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Cold Case [Canceled]

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Teng Mu Ren lets out a heavy sigh, as he leans back in his chair. Dark bags hung low under his eyes, and his appearance didn't make it even better for him. He lets out a small, yet loud yawn, and takes another swig at his cup of sweetened coffee.

These requests just keep on coming don't they? Always the same old, same old.

His sleepy, and droopy eyes scan his email. His inbox seemed to have broken at this point, because the number of emails seemed to stop at 270 wedding requests. As he continues to scroll through the never ending requests, his eyes seem to catch on something. He stops scrolling and looks more closely at the computer screen. He quickly clicks on the email, and slowly begins to read it thoroughly.

Party Planning Request

To: Teng Mu Ren

From: Meng Shao Fei

Dear Mr.Teng,

I send this request to you on behalf of my boyfriend. He has recently started up a wealthy business, and wanted to celebrate how far he has come within this month. We looked into many party planning businesses, but none of them had fit his taste. However, when we came across MUSE, we couldn't help but look more into your company. We are really amazed by how well you plan those weddings, and your ratings are something to be proud of. Even though the party is not a wedding, we are asking for your help in making this a success. If you do well, we will give you a huge tip, and spread word of your existence. If you have more questions involving this matter, feel free to email me!

- Meng Shao Fei

Mu Ren was taken aback by what he just read, which caused him to drop his coffee mug. The clay mug shatters into pieces as it hit the tile floor, coffee splatters all over the place. Some of the steaming, brown liquid stains his white khakis. He didn't pay much attention to this as he quickly stars the request, grabs his laptop, and quickly rushes out of his office. A bright smile formed on his face, and his once tired expression now showed of someone who was wide awake. He couldn't wait to share this amazing news with everyone at the meeting.

Xiao Li Cheng was currently sitting in the meeting room, his hair neatly combed to one side. He leans back in the leather chair, and sways from left to right in his seat. Vice President Gao was currently going through the different wedding ideas that could be used in the upcoming weeks. Li Cheng scanned the entire room, and his eyes stop on an empty seat. That seat was right next to him, and he began wondering where Mu Ren was at. Said person enters the room shortly after, and the entire room falls silent. He smiles as his husband walks over and sits down. He took note of the huge smile that was on his face.

"What's got you so happy, Teng Teng?"

Mu Ren begins clicking stuff on his laptop. The smile never once fading from his face.

"I just forwarded a request from a new client to everyone! This request was very unexpected! But we just got asked to help with planning an one month anniversary party!! The requester said that this was sent on behalf of his boyfriend, who was throwing the party. The best part is that if we do very well! We might get a huge tip and they will also spread the good news about us! The sender of the email is named Meng Shao Fei."

Everyone begin to nod and murmur in agreement. Vice President Gao clears his throat, and looks at Mu Ren.

"And why should we pay any attention to this request? It isn't even a wedding!" He states.

"Wedding or not! This is a great opportunity for us to try something new!! I'm tired of just planning out weddings! I think planning this party will give us a more open variety of expensive planning! I'm willing to try it out!!!"

Li Cheng nods and stands up, placing a hand on his husbands shoulder. He's smiles supportingly, and looks at Vice President Gao.

"I agree with Teng Teng! This will create a whole new door for us. If we don't take this opportunity now, we probably won't get another chance like this in the near future! So why wait? Let's give this a try."

Everyone in the room began talking, their faces began to bore smiles of agreement. Li Cheng and Mu Ren smile as they managed to convince everyone about helping to plan this party. Mu Ren began to quickly respond back to Meng Shao Fei.

Party Planning Request

To: Meng Shao Fei

From: Teng Mu Ren

Dear Mr.Meng,

I really appreciate you sending us this request! We have never received a request like yours ever, meaning you are our first client to request something else, other than a wedding. We accept your request, and me and my husband are willing to meet up with you to discuss the details in person. Is there any particular date you would want to meet? Any place you would want to meet?

- Teng Mu Ren

Li Cheng gently wraps his arms around his husbands tiny waist, and places his head on his shoulder. His black hair was somewhat lengthy but Li Cheng didn't care at all. He was happy that Mu Ren was excited about something else, other then planning for a wedding.

It was currently around one in the afternoon, Meng Shao Fei was currently waiting for his lover to show up, and take him to the designated meeting place for them and the two people, whom they were meeting with. Said lover pulls up in a black Mercedes Benz, and smiles at him through the glass windshield. Shao Fei smiles back, and climbs into the back with said person.

"Shao Fei, how did it go? Is the plan all set?"

Shao Fei nods, and straps himself in.

"Yes, Tang Yi. Everything is good to go. Also, Jack! We are going to a near by cafe."

Shao Fei hands Jack the address to the cafe, and Jack smiles. The way he smiled sent shivers down Shao Fei's spine. Jack backed up, and began to drive towards said destination.

Once at the cafe, Tang Yi climbed out of the car with Shao Fei. Tang Yi stretches his stiff body, and lets out a giant yawn. The doors at the back of the car close with a quiet slam. The two bid Jack farewell, and proceed to walk into the cafe. The building itself was nothing too special, but their food was to die for. [Author Note: Hey guys! The Author here! I just want to say that I have absolutely no clue about food or deserts from Taiwan or anything about Taiwan in general. But I'm willing to learn.] A sweet aroma filled Tang Yi's nostrils, and he couldn't help but look towards the display of many sweets and breads. The smell of freshly ground coffee beans made his mouth water and his throat dry. His stomach grumbled in hunger, which reminded him that he hasn't even eaten lunch yet. He could hear Shao Fei chuckle quietly beside him.

"It sounds like you are hungry. Let's go order, while we wait for them. Yes?"

Tang Yi nods, and walks over to the counter with Shao Fei. Shao Fei begins to order their food and coffee, he even tells the cashier that two more will be coming and gives her one of the names. Giving the cashier the order name, Shao Fei and Tang Yi sit down at the table.[Yes! They have to wait for their food. This cafe actually puts fake food on display, while they make the actual food. Depressing right? Well for this, I made the cafe like a regular restaurant.] Tang Yi taps his fingers on the wooden table, while sitting at their seats near the window. The style of the cafe was way too modern for Tang Yi's liking. He preferred the more traditional styled restaurants than the modern ones. He couldn't help but glance over at Shao Fei, who was sitting right beside him. His small petite figure contrasted with his overall looks. A small smile is placed on his face, his eyes half lidded, and his lips were a very pretty pastel pink, that was faded in color. Tang Yi felt the urge to kiss those pretty lips of his, but he held himself back.

Suddenly, two voices bring Tang Yi out from his train of thought. He blinks a bit, before looking at two men, who were dressed in casual clothing.

"Are you guys the ones who sent us the party planning request?"