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He couldn't understand how they had managed to find him again, but here he was, running through the rain-slicked streets shortly after 9pm, with his pursuers giving chase.

What confused him even more, was how they had recognised him! It was a new moon night, and his demonic features had receded, leaving him completely human.

There was no way they'd told his pursuers about this night, where he would be at his weakest... Was there? Did they not care about how dangerous that information could be were it in the wrong hands?

Inuyasha couldn't afford the time to think about that right now. He needed to lose the guys chasing after him.

He turned down a road that had been closed off to the public, as it was under maintenance. The bridge connecting the two sides of the city was having its safety rails replaced. When Inuyasha sped across the bridge, he chanced a look behind his shoulder, only for him to suddenly slam into someone who had apparently been in front of him.

In his brief panic, he shouldered them, snapping “Watch it!” in his gruff tone, but the feminine yelp made him halt, and he turned in time to watch a woman tumble over the hazard guard before plummeting into the freezing river below.




Kagome was heading home, after finishing her routine trip to the gym. The heavy duffel bag hung over her shoulder as she followed her regular route, and a brief check on her phone confirmed that she was to begin a new job tomorrow afternoon.

She had recently qualified to be a first aider, and quickly found a job through her best friend Sango, who had put her in touch with a man, named Miroku, who happened to need a first aider for his line of work. He wasn't quite specific about what his work was, but if Sango trusted him, then Kagome could trust him too, right?

She would find out eventually, what kind of operation he was running.

The bridge had been closed off, and any other night, Kagome would have went another way. Tonight, she decided to gamble. If she got caught crossing past the perimeter, well, she only hoped they'd let her off with a warning.

As her feet carried her across the darkened path above the river, she could hear shouting that seemed to grow louder. Frowning, she stopped and approached the edge of the bridge, peeking over in case there was possibly a boat passing underneath, and its voyagers were sparring. She couldn't see anything, so she stepped away and went to resume her own business, when a dark shape suddenly slammed into her.

“Watch it!” The other person snapped, but Kagome couldn't focus on them. Something in her shoulder popped and she cried out at the searing agony that erupted. She stumbled before falling over the hazard guard and was engulfed by freezing darkness.

Kagome felt her lungs constrict in both shock and panic, and between her dislocated shoulder, and the weight of the duffel bag, she was struggling to surface. Her lungs burned in desperation for oxygen, and she could feel her heart rate spiking before her vision blurred and she lost consciousness.




Inuyasha had ran to the edge of the bridge and looked down at the water. In his human form, he couldn't see very well, but he knew that whoever he'd just ran into, wasn't coming back up.


Fuck the guys chasing him, if they wanted him, they'd have to come swimming with him.

Inuyasha leaped off the bridge, shattering the surface of the freezing river, and trying his damnedest to locate the woman that had fallen in. It would have been so much easier if his demonic abilities were there, he would have heard her before he ran into her. It could have been avoided if it had been any other damned night.

Hell. If he had been himself, he wouldn't even be running to begin with! He'd be fighting his pursuers.

His frantic hands brushed against something, that he quickly identified as hair, and with further prodding, he realised he had found the woman. She seemed to be weighed down by something, and it didn't take him long to find out that it was the duffel bag. He yanked it from her unconscious form and let it drop, before swimming furiously to the surface with the woman in one arm.

Inuyasha broke the surface with a desperate gasp for air, trying to keep the unconscious womans head above the water as he swam to the bank of the river.

Dragging her onto the muddy ground, Inuyasha stared down at her with growing concern.

“Oi! Hey?!” He patted her cheek, trying to get a rise. He pressed his ear against her chest to see if he could hear a heart beat, when voices from above startled him. Inuyasha bolted to his feet, reluctant to leave the woman, but equally unwilling to be caught by his chasers.

He cast her an apologetic frown before he ran off into the bushes, and seconds later, three demons emerged, stumbling to a halt when they found Kagomes unconscious body.

“W-What the? Is she dead?!”

One of the demons knelt down and examined her, “She's soaking wet, she must have been in the river! Quick, Ginta, call an Ambulance!”

“What about Inuyasha, Kouga?”

“That mutt can't run forever, eventually we'll catch him.”




When Kagome came to, it was 11am the following morning, and she had found herself in a hospital bed. She frowned in confusion, then noticed an elderly nurse near by.

“Excuse me,” Kagome mumbled.

“Oh!” The old woman turned to her, “Ye've woken sooner than we expected!”

“Where am I- Ow!” She suddenly flinched at the pain in her shoulder. She noticed her arm was in a sling, and while her shoulder was very tender, the pain that had been there before was there no more. “What happened to me?”

“My name is Dr Kaede Okano,” The old woman spoke, “Ye be in Shikon Hospital. Ye were brought in last night by three wolf demons who found ye unconscious on the bank of the river. Ye had drowned, child. Ye also had a dislocated shoulder, which has been reset. Ye will need to rest your arm in order to make a full recovery.”

“I... I drowned??” Kagome gasped.

“A few more seconds in the river, and ye would have been beyond reviving. Ye are very fortunate that the wolf demons were near by.”

“D-Did they rescue me?”

Kaede frowned, “Hard to say, ye were the only one soaked to the bone. They found ye, but I doubt it was they would pulled ye from the river.” She took a seat beside Kagomes bed. “Do ye remember what happened? How ye came to be in the river?”

The younger woman frowned as she tried to recollect her memories. “I... I was... Crossing the bridge, and... I could hear shouting... Then... Then someone ran into me... They did it with so much force that I think it was what hurt my shoulder... And I stumbled... and I fell off the bridge... I couldn't swim because of my shoulder, and my duffel-Wait!” Kagome glanced around, “Where's my duffel bag?!”

Kaede tilted her head, “Ye did not have one when the wolves brought ye here.”

“Oh no!” Kagome frowned, “My purse and apartment keys were in that bag!”

The old woman nodded, “It may be at the bottom of the river now, child.” She got to her feet and stepped back, “I can bring ye a phone, if ye would like to make a few calls?”

With a defeated sigh, Kagome nodded, “I'd appreciate that, thank you.”




The young man with dark hair lifted his head and smirked as he watched a weary, silver-haired Hanyou enter the living room of their work. “My, Inuyasha, you're looking like a ray of sunshine this morning.”

“Eat a brick, Miroku.” Inuyasha snapped, barely sparing his colleague and friend a glance. “I had a rough night.”

“And you think doing tonight is gonna be a good idea?”

“I need to vent on something, don't I?”

The man gave a coy smile, “There are other ways, my friend-”

“No thank you.” Inuyasha snapped, casting a golden glare at Miroku, “That one night stand you set me up with tried to fuckin' baby trap me.”

“Hey, at least you caught her tampering with the condoms before anything happened, right?” Miroku shrugged. He then pouted, “I still don't know how I feel about you throwing her out the window.”

“First off, she landed in the bushes. Secondly, she was a bird demon, so she could have fucking flew regardless of how far she had to fall. Thirdly, catching her isn't the point. The point I'm making is I ain't gonna trust you with any of your match making bullshit. I'm gonna vent my way.”

“And your way always ends up with needing first aid. At least the ways I suggest don't have to be that violent.” The dark haired man shrugged. He smiled as he watched the woman of the group enter the room, “Thankfully, tonight we'll actually have someone on standby to patch your sorry hide up once the match is over.”

“About that,” Sango suddenly interrupted, “Our new recruit can't come in today... or for the next couple of weeks...”

“What? Why?” Miroku frowned.

“Something happened last night, I'm gonna head to the hospital and find out what. I'll call you when I have the details.”

“Gods... I hope she's okay...”

“Keh. She's in the hospital right? She's clearly fine.” Inuyasha scoffed, plopping down on the couch in the corner.

Miroku pouted at him, “You could be more sympathetic, it sounds like she was attacked.”

“If she was, and I find out who did it, they're going to be sorry.” Sango hissed. She looked at Miroku, “I'll call soon.” Then she turned to Inuyasha, “Be a good dog, okay?”

“Suck my balls, Sango!”

Sango rolled her eyes, “When you find them, let me know!”

She left the room smirking at the hanyous insulted spluttering, while Miroku fell off the chair laughing.

“I hate the pair of you.” Inuyasha grumbled.




It had taken some convincing, but Kagome had finally managed to talk her landlord into giving her a spare key for her apartment.

She had met Sango at the hospital, and the two got into Sangos car before stopping by the landlords place to collect the spare key, then they headed for Kagomes apartment.

Opening the door, Sango stepped aside, holding it open for Kagome.

“When are you gonna find a new landlord?” Sango asked, “That Chokyukai guy gives me the creeps.”

“He's not so bad, he just has very weird rules. Particularly about having men visit. It's why I go to visit my family, rather than bring them here. He would be fine with Mama, but he'd refuse entry to Souta and Gramps.”

“And you're really okay with that?” Sango frowned.

“Its not like I can afford somewhere else...” Kagome replied, “And now with this,” She gestured to her shoulder, “I can't work at all!”

Sango tilted her head, looking at the other woman sympathetically. “You really didn't see the face of the guy who ran into you?”

“No. He was too fast... And no one seems to know who pulled me from the river... I really want to know because they literally saved my life.” Kagome sighed and sat down on the couch.

Sitting beside her, Sango bit her lip before she spoke, “Maybe you can still do a bit of work? I mean, I can help you, I can be your left arm while it's healing. Maybe tonight will be easy.”

Kagome looked at her, “You haven't really disclosed what kind of company I'm working for anyway...”

“It's not really a company... It's more of a sort of fund raiser. We raise funds for needy causes.”

“Oh!” Kagome smiled, “That sounds great!”

Sango returned her smile, though it looked strained, “I guess...”

Smile faltering, Kagome pressed on. “What are you not telling me, Sango?”

“I'll take you to the place tonight, okay? Just, promise me you won't freak out.”




“CAGE FIGHTING?!” Kagome shrieked, as she stared up at the neon sign that hung outside a shady looking building in a rough part of the city.

The building itself was at the end of a small road, on a hill that had, admittedly, a nice view of the beach that coasted the city. There was a road-side rail that blocked any vehicle from driving too far, least they drive right off the edge and crash on the beach below. As nice as the view was, Kagome was too distracted by the reason she was in the area at all.

Sango cringed, peeking open one eye to look at her, “I said don't freak out...”

“Sango!” Kagome hissed, turning to her, “I can't be a part of this!”

“Not even if the whole fund raising part is real?”

“Did you lie about that?!” Kagome hissed.

“No! It's true! Our fighter is the best! We've been able to raise money for so many causes thanks to him!” Sango explained, “I didn't lie about anything either, I just... was selective about the details.”

“Why would you do this to me, Sango? I thought we were friends!”

“Because I knew you'd react like this, but I also know you'd be perfect for the job we hired you to do. If I had any doubts, I wouldn't have asked you to do this.” Sango replied, “Please, at least come in with me and see for yourself. If you're still against it, then we'll let you go, no hard feelings.”

Kagome honestly wanted to smack the woman. That said, the fund raising part of the gig was intriguing. She begrudgingly wanted to learn more.

“Fine, but no more surprises!” She warned.

She followed Sango into the building, by-passing the queue of people lining up as they waited for the doors to officially open, so they could place their bets before going to view the fight. The brunette woman lead her through the staff doors and into the back, where she was greeted by a man.

“You said you'd call!” Miroku whined, “I've been waiting for-Oh!” He faltered when he saw Kagome.

“Miroku,” Sango spoke, “This is Kagome!”

“Oh! Well hello there! I'm Miroku!” He smiled, “I'm quite surprised to see you, I admit. I was told you would be unable to work tonight!”

Kagome smiled nervously, “Sango seems to think I'll be able to help out in some way, even with just one hand.” She waved her right hand, “Its my left shoulder that needs to rest... Sango also only just told me what kind of employment I'll be part of, and I gotta admit... I don't feel good about being a part of cage fighting.”

“Ah,” Miroku smiled, “Rest assured, we aren't in this for personal financial gain. Granted we do take a percentage of the profits in order to house and feed ourselves, all that, but the rest of it goes to places like orphanages, hospitals, etc.”

“You'll forgive me if I'm still a little sceptical about that.”

Miroku chuckled, “Naturally, if you want, I can show you our partners, who receive our donations. Perhaps you'd like to meet our fighter?”

“I'm guessing he's the one I'll be administering first aid to when necessary?” Kagome asked.

The man nodded, then Sango spoke. “Just to warn you, he has a big mouth and a quick temper.”

“And you hired me because...?”

Sango smiled, “I've seen you with guys like that, you're quick to put them in their place.”

At that moment, Inuyasha entered the room, downing a mug of coffee. The second he saw Kagome, he suddenly spat out the mouthful of coffee, before erupting into a choking cough.

The three humans were staring at him, utterly baffled.

“Inuyasha! You're suppose to drink the coffee, not eat the mug!” Miroku chided.

He was too busy coughing, so Inuyasha simply flipped the other man off.

“What was that about, anyway?” Sango laughed as she watched the Hanyou regain control.

Inuyasha avoided the questioning stare from the new woman, “I just forgot something...” He quickly turned and left the room.

Miroku pouted, “What a weirdo.”

“Who was that?” Kagome asked.

“Our fighter, Inuyasha. He's a dog half-demon.”

Kagome frowned, “He looked spooked there... Is he shy or something?”

“Nah, he can be clumsy at times though. He better be grabbing a mop, his coffee is all over the damn floor.” Sango grumbled. “I'm gonna open these doors and start collecting bets before the queue out there starts bitching.”

Sango gave Kagome a reassuring smile before she left the young first aider with Miroku.Kagome glanced down at the splattered remains of the coffee that the hanyou had spat out. She knew he had reacted because of her, but for the life of her couldn't understand why. Maybe her presence just startled him, as they had all originally been told she wasn't going to be here tonight.

“We can try the introductions again later, would you like to join Sango to watch the match?” Miroku asked.

Frowning, Kagome hesitated. “Um...”

“You can leave any time if you want.” Miroku added.

Kagome then gave a shy nod, “Okay, I'll check it out...”




Its her!” Inuyasha's mind was racing. He may not have been able to see as clearly last night when he was human, but he did see her face. What God did he piss off to end up with this crap? That the new girl his friends had hired would be the same girl he had shoved off a bridge.

Not that he did that deliberately. The stupid wench had been in his way and he ran into her.

Oh how the fates must be pissing themselves laughing at him right now. He could punch every one of them in the face if it were possible.

It seemed she didn't recognise him, and chances were it's because now, his hair was silver, his eyes golden, and his human ears replaced by two furry triangles atop his head. But he recognised her, and knowing that she was here, he somehow couldn't think straight. She had clearly survived, which he was thankful for.

The door to his room open and Miroku poked his head in, “Hey, Inuyasha, you're gonna be late to this fight, get your butt in gear and come on!”

“Shaddup!” Inuyasha snapped. He shook his head. Right now, he needed to focus on the fight, and not the woman who nearly drowned because of him.




Kagome watched the room fill with eager viewers. After Sango had returned from the reception, they had went to a private booth that was situated in the back, above the audience so no random heads blocked their view. The centre of the room had a flimsy mesh fence, separating the crowds from the fighting arena.

“I thought cage fighting was more... professional... than this? This almost looks like an illegal-” She trailed off when she noticed Sangos reluctance to meet her gaze. “...Sango!”

“Kagome!” Sango whined, imitating her.

“This isn't funny, Sango!” Kagome hissed, “What on Earth are you thinking, taking part in these?”

“Would it help if I said the Mayor knows about this and is turning a blind eye because we're funding the hospitals instead of him?”

“Wh-What?!” Kagome gasped. She face-palmed, “I don't know what's worse now...” She decided she had enough and stood up.

“Kagome?” Sango frowned.

“I can't, Sango. I-”

The sound of Miroku's voice booming over the speakers made her pause, and both women looked down to the fighting arena. She watched as Miroku egged the audience on before introducing Inuyasha as The Dog, and then went on to introduce his opponent. When the contender stepped into the ring, the entire room had gasped.

The man was only referred to as Number Four, and he was a towering mass of muscle. A creepy smile etched on his face, and sharp inhuman teeth filled his mouth. He had a headband and was wearing a tight tank top, along with a matching pair of shorts.

“Oh my Gods...” Sango mumbled. “That's Kyōkotsu!”

“Who?” Kagome asked.

“He is a member of the Shichininitai! A group made up of seven men that are ruthless, blood thirsty mercenaries for hire...” Sango explained, frowning, “Why on Earth did one of them step up to the challenge?”

“Is there a rule about human contestants?”

“No, but humans don't try to challenge Inuyasha – He always wipes the floor with them. Demons are usually his challengers as they think with him having half the demonic power, he'll be easier to beat.” Sango replied. “Rarely do humans step up to challenge Inuyasha in the ring...”

Sango glanced over at Inuyasha, who only now was stepping into the ring, and Kagome followed her gaze until she too was watching the Hanyou, who frankly looked unimpressed about who he was facing. The hulking mass of sinister muscle didn't seem to even put him on edge. The hanyou was only wearing a pair of red boxing shorts, the rest of him bared to the world.

Inuyasha grimaced the second the stench reached his nose. This over-sized human before him reeked of flesh from both man and demon, and while the only rule in these matches was to not kill, Inuyasha felt an over-whelming need to kill this one. Something about his foul odour irked his demon blood.

Kyōkotsu gawked at the scrawny Hanyou, then pointed and laughed.

“Your undefeated fighter is this thing? He's scrawny enough to be a tooth pick!” Kyōkotsu cackled.

“And you're so fat you could sell shade, you inflated bastard.” Inuyasha replied.

Kyōkotsu stopped laughing, then glared down at him. “Fat? Did you just call me fat?”

Inuyasha smirked. Apparently the brute had a trigger. “Keh! You're fucking enormous! If they skinned you, your leather would make enough coats for a pod of Blue Whales!”

“You little punk, I'm going to be shitting you out this time tomorrow!” Kyōkotsu snapped.

“And you'd probably eat that too, you greedy fucking pig.”

Kyōkotsu charged forward, swinging an arm in an attempt to swipe the Hanyou off of his feet. Inuyasha effortlessly dodged, and reappeared suddenly on the opposite side of the giant human.

“W-Wait! How did he get there so fast?!” Kagome gasped.

Inuyasha charged into the back of Kyōkotsu's left knee, buckling it and causing the hulking mass to fall over. With Kyōkotsu on his back, Inuyasha leapt around the ring before turning and making another move to strike.

Kyōkotsu anticipated it, however, and to everyones surprise, he caught Inuyasha by his silver hair. He punched the Hanyou twice in the stomach, before grabbing his legs in his free hand. Kagome and Sango watched in horror as the beastly man brought him up to his mouth, and sank sharp teeth into Inuyashas right side.

He cried out at the several points of searing pain that exploded through the right side of his body, as massive sharp teeth cut deeper and deeper into his flesh. If he didn't get away soon, this brute would absolutely leave him with half of his side missing.

Struggling against the increasing pressure as Kyōkotsu sank his teeth further, Inuyasha gave a pained snarl, before he lashed out, and clawed fingers struck Kyōkotsus left eye. Inuyasha was bathed in a grotesque mixture of blood and eye fluid from the erupted eyeball, and he felt himself being dropped as Kyōkotsu threw his head back in an anguished cry.

The second his body hit the floor, Inuyasha ignored his pain and scrambled to gain some distance. His blood had drenched through his fighting shorts, and was painting his right side, as well as his right leg, entirely crimson.

“Inuyasha!” Miroku yelled from the sidelines, “Pull out! This man is going to kill you!”

“Not if I kill him first!” Inuyasha replied.

“Wh-” Miroku gaped as he watched the Hanyou charged back into the fight. “INUYASHA!!”

Inuyasha charged head-first into Kyōkotsus stomach, winding the huge man. When he pulled back to move behind him, Kyōkotsus hand slammed down upon him, pinning him to the ground. Inuyasha cried out at the reignited pain, glaring up at the giant.

“An eye for an eye, don't you agree?” Kyōkotsu hissed, before he tried to jab his finger into Inuyashas left eye. Managing to move his head just in time, Inuyasha quickly turned and sank his own fangs into the offending digit, and Kyōkotsu pulled back enough for him to slip free.

Kagome was growing more and more worried about the amount of blood that Inuyasha seemed to be losing, the once dirty white ring was now almost entirely red with his blood. Only a small percentage was his competitors blood and eye fluid. “Sango, you need to get him out of there. He's bleeding out!”

“Trust me, I would, but the problem is him – He'll not leave the arena until one of them is down...”

“What?!” Kagome hissed, looking at Sango. “What kind of moron is he?!”

There was a sudden guttural yell, and both women looked at the arena, watching in confused awe as the giant man fell lifelessly to the ground.

“Did... Did he kill him?!” Kagome gasped.

The Hanyou staggered on his feet, staring at the man that he had slain. He could hear the shocked murmurs from the audience surrounding him, but he didn't care. It wasn't the first time he had broken that particular rule.

He placed a hand on his wounded side, glancing at his bloodied palm briefly, before turning and leaving the ring.

Sango watched, frowning. “Gods damnit, Inuyasha! Not this crap again!” She turned to look at Kagome, brows furrowing when she found the woman had vanished. “K-Kagome?”




“Fuck,” Inuyasha hissed, looking down at his side again. The wounds should have stopped bleeding by now, but he could actually feel himself getting dizzy from the blood loss. Several puncture wounds that followed in a C pattern around his front, and he didn't need to look in the mirror to see the matching set of wounds on his back. Had Kyōkotsu pressed any further, he would have broken a few of his ribs.

He rubbed at his eyes, willing them to focus regardless of his anaemia, when a soft hand barely brushed at his arm, and Inuyasha gave an indignant yelp of alarm, stumbling and falling over the couch.

“I'm sorry! Is your arm hurt too?” Kagome gasped. She hadn't meant to cause him more pain.

The Hanyou peeked over the couch at her with wide eyes, “Where the fuck did you come from?!”

She blinked in confusion, “Wh-What? You saw me earlier! I've been here the whole time!”

“In this room!?”

“Um, no... I was with Sango, watching the match. I knocked on the door before I came in,” Kagome explained, frowning. She assumed he had heard her, but apparently he hadn't. “Look, can I see the damage? I might be able to slow the bleeding until you can get to a hospital.”

“Oh fuck off!” Inuyasha snapped. “I'm fine, and I ain't going to no hospital! Now get outta here!”

Kagome had initially flinched at his tone, but instead of feeling frightened, she felt ire. “Hey! I'm only trying to help you! It's what I've been hired to do!”

“Yeah well I didn't ask for any damn help, so you can take it up with Sango and Miroku.” Inuyasha scoffed, making an effort to avoid eye contact. It was already awkward enough that he remembered shoving her off the bridge, and he couldn't look her in the eye, his guilt would devour him alive otherwise.

He spluttered when the woman circled the couch and knelt down in front of him. “I don't know what side of the bed you woke up on,” She began, “But what I do know is I'm not about to let your snappy attitude stop me from doing my job. Now, stop being difficult and let me see those wounds!”

“No! Now leave me alone, ya crazy bitch!”

Kagome rolled her eyes, “If you think a few choice words is gonna drive me away, I've got bad news for you!”

Inuyasha growled. With the other first aiders that had been hired in the past, it didn't take him much to scare them off. Evidentially, he was gonna have to try harder to scare this one away.

“Look, I'm not trying to be your enemy, I only want to help, so please stop being so stubborn-”

When she reached for him, Inuyasha jolted at her touch, causing her to stumble and fall over, landing on her injured shoulder. Originally, the hanyou had planned to bolt out of the room, but her agonised yelp grounded him where he now stood.

Remorsefully, he looked back at her as she sat up, grimacing at the renewed pain in her shoulder. He did that to her. Would it really kill him to at least show her a little cooperation? Maybe even just come clean and admit that her shoulder injury was his fault to begin with?

A pained expression crossed his face as he struggled with his decisions, before his shoulders slumped in defeat. Crouching down, he extended a hand.

“Here, lemme help you up.”

Kagome glanced between his hand, and his face, before she gave a wave, “Thanks, but I can manage...”

“And you've the gal to lecture me about being stubborn? C'mon.”

She frowned when she realised her own hypocrisy, then carefully took his hand, nervous about the deadliness of his claws. Inuyasha helped her to her feet.

“You win,” Inuyasha grumbled, “You can take a look at the damage, but don't waste your breath trying any first aid, they'll be healed up this time tomorrow.”

“What changed your mind?” Kagome asked.

He sat down on the couch, hesitating to answer for a moment. “...It's my fault your shoulder's all busted up.”

The woman tilted her head in confusion, “What? No way! Don't take the blame for someone else's blunder. You didn't do this!”

Inuyasha was gawking at her. “Wha-No! I mean, yes, I did do that! I was the one who ran into you last night!”

Kagome sat beside him and focused her attention on the deep bite wound that circled his right side, “I think I'd remember who ran into me last night, and while I didn't see their face, I did see their hair – They didn't have silver hair.”

“I-” His mouth slammed shut with an audible click from his teeth slamming together. He was not about to get into another argument with this wench, though part of him really wanted to.

“I thought that guy in the ring was going to eat you...” Kagome mumbled with a frown, accessing the deep puncture wounds.

“He absolutely was.” He grumbled in response, “I could smell the human flesh on his rancid breath. The fucker's a cannibal.”

The woman stood and looked around, “Where is the wash basin?”


“These wounds need washed. Human bite wounds can be very infectious.”

Suddenly Sango and Miroku entered, both giving a surprised gasp at Kagome.

There you are!” Sango scolded, “We've been looking all over for you, Kagome!”

“Where is the wash basin?” Kagome asked her, “I asked him but he's being difficult.”

Inuyasha bristled, “I said to not bother with the fuckin' first aid!!”

“And I said the wounds still need washed!” Kagome argued back.

Miroku bit his lip, trying to stifle a laugh at how the hanyou of the group had flinched at her. It was quite frankly hilarious that they had found someone who wasn't so intimidated by the grumpy silver haired male.

“Keh!” Inuyasha scoffed.

Miroku cleared his throat, reminding himself of the more pressing matters at hand, while Sango helped Kagome with the necessary items to clean the wounds.

“Inuyasha,” He said, his tone scolding, “You-”

“I already know what you're gonna say, and I think you know what I'm gonna reply with.”

“You can't ''keh'' your way out of this!” Miroku replied, “You need to stop killing your opponents!”

“In case you forgot,” Inuyasha growled, “The fucker was fully intending on killing me. And he reeked of human flesh! I did this fuckin' city a favour by ending him!”

“I understand where you're coming from, but every time you kill the contender, we lose the money. It's the only rule in the game and when it's broken, the side that broke it forfeits all profits from that fight. How on Earth are we gonna keep up funding if you keep killing the competitors?”

“Are you saying you want me to get killed in the fuckin' ring?”

Sango and Kagome reappeared with some towels and a basin of water, which Sango placed at Kagomes feet as she seated herself to the Hanyous right side, dipping the cloth into the water and carefully began to clean away the blood.

“Obviously not, Inuyasha, but I know you have far more restraint than this! You could have easily KO'ed that guy.” Miroku replied, exasperated.

Inuyasha growled, “And how would that stop him eating people?”

“Inuyasha has a point...” Kagome mumbled, earning a curious glance from the hanyou she was treating. “I can't pretend to know how much trouble killing him has caused, but if Inuyasha only knocked him out, what was to stop him from going back into the city and eating innocent people? Who knows how many murders he was responsible for, and how many bodies were never recovered because he ate them?”

“Trust me, Kagome, I understand, but the funds from the fight not only go to charitable causes, but they keep us off the street. I don't like it anymore than Inuyasha does, but it's that or we end up back on the streets.” Miroku explained.

Kagome looked at him, “Why do I feel like there's more to this than you're letting on?”

“Other than the Mayor being behind this because it spares him having to fund hospitals and orphanages?” Inuyasha scoffed.

“Its not an ideal situation, but we've all been through worse than this.” Sango sighed.

“Still, we can't keep losing funds because Inuyasha can't reign in his aggression.”

“My aggression is fine, asshole!” Inuyasha snarled.

“Thank you for proving my point.” Miroku sighed. “Look, I'm gonna get the paperwork out of the way, maybe tomorrows fight won't end in a fatality.”

As he walked off, Kagome frowned. “Tomorrows fight? You're gonna fight again that soon?!”

“What's it to you?” Inuyasha asked.

“Look at your wounds!” She snapped back. “You might heal fast but you should be given more time!”

“The frequency of the fights was his idea...” Sango explained. “He decides when the fights happen, we just handle the rest.”

“Oh my goodness.” Kagome mumbled, “No offence Sango, but this is a very horrible set up...”

“So finish up and fuck off.” Inuyasha replied. Sango smacked him across the back of his head and met his glare with her own.

Kagome frowned, and quietly continued to work. She refused to be driven away by this half-demons rude and ungrateful nature, and clearly this set up they all had going needed some organisation. She had no plans on taking over, but she couldn't walk away without offering some suggestions on how to make things run smoother.

And no way on this planet, was a grumpy, silver-haired, dog half-demon going to send her running for the hills.