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No Lips, No Kiss, All Service

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Sanji's rule was definite.

No matter what, without question nor complaint, there was to be absolutely no kissing.

On the lips, that is.

Zoro could do that, it was an easy rule to follow, he just didn't quite understand it. Didn't really get why Sanji allowed touching, licking, teasing and, of course, fucking, but outright rejected a simple kiss.

"Only people who love each other should do such a thing" the blonde had explained flatly, hand over Zoro's mouth to stop his attempt.

Zoro - the ever observational, unromantic brute he was - cocked his eyebrow to reply with "But my dick up your ass is fine?"

He'd been left with a throbbing headache and an awful case of blue balls that day.

Since then he'd learnt not to question it, and was given no other option but to follow that one overly weird, overly specific rule.

It's not like he couldn't do it, or even cared about it. He was a swordsman, after all, completely disciplined in self control and mental prowess. He didn't care about the way Sanji would suck his fingers with a messy tongue to keep quiet, nor did he wonder about the cook's habit of licking a long stripe up his neck while nails dug into his back. Zoro didn't even think about how Sanji would so tenderly kiss his jaw in the afterglow of their sessions.

Yup, he didn't care. Zoro didn't care.
He just didn't get it, that's all.
That's definitely all it was.

So what if he zeroed in on the way Sanji would suck each and every one of those disgusting cigarettes?

So what if he ran a thumb over the cook's swollen pink lips after an admittedly amazing blowjob?

So what if he licked his own lips after every carefully placed, sinfully made kiss up his tanned chest?

Zoro. Didn't. Care.

"It's just a way to let off steam" Sanji huffed after Zoro decided to prod just one more time, cornering him in the kitchen while the blonde prepared everyone's snacks. "I don't even like men."

The swordsman actually laughed at that, ready to shoot back a childish tease until he was promptly silenced by a foot on his throat and his back against the wall.

"Listen, you shitty moss head" Sanji glared, the malice in his eyes lacking their usual playful edge. "I don't have to like you to fuck you, you're just a means to my release, you understand that?"

Sanji leaned in close, those baby blues only getting darker, and Zoro would rather die before ever acknowledging the cold chill that ran up his spine.

"If you hate men so much just pick some woman to dump into" the swordsman spat back, quickly realising it was a horrible decision when that foot crushed his windpipe further.

"You're barbaric" Sanji hissed, "you think I could do that to a lovely lady? Sex is sex, nothing more, especially when it's with you."

There was far too much bite in that last part, more than Zoro would've liked, and he couldn't stop the twitch of his eye.

"And a kiss is a kiss, you stupid curly brow! What's the fucking difference between that and sex?!"

There was a pregnant pause, the fire in Sanji's eyes simmering down into something more akin to curiosity before settling into a jaded blue.

"Is it really that hard to accept I don't want your filthy tongue in my mouth?" the blonde sighed while lowering his leg in lassitude, "We're both already satisfied as it is, I don't need you to get it so drop it."

Zoro wanted to refute that, but choked on his rising words as he processed what was said.

'We're both already satisfied as it is.'

Yeah, satisfied. He should've been - he was! It was just sex, so why did he even care?

No, wait, he didn't care.
He didn't.

But maybe if he could just push it a tad more -

"For a guy who doesn't like guys, you sure love sucking cock."

Sanji walked away with a wave of his hand, replying "I don't need to explain the concept of romance to a gorilla like you" and resumed his cooking.

He didn't take the bait.

Zoro clicked his tongue and stormed out.

Even with the awkward fight, the two of them continued their secret rendezvous. Whether it was hastily bent over the kitchen bench in the morning, roughly in the crow's nest during night watch, or loudly in the men's quarters with no one else on the ship - they both couldn't deny the unfortunate compatibility their bodies shared. But it was just sex.

It was just sex.

That's what Zoro told himself when watching Sanji bounce in his lap while on the couch of the men's quarters, head hanging low and ears a burning red as loud moans escaped his throat; a luxury he could only afford when the rest of the crew went off to explore an island. Zoro could feel Sanji finding a rhythm as he slowed to grind Zoro's tip into that spot, but the swordsman decided to break it with a rough thrust.

"Nn- aah!" Sanji threw his head back with a cry, the two of them falling to the floor when Zoro lurched forward to grab the blonde's waist and haphazardly pound into him.

"A-asshole!" Sanji weakly complained, not a drop of venom in it due to the way he gasped.

The swordsman grinned and jerked his hips forwards harder, relishing in the desperate whines from under him and the delicious tightening around his cock. Sanji was annoying, more so than anyone else Zoro had ever met, but not even he could deny the satisfaction of seeing the man in this euphoric state.

The cook's shining blonde hair splayed around his head in a wonderful mess, his sensitive body twitched and arched in a desirous cry, and his mouth hung open for shameless sounds to dance past those wet lips.

Those pink, wet, enticing lips.

Dark eyes clouded over as Zoro lifted a hand to smooth his thumb over the blonde's bottom lip, barely getting a chance to revel in it before Sanji moved to grab his wrist and force the curious thumb into his mouth.

Instinctively, Zoro pushed his digit into that drooling tongue, and Sanji groaned as he happily sucked and licked it like it were something delicious.

The swordsman's thrusts became jagged - too focused on the teeth playfully biting down on him to keep up a rhythm - but neither seemed to care as Sanji now gripped Zoro's wrist with both hands to suck heartily on the rough pad of the man's thumb.

Zoro could feel his own tongue getting heavy, could feel his saliva building as his thoughts grew out of control because of that god damn fucking mouth.

That mouth that swore vulgarities at him every day, that swooned words of affection to any woman around, that smiled so brightly just from being out on sea.

That mouth that was now practically inviting him in.

A switch had been flicked, and Zoro hurriedly pulled his hand away to fall forward and catch Sanji's lips with his own.

"Mmph?! Mm-!" Sanji clearly protested, eyes snapping wide open and hands frantically pushing against the other's chest. But it was a futile effort as those shocked eyes rolled back from a particularly hungry thrust.

His lips parted in a gasp at the action, and Zoro took the opportunity to shove his tongue in the blonde's mouth, hearing a whine that was filled with so much longing.

Whether he or Sanji made that noise, he wasn't really sure, but he could safely bet it was both of them when the blonde arched high and just about screamed into Zoro's mouth as he spilled over himself after one more vicious thrust.

Zoro quickly followed, slamming forward and cumming in Sanji with a groan. He desperately wrapped a hand around the back of the cook's head and squeezed to keep him in place, kissing him thoroughly. Sanji dug his fingernails painfully into tanned biceps as his body shook from being spent.

It was a bliss of about thirty seconds - Zoro wishing it lasted longer - but the moment he released those lips to breathe he was met with an immediate and painful kick to the stomach.

The swordsman was sent flying back, the wooden wall behind him breaking from the impact, and he rubbed his sore head with a groan. "You fucking bastard! What the hell was-"

For the first time in a long time, Zoro froze in shock.

Sanji's face was an angry red, a hand clamped over his mouth, body shaking while the corners of his eyes threatened to drop frustrated tears.

It was an expression the swordsman had never seen on the other, and his stomach dropped when he realised something awful.

Zoro had most definitely just crossed a line, and it wasn't a good one.

He blinked as he tried to choke out words "I...cook-"

"Get the fuck out" Sanji growled, dropping his head to no longer look at him.

Zoro couldn't move, staring stupidly at the blonde. All he managed was an unintelligent "Uh," causing Sanji to crack and fiercely throw the man's pants at him.


Zoro was never one to immediately do as told, but for the first time in his life he moved without even a thought of complaint. He clumsily pulled his pants on when he hopped past Sanji's shaking figure, climbing up the entryway to stumble out onto the deck and get smacked in the face by a humid wall of salty air.

He stood paralyzed, eyes wide and unblinking, before the fresh air filling his lungs cleared his head and his expression eventually contorted into a scowl. The man crouched down to angrily scratch at his scalp, cursing himself for his lack of self control.

Sanji had one rule.
One weird, specific rule.

And Zoro fucking broke it.

Some disciplined swordsman he was.

Zoro didn’t exist, not to Sanji he didn’t

Not a breath, not a look, not even a second of his time. Sanji was undoubtedly avoiding him, and openly doing so; finding no reason to hide from the rest of the crew just how incredibly irate the swordsman made him.

“Usopp, give the beast his slop” he’d hear the cook demand, followed by said crewmate squeaking and hightailing it around the back of the ship to nervously give Zoro his lunch.

Well, Zoro couldn’t blame the sniper, considering Sanji seemed on the edge of finely mincing just about anyone who so much as coughed near his kitchen.

Even worse, each and every one of Zoro’s meals had either been over seasoned, under seasoned, too salty, not salty at all, or just some glob of overcooked rice on a plate. The blonde taking this to the point that it even affected his cooking is how Zoro knew this was far more than one of the man’s usual temper tantrums.

Sanji was pissed, and Zoro had no idea how to handle it - let alone apologise.

But what did he even need to apologise for, a fucking kiss? Was the cook so immature that he couldn’t stand a kiss?

Anyone would say it was an overreaction, but when the swordsman remembered that truly affronting expression on Sanji’s face on the night of the act, he ground the palm of his hand into his forehead with a groan.

“Don’t be an asshole” he muttered to himself.

There was a rule, one rule, and Zoro broke it. That's all there was to it.
He knew his feeble attempts to shift the blame were pathetic.

So the swordsman waited, he waited and planned for the perfect time to make an apology, and eventually…!


The thing about Sanji is he's apparently exceptional at holding a grudge, to the point it would've been impressive had Zoro not been slowly bubbling over.

There wasn't a single chance to catch the cook alone, not a single reaction from the swordsman's jeering and taunting in an (admittedly) fatuous attempt to catch his attention, and Zoro couldn't even complain about it. He caused it, after all.

He had no way to let off steam, neither through tussling or sex, and he tried to keep his head. He really did.

Even though Sanji continuously kicked him out of the galley each night for dinner, even though Zoro was silently singled out by the crew for creating an enraged cook, even though he was denied his night watch coffee and snack since the fallout, Zoro kept his head .

It was his actions, so they're his consequences to bear.

Unfortunately, the will of man is weak, and Zoro is human - shockingly.

The swordsman winced when a chopping board violently slammed down into his forearm, effectively stopping him from grabbing one of the bottles of sake sitting atop the kitchen counter.

The galley was busy as usual, Sanji somehow forcing at least Usopp and Chopper to stay around just to avoid any personal interaction with the object of his aggressions. Zoro was used to it by now, was used to being zoned out by the cook to such an extent that he may as well be dead. So when his reach was impeded by the man in question, he felt like a dead man walking.

Careful eyes glanced up at a dangerous blue, the air becoming thick with a rapid tension, and whatever threat Sanji used to keep Usopp and Chopper near was long forgotten when they darted out of the room faster than any marine fleet could make them go.

It'd been weeks since Sanji acknowledged him, let alone looked at him, and the weight on Zoro's chest began to lift at the discovered silver lining this situation offered.

That is, until Sanji spoke first.

"If you think I'll let your grubby mitts touch a drop of alcohol from my kitchen" the cook spat, eyes harsher than Zoro had ever witnessed "then you are dead fucking wrong."

No tussling, Zoro could deal with.
No sex, Zoro could (mostly) handle.
But no alcohol?

That was one too many pleasures confiscated.

"What is your fucking problem?!" the swordsman yelled, all plans to reconcile thrown out the window as he popped his top.

Sanji grimaced, examining Zoro like he was shit on his shoe. In a single beat the chopping board holding down the swordsman was used as a makeshift mallet to strike his face hard, sending the man stumbling back and slamming into the kitchen cupboards from the unexpected impact.

Zoro groaned, the distraction of his bleeding nose having him react too late to the foot that hammered down into his shoulder, the force sending his ass to the floor in a pained grunt.

"What's my fucking problem?" Sanji repeated the question, leg slamming next to the swordsman's head to pin him there as he leaned over him. "Did I hear that right, Zoro? Have you finally lost every inkling of intelligence you had left?"

Sanji couldn't be reasoned with - that's what Zoro should've told himself - but being left out to dry for days on end only made his blood boil hot.

"Oh, I'm sorry, can you hear me now?" Zoro spat back, "Can you see me? Because the way some god damn brat's been acting had me thinking otherwise!"

The cook's glare turned sharper - raising a dangerous foot with all intention to break the swordsman's skull - just to yelp as his anchored leg was grabbed and pulled out from under him. Sanji fell to the floor with an angry 'oouf!', Zoro taking the opening to lunge forward and grab both legs to hold them tight to his sides, effectively trapping them and rendering them useless.

"You fucking asshole!" the cook screamed, writhing around with a murderous expression. He knew his struggle was pointless from the way Zoro had planted himself like a rock, but his blinding rage stopped any rational thought from entering his head. "Stupid fucking- muscle brained! Shitty marimo- shit! Fuck!"

Zoro leaned forward, wanting to make some attempt at eye contact, but only got angrier when Sanji tried to swipe at him like some feral cat. "What the hell is wrong with you?!"


This was ridiculous, it was beyond ridiculous! It was a kiss, they've fucked countless times without a hitch, and a kiss is what causes problems? It was just- it was-

"It's stupid!" Zoro yelled, still avoiding the cook's wild hands, "Getting this worked up over a kiss is fucking stupid!"

A new spark of rage flickered in Sanji's eyes at the assertion, changing tactics to squeeze his legs around the swordsman as hard as he could. Zoro visibly choked, clenching his jaw as he tried to withstand the pressure of the man's iron thighs.

"Yeah, it's stupid!" Sanji admitted, strain in his voice evident "But it was the one thing I asked! The one fucking thing! And you couldn't even do that!"

Zoro wanted to retaliate, but the air rapidly leaving his lungs from the viscous constriction left him responding in grunts. The slight shift allowed Sanji to latch a hand to Zoro's neck, the other being confined by the brute in a near bruising hold. Even with the choking of his windpipe paired with the crushing of his torso, the moron still refused to move.

"Do you think I'm a joke?" Sanji cried out, desperation rising "Do you seriously not respect me at all?"

"I don't-" Zoro tried to speak, the fingers around his throat tightening "t-think- that!"

"Then you'd know it's not stupid to me! " the blonde just about sobbed, angry tears welling in the corners of his eyes. "So why the fuck did you do it?!"

The question caught him off guard, eyes slightly widening at the immediate blank that swept his mind.

Even if Zoro could speak, he didn't have an answer.

Sanji noticed the near immediate change in the man's fiery gaze, blinking up at him and both freezing in place as their glares softened.

Panting roughly, the cook kept his legs enclosed around the other, but hesitantly released the man's throat with curious hands.

"Why'd you do it?"

The question was calmer this time, still with a hint of venom but room to allow a response.

There was still no answer Zoro could come up with, thinking hard about why he cared so much about kissing the cook in the first place. It's not like he meant to, not that that made it any better. He just…wanted to? No, it was more than that, like he had to. But that made even less sense, Zoro never had to kiss anyone, especially not during sex.

Did he only want to kiss Sanji during sex? And where the hell did that thought come from?

"I…" Zoro tried to answer, his expression twisted awkwardly, showing a clear inner conflict.

Sanji studied him carefully, searching his eyes for something, with Zoro doing the same back.

Unexpectedly, the blonde let out an amused huff and finally released Zoro from his iron grip, flopping back against the floor in defeat. "I can see smoke coming outta your ears, moss head."

Zoro stared at the man beneath him like a confused dog, thoughts still jumbled and heart still thumping even with the adrenaline dying down.

"I-" he tried to speak again, silenced this time by a hand over his mouth.

"Quiet" Sanji frowned, clicking his tongue and putting his free hand over his eyes as he pondered.

All previous tension had dissipated, the swordsman blinking dumbly while Sanji solved whatever equations were currently running through his head. It was with a sigh that he finally spoke again.

"Alright, I concede."

"Con…" Zoro mumbled, mouth still covered and brain still fried.

Sanji released the swordsman with a defeated smile, peeking a blue eye out from under his fingers "I give up, Zoro."

Zoro wanted to ask for what, exactly, but was stunned into silence at the way Sanji sat up with a predatory glint in his eye.

Their noses touched, causing Zoro to stumble back slightly, but his face was quickly caught either side by the cook's hands.

Sanji stared, his eyes lidded while lips curled into a cheshire grin, and it made Zoro's chest pound like nothing he'd felt before.

"You look stupid, shitty swordsman" the blonde breathed, and it was the last thing he said before leaning forward to close the gap between them.

The reaction was immediate, Zoro moving on instinct alone when he wrapped a hand around the back of Sanji's neck and pushed forward with far too much enthusiasm. He prodded his tongue at soft lips in seconds, whining quietly when Sanji moved back to whisper "Slowly, Zoro" and hummed as they connected once more, relishing in the tenderness of those pink lips kissing him with all the passion they could muster.

Zoro didn't usually kiss this soft, was more used to teeth and tongue everywhere in a loveless frenzy, but found himself turning to mush at the sweet sigh the blonde breathed out when he titled his head just so. The swordsman ran a calloused thumb over the nape of Sanji's neck sweetly, feeling the shiver that ran through the man's body, taking the opportunity to snake a hand around his waist and pull him closer.

Something overcame Zoro - something that felt disgustingly fuzzy and gooey and pink - and when Sanji slid his hands to rest on his shoulders the swordsman moved from his lips to kiss his cheek, his chin, his jaw. Each kiss had Sanji making a light 'Mmn' noise, tilting his neck when Zoro moved to place a chaste kiss at his pulse; the man delighting in the feeling of its rapid beating on his lips.

He looked up at the blonde to see the man's flushed state, cheeks coated over with a blushing red while shining eyes were lidded a gorgeous blue, and that urgency to have to kiss him hit like a cannonball. Zoro moved back up to capture that tantalising mouth once more, placing kiss after kiss after kiss on those wet lips and rejoicing in each sound Sanji made.

God, he was going crazy. This wasn't just a want but a need, somewhere along the line the cook stopped being a pleasure and started being a necessity, and Zoro couldn't even pinpoint when this change occurred. It seemed like something he should've fretted over, but the lips pushing back against his own had him thinking otherwise.

To Zoro's dismay, Sanji stopped their innocent makeout session when he broke them apart gently, the swordsman not getting a chance to pull him back when the blonde dropped his head to his shoulder. Zoro could hear the light panting from next to him, now sitting still as his overheated brain tried to catch up on the situation.

"That was...a kiss" Sanji mumbled, refusing to lift his face.

Zoro scrunched his brow "...were you trying to teach me something?"

Blonde locks swayed as Sanji stiffly shook his head "No I- I was know."

Zoro didn't.

"So this is okay now?" Zoro dared to press, Sanji tensing up beside him.

"I- I don't know."

The swordsman frowned, with how tight his chest felt and how oddly clammy his hands were, he knew this wasn't something he could just give up.

"What do you mean you don't know?"

Sanji shook his head again "You don't get it, moss head."

There it was, Sanji's unnecessary, overly complicated way of thinking. Was it so hard to just say things?

"Then tell me, shit cook."

The blonde huffed "You don't get it I've- I never…"

He was getting quieter, Zoro frowning as he tried to strain his ears to hear.

"Huh? Are you saying something?"

Sanji's ears were burning a fluorescent red, digging his face further into Zoro's shoulder as he took a deep breath.

"I- I've never k-k-kissed anyone before! You moron!"

The room stilled, flush now creeping down Sanji's neck in the awkward silence, but it quickly vanished when Zoro broke it with a -


The blonde shot up, eyes wide and bewildered as he stared at the idiot before him. "'So' ?! I bare my vulnerabilities to you and that's all you have to say? 'SO' ?!"

"What else do I say? What's the deal?!" Zoro frowned, only becoming more confused with the situation. "That's why you had your panties in a twist?"

"Oh my god, you're so-" Sanji ran an exhausted hand through his hair, looking as if he were regretting every choice he'd made till now. "I can't believe I had my first with such an uncultured brute, I can't believe I- fucking hell…"

Zoro was lost - unfortunately something that was very common - but this time he was actually lost; in both body and mind. He couldn't even remember his first kiss, why should he care about it? A kiss was just a kiss, it was nothing to ride home about.

Unless, of course, that kiss was with Sanji. A kiss that made his stomach drop, and made his palms sweat, and made his brain melt to goop.

A kiss was a kiss, unless it was Sanji...for some reason.

Zoro shook his head, was he sick?

"What the hell are you thinking so hard for?" Sanji spoke up, effectively breaking the swordsman from his line of thought. The blonde pushed a finger into his wide forehead, smoothing out the creases formed "You're going to hurt yourself, or lose your stupid muscles."

Zoro stared up at him, squeezing the man tight in his lap in fear he'd run off. Sanji wouldn't, not now, but he might if he…

"Oi, moss h- mm?!"

The cook was silenced with another kiss, jumping slightly at the sudden action. After a moment he somewhat calmed, even pressing back against lush lips, but immediately stiffened when a tongue poked out to lick him.

"Wait- nm!" Sanji leaned back in an attempt to protest, barely getting a word out before Zoro lunged forward to capture his mouth again.

The blonde dug fingers into strong shoulders, trying to pull Zoro off but failing as the swordsman used his inhuman strength to pull Sanji's body closer. The movement made Sanji gasp, and Zoro wasted no time licking into that inviting mouth.

Sanji didn't seem to know what to do, still trying to push away from the other, but couldn't help the moan that escaped him as their tongues touched. A growl rumbled through Zoro's chest, grabbing a fistful of shining blonde hair and tilting the cook's head to allow easier access - the roughness of it sending chills up Sanji's spine.

Zoro kissed like he was starved, his tongue licking up Sanji's in desperation for a response, and the blonde eventually caved as he wrapped tight arms around Zoro's shoulders to aggressively kiss back.

It was sloppy and wet, all teeth and tongue like Zoro was used to, but there was something different. When he sucked on Sanji's tongue to be rewarded with a whine, a weird warmth spread through his chest, groaning at the unusual but pleasing feeling. The swordsman got goosebumps at the way Sanji traced around his teeth, the man now raised on his knees to force Zoro's head back, panting into his mouth hotly with saliva running down both their chins from trying to quench this unspoken thirst.

Sanji broke off without warning, a string connecting them while he gasped for breath, and moved his head to the side to stop Zoro's assault.

"I need to breathe" he heaved, gaining an annoyed grunt from the swordsman who tried to lean around him to face him.

"Just use your nose."

Sanji glowered at the man under him "I haven't done this before, asshole! I'm not great at it."

"Who cares?" Zoro pouted, lips twitching. He needed more and he wasn't about to let Sanji deny him of it.

"Who- hnn!"

Sanji was thrown back to the ground with a forceful kiss, their bodies slamming together against the kitchen's wooden floor. A tongue had already forced its way back into his mouth, the man making muffled noises of complaint and hitting Zoro's chest with annoyed fists in a half hearted attempt to get him off.

The swordsman didn't listen, of course, only releasing his lips to lick up his neck.

"Stop- hah! - doing that!"

A sharp bite had Sanji crying out, Zoro immediately jumping back to that sinful mouth to lick around inside it. The blonde instinctively licked back, wrapping both his arms and legs around the man above him as they rolled their hips into each other.

A relieved moan escaped both their lips, muffled and wet but so god damn satisfying. It had always felt good fooling around with the cook, but finally being able to taste those shameless noises he made was a whole other experience.

This definitely wasn't something Zoro was familiar with, but he was sure as hell getting used to it.

"Wait, wait!" Sanji whipped his head to the side again, an already annoying tactic Zoro couldn't stand. "Not here, idiot! Someone might-"

"No one is going to come in," the swordsman growled, mouthing at the man's jaw "you've scared them all straight with that awful attitude."

Sanji scowled at that "I could just not fuck y- AH! Hah!"

A rough hand squeezed him through his pants, dick already hard from the makeout session and now leaking from the much needed attention.

"I don't think that's happening, shit cook."

Zoro's smirk was wide and teasing, but Sanji didn't even have the strength to fight back with how generous that hand was being.

The swordsman dove back down to his tantalising mouth, Sanji having finally given in and kissing back without hesitation; grinding his hips up and running hands down Zoro's chest to hastily force their way under the hem of his shirt.

They were usually feverish when they fucked - hands flying every which way and clumsy movements making it a hazy blur - but this wasn't the same as those times. The combination of being deprived of each other for weeks and this addictive new feeling had them near animalistic, rutting into each other like dogs in heat with lips swollen and skin flushed with sweat.

Sanji didn't even try holding back his voice, something Zoro would've made fun of from the cook's previous complaint had he not found it so damn hot.

"Zoro" Sanji begged, tugging at the man's clothes anxiously "take them off."

The request came out in short breaths, those hands near ripping the fabric of his shirt apart. Zoro didn't need to be asked twice, sitting up to hastily pull the annoying thing off like it's existence was an inexcusable offence - his haramaki bunched with it. When a tanned torso finally came into view, along with naked shoulders and strong biceps, Sanji couldn't stop the shudder that wracked his entire body. It was with an eager pounce that he pushed Zoro onto his back, the swordsman letting out an 'oomph' that turned into a drawn out groan thanks to a hot tongue licking up his chest.

"Fuck" Zoro breathed, the cook making a small noise when rough hands reached down to grope his ass.

A hasty finger immediately pushed over his clothed entrance, Sanji nearly spilling over himself from the simple action.

"God, shit!" the blonde cursed, pushing his ass back into strong hands "I've been- god, I've been so desperate for this."

"Whose fault is that, shit cook?" Zoro snarled, hissing at his nipple being pinched in defiance.

"Yours, fucking marimo."

Zoro had half a mind to pin Sanji back down, had he not noticed the blonde moving to slide his pants down.

Oh, they were really going to fuck on the kitchen floor, in broad daylight, with the crew just outside the door.

This was feral.

The swordsman nearly barked, rutting his hips up to rub against Sanji's still clothed ass.

"Stop fucking moving, idiot!" the cook scolded "This'll go a lot faster!"

The man beneath him would have protested, had he not seen the loosening buttons on the other's light blue shirt from their previous scuffle. Sanji wasn't wearing that stuffy coat today, luckily, so Zoro decided those buttons were free game as he moved to clumsily undo the top few.

By the time Zoro had gotten maybe five undone, Sanji had managed to kick both his shoes and pants off - briefs being thrown away with them - but could hardly triumph in the feeling before keeling over with a shout.

The swordsman had gotten to his nipples, rough padded fingers pushing into them and rubbing. He'd always been sensitive there, unusually so, but days without teasing had them far more receptive than normal.

Zoro leaned up, licking a pink bud into his mouth and causing Sanji's legs to shake.

"Shit! Stop it!

But the blonde's actions betrayed his words, wrapping an instinctive hand around the back of the swordsman's head to push him closer. Zoro grabbed Sanji's nape and pulled him down, the cook curling into him - gasping with each bite and suck.

Zoro thrusted his hips up, clothed erection meeting with a naked ass to make them both moan.

"Y-you didn't wear any fucking underwear today, did you?" Sanji tried to scold, failing to sound threatening in his breathless state.

Zoro smirked into pale skin "Nope."

The blonde made an 'ugh' sound, dropping his head and grinding back with eager hips "You're so gross."

"Glad you like it."

Sanji couldn't even confute that, instead opting to shoot a hand down to sneak it under elastic pants and squeeze the already leaking member that immediately met his fingers. Zoro threw his head back with a jolt, finally freeing Sanji's now red chest and making the man smirk above him.

"Still fucking gross" he teased, all too cocky as he sat up on his knees and shifted back; pulling the swordsman's pants down to let his cock spring free.

Zoro barely had time to process the sensation of cool air on hot skin before being stunned into silence by Sanji looking him directly in the eye, lifting an open palm to his mouth, and licking all the way up it.

Then, with that devilish hand, the cook grabbed Zoro's bobbing dick and rubbed it with a pressing thumb.

"Shit" the swordsman sat up on his forearms, far too invested in watching those delicate hands work their magic.

It didn't take long for Zoro to be overflowing with precum, effectively lubing up his cock, and when Sanji was satisfied he let go of the angry member to give his fingers a quick lick.

Zoro’s short circuiting brain nearly didn't notice Sanji moving himself into position, reaching behind him to line the man up with his twitching entrance.

"Oi!" Zoro halted him with a strong hand on his hip, being glared down by a frustrated blue. "It'll hurt, you need to be prepared."

Sanji huffed "You think I haven't been doing that?"

Unblinking eyes went blank, a stupid expression twisting Zoro's features.

The blonde clicked his tongue and lolled his head to the side, messy hair streaming down like a golden waterfall. "I've been finger fucking myself every day since your little stunt."

Oh, shit.

"Then...why?" Zoro choked out, being met with a dangerously malicious look.

"Because I fucking hate you" Sanji growled, sinking down onto the swordsman to make them both groan.

It was a slightly tight fit, but nothing unmanageable. If anything it felt softer than usual, and the thought alone had Zoro getting harder.

Sanji whined, feeling the member pulsing inside him as he bottomed out, eyes rolling to the back of his head from the familiar sensation - how he'd missed this.

They both couldn't move for a bit, taking in the delicious feeling either had yearned for, but eventually something clicked in Zoro as he shifted with a sharp thrust.

"Hah!" Sanji gasped, having to place a steadying hand on a tanned chest as he shook. So Zoro did it again, anchoring himself by gripping strong, pale thighs and fiercely jerking up.

The cook's body bounced loosely, jaw clenched as he inhaled sharply with each wild thrust. His eyes were rolled so far back they were barely there, eyelids fluttering as the ecstasy of being filled left him utterly useless.

If they were to be attacked at that very moment, he sure wouldn't mind dying like this.

A particularly powerful thrust made him scream, eyes blown wide when that sweet spot was hit, and Zoro sported a feral grin as he moved to flip them; pinning Sanji back against the floor.

He grabbed those long legs, pushed them back and over his shoulders, and started his rhythm up again.

Sanji was hysterical beneath him, screaming and writhing and shooting his hands up to claw at tanned arms. His thighs squeezed tight around the swordsman's head, nearly enough force in them to choke the other out, and Zoro cursed at how ridiculously sexy he found that thought to be.

He shifted his eyes to Sanji's face, snarling at the burning red of his cheeks and especially the wet pink of his swollen lips; that sinful mouth being the cause of this whole thing.

"Stick out your tongue" Zoro demanded with a growl, grabbing Sanji's face in a tight grip to slightly squish his cheeks. He immediately did so, obviously too out of it to challenge the other like he normally would, and Zoro felt a pleasing buzz at the obedience.

He leaned down to suck on that beguiling tongue, Sanji being practically bent in half but paying no mind due to his freakish flexibility. The blonde could only moan - impetuously wrapping his arms around Zoro and kissing back, sloppy and desperate.

They could both feel it building and building, that coiling sensation slowly becoming all too much as Zoro's thrusts became erratic and Sanji's voice started to break.

The cook was trying to say something, but Zoro refused to release his lips, digging his tongue deeper and deeper to swallow every one of those sweet sounds.

It felt so good, too good - Zoro unable to stop himself from growling like an animal, the kiss making his head fog into a wild bliss. He felt insane, completely out of control, a sensation he'd never experienced until meeting the damn cook.

He made him crazy.
Sanji made him crazy.
And god, did he love it.

"Sanji" Zoro growled, the name alone making the man arch up and cry out with a shriek.

The tightening around his cock had the swordsman crying out with him, capturing his mouth again and holding him close as they came together - releasing into that inviting heat with a muffled groan.

They rode out their high with desperate kisses, slowly turning languid when the euphoria dissipated into a warm glow. Zoro's body began to slump over Sanji's, their now lazy kissing messy and clumsy but all so perfect.

Fooling around felt great, sure, but whatever this was felt overwhelming. Zoro could kiss the guy until he passed out for all he cared, but alas, their blissful moment was cut short by a violent banging on the door.

"If you two are done, there's a captain out here that's been desperate to get in there for his lunch!"

It was Nami's voice, followed by a screaming Luffy desperately clawing to get at the door.

Sanji looked up at Zoro with wide eyes, who was looking back at him with a similar expression, and the cook went a violent red as he moved to cover his face with a hand.

"I...need to make lunch."

"Yeah" was all Zoro could say, but neither of them moved.

Another sharp bang at the door had them both jump, and Sanji went even redder as he sat up; pushing into Zoro's chest with an unusually gentle hand.

"You...wait for me tonight" he managed to muster, unable to look at the man before him.

Zoro didn't respond for a solid few seconds, looking at the cook thoughtfully. Eventually, he leaned forward to move Sanji's hand from his face and plant a chaste kiss on his lips.

"Okay" the swordsman smirked, reveling in the fluorescent red of the cook's stunned expression.

It was late when Sanji poked his head up into the crow's nest, Zoro glancing over in silent acknowledgment of the man's presence.

The guy looked exhausted; hair tousled, shirt wrinkled, and tie nowhere to be seen. Usually Sanji prided himself on his taintless presentation, but the day was spent crying excuses to the ladies and being forced to make dish after dish in apology for him to care anymore. There was even a small stain on his light blue shirt - definitely a result of today's crazed session - that'd somehow gone unnoticed by the cook. It wasn't like Zoro was planning to tell him that.

Sanji walked towards where Zoro was, the swordsman currently lounging on the long seats of the crow's nest, and stopped in front of him stiffly. Zoro watched as Sanji gnawed at the cigarette in his mouth, a nervous habit he'd picked up on, and waited in the curious silence for him to speak.

"Let me get one thing straight" Sanji frowned while combing a hand through his hair - another nervous tick "I don't like you."

Zoro nodded "Feeling's mutual."

"But" the cook continued, eyes now shifting to anywhere but Zoro "I don't completely hate you."

Yeah, that was about as convoluted an answer as the rest of Sanji.

"Just spit it out, cook" Zoro tsked, earning a glare.

"Shut up, will you?" the blonde sighed, crossing his arms with an anxious tap of his foot "I've been thinking that... maybe you don't completely hate me either."

That was an unexpected response.

"What?" the swordsman very smartly blurted out.

"I figured you'd be too stupid to realise it."

There was a very long, very weird silence between them. Blue eyes looked to the side, ears slightly red, while Zoro stared - the gears tick, tick, ticking in his head to finally move with a ceremonious clunk.

The snow had melted, spring had bloomed, and Zoro's cheeks flushed a bright, embarrassed red.

"Stop looking at me!" Sanji spluttered, hiding behind a sweaty hand.

"But-!" Zoro tried to reason "Then why did you- why the attitude?!"

"Because it's you," Sanji confessed. "Do you know how mortifying it is for me to realise that I- that I don't completely hate you!"

What the hell?

Zoro's chest felt like it was being torn apart in an uncontrollable, weirdly good kind of way.

What the hell?

"Then the kiss, the first one" the swordsman's words were spilling out, his thoughts a jumbled mess.

Sanji whipped his head around with a huff, fighting through his blushing state "Yeah! I liked it! Happy?"

Quite honestly, Zoro was overjoyed, but he only managed to respond with an awkward "Yes?"

The swordsman needed to think for a moment, hands on his knees as he looked to the floor with wide eyes. What had Sanji said before they started all this? That the only people who should kiss are ones who…?

"Holy shit, you look terrifying."

Unbeknownst to Zoro, his lips had broken out in a huge grin, eyes still wide and unblinking. It was a similar expression he made in battle, when there was a particularly tough opponent, when he was excited.

He was so happy. He was so happy!

"This to me" Zoro confessed, a hand over his mouth in fear he'd cough up his rapidly beating heart.

"Yeah, well" the blonde started to fiddle with his hair "it's not like I understand it either."

The two chanced a look at each other, and when gazes connected, their eyes immediately shot back to the floor in discomfort - both parties a glowing red.

Nope, fuck that.

"Why the hell is it you" Sanji wailed in despair, "of all people!"

"You're not exactly a catch yourself" Zoro lied, his whole body, heart and brain telling him that was a lie.

This sucked.

Sanji sighed, crossing his legs after falling to the floor with a ‘ thump’ . He was still a bright red, mirroring Zoro's state, and his mouth formed a shy frown as his gold fringe fell to hide those baby blues.

"But, you know" he started quietly, gripping his legs tight "I'm glad my first"

The swordsman glanced up, a warm tingle washing over him from the unexpected confession, "Because?"

"Because" Sanji breathed "I know I won't regret it."

An arrow was shot, flying right at Zoro, and it was game, set, match.

For the first time in his life, he'd been tamed, and it didn't feel nearly as awful as he thought it would. The exact opposite, in fact.

"Yeah" Zoro smiled, rubbing a shy hand over the back of his neck, "yeah, me too."

They sat in a welcoming silence, previous words echoing around them to create a pink glow, and both men smiled giddily at the floor.

Maybe there was more to kissing after all.