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Chaos Through The Fire

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Buck groaned as he flicked through the channels on his television, he was bored out of his mind. He glanced at his phone on the coffee table, he could call Maddie and do what? Talk to her, yeah right. She was building her life with Chim and he didn’t want her to start worrying about his loneliness. His eyes landed on the few empty boxes that sat in the corner of the room. He should probably get rid of them, the move from his old place was a bitch. Then again he didn’t want to deal with his stupid upstairs neighbor. Hen and Chim were great help in the move even if they barely spoke to him the whole time. Bobby didn’t seem to care as he filled out the update form of his employment and he made sure that Eddie had gotten the new address even if he never replied to any of his messages. Ugh…He shifted again trying to get comfortable on the couch, another glance at his phone. 

Who was he going to call, not like anyone from the 118 wanted him there anyways. Almost a full three weeks after he dropped the lawsuit and they barely spoke to him, let alone interacted with him. He was glared at whenever he entered a room and often times yelled at for little stupid things by Bobby. He was always the man behind, he didn’t even feel like he was allowed up in the loft anymore. He ate alone in the locker room and oftentimes stared down until he left an area. 

Eddie wouldn’t even look at him and no matter how much he tried to reach out to his best friend, there was often anger and hurt that came his way. Hen and Chim are the only ones who seem to care, they are the ones who do try to be nice to him in any form or manner but that is rare. They only ever do it when it's just the two of them, maybe even the three of them if they're lucky. If the rest of the team was there, there is no reason for them to focus on him, instead joining in the silent treatment. There were points when he missed talking to Bobby, his leader just wanted nothing to do with him anymore. It bothered him but at the same time, could he really blame the man after he sued him. One of the few people who actually seemed to care was Athena but talking to her was maybe a once in a great moon type of thing. He was talking to May more than anyone else, it sometimes still surprised him but even she was starting to message less.

Buck shifted again, his foot going over the edge of the couch, he was bored. He wanted to reach out to Eddie, he missed his best friend and his son. He missed Christopher's laugh and the smile that always seemed to be present on the boy's face. He missed their movie nights, oftentimes crashing at the Diaz household. Buck groaned this was stupid, he should just call Eddie and apologize but he has done it so many times. Snatching up the phone he stared at the date, it was Friday night. He should be at Eddie’s for a movie night but here he was sitting at home alone. He always fucked everything up.  

Unlocking the device, he stared at the screen for a few moments. It was a picture of him, Eddie and Chris all smiling up at the camera. Buck knew he screwed up with that lawsuit, he knew he fucked up but he just wanted his job back. He wanted his family back, like they would want him back after all this. He locked the device once again, he’d apologize tomorrow during his shift. Not like he had much else to do, while everyone left him behind again. Just another forgotten piece, like he was good for much else. Just something to be thrown away, and lost. 

He should have never gone to Chase Mackey, that was his mistake and now he has to make up for it. But he has already apologized time and time again but they just ignore him making him fall deeper into his hole. They don't want him, they don’t need him. He was a mistake for forcing his way back into the 118. What could he do? He had already made enough meals for them to last a lifetime and they never said anything. They never looked at him, even the newest recruits had come to insult and bully him. Buck never fights back, after all he deserved it. He is the one that broke the station, he went and ruined it for everyone. 

A knock filled his apartment, getting him to shift on the couch. He wasn’t expecting anybody, let alone at nearly 8 at night. Grabbing his phone he double checked it to just make sure no one was coming over. Turning off the television, he gets to his feet moving out of the living room and the open kitchen. He glanced down the handful of steps leading to the street below. His eyes trail up the other side to the steps leading up to the bedroom and bath, debating if he should go grab something. Pushing the thought out of his mind, he started down the stairs to the door and looked through the peephole. He can’t see much of anything and that's a bit irritating, was something covering the hole? Perhaps the knock was for the neighbors door, that made sense he could sometimes hear them. He shrugs, preparing to head up the stairs when another round of knocking stops him. 

He swore to god there was no one there, now he was irritated. Was someone playing a prank? Buck flicked the deadbolt, and opened the door slightly before it got shoved fully open causing him to stumble backwards falling on the stairs. Chase Mackey slammed the door behind him, a panicked look on his face and in his hand a pistol, the barrel pointing directly at Buck. 

“Woah… Chase um… what’s going on?” Buck asked, raising his hands. 

“Because of you, my family left me. They are after me for everything, all because you dropped that fucking lawsuit. You are going to pay Evan. Get up.” Chase ordered as Buck slowly got to his feet. He might be able to get the gun away from Chase but one more look over the man, he can see he was shaking. One wrong move and that gun was going to go off, for now it might be better to obey. 

“Phone!” Chase demanded as soon as he noticed it once they were both on a flat surface. Buck grabbed his phone in his pocket, throwing it down the stairs getting Chase’s attention to snap to it for a moment. That’s all Buck needed. He grabbed for the gun, but of course Chase had a pretty good grip on the thing and the two struggled to get the weapon from the other. Buck tried to trip Chase but all it did was get them both wrestling on the ground. 


The sound reverberated through the apartment startling Buck, and a searing pain screamed from his right shoulder. Chase kicked him in the stomach, throwing the younger man off him. Buck pressed his left hand to the wound trying to stop the bleeding. He couldn’t feel blood on his back, which meant there was no exit wound. No, no, no! Not now! 

“Back up!” Chase ordered. Buck hesitated as he was still on the ground and the man ordered him backwards. Slowly Buck got to his feet, as he was forced backwards by Chase moving forward. Chase scanned the living room and kitchen over, not bothering to take the gun’s focus off of Buck. The two slowly moved into the kitchen before Chase ordered him back to the ground, Buck didn’t protest. He focused on the blood, his hand trying to stop some of the bleeding but there was only so much he could do. Chase moved around the kitchen ripping drawers open, and dumping their contents on the floor. What was he looking for? A kitchen towel landed at his side, and Buck immediately grabbed the towel, pressing it to the wound and giving a hiss. 

Another drawer spilled out on the ground and Buck took a shaky breath, the gun still not moving off of him. Just his fucking luck. Another burst of pain escaped the wound, as he pushed harder trying to slow the blood. Squeezing his eyes shut he tried to focus on his breathing, ignoring the commotion around him. Something hit him in the side of the head sending him sprawling to the floor, his hand holding the towel going to the new injury. His head rocked, as he let out a yelp at the impact. He could feel the blood on his hand from the bullet wound but he chose to ignore it as best he could. 

“Fuck...” Buck whimpered. His hands were yanked forward as something was tightened around his wrists forcing them together. He tried to pull on them, feeling the plastic digging into his skin. Blinking, he looked at the black zip ties on his wrists before giving another small pull, pain roaring from his shoulder. He forgot he put those in his junk drawer. 

“Did that hurt? Can’t hurt as much as what those guys are going to do to me.” Chase seemed to watch him, something flicking across his face for a moment. “First aid kit.” Buck stared at the man. 


“First aid kit, where is it? Can’t have you bleeding to death.” The man snapped and Buck had to blink at him a few times to finally figure out what he exactly wanted. 

“Upstairs bathroom.” Buck responded and the man disappeared up the stairs. Taking another shaky breath Buck tried to get to his feet, a sense of nausea swimming in his stomach. Forcing a pained breath in, he slowly pushed himself to his feet losing his balance for a moment. He bumped into the side of the couch, another shot of pain rolling through him as he stumbled towards the door. He could get out of here, he would get out here, he just nee-

“Where do you think you’re going?” A growl came from behind him as a hand grabbed his collar dragging him back into the kitchen. Chase threw him to the ground, there was something off about him, his eyes were almost burning holes through him. “You think you can just leave like that! Well let's fix that.” Chase stated before slamming his heel on Buck’s ankle. 


Buck screamed as the bone snapped with the strike.

“Shut up!” The barrel of the gun hit the side of his head, he hit the floor hard and Buck had to bite his tongue to hold the yell. Chase dropped to his knees, unzipped the first aid kit and set to work digging items out. 

“How do I…” He cut himself off, Buck winced against the throbbing as it rolled through his head. 

“Wha-” Buck whispered. 

“Tell me what to do.” 


“How do I patch you up? You can bleed to death if your still on those stupid blood thinners.” Buck blinked at him, another surge of stinging coming from his head. 

“No…” The muzzle of the gun pressed against the side of his head and Buck took a shaky breath. “Clean the wound up… Slow the bleeding with pressure and wrap it up.” Buck stated. This was stupid, this was so stupid. Why was he telling him! “I need to go to the hospital.” Buck mumbled but another strike came to the side of his head. He whimpered his hands going to cover the spot as he clenched his eyes shut trying to push the pain aside. 

“Shut up.” Chase snarled and went back to his work, wrapping up the bullet wound as best he could. Buck glared at the man as he placed a hand on the firefighters knee jostling the broken ankle. Another scream escaped Buck, and then Chase was no longer beside him. His breath came in far too fast for it to be comfortable, and he tried to relax and not move his leg. He pulled a bit on the ties on his wrists testing them once more, what was he even supposed to do if he could get them off. He couldn’t walk. He fucked up, this shouldn’t be happening. He didn’t have his phone, he didn’t have a way to get away. He could scream but he could only imagine that outcome. 

Something went over his mouth, stopping him from making much noise at all. Another rip sounded and Buck’s eyes snapped open and Chase tore another strip of duct tape off the roll placing it over Buck’s mouth. 

“Found these in a box in your bedroom.” Chase stated before pulling the silver handcuffs out of his back pocket. “I think zip ties are better.” Chase tossed the handcuffs on the kitchen table. “One last thing, let's see if I can find something.” Buck pulled at the binds once more, as soon as Chase was out of sight. He was fucked! He was so fucked, he just hoped someone noticed. 

Chase returned a few minutes later carrying Buck’s knife and tearing some type of fabric up. He held it out in front of him, showing Buck exactly what it was. Buck blinked at the long length of fabric before the older man moved forward wrapping it around the firefighters head, cutting off any sight. A moment later he felt another hit to the side of his head, knocking him back to the floor. His shoulder screamed as he whined against the tape over his mouth, his ankle burned and he couldn’t stop the tears from streaming down and soaking the fabric. 

“See now isn’t that better.” Chase stated as his footsteps grew closer. A kick landed to his side, a burst of pain coming from his ribs, but it didn’t stop. Buck lost count of how many strikes Chase got before he decided to stop his assault, everything burned and ached. Buck shook slightly as he tried to calm himself down as much as he could. He was blind, trapped and helpless.