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Darth Maul's Revenge

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You had stayed awake all night, trying to reach your master through the Force and avoiding your own thoughts. They were no use to your mission; they were either memories of Aola, flashbacks of Anakin and Padme, or concern for Master Kenobi – distractions, each of them. All you felt was fear and shame and anger, which made your worries all the worse. You struggled against the emotions, forcing the neutrality of your Jedi principles. You felt a dark presence around Master Obi-Wan and you sensed that he had been captured or was perhaps surrounded in enemy territory. Either way, you couldn’t wait another day before going out to find him – the danger was too clear.

Sleep deprived, but certain, you repack your bag. The sun isn’t up yet, so you jot down a quick note to your companions that you’re going out to follow leads. You jog up to your ship and strap in before you come to your senses. You know your Master is in the Outer Rim and surrounded by darkness, so you plot a course for Dathomir, being the planet you know with the most concentrated presence of the dark side of the Force. You hope as long as you get closer to him, you’ll be able to sense your Master’s presence. If there’s no sense of him there, then you’ll just have to keep looking.

After your ship hurls forward into the familiar tunnel of light, you sigh in relief. You’re finally taking action again, and you can feel that horrid grasp of helplessness fading from your chest. You straighten up in the pilot’s seat and steel yourself for the perilous journey ahead.

The ship warps near the orbit zone of the blood red planet. Immediately, you reach out for a sense of your master in the area. There is a familiarity to this place… you feel it is a similar darkness to that surrounding Master Kenobi, but more distant, like a memory. Your master isn’t here, but the dark side being has been.


Obi-Wan strained against his shackles again, but all he accomplished was cutting deeper into his wrists, bloodying the restraints in the process. Satine stirred, her body still weak from the abuse. She’d awoken a few times to vomit and shudder and weep. She seems more than spent from the past few days in captivity, so her fleeting consciousness isn’t surprising regardless of the day’s events. Obi-Wan sighed, his mind unable to focus and his body aching from the constant raising of his arms.
The door opened. Obi-Wan tensed and gritted his teeth, immediately on edge in Maul’s presence. The Jedi worried what treachery he was planning next. Maul slowly strode past Obi-Wan, comfortable – taking his time, and sat on the table by Satine’s feet. She was unconscious, so luckily she was spared this moment for now, at least. Maul had a bucket and a cloth in his hands. It almost looked like he was going to wash Satine’s blood-stained body.
Kenobi wanted to speak, but he was at a loss. He was here, undeniably Maul’s prisoner, and nobody else knew where he was.
The Zabrak dipped the cloth in the bucket, squeezed the excess water, and turned.
You thought about Master Obi-Wan’s enemies. Those who have been to this planet would include Count Dooku, Asajj Ventress, and Darth Maul. Unless there were others you didn’t know about… Master didn’t trust you with much information about himself. You mostly learned these speaking with Anakin, Ahsoka, and hearing gossip around the Temple. Perhaps there was another enemy he hid from you, afraid you would put yourself in harm’s way to protect him. You tried to shake the thought – your incompetence in his eyes would have to be ignored for now. Go on what you know. Dooku wouldn’t have come here often, so his connection wouldn’t be strong. Ventress hasn’t been here since childhood as far as you knew, so your best candidate was Darth Maul. You exhaled and concentrated for a moment, hoping the Force would show you some sign that you were on the right path, but you know it was selfish to come out here. It was selfish to want to prove yourself to your master, to want to save him so he would finally trust you, and to convince yourself that you were worthy of the Jedi order. It was selfish to try and protect yourself from the grief of losing another master to your incompetence. Despite telling yourself this mission was wrong, you were still driven to rescue Master Obi-Wan. You should be there with him as his apprentice. Your mind reached out into the Force, feeling for your master and hoping to use your close connection to be able to track him better.
You saw a burnt orange sky that was more smog than atmosphere. There was refuse everywhere, piles – no, mountains – of it everywhere. Lotho Minor! It had to be. There was rumor that’s where Darth Maul was during his disappearance and his new brother, Savage had found him there. Of course. You punched in the coordinates and watched in excitement the white streaks paint the sky as you hurled towards your master.

To Obi-Wan’s horror, Maul continued pouring the water that drenched through the cloth covering his face. He gagged and coughed and desperately tried to remain calm, but it was to no avail. He couldn’t lose the simulation of drowning. Maul wasn’t even trying to break into his mind the way he had before, he wasn’t wanting to best Kenobi in the Force, he only wanted to make him suffer.
It felt like hours passed as the Zabrak toyed with Obi-Wan. The Sith laughed at the gasps followed by sobs and watched closely as Obi-Wan’s body became more weak and more weary. Satisfied he was surely exhausted, the Sith began his questioning.
“Now tell me, Kenobi,” Maul whispered into his ear as he gave him a moment to breathe, “Where is that apprentice you miss so dearly?”
Obi-Wan didn’t respond, he only gasped for air with a croaking sound and then braced himself for the next wave. Suddenly, the cloth was torn from his face and his chin was lifted.
“My patience wears thin, Kenobi, where are they?” Obi-Wan shook his head weakly, drained from the torture. As Maul chuckled, the Jedi felt two hands on either side of his head, but he was far too exhausted to try and even keep him out this time. This must have been the plan all along; it was far easier than using all of his energy to fight his way in. Now Kenobi’s mind was laid bare as he struggled to remain awake for Maul’s musings.
Maul saw into your shared moments with Kenobi, he felt what Obi-Wan remembered feeling in those moments as well – living them out as he pleased. The Sith felt Kenobi’s hesitance and restrained interest in your curves and your wide eyes the day you were reassigned to him. He saw your skilled fighting, your strategic excellence, and most of all, he saw Kenobi spend countless nights in his bed, stroking himself to the thought of you. Maul didn’t dare stifle his laughter.
“That apprentice is wasted on you. The potential, the expertise, their grief would fuel their power. It’s all lost on you pathetic Jedi.. especially that tempting mouth. That’s your favorite part, isn’t it, Kenobi?”
The Jedi tried to pull away, furious and embarrassed beneath his fatigue. “Maybe you’ll have a new favorite part once you see everything,” he cautioned. “Now, let’s see where you left them for me.” Maul ruffled through Kenobi’s mind again, looking for the last moment.
Maul felt Kenobi walking briskly through the temple towards your room. Heart racing, brow sweating, he simply walked through your door without so much as a knock. His objective left his mind as his eyes found your bare shoulder, collarbone, and most of your breast in the amber glow of your dimmed lights. Hungry eyes scan along your exposed ribs and down the curve of your hips to soft looking thighs. In a panic, much to his dismay, you scrambled to cover your side with the blanket you’d been cuddling. He felt almost guilty, intruding upon your private space, but wished he’d done it earlier had he known you slept so… comfortably.
“Ah, your little novice isn’t any use to me on Coruscant.” He tried to find some later memory, but there was nothing. That was the last goodbye. Maul made sure to memorize Obi-Wan’s familiarity of your Force signature, just to be sure if he got lucky enough to find you, he’d be certain from a distance.

Your ship jerked as you exited hyperspace. There is was, Lotho Minor. You desperately needed some rest at this point, but orbit didn’t seem to be the safest option, being a popular junk planet for Naboo, there would be at least some traffic. You landed in what seemed like an especially remote area in the valley between two garbage peaks. Stepping out to scan the vicinity for danger, you wondered why anyone would come to this disgusting place. You thought it must be ideal for privacy and the location most painful for Maul during his disappearance - if this truly is where he nearly rotted for years in exile. It must have been unbearable. You returned to your ship and hid inside for much needed rest.
Hours passed without issue and you woke after about 4 of them, feeling more able to face the hazards ahead. Suit active, lightsaber handy, a backpack equipped with various tools, rations, and medical supplies, and you were on your way. You hoped your luck continued. There was that same burnt orange light in the sky, and you really had no idea what the day/night cycle was like here, so you would simply have to be ready.

Obi-Wan wakes with a shout – in his sleep, he saw Maul with his hands on you on a small ship. He fears the worst, you captured and joining him soon, but decides Maul is simply inputting the picture into his mind as more of his relentless torture.
Satine is laying on her side, knees pulled to her chest and facing Obi-Wan. Her eyes are barely open. She’s been raped three times since that first terrible night – losing more blood and getting no water each time it’s happened. Obi-Wan tried to shake the images of her body being ripped apart by Maul from his mind. The sight of the Sith’s hands gripping her thighs and forcing himself into her over and over played in his head again, despite his best efforts.
The Jedi fears the worst. The duchess’s once sweet face is now hardened, her eyes hollow as she looks more through Obi-Wan than at him. “Satine, I…” he instinctively tries to sit up, but he’s now strapped down horizontally with his hands by his sides, presumably so he can rest for more torture from Maul. Satine whispers something. Through cracked lips and a hoarse voice, Kenobi can’t make it out. He moves his head closer to try and hear better, “What was that?” straining to be as close to her as possible.
“Please just kill me. I don’t want him to be the last thing I see.” She wasn’t begging. Her last wish she requested with dignity.
“Satine, I can’t. I can’t even move my hands.”
“You don’t have to touch me. I know you can with the Force. Do it.”
The door opens and Darth Maul enters. “Well, we need to make room for our new guest arriving tonight, so I suppose I could fulfill your request, little mouse.”
Satine looks at Obi-Wan mournfully, knowing he wasn’t going to protect her from even this. The duchess’s eyes close and silent tears flow on either side of her face without looking at the Sith.
Maul ignites his lightsaber.

The easiest thing to find should be Master’s ship, but you didn’t see it on the way in and wouldn’t want to waste fuel or risk being detected by flying around to search more quickly. Instead, you thought it may be easier to concentrate on Master Obi-Wan’s Force signature and hone in on his location.
You sat crossed-legged to find your center. He was close – within ten miles for certain. Your connection was still clouded by the familiar darkness surrounding him – it felt like it was suffocating his being. Your worry grew, but you pressed on. You assigned north as the direction of the nose of your ship and determined him to be southeast, so you began hiking through the refuse that direction.
As you trudged on, that cloud of darkness felt stronger and your master was more and more difficult to sense through it. You looked over your shoulder, growing more paranoid about your quiet experience thus far on this obviously treacherous planet. Suddenly, that paranoia was all you could feel. It tiptoed up your spine and raised the hairs on the back of your neck. You looked around in all directions, spinning in a circle, swearing you heard shuffling, but saw nothing around you but trash. As your heartrate increased, your sensed seemed to dull. Nearly panting, you tried not to panic. You were losing your focus – you are tracking your master. You have to be steady. Steeling your resolve, you tried to push out the feeling you were being watched, much less followed.
You definitely weren’t safe out in the open like this, so you sprinted in the direction of where you last felt your master, wanting to limit the time you were vulnerable in unfamiliar territory. However, the junk was unpredictable terrain, and you quickly slipped. Damning yourself as you stood up, you heard movement nearby. You looked back to see, and it was a figure in a loose black robe with a hood. You froze with fear as you both watched each other in silence. You were too afraid to think about how long they’d been behind you, what their plans may be, or why they were out in this trash heap. They said nothing and their hood shadowed any face that may be hiding underneath. When the figure lunged forward, instantly, you knew it was a chase.
You leapt up out of the pile and dashed forward, hoping to loop back around to your ship. They were fast and agile, barely slipping on the loose pieces of trash that stuck out of the mounds you sloppily traversed. You were trying to lengthen the distance between the two of you, so you kept up your sprint as long as possible, hoping your cardio had paid off. Minutes seemed to pass as you barely edged away from them; however when you turned to see the figure, they looked graceful – confident in their stride like they knew exactly where to step and where you were headed.
Minutes passed slowly and you felt yourself lose steam. The speed would have to yield to your need to keep moving forward. Your lungs were burning and you felt a stinging in your side, wondering how long you could keep up this run after such a hard press in the beginning. Your backpack felt heavier than ever.
The figure was now gaining on you, their stride so poised as they stalked behind. You wondered if you could push through the last mile quickly enough to make it back to your ship. Struggling to continue, you reached out for your master again, hoping he might be close. You weren’t the solo duelist he was, and you were sincerely regretting not asking Anakin and Ahsoka to come with you. Master was unreachable, as you felt smothered in darkness. You dreaded this might be a henchman of sorts to the person who had hurt or captured your master – if he was no match, then what were you?
You stole another look over your shoulder, and there was no figure in sight. You were certain you just couldn’t see them – it’s not like they’d simply give up. This was a hellish planet and you were exhausted. You continued as quickly as possible, circling back to your ship. Dashing up the walkway, dropping your backpack on the floor, you smashed the button to close the door behind you. That’s when you heard the creaking of the door being forced open against the hydraulics. The same figure leapt through the gap, rolling as they landed, then rising on their feet with a practiced grace.
You screamed, terrified of the intruder and now trapped together as the door closed behind them. You prayed it wasn’t the Sith you so feared. Running up to the controls, you thought to retreat to the inner control room. It would be easier to defend. A hand clenched around your wrist as you lunged towards the doorway. You shook it off desperately. You heard dark laughter reverberate through the hall behind you as you darted around the corner, hoping to escape them.
Not a moment later, your back was slammed against the wall and you felt that strong hand pin you by your chest. The hood had fallen. You were face to face with Darth Maul.
You looked into his yellow eyes, ravenous and predatory, and you gasped. He leaned in closer, his presence overwhelming as his other hand clutched your hip, keeping your saber at bay and pressing you further in the metal wall. You tried to wiggle out of his grip, but he was unmovable. You turned your head to the side, searching for any exit, but you were suddenly overtaken by the sensation of hot breath on your neck and nails digging into your skin through your robes.
Your heart hammered in your chest as he pressed closer. You were trapped. “I’ve been waiting to meet you, little apprentice.” His voice was startlingly calm; you expected less resolve from such a wild and unpredictable warrior. The warmth of his hand on your chest was growing, his body heat radiating through your robes, and he pinned you with his stiff body.
“I have to say, you gave me quite a chase. If you’d left that bulky backpack behind, I think you may have lost me.” You tried not to pant as the sudden halting of your long run caught up with you. You blamed it on the lightheadedness, but his voice sounded impressed. “You know, a skilled Force user must always prioritize their agility. Burdens are unbecoming of us, so the Jedi say.” You eyed him up and down, curious why he was speaking to you with such familiarity. When you dared to meet his gaze again, you found his hungry eyes instead fixated on your lips. In surprise, you parted them to speak, and he quickly met your eyeline. “Where is my master?” you asked breathlessly.
A deft hand removed your saber and stashed it in his own robes before you could react. “He’s in my holding cell with Duchess Satine,” Maul answered plainly. “Why have you come to this wretched place? To save your master?”
“Yes, I-“
“He came here of his own accord to save the Duchess. Do you think that perhaps if he’d brought his little shadow, he wouldn’t be in the position he is now?”
You fell silent. He was mocking you. He was mocking the incapable apprentice whose master would rather walk into this danger alone than be weighed down by such a nuisance. What could you say? It’s not like you were actually able to come here alone, save your master, defeat the Sith lord, and return Duchess Satine to her people. You were trapped on your own ship with Darth Maul having accomplished nothing.
His hand found your hip again. It felt bare with your saber missing. Maul’s thumb pressing into the soft divot beside your bone while his other fingers gripped you heightened that vulnerable feeling. “So tell me, Jedi, what’s your plan from here?” he whispered, more condescending than curious. You clammed up. It’s not like you had a plan, but it’d be better to think of one instead of trying to seem clever.
Your breathing was calming now, so you took in a deep breath to try and soothe yourself. The Sith’s hand still pressed against your chest, his fingers splayed over your collarbones, allowed for little expansion.
“Let’s go see how your Master is doing. I’m sure he’d love fresh company.” Maul spoke gently into your ear. Something about the word “fresh” sent a chill down your spine, and his quiet confidence reassured you that this was not a request. He stepped back, hand sliding down the front of your body, and pulled you by the hip to stand in front of him, facing the door to the ship. “Fetch me something to tie you up.” You expected to be bound, but finding your own bindings was almost humiliating. You shook the feeling and thought of your backpack. There was a med kit in there with gauze, but more importantly, a knife. You fell to your knees on the floor, trying to look defeated and opened your discarded backpack to reveal the medical kit. You slipped the small knife into your sleeve as you grabbed basic gauze, standing to present it to your captor.
He chuckled, looking down at you and kept your gaze after you stood. Maul studied you like a cat watching a mouse before it pounced. He reached for the gauze, but unexpectedly gripped your wrist instead, the metal of the folded knife digging into your skin as he did. “Something to cut it with, how sweet. You must think of everything,” he taunted, removing the knife and taking the soft fabric from your hand. He spun you to face away from him again, binding your wrists individually and then tying them tightly together behind your back. He tested the security, pulling at your wrists, chuckling when you let out a tense breath. “We’ll walk back. I’d love a stroll,” and he opens the door, pushing you to walk down the ramp.