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lay my armor down

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Lena’s heart pounds as the sound of the lock turning echoes through her kitchen, and she looks down at her clothes, huge sweatpants and an old hoodie. Her hair is even pulled up haphazardly, falling around her face in random strands. Shoot. There’s not enough time to change, and her face burns as the door opens. Kara’s never seen her in such a state of disarray. “Hi babe,” Kara says fondly as she comes in holding take-out with a grin. 

“You’re back early,” Lena says, hiding as much of herself as she can behind her counter. She had recently given Kara a key to her apartment, and it was a big step for her, letting someone into her home whenever they pleased. But she trusts Kara with everything, and Kara’s face when she handed it to her was so worth it.

“Yeah, the team had things handled and they knew I was missing you. Come here,” Kara says after putting the food on the table, eyebrow raised as she opens her arms, and Lena sighs before walking over and fitting herself into her girlfriend’s chest. Kara’s so warm and solid against her, Lena finds the tension in her body instantly dissipating. 

“I’ve never seen you in sweats before. So cute,” Kara mumbles affectionately, pressing a kiss to the top of Lena’s head. Lena tenses briefly before forcing herself to relax. Kara is different, she reminds herself. “I look like a disaster, I’m sorry” she says into her neck, breathing in Kara’s familiar comforting scent. 

“What? What do you mean? You’re beautiful,” Kara insists, pulling her back gently so she can look into her eyes. Her hands rest on Lena’s shoulders, rubbing circles with her thumbs, and Lena feels herself deflate even more. She can never hide anything from Kara, and she doesn't want to.

“I like looking nice for you,” Lena murmurs, embarrassment flushing her cheeks. She tries to forget about her past relationships, the men who carted her around because she was a pretty face for them to show off, but sometimes she can’t help it. Her ex calling her a mess when he saw her wearing ratty clothes one night is seared into her brain permanently. 

“Lena you look amazing regardless of what you’re wearing,” Kara says, moving her hands from her shoulders to her neck then to her cheeks, where she cups them before kissing Lena softly. “Seriously. I couldn’t care less what you wear, you look sexy all the time,” she breathes against Lena’s mouth, and she can’t help but smile. Kara’s so open and honest all the time, unable to keep a secret with those big blue eyes revealing everything.  

Her arms wrap around Kara’s waist as she walks them backwards toward the couch, still peppering kisses to Lena’s face as she giggles. “I’m not wearing any cute underwear,” Lena warns as Kara presses her into the cushion, fingering the hem of her sweatshirt. Kara huffs, breath hot against Lena’s cheek. 

“What did I just say?” Kara asks, tugging it over Lena’s head. Lena moans as Kara cups her tits through her sports bra, already breathing heavily and writhing around on Lena’s thigh as if Lena’s wearing her most expensive lingerie. Kara’s eyes are filled with lust, pupils pools of black, and Lena feels warmth bloom in her chest and spread through her body. 

“My beautiful, perfect girlfriend,” Kara says as she mouths over the sensitive skin of her collarbones, fingers moving down past her sternum to pull at the waistband of her sweats before slipping them in, groaning at the heat she finds. Lena tries to take them off but Kara shakes her head. 

“I like them. They’re staying on,” she whispers. Lena whimpers, jolting at Kara’s tongue against the swell of her breast. Her nipples harden as Kara bites at them, straining against the thin fabric in peaks. Wetness soaks her underwear as Kara’s fingertips trace a path down over her belly button to the band of the plain fabric, snapping it against Lena’s skin. 

“Kara, Kara, please,” she pleads, and Kara hums against the hollow of her throat. “Such a good girl, begging for me,” she praises, and Lena’s pulse thrums rapidly. Kara’s long fingers slide inside the cotton and over her clit, down to her drenched entrance where she slides two in easily, using her thumb to rest over the swollen nub and rub slow circles. “So wet for me baby,” Kara murmurs, curling her fingers upwards towards her navel. Lena’s hands immediately grab her forearm.

Kara is grinning smugly down at her, easily holding herself over Lena with one arm. God she loves how strong Kara is, muscles flexing and tensing under her tan skin. “You look so good like this Lena,” she says, bending down to mouth along her jaw. She stops at her pulse point, sucking a mark into the pale skin there as arousal floods Kara’s palm. 

“Oh my god,” Lena sobs, sliding her hands into Kara’s blonde curls, squeezing her thighs together around Kara’s relentless hand. Her heartbeat is pounding in her ears, skin so hot she feels like she’s going to burst into flames. “You gonna come for me? All over these sexy sweatpants?” Kara teases as she slips in a third finger, nuzzling at Lena’s earlobe before nipping it. 

Yesyesyes,” she cries, shuddering as Kara drills into her harder. She can’t take it anymore, clenching around Kara’s fingers as she comes hard, the slick sound of Kara’s fingers curling inside her sending her over the edge. Her vision whites out for a second as Kara fucks her through it, watching with pupil-blown eyes before kissing Lena sloppily, tongues sliding together as she gently pulls her hand away. 

Lena can feel the dampness sticking her sweats to her ass as she breaks away from Kara with a smack to shimmy out of them as she catches her breath. “Can you wear those again soon?” Kara says, and Lena’s heart swells at the earnestness in her face. “Absolutely,” she says, twisting her arms around Kara's neck and pressing their mouths together again.