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Everything was silent. Very silent. In fact, it was the best kind of silence a certain Jing-Ju Cat could hope for, if not for a certain idiot disturbing the peace it brought. At least now he's found a way to shut him up every once in a while. Whenever he gets the opportunity. As of right now, he himself had trouble maintaining the silence with the way the kitten was going down on him.

As in, he was slowly bobbing his head up and down on Wu's dick as they lay in bed. He wasn't sure how he managed to convince the so-called Jing-Ju Cat that this sort of thing was a part of his training but given his earlier states of stupidity, he wasn't very surprised as much as he was at how good his mouth felt on him. He held on tight to his head as he fought to remain quiet from the occasional groans and seething purrs that threatened to be freed from his maw that he slapped a paw over. Lil 'Pai kept going like he had done this before, staring up at him with those big brown eyes and arousing him more.

"You're doing excellent, Lil 'Pai, just keep going..." He breathed silently, biting back a moan when the albino picked up the pace. "That's it, make sure to go faster and use your tongue, it's crucial for the task at hand." 

He's lucky he didn't pull off to ask how. Way lucky. He just makes an affirmative noise while smiling at him through a mouthful of cock and does just that. Oh, how he arched his back when that unexperienced tongue of his coursed like silk around his shaft and over his head. He bit down on his finger to keep from getting any louder as his fellow fighters were resting directly next door on both sides. He simply breathed heavily through his nose as the newbie was doing wondering sucking him off for the first time.

He and Jing had been together for some time, he'll admit that much, but she's the type of cat that likes to keep it clean and pure whereas he aimed to take their relationship to the next level. Wu was nice enough that he'd let her decide, and she did so but wanted to wait until the time was right, whenever that may be when they weren't fending off monsters on a daily basis. Wu wasn't one for impatience, unless Lil 'Pai was around and being an utter idiot, but the frequent thoughts of bedding the pastel feline would eventually force his hand and he'd risk losing himself. Just then, he was in the middle of some late-night meditation when the same idiot barged in and was more interested in the boner he sported without himself noticing than he was about to toss him out of his room.

Before he could perform the course of action and perhaps just tug the stupid thing flaccid, he decided he'd make use of the newbie until the 'right time' came for him and Jing to mate. 

And thank the heavens for him deciding to go with it because he was this far away from fucking the young cat's mouth to completion as he, sloppily but surely, took him down to the sheath and back. He tongued open-mouthed at the tip and Wu's claws on his head had popped out, threatening to dig into his scalp and push him back down if he so much as uttered one syllable of a word. His horny glare meant it too but he just gave him a questionable look and held his sheath with both paws, gaining the idea to lick at his cock like it was some lollipop, as he had done earlier. 

"Nn-ngh, grrr..." Wu growled under his breath, watching the feline's tongue work every part of his cock, purring softly with his eyes closed. He couldn't recall the last time he was this turned on at this but he was on the verge of losing it if the stupid cat didn't put it back in his mouth right now. His legs quivered once Lil 'Pai had taken it in his mouth again, possibly thinking that he's doing a great job, and sucked harder, almost gaining a strangled noise out of Wu, but he had enough control over himself to just muffle it and focus on not thrusting up.

Fuck, it feels so good

Was all he could think. His attempts to completely silence his noises became next to impossible when Lil 'Pai got the idea to suck even harder and bob his head faster. The suction noises weren't audible but the brown-furred cat's gasps and low meows were as pressure mounted in his gut, meaning he was getting closer and closer to getting off.

Again he spoke, but with more effort to keep it whisper-level. "T-that's i-i-it, don't stop. We're almost through, just keep sucking it like th-that." His back arches with Lil 'Pai obeying with a little nod and his eyes shut close as his fangs bare, hoping he could keep quiet when the moment finally came.

And it had after a good ten seconds of the kitten's inexperienced attempt at deepthroating him, doing well to stay as silent as his friend/ally/mentor.

Wu gasped for a split second, slapping his paw over his mouth and keeping his orgasmic noises down as he burst and emptied his balls right into the feline's mouth. He was overwhelmed at first but managed to swallow down as much as he could while still sucking as hard as he could, prompting the brunette to make a series of muffled and garbled noises and breathe harshly through his nostrils until he felt him release him and sit back. He sat up too, looking with half-lidded eyes at the bright blush Lil 'Pai had on his face as his own release trickled down the corner of his mouth. That much meant that he hadn't had time to himself to get off and he was relieved to have finally done it.

"Wow," Lil 'Pai breathed silently, wiping the stuff up and licking it off his finger before Wu could say so, visibly enthusiastic. "That training exercise was awesome, and delicious."

"So was..." Wu responded in between pants as his limp dick slid back into his sheath, his relief quickly turned stoic. "Now, hurry on back to bed."

"Ok, but what was that stuff you spilled called? It tasted salty and a bit sweet."

Of course, he of all cats would know what cum tasted like yet he wants to know what it is. He's too tired to right now anyway. "Not tonight. Off to bed, now."

"Ok..." Lil 'Pai obeyed with a deflated look met with Wu's aloof eyes. "But do I get more later?"

He resisted the urge to growl in irritation and/or personally sock the idiot cat in the face when he gave them those damnable kitty cat eyes. "Ugh, fine. But keep it to yourself, alright? Now go."

And with that, the white kitten scurried off, leaving Wu alone in his room, finally. Now, he just needs to think this through now that he's got Lil 'Pai real interested in his sperm. On one paw, he's berating himself for getting aroused in the first place thinking about Jing, on the other, he was going to enjoy 'tutoring' the newbie anytime the elders wouldn't. As much as he hated to, he had to go with the other paw, hopefully, this one time.