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What to Do If Your Sister is Possibly Dating a Girl

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“Tin, do you think murdering a girl is wrong?”

On the sofa, Tin looks up from his book. “The correct answer would be I think murdering anyone is wrong.”

“Tin! But you don’t!”

“I’ve never had any homicidal impulses towards a girl, if that’s what you’re asking. Even the ones I chased away, I never wanted to hurt them in such a way.”

“Lay might have a girlfriend, and I don’t know what to do if she hurts her.”

“Your sister has several girl-” At Can’s expression, Tin trails off. “A girlfriend instead of a boyfriend?”

Can nods.

“Okay.” Tin tugs Can down next to him. “Well, if you’re right, your plans on how you’d hurt any boy who hurt your little sister can’t be applied if this girl is mean to Lay.”

Can whines.

“But we’ll think of something. If she is a bad choice, I’ll help you deal with her, and if she’s not, she’ll be my sister just like Lay is.”

Studying him intently, Can asks, “Really?”

Tin nods.

“Thank you, Tin.” Can snuggles against him.

Setting the book aside, Tin asks, “What makes you think this girl might be more than just a friend?”

“Well, first…”