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Analoceitmus - Keys

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"Hey, where are my keys?" Virgil asked, popping his head around the door.

His three boyfriends were all sat together on the living room couch. Logan - the shortest of them - was curled up in the middle of Janus and Remus.

Both Janus and Logan shrugged at the question, but a mischievous grin immediately appeared on Remus's face. That was a familar sight, and also not a very good sign.

Virgil sighed. "Remus, what did you do with my keys?"

"I dunno what you mean."

Janus rolled his eyes exasperatedly, reaching around Logan's shoulders and nudging Remus with his hand.

"No one believes you, dear. Where are Virgil's keys?"

Remus turned his grin on Janus.

"I hid them," he spoke gleefully.

Logan sighed, too. He then pinched and massaged the bridge of his nose.

"And why, exactly, did you decide to hide Virgil's keys, Remus?" He asked.

Remus huffed loudly, crossing his arms and slouching back against the couch cushions, kicking his legs.

"'Cos you're going to see Roman, and Roman's a stupid asshole."

Virgil, Logan and Janus all exchanged looks.

Virgil took a step into the room. "Are you and your brother fighting again?" He asked.

Remus huffed again, crossing his arms. He didn't answer, which was an answer in and of itself. Virgil sighed, clicking his tongue and moving to sit on the arm of the sofa, just beside Remus.

"Do you want me to talk to Roman?"

Remus shook his head. "No," he said stubbornly, bringing out another sigh from Virgil.

"I'll talk to Pat and Emile, then. They'll be there, too. And probably Remy, too."

Remus huffed. "Fine."

"Okay." Virgil nodded. "Now, can I have my keys back?"