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Intrulogicalimileceitmas - Goddammit

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"Goddammit, Remus!"

"Oop, oh dear," Emile said, after hearing Janus's yell from the kitchen, covering his mouth with his hand as he tried not to start giggling. "I wonder what happened."

Logan sighed, folding his hands across his lap. "I have no idea, but I doubt it is anything I would like."

"I know," Patton raised a hand. "But I have been sworn to secrecy."

Thomas snorted. He shot Patton an amused look, lifting his coffee mug to his lips and taking a sip. He then placed it back down on the coffee table in front of him. It sat between the two sofas in the room, one where Emile and Logan were sat, and the other with Patton and Thomas.

"You mean you were bribed?" Thomas asked, amused.

"I am not immune to kisses."

Emile giggled, reaching over and resting his hand on Patton's knee.

"We know, honey," he said teasingly.

"Mmm..." Logan hummed in agreement, glancing in the direction of the kitchen. "And Remus is well aware, too."

Janus finally stepped out of the kitchen, an incredibly exasperated expression on his face, and with both his un-gloved hands stained a bright pink.

"The sink..." he began. "Is full of slime."

Thomas sighed. "Oh dear."

Logan sighed, too. "When you say filled, do you mean...?"

"Halfway to the top," Janus said flatly. "It is absurd, and it is very, very sparkly."

Emile leant in close to Patton.

"And you couldn't have warned us...?" He continued, in an equally light and teasing tone as before.

"They were some very good kisses," Patton said solemnly.