would both still find me attractive when I started to grow—”

“That would never happen,” Eddie said sternly and Buck turned his head enough to give him a gentle kiss. He could taste himself on Eddie’s lips and he licked his own to pull it into his mouth.

“I knew that—or at least I hoped—but what I didn’t expect was for you to find me more attractive,” Buck teased. Both of his boys blushed and it was a beautiful sight that Buck didn’t see nearly enough. “So, tell me, Bobby. What is it about our baby inside of me that really gets you going?”

“You’re teasing me? Really? What about Eddie?” Bobby chastised, pinching Buck’s cock gently as if trying to regain control. It worked but Buck didn’t let him in on that even as Bobby stared up at him hungrily.

“Fine, Eddie,” he turned toward his other partner, brushing their noses together gently. He knew that Eddie would answer without hesitation, so he asked again, “Tell me why having your baby inside of me turns you on.”

“I like that there’s no doubt that you’re mine. That you belong to us.”

And it was apparently really that simple. Bobby nodded eagerly and pressed another gentle kiss to Buck’s belly just as Eddie laced his fingers through Bobby’s hair to guide him.

“I’m yours,” Buck directed at both of them. “I’m all yours and—”

Suddenly bashful, Buck cut off his words and bit down on his bottom lip. Neither Bobby nor Eddie noticed at first, too focused on flooding Buck’s firm belly with attention from their hands, their mouths. Eddie kneeled beside Bobby, pressing as solidly against his as he could while they pulled on each side of the restrictive material of Buck’s underwear.

“Tell us what you want, Buck. You may be ours, but…”

“We’re yours, too,” Eddie added warmly, softly, and Buck’s body erupted in warmth.

Without thought—per usual really—Buck let his words flow.

“I want you to fuck me, over and over until I can’t possibly take anymore. I want you to come in every hole I have, mate me, claim me until you think I’ve had enough, and then I want you to fuck me again. I want both of you inside of me, taking what is yours, and to—to breed me. I want you to breed me so that I always have both of you inside of me and—”

The invisible string holding onto both Bobby and Eddie’s sanity seemed to snap as they moved together. Eddie surged up, pressing his lips to Buck’s messily and full of so much passion, Buck felt drunk with it. Bobby already had Buck’s cock in his mouth before he could remind himself how to breathe again, sucking him down until he reached the back of Bobby’s throat.

Eddie caught Buck’s surprised gasp between his lips, licking into his mouth as it opened in pleasure. He sucked Buck’s tongue into his own, the hand previously holding Buck’s head into place wandering down and away. When Buck chanced a glance down, he saw it threaded in Bobby’s hair, assisting with the rhythmic bob of his head. Bobby’s eyes were closed but Buck could still see the eagerness, the arousal, in his boyfriend’s features.

He wasn’t sure what it was about him being pregnant that turned on his partner’s so much but it felt like a gift and he wasn’t about to ask questions and chance stopping the bliss they were giving him. Buck thrust up into Bobby’s mouth using the hand resting on the mattress beside him as leverage, the other lacing with Eddie’s to push Bobby farther down onto his cock.

For a moment, Buck and Eddie both watched as Bobby let them use his mouth, direct him in speed and depth without any argument. His hands were still gripping Buck’s thighs but they wandered up further like they weren’t quite happy with that placement and Buck knew exactly where he wanted to touch. He reached for them and moved them to press against his swollen belly and Bobby’s responsive moans vibrated straight down his cock.

“You look so good, baby, stuffed full of our kid,” Eddie whispered into his ear, nipping at the lobe before biting down on his neck. It felt like a claiming bite that Buck knew would leave a bruise but it was a mark he craved when he started this. “Think we can fit another in there? Both Bobby and I filling your holes again until you can’t take anymore?”

Buck let out a guttural whine, one that he couldn’t control even if he tried, and it seemed to drive Bobby even crazier. He pulled off of Buck’s cock and stood up just to capture Eddie’s mouth in his like he was taking the dirty words right from his mouth. Buck felt like he should have been jealous or asked for more attention but the sight of the two people he loved most in the world unable to control themselves with each other was one Buck craved more than anything else.

He let them drink each other in, watched as Bobby took control of the kiss and Eddie let him. It wasn’t often that Eddie let others take the reins, rarely ever anyone besides Bobby, but to see it so close, right in front of his naked body was too much for him to handle. His fingers trailed down his bump before they wrapped around his own dick and brought himself closer and closer to the brink. He knew he should stave off his orgasm, wait for his partner’s to pull it from him but by the time they pulled away from each other, Buck was already coating his plump stomach with his come.

Buck shouldn’t have been surprised when Eddie pressed him back into the mattress, laying him flat until he settled against the pillow behind him. He should’ve been even less surprised when they each held a hand above beside head before they leaned down together to lick up the remnants of Buck’s orgasm from his belly.

They were so gentle, their warm tongues lapping every drop of Buck’s seed and sharing it with each other in sloppy kisses over Buck’s stomach. It was quite possibly the hottest thing Buck had ever seen in his entire life and he felt his cock coming to life again at the sight.

“Already, baby?” Eddie teased, stroking a finger over the tip of Buck’s dick to wipe off some leftover come that didn’t make it with the rest. “You like it when we drink you up, huh?”

“Yes,” Buck whispered, breathless. “Both of you.” Bobby chuckled at that and kissed a trail up Buck’s chest before biting down on the exact same spot Eddie had earlier. Buck gasped in pain and pleasure, writhing on the bed as Eddie held his hips still.

“You’d love to just watch us, wouldn’t you?” Bobby asked teasingly. “Maybe when you’re so fucked out that you can’t take anymore, I’ll open Eddie up and fuck my come into him while he licks you clean of me. How does that sound?” Eddie laughed, his breath ghosting over Buck’s cock as he settled himself between Buck’s legs.

“He’s so eager,” Eddie noted as he ran his nose along Buck’s thigh. “I can already feel him opening up to me.” He sounded like he was in awe and it had Buck’s skin heating as he wrapped his legs over Eddie’s shoulders to pull him closer. He didn’t want Eddie to talk anymore, not when his mouth was so close to where Buck yearned for his tongue.

“Go ahead, Eddie, open up our boy for us. Get him ready for us to, what was that he said? Fuck him? Mate him? Claim him? Breed him?”

Bobby drew out each vowel and punctuated every question with a soft kiss to his already full belly. It took everything in Buck to hold himself still at the words, especially as Eddie’s tongue slid into him, wetting his opening to ready it for his long fingers. Lube followed next, the cold dribble that usually shocked Buck only increasing the need he had for his partner’s cocks. He wanted them inside of him already and every moment they weren’t, Buck pleaded for it.

Eddie’s fingers pushed inside of him while his mouth covered Buck’s cock once more, preparing him for exactly what he was begging for. Bobby was leaving small bruises over every single inch of skin he could reach, his own fingers threaded in Eddie’s hair to guide him closer to Buck’s entrance. Buck couldn’t help but whine and shout that he was ready. He was ready for them to fuck him so deeply he would feel it for weeks and he clenched around Eddie’s fingers like proof of the fact.

“Please, Eds, Bobby, please. Please,” Buck heard himself say without permission. His mind was a cloud, fogged over with his feelings for the two men giving him their every attention, making him feel so much better than Buck ever thought he deserved.

“You deserve it, Buck,” Eddie commented immediately.

“We don’t deserve you,” Bobby added to Eddie’s agreement. “Look at you,” he continued, “you’re so beautiful like this. We haven’t even fucked you yet and you’re glowing.”

“He’s right, you know,” Eddie whispered. “You’re the most beautiful creature on this planet and we want to show you just how much we love you. Let us show you?”

It was a question as much as a request and that had Buck falling somehow deeper into his emotions.

He nodded furiously, unable to form the words he so wanted to shout. I need you, I want you, I love you. He figured they both heard the silent admissions nonetheless as they got into position and he finally felt them enter.

There had only been one other time the two of them had taken him like that, both inside of his slick, hot hole at the same time, and that resulted in the child he carried inside of him. Something about that fact had Buck losing all focus in favor of letting Bobby and Eddie take care of him as he trusted them to do. They moved slowly at first, letting Buck get used to the feeling of both of them inside of his tight hole, before Buck was pleading them to move faster, to fuck him deeper, make him feel it.

Buck was overwhelmed when they finally found their rhythm. They hit every single sensitive spot inside of him, using each other as leverage solely to search for Buck’s pleasure. He had never felt so loved by anyone in his life, let alone by two people who were more grateful for Buck than he could ever imagine. They were his dream and they were both falling apart around him, holding onto him as tightly as they could like they were cherishing the moment as much as Buck was.

Their hands stroked over Buck’s body, paying special attention to the round belly that contained the one thing that was more important than all of them combined. They poured words of love and devotion all over him before they spilled their seed inside of him. The feeling threw Buck over the edge of the precipice of bliss he was teetering on and he came as his partner’s, the people he loved more than everything else in the world, collapsed on top of him with breathless gasps and moans from the aftershocks of their own orgasms.

“How long have you had this plan?” Eddie asked after they all basked in their emotions for a few moments.

“What makes you think I planned any of this?” Buck shot back earning a laugh from both of the men left spent on either side of him.

Buck pressed a hand to his stomach and thought about the gravity of his words. Sure, he had planned that night, but nothing else was set in motion because Buck expected it. The child inside of him wasn’t something he ever expected for himself or for his partner’s future, but just because he hadn’t planned it, didn’t make it any less important.

In fact, Buck believed wholeheartedly that even if he didn’t make the plan, it was supposed to happen that way. He fell asleep with that thought and the loves of his life holding him tight with their hands pressed to the future they created settled lovingly in his stomach.

When Buck’s water broke, he was extremely happy to be surrounded by not only firefighters and paramedics, but both of the fathers of his child. He didn’t let anyone on to the fact he was having contractions until they were too close for Buck’s comfort. He hoped that he could keep them to himself until the very last moment when he knew that panic would ensue.

And while he was absolutely right about the sheer amount of worry, he just didn’t expect it from, well, everyone.

“Dispatch, this is Captain Bobby Nash of the 118. We need to go offline for an in-house emergency.” His voice was steady but Buck knew he was anything but calm.

“Bobby? Is everything okay?” Maddie asked over the radio. Buck held up his hands to ask Bobby to stop, but he wouldn’t have listened even if Eddie didn’t force them back down.

“Your brother is in labor,” he said simply—and a bit wetly—as he wiped at his eyes. “We’re heading to Cedars Sinai now. Do you think—”

“We’ve already asked them to prep for your arrival, Captain Nash,” Josh’s voice took over. “Once Maddie is done freaking out, she could use a ride to the hospital.”

“I’m on it,” Chimney offered. He pressed a quick kiss to Buck’s temple with a request to wait until Maddie got to the room to deliver, which Eddie denied almost immediately.

“I can’t believe you’ve been having contractions for hours and we only noticed now,” Eddie cursed himself as Chimney left. He and Bobby flanked him on either side as Hen got the gurney ready for transport. He let them place him carefully before he rolled his eyes.

“It’s the 4-1-1 rule. I read all about it so I didn’t have to wor—”

“5-1-1,” Hen and Eddie corrected as Bobby nodded his head.

“What?” Buck asked with furrowed brows, breathing himself through another contraction.

“It’s 4-1-1 for a first baby with no other complications, but the doctor recommended 5-1-1 at the last ultrasound. Weren’t you listening?”

“No! That’s why one of you come with me,” Buck complained, suddenly worried. “Is she gonna be okay?” He asked Hen. She stroked over his forehead gently and smiled in the calm way she had about her that Buck had seen time and time again with her patients.

“She’s going to be fine, Buck. We just have to get you into the ambulance and on your way, okay?” Hen suggested, eyeing the two men around Buck for assistance. “One of you has to drive this thing while I check all of the vitals, so Rock Paper Scissors or flip a coin, but we gotta get going.”

“I’ll drive,” Bobby offered immediately, “I’d feel better having two medics keeping an eye on him.”

Eddie nodded and smiled wide as Bobby leaned over to press a kiss to Eddie’s lips before dropping his forehead against Buck’s. He held Eddie’s hand over Buck’s stomach and used his other to cup Buck’s cheek softly, pressing a much longer kiss onto Buck’s lips.

“Let’s go, boys. He’s not getting any less pregnant until we can get him on that hospital bed,” Hen reminded them.

Eddie nodded, his eyebrows furrowing as Buck held in a painful groan as another contraction surged through him. He leaned into Eddie’s hand that threaded through his hair, the other assisting Hen as much as he could with the monitors. When Nugget’s heartbeat sounded, Buck could feel the charged air sigh in relief.

The ambulance ride was quick and with Eddie at his side, Buck could barely feel the pain from his contractions. He could hear Bobby calling back every so often for updates until Buck finally told him to lay off and that he would shout if anything went severely wrong. He saw Eddie roll his eyes and assumed Bobby’s face looked about the same.

When they arrived at the hospital, Buck apologized to every single nurse that was immediately bombarded by stats and facts about Buck that he was sure weren’t important yet. He was having a baby, not a heart attack, for Christ’s sake. As they wheeled him into the room, both of the other fathers were stopped and instructed to stay put.

“They can come in, it’s okay,” Buck choked out through his pain.

“It’s family only,” the more crotchety-looking nurse said back.

“Good thing they’re the dads then,” Buck tossed back with narrowed eyes. “They come in or I’m having this baby in the hallway,” he threatened when the nurses still didn’t stand down.

He appreciated medical professionals, admired the way they took control of a hospital, but at that moment, Buck wanted to throttle anyone that stood in his way of holding his partner’s hands when he delivered.

“Both of them?” The nicer nurse asked, a hint of envy in her eyes if Buck had to name it.

“Yeah, they’re my family,” Buck said softly, groaning as another contraction surged through him. They were even closer now and he knew from what he had read that his labor was going to be quick once they actually got him into the room.

“You heard the man,” Nice Nurse said, stepping out of Eddie’s way, “this baby is lucky enough to have three parents so who are we to get in the way?” She directed her question at Crotchety Nurse who just huffed in response. Eddie patted Nice Nurse’s arm on the way by before him and Bobby took either side of the bed.

They stood with him, hand in hand as he was attached to all sorts of machines and prodded with unfamiliar fingers. He was safe, though, and he had no doubt about that when he had his boyfriends by his side. When the doctor came in, Buck was about ready to force Nugget out of his stomach by sheer will as the pain only increased.

As she examined him, she noted, “You’re having this baby now, Evan.”

“Buck,” Eddie and Bobby corrected together. Buck tried to smile but he threw his head back against the pillow behind him instead, squeezing his eyes shut.

“You ready, sweetheart?” Bobby asked, pressing a kiss to Buck’s temple after he wiped it with a damp cloth.

“He’s going to have to be,” the doctor chimed in before Buck could as much as open his mouth to answer with anything besides howling. “We can’t wait much longer.”

“I’m ready, I’m—” Buck panted, following Eddie’s easy breaths beside him. He was thankful that Eddie paid attention at his Lamaze classes because he couldn’t think of anything besides the pressure radiating through his entire lower half. “I want her out, I want to see her,” Buck pleaded, both pain and excitement thrumming through him.

“Alright, Buck, I’m going to count and you’re going to push, understood?”

Buck nodded and for the next few minutes, he tried to focus on the only thing that mattered; getting his baby girl into the world and into his arms. Everything was muffled by the pain and pressure he felt throughout his entire body. The gentle caresses of his partner’s hands as they wiped his sweat and tears away did nothing to ease the burning and their voices were barely audible through his own shouts.

It wasn’t until that beautiful, sharp cry resounded through the room that Buck let himself truly breathe again. He sobbed and relaxed back against the pillows, his eyes darting to each of his boyfriend’s faces to see them covered with tears of unmistakable joy.

“Is she okay? Where is she?” Buck asked desperately, trying to pull himself up so he could see his baby girl.

“She’s perfect,” Eddie whispered.

“She’s everything,” Bobby agreed.

“She wants to see her dad,” Nice Nurse said softly as she walked to Buck’s side. In her arms was his Nugget, his sweet child that he had waited so long to meet. “You ready, Dad?”

“Please,” he choked through a sob, holding his arms out for her.

Nice Nurse settled her onto his chest where he finally got a glimpse of her flawless face. She was red, her skin was patchy, her mouth letting out shouts that Buck was sure he would get sick of, but she was nothing less than perfect. He pressed a gentle kiss to her head before resting his forehead against hers, cradling her small form as close to his as he could without squishing her. She was so small and Buck found his mind reeling with how delicate she was.

“What’s her name going to be, Dad’s?” The doctor asked, smiling warmly at all of them.

“We have to ask the head of the house,” Buck said, glancing over at Eddie. He nodded in understanding and after kissing Buck, Bobby, and their little girl as softly as he could, he left the room to go find Christopher.

“How many parents does this kid have?” Nice Nurse asked. They all laughed because they heard no judgment in her tone.

“Just the three of us, but she’s got an older brother who’s been ready to meet his sister for months now,” Bobby explained, which Buck was grateful for as he was too busy gazing down at his daughter to say anything that made sense.

When they came back in, Christopher walked tentatively to the bed, his eyes wide as he stared up at Buck and his new little sister. Eddie hoisted him onto his hip and leaned over enough for Christopher to stoke a gentle finger across her cheek. They had warned him ahead of time about how small and fragile she would be so he was extra careful when he took her hand in his.

“This is my sister?” Christopher asked like the entire situation was nothing less than a miracle. Buck would have to agree.

“Yeah, mijo, but we have a very important job for you,” Eddie began, glancing at Buck and Bobby as if to be sure their plan was still in place. They both nodded and Bobby rested his hand on Buck’s shoulder to try and stave off the emotion Buck already felt rising in his chest at seeing the two of them together. “We want you to name her.”

“Really?” Christopher asked with pleading eyes up at his father before turning to Buck. “You really want me to? Even after—” Buck interrupted him with a nod. Eddie and Bobby shared a quick glance that wasn’t lost on Buck but they didn’t need to know the conversation he had with Christopher.

“Yeah, Chris. I can’t think of anyone more fit to name her than you,” Buck said honestly.

They had all expected Christopher to blurt out a ridiculous name from one of his video games or favorite books, but instead, he closed his eyes and stayed silent. His face scrunched up just as Eddie’s did when deep in thought before a small smile tugged at the corner of his lips until he was grinning with his entire mouth.

“Allie. I want to name her Allie,” Christopher decided and Buck burst into tears causing the kid to immediately panic. “I didn’t mean to make you sad, Bucky, I—”

“No, no, Buddy,” Buck immediately reassured him, “I’m not crying because I’m sad. I’m crying because of the penguin.”

“The penguin?” Eddie whispered, sending Bobby a confused glance that was matched almost exactly by the other man.

“You said that I’d be just like the big brother protecting the little sister and Allie’s a pretty name, right?” Christopher asked, turning toward his dad.

“It’s the perfect name, Chris, it’s— I love you,” Buck whispered. He locked eyes with Eddie and then Bobby as he continued, “I love all of you so much. I don’t know how I’ve somehow gotten this lucky to have the two best partners and the two best kids in the universe, but god, I couldn’t be happier right now.”

They all huddled together, a circle of protection and love around the newest member of their family while Buck breathed it all in. For the first time in his life, he was truly happy, all because of the family he had created. With Bobby, Eddie, Christopher, and now Allie at his side, Buck knew that anything was possible.