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Extra Credit

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“See me after the lecture, Dream.” 


The words Professor George spoke were hasty and quiet, muttered to Dream behind cupped fingers as the blond scurried down the steps to his seat. 


He knew his grade wasn’t great. It was pretty awful, actually, and he was one bad grade away from being kicked from the class altogether. Dream hated thinking about having to retake the course— he really wouldn’t be able to do much better no matter how many times he sat through the boring lectures.


And so the class went on, George striding around in front of the projector for what seemed like an eternity, Dream’s stomach churning. He watched George’s slender, porcelain legs take him across the front of the room to point at different equations, and he remembered why he had such a hard time focusing in this class. 


George’s skirts. 


He had a different one every day— some long and drapey, some short and puffy, some that were pleated and some that flowed with intricate lace designs.


Today was no different, though the skirt wrapped around his thighs and hips hugged him tightly, accentuating the dips in his hip bones just enough to make Dream’s face burn. He wished he could taste those hips sometimes. 


As the class finally came to an end, Dream waited for people to shuffle out of the room before walking in the opposite direction of the flow of students towards George. He sat down at his desk in front of the computer, shutting down the projector while he scribbled notes into the margins of worksheets. 


Dream waited anxiously at the foot of Professor George’s desk, watching the man’s crossed legs unfold and recross, his skirt riding up just a bit before he let delicate fingers pull the thin fabric back down. George must have caught him staring, because the hand that held his pen stopped writing and motioned for the blond to follow the pen’s movement. 


He looked up, eyes meeting George’s dark ones that bored holes through his skull. 


“My eyes are up here.” George spoke, his accent soft in his voice. 


Dream’s cheeks went up in flames. He wasn’t trying to stare, really, it just happened. The way George’s pale thighs spread a bit as they pressed against the chair below him…


“I-I didn’t…” Dream stuttered, stopping when he caught a how unamused George looked. “H-how’d I do on the quiz?”


George took in a deep breath and sighed, leaning back in his chair. His arms crossed over his plain white button up, the pen between his fingers tapping against his bicep. He looked so small, yet Dream couldn’t help but be intimidated. 


“Terrible, honestly.” George cocked a brow, eyes scanning up and down Dream’s body, “Your work was actually pathetic.”


“Oh.” Dream’s chest felt like it was going to cave, but he wasn't sure if it was from the failing grade, or if it was because George had started to shift his legs again. 


“I’m incredibly disappointed, Dream.” 


Dream took his lower lip between his teeth, hanging his head a little in shame. 


“That being said,” George continued with a sigh, “I have an offer for you.”


George let his thighs part slowly, and the soft flesh caught Dream’s attention and put him in a trance. When George finally settled once again, Dream was flushed so red that even his ears were tinged with pink. 


Between George’s parted thighs was a thin, tiny, lace garment that was barely covering anything at all under there. The fabric strained to keep George’s cock contained, and even then, slivers of skin still peeked out the sides. Dream had to look away— he could already feel himself getting hard. 


George lowered a hand to the hem of his skirt, tugging it up. Dream counted every freckle that dotted the skin underneath, wishing with every fiber of his being that he could kiss them all. 


“If you can make me cum before my next lecture,” George checked the watch on his wrist, “I’ll give you some extra credit.”


Dream’s lips parted softly, then closed them tightly. George let his thighs move further apart as he swayed them side to side, fabric slowly raising to reveal more and more skin. 


“Are you… Being serious?” Dream’s voice caught in his throat. 




George grabbed the hem of his skirt and lifted it high up, stretching the already tight fabric to show Dream a full glimpse of his lacey underwear quickly. He covered up as soon as he had exposed himself, giving Dream a smile with his bottom lip bit between his teeth. 


“Unless you’re not interested, of course.” George straightened his skirt out, “Don’t feel pressured to, but the offer still stands.”


Dream was practically salivating. He shook his head feverishly, taking a step forward to get a bit closer to his professor. 


“No!” Dream blurted, “I-I mean, yes. Yes. Please, professor, I need this so bad.”


“Oh yeah?” George’s tone switched from his normal professional voice to a much more flirty one, teasing the blond as he squirmed in his seat a bit. 


“Yeah.” Dream said breathily, “Let me try?”


George looked Dream up and down, trailing down his body with eyes that undressed him where he stood. Dream swore he could melt at the way George stared at the bulge in his pants. 


“Come over here and try then, pretty boy.” 


Dream nervously made his way towards the teacher, hands not sure of what they should be doing. He reached out with shaky fingers, halting a bit right before reaching the fabric.


George rolled his eyes and groaned, leaning forward with one leg propped up against the arm of the chair to spread his legs wider. He grabbed Dream’s wrist with his hand, letting the other lift the pencil skirt up to expose the lacey black panties below while he guided the blond’s palm over the heated skin. 


With Dream’s fingers pressed against the length of his dick, George let out a soft sigh as he rocked his hips forward. 


“Don’t be shy, baby.” George mused teasingly, “You only have fifteen minutes. Might want to get to work, hm?”


Dream’s own cock twitched as George’s did under his hand, and as if he was shaken from his daze, he began stroking the warm, hard dick in his hand. The lace was rough against the pads of his fingers and he knew it must be even worse on George’s sensitive dick, so he opted to pull the garment aside quickly. 


George’s dick popped free with ease, making the brunet’s breath hitch. With eager, waiting eyes, George watched as Dream fell to his knees in front of him, eyes half lidded as he focused on the cock in front of him. 


It felt so wrong, so… dirty, but the way George squirmed underneath his hands, the little sighs he let out with eyes fluttering shut got rid of all Dream’s worries. 


Dream let a hand rest on George’s pale thigh, kneading the flesh below as he jerked the brunet off. His fingers were gentle on the soft, smooth skin of George’s dick, and George couldn’t help but let out a little moan. His hips rolled into Dream’s fist, prompting the blond to pick up the speed. 


“Come on, blondie, we don’t have all day.” George huffed between soft moans. 


Those little sounds did something to Dream. They turned Dream’s stomach into a pool of heat and before he knew it, he was snapping at the teacher. 


Dream gave a look, “You’re so fucking needy.”


George’s eyes widened. Dream hesitated a bit, waiting for a reaction. When one didn’t come, he spoke up again. 


“You’re just a little brat, aren't you?” Dream spat, letting his hand pick up speed again. 


“Fuck, now you’re getting it…” George chuckled, but it was cut off by a moan.


Dream felt a strange sense of pride well up in his chest, only pushing him further along with his teasing. 


“You think you can just use me for a quick fuck?” Dream nearly growled, a dark chuckle rising in his throat as he began to stand, “I don’t think so, sweetheart.”


Before removing his hands from George, Dream brought his hand up to strike George’s thigh harshly. The sound echoed in the large classroom, followed by George’s slutty moan. 


“You need someone to put you in your fucking place.” Dream’s words were accompanied by another slap, and another moan from the brunet, “Someone to knock you down a peg.”


George stared up at Dream, a certain helplessness in his doe eyes. His desperate gaze coupled with the pink bitten lips and red cheeks was enough to make Dream dizzy, holding himself back from tearing the man apart and fucking him until he couldn’t walk anymore.


Well, there wasn’t really anything stopping him at this point…


Dream’s fingers unbuttoned his jeans, pushing them down just enough to pull his already hard cock out from over the waistband of his boxers. George watched eagerly with soft, parted lips as Dream gave himself a couple jerks. 


“You’re so big.” George commented, leaning forward to reach a small, pale hand out.


His fingers never wrapped around the cock, though. Before they could, Dream lifted his hand and grabbed the small wrist tightly. 


“Just your mouth, baby.” Dream cooed, letting go of the brunet’s wrist to cup his face, “Open.”


“C-come on, let me hold him,” George whined, his exposed dick twitching, “I wanna feel just how hot and bothered you are—“


Dream’s soft caress of his cheek turned into a tight grip, fingers on either side of his cheeks as he cut off the teacher’s words. He shook his head with a mock pout before pushing the man’s face away. George whined, eyeing his cock like it was perfection in and of itself. 


“Open.” Dream prompted again, pressing his thumb to George’s lips as he held his face again. 


George obliged, making eye contact as he parted his lips and took the digit inside. He sucked softly along the pad of his finger, making Dream’s dick twitch upwards. 


The tension became unbearable, Dream’s nerves on edge as he glanced nervously at the clock. He let his finger press down hard on the muscle in George’s mouth, earning a whimper as he pried the lips open once again. 


“Come on, baby,” Dream let out a breath as he pushed his tip over George’s tongue, removing his fingers, “Suck my cock real good for me, okay?”


George hummed as he wrapped his lips around the shaft, taking in as much as he could with one motion. Dream tangled his fingers through George’s hair, rubbing soft circles on his scalp. 


The brunet bobbed his head, pulling up to the tip to swirl his tongue around it softly, drawing a soft moan from Dream before letting the blond guide his head back down. 


He pushed and pushed until George’s throat was tightening around his cock, nose buried in the trail of stubble above his dick. George moaned around the member in his throat, forcing a similar, slightly less muffled moan from Dream. 


“You look so pretty like this, sweetheart.” Dream groaned. 


Dream gripped at the hair in his fist, tugging on it as he dragged George’s head up and down on his cock. He held the brunet tightly, fucking his face with little remorse. His speed picked up as did his roughness, ramming his cock down George’s throat and coaxing up moans from the brunet that muffled around his dick. 


“Fuck, your throat feels so good, baby.”


George’s eyes were heavy and half lidded, his breathing awkward and uneven as he did his best to take everything Dream was giving him. Spit and precum dribbled down the sides of his mouth and into his lap, his pathetic, messy state making Dream moan. 


Dream felt himself losing control, pleasure threatening to spill over. He quickly pulled his dick from the smaller’s mouth and panted, checking the clock. 


Nine minutes.


That’s enough time. 


“Aww,” George teased shakily, wiping his mouth clean as he caught his breath, “I got you so close you had to take a breather? That's so cute.”


Dream scowled, “Fuck you. Come here, you slut.”


George stood slowly, hiking up the hem of his skirt as far up as it would go. His soft hips were hugged by black lace, tied up the sides by little silky ribbons. Dream stared, letting his hands grope at the flesh of his ass. He rubbed softly against the skin to contrast the rough grabs he gave in between. 


Dream pulled the smaller close, face burying in his neck as he licked soft, thick stripes up from his collar to his jaw. Little nibbles were bitten across the pale skin while Dream let his fingers hook underneath the lace and tug at them. 


“You h-having fun feeling me up?” George chuckled, “I know, there's so much to admire, but you might want to take into consideration how much t-time we have left.”


“You know, your pretty mouth would be a lot prettier if you learned how to shut up.” Dream mumbled against warm skin, giving George a slap to his ass that even sounded like it stung. 


George giggled, “Make me.”


Dream’s dick twitched. George must have known how much those simple words did to him— the shit eating grin on the brunet’s face was enough to prove it. 


Without words, Dream parted from George and turned the both of them around, pressing his dick against George’s barely covered ass as he bent the shorter over. The desk rattled, papers crinkling when George was slammed into it, whining. 


Dream slipped the thin panties down to George's ankles, grabbing fistfuls of his ass as he toyed with the flesh in his hands. George perked it up, waving his hips a bit to get Dream to hurry up. The movement only ticked Dream off a bit, earning George a slap that left a bright red handprint. 


“H-hurry up…” George whimpered, “Please, Dream.“


“Oh, that’s more like it.” Dream smiled, “Good boy, using your manners.”


Working up a bit of spit in his mouth, Dream dropped the saliva onto his palm and quickly rubbed it between his fingers before pressing two fingers into George's cute pink hole at once. His fingers were swallowed up as he scissored them, working the hole wide enough for his dick. 


George held back his soft sounds, but when Dream’s fingers were replaced with the tip of his dick, he couldn’t anymore. He gasped, pressing his hips back against the thick cock that made its way deep inside of him. 


“You’re s-so fucking big,” George whined, “Feels so good…”


“Yeah, pretty baby?” Dream let out a grunt as he bottomed out. 


George hummed and nodded, a low moan pushing its way out of his throat as Dream gave his first thrust. 


Dream moaned too, George’s walls tight against his cock rubbing him in all the right ways. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he came, and he desperately wanted to make it count. 


For the extra credit, of course. 


Definitely not because he had dreamt of this moment since the semester started. 


His hips snapped harshly, slapping against George’s ass with lewd sounds that echoed in the lecture hall. George’s moans grew louder and sluttier, bringing Dream closer and closer to the edge way too fast. 


Dream’s fingers dug into the brunet’s soft hips, leaving bruises against the perfect skin. His head lulled forward as his pace quickened. He needed to get George just as close to his climax as he was— fast. 


Without much thought, Dream untucked George’s shirt from his bunched up skirt, hand finding its way up to a soft nipple to pinch at the skin until it hardened. George’s moans heightened in pitch until they were slutty little whines passing his lips while he squirmed against the touch. 


“Come on, sweetheart,” Dream mused, “Why don’t you touch yourself for me, hm? I know how desperate you are to cum, baby.”


George’s hand shakily made its way down to his cock, grabbing it with desperation as he was dicked down hard against the desk. 


“That’s my good little slut.” Dream teased, pinching hard at the nipple between his fingers. 


Moans melted into strained gasps and whines, heavy breaths filling the short silences. Dream felt George’s hands stutter as he jerked himself off, and it was only a matter of time before George spoke with broken sentences. 


“‘M g-gonna—“ George struggled to speak, moans being pushed out from his chest uncontrollably, “I-I’m gonna c-cum—“


George could barely finish before his orgasm hit him like a ton of bricks, voice getting stuck in his throat as he tightened around Dream. 


The little extra squeeze was all Dream needed to push him over, his own climax flooding his vision with white as he pressed deep inside George to fill him up. Hot cum poured into his tight hole, threatening to seep out. 


Dream checked the clock in a haze, blurred vision making it hard to focus on the ticking hands. 


Two minutes left. 


There was that twinge of pride again. 


With an uncomfortable groan, Dream pulled out of George easily. A couple tissues were stolen from the desk, wiping up his dick and cleaning the cum that seeped slowly from George’s hole. 


“Fuck, Dream.” George finally was able to speak, lifting himself gently off the table. 


“Was it good?” Dream asked softly, helping the shorter to pull the panties back up half way, “Good enough for… a passing grade?”


George chuckled as he plopped down with a wince into his chair. He slowly lowered the skirt back down, barely covering his thighs with how messed up it got.


“Yes.” George said softly, teasing, “Some of your best work yet.”


Dream couldn’t help but blush as he zipped his pants back up. 


“Your grade would be… Well, not great, but you’ll pass.” George shrugged, considering the math in his head. 


Dream would take it. It was better than failing, at least. 


“If you’d like a little more extra credit to try and boost it up a bit,” George offered as he watched Dream pick up his bag from the floor, “See me some time next week. I’m sure I can make time for you.”