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Damage Per Second

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Saturdays being boring was never a problem Tsukasa would have considered back when she was in high school. The weekends used to promise liberation from homework, fun activities with friends, and dates with Shizuha! And yet, at 23 years old Tsukasa Ebisu found herself with absolutely nothing to do on a Saturday. Her girlfriend was cooped up in their guest-room-turned-office playing Warcraft. Aruru and Misora were out doing...something. Tsukasa hadn’t quite understood the phone call. Something about capybaras. Lalafin was locked in her apartment on a 24-hour anime binge. Tsukasa sighed to herself. She really needed a hobby.

Her boredom turned to idle scrolling through the annals of instagram, flipping through photos of models, salads, and people’s dogs. As she scrolled aimlessly, she passed one of Shizuha’s old photos from her verified account. It was a pretty simple photo, she had a hoodie on over a tank top, and the captioned beckoned her 200k fans to tune in and watch her livestream. Nothing about this photo should have been anything special, but… something about her smile got gears turning in Tsukasa’s stomach. Fuck she thought to herself. I need her.

Tsukasa got up and peeked her head into the room where Shizuha was gaming. She seemed pretty into it. Tsukasa didn’t exactly know how all this stuff worked (Minesweeper was more her speed) but she had learned to recognize a couple things. For one, she could tell Shizuha wasn’t streaming right now. Perfect.

Tsukasa waited by the door for a few minutes, before Shizuha emerged from the room to grab a snack. Shizuha barely even registered her. Tsukasa seized the opportunity and rushed into the room to crawl underneath Shizuha’s desk. She snickered to herself. Mission accomplished.

As Shizuha re-entered the room, Tsukasa made sure to stay hidden underneath the desk. Shizuha’s gamer trance was especially helpful in concealing Tsukasa’s presence. As Shizuha pulled her chair in, Tsukasa could see the outline of Shizuha’s dick through her sweatpants. Did she not even put on underwear today? She should be taking better care of herself. Tsukasa shook her head to clear herself of these thoughts. She had one goal right now. And it had very little to do with Shizuha’s self-care routine.

Tsukasa tapped her girlfriend’s shin, to alert her to her presence.

“Tsukasa? What are you doing, I’m about to party up for a raid.”

Tsukasa gestured with her head to Shizuha’s groin.

“Oh...uh… I’m about to join the TeamSpeak.”

“I’ll be quiet, promise.”


Shizuha gulped and nodded. She seemed a little nervous at the idea of doing this, but something about the risk seemed to turn her on, as evidenced by the growing bulge a few inches from Tsukasa’s face. Tsukasa put her hands on Shizuha’s waistband and began to pull down her sweatpants. Her cock was as stiff as a board. Tsukasa took this moment to note just how big it was next to her face. She’d seen it before, but she always forgot just how big it really was. She reminded herself to be careful as she wrapped a hand around Shizuha’s shaft. From above, she heard a voice.

“Hey, jdag! Do you know when ratz is logging on?” Tsukasa smiled at Shizuha’s conversation. She heard a muffled response from the headphones, and decided to run her tongue along Shizuha’s tip the moment she decided to speak. “Solid. Hopefully she-” Shizuha’s voice trailed off as she tried to stifle a moan. “-logs on soon. Yeah, I’m okay, sorry. Just thought I might have to sneeze for a second.” Shizuha reached a hand down and flicked Tsukasa’s forehead. Tsukasa smiled and bobbed her head down a little further onto Shizuha’s dick. She could feel Shizuha’s muscles tightening.

“Oh, hey ratz! Glad you’re here, let’s start the raid.” As she heard the sound of rapid clicking and keyboard movement begin above, Tsukasa decided to get a little friskier. It was hard to get it all without gagging and making a sound, so Tsukasa moved her lips slowly down until she was touching the base of Shizuha’s pelvis. She could feel it poking the back of her throat. Up above, Shizuha seemed laser focused on the game. Tsukasa withdrew her mouth and pouted slightly. Shizuha’s cock was still dripping with her saliva. She could see it twitching with anticipation.

Tsukasa crawled out from under the desk and moved Shizuha’s bulky headphones off of one ear. She wanted Shizuha to want this as badly as she did. She moved to whisper in her ear, so the mic couldn’t hear.

“Do you want more?”

“Hey, dag, healing on the left please? This fire giant is no joke.”

“Do you want your friends to hear us?”

“Um… ratz… make sure to drop your AoE on the… uh…”

Tsukasa leaned in to gently bite her earlobe.

“Try your best not to give us away.”

“DPS stay on the… giant… hey I have to go AFK for a sec sorry guys.”

Shizuha switched her mic off and turned around to face Tsukasa. There was a devilish smile on her face.
“I’m going to finish this raid.”

Tsukasa pouted her lips and gave Shizuha her best puppydog eyes. She couldn’t tell if it was working.

“You can wait a few minutes.”

“Can not.”

“Stay under my desk. Don’t be loud.”


Tsukasa smiled and nodded eagerly. Shizuha feigned as though she was making a concession, but she was really desperate for the pleasure. Shizuha put her headset back on as Tsukasa slid back into position. Within moments, Tsukasa found herself bobbing her head up and down on Shizuha’s dick again.

“Alright, sorry about that guys. I need- ergh!” Tsukasa’s tongue found a sensitive spot near Shizuha’s tip. “...sorry. I figure we can gank the darkbeast if dag gets his act together. Let’s roll.”

Tsukasa allowed her rhythm to get faster, brushing hair out of her face so she could look up at Shizuha’s expressions. She was trying to control herself, but to no avail. She started to lean back in her chair as the pleasure built. A moan fought desperately to escape from her throat as Tsukasa continued to surgically target the spots along Shizuha’s shaft that were provoking the most response. She could feel Shizuha twitching in her mouth as she got faster. Up above, she could see she was biting her tongue as well. Watching Shizuha try so desperately to fight this off gave Tsukasa an idea.

Tsukasa placed her hands on Shizuha’s ass to pull her forward, sending her dick as deep into Tsukasa’s mouth as it could get. The sudden rush of pleasure was enough to make Shizuha lose control a second. Instinctually, a sound escaped her mouth.

“Oh, FUCK.” she took a second to pause before realizing she had been killed by a skeleton. Not that it mattered in the moment. Shizuha fumbled to quickly mute her mic as Tsukasa bobbed her head faster and faster. Shizuha grabbed onto her hair and let out a wail of ecstasy.

“Tsukasa, I’m close. If you don’t want me to-”

Tsukasa wrapped a hand around the base of Shizuha’s cock and began to stroke back and forth as she suckled the tip. She looked up at Shizuha’s face as she finally couldn’t control herself anymore. Tsukasa felt warmth splatter her tongue and the back of her throat. She held her head in place and gagged slightly as Shizuha’s legs flailed with the wild abandon of ecstasy. After a moment to recover, Shizuha still panted heavily. She seemed nervous

“I didn’t mean to… in your…”

Tsukasa coughed slightly from the irritation to the back of her throat as she stood up and smiled. Her makeup was running a bit, and a thin string of saliva dribbled down from the corner of her mouth. She licked her lips and smiled as she walked off to go take a shower. Shizuha sat there in her chair, panting, half naked. Tsukasa had made her cum plenty before, but trying it in a high risk situation was definitely new. As she heard the shower running, Shizuha decided to stand up and join her girlfriend. The raid would be there tomorrow. Tsukasa, she decided, was worth her immediate attention.

As her girlfriend joined her in the shower, Tsukasa smiled. She had finally found something worth doing with her Saturday.